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Meet Matcha, Your New Beverage BFF

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Jade Leaf Meet Our Matcha Farmers

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Get the Most Out of Your Matcha This Summer: Iced Matcha 3 Ways

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Meet Your Matcha

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New Stainless Matcha Shaker Steeped Tea with Ginger B

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An online store dedicated to supplying the Kuwaiti market with the highest grade of matcha as well as several other Japanese teas, direct from Japan. Packed with over 50 recipes for smoothies, soups, main meals and sweet treats, Meet Your Matcha will allow you to unlock the potential of this brilliant green ingredient. Learn how to use it to flavour rice, in sauces, as a marinade, in frostings and so much more.

Packed with over 50 recipes for smoothies, soups, main meals and more, Meet Your Matcha will allow you to unlock the potential of this brilliant green ingredient. From a Matcha Sushi Salad and Matcha Chicken and Ginger Dumplings to Breakfast Smoothie Bowls or a Dark Chocolate and Matcha Layer Cake, these delicious dishes will let you make the most of your matcha. Meet Your Matcha is beautifully presented. Joanna shares recipes that work at introducing matcha into everyday recipes and not just as a hot tea drink.

Right from the introduction she talks about the history of matcha and its cultural traditions in Japan. About Meet Your Matcha From teas and smoothies to cakes and savoury dishes, here are over 50 fun new ways to spice up your cooking with the ingredient taking the world by storm. Matcha teas and lattes have become a staple of every coffee shop and health food store. Meet Your Matcha Matcha is turning up in everything from specialty beverages to baked goods, breakfast foods, condiments, and seasonings. There was a time when a foamy green latte would have seemed unusual unless it was made on St.

Patrick’s Day. Meet Your Matcha. Nutrition. 2015-10-22 | By: Snap Fitness You have likely heard of matcha before, but it’s still holding strong as current health trend – and for good reason. Get the 101, learn how matcha can benefit your health, and check out the bonus recipe!Clean, Calm, Focused Energy.

Matcha contains a special “feel good” amino acid called L-theanine that reduces stress and anxiety. Working together with caffeine, L-theanine balances out the stimulating effects of caffeine to give you a clean, calm and focused energy boost. Strengthens your immunity!

Meet Your Match® is designed to increase the likelihood that newly adopted dogs and cats are a good match with their new family. The ASPCA’s Meet Your Match is a research-based adoptions program designed to increase the likelihood that shelter dogs and cats will bond with their adopters. It is currently implemented at agencies all across the United States.

How It Began.

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The ‘tencha’ style preparation placed powdered green matcha into a bowl, added hot water, and whipped the mixture into a froth.

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The matcha process involves grinding young green tea leaves into a fine powder that dissolves in water.

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A fine powdered green tea called matcha is scooped into a bowl, and hot water is poured in and stirred with a bamboo whisk to create a fine frothy suspension.

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Matcha is loaded with antioxidants—a nutrition bonus to start your day!

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Production of characterization of fine matcha for processed food.

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Matcha to the rescue.

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• Break up the matcha dacquoise and pulse in a spice grinder until a medium-fine powder, not a very fine powder.

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Yunnanese teas prepared by the tea-leaf pickers in ethnic groups such as the Bai, Dai, Hani, Miao, Naxi, Tibetans, and Yi were often of a big-leafed variety (Camellia sinensis var. assamica) and flavored with ground black pepper, salt, and other spices (including chili peppers,

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A review on kom­bucha tea – microbiology, composition, fermentation, beneficial effects, toxicity, and tea fungus.

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  • 1. You are my favorite skincare goddess on YouTube. You are smart and REAL. Thank you for being you ��

    2. Have you done back/butt/shoulder acne videos? Help plz help! Also, you have talked about hyper pigmentation but have you talked about texture from acne scars?

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  • Lovely recipes, thanks, I love anything Matcha-flavoured! I find my sweetener of choice is cane sugar, rather than honey or syrup or anything else. There seems to be a stigma against sugar, not sure why.

  • I tried the iced lemonade matcha and I added a little bit of vanilla extract and it’s absolutely delicious!! Thank you so much for the recipe especially that it’s hot outside right now it’s perfect ♥️

  • I just bought some powder matcha tea and I usually buy matcha in tea bags. I never used loose powder before, so thank you for show how easy it really is to work with the stuff.

  • Which one do you prefer the most? the middle one looks amazing you’d normally see something like that at some high end resturant ��

  • wow, fascinating look at the farmers… I loved how they each shared something unique about the tea we love too… from how it’s picked, to the challenges of growing healthy leaves, to the curve indicating a longer lasting product. thanks for sharing farmers! (and match team too 😉 ).

  • I just started my diet With drinking Matcha with Raw Honey and I’m Not Really lowering my calories But Ive so far lost 4 pounds within two days not sure if It was All the way Matcha doing the Job but I can totally tell Its helping my oily skin so far!!!

