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After a cheat meal or day, it’s normal to feel shame or guilt, negatively impacting future food choices. These negative impacts may result in going down the slippery slope of eating more “bad” foods. Or it could go the other extreme of shunning cheat food, which can actually increase cravings and a desire to binge down the line. Cheat meals can also wreak havoc on your social life, often driving folks to plan their schedules around their cheat and non-cheat days as opposed to enjoying meals with friends and family. For this reason, Dr.

Greenberg advises individuals to have planned cheat meals during special events. For example, if you find yourself a wedding, it’s. Pros of Eating Cheat Meals They give you a time to cheat – you’re less likely to fall off the wagon on a Wednesday afternoon if you know you can eat whatever you like on Friday night.

For this reason, Dr. Greenberg advises individuals to have planned cheat meals during special events. For example, if you find yourself a wedding, it’s OK to allow yourself to eat whatever is being served.

However, limit yourself to one plate rather than adopting an all-you-can-eat mindset. For some individuals, one cheat day or even one cheat meal is enough to satisfy a need and allow them to get right back on track. For others, however, it leads to uncontrollable and continuous binging for multiple days, and even weeks, often resulting in them going off their healthy eating plan. Cheat Meals: Pros 1. A cheat meal or a day will most likely be a significant excess of calories consumed A cheat meal will include foods and ingredients that are totally prohibited.

When you have a cheat meal or two during the month, it helps to break up the monotony and makes it easy to jump right back on the wagon of your healthy diet. Another very benefical aspect of cheat meals is that it shocks your body to reset your metabolism. In a way, it. Cheat meals allow you to satisfy cravings and give you a chance to loosen the reigns a bit, but they shouldn’t turn into cheat days. They also shouldn’t be a reason to eat less than you normally would at other meals.

Kate Patton, MEd, RD, CSSD, LD, is OK with cheat meals as a positive reward — as long as you offset the extra calories somewhere else in the day. “You can exercise for a longer period of time or at greater intensity, for example,” she says. Whether cheat meals help or hurt depends on the person, says Julia Zumpano, RD, LD.

List of related literature:

Others decide they deserve a full cheat day rather than just one meal.

“The Goddess Revolution: Food and Body Freedom for Life” by Melissa Wells
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Yet another way to screw up individual cheat meals is eating too many calories and dietary fat in particular.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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It’s cheating and skipping meals and knowing you’re only cheating yourself.

“An Apple a Day: A Memoir of Love and Recovery from Anorexia” by Emma Woolf
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I plan for my cheat meals as well.

“The Bodybuilding.com Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever” by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
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(Notice I didn’t say “cheat meal.”

“Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes” by Suzanne Ryan
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Some call it a “cheat meal,” but I don’t like that phrase because it implies that you’re doing something wrong.

“Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites for a Low-Carb Lifestyle” by Natasha Newton
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Cheating You can up your cheating meal to a cheating day where you treat yourselfto anything you want.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
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As far as possible you should avoid the foods which are inappropriate for your prakruti, but when you want to cheat you should cheat at the right time.

“Prakriti Your Ayurvedic Constitution” by Robert E. Svoboda
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To my way of thinking, the whole concept of cheating exemplifies a negative approach toward food.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
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Some people call this a cheat meal but others find the word ‘cheat’ has too many negative connotations and puts them back into a negative mindset.

“A Guide To Flexible Dieting” by Lyle McDonald
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  • I restrict everyday and then once every two weeks i eat vegan junk food (e.g. burger, fries and side). On the day I always fast until 3pm, but i tend to take up to 8 hours to finish the food. And then the next day i lower the calories until i get the weight back to ‘normal’. So i dunno if that counts…

  • If we’re gonna math it, then 6 days a week I’m slimming down and just one day I fat up. How in the world could I regain all my weight in one day of eating and drinking?

  • People are talking about how their cheat meals are an entire pizza or two big macs and I’m very surprised. One of my cheat “meals” was having two chocolate chip cookies and it only came out to 300cal and I felt soooo dirty afterwards but yet people in the comments eating an entire 2000cal pizza as a cheat meal. Maybe I need to stop being so hard on myself.

  • Had my cheat meals yesterday. Ate a cup of macadamia nuts in the morning, that being the only source of low as fuck carbs. Then for lunch i pigged out on a greasy skirt steak and salad. Then for dinner i had cauliflower tater tots and 2 chicken sausages. I know, outrageous. That set me back

  • Nah, I eat a cheat meal every Friday but I burn so many calories it makes no difference at all. Body burns it right off the next day.

  • I’ve eaten shit for a week and it helped my weight loss. I ate shit for 2 months and I gained quite a bit, i was still training but i still gained. IF and carnavor is the key..

  • True, I see almost a 5 to 8 pound difference after a weekend of binge drinking and eating but by next weekend I’m back down to normal. Only if I bust ass at the gym all week squeezing out that water weight lol.

  • I want to burn fat and build muscle, I always eat more than enough protein to gain muscle and eat very few carbs. I cheat once a fortnight but I want to be able to eat whatever I want I.e. chocolate bars, cookies, ice cream. Maybe putting myself into a 500 caloric deficit for the day but overall burning way more calories over the fortnight. Will this impact my ability to build muscle and burn fat?

  • I think cheat meal actually works for me. I exercise one hour for 7 days a week and control my diet every day for two months. I did lose 30ibs but it just stopped after that. After having a feast at a birthday party, I just start to lose weight again! It almost feel like I reboot my metabolism.

