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Logging Macros: Spreading Out Daily Protein. Carbohydrates typically steal the spotlight when it comes to fueling an athlete’s performance. However, protein is just as vital to an athlete’s health. While this macronutrient doesn’t contribute as directly to performance as an energy source as carbs do, it is vital for almost every other bodily function including, of course, muscle tissue growth, maintenance.

On that 2,000 calorie diet, you will calculate your macros in this way: 800 calories/4 calories per gram = 200g of protein. You will get the same number for 40% carbs. For 20% fat (400 calories), you will get this calculation: 400 calories/9 calories per gram of fat = 44g of fat (rounded down). Determine your macros: Protein intake should be between 0.7–1.0 grams per pound of body weight.

Fat intake should be between 0.25–0.4 grams. Timing and protein per meal is minimally important when compared to getting total daily protein intake. If you reach your daily protein targets consistently, then the next step is to aim for 25-40 grams of protein per meal spread out evenly every 4-6 hours throughout the day. ���� You’ve exceeded all your macros.

This means you are over your calorie target. If you know how much, 500 kcal, for example, you can reduce this from your food intake the next day, or spread that out over several days (166 kcal over three days), to balance things out for the week. Here’s everything you need to know about macros, plus the best macrotracking apps.

25 percent fat and 25 percent protein. Then, multiply your total daily calories by your percentages. You can view or edit your macro distribution in your MyFitnessPal app by clicking on “Goals,” where you’ll see your “Daily Nutrition Goals.” MyFitnessPal automatically sets your macros at 50% carbs, 20% protein and 30% fat. You can tweak this distribution as you like; the app translates the percentages into grams for each macronutrient.

Example Calculation: An adult weighing 150 lbs who exercises recreationally, based on Table 2 above, would need 0.75 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Daily Protein Intake (in grams) = 0.75 grams per lbs x 150 lbs = 112.5 grams of protein. Next, convert your protein intake from grams to Calories; to do this conversion, multiply your daily protein intake (in grams) by 4. Her macros are 140g protein, 56g fat, and 154g carbs which equate to 1680 calories. We must first figure out how many meals a day we want to have most days so we can get a picture of how much protein we need spread out throughout the day.

She knocked out 40g of protein with breakfast By doing this, she only has 100g (sounds like a lot. To macro, or not to macro? That is the question I pose.

But first, what does “to macro” mean? “To macro” means tracking the number of grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats you consume on a particular day.Bodybuilders and physique competitors have mastered this art and have no qualms about whipping out their food scale at any given moment.

List of related literature:

Macros are often dangerous so use them cautiously.

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All macros should be classified to indicate their likely use.

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After enabling your macros just one time, they won’t be annoyed at the constant messages about macros, and you won’t have to

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I use these macros as a guideline, but I don’t track anything in great detail.

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One major problem with 1-2-3 macros was their vulnerability.

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While macros are indispensable, they are also a source of danger.

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After enabling your macros just one time, they won’t be annoyed by the constant messages about macros, and you won’t have to worry that your macro-enabled dashboard will fall flat because macros have been disabled.

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Macros recorded with the Macro Recorder are subroutines.

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This is one of the reasons why you should be doubly careful with your macros.

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Personally, I’m not overly concerned about counting macros.

“The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence” by Leanne Vogel
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  • Great content again dude and insightful knowledge. Considering your workout split as been doing a Push Pull Legs for some time. Looking for a new alternative. Just wondering, you said you were mainly concerned about Protein intake when tracking calories. Do you want calories e.g My fitness pal etc or do you go from instinct

  • Simple popcorn was a nice addition to my “perfect” eating system. Your icecream is next. And that’s all I need I think to feel full and happy on 2000-2300 calories. I learned much from you, thanks to you I became much more mature regarding training and eating in the second half of my 30’s. It’s never to late to learn new things. Thank you.

  • I have always linked word ‘diet’ with starvation, until I discoverd website *Next Level Diet*. With their diet plan, I am never hungry and I am still losing weight. Amazing!!!

  • For whatever it’s worth, I found high fat/low carb far more sustainable than high carb/low fat. Carbs tend to be a trigger food for me that I consume until none is left. And it’s not carb depletion either, because I can do that every day. Eat 5 pizzas on Monday, first thought on Tuesday will be “I want some pizza”.

