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The Truth on Carbs | Should LeBron James Cut All Carbs

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The skinny on why LeBron might be cutting carbs: although we don’t have any explicit talk from the LeBron on this matter, Chris Chase at USA Today speculates that, as the star approaches age 30 and moves into the latter half of his career, he may want to drop some weight to cut down on the wear-and-tear his knees are sustaining. Should You? According to a tweet from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, LeBron James has been cutting carbs this summer in an effort to slim down. The results. You probably know that eliminating an entire food group, such as carbohydrates, is not a good idea—all food groups have vital nutrients that your body needs.

But news of LeBron James’s low-carb. If you’re aggressively trying to lose weight, it won’t hurt to cut that down to about 40 percent, but he doesn’t advise eating less than 125 grams of carbs a day—especially if you’re physically. LeBron James Didn’t Eat Sugar, Carbs, Or Dairy For 67 Straight Days, Lost ‘A Ton Of Weight’ James told reporters at his Nike sneaker event in Oregon that he cut out everything except meat. He does what most athletes do: he “goes heavy on the carbs.” While James has been an advocate for cutting sugar from the diet, he touts the benefits of fueling up on healthy carbs for proper recovery. Carbs can get a bad rap, but they are a crucial component of the active diet.

LeBron James is a beast, and there’s plenty of information out there on the workouts that have helped him achieve G.O.A.T. status. But there’s been less focus on what the 6’8, 250 lb., NBA star. Media coverage announced the study almost unanimously as a victory for low-carb diets, touting the extra weight loss that a “low-carb group” (those sarcasm quotes will make sense soon enough) experienced when compared to a low-fat group. Pundits even tied the results to the newly low-carb—and much thinner—LeBron James. Make like LeBron James and cut your carbs.

It’s a surefire way to lose weight and get more energy. LeBron’s Diet without Carbs, Sugar, and Dairy Numerous sports fanatics, analysts, and fans regard LeBron James as the best basketball player in the world. He may also be the most hated man in sports as a result of leaving his home town team, the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010, “taking his talents to South Beach”.

List of related literature:

LeBron, inspired by several of his talented opponents, decided to take a low-carb approach to shed some pounds over the summer.

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
from The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis
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While carbohydrate is necessary for supporting high-quality workouts and promoting optimal recovery, extremely high carbohydrate intakes (more than 60 percent of calories from carbohydrate), primarily made possible by consuming a lot of whole grains and/or rice, aren’t necessarily beneficial for time-crunched athletes.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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But when he wanted to address problems with overly long recovery times and feeling generally cruddy, he started experimenting with lowering his carbohydrate intake.

“Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong” by T.J. Murphy, Brian MacKenzie, Dean Karnazes
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He recommended that thin athletes eat starches along with higher fat protein foods.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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He advises eating a moderately high amount of carbohydrate during the beginning of the week and tapering off as the week progresses toward the competition.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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Athletes often are encouraged to ingest high-glycemic carbohydrate to enhance glycogen resynthesis after exercise, which may also have an effect on weight loss and lean muscle mass changes during a period of dieting.

“NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
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If athletes are training extensively and consuming 4,000 or more calories per day, they may need to consume more unsaturated fat simply because they can’t consume the volume of complex carbohydrate to meet their daily energy needs.

“Successful Coaching” by Rainer Martens
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He tries to eat a lot of protein because he is on a low-carbohydrate regimen, but he may eat more carbohydrates on a training day after the workout.

“The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes” by Sheri R. Colberg
from The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes
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Athletes who are trying to lower body weight or body fat often tend to increase the intake of carbohydrate at the expense of both fat and protein.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
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Not all athletes find that carbohydrate loading helps their performance.

“Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
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  • When you do no carb diet, you HAVE TO consume clean fats (coconut oil, organic butter, organic cream, etc). Your body will use the fats up as energy, even more than the meat.

  • Remember big pharma wants you to be fat an unhealthy. They dont want any big news outlet telling you the truth and giving you proper advice to lose weight, I cut carbs from my diet 4 months ago and Ive been weightlifting and I have the biggest pecs I ever had in my life and I list 37 pounds so far, Suck it big pharma I know how this works. The body enters ketosis when you stop eating sugar and carbs. And intermittent fasting has changed my life, I no longer have a diastolic blood pressure in just one month of Intermittent fasting and cutting all carbs and sugar. The fat is burning off me at a rate of 3 pounds a week.