  • My over all food ain’t healthy but I still try to eat lesser and cleaner.. like asian food �� it’s already guilty. I haven’t checked my weight since january it was 64 kg but now it is end of may and I don’t know what my weight is cz my scale is broken. On cheat days if I eat lavish meals I will crave them more so I just take one pleasure and all other food but in double amounts:).. it’s okey sometimes to just cave in but if u r going strict don’t think about it �� GOOD LUCK

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  • I’m having a cheat meal I’m on an egg diet and I’m sooooo tired of eating eggs so for breakfast I’m gonna make healthy pancakes
    I want something other than eggs:)

  • Who needs a cheat day… Fuck diets, if you want to succeed effortlessly whilst still enjoying your favorites, just eat clean 80% of the time

  • I was on a diet since quarantine started, once it was Easter day I decided to have a cheat day but my body was so used to the diet I got full after a few six bites of a baguette after lunch
    i was like

  • Yea they’re good. Those meals or more recently over Xmas I had full days of eating. I didn’t even go overboard, and didn’t gain. I did stick to my workouts though. Anyway psychologically, the free meals( or days) are a must. Do them when you are ready and listen to your body. It’ll tell you exactly what you need.

  • Oh I feel so much better, I over ate by 500 calories today and I have been feeling very guilty but I feel better after watching this

  • For me, I know my weight can jump upwards of 15 pounds at times after a cheat day. It usually takes a week of regular, slightly below maintenance eating and typical glycogen-depleting workouts for it to come back down, but it almost always does. Unless you’re ungodly lean, adipose isn’t going to pile on in such a small window of time. I have to remind myself of this often haha.

  • Dude only two weeks after cleaning up my nutrition and deviding my plate I dropped from 85 kilos to 73,5:) well I used to be a national fighter in Syria after training for 10 whole years. Which means I had some fine muscles hidden under my fat. But the way you approached me is ligit.
    Respect my man
    Wish you more success

  • It would be a slippery slope for me.

    I’m finding that just making sure to eat no less than 500 cal below my TDEE and being patient, rather than attempting to eat as few calories as possible has totally eliminated my desire to binge.

  • Cheatdays actually work for me xD I go on a diet for a month and track my calories closely and then after a month I eat on a day what I want and how much i want it’s probably about 3000-5000 cal on that day and then I go on a month diet again and I lose weight with it faster ��Oh and I workout almost everyday on that month exept on Fridays

  • I’ve been having one cheat day every two months for a year while losing weight with no problems. One time I wanted to try a bit longer and had a cheat day for two days; BIG MISTAKE! It turned into 3 days, and then getting back on track was a nightmare. Stick to ONE DAY guys. They are really great for boosting metabolism and getting rid of cravings.

  • If your goal is not to have huge muscles, then under 20% of the calories you eat per day can be some junk food, but you MUST eat the same amount of calories everyday. And also you should not drink any drinks like pepsi, mountain dew, beer or anything, only water or a diet version of these drinks.

  • Cheat days resets your metabolism esp if your lowcarbing…doesnt mean u binge..but it helps w longevity dieting..works for me every other week on a day..and one meal sometimes…i agree��

  • Actual cheat DAYS do greatly effect a weekly metabolism, by intaking more calories every so often it will help continue cycling your metabolism bc it does come to a sort of stand still in order to keep your body functioning at an optimal

  • I indulge a bit on Friday and Saturday evenings yet I can easily return to the low cal, low carb diet I’m on the other five days. I’ve been doing this for 3 months. I don’t resent the diet I’m on. I just take some time to enjoy things like steaks, burgers, pizza, etc., but in smaller portions than I used to eat, and I almost never eat fries or bread.

  • An average man should eat 2000 calories a day to lose weight at a healthy rate. So if u make sure your eating roughly 1000 calories a day 6 days a week, u got 8000 calories to play with for that cheat day once a week. (That’s what i’ve been doing the last 5 months and i’ve gone from 90kg to 62kg)

  • I just had a cheat day today and it was so intense I feel so satisfied but my stomach is complaining ��
    I had 10 cookies with peanut butter, Shin ramyun, skittles, cashews, an icecream, coffee with sugar, large bowl of yoghurt, sandwich with chinese mushroom chilli sauce and butter

  • I didn’t feel the need to have a cheat meal it just kind of happened. I’m pretty disappointed should I not be? I had 1 And 1/2 slices of pizza a big salad and 5 wings. I feel like shit you think I’m good?? I lost 70 pounds and I’m not going back!!!! I probably went over my calories by 3-500 calories and went over fat over 50 g

  • Cheat day is fine. You won’t gain insane weight in one day, if you limit it to one day. It’s water and fiber. People bitch all the time, if you cave in and have cheat week that’s bad. You may loose weight slower the first couple days but your not gonna keel over and die. Just Flexible diet stay within caloric defecit keep protein high. Then when your trying to get shredded and feel craving eat a cheat meal every month or 2 months or 3.

  • The only people who are allowed cheat days are the people who do clean bulks. Cheat meals/days are way more problematic when losing weight than when gaining

  • My chest “MEAL” is on the first of every month, but every sunday I treat myself to a whole rotisserie chicken followed by some sort of veggies..��

  • I don’t even look at that kind of meal as a cheat meal any longer. I work any junk food into my weekly diet. You don’t have eat a whole pizza to enjoy pizza or eat a giant bag of M&Ms. Grab a small bag or eat a few slices, count it as part of your daily calories, and it’s not a negative.