    Fat means a far larger variety of foods (especially in this modern age where you can get stuff like bread, cereal, crackers and ice cream with almost no carbs), so it keeps things more interesting. Fat also absorbs slower and makes you feel more full, so I managed to maintain a calorie deficit without always being hungry.

  • Just a heads up, bacon including all the grease that comes off it has about 9g of fat, depending on the brand and all that. I know this because my bacon nutrition facts says “uncooked” with 9g of fat, where as yours most likely assumes once the bacon is fully cooked, the grease is drained, greatly reducing the fat. If you are keeping the grease to cook the eggs, you are probably consuming closer to 9g rather the 3.5g you stated. Just my thoughts on it! Keep it up with your awesome videos, I love learning all the little details you’re always explaining!

  • Thanks for this video! Very informative and much needed, always felt like a daunting task but I love your advice about waiting 4 weeks before changing your macros to see what works and what doesn’t!! Thanks again Natacha, much love from 2GunKate in Phoenix, AZ:)

  • speaks slow, doesn’t get to the point, complete nerd. He is book smart, but not “street” smart… or “real life smart”. I try to like him. I prefer Stan Efferding

  • I struggle with protein since giving up meat and most dairy. I still eat eggs and rarely some fish but not every day so it is a struggle to even come close. I don’t train like you though I’m a weakling:)

  • Hi Manders! My ears perked up when I saw how to get more protein! The bowl looks amazingly yummy! I have the Vitamix & have used some of the same ingredients with the exception of the cashew milk. Yum! The candles looked so nice! I need to get one! I love broccoli, chicken & rice! Great video! Thanks for sharing some great ideas. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Joanie ����

  • Its hard to get the required intake of protein whilst keeping inside the calories required if one doesnt eat good quality protein. Example 2000kcal of pizza isnt a lot of pizza and therefore isnt going to provide one with enough protein.

  • Love these videos, Layne. I do wonder though, whether or not these recommendations are missing one variable. You’ve talked about the necessary dietary requirements to stimulate muscle protein synthesis through dietary contributions. However, the way I see it, in our context, dietary contributions are not the primary driver of muscle protein synthesis rather, weight training stimuli is. Now, if a person has stimulated protein synthesis through weight training, then perhaps their body will be more efficient in using protein from internal (degradation) and external (dietary) sources, thus allowing for maximum muscle growth even in the absence of 1.8g/kg lbm. What do you think?

  • So you don’t do carb backloading or any of that nonsense, but you eat your carbs late in the day around your workouts when they’re better utilized (the very definition of carb backloading)? ��

  • My question is, as a healthy 125# female, is there any daily protein intake that is harmful? If I consumed 250g of protein daily for example?

  • I suck at macros and what not… I’m not trying to lose weight or anything but I have noticed since I’ve joined crossfit that the more protein I eat, the better I perform and feel for my workouts!

  • Hey layne. Thanks for the very informative video. One question. How do you get that level of protein? I don’t get nearly as much as is optimal and my food costs are 1400 US. Per month. What type of protein sources do you have. I like to avoid upping those costs by more then $100

  • Do you follow a conventional straight sets program or do you follow a sort of pyramid scheme where you reduce weight going by feel aiming for particular rep ranges?

  • Thank you for the tips. I’m really trying to get my diet on point and struggling with the protien. I have a long way to go… love your channel.

  • I couldnt tell if you had them but if not you should consider a doggy seatbelt for tux. Poor guy would go flying under hard braking. Amazon has tons for cheap

  • Morning, Natacha, Nice video! I’ve been waiting for your new videos.
    Perhaps a silly question, I want to ask you which food category should I head to grocery store if i want to find liquid egg white? I feel kinda guilty to waste 3-4 egg yolks a day.

  • you just said a stupid thing, there is no science that backs your training split, you can periodize volume and increase it and use rir (reps in reserve) you dont have to and shouldnt go to failure on any excersice, there is no study to back up training to failure, it creates unaparalleled fatigue compared to stimulus, look up dr mike isratael and rennesaince periodization.

  • In the old days?? In the old days we didn’t have all this crap in our food. Thats why people are getting so “crazy” with the specificity of what they’re eating. Its important for longevity & health.

  • Really glad I discovered your channel. Ironically it was because I was trolling Blahahahaha lol. You opened my eyes to daily dietary habits.

  • Do you still use sukrin? I get extremely addicted to sugary foods, but I haven’t tried sukrin. I normally use maple syrup or coconut nectar, but even those can trigger a massive binge.

