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If you’re simply searching for a way to be healthier every day and maybe even lose a couple pounds, we’ve got one simple rule to live by: Eat vegetables at every meal. 5 Rules for Living a Happy and Healthy Life These five rules are critical to my healthy life and happiness, and I’m going to bet they are critical to yours as well. Once we take full control over our ability and freedom to make choices, each of these rules will be easy to master. Drink a glass of water before each meal.

Drinking the amount of water you need each day is necessary for all of your body’s systems to function smoothly, but it will also keep you from. The path to healthy living doesn’t involve sudden, drastic changes. Adopting a healthier lifestyle involves looking at where you’re at, picturing where you want to be and figuring out how you can incorporate gradual, subtle modifications to your normal routine. Eat as much home-cooked food as possible, which should be prepared according to Rule 1. Eating at home allows you to avoid processed ingredients more easily.

It allows you full control. While yoga is great, any type of exercise is going to instantly make you happier. Because it releases feel-good endorphins and the happy chemical dopamine as you start to get your sweat on, you’ll finish your workout in a much better mood than when you started, says the Mayo Clinic.

You probably more or less know the basics on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Some obvious first steps include eating more greens and superfoods and cutting back on sugars and alcohol. Sleeping, meditating, exercising, and keeping stress levels low are other key ingredients in the recipe of wellness. Here are the only five rules you’ll ever need.

1. Eat right. The bottom line is, we eat too much. Cut back on portions and aim for four to six small meals a day that all include a source of protein-such as lean meat, fish or nuts-to help normalize your blood sugar and keep you full.

These are rules that you can incorporate with your weight-loss program that will help for a quick fat loss result. Please read down below to know more about the five essential rules for quick fat loss. Burning more calories compared to what you have consumed is important. This is a simple rule that you can easily follow for a quick fat loss. A happy, healthy morning starts with a killer bedtime routine.

There’s no perfect answer for making your own, but the important thing is to make one and stick to it. For example, every evening I shower, make my lunch for the next day, and spend 10 or so minutes doing something that relaxes me in bed, whether that’s scrolling through social media, reading 15 pages of a book, or talking to my parents on the phone.

List of related literature:

Such advice shaded into general maxims for healthy living.

“William Osler: A Life in Medicine” by Michael Bliss
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Making the healthier choice more often than not is the essence of moderation.

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Other suggestions include the following: switch to fat free or low-fat (1%) milk; make at least half of the grains whole instead of refined grains, avoid oversize proportions, choose foods with lower sodium content, and drink water instead of sugary drinks.

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Thus, the rule “take less of what you like best,” although simple, will always increase overall benefits.3 In support of this analysis, most cultural teachings on how to manage appetites stress moderation, and moderation is most relevant for those items that are liked best.

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Moderation in all things is still great advice, and that includes moderation in moderation.

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I discovered that it is better to do the opposite—live on the healthy side and splurge every now and then.

“You Don't Have To Be a Treehugger To Be a Vegan” by Dan Vishny
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The only way to become truly healthy is by embracing The Five Basics for Optimal Health.

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For balance and moderation is the key to healthy living.

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Moderation and knowing what’s good for you is the key to staying healthy and looking your best, without feeling like you are deprived.

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Instead, adopt the principle of “everything in moderation.”

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  • Dr Amen you are, one of a kind…I have been on Paleo for several years, and always into my health, one day at a time, Thank You Very Much!��

  • c’mon why does it still have thousands of dislike, this is very helpful for students who want to pursue a medical field,, and this lecture was just so amazing than sitting and listening for long hours from your professor and finding it hard to sink in to your brain. I’m looking forward for more topics.

  • I am taking notes right now and you literally saved my life. I’m taking my NHA CCMA exam this month and I’m a little terrified but your video boosted up my confidence for EKG readings. God bless you��

  • Can somebody interpret my ECG result? I’ve have ECG trice but they keep on saying it’s normal. But I’m still having a hard time breathing. Please respond so I can send you my ECG result. I would really appreciate if anyone help me about it.

  • My little secrets.
    I eat broccoli/mixed veggies for breakfast.
    I drink 3 cups of water in the morning/night.
    I meditate for 10 minutes.

  • I agree with country nurse, wow this just made my day, had study day yesterday to attend ECG lecture and it was no way as simple as this, and cost £170!