  • So in this model you cheat a little bit, but not too crazy. Yeah I was thinking about a cheat day, but meh………doesn’t seem worth it.

  • So I’m 16 and pretty in shape and ripped I have a literal 8 pack and stick to a diet? Is it okay to have some cookies and a little cake once in awhile?

  • I was like 65kg at about 13 and was about 5’2″. I didnt measure every year but i am now 18 5′ 10″ and 63 kgs. I really wanted to get abs and i did exercises without any concern for my diet. The abs never did show, but i started to eat healthy about a month ago. My upper abs are visible now and i think diet is really the most important, no matter how much you work out

  • If I’m on a caloric deficit, yet I’m on a high carb diet (because my sport is boxing), do I still need a cheat day to reverse the effects of catabolism? If I need to do so, are my cheat meals only limited to carb heavy foods, or fat heavy foods too?

  • Bro i would go crazy if i had a cheat day, even now if im eating a chocolate bar or something i would literally go and workout to lose the fat gaining from the bar

  • Few fried chickens and fries for my dinner tonight to celebrate my one week 1.5k cal diet..honestly I’m definitely way into deficit since i didn’t include calories burn from working out..i think i deserve this meal

  • One cheat day can’t ruin your diet dude. You eat clean all the time you can cheal all weekend and you would not put on an inch. You need a cheat meal dude ur looking drawn down tired and really small

  • How can you possible eat 3000 calories for breakfast?? Last week I ate both burger and fries, drank soda, some chocolate and a bit of candy and then a boatload of pizza in one day. All that coming together at 2950 calories!!

  • Just trying to feel better about eating 2 large pizzas, 14 powdered donuts, m&m ice cream sandwich, sour strips, big bag of gushers today…. so it’s good to eat like that. Glad to hear it….

  • I’ve lost 56 pounds since January and definitely what has helped me is my cheat days. But I don’t have a cheat day. I have a cheat meal. As in only one day a week, I will have one thing to eat and that’ll be my cheat meal. That way I satisfy my unhealthy cravings with out overdoing it. So if I’m gonna eat a burger and fries that’s all I’m eating for the day. And then I fast for the next 24 hours. And it’s worked so far. I’ve definitely had occasions where I slip up and ate too much at like a bbq. But you restore balance by making sure you’re strict the week before and after. And when I decide I’m not going to have a cheat meal on the weekend, I allow myself to have one bad thing to eat on my non fasting days, non cheat meal day. For example I eat three days of the business week. I keep to my healthy scheduled meals. But then I’ll also calculate one stroopwaffle, or a scoop of ice cream or one cookie into my meal for the day as long as I’m still under my caloric intake for the day. And that works for me as well. I realize for others that’s really hard to have self control to have just one, it’s something that took me time to learn as well. Instead of taking the whole bag of Doritos with me. I’ll get a tiny bowl and pour a little in it. I get to have my Doritos but without the guilt. But majority of the time I eat healthily.

  • What I did is started cutting out snacks when I eat each day, I eat only breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And I just had a cheat night by eating a small bag of takis

  • Lol, personally i feel bad when i cheat, when i eat clean i feel better, i do cheat days only because i heard it’s good to have cheat days! I don’t eat for pleasure, i eat for the goal, food is just fuel!

  • i do think its necessary for me a cheat meal once a week to give me motivated to continue eating healthy. cause ill go crazy if I don’t ever eat pizza hamburgers fries or cake again

  • Jeff, have you ever seen Dwane “the Rock” Johnson’s cheat meals?! �� I have no damn clue how he can consume 8,000 or more calories.

  • Thanks Vince, I needed that thumbs up from you. I won’t feel guilty going out for Valintine’s day now-but I still won’t overdo it. Thanks again.

  • Jeff what is your opinion of an aspertame sweetened sparking water. I drink 1 after my fast (20 hours), then 4 hours to eat (1800 cal max) I heard aspertame causes weight gain. I actually bought these 2 flavors thinking they were unsweetened. But now I’m stuck with them. Is 1 per day going to cause an insulin spike?

  • I’ve seen hundred of prisoners cheat 1 day a week I can attest to that and you know what that shit worked so that’s bs that you’ll ruin your results. If you eat like a lion that hasnt been fed then that’s when it’s a problem.

  • What if i have a cheat meal but instead i go to a buffet for lunch? I have been on a no heavy carb diet like i only eat oatmeal and whole grain bread (3 weeks) and i just started only chicken and no beef etc 5 days ago.

  • Had my cheat meals yesterday. Ate a cup of macadamia nuts in the morning, that being the only source of low as fuck carbs. Then for lunch i pigged out on a greasy skirt steak and salad. Then for dinner i had cauliflower tater tots and 2 chicken sausages. I know, outrageous. That set me back

  • If you practice fasting long enough you’ll find that you don’t crave any junk food and you don’t even have to have cheat meals. It might happen once in a while but very rarely. Besides, with fasting you can eat 300g of carbs per day or something and still effortlessly lose body fat percentage (I’m doing that and I’m losing fat). I’m doing ADF though, Alternate Day Fasting. So I fast for 3-4 times a week.