  • Yall so dumb… He was on HGH… After Miami, there was a biogenesis ledger his name was on with Alex Rodriguez, dwayde and others… When heat came on arod… Lebron flushed out fast, NBA covered it up.. Why… Same reason Lance Armstrong investigation was ORDERED to be dropped(be was only caught. Because his guilt made him tell)…lebron had surgery on his jaw line to remove a growth… That’s why he grew the beard… All facts… Ba needs Bron, when you see how much money mj brought into the sport… Kobe… Le Ron is the face much like a WWE champ…. It’s just business but they CANNOT have their cash cow known for HGH use… Facts

  • WTF, BODY WILL USE PROTEIN AS A SOURCE OF ENERGY?!?!?!?!?!? Don’t think so. Have a 8oz of chicken and no carbs see how much energy you get lol

  • Those side effects are accurate…. For the first few days. After the 3rd or 4th day on ketosis, you feel euphoria every single day. You lose fat like it’s diesel in a semi. The only two side effects that remain are bad breath and dry mouth. This is only if you don’t brush your teeth and don’t drink enough water.

  • This ad paid for by the grain industry. If you stop eating “grains” of any kind, you are still getting plenty of carbs, plenty of very healthy fibre rich carbs in the form of vegetables and fruit. I stopped eating grains in all their forms and the only thing that happened is I felt better for it, lost weight, had more energy. Vegetables have carbs and if you are filling up on those, you are getting more than enough healthy carbs to fuel the body.

  • You lose water weight in the beginning of ANY weight loss program. I find amusing with the low carb bashing how many of those guys will eat those protein bars, shakes, etc. which are loaded with carbs or some other form of fake fuel.  These athletes like LeBron should be the example of living a healthy lifestyle for their own health, for their fans, to help the obesity epidemic, etc.  Keep it carb and keep it chill!

  • imo best thing to do is to eat carbs on training days and go no-carb on rest days
    that works best going completely no-carb is retarted af.. you will be like a zombie with zero energy your lifts are gonna suck and power will go down…

  • Feel less hungry? nutrients that satisfy your hunger the longest are carbs (especially complex carbs) and protein, you will feel more hungry if you cut your carbs

  • Carbohydrate consumption is an area of nutrient timing that has a great impact on many athletes. Twenty years ago, carbohydrate research largely focused on aerobic endurance athletes. However, studies since then have examined the importance of preand post exercise carbohydrate consumption for resistance training as a means of restoring glycogen losses (Robergs et al. 1991; Tesch et al. 1998), altering hormone secretion, and influencing muscle protein synthesis (Volek 2004). In addition, the types of carbohydrate ingested play a critical role, with a glucose plus fructose beverage possibly the best means of staying hydrated (Jeukendrup and Moseley 2010) and potentially sparing endogenous carbohydrate during exercise (Currell and Jeukendrup 2008). And a unique, high molecular weight starch-based carbohydrate made from barley amylopectin may be preferable to low molecular weight carbohydrates such as monosaccharides and disaccharides for expediting glycogen replenishment (Stephens et al. 2008).-NSCA Guide to Sports and Exercise Nutrition.

  • I wasnt overweight but i did low carb yrs ago and i did lose tons of water weight to the point my skin was so dry nothing would help. I was still running but i was so lathargic having to drink tons of coffee which i did all day long making me a nervous wreck. I was in a bad mood all the time and smelled awful. Deodorant wouldnt even help me. Now eating high carb lowfat vegan i have energy, havent worn deodorant in over a year, running more, never tired.
    Labron will be back soon off the low carb. Kim Kardashian is on board too and still complaining how overweight she is. It doesnt work long term!

  • I already had good results with the slow-carb diet of tim ferriss. -6 kg in 3 months without changes in exercise or calorie counting… and sustained afterwards.
    Just make sure you have enough legumes and vegetables. Also drink more than enough water.
    Most important: Enjoy your cheat day!

  • awesome that you are doing well but you cant run 2.5km in 7 minutes. maybe 8.5 minutes or 9. but not 7. unless youre a track star…

  • hi if i eat super low carb and low calorie im gonna lose muscle mass right? am i gonna gain it fast once i reached my goal and eat more?

  • Carbs? Really? Fat is what you need. The most highly prized food group. Gets turned into carbs. The nervous system needs dem fats.

  • There’s a difference between fasting and starving. Starving is where your body has one out of all the fat so it starts eating. Fasting is just not eating for a certain period of time. Stop saying that cutting carbs is starving yourself when it’s not.

  • I’ve also heard that once you re-introduce carbs into your diet after losing the amount of weight you want, the weight comes back plus more. Fad (yoyo) diets are not a good way to lose weight and keep it off for a long amount of time.

  • Low carb diets are starvation and that’s sad because of course you’ll lose weight if you starve yourself…

    BTW pizza donuts and cake all have lots of fat in them. Of course people will loose weight when they cut them

  • Low carb will make you loose weight point blank No!!!!!! Low carb =low food=low cal=low energy. High protein kinda gives you energy but boy does horrible things to your body. Since I was 18 or so I was on a somewhat “healthy” paleo “balanced” diet (I’m 31 now)labs always looked good, body looked good. Then boom! Sleep problems, digestive problems, I mean the list goes on and on, I’m fairly new to veganism but so far I love it never in any other lifestyle I felt so amazing. I gained a lot of weight in the beginning but it is coming off now with no changes on my end. Now I think my body is healing and go back to my slim self naturally.