  • Thank youuuu! This is soooo good and easy to follow.. I’m having to pause in between just to revel at my own understanding of it!! �� Looking forward to watching more of your vids!

  • Mint Nursing Great Job you’re also educating patients on their condition so that we have a better understanding from our cardiologists point of view, Thanks again ����

  • I think if you slowed down the speed of your voice you’ll come across more confident and your advice will be easier to digest. I did learn things from this and it’ll help me out. Thankyou

  • 1. Walk ( 30 min ).
    2. Have A Favorite Sport.
    3. Educate Yourself On Food.
    4. Have A Meal Plan.
    5. Sex.
    6. Drink AtLeast 2L Of Water ( Everyday ).
    7. Got Out Side ( 2-8 Hours ).
    8. Sleep ( At Least 7 Hours ).
    9. Meditation.
    10. Smile.:)


  • মেডিকেল স্টুডেন্টরা চ্যানেলটি ঘুরে আসতে পারেন।আশা করি আপনাদের উপকার হবে।
    it is helpful for medical students. Please visit.

  • Thank you so much for hitting it on the nail! We as Americans need a healing and it’s right in front of us..just like the 80’s got everyone off fat and on wheat gluten we now have to do the opposite with education and healing the palate!

  • Sleep is the easiest yet most overlooked habit we can all utilize into our routine and daily habits. One extra hour of sleep can aid with muscle recovery more than any massage, epsom bath, etc. We have to simply our lives and move back to fundamentals! Thank you for your tips!

  • I want my parents to live a long life but they aren’t living the healthiest life style. My dad doesn’t have time to hit the gym because he goes to work everyday in the city until late and doesn’t have time to things like that. He also has trouble with sleeping and has many injuries that he plays off a lot when he is playing basketball with me. I want him to eat healthy and get his weight down a bit so he can move a long healthy life but idk how to tell him. Same with my mom she has diabetes and i want to help her get healthy to but I just don’t know how to tell them or help them make changes. And this may sound like my parents need help and can’t do anything for themselves but it’s not tru there great I just love them a lot and I just wanna help them live a healthy life ❤️ comment back if u have any suggestions ❤️❤️❤️

  • Thank you very much Dr Amen for such a wonderful talk, simplistic way to enhance one’s health and brain. It really ain’t difficult to do it but to get disciplined with what goes in and when. Wishing you God speed in your mission of making humanity better in very simple ways.

  • What about ADD? Not ADHD, ADD. I have lots of drive inside but when I go to take action I freeze because all of the options and links and things to do paralyze me. I try to will my way through it but I javent been successful yet at overcoming the lack of focus.

  • im going thru ekg school, for now its online, and i was lost on the interp, till i saw your video. thank you, you actually saved me and helped me with it. i now understand and got more out of it than my instructor talked about. i will be watching all your videos. again thank you for your videos

  • 3:45 Nah I’ll piss myself in my sleep. You ever have a vivid dream of needing to pee so bad n then you go to a bathroom to take a good ol piss, just to wake up wet?

  • I can also recommend sitting less and if you can’t, then make sure that you vary your sitting position (legs-up-back-straight, squat etc.).
    I could not touch my toes. That’s how stiff I used to be. I tried stretching exercises and I got more flexible in many ways, but I still struggled a lot getting to my toes. The reason was, that I was sitting in school, later at work, then in the car, at home etc. and my body was used to that position way more than the natural position.

  • “If moving around is a struggle go do something you enjoy”: ‘lists off the most difficult activities of lifting and running’. Let’s start with walking, power walking, or swimming. gentle on the joints.

  • Doing more for others, being a “we” person instead of an “I” person, visualization/meditation, and always doing the things you love to do!

  • The statement about the man that ate corn and had a vision of putting a gun in his mouth after 20 minutes. That’s real for me! For me it is wheat! I call them my wheat hell holes! When you have a sensitivity to food like that, it puts you into a form of psychosis. It feels real. The terrible thoughts, the suffocating in your body, uncontrollable crying and despair. Wheat destroyed my life for a year and I fantasized jumping in front of a bus everyday while waiting for the right bus to get me to work. I knew I needed nutrition, so I went raw vegan! Within two weeks I felt like a new person! I added some bread back in, homemade sourdough at that! I woke up the next day crying all over again! That’s when it clicked that it was the wheat! I tell my story as much as I can because I can only imagine how many people are suffering the way I did because of an ingredient in our food that we eat for almost every meal! I am not a raw vegan now, but I have stayed vegan and gluten free for 3 years now! I have dabbled with wheat a few times over the years and it always ends in utter disaster! Fun fact, I worked at Olive Garden and was eating their food when I spiraled out of control!

