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Bud Light’s Nutrition Labels are Bad News for Craft Beer

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Light foods are required to have fewer calories than their regular counterparts, but there are no official regulations to use the word “light” on beer. So you have to check individual beers. Bud Light Platinum, for instance, has fewer calories than a 145-calorie bottle of Budweiser, but it’s a.

Light beer is used to describe low-calorie, light-bodied beer, without regard to its color. It’s brewed in the same manner as any other beer and may be of any beer style, though lagers are most common. The fermentable sugars in alcohol are responsible for the majority of a beer’s calories. Another account on the origin of light beer points to Dr.

Joseph L. Owades, a biochemist turned brewer who, according to an obituary published in the Washington Post, introduced his seminal product, Gablinger’s Diet Beer, in 1967. But after the beer. The Truth About “Light/Lite” Beer Let me briefly summarize the brewing science involved in the production of light beer. If one requires fewer calories, one can simply add water to the end product before bottling it (or even before consuming it, as suggested earlier for brewing Fred Lite in one’s own inner brewery). The red sashes in the label pay homage to the single red sash in the flag and coat of arms of Strasbourg, the French city where Geronimus Hatt first brewed a version of the beer.

Of the 208 products purchased, over 75 percent were off by at least 10 percent of the CBD value listed on the label. In other words, of the products that claimed to have 100mg of CBD on the package, 75 percent of them had either less than 90mg or more than 110mg. Heisler is TV’s favorite fake beer, earning itself the nickname “the Bud Light of fake beers” for its on-screen ubiquity. It’s one of 40 different custom fake beer labels Studio Graphic.

The label says “Our full-flavored light lager features a malty sweetness and aromatic hop profile” and boasts of Hallertau, Strissel, Spalt, and other hop varieties. All that hopping doesn’t add up. Beer’s alcohol content ranges from less than 3% to 40% depending on the beer style and recipe. Most pale lagers are around 4% to 6% alcohol.

Benefits, in Moderation. The ingredients in beer are not required by law to be listed anywhere on the label and manufacturers have no legal obligation to disclose the ingredients. For regular beer, calorie levels and percent alcohol are optional and for light beer calories are mandatory but alcohol levels are optional.

List of related literature:

Beginning in early 1975, a number of other brewers, including G. Heileman Brewing Company, introduced reduced-calorie beers labeled or described as ‘‘light.’’

“Essentials of Business Law and the Legal Environment” by Richard A. Mann, Barry S. Roberts
from Essentials of Business Law and the Legal Environment
by Richard A. Mann, Barry S. Roberts
Cengage Learning, 2012

She argued that the word “light” was misleading because the drinks contained more calories than light beer (Bud Light).

“Business Law: Text and Cases” by Kenneth W. Clarkson, Roger LeRoy Miller
from Business Law: Text and Cases
by Kenneth W. Clarkson, Roger LeRoy Miller
Cengage Learning, 2020

Unfortunately, when it comes to beer, the labels don’t always help consumers understand what they’re really buying.

“Beer For Dummies” by Marty Nachel, Steve Ettlinger
from Beer For Dummies
by Marty Nachel, Steve Ettlinger
Wiley, 2012

In a June 1996 Consumer Reports survey of major brands, light beer had an average of 26 percent fewer calories and 16 percent less alcohol than regular beer.

“The U.S. Brewing Industry: Data and Economic Analysis” by Victor J. Tremblay, Victor J.. Tremblay, Carol Horton Tremblay, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT
from The U.S. Brewing Industry: Data and Economic Analysis
by Victor J. Tremblay, Victor J.. Tremblay, et. al.
MIT Press, 2005

In the United States, light beer is around 4 percent ABV; however, light beer is not determined by alcohol content but considered light because it has approximately 20 to 33 percent fewer calories than regular beer.

“The SAGE Encyclopedia of Alcohol: Social, Cultural, and Historical Perspectives” by Scott C. Martin
from The SAGE Encyclopedia of Alcohol: Social, Cultural, and Historical Perspectives
by Scott C. Martin
SAGE Publications, 2014

Since the late 1990s, an increasing number of producers have adopted the practice of moving mandatory legal information such as alcohol degree, bottle size, and the official appellation contrôlée designation to a secondary label (which is technically therefore the ‘‘front label’’).