  • откуда доктору знать? я доктор я хз. может у диетолога спросить, и то не у каждого. Но к чему тогда вообще это? Закажи себе диету у диетолога вообще всю

  • 70% Fat, 25% Prot, 5% Carb. I am burning ketones for energy instead of carbs. Feeling great, lots of energy, dropped all unnecessary fat from my body. When doing cardio, i dont run out of energy, because I get it from fats. Always lean, full of power and never hungry!

  • Great video guys! Carbs provide our optimal fuel for energy. Have any doubts? Look at the most successful runners in the world, the Kenyans. Their calories come primarily from carbs because it provides their muscles with the ENERGY needed not to just run, but WIN.

  • This is bullshit, everyone who is active in sports knows how fast you burnout without carbs, bodybuilders use lowcarb diet and dehydration to look more lean before contest, but if you really need to perform you need carbs. You don’t need to take to take my or anyones word for granted, you can try a few different ways of diet for a certain period of time and see what makes you feel and perform better.

  • It’s such a shame to see so many people still going the low carb way, they will never keep the weight off long term and will eventually get sick, Lebron James will be exhausted totally long term, High carb low fat is the only real way to lose weight and improve health long term:-) XXXXX <3

  • ooookay this sounds stupid. along the lines of fake news.people believe that just by training the normal human body functions suddenly change. “oh you can train your body to burn fat first nstead of sugar”. if thats not what youre telling us then youre using the wrong words. the body will never look to burn fat first no matter how you train it to. it will always look for the simple sugars first.. then look for the complex. if you reduce the carb it just makes it so the body has no choice but to use the complex sugars earlier than when you eat more carb. lebron works out 7 days a week. plays 45 minute games with little to no rest. even the slightest reduction in carb will reflect in his weight.

  • A few years ago, I did low carb while training for the Chicago marathon. The longest I could run was 11 or 12 miles before I just crashed. Definitely couldn’t have made it to the finish line without loading up on carbs! I was young and dumb but learned my lesson.

  • Since cutting carbs I need to drink much more water (the clue in the name carbo-hydrate), every other side effect is positive. Running on fats instead of sugars means I am in control of my emotions, have increased mental clarity and have better performance day to day.

  • All these idiots using this to sell their diet agenda. Lebron had to stop using steroids because he was about to get tested. His name was on the biogenis report with Alex Rodriguez. Biggest fallacy in sports right now. Equating diet to mass muscle loss lol. Lebron wasn’t fat he was ripped.

  • Besides quitting smoking, reducing your carbohydrate intake is the best thing you can ever do for your body and mind.

    And it’s not a “fast metabolism” that keeps people thin. It’s a “flexible” metabolism. Meaning they can use fat and carbs much more efficiently than someone who is insulin resistant. Their insulin is much lower, so more FAT can be released and used as energy. The insulin resistant person is practically always using glucose as their main fuel and burns virtually no stored fat. Yet they eat the same foods as the the average American.

    The fat person is generally eating more because they are hungry!! Of course you’d be hungry all of the time if your body wasn’t properly getting fuel. It’s like filling up your gas tank but half of the gas you bought didn’t get into the tank. So this explains perfectly why “fat people simply eat too much”.

    The “just eat less and exercise” mantra can help you lose weight indeed. But when you drastically cut calories (very bad) and exercise more (which just makes you hungry)…its a recipe for disaster. I know because I lost 50 pounds doing that. You will not lose lots of fat compared to a low carb diet and you will constantly be hungry. You’ll have lose skin and have the perfect “skinny fat” body.

  • I did this diet for a month and had two soccer matches and in each of them I had absolutely no energy after 5 minutes, I kept my carb intake under 40grams but I had to stop the diet because it ruined performance completely

  • Hey Ryan, on what scientific basis do you state that “every cell in our body runs on sugar?” Im asking because since being RT4 people always say sugar is bad to which I reply that every cell runs off sugar. But then they ask how is that so and on what basis do I make such a claim…If you could answer, I’d really appreciate it!

  • A lot of people don’t have a choice-carbs or no carbs. Carbs for many make blood pressure soar INDEPENDENT of sodium intake. Carbs for a lot of people are pro-inflammatory (arthritis, old injuries…). And most important from a weight loss perspective, carbs are addictive to many people-even “healthy” whole carbs like oatmeal and brown rice. Many on low carb would MUCH PREFER doing moderate carbs, but find even a little carb use is problematic.

  • Please do not get your nutrition advice from this YouTube comment section…or the video. P.S. This Dr. Cate Shanahan might know a thing or two about food, but she has no license or formal education on dietetics.

  • Sorry, I’m trying to build muscles that burn calories while I sleep. So I go 50% protein, 35% carbs & 15% fats & go after it real hard in the gym.