  • The saying, “can’t have your cake and eat it too” is often misused. It simply means that you can either own something for the sake of owning it, or to have it to use however it will eventually be gone. The simple solutions to this is have 2 cakes. One for owning and looking at, and one for eating. LMAO

  • I had my once a year cheat meal small-sized margarita pan pizza from Pizza Hut, butI never get the feeling of needing more, as soon as I’ve finished it. The rest of the year, I have around 2-3 other cheat meals, but they’re on the healthier side. I did, though, one time, at a restaurant, have a whole lobster with aioli for starter, medium entrecôte and salad, with French fries and Béarnaise sauce on the side, for main course, and crème brûlée for dessert I felt absolutely no regret, because it was worth it, and one of my 4 yearly cheat meals☺️�� Sure, my stomach was bloated af the rest of the night, and the following day, but apart from that, I didn’t care, just waited it out until the bloating had gone down, and my stomach was back to its toned and flat self again, and went back to working out, and continued my regular eating

  • Sorry but this guy spouts BS. You’re not going to ruin your cut by having 1 cheat meal and eating clean/hitting the gym over the other 6.5 days of the week.

    Unless you’re a bodybuilder preparing for contest, cheat meals shouldn’t bother you.

    If you’re already eating 500kcal below maintenance, your cheat meal would have to push your daily caloric intake well over 3,500kcals of your TDEE to have a significant impact on your fat loss, and that’s impossible unless you’re binge eating all day or doing the 10,000kcal challenge.

  • Ive started a new diet of eating healthier and working for domino’s as a driver makes it so hard when your smelling the food all day

  • I don’t have cheat meals. I have cheat drinks. For example the half bottle of soju I had with some Korean barbecue the other night

  • I don’t understand dieting, I lost 30 pounds just eating less calories than I burn just sitting around then worked out on top of that I usually ate the same stuff just not as much

  • I had that meal after 122 days of logging meals and eating clean. I didn’t loose the full 70 in that time but I lost 30 in 122 days I’m so pissed bro help

  • Great vid as per usual Sean. I like that you address the real issues faced by your average lifter, it gives an important perspective that other similar channels often miss you’re a great mentor.

  • it’s all about mental toughness yo. If you’re really disciplined and dedicated to your goal of fitness you’ll quit hard turkey all the junk like cookies, donuts, ice cream, cake, etc. which has next to nothing in terms of nutritional value. Cheat days are for pussies. Stay strong!

  • Dr. Atkins(cardiologists) used to say if you are craving bread on his low carb/high fat/low protein diet, eat as much bread as you can & get it out of your system. I the long run the wheat from the 1960s onwards is not the wheat our great grandfathers used to have. As with all cardiologists, modern wheat is the worst food you can put in your body.

  • On Friday, I make a pizza. Not just any pizza, but a thick, oily, cheesy delicious pizza. And that is my reward be for eating healthy 6 days a week.

  • I have a cheat once a week but not every week is the same. On high carb cheat meals I wake up skin tight feeling a unbelievable pump. But for someone who has a cheat day not managing diet regularly I feel might ruin their progress.

  • Realistically, please feel free to chime in anyone in the comment section, if you are a married man, with a lot of responsibilities, how do you really in corporate this lifestyle. Its hard, its not impossible. There will always be cook out etc. family parties, that serve food. One cheat day ruin one year of diet, work out and cardio. Any hacks..?

  • Sean, you are a GIFT to me with my 56 Birthday coming up this Friday, August 9th! I have been in a consistent caloric deficit for the last 5 months and have lost 23lbs of fat (I’ve managed to not lose much muscle since I’ve been resistance training hard during that time). I plan on celebrating Birthday #56 by enjoying some Pizza and Ice Cream!! This video is such a great GIFT for me!! I plan on enjoying my day and enjoy every bit of food!! Thank you, Sean!!

  • I still cheat occasionally. Luckily I’m naturally cut and skinny so my cheats won’t show in fat or bloating. So I can do my hamburger helper double cheeseburger and not notice much but the dirty feeling after from it not being clean lol. Love the videos. Hands down the best guy on YouTube. But seriously…go have an Oatmeal cream pie


  • I love that guy!!! He is sooo funny and makes the goals sound attainable. I really am looking forward to getting on the lifestyle change and getting that new body to emerge from underneath the years of transgression. I am convinced that life can be better with a little bit of discipline, and a load more energy.:-D
    Thank you VINCE for looking great, speaking with passion, and making these efforts.:-)

  • I got hammered for five days straight on a vacation and lost 4,2 kg in that time on the scale as i barely ate and drank (other than beer) and puked out everything i did eat. How much of a difference do you recon that would make?

  • Heres what I do if you need help. Mon-Thurs eat super healthy/and or good. Friday you can be more lax but don’t eat too much just yet. Sat and Sun enjoy whatever you want but watch the 2k calorie mark

  • Good advice I will combine with this diet that I follow: => weightlossin3weeks. com <= (Google it) I lost about 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

  • Great video Sean and this is what so many people, including myself, need to be reminded of. Consistency is so important and not letting random jumps in your weight throw off your goals is important. I have definitely found this, expect your weight to fluctuate throughout the week. It’s the overall picture of gain or loss or maintaining that you need to watch for. It’s so easy to get consumed with this. I’m lean bulking, and I am very conservative with calories, yet when I have a couple days that I don’t track my weight jumps up several pounds. Even though I KNOW I didn’t eat 3500 calories over maintenance. It’s a mind game, keeping the right focus and positivity can help improve your life while working towards a goal. Thanks!!

  • I do cheat days once or twice a month but I have them from 15:00 to 20:00 so I won’t fuck up everything in one dayI just gotta speed up my metabolism a bit since I eat under 1200 calories per day (unhealthy but I’m trying to work on it)

  • In one is on a caloric deficit and wanting to lose some fat the cheat day is needed. The one day yes you gain, but if all the other day you stay strictly to your diet then it will actually help.