“The Business of Wine: An Encyclopedia: An Encyclopedia” by Geralyn G. Brostrom, Jack Brostrom
from The Business of Wine: An Encyclopedia: An Encyclopedia
by Geralyn G. Brostrom, Jack Brostrom
ABC-CLIO, 2008

The Marketing Campaign Case Studies blog indicated that Bud Light regained its position as America’s bestselling light beer: during the campaign, sales increased 12 percent.

“The Future of Men: Men on Trial” by Jack Myers
from The Future of Men: Men on Trial
by Jack Myers
Inkshares, 2016

The marketing manager of a major brewery wanted to analyze the light beer sales among college and university students who do drink light beer.

“Statistics for Management and Economics, Abbreviated” by Gerald Keller
from Statistics for Management and Economics, Abbreviated
by Gerald Keller
Cengage Learning, 2015

Instead, to make a “light” beer with fewer calories, but with a minimal loss of flavor and body characteristics, manufacturers had to consider beer composition and the components that contributed calories.

“Microbiology and Technology of Fermented Foods” by Robert W. Hutkins
from Microbiology and Technology of Fermented Foods
by Robert W. Hutkins
Wiley, 2018

Package labels on beer containers are now more likely to indicate date of lling (or “born on…,” as used by one main producer) or date by which it is recommended the beer be used.

“Food Packaging and Shelf Life: A Practical Guide” by Gordon L. Robertson
from Food Packaging and Shelf Life: A Practical Guide
by Gordon L. Robertson
CRC Press, 2009

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  • Well, the majority of craft beer is trash to begin with and hurts your wallet more than anything in the long run. I could pick up a 12 pack of Bud Light for just about the same price as a 6 pack of craft and that’s saying something. I’d rather drink a cheap but classic beer than spend money on a random drink some amateur brewery is going to rip me off for.

  • the increase in Golden Ale sales, from an English perspective anyway, was down to Guinness Golden Ale. It’s not very popular anymore in Britain but back then it was the next big thing and wanted a craft beer change that we’re still seeing over here

  • It’s time to be honest about Budweiser, people only drink it because its cheap. As a beer connoisseur and AA veteran, I will say Budweiser is for the idiots that do things just because they see it on TV.

  • Bud Light rise and fall, as I just came back from Walmart, BL was selling @ $18.99, and today they had the balls to raise their pricing by 3.5 dollars. Now @ $22 an change, I will switch to a more cheaper brew. It’s not a must have item, it’s a pleasure item.

  • What is wrong with the US. You don’t count calories when it comes to beer. The most harmful thing in a beer is clearly the alcohol and not the calories.

  • If the ultimate booze metric was amount of alcohol per calorie, I’d just get trashed on everclear. People who prefer craft buy it because it’s a more enjoyable product, not because it’s the less fattening choice.

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  • MillerCoors has put nutritional labels on their beers since 2014.
    Coors Light 102 calories, Miller High Life Light 107 Calories, Miller Light 96 calories.

  • I just realise that after this video with so manny mannequin, after pandemic pass away, a lot of people will be punch a mannequin because they will think they was at sensation in 2020:))))

  • If I was an alcoholic, the calories would matter; however, I’m not. For those of us non-alcoholic beer lovers, the calories don’t matter. Its a concept of drinking on occasion. Do you eat cake and sweets so much as to need light treats; moreover, treats that taste like shit to shave have half the calories? Ya, I didn’t think so. I would like to see the numbers for alcoholics who drink so much that they need a light beer in septate statistics.

  • You can have 3 bud lights for 1 heavier beer.
    15% ABV stout, however, has 3 to 4 times the alcohol, thus people are going to drink less than your average jabronie sucking down ten buds to get the same fucking effect.
    Its alcohol.
    The fucking carbs are the last thing that should be on anyone’s mind.

  • Lol, all the beer snobs complaining about the comparison of bud light to a stout, meanwhile craft beer producers are creating more lighter beer to get more sales.