  • instead of taking carbs u had jst suggested for protein..can u jst expalin me some source of protien that will help in giving energy and dnt make us hunger.

  • If Lebron wants to get lean and be quick he needs to take a look at the diet of a Kenyan! Very little animal products, a corn staple with fruits and other veggies on the side. He must know you need carbs for ultimate energy he can’t be that dumb.

  • “Very Scientific”
    So we talked to Biochemist Cate Shanahan.

    It’s actually all magic.
    See, when you eat more fat… your body releases more trolls for you to eat that fat up. It’s amazing and since we have a “Dr” on board, we can believe it all too be true.


    How about we ask actual experts in the field of DIET & NUTRITIONAL research and science.
    You know… Like, Dr. Layne Norton? @Biolayne.

    It’s a very simple process of why Low Carb Diets Work.
    Because it’s also low-calorie diet in disguise.
    You can’t even imagine how much calories you don’t eat when you are restricting yourself from not eating bread, pasta, pizza, snacks and 1/3 of your major nutrients.

    100’s of papers and studies have been done on this.
    If High Fat Diet works for you, GREAT. But there is nothing special about it over any other diet that ALSO limits calories. Want more evidence? Here’s a great breakdown of the actual science: https://examine.com/nutrition/low-fat-vs-low-carb-for-weight-loss/

    By the way, for strength-power athletes like LeBron James… It may not be the very best thing to limit carbs. Since carbs are up and beyond the #1 source of fast energy needed in sports.

    So most athletes typically just follow a Flexible Diet plan that allows you to eat all 3 macro nutrients, but in working order for optimal performance.

    Btw LeBron isn’t even on this any more. He did this for 64 days during the summer to help him lower weight. he found it sucked for his basketball training and so he left it once he got the body weight he wanted. He still has to manage calories or he will gain weight.

  • Didn’t do him any good. He barely had any energy at the beginning of this season

    Athletes aren’t supposed to cut carbs. It’s not something u get used to overnight

  • Metta World Peace/Ron Arrest said JORDAN was stronger than Kobe and just as strong as Lebron, he should know since he cracked MJ THE GOATS RIB’S in a pickup game.

  • Needed this I’ve lost 1stone and 6lbs in 4 weeks but body fat is a big thing at the moment…
    am going to cut carbs for 10days to see what the results are, I know I can do it but just needed more information,
    So fuck it am doing it!! ��

  • People need to keep in mind carbs are good if they are from good sources such as brown rice, beans, or quinoa. Also this diet LeBron did was good for him in the off season. Not necessarily the regular season. And even if a low carb diet is good for LeBron in the off-season that doesn’t mean you should do it. Your not LeBron James, the 6’8 250lb #1 basketball player in the world

  • Are these facts about lebron s diet right? He mentioned on his uninterrupted channel that he eats a lot of carbs bc he burns a lot during a game

  • lol just eat good carbs instead and avoid shit processed food, i went from 96kg fat boy to 68 kg and i have my six pack shown without contracting my muscles, carbs are great if you use them correctly, i eat about 180 g of carbs a day and mostly before workout.

  • You can lose 10-12 pounds by just cutting out SALT from the diet. ANY diet that greatly reduces salt-intake does that (and that’s why so many diets “work” in the first week to two weeks. I’d BET that LeBron reduced his salt intake.

    But, the diet this video recommends is DEAD WRONG for both athletes and for people in general. Ask any marathoner (someone who runs races of 26.21875). By calories, we eat, 80% COMPLEX Carbohydrates; 10% Fats; 10% Protein. Personally, I’ve run the equivalent of 10,000 marathons over 262,220 miles (mostly cross-country miles) over the last 40 years. The few times i ate low-carbs one day; i had tremendous problems even finishing my next-day’s run.

    Calling all carbs “sugar” is mis-leading. Simple sugars (sugar/sucrose, fruits/frutose, milk/lactose) release energy (too) quickly. But complex carbs ((whole) grains, vegetables, legumes) release a steady supply of energy at just the rate you need; AND THEY BURN CLEAN (giving you energy, plus water & carbon dioxide). Fats on the other hand, burn in a much more complicated process. It’s only quite late in marathoners that the runners switch from mostly carb-driven energy to fat-driven energy (because their carb reserves finally run out).

  • I’m 1:30 into this video and this guy has already given unsafe, unhealthy advice. If you give up carbs the you must replace it with fat and not protein… protein cannot be a main source of energy. If you give up carbs and go on a high fat diet then you will have more energy than with carbs. This guy is not knowledgeable at all…

  • as long as he gets carbs from fruits and veggies(complex carbs), he doesn’t need to cut out carbs. The sugars, flours, you get from breads and pastas give you simple carbs, which don’t digest as easily and stay in your body longer. If he’s gotten rid of all carbs, I think that’s not good for you, and could be why he looks so gaunt.

