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Myth 1: “Detox diets” are the only way to cleanse your body of harmful toxins. All the juice in the world can’t compete with the natural detoxification that your body does every day! Your kidneys, liver and immune system work around the clock to filter. Myth-Busting: Facts and Fiction About Detox Diets & Juicing Published January 31, 2016 | By DoDASHDiet I stopped drinking juice when I began following the DASH diet in mid 2009, instead choosing whole fruits/veggies with water. While most people can safely do a short-term fast, detox diets can be harmful for people with certain medical conditions.

In people with diabetes, for example, they can lead to dangerously low blood sugar levels. Detox diets: Separating fact from fiction Bethany Thayer, MS, RDN Published 6:47 a.m. ET Feb.

29, 2016 | Updated 7:15 a.m. ET Feb. 29, 2016 This story is provided and presented by our sponsor. Fiction – In order to detox you need to cut out dairy and wheat Fact Those promoting detox diets often claim that to ‘detoxify’, the body needs to exclude foods such as wheat and dairy products.

The reality is that these foods provide us with important nutrients. It is unnecessary and potentially harmful to exclude them from your diet. Detox diets are meant to be short-term. Fasting and cleansing too often can reset your metabolism so it works more slowly. This makes it harder to.

Detoxification (detox) diets are popular, but there is little evidence that they eliminate toxins from your body. Specific detox diets vary — but typically a period of fasting is followed by a strict diet of raw vegetables, fruit and fruit juices, and water. Fiction: Another benefit of drinking juice is the lack of fiber. Without fiber, the digestive system is allowed to rest and energy can be freed up for detoxification.

From liver detox diet and detox juice to smoothies, the question is: Do they really help the liver cleanse? In this article, we aim to separate liver detox facts from fiction and to divulge what really works. Liver Detox Facts 1. Liver cleanse is important in overindulgence of alcohol – Liver Detox Facts. Many liver detoxification products are also sold as weight loss cleanses.

However, there are no clinical data to support the efficacy of these cleanses. In fact, some dietary supplements can actually cause harm to the liver by leading to drug-induced injury and should thus be used with caution.

List of related literature:

See also the Blood Cleansing Detox Diet in this book (pg. 203).

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone
by Linda Page
Healthy Healing Publications, 2004

See also the Blood Cleansing Detox Diet in this book (pg. 208).

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone” by Linda G. Rector-Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone
by Linda G. Rector-Page
Traditional Wisdom, 2000

This juice diet is not absolutely essential to the program, but it does lower the toxic load of the body and speeds up the healing process.

“Allergies Disease in Disguise: How to Heal Your Allergic Condition Permanently and Naturally” by Carolee Bateson-Koch
from Allergies Disease in Disguise: How to Heal Your Allergic Condition Permanently and Naturally
by Carolee Bateson-Koch
Books Alive, 2003

In my years of juicing since 2007, I have experienced all of these to various degrees firsthand, and have seen people in the juicing clinic and community report on similar benefits.

“The Healthy Juicer's Bible: Lose Weight, Detoxify, Fight Disease, and Live Long” by Farnoosh Brock
from The Healthy Juicer’s Bible: Lose Weight, Detoxify, Fight Disease, and Live Long
by Farnoosh Brock
Skyhorse, 2013

We only had fresh vegetable juices for one week in order to “detoxify the body,” as suggested by the doctor in the book.

“Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism” by Frank Suarez
from Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism
by Frank Suarez
Frank Suarez, 2016

Benefits of detox diets may exist, but they likely are not due to detoxification.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
from Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals
by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
F.A. Davis Company, 2019

My good friend Mark Hyman, a physician who wrote The Blood Sugar Solution and 10-Day Detox Diet, helped me put together a nutritional plan for healing.

“One Spirit Medicine” by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
from One Spirit Medicine
by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
Hay House, 2015

Also included in the book are numerous juicing recipes as well as several diet plans to use in con

“Natural Therapies for Emphysema and COPD: Relief and Healing for Chronic Pulmonary Disorders” by Robert J. Green
from Natural Therapies for Emphysema and COPD: Relief and Healing for Chronic Pulmonary Disorders
by Robert J. Green
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2007

You might be thinking that this advice runs contrary to the cancer diets you’ve heard about that focus on juicing and raw foods.

“Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans” by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
from Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans
by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

So I believe in “detox” diets, provided they focus on whole foods that are rich in the right kind of detoxification enzymes.

“Feeding You Lies: How to Unravel the Food Industry's Playbook and Reclaim Your Health” by Vani Hari
from Feeding You Lies: How to Unravel the Food Industry’s Playbook and Reclaim Your Health
by Vani Hari
Hay House, 2019

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  • Man anyone who has put in the time and effort knows this.  I hope this vid and like many articles pick up popularity as I think those on the outside get on the know.

  • You should do a science explained on time restricted eating, I know you have done a intermittent fasting video but this is more on only eating with in a maximum of a 12hr period. Some study’s say a 9-10hr period is better, but 12 hrs max have been shown to increase lean muscle mass.

  • Hey guys! So the next Myth Bust Monday video (monday after next) will be the “Season 1” finale! I am going to give the series a break for a few months from myth busting to focus more on other times of informative content and doing some more vlogging of my own training/nutrition before firing up MBM “Season 2”. I have a brand new series planned for November which will have uploads every Tuesday, but until then, I’ll be sticking with a Monday + Saturday upload schedule. Lots of exciting stuff planned! Hope your week is off to a good start!

  • The people who watch this and believe it must be really be ignorant. Soda full of processed sugar is healthier than the natural sugars from fruit? What?! Did I hear that right?!

    Oh, it has far more calories therefore processed sugar is “healthier”. This is the kind of crap you get on fox news. I’m really surprised CBS did this.

    I love how she also says “more nutritious” when comparing a soda full of man made chemicals versus something that has vitamins.

  • Thanks for the awesome quality jeff, so much information and i love your vlogs.
    I just started vlogging! my first video uploaded, hope everyone has some time to watch my weight loss journey!!

  • I can’t believe you haven’t heard about the Red Tea Detox �� my sister lost 10 kg in just a few days and i have started drinking too, it’s been only 2 days and i have lost 2 kg already, it is amazing! Check it out:

  • Hey Jeff, so I’m training since 4 months now and school just started yesterday in my country.
    Until now I trained 3x per week (Fullbody workouts)
    So yesterday I got my new timetable and I can’t continue Monday/Wednesday/Friday.
    So I did a little bit of research and came up with 2 possible options:
    Monday (Fullbody)/ Wednesday (Fullbody)/ Saturday (Fullbody)
    Tuesday (Upper body)/ Wednesday (Lower body)/ Saturday (Fullbody)
    I would personally prefer the second option, because I Tuesdays and Wednesdays I’ve got more time. But I really don’t know if it is quite as effective as Fullbody because I’m only hitting the muscle groups 2x a week and not 3x a week.
    I would highly appreciate if you could answer my comment because I’m really struggling…

  • I know it probably wasnt intentional but I hate the woman is the intelligent one while the man is the dumb hammer narrative displayed in the thumbnail

  • Are you a graduate/ post doctoral student? Your analysis are very in depth and appreciated by people who actually care about science. Thanks for all you do!

  • Yo Jeff! So right now I’m doing a 4 day split but I really feel that I sould train those muscle groups 2 a week. Would a push pull leg plus a full body day work? Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks bro!

  • Got it, you are the sciences man, that is why I am here, my YouTube channel is strongly based on scientific evidence training, not BS

  • Jeff, you are THE premier educative Youtuber out there. I love your vids man, nothing better than shattering the fitness industries long term fallacies.