  • This will let people get whatever they really want. It’s not about tricking someone into buying your beer. People that like Founders Breakfast don’t think the high calories is a bad thing at all, and people who care about low calorie intake don’t care about having a more “crafty” beer(so they buy bud light). Not giving people information so they will buy from you is always wrong. If people stop buying a beer because it has too many calories good for them, they should be able to make their choices even if I would never make that choice myself.

  • I’m currently drinking a Budweiser right now while I’m watching this vid. One of my favorite go to beers when I’m not in the mood for craft beer

  • Hi Ryan This was some great information on the history of light beer! If I’m going to drink light beer it’s going to be Bud Light���� excellent video��������

  • It’s not American, give me a break… the company grew in America! The guy was Belgian who cares! He’s an American because he grew his business here! End of story

  • WOOOOW You truly r your own band,no other band sounds or inspires like you do��and judging by this chea you can take a classic and make it your own ��2020

  • what the fuck does a stout have to do with calories…. there is like 1 ounce of BP malt in a 5 gallon batch of stout. WTF does a golden ale have to do with…. no fuck you

  • Bud Light, Miller Lite’ Coors Light..for people that want to drink 12-24 beers. This isn’t the craft beer crowd that nurses 3 speciality beers.

  • I think it should be said that it’s really only North America doing all the light beer drinking. There’s just a different mindset to alcohol over there. Its the drink to get drunk philosophy. Drinking 6 or 7 beers in a go vs enjoying 1 or maybe 2 for a longer period of time at the pub. So naturally, if your goal is to drink many, quickly, at a cheap price, you’re gonna prefer a light low carb beer. But if you goal is to enjoy what your drinking and regard it as a treat that you slowly enjoy, of course a heavier ale would be the way to go. But of course, we all have different tastes and it’s what everyone is used to. I’m just happy as a brewer people are enjoying beer.

  • Craft beer was never really made for the masses though….. so… yeah….. Light beer is… bullshit lol. Its the stuff you buy when youre desperate for a buzz… Or tryna cheap out at bringing beer to a party.

  • Dont trust cheddar these guys published an article claiming that most medical cannabis runs aroumd 5% and one super strain that costs 800$ an oz runs at 23% thc which is so false it hurts me. Your average medical strain shoul run from 18% to 32% thc and none of them should cost 800 an oz. It doesnt even cost that much for an oz of cannabis concentrates.

  • Calories are not the big factor here. The market is flooded with ads for coors, bud light and micholob ultra. While craft beers are mostly word of mouth or social media. If you think about calories before drinking a beer then don’t drink at all.

  • Haven’t tried much craft beer… but im not a beer snob. I will drink almost any beer you give me

    And i like the fact that buying craft beers creates jobs for microbrewerys

    I don’t need to make billionaire sons even more rich every time i have a beer

  • USA is pretty much one of the fattest countries in the world, and is also the only country I know of that sells low calorie beer. So you know, buying low calorie beer won’t make you less fat it just tastes like garbage

  • Im 50/50 on whats on the label. As a beer reviewer, I want my head clear of all ingredients when I smell and taste a beer. After Im done with a beer I would like to see what the brewery did put in the beer to see how close I was to that beer. It does take more work but I do like how short’s brewing does it by putting a lot of info on the web. I do like to see some ingredients listed on the can/bottle so I know what is in the beer like peach, coconut, oak…. Good job on this Cheers

  • light beer is not even a beer it’s fucking water for fucking pussies if you want to drink a real beer like a man you get Budweiser Molson Canadian or stuff like that not fucking water like a little bitch ass pussy fuck light beer.

  • I switched from Budweiser to Bud light because I was told that I would be less hungover with bud light. Ever since, my hangovers are mild. More mild when I get water before bed but still not as bad. Also to me Bud light taste better to me now. Bud is more bitter stronger taste.

  • Very informative as usual! One thing I love about the craft beer industry is the time and effort that goes into label art. Cheers!

  • I can’t drink anymore than a bottle of cider or beer maybe 3 times a week so I head for a Proper Job IPA or a good cider like Sheppy’s. Light beers are vile, gassy and sap at your very soul.