  • Great but not agree with one habit. More sex reduces immune system. Sex is only for reproduction not for enjoy. Otherwise, immune system will scrap.

  • Dr. Amen please consider a study of teachers counselors and pastor type individuals. I was blessed to be a counselor during my military career and I know my brain was/is effected by caring for those that don’t always care about themselves due to various reasons. I call it the Care for the Care Giver Syndrome (co-dependency on steroids). I believe this syndrome is growing as many family members and others are in care giver’s positions and as result the care giver may pass away before the person they are caring for. Thank you and God Bless you and your family today and always! Mercy Grace & Peace! AAAmen!

  • SA node generate cardiac activity. It is “The” Pacemaker. AV node actually does not generate the electric activity, he filtered, delayed and blocked the cardiac impulses, the ones who fired is actually the AV junction. AV node follow by AV junction 40-60 pulses then from there the bifurcated to the Rt and Lf Bundle branches and finish to the Purkinje fibers those last firered at 20-40… I am not sure anymore about all this������

  • Ok.Videos with “handwriting” is very annoying. If it is a video and you are speaking, why do you have to write? Put subtiltles instead. Greetings from Brazil. Be practical.

  • Dont think you alone with depression. If you feel that you alone, or sad, you should try this Here you can find supplements that can help with youre problem.

  • Wonderful and informative talk. Liked the suggestions on how to increase dopamine levels, because of my family history. Thank you. ��

  • An fascinating discussion is price comment. I believe that you should write extra on this matter, it may not be a taboo topic however generally individuals are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  • I watched several youtube videos about ECG and this is the only video by far that made me understand this topic (though I still have a lot to learn about ECG. I would say this video is a good foundation of understanding/ learning ECG).

  • “Meat”? Meat consumption raises the risk for many of the underlying medical conditions—diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease—that can make COVID-19 infections more deadly. A recent study found that regular consumption of processed meat, red meat, or poultry increases the risk for cardiovascular disease. Research also links red meat, poultry, and fish to an increased risk for diabetes. More than 15,500 meat plant workers are infected with COVID-19, and at least 60 have died. With workers lined up in close proximity, viruses are easily spread within the slaughterhouse environment. Although studies show that infectious viruses easily survive during refrigeration and freezing, meat companies do not routinely test the extent to which meat products are contaminated with the virus.

  • Hello Doctor
    I did your Brain Health Assesment, Scored 48 Points out of 100 and now I know that I’m Brain Type 8. My question is: can a brain like mine be “normalized” that it can function like a 10/10, healthy brain? Bad english i know.

  • Eat healthy, Sleep well, Exercise regularly, stretch regularly, Get outside, get fresh air, drink lots and lots of water, take supplements, use your essential oils, everything in moderation, and above all be mindful and appreciative. Keep your mind positive. Your thoughts create your reality. It’s all about balance in ALL areas of one’s life…body, mind and spirit.://

  • Hi, i have a question about the big box method. can we choose which R’s are we going to use to be divided by 300? (between the 3 lines above?) pls reply

  • The only one that could relate to music is 10. I feel music in its own right deserves a mention since it makes so many of us happy.

  • Thank you for posting this video! I’m getting ready for my 3rd semester in Nursing school and we will be learning about EKGs and your explanation in 12 mins gave me a clear picture of the nuts and bolts of this topic!

  • I watched his video a mouth ago and I started following most of what you said. It’s changed my outlook on life. I can’t even describe how thankful I am for this video.

  • You if you get Netflix go in and watch the bleeding edge when you don’t know what could hurt you it’s an original documentary!!!!
    And I mean holy shit

  • People on this planet are kinda ridiculous. You will either get lucky to live a long life or you won’t. Lets say you do live to be 109 years old, ok now what? People on this planet lacked all intelligence, even healthy people can get sick and die or get into an accident or end up murdered. It’s pure luck and what people fail to understand here is that the older you get the harder it is to do things. I live with elderly people, what takes me a minute in walking takes them forever. I could literally run circles around the elderly. People who are super healthy fail to see the big picture. Even if you do make it to elderly age you’re still going to pass away. Death and the cemetery do not care about how many vegetables you ate or how much you worked out. When your time is up, that’s it. I wish I had lived on a planet with smart people who saw this place for what it is. Humans here are no different from the animals and bugs who die daily, this placed equaled a death pit like it does for all of the cock roaches that become exterminated. Death and the cemetery don’t care about what you did or did not do, nor does death and the cemetery care about the kind of house you lived in or how much money you put into the bank. We were all here to end up at the cemetery like every generation before.