  • Oh so we’re so soooo incredibly disease ridden more than ever before because we’re so non-toxic, interesting. One out of 40 kids now with autism compared to one in 5000 back in the day, nothing to do with toxins, good to know. Seriously though what is the main cause of disease increase if not for toxins? Do U think it’s more purely deficiencies? All “detox” diets/programs are not the same, not the best to lump them together, black and white style. Fasting can have incredible health benefits, all depends on the person, the program, the duration not a black and white topic as so many seem to want it to be. There are normal metabolic body wastes that build up in the system, ever hear of Ammonia, Uric acid, Urea etc? Then there are countless environmental wastes. You don’t think these can build up in the blood, lymph, cells, brain? Personally I think many of these studies are made by some very corrupt people and everyone just buys into it as if it were a religion, who says they are accurate? Next there will be a study saying that our current very high level of disease and health challenges is a myth come on

  • Hmm, how about mercuryfound in seafood and vaccines, among other things. Aluminumfound in vaccines, leaches into food when cooking with aluminum foil, also found in the fucking air thanks to geoengineering. Copperfound in several pesticides as copper sulfate, and lets not forget pipes. What about formaldehydefound on new clothes and carpets along with fungicides. How about air freshners, perfume/colognes? Why dont you look into the ingredients in those jeff? What about chlorine and flouride, pharmaceuticals, found in most fucking water supplies? lets see what else.. hmm viruses and bacteria? MSG found in most foods? let me guess.. msg is perfectly safe right. Gas fumes everytime you pump gas? Are you really under the impression that our environment is not completely toxic and therefore detoxification protcols are entirely unnecessary? Amazing how you think the liver and kidneys are perfectly fine with this bombardment of toxins, and require absolutely no assistance to do their job, all the while you clog your liver and blood with high fat diets. Pack a fucking lunch bud. We all know youll delete this comment tho.

  • This channel is severely underrated… its on par if not better then the likes of AthleanX and Omarisuf �� and now i know to avoid those “detox” drinks they sell at supermarkets ��

  • i know somebody in pre med who isn’t a dumbdumb, but she swears by detox diets. Most of the time I just smile and nod since i want to be friendly, but internally i’m screaming

    nice to know current scientific literature continues to support my position

  • I have to disagree for the most part, You only chose detox diets from mainstream sources with no science backing them up, good ones do exist and yes they generally work for detoxing metals and plastics.

  • My Anatomy and Physiology Professor did tell us that detox tea’s do absolute nothing significant and that our kidneys plus water is the only thing we need to detox our body.

  • So a lil off topic, but I’m pretty sure my supplements have caused me to lose hair. Has anyone delt with this before? I could use all the help I could get

  • Can you do a video on occlusion training does it work and if it’s beneficial from my research it seams to be but I only found it to be inconsistent with results and theory.

  • Detox diet = Eat a range of ONLY WHOLE REAL organically grown/raised food. Do some exercise… Your body will do the rest, naturally.

  • I’ve heard that your body can only absorb 20-30g protein per meal (every 2-3 hours) but a lot of diets consist of eating more like 40-50g protein per meal. What’s your take and will being natty and not natty affect the amount of protein per meal?

  • I freaking love you man! I’m a skeptic who listens to Dr. Steven Novella’s podcast all the time (Skeptics Guide to the Universe) and I’m so damn happy I discovered you. It’s awesome seeing you reference legitimate evidence based sources. Thank you for all the work you’re doing!

  • I’d love to see a video about nucleus overload and your thoughts about throwing random exercises throughout the day..something like doing 5 sets of 10 overhead press at a random time of the day

  • so can you do a myth bust monday on alluminum in antiperspirant? how “bad” is it for us, or is it only bad for those of us with sensitivity? if it’s so bad, why is it in every single antiperspirant??

  • What do you think about people saying “toxic sludge” in relation to eliminating a build up of waste in the digestive tract… is this just a buzz word used to sell products?

  • Hey Jeff, I just wanted to first say, I love your videos. However, I would like to say that the statement that “most” people can rely on thirst to regulate water intake is just not good advice for the majority of the population. Considering that I am 24, and already had around 4 kidney stones speaks to that. Albeit much if my problems might stem from genetics, simply diluting urine more is very helpful in preventing those types of buildup, even in those who have the predisposition like myself. It would be really awesome for someone with reach like yourself would delve into this topic and discuss just what might factor into what type of water intake one might need, including caffeine and diuretics, sodium, oxalate rich foods, and exercise.