  • After doing keto for a month, I started intermittent fasting and acv diet plan. I have cheat meals whenever i need to (stress.. and anxiety) but this is not frequent.. i just don’t want to feel I am forced to do something i don’t want. I have managed to keep off the weight and I keep on losing weight. The motivation and mindset of Gravity transformation is really on point. Don’t make it seem like a dreaded task to do. Take baby steps but don’t stop. Keep going no matter how slow the progress and eventually it will feel like a normal lifestyle to you. I am 46kg on average and 5’2 in height. What I want is to shed my body fat percentage because I am already light bordering underweight. Cheat meals or days added a bit of body fat. But I am happy with my body now. ��

  • This is how I would recommend a cheat meal ��

    1) Plan ahead,if there is an event/food festival holiday/party/get together coming up weather on a weekday or weekend adjust your cheat day into that,and compensate,for example if u would normally have a cheat day everyday Saturday,but this occasion is on a Wednesday,u cheat on Wednesday and diet on Saturday,n then cheat again next Saturday like u normally would

    2) On cheat day weather it’s a stay at home or on the go or at an occasion have a 100 calorie breakfast only,then drink plenty of water through out the day and have ONE cheat meal of 2000 calories in one meal (if it’s dinner),and try to eat 4 hours before bed time,if that’s not possible then at least walk a little bit (20 mins) before going to bed,if it’s lunch eat 2000 calories and if hungry by dinner time too then eat another 100 calories only

    3) Plan on what you are gonna have as your cheat meal and stick to that,also if at an occasion u find there is nothing u lyk then don’t eat, attend the occasion,and save yourself from cheating without actually feeling any pleasure

    4) Don’t exercise (on purpose) on cheat day,but try to stay active regardless,for example take the stairs whenever u can instead of elevator,or if it’s possible walk to the place ur gonna have your cheat meal,instead of going by car,or if u order home delivery then walk in your house etc

    5) Do a full day detox the next day,and no exercise

    6) Follow your normal healthy diet from next day of full day detox

    So conclusion is:

    One day of cheat meal which is of 2000 calories

    Following day do detox

    Rest of 5 days follow your diet as u would


  • People should look at it this way as well, if you eat clean for one day but eat unhealthy for 6 days then you won’t lose any weight.

  • Lovely Video! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you heard about Dinanlinson Amazing Look Approach (search on google)? It is a good exclusive product for learning how to quickly lose weight without the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

  • I usually have cheat days once a week, but the thing about them is you still have to watch what you’re eating. I want a burger I’m gonna have a burger, but just be smart about it

  • I always prep for my cheat days only do less then 1000 cals the day before then I fast from 6pm the night before till I go out to eat for lunch usely go to Chinese buffet then fast from the time I’m done eating for 24hrs then eat a 300 to 500 cal meal then fast till next morning then get back to my diet…Chinese buffet is my choice of a cheat day cause I eat mainly chicken seafood and veggies there then fruit for dessert

  • the problem with cheat meals, is people almost always go for a fast food version of that. That means excess salt, unknown food preservation, unknown ingredients etc. Digesting a health hazard is not a wise move.
    REMEMBER, if u want cheat meals make it on your own! If u want pizza, make ur own pizza etc. U will save a lot of hidden calories, and don’t forget that there is no such thing as healthy fast food as some delivery sites wanna promote.

  • I define a “cheat” meal / day as something thats calorie dense and nutritionally void. Basically sugar is the big one. So, I try to find healthier alternatives. Like, damn I want some cookies, but maybe instead of buying oreo’s I head to the health food area and see what I can find that’s similar but better for you. That’s just an example, but if I want some oreo’s and only oreo’s will do I’ll allow myself the serving size portioned out on a certain day where I cut calories / carbs elsewhere. Just takes a little planning.

  • imho don’t have planned cheat meals but when you do have a craving then have what you want hopefully w/ consideration to portions and what not. if you have weekly cheat meals/days you might just overdo it when you didn’t really even want to. maybe save those cheat meals for when you go out w/ friends or have some drinks etc. best advice would just be to get back on track the next day and also on those days you do go out to drink w/ friends just get ur workout done in the morning lol:p

  • Great and informative video thanks but I wanna see Max in my videos I felt like this video was more like a supplement promotion video ������

  • My cheat day ruined a whole week, I’ve decided to only do cheat meals once every 2 weeks till I acheive my goal then I’ll bring it up

  • Where’s Max? Fed up of the negativity in the comments section? If people don’t find things helpful, they can just ignore. Hate won’t help your ego in the long run, kids.

  • I dropped 10 pounds and getting stronger and I literally eat whatever i want im actually confused on why i loose weight so easily rite now

  • I started my keto diet and plan on having one cheat meal per month. My favorite cheat meal would be a sausage and egg mcgriddle with a hashbrown. after that I’m going right back on my keto.

  • Cheat meal once every month and you’ll be sweet. Cheat meal once every two weeks, you’re pushing it but still should be okay provided you’re working out properly and if it fits in your caloric intake

  • When you actually have cheat days on a Sunday every week, do you count macros? Because I don’t see how one can do that whilst having a cheat day. Or do you just eat whatever you want for the day

  • Sincerely thank you I was so pissed cuz I slipped up no good reason other than it was my bro’s bday and pizza was around idk I had two slices and 5 wings went over my calories and macros today was so pissed thank you tho I feel better

  • Instead of telling the point,you started saying crap like ” subcribe.. my instagram..”and all this shit people are sick of already. Only because of that Ive put you a DISLIKE!