  • There were some really great tips in this video. I think anyone who loves life would appreciate this video to help them live as happily as possible. I will make sure to share this with my own circle of family and friends!

  • So you stopped drinking tea, which is actually healthy for you (without added sugars), and keep drinking milk, which leads to several diseases such as anemia, diabetes and cancer? Didn’t quite get that one

  • I wish that I could discipline myself but I just want God to take me. On meds but still depressed. I use to eat a little healthier but still was depressed.

  • Your Tutorial is very nice.
    Please subscribe my channel on Medical physiology lectures…it will be helpful for nursing students also.

  • I have a few habits, and I track them in daily notebook. My daily routine goes
    1. Drink Tea/coffee when I first wake up
    2. Walk 30-45 minutes down the road and around the park, then back home. This can be substituted by mowing the grass, or if you play sports that day or whatever. As long as it’s a moderate or higher intensity of cardio. If you’re building muscle on a calorie deficit, then intense cardio for long periods of time will cause you to lose muscle.
    3. My workout days I eat 4 meals 500-600 calories each. 10Amprotein or complex carb (eggs, chicken, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, whole grain oatmeal, sweet potato) 2pm-Protein shake 4pmprotein shake 6pm protein
    4. I drink a bottle of water before and after every meal, and take my vitamins between my 1st and second meal.
    5. My non workout days, I eat 3 500-600 calorie meals. 12Noonprotein 3pm-protein 6pm-protein.
    6. My workout days are 3x a week at home. 9 movements, 3 for each day. With my main compound movements on different days. Squat, bench, deadlift are the main. Bent over row, curls, sit ups, push ups, pull ups, overhead press are the others.
    Every week I alternate from working on endurance/muscle size by doing 20-24 reps and adding at least 1 more rep until I reach 24 reps, then add weight.
    The next week, I work on strength by doing 10-12 reps.
    When you get your form and stability down you can work on true strength by doing 5-6 reps.
    7. For sleep. I consume no stimulants (caffeine) after 12 noon. No drinking of anything after 7pm. I’ve been woken up too many times from having to pee.
    Your sleep works in 90 minute cycles. You basically waste a whole sleep cycle if you wake up during that cycle.
    8. I keep a fan blowing air to keep the area cool, and to cover up any noises that might interfere with your sleep. You can use ear plugs and a mask to block out light too. Blue light is bad for sleep.
    9. Lights out and laying down by 9pm. No phone, tv by 11pm.
    10. And I’ve heard somewhere that every hour of sleep before midnight is like 2x as valuable as an hour after midnight. So the earlier the better. If I could be asleep by 8pm and up by 6am every day I would do that. Sleep makes you much more mentally alert, very good for your mood, and your body repairs itself and releases growth hormones during sleep that are very important for building muscle. So if you’ve put in that work and energy lifting weights, then sleep is going to help you maximize your gains.
    11. You can have a cheat day once a week from your diet. For special occasions and being with friends/family. Just don’t over do it, and you can make it one or two cheat meals, instead of the whole day. That way you can skip a meal if your calories went too high.

  • Why did you stop drinking tea? -Or are you talking about tea with a F-load of sugar in it? AFAIK drinking green tea is good for your health.

  • Thanks so much, because of you, I know ABG’s, and now understand this… and it was so easy to understand your way of teaching:) You are going to help a lot of people become better nurses. Great job!

  • You can also switch out your traditional brand name cleaning products. Most if not all have chemicals that cause lung damage that equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes.

  • Please explain this, I know that if the vector is moving towards the exploring electrode and is in the same direction, the deflection should be positive with a large amplitude. Then how in the R wave pattern drawn by the chest leads, the r wave progressively gets larger in amplitudes when it’s representing septal depolarization whose direction is to the right shouldn’t the greatest amplitude be recorded by V1 as it’s the most right places electrode on the chest?? Plz respond.