  • I don’t think light beers have anywhere near the market share here in the U.K. as they enjoy over the pond. I could be wrong or it could just be me as I’m not fan.

  • I agree with you that Light Beer is on the rise! Bud Light is as you said Bud Light is the #1 Selling light Beer however Miller Lite is closing in! Additionally Michelob Ultra, Bud Light Platinum which are Premium Brand light beers they are the fastest growing segment in beer sales… Next is Mexican Lagers then German followed by other premium impots then Craft Beer the fastest growing segment in CraftBeer is Sour Beers following is New England IPA style… Nice video I love the history of light beer! Diet beer.. I have Smashed the Like Button �� �� Cheers Buddy �� ������ ��������������

  • Never been a fan of light beer, but I get why they’re popular. Like most things in life, to each their own. As always, great content and incredible information.

    Awesome video, brother.


  • I’m sorry, but if I’m gonna spend money on beer, I’m gonna buy something with quality ingredients, great taste, and something that supports local business. Unfortunately, none of those apply to most maco beers.

  • Your subs are growing like crazy… wonder why. OH Yeah, GREAT CONTENT. Real men….. Awesome and they should return. Cheers =)

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  • This is why music is so amazing. I love the Pentatonix version because of the various vocal harmonies and of course the original is great too. But this band put another interpretation on the track. Sends tingles down the spine. Stay safe everyone.

  • Yellow fizzy piss still America’s primary beer choice! Why do people drink it? Well, it can’t be for the taste, bc it tastes like rat’s ass.

  • Thank you so much for your endless love and support. We’re overwhelmed by all of the positive reactions we have received. We hope to see you all next year at Beyond Sensation 2021.

  • I actually love the taste and low alcohol content of lightbeer / leichtbier. It’s similar in alcohol content to early egyptian beer, which is under the threshhold of dehydrating your body which means it’s great after pumping some iron, since it replenishes cell water content and minerals (isotonic). Come at me craft beer snowflakes. But I hope you don’t stumble over your soyboy skinny fat IPA guts xd

  • Best DJ’s These two can change the world only woth their music! Awesome people cant wait to see them again! EVEN IF I AM BROKE I WILL TAKE A LOAN TO VISIT A PARTY WITH THEM!

  • SENSATION-al. GREAT music, great mix that made me have MIXED feelings and SENSATIONS, happy music<>-sad environment. Like i’m feeling alone in the dark thinking at HOPE that NEXT year WE WILL BE again there to FULFILL that GLORIOUS ARENA like in the last 20 years. GREAT respect to ID&T and also to the great vision of Duncan Stutterheim. GOD bless us all and keep us safe for the next 2021 event

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  • This is writing history. Total digital takeover and you nailed it. This is peak into the future of music, show, industry and new dimension of creating emotion

  • Vaya locura de vida djs pinchando para muñecos y futbolistas jugando para una afición de fotos ��
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  • Thank you so much! I could just made the time (night) today. Thank you for putting this together. See you all next year in Amsterdam! Love!

  • Very nice set, I guess these tracks could be in there too

  • Excellent presentation, but I feel very sad that this year I have held that way, but there is still hope for the other year! Long live tomorrow land!

  • The truth about Budweiser beer is it is the only beer that comes from Clydesdale horses all other beer comes from regular horses. Now the secret is out.

  • I love 805s but how tacking and lazy do you have to be to use your phone number area code for a name…jesus, its beer, not your Xbox live gamertag

  • City of Budweis recieved brewing priveleges from the king Ottokar II of Bohemia in 1265 and for past +700 years beer from the region has been refered to as Budweiser. Bottom fermentation and lagering of beer has been introduced in mid 19th century by bavarian brewer Josef Groll in Czech city of Pilsen (Kingdom of Bohemia, today Czech republic), today used in over 90% of beer production worldwide. Original Budweiser Budvar is one of the very few mass produced beer in the world still following the original process with 5-6 week ageing/lagering and a purity laws (yes, introduced by germans) with, water, malt and hops only. A-B being allowed to use the famous name for its rice made pi**water is the worst perversity of international trade laws.