  • I have one cheat day a month. But it’s a good one. I also do 4 two a day workouts a month so it pretty much evens out. Also, I fast before my cheat day so I can’t eat as much.

  • What exactly is a cheat meal for a vegan?

    I’m not eating dairy products, ice cream, processed candy, and pretty much processed foods and snacks.

  • Im currently shredding, I was being consistent and was getting toned, but I hit a point where i was actually gaining weight 1-2 lbs) so I had a cheat meal, (five guys bacon cheese burger, fries & Diet Coke). Next morning I had lost 2 lbs.

  • Good points. On the other hand, it’s pretty easy to binge eat throughout a cheat day and end up with a 6000-7000 Calorie surplus with calorie-dense junk food. When you’re in a cutting phase with a mild 500 Calorie daily deficit, this can easily set you back nearly two weeks and lead to nearly year-round cutting if you do this on a regular basis.

    The advice to stop looking at calories from a 24 hour perspective is great. When I do end up consuming 4000+ Calories in a day, I’ve noticed that a near-fast the following day along with cardio is not too difficult due to the prior surplus of calories and results in a 48 hour period that’s not too far off from where you should be.

  • my cheat days are usually once a week, when I know i’m going out or meeting up with friends, where we will have pizza and chips and shit, and I simply don’t wanna count calories. I’ll eat less or nothing throughout the day and then eat whatever I want, not counting the calories. So I guess you could call it a cheat meal. But cheat days for me just mean I won’t count my calories no matter what I eat

  • Cheat meals weakens my willpower and after eating any junk food, I started to feel high regret. Should I quit junk food for ever?

  • Well!!! ummmmmmmmm YES!! Most of the world EATS pizza and or JUNK! and Im pretty sure! ALOT of people DROOL over PIZZA more than they do some abs!

  • I’ve been doing Omad for a few weeks. Now my daily schedule is working out in the morning(nothing crazy, just started lifting) and jogging half a mile. I then eat my meal for the day of mostly veggies and protein with a little bit of fats from dark chocolate and nuts. About 1200 cals.Then go to school, get home and walk 5 miles. I need to know if I’m exercising enough, too much and if I’m having enough calories. All of this is to lose body fat and get skinnier so I can focus on building muscle. I’m 17, 190lbs and 5’11. Thank you!

  • I have a cheat meal every 2 weeks. I’m still losing. Go Keto. Don’t eat potatoes,bread, rice, pasta or corn. Meat and green veg. It’s easy. I’ve been keto for 5 years.

  • Been doing a mix of gym strength/cardio p90x/p90x+/p90x3 for months now. I’ve undergone a significant body transformation, but my weight has plateaued. Can’t get rid of the belly.

    I’ve got a good diet…
    Salad, quinoa, lean proteins…

    Tried weights, HIIT, steady-state cardio…

    Belly won’t go, can’t get past 6 pull ups…

    What’s going on? How do I get to the next level?

  • Yesterday was my cheat day. I only ate spigettti all day. I feel so gross today. Won’t be eating and only drinking coffee and water lol

  • The purpose of cheat day is for your mind to take a break.
    However weak-willed person cant have cheat day, ITS A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!

    Always turns into cheat week, cheat month, cheat year…

  • Bloody hell I just checked the fitness app and it showed that one SLICE of domino’s aloha chicken pizza contains 295 calories. And I used to eat 8 slices back then����

  • No.

    People will sooner or later get sick of their diet and training if they don’t get to have a cheat day a week. It clearly doesn’t kill your gains and that’s just human psychology.

  • Too much numbers in here. As a former amateur and professional boxer I can simply recommend listen to your body. I worked hard but I used two 32oz beers as my post workout shake. Never missed weight. Sex well at least none on fight week! Cheers!

  • I do cheat meals, not cheat days. I also fast making it super easy to not exceed a certain calorie count. My normal cal count is around 1200, but on cheat days I extend it to no more than 2000. Plus I eat a little less the next day and haven’t gained weight.

  • I love my cheat meals, if I only ate nothing but health foods, I would eventually quit altogether… I’m just trying to look good and be healthy.

  • Cheat meals are honestly better than having an entire cheat day itself. I love having them but I just hate being bloated afterwards…

  • i think cheat days are perfectly fine as long as you eat the amount of calories/food your body needs.
    for example, i’ve seen people have cheat days where they eat double the amount of food their body needs. that is simply unnecessary. cheat days and meals are fine as long as you don’t overeat and just eat the right amount of food your body ACTUALLY needs.

  • I have one cheat meal every Sunday but the cheat meals are still low carb and high protein and fat. I am not in Keto but I feels a bit sick when I eat too much carb since I have been on low carb for many months.
    On that day, I only eat one meal. My breakfast is always a protein bar that have at least 40 grams of protein and less than 10g of sugar and carb.

  • Another Great video Sean! The concept of cheat days can be a bit bad for some people psychologically but as long as they are not being taken too often, it really won’t be an issue. People freak out way too much over scale fluctuations but it’s almost always just water weight.