  • When his muscles are constantly hurting from trying to make the conversion of protein to an energy source they don’t do easily or naturally, or his kidneys start to fail or worse he has heart problems, he’ll learn how bad a low-carb, high-fat, high-protein diet really is! Let’s just hope it happens before he has some real health problems. Maybe then he’ll learn and promote a high-carb, low-fat, plant-based diet and thrive better than ever! It’s so sad to see how brain-washed people have been by the meat and dairy industries! (As well as the diet and pharmaceutical industries.) If the public learned how to easily lose weight and keep it off and get healthy while their doing it by a lifestyle change, these industries would lose a LOT of money!!!

  • i can see it helping him to keep up with smaller guys on defense,,but its gonna have an effect on his driving to the basket when he is no bigger than the guys guarding him,,, it will be interesting to see how it turns out

  • Hes also done mcdonalds commercials. For me that speaks volumes. Enough said.
    When I see someone in a meat commercial, dairy commercial, walmart commercial, ama commercial, cancer commercial, fast food restaurant chain commercial, pharmaceutical commercial etc,  I view whom ever as lacking intelligence, as parroting what ever the marketing and advertising companies tell them to say, a talking head, a puppet and lacking ethics. This all too common practice by people in the media and sports of not having the cognitive understanding that a great many young as well as older people view them as (apparent) role models displays a total lack of responsibility on their part.

    What he is doing to his body by adapting this atkins (criminal), dietary lifestyle choice is directly causing damage to his kidneys, adrenal glands as well as other aspects of his endocrine system as well as his liver, gallbladder, pancreas, venus system, lymphatic system and his joints. This damage becomes chronic and systemic. I have worked with clients in my practice who have adapted this horrific diet choice and the results are always 100% of the time, negative. He hasn’t any understanding of molecular biology, anatomy, cellular biology, physiology or detoxification. If he or anyone else in his circle of personal and professional relationships had any understanding of these basic core principles then he and/or whom ever would never be adapting and/or counseling him to do this weight/acid/fat reduction in this way but rather, would be going in a low fat, high carb, plant based dietary lifestyle direction.
    The renal damage in and of itself is severe. Many other tissue sites are also deeply ulcerated.
    The people around him I’m guessing (accurately) are only out for them selves and about the money and are giving him a great deal of inaccurate misinformation and in all probability telling him what we thinks he wants to hear. This is deeply irresponsible and the damage from this dietary lifestyle will have sever consequences both short and long term.    

  • i’m a female lol and i just ate like 2 cups of carbs today… i feel terrible! im on weight loss journey and i have been doing great loosing a 1.5 to 2 pounds a week… i went from 176 back in february to 153 now present day…. i have been trying to avoid carbs as much as i possibly can and i have but today i had to had them and i think i went a bit overboard lol i just missed my pasta so much…. so now im trying to watch videos trying to convince me that i wont gain 10 lbs over night:( lol

  • I know that football players eat lot of carbs before the matches, so why any athlete would quit them knowing that they are your best source of energy? quit them and you’ll feel like rubbish as that guy said

  • I did a cutting diet which basically was shedding a tonne of water weight. Part of that diet meant no more than 50 carbs a day. I was a wreck. I can’t imagine what 0 carbs must have been like. Mind you I lost 20 pounds in 4 days and I looked pretty slick but would I do it again? Only if I were an athlete.

    Word of note, carbs retain water in your system

  • You would think that by now professional athletes of this caliber, would know that carbohydrate is essential for effective recovery:D

    Weight loss transformations: Restrict calories on recovery days?

  • #Q&A Hey can you please do a video of self-talk that goes on in your head. On good days, down days and in general. What keeps you motivated? What helps you say no to junk food cravings? How do you cope with stress, pressure & negativity from family, friends and peers? What are your personal benefits from looking fit? Has it attracted more attention from the girls?

  • keep protein 1.5 or 2 grams per lb fats 75grams and carbs 2hr before workout and right after with wheyand build muscle and still lose wight

  • Big basketball guy myself and this is hilarious. Doesn’t matter what gear he is on when the season comes. No sugar = no power. Simple as that. Bad enough that this so called “king” promotes mcdonald’s but this is harming the youth that looks up to him as well. Disgusting in my opinion.

  • Can anyone tell me or link to the video where the cyclist says he feels like rubbish? I know i’ve seen it before but have no idea what its called! Thanks!

  • I made an Raw till 4 Facebook group called: What did you eat today? Raw till 4
    Check it out if you want inspiration to what to eat during your vegan beautiful day:)

  • almost keto, however he did lose a significant amount of muscle mass…..ON PURPOSE because all that muscle weight is hard on the body and takes up a lot of resource, including increasing the likelihood of cramping…………..and if you dont wanna think about that…its just common sense where do you think did all that lost weight come from? certainly not all fat, he was low bodyfat percentage his whole career……………….i really feel business insider didnt do much research on this

  • Its not about cutting carbs, its about cutting on HIGH GLYCEMIC CARBS, found in processed foods. You can still eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

  • I continue to be blown away by the concept that carbs turn to fat but the fat you eat disappears magically. People love to hear good things about their bad habits.