  • There’s an urban legend that long ago Budweiser was a struggling company despite making exceptionally good beer. One day they mistakenly bottled the water used to rinse their kegs between brews.
    Sales tripled in one month.

  • AB-InBev ruined the taste of Budweiser. It tastes NOTHING like it used to. I know. Beer drinker for 45 years and Bud was my go-to for many years. Today’s Budweiser has NO flavor. Less than Coor’s Light even. More like Club soda. They ruined it!

  • Maybe you should count calories on your food and not beer you fat fucks. It’s like people who order large combo meals McDonald’s but drink a diet Coke

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  • American beer is better anyway (since you insist this is anything but American). In all seriousness though, I got into craft beer way back on 2006. Between then and now I tried every hop and/or malt bomb I could get my hands on (which was Alot). It took roughly 11 years for my taste buds to get burned out on overly hopped beer and I slowly eased back into domestic lagers and pilsners. I’ve now come full circle and sit here tonight drinking a Budweiser (can, the bottles are pretty bad). I guess my pallet is sophisticated enough that I can actually enjoy a domestic classic and find the flavor in it. This doesn’t apply to ANY light style though because they are a flavorless abomination

  • Because of @SHATTAWALENIMA, am already ready for this drink ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • American Budweiser is embarrassing. It tastes like someone bought some cheap badly made 3rd world country beer and then watered it down 50%50 with tap water.

  • Any other consumer packaged goods company would issue a replacement coupon if you tried their products and didn’t like it. This company does nothing!

  • Miller Lite and Bud lite taste like crap, but I’ll admit that Mic Ultra isn’t too bad. I don’t really care about the calories as I don’t think that much.

  • My gf and her friend love Budweiser. I only drink it if I’m around them. I prefer Bud Light or PBR, if I’m buying my beer at the gas station or something.

  • Australia has nutrition labels on all food and drink items. This won’t change much at all in America, it’s all about taste and personal life choice. Honestly this video doesn’t do much to spark much “thought”.

  • People don’t know how to control their selves 3 craft beers isn’t enough for the night people want to slam beer after beer beer from 8pm till 4am if they did that with crafts they would be stumbling drunk throwing up by midnight ��

  • Original Czech Budweiser is brewed according to the German purity laws from the 1500s, using only three ingredients: hops, barley, and water. American Budweiser uses 47 (FOURTY-SEVEN) ingredients including a bevy of chemicals, anti-foaming agents, and OMG, fish livers!

  • Budweiser is ok. Gives me the shits! I need a higher alcohol content though, I’m a serious alcoholic and addict. My alcoholism is old enough to drink… So yeah?
    Panther Piss!

  • As much as I love Budweiser, Mexican beers are better than this watered down beverage. Sorry but Mexican beers are better overall.

  • Although, I remember in India there’s something called Budweiser Magnum and that was pretty good to get you high and after that 2 and half hours of sound sleep.

  • Brewed from a freaking wurt syrup…. Mashed have had to got paid for this shit commercial of the one of three worst beer makers in the world, that including Coors and Miller.. Americans please check your micro breweries… they know what they´re doing and their beer tastes great. Only reason you should drink drink these American beers cold is so that you can´t taste them. If you taste them at around 10-15°C (50-55°F) and they are shit… THEY ARE SHIT. Taste bad coffe at a hot temp and it doesn´t matter… taste it again at around 40°C (Just above body temp) and it´s shit? That´s because it´s shit! If you don´t get it watch “Beer Wars” and learn something about brewing beer and beer in general. You´ll see the Budwieser “brew master” talking about Buds procedures in making beer.

  • The video should have in the very least gone into the “brewing process” responsible for domestic markets. It’s an insult to alcohol.

  • This video was uploaded on a different channel or they keep making the same fucking videos and putting different titles on them nice try though. The other video is called why Budweiser is bombing and pretty much the same thing

  • AB has stated in commercials that rice is one of the core ingredients for beer. That’s complete shit. It is absolutely a cheap filler, which is then flavored with corn syrup.