  • I had a cheat (I call it treat) day on my birthday and it was just gross. I ate a slice of pizza and a small piece of cake. I didn’t really enjoy it after a month on keto and the very next day I STILL lost a lb. So….I figure if I feel like it, I’ll treat myself once a month or something but to be honest, I like eating this way. I eat huge salads with bacon and cheese, olives, nuts & seeds, lots of burgers with cheese (no bun) and roast beef, pork & saurkraut, chicken with the skin on & baked in oven with pork rind crust, eggs, brussels sprouts with lots of butter, cabbage lasagne, there are so many yummy things I can eat, I couldn’t care less about carbs or sugar. It’s all just gross to me.

  • I used to have one whole cheat day (saturdays) and during the week i was always looking forward to saturdays cause i was craving junk food through out those 6 days and when saturdays came i ended up not even wanting to cheat lol its like my craving disappeared, i found its a lot better to just have 2 cheat meals through out the week or maybe even 3 for something like me who exercises a lot 3 to 4 times a week, if you’re craving something just eat it as long as it meets your 2 or 3 cheat meals!

  • Lost 38kg but it was first when a lost 8-10 kg that i started to have cheatday every month it never harm me i stil lost bodyfat and weight. one time when i eas sick for 8days or 9day i eated like a cow lol lost 1,7kg started whit workout and be in cal dificit. but ya it depent on the person.

  • I have a cheat meal every day, and I lose weight. idk why you people feel the need to restrict yourself so much, no need for that just eat what you want.

  • Cheat days are everything. My biggest loss in a week is 21pounds. And my cheat day was a pizza 2 McDonald’s. A bar of chocolate. A pack of chocolate oat biscuits. And a litre or raw milk. Just plan well and you will succeed if you stick to it.

  • Honestly since Monday all was going perfect today I cheated and ate 1 portion of fries with cheese, 1 hamburger and a bag of chips and a juice ��

  • So much wrong information in this video. No wonder people keep failing. Luckily it’s only 4+ minutes long. Rather than waste anymore time disputing, I’m just going to back out slowly and recommend people do their research.

  • Every Sundays my cheat day I eat what I want when I want, never gain weight, you have to work out what works for you, trail and error.

  • I had 2 or 3 cheat meals every week, but I made sure they were not that high in calories, for eg cake. Instead of eating the whole cake, I would share it with my friend so I ate less sweet. If I had a bag of dorito, then it’d take me like a whole month to finish that one bag, because I also portioned my cheat snacks. That way, I didn’t have to feel guilty or too stressed about it and just continued with my clean meals afterwards. For me, it’s good to cheat to relax your mind so you don’t feel too burdened by being on diet. By doing that, I kept on losing my weight anyway. Now, since I have reached my weight goal, I eat junks like 20% and eat clean 80%. I still get to enjoy my favorite breads, cakes, ice cream, pasta, etc in that 20% portion and my life is just so good.

  • I eat 800 calories a day ( I’m 74 kg for 1,73 m and I want to go down to 63 kg ) and yesterday I ate Easter chocolates and went to 1500 calories. I was feeling so dirty and gross �� so I exercised like half an hour more.I promised myself I would never cheat that much again ��

  • Will one cheat meal once a week ruin progress I made in the gym. My goal is to lose fat and then build muscle. I workout 5 to 6 days a week. I have one cheat meal every 7 to 10 days. Once in a while, I have two cheat meals week? How often can I have a cheat meal without ruining my progress? is every 7 days too often? Is two cheat meals too much?

  • this made me feel great, i normally don’t allow myself to eat what i want, this gave me confidence to do it at least once a week ❤️ thank u

  • This is why I’m going on a 22-week low-calorie diet, so that I dont just have a cheat day in the middle of it all.ans screw up, so if I have to go to beaches with my family, I wont be embarrassed about my size, so my body will be able to get used to eating 800 calories or less ( yes, it may not be good for me, but for the other 11 years of my life, I ate enough calories to last me through my whole life).

  • They had me when they started off saying that the term “cheat meal” is “inherently bad,” and then lost me when they spent the rest of the video explaining how to incorporate cheat meals into your diet. I’d really like to move away from the whole concept. I don’t have cheat meals because I don’t consider them cheats, I consider the foods I eat that are not 100% “healthy” to be simply an integral part of my overall health and fitness plan. I believe that there is no such thing as an unhealthy food, just an unhealthy diet. One cheeseburger is not going to do any lasting damage. One every day very well might. Finding the balance is a process but as noted in the video, you have to find what works for you. But let’s abandon the notion of a cheat meal once and for all, and just establish a diet (the good, the bad, and the ugly) that will get you to your goal.

  • I just had my first cheat meal in 2 months and I came on YouTube immediately because of the post-meal guilt!! I’ve lost 46 pounds In two months so I was worried! This video helped me big time. Thank You!

  • I think there is some valuable informations in this videos: finding good recipes, thinking of a diet as a lifetime habit etc
    However, we all (or most of us) love eating those junk foods like pizzas and burgers. In my opinion, no food can replace a good pizza! I just have to say that having a cheat meal every week is a bit too much and we should use it as a “treat”.
    For example, if you reach some of your goals (weight objectives) you could have a big cheat meal as reward 😉

  • If u have a cheat day work out that day and go on heavy weight training on that day, 1 cheat day a week is completely fine and u can stretch that 2 2 cheat days a week if u spread them out and intermediate fast:)

  • not related to this video but do you think fast or slow metabolism is a thing? Or is it just bullshit?

    You know how people say that some people are skinny cuz they have fast metabolism and some are fat cuz they have slower metabolism.

    Can you please shed some light on this metabolism thing?