  • I think it is way more mysterious not not how he lost all the weight but how he ” produced” those massive muscles. I am certain Mr. PEDS! James, could give you an explanations!

  • carbohydrates are sugar?? lmao this is garbage. whole grain pasta, and vegetables are not sugars… they are carbohydrates… how main source of fuel..

  • well i cut them out without my doc cause they just want me to continue buying meds and keep me coming for their pay. well i searched and watched a lot of videos here yt and lots of people who did and shared their experiences and boy i made it. no more meds for my diabetes and even felt better

  • This video has good advice, but I am confused about the best diet plan that I need to use, only because I have never taken any. Anybody tried using the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several people talk about amazing things about Custokebon Secrets.

  • Ryan, I appreciate you and like what you have to offer but your comments at about 1:40 min are not true. As a former low carb dieter which did work for me (not saying that I want to continue it) low carb dieting was easy because it does allow you to stay full on high fat protein and I ate as much as I wanted and it had nothing to do with calories and in my case very little to do with water loss. I believe in your message, just make sure that it’s right. Vegan living is much harder than low carb living. 

  • He couldn’t keep a no carb or low carb diet during the season, probably even with drugs. His body would probably collapse. Great video!!!✌️

  • Hahaha! So this doctor’s claim to fame is helping LeBron underperform (he then put back on the weight and has been playing his best basketball) and Dwight Howard who has never regained his early success? Yeah… doubt many athletes are going to be calling her number. Way to check your claims Business Insider!

  • Eating too much protein, your body will convert it into glucose. Keto/Low Carb diets isn’t good for athletes/body builders. You were missing out on the HIGH fat intake for a low carb diet.

  • Low carb does work for weight loss, but it’s not sustainable! Particularly surprising that Lebron is doing this as an athlete. I hope he finds the high carb vegan way.

  • I’m not sure if I am understanding carbs, if I was to do a no carb diet I would cut out, bread, potatoes, pasta, rice.  I would still be getting sugar from fruit and I would be eating veg.

  • I don’t eat carbs (yes, including fruit and carby vegetables) and I experience 100% the opposite. The key is to add plenty of fats. lots of studies to back this up, just do some research. low carb low fat is bad. low carb high fat is good!

  • Hey I don’t think fat makes you fat. I think highly acidic foods make you fat. And basically everything is acidic except vegetables. Fortunately fruit is only mildly acidic, but preference in one’s diet should be given to vegetables over fruit.

  • Protein is a terrible source of energy. A diet like this just gets rid of water weight, it isn’t sustainable, right after you come off a no carb diet, you put all of the water weight back and then some. You

  • I find it SO interesting that Lebron out of all athletes on this planet goes low carb! He should have insane resources to show him that low carb diets work in short term but not long term (why bodybuilders have off season and then cut). It’ll take a whole lot of will power to stick to this! I don’t get it! As an athlete you can’t exist without carbs. Blows my mind!

  • wow you run a sub 5 min mile easy?? 2.5km in 7 minutes?? thats hella fast…. that not jogging thast flying ahahaha i think you made a mistake there

  • I find it really sad when I see someone trying the low carb lifestyle because I know how much it’s harming their health and I can’t imagine how gross I would feel if I did it:( so glad I found this lifestyle!

  • Could you at least provide links to the studies that “show” this?

    From a biochemical perspective eating no carbohydrates simply means your body uses the stored sugar (Glykogen) and than fats (as Keton-Bodies) and Protein (muscels) and makes sugar out of it (Since your body cant survive without sugar and can’t turn fat into sugar).
    So basicly unless you then eat just fatless meat you “eat” your own mucels 😉

  • I don’t think he even looks as good as he use to. He had a really youthful looking face, not baby face, but young looking. I think he’s aged himself by going without carbs.

  • Lebron looks emaciated in that after pic. I saw this post the girl I’m friends with on FB, she is on a no carb diet and was freaking out bc she ate some blueberries and afterwards realized they are high on carb. These ppl just lump all carbs together and believe they all are bad for you. It’s annoying.

  • So sad. It really boggles my mind how these athletes have not heard of the high carb plant based diet yet. Would certainly improve their performance a lot. The blood could pump oxygen a lot better through the arteries and there are also.. uhm… other benefits ; P

  • Hi there, have you considered Fenoboci Diet Plan yet? Just do a google search engine search. On there you’ll discover an awesome guidelines about how you can lost a ton of weight. Why not give it a chance? maybe it can work for you too.