  • For some reason I want to celebrate 5 de mayo when I see a bud. Wonder if their heavy advertising for 5 de mayo has to do anything with that!!����

  • Bud light provides a fresh drink. Easy to drink with little flavor, but nice buzz and no hangover. That’s the way to win and they won.

  • I used to listen to the original “tape” on my Sony walk man over and over and over…. I was about 9 or 10 and would cry at night listening to it…. wow this is right their w/ it BUT Paul must get the CREDIT it’s the WORDS that hit you so hard

  • For quality beer Sykes the makers are quick to tell you everything about the ingredients and the process. Budweiser is too sketchy for that though.

  • Someone once told me that they don’t and do not like this song.I’ve heard the original version and it is nice.But this remake is the true sound of good music.Love the way my man and I just turn it up and listen to the silence together,��!!!

  • I think there is something in Bud Light that makes you want more.. I am not a big beer drinker so when I have one it’s like I crave more which is weird… I think they put something in the drink that makes you want more.. I can’t believe they cost $13 for a 12 pack now. Can you say ripoff. Know wonder we have so many broke people in my Town. I see people walking out with 24 packs. Unreal…

  • Actually 5 ingredients Water, Barley Malt, Rice, Hops.. However they left out YEAST!  So I agree with you there… Actually I like ABInBev’s site they will respond to consumers.  Cheers!

  • A few E numbers would creep on to some producers labels, I`ve noticed a few of the French beers note colourings and stabilisers on there labels, mostly it`s cutting malts out or down to save money but still make it look good

  • Good one keep up the good work i do like a good cold mug of bud light after work or mic ultra……………………………….CHEERS

  • From experience, I’m pretty sure ABV on beer labels isn’t required in New York state, or there would be a ton of breweries in trouble. I can’t tell you how many beers I’ve purchased in the past that didn’t have the ABV… and that’s insane to me. I feel like a beer label should have, at the very least, the ABV, and ingredients list. Simple, but I feel everyone has a right to know what they’re putting into their body.

    Another great video, Ryan.

    Cheers, buddy!

  • Well another fine video, and I think its world wide that you only need to put the basics into your labeling……. I would love to see what hops are in a beer what malts and the yeast and any additives but I dont think we will be getting that anytime soon…… well done….

  • Nice rant there. In my country we also have a law to list every ingredient. Except breweries. Just have a look at peoples favorite commercial brand.

  • Sure it might be less calories but if you looking to reach a certain effect of alcohol you might need 4 or 5 bud light to get you to were 2 founders dirty bastards would get you. hell 3 bud lights have as much alcohol as 1 mad elf from trouges. that’s probably why it sells more. People need to drink twice as much weak piss water to actually feel a buzz.

  • Poignant in the 60’s but brutal in 2020. By far the best cover of a 60’s anti hate song. Thanks to David and Disturbed for bringing their voices to this timeless song.

  • Miller Lite is one of my fav beers simply because of how “light” and refreshing it is. I also love craft beer, especially Smutty nose Pumpkin ale.

  • Sam Adams is the best American Beer, or if I just want to get filled-up rather than drunk, then I just get a big box of Hamm’s 30-pk

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  • You don’t piss drinking it, your skin drys out, you get panic attacks., its full of manky chemicals and in 12 yrs of drinking will kill you faster than cigarettes

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  • What they won’t tell you is all the additive flavoring and additive coloring because they don’t really brew the beer in the traditional way anymore. They just mix ingredients together so that it tastes like beer. It hasn’t gone through a traditional brewing process for several years.

  • I discovered this a few years ago. I had heard of the band, but always steered clear of them because of their name… Disturbed…

    As I have been a very disturbed person my whole life… And thought too much “disturbed” might over disturb me. ���� True story. ��

    I have always been super sensitive to music, and this song had such a dark feeling to it when I first listened to it.

    It felt like it could drag me back down to an emotional place I didn’t want to go again. That I had already struggled so hard to get free from.

    But then it began haunting me. Seriously… I think this song haunted me at least a few months. It would just randomly pop in my head after having only listened to it once. WTF?! Right?

    There were mornings I would wake up and this song would be the first thing on my mind… So, one day I very shakily listened to it. Couldn’t even wrap my brain around the video behind it.