  • Detoxing your gallbladder and liver can be done and if you need a gallbladder detox and you do not, you’ll need it removed. Most of us are flouride poisoned, they put it the water with no regards no measured doseage, the required daily dose of flouride is zero, you need iodine to flouride detox.

  • If I only drink when I’m thirsty I would probably drink like 1,5 liters max… But I know that I really need 2-2,5 liters to not feel tired and faded.

  • This video is biased against dexoting. You don’t have to be a genious to know that detoxing once in a while benefits your health. Jeff should stick to workout type videos and leave the food stuff alone.

  • What about a) a Video covering a “simple” vegetarian diet? It seems that there ist only vegan or carnivore anymore.. (where is the ‘Tofu n Eggs’ approach? ^_^ )
    b) a Video about the effects of an eating disorder (like muscle loss, strength loss, bone density etc.) And maybe some approaches of how to train afterwards or what are difficulties… could be a little bit off-topic, but I think there might be a number of (predominantly) women struggling with this topic, being happy about some scientific input.

  • have you done a myth buster on ‘immune-boosting’ foods and supplements? Its cold season and if another person tells me to consume mass amounts of vitamin C… my head might explode. help

  • I hate the word “Detox”. I think the problem lies in the semantics. I believe that there are not some much “detox diets” as there are ” detox conditions”. By that I mean that certain conditions are more favourable to letting the body do what it does naturally. Fasting for instance or some customized version of it. When the body is not busy processing food and toxins coming in it stands to reason that it can direct more of it’s resources to things like “house cleaning” through known metabolic pathways like “Autophagy”. This has been shown by science to up-regulate favourable metabolic pathways for both athletes and non-athletes. And of course food choices matter. A diet adequate in the various types of fibre will help remove toxins from the intestinal tract or at the very least prevent them to some degree from entering the circulation. In the long run such things directly enhance metabolic efficiency and thus indirectly improve body composition I would think. It has been the case in my personal experience.

  • best detox in the world won Nobel prize in its field is HerbaLife extract tea this stuff is amazing and really cheap if anyone wants to buy contact me by replying to my comment it can be delivered to you all over the world!

  • This is why I go with unhealthy juices like chicken and barbecue grease. They were laughing at me with their healthy juices, well who’s laughing their way to an early death NOW?!

  • Hi Jeff, can you do a video on “water fasting”. My friend has been seeing this diet on youtube/ articles and has been doing researching on it and wants to try it out. Basically people are doing 3-14 day fasts or something of that sort with only water and losing alot of “weight”. My common sense tells me this is really dangerous one is the salt blood problem you mentioned in this video and bec of blood sugar level falling causing people to pass out as a result. If you have a short answer then please just comment.( i also see people losing weight fast and then binging and gaining it back a week later) Thanks

  • Just figured out you and Robbin Galant go way back and I’m kinda shocked. How is the friendship between you two now that you both have moved on and have successful careers in fitness

  • I love you but I think you missed the point of why some people may do a detox in the first place. It isn’t always to “remove toxins” or “what specific toxins you are removing”. The liver has roughly 500 vital functions in the human body, and SO MANY PEOPLE are developing fatty liver + gallbladder stones/Issues in their teens and experiencing the side effects of overprescribed medications.
    Considering a whole foods diet, free of high fructose corn syrup, or excess fructose for example, could be considered a very powerful and liver supporting detox diet.
    Additionally, from my experience, detox diets have been extremely useful in not “eliminating toxins” but improving the overall functioning of the digestive system, including the liver and gallbladder for better bile release to better absorb nutrients like essential fats and fat soluble vitamins. Supporting detox systems with detox diets will always be beneficial.

  • Can you do a Myth Bust Monday on the efficacy of using epsom salt soaks as a way to relieve muscle soreness and tightness? Thanks!

  • Hey Jeff. Just a suggestion, can you do a science explained work outs to muscle imbalances or the most effective way to fix these problems. Thanks

  • This doctor seems to be on a mission to abuse and shame anyone on a diet which is not his. He ignores all of us who benefit from eating a low carb diet and gets very angry and treats us like the enemy. Why such rage against low carb diet when systematic reviews have shown they improve all metabolic values?