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  • Honestly my favorite person on YouTube you literally saved my life when I was in middle school and had horrible skin I loved watching your videos and getting advice also not feeling so alone keep being awesome ����

  • I will definitely try this… I have very old acne scars, all the different types… ��I’m on my fifth micrneedling treatment and have seen some improvements. I’ve also have been following Dr. Dray and Dr. Davin Lim.. where were they in the 80’s. �� I really enjoy your videos.

  • I love you geeking out like this. It gets me geeky self all revved up�� live your videos!! They are so scientific. And well.. I really wish people talk about antioxidant like you do. Love ��

  • Girllllllll you are amazing! I can watch your videos all day! I’m still fighting with acne marks and your videos are soooooo helpful for me! Love your voice and your energy! �� Greetings from Bulgaria!

  • After looking at Teami’s ingredients, personally not a fan of the phenoxyethanol in it. I typically purchase an organic high quality matcha powder and will use a bit of organic turmeric powder and rosewater with glycerin. Simple easy brightening mask.

  • I would like some videos have subtitles in Spanish or English. It’s difficult for me to understand when you speak. Saludos from Argentina

  • I work at a Japanese restaurant and I’m constantly making people matcha green tea, now I’m totally gonna take some home and use it for myself ��

  • Hi Cassandra I’ve been searching around for different things and came a cross one of your videos and then watched several more you seem to have great pointer tips and tricks and definitely doing your research I do have a few questions to ask if you don’t mind. What kind of green tea and other things do you put in your tea? Any brand names you can share maybe I missed it? I’m about 32 yrs old I have been struggling with oily skin and what I think I have cystic acne that started when at the end of my pregnancy at the age of 21 since then it’s been on and off for me I’ve tried many things I did find one product a lady made that I purchased from a farms market near me and loved it but when I went back she wasn’t there anymore and I was back to square one, except going to a dermatologist because my insurance did not cover it and nothing has worked or works for a few I do know stress is related my life has been a roller coaster and I’m hiring a point that I need to figure something out with my life and my appearance and how I feel. I found a lot of what you said very interesting and dermatology has been one of them I know the schooling processes is very long and I have completely because of my age I am curious to know if you are in school for it and for how long and was wondering how old you were? health has also been another interested of mine but there’s just so much stuff out there these days that trying to do some research becomes overwhelming. So I guys I asking if your able to answer my question and give me any pointers or recommendations that would be great!

  • I love how you explain complicated words with real life examples lol. Definitely ordering that masque now!!And what brand matcha green tea do you use?
    Great video❤️

  • Cassandra! I just did a karate kick in my kitchen as I clicked on this video…I was in the middle of making my matcha latte already! �� I’m about 4 months off coffee… I was always a coffee enthusiast, drinking 3-4 cups daily. One day, I had enough! I didn’t like the speedy jitters, my heart beating fast, and I wasn’t sure if maybe my coffee consumption had something to do with my insomnia & anxiety. After I drink my matcha, I’m energized and motivated, but not speedy or on edge. The energy lasts me throughout the day, there’s no crash. I don’t have mood highs and lows. My teeth are whiter. I’m sleeping better. My skin is looking more hydrated and less dull. My jawline hormonal acne heals faster than it used to. I’m in love! There’s so many ways to drink it, too! I mix mine with ashwaghanda and Maca powders. I sometimes add cinnamon or nutmeg or vanilla, and I use a hand blender to make foam so it’s artsy and pretty. Thanks for the information… this made me love my matcha even more!

  • 🙂 Green tea and even better matcha! Good stuff. Looks like subtitles are in Dutch? lol Not that I mind actually. Cool language lesson! Dr. Dray is great.

  • WOW! This video was seriously SO informative! Thank you so much! I’m so happy our mask is on your list of awesome Matcha products! Seriously, it is such a game changer!:)

  • Dicen que tomar limonada caliente sin azúcar o vinagre de manzana en ayunas hace bajar de peso. Lo he intentado y me ha dolido la cabeza, me da eructos, diarrea y acné en la mandíbula☹

  • Didn’t know whr to comment but I vote for meet up on Sunday… If ur doing it on Sunday I’ll be beyond happy to see u and hug u omg I attracted it… Ur an angel ❤️

  • Cassandra please do rply me….plz guide me is ornge juice is bad for acne prone skin?if it is….then plz sgst me 1 drink for my acne excpt green tea plzzz������

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  • hey Cassandra!!! I was wondering if you’ve looked into the Korean skincare routine/any products specifically made in Korea or something along these lines? I’m very interested in your take on it!!!

  • Your videos have help me a lot thoughout my and journey. They are so informative. After many many years of acne, I have finally cleared up my skin so far. Now I’m stuck with scarring. I wear makeup to cover them but unfortunately they are deep so they are still noticable. I am not sure what to do. I have sensitive oily skin. I’m nervous trying new things since I have my fair sure if horror stories.

  • Matcha changed my life! I’m down 20 lbs in 5 weeks. I’m going to implement it in my skincare routine. My husband said my skin looks “glowy”. I’m now thinking that could be Matcha!!��������

  • I love green tea but I never tried matcha green tea. I love using masks for my face. Aloe Vera works really good on my skin. I’ve heard about another clay mask called Aztec clay mask.