  • If my goal is 1.8 grams of protein per kilo, the amount of carbohydrate and fat ingested can be until I reach the calories that I want to achieve?

  • Thank you!
    I am a faaaat mother of two (3 month and 2) and it finally “clicked”
    At the moment I am counting calories and already lost 4 Kilos.
    But I just don’t eat enough protein although I eat mostly meat, eggs and dairy –

  • I never really understand how you know what you can eat and how you have to plan in such a way that it will fit your macros. Calculating them is not that hard, but actually getting the right macros on a daily base is what I don’t understand..

  • Hi Layne, might be a dumb question but If you are cutting, would you avoid cooking the eggs in the bacon grease or is that technically included in the fat grams from the nutrition label?

  • How do you feel about carb cycling so overall calories are lower on rest days while in a mini cut (5-6 weeks)? For example, I’m working out Sun, Tue, Fri & Saturday, so I’m eating more calories to perform better. While I have class Mon, Wed & Thursday, so I’m moving less and not working out, therefore eating less. Am I hurting my overall performance by under eating on rest days? Thanks in advance, love the content Eugene!

  • Did you experience some fat gain when you first increased your calories years ago? How did that process work for you? To lose extra fat from gradually increasing calories did you do LISS or just resistance? Oxx you are the best. Thanks for all the help on my own and thousands of heath and wellness journeys!

  • Eugene, do you include protein from carbohydrates?
    You are fantastic, i love your video:)
    Are your videos on ganbarumethod.com viewable with subtitles? I come from Poland and my English is bad

  • I’m a 23-year old female, 5 ft in height… and so far I am 56 kg in weight, I have 40 kg of lean body mass, I’m regularly working out (cardio + weight training), so I take at least 75 grams of protein per day. Some days it’s higher, depending on the availability of food.

  • Hey coach! I’ve watched your videos on rest periods and your training recently and was curious with you being close to John meadows, what do you think of his training style in his programs where it’s high “volume”, even if it’s only say 1 set per exercise taken to failure it’s 3-4 “sets” of submaximal training which is taxing on central fatigue, wouldn’t that be inefficient training considering we only have a degree of recoverability?

  • Why is your protein that low?You weigh about 165lbs & consuming 135g protein.When & how much higher will you go in protein??Thanks!

  • Great recipe for tonight’s Netflix and chill:) Thank you!
    Natacha, could you make an upper workout vid? I admire those shoulders girl!!

  • For people who would like to learn more about metabolising protein, which book do you recommend for learning from 0?

    It started with just losing weight to be healthier.
    It’s kind of getting out of hand ��

  • Can you do a chest workout video? I cant seem to build a chest.. it feels like im not working my chest out.

    Im two pecs away from having a physique like yours!! Obv and the hair ����‍♂️

    Great video though! Feel like you made this video just for me ��

  • Please show us how to cook that beef cheek. Is it cooked in a crockpot or in an oven? Or both? It seems like it has a crust of some sort.

  • can you show evidence that replacing nutrient dense foods with processed meat and dairy has beneficial effects on anything other than your taste buds?

  • i’m on 190g protein per day, i’m in a caloric defict, 22 years old, and have around 65kg from lean body mass… continue with the great job! And excited with holly’s reverse diet, i will put it in pratice soon too, thank you so mutch for the info. greetins from Brazil!!

  • My favorite smoothie is 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup berries both frozen, 1/2c plain Greek yogurt (you don’t need flavored because of the fruit), spinach if I have some, 1 tbsp chia seeds, protein powder, and enough water to mix it. Super easy and healthy.

  • I only believe in *Next Level Diet*. They provide you with personalized meal plan, training plan, fitness tips, healthy recipes. Thats everything you need to transform your body and get six pack:D

  • Very interesting and very well explained, zero BS. Will U mantain your cutting macros for all the 16 weeks? or u will do any step down forward into the weeks? like at 8th or 12th week? thank you 😉

  • I’m addicted to fats. Coconut oil, coconut milk, almond butter, avocado, olive oil, and nuts.
    I’m wondering if this is why I’m having a hard time getting rid of my pooch belly ����‍♀️

  • I tried every single diet on the internet and even if I managed to lose few pounds of fat, they would get back as soon as I’m done with diet. I realised that meal plan from Next Level Diet is the only diet I could follow forever. It’s really sustainable and easy to follow.

  • Just visit website NextLevelDiet and get personalized Diet and Training plan with amazing tips. I lost 15kg in two months. Finally, I have a six pack.