    Very powerful message in that alone. �� Just the words that echoed in my own mind. Those things about this song I so deeply relate to.

    But honestly it has taken me almost three years to truly grasp this song, and the absolute depth and pointed Truth for this time in our society right now.

    Where all of us have built emotional walls because we all hurt, and we can’t see it because we get focused on our own hurt, and protecting ourselves.

    That is what has made it so it feels like words just fall into this well of silence, and echo back once in a while…

    As a small encouragement of being heard, like this song has been to me. So thank you Disturbed for doing this. You helped me personally in ways I can’t explain, but will always be grateful for. ❤

    Oh, but I do think I found the artist to outdo you on this…

    Which seems impossible because this version is so freaking incredible… ��

    However… He’s out there. And when he finally reaches the surface… I think the world is going to be speechless. ❤

  • The most perfect remake ever done. I think it always needed a powerful voice, as the song is a dire warning of times we are on the brink of now. Lets not forget the incredible artistry of this video, and others Disturbed has done. As an artist myself who used to do makeup for music videos, this is as good as it gets! Perfection!

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    In Jesus name, Amen
    Thank you Jesus Christ for privacy in prayer time for now. In Jesus name, Amen

  • Bud Lite fans always try to invoke insecurities over one’s masculinity (as if tasteless light beer was somehow macho) in order to compensate for the fact that their beer can’t compete on merit.

  • I used to listen to the original “tape” on my Sony walk man over and over and over…. I was about 9 or 10 and would cry at night listening to it…. wow this is right their w/ it BUT Paul must get the CREDIT it’s the WORDS that hit you so hard

  • If I remember correctly this song was originally a dream that Paul Simon had and I think it took him months to write the song some believe the song is about over dependence on technology like cell phones

  • In my country light means no alcohol. And heavy restrictions from the government that says all beer above 4,7% are only to be sold in a specialty stores called perfectly The monopoly. Beer under 4,7% are sold in stores where you can find food and such and about 15 different beer from 6-7 breweries. But they can´t be sold after 8pm or 4 pm on Saturdays and not on Sundays or the day before any national Holiday like xmas

  • Not only does his extraordinary and passionate voice(think thunder and lightning) touch all who hear him but he appears to be most humble regarding the gifts he has been given, when he is interviewed, etc.
    What a change from the entitled “stars” and their demands and pretentiousness-they could not touch this man’s incredible talent-we share the same Birthday and I consider that a gift and an honor.

  • I have listened to this ever since it came out. I swear I cry every time I hear it. The amount of talent this man has could only be given by god. He is an amazing man.

  • I have never heard this song before. Also i have never heard of disturbed before but my husband assures me they are fantastic. From this video, and the vocals i would have to agree. This song is deep and beautiful and has evoked emotion. I will certainly listen to more of this bands songs. I am a convert.

  • When I’m in the mood for American lager, I prefer Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve. I’ve tasted it back-to-back against authentic German lager. I’ve tasted it back-to-back against Ninkasi’s Helles Bells. It holds its own. I know Henry’s alcohol production was bought out by MillerCoors, but it’s still the same beer I fell in love with decades ago. I can pick it out in a blind triangle test. It’s sweet and ricey like Budweiser, but it has a smoother taste, and a more pillowy mouthfeel. I also really like Widmer Bros Kolsch.

  • Song of silence! I want tonhere my soulmates voice but all I get is the sound of silence! Which is very powerful because I Her his voice through it all��������

  • Remember when this song came out and people acted like it was just as good as if not better than the original? Hahaha, funny times.

  • Your video has some incorrect facts at 1:02 regarding the Czech “Budweiser”. AB InBev did not purchase it in 2011 as “Budweiser Budvar” also known as “Budějovický Budvar” is owned to this day by the Czech state, and proudly so.

    You can easily look this up on wikipedia if you search for “Budweiser Budvar Brewery” or “AB InBev” and look at the breweries that AB InBev owns.

  • It’s like this song has been just sitting there all these years waiting for this guy to come along and give it life. Weird version but very good. Great song needed this great performance.