  • They told me to cut carbs, you know what I told them. “Try to cut my carbs and Ill tell my boy Tony fettuccini and the knock around wise guys to send a hit out on ya!” Cut my carb carbs? ” Ill get Pauly Pauciullo from Staten Island to cut your fingers off!” Bunch of schmucks ��������

  • Started a couple days ago so tired, also woke up around 3am both nights needing carbs. I gave in to a few chips both nights ��. I know more greens stay on track.

  • Your body uses carbs as your immediate source of energy. Once you cut that out your body is forced to use fat as energy. During that change, you feel weak and shitty. But when you push through that phase. You body will adapt to burn fat. Eat avocados and eggs.

  • I amazed the low-crab, or Atkins diet is still in vogue.  After doing Atkins for two years, my health was almost ruined.  Fortunately, in 2007 I became a vegan and it was a LFHC diet that enabled me to repair the damage. 

  • Stopped the wine drinking at nights. To many calories before bed will pack on the pounds. The lost of weight my hurt him in the playoffs. He is running lean and cramping like a son of a gun.

  • Yea don’t do low carb….. lmao you can die after 3 weeks it’s actually ass a simple low cut calorie diet with equivalent macros and vitamins along with at least 4 water bottles a day all food you eat is healthy arms two days lower 1 day 3 days cardio one day break switch it up every week literally do this everyday make it a life style you’ll be where you want to be if not further in 3 months which sound short but is actually long but is also actually very short I suggest not counting the days and be ready to get all the way fit yet count the weeks up till week 6 because week 6 it’s actually easy and if done correctly and constantly week 6 means your 100%fat adapted meaning all weight you lose from then on out is fat you body fat will shed right off after gaining muscle you’ll be a god but if your tryna get ladies I suggest you go mad lean like 7 or 8%body fat and slight but heavy muscle bulk yet great definition and sweating helps I also suggest you jump rope for cardio as 1h hour of a jumprope session actually burns 1000 calories if not more I did all these steps after 6 months of dieting fucking up but having great muscle build up and slimming down a lil soon me and my friend who worked out together literally the same weight we went from 200 to 155 in less than 3 months summer ready in time can’t rock no shirt quite yet bc we aren’t and abs are barely vissable bc we spent most time in chest in arms which are beyond shredded but we can rock tank tops and this has been the most boring yet best summer ever (boring bc we used to play video games and shit during the summer and just get into trouble with the cops and neighbors but) so cut the bull shit and just eat healthy and workout and sleep make sure your vitamins are no bulk then cut just a simple build muscle lose fat and define that muscle each.

  • Cheers for the Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about Dinanlinson Elegant Figure Approach (do a google search)? It is a great exclusive product for uncovering the secrets behind a highly effective low carb diet without the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate at last got cool results with it.

  • He indeed lost weight without sacrificing perfomance and that’s why he lost 12-15 pounds.That weight loss in 2 whole months isn’t a bunch of weight,it’s absolutely normal and very common.

  • Lovely Video clip! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard about Dinanlinson Elegant Figure Approach (should be on google have a look)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for uncovering the secrets behind a highly effective low carb diet minus the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my BF finally got excellent success with it.

  • I find this nonsense. If you cut carbs what do you eat? fats like cheese and oil? or walmart chicken? cheese, oil, walmart chicken injected with hormones make you fat. Carb is a clean energy source. The keto diet is liberal stupidity. high fat for weight loss? this is ridiculous. to lose weight eat sufficient carbs like raw or toast bread, and eat organic chicken or fish as protien, and eat alot of fruits amd vegetables. fat should be avoided.

  • The whole short term diet phenomenon is so clearly unsustainable, although I myself had bought into it in the past. What’s the point of temporarily changing your habits just to go back to doing things that got you into trouble in the first place! Figure out what led you to the result you have and change it. Forever.

  • Healthy carbs like fruits is a good switch. I stopped eating wheat carbs simply because of the addictive affect of them on me. I had severe depression, bloating, and lethargy. Each person is different but removing those kind of carbs helped me immensely. I think diets are silly because people should just be listening to their bodies. I feel better when I eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and meat. I tend to be an emotional eater and I turn to carbs. I used to be a trainer and an athlete and I’ve come to realize that science lately seems to be proving that almost every food group in overabundance causes some kind of negative effect. Listening to your body and doing what’s best for your body is the key. What works for one person may be completely disastrous for another. to each is own I say.

  • Eating Stake for breakfast, King Crab for Lunch and Roasted Pig for Dinner.after I watched this. Have to eat lot of carbs before geeting to gym next week.

  • Man…this is so true.torture to cut out carbs,feeling hungry,and totally week at the gym.i was so mad at the gym because I was lifting and lost all my strength…I was like wtf. Dude I did the same thing increasing cardio too haha

  • cutting carbs means cutting bread, pasta, rice, baked things in general which is very hard to do because every meal has at least one element of these… like.. you eat fish with rice, you eat meat with pasta, you eat chicken with rice or bread, you eat cheese with bread, everything you eat has to contain carbs in it which is just very hard to get rid off…

  • Dude totally forgot about Fat. Started talking about burning protein for energy! Ahhhhh Ha ha ha ha! Take this video down and delete it.

  • I lost 15 pounds just last July.
    I drank a gallon of water a day, low carbs, high protein and lots of walking or just staying active.

  • Wait Wait Wait. You cannot diss carbs like that and all of the good things they provide the body with ( Fibers) And Also try doing high performance trainings or competions ot a Low carb diet.. You won’t do anything because the braking down of fat for energy is much much longer than the braking down of Glycogen and Glucose ( provided from carbs). Don’t talk shit and fool peaople like that, give all of the information so that anyone could decide for themeselfs depending on their situation and demands. Also you didn’t mention why and when LeBron did this diet. He did it in the Offseason where he didn’t do High intensity competion or training, and he did it so he could get a little slimer so that he doesn’t overload his joints with weight and wear them down.

  • Please do a follow up video when the next pro ball season gets started! A third way one can lose weight with low carb is by going into a state of ketosis, which forces fat burning so it’s not just water loss and calorie restriction. In someone who already has low body fat, the next thing to burn is protein which means muscle loss, and what we might be seeing in James. Like you, am plant based, relatively high carb, low fat, but still remain intrigued by all the cross-fit champions of law carb.

  • If you get excess calories whether from protein or carbs you will not lose body fat/weight. Caloric deficit = weight loss (muscle mass, fat mass and water). 1 to 1.5 gram of protein per lbs of lean mass + 10 to 20 % caloric deficit + 20 gram of fat minimum = max muscle retention when dieting. It’s about balancing macronutrients intake and maintaining a caloric deficit.

  • Fun fact LeBron James was injured for over 20 games that year and had his worst season of his career because he fired his nutritionist and went low-carb. Yeah carbohydrates are the main energy source for high intensity activity and he fucked himself by dropping carbs

  • Don’t understand it though because I saw a photo of him with shirt off at end of season and didn’t see an ounce of fat.  I hope he stays on the low carb diet as a Heat fan!  haha  Don’t listen Bron, stay away from those bad carbs….

  • It is basically the same approach of taking a pill to lower the fever when sick. Many people desire to loose weight just for the sake of doing it and they don’t care if their health is going away together with the fat they are burning. It’s a shame because as we all know…there is a better and healthier choice:-) Thanks for sharing this video

  • Everyone here is correct. He tapered off the juice(HGH, and whatever else he’s on) because they were coming for him. These types of articles are known as damage control. It’s done all the time. Put an asterisk next to all their names because the vast majority of them are gassed up. The end.

  • People don’t understand the dangers of these low carb diets. I heard that a 27 year old guy died during a marathon today here in Sydney, close to the finishing line. It was sad to hear, but I thought to myself, how could someone that young and fit die during a run? Did he fall over and crack his skull open? Then I checked and discovered he had a cardiac arrest.. Yeah, of course, with a diet of animal protein, that’s what can happen.

  • NBA instituted HGH testing and needed their star players to pass the test. so they went off the PEDs, got tested, then were free to start using again

  • one minute in and already a guy who doesnt know his shit… when u stop consuming carbs u dont use protein for energy you use stored fat…dont argue its facts ��

  • Bro I’ve been following your vids and they got me on intermittent fasting. I’m 16 years old 6ft 1 and play football and run track. I was 205 lbs with a gut 3 months ago and now I’m on the last layer of fat over my abdominal wall before they show with out flexing. I run every morning and know what u mean by feeling free when running. Thx for all the advice and vids, I’m now 176 lbs.

  • If fats need oxygen to produce energy, then how doe your body use fats during a game? During a game, most players work rate is around 70-90% of their VO2max. this means that oxygen supply to the working muscle is limited. Yes, without carbs, the body will use fat, however, that comes at a cost. The cost? performance, I’ve no doubt, Lebron, reduce his carb intake to lose weight. But I can guarantee you this, his glycogen storages were full on game day. Carbs are not the enemy.. the sooner we move on from low carbs to high fats the better. If you want to reduce your body fat, its simple, reduce your calorie intake by 5-10%. Increase your protein intake and maintain optimal hydration status, also, be passionate this doesn’t happen overnight. And finally, to the guy who produces this video, maybe next time make sure you’re somewhat education about the topic before releasing inaccurate facts to the general public.

  • Just eat what the hell you like and do the appropriate amount of exercise to counter balance this. Obviously don’t eat silly things, like poison. Can’t run that off.

  • Basketball is a skill sport LARRY Johnson, Anthony Mason, Karl Malone,Shawn Kemp were all beast’s but like skinny Durant out playing him in 2017 or slim Dirk it’s about skill, and taking over a game like….The GOAT JORDAN HAD HE PLAYED WITH BARKLEY AND HAKEEM HE WOULD OF WON HOUSTON A RING, and had to train to handle BAD BOYS PISTONS.