  • i’ve actually learned from experience that cheat days help you stay more disciplined with your nutrition. if you’re dedicated enough to getting fit or maintaining fitness, the first time you overdo a cheat day you kinda set a limit for yourself. like ‘okay, dont do THAT again.’ then the rest of the week you’ll feel extra dedicated to stay strict, and when the next cheat day comes around you’ll eat less than you did the time before. and so on until your cheat days aren’t even all that bad

  • Sean, I have a question. I’m about to start my first actual Deload week. Do you think I’ll gain fat over the week? If so, can I do HIT Cardio? And would you suggest working on mobility and Stability through out the week?

  • I have been away from the gym for one year but I am now back with bigger goals than ever! Please follow my journey back to being fit:) My first video will be up in a couple of days!!!

  • As other people have mentioned: We want Max. No offense, it was a great video with helpful content, but we get excited to come here and see Max, the trainer that we have trusted in and followed for so long. Please bring him back. He is the true face and voice of Gravity Transformation. Thank you.

  • So smart advice. Great advice. Keep doing these positive good solid knowledge and advice. Thank you. We need solid truth whether it be good or bad but advice.

  • I’m on a weight loss journey and have lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks.However,I’ve stalled on the same weight for 6 days now.I decided today is going to be the day I just take a break and eat whatever I want.
    I had half a bag of Lays potato chips a candy bar,a cup of mousse from the Walmart bakery and 8 taquitos. I ate it all before 9am and I’m back on track tomorrow.
    As long as it’s a planned day and not an accidental slip off of your journey there’s nothing wrong. One day of eating unhealthy food won’t hurt you.
    I probably won’t do this again for another few months

  • I follow so many fitness channels and somehow only just found you, quickly becoming a favourite. Thanks for the positive advice. Just had a wild weekend of drinking and eating crap and feeling rough af haha

  • i hope anyone reading this doesn’t think there is anything wrong with being a “lard ass.”

    if you don’t genuinely practice kindness and compassion with yourself then literally no amount of dieting will ever make you happy. AND you’re gonna fill your body with cortisol (for real!) and make it harder for you to lose weight anyway. just be nice to yourself. it’s okay if you’re fat. you’re worthy of love no matter what. just do what feels good for you. if you want to lose weight i’m excited for you but you don’t have to hate yourself to do it and it’s actually better if you do it from a place of love thank you for coming to my ted talk

  • I have cheat days on holidays (birthday included) and I eat bad things all day… I want to have that day to myself and my stomach and cravings and I do fast a little before and after also the more your body comes back from the food intake it makes you stronger and come back quicker just saying ��‍♂️

  • One of the best thing after a huge cheat day is the pump you get the day after! Back and biceps day right after a huge cheat day, always.

  • Cheat day once a week actually makes you lose more weight in the long run by keeping your metabolism from crapping out. This was studied in italian prisons, they gave extra food one day a week and the prisoners on the low calorie diet actually lost more weight that way.

  • Why I prefer Sean over Scott Herman is that Sean gives great physchlogical advice as well as training advice. Scott gives great advice and is natty but I don’t agree with everything he says and find him a tiny bit full on and full of himself. Tho he is def a nice guy. So far I agree with everything Sean says and he more to the point and motivates you with out going overboard.

  • Today’s my cheat meal day after going 5 days without sugar or meat……I can’t wait till this eveing when I eat whatever I like…..it’s been a tough 5 days I’ve had major cravings….I need this cheat meal today to keep my sanity lol

  • I think eating in moderation is ok, not having a cheat day, just eat clean and if you want to eat a chocolate one day then eat it, it doesn’t matter, you are not going to gain the weight you’ve already lost, so yeah, I’ve been eating “good” for one month but eating a pizza if I want to, I just try to not eat more than 1500 calories per day, and even doing this, I’ve already lost 5 kg

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  • Hey Vince
    I started your program and now it’s almost been a month
    Ok the first week I have lost 2 KG’s and that was amaaazing
    But then the next whole week after exercise with almost same diet I lost 1KG and the next week like.5 KG
    What do you think I should do???

  • A cheat day doesn’t mean you have to eat donuts for every meal. It can mean having the sugary cereal you like instead of oatmeal, having an extra sandwich for lunch, pasta for dinner and maybe a brownie as dessert.

  • Some advice, do some exercise (even if it’s just a little) and try figure out how many calories you’ve burned. I find after I know around how much I’ve burned I’m much less likely to eat junk food because then I can easily see the math that I’m throwing away my hard work.

  • Sean do you know any good strength programs. I have been using your program for a while I gained a ton of strength anyway to get stronger even faster.

  • Shaun one topic no one ever talks about is dietary fat.I eat around 2500 hundred calories lots of carbs in basic zero fat sugar free oatmeal.I take wey protein and liquid mutivimin.I still don’t know how much fat I should be supplementing?

  • I do find it interesting that after a night of eating pizza, the next morning you look good because of all the glycogen. Then you feel fat again haha

  • I can’t cheat…I stay on my diet….but if I feel like if I need to eat I grab an avocado or find a good healthy substitute for what I’m craving.

  • Sean, great video as usual. As for video recommendation, can you explain effect of light weights vs heavy weights for muscle hypertrophy ie. If we increase intensity using light weights (shorter rest periods, lifting tempo, etc.) does it have the same effect as increasing intensity by using heavier weights. Which is more efficient (for hypertrophy)? Thanks.

  • Sean my weight is 124 kg and my i need 3964 calories to maintain my weight. If i cut my calories down to 3500 on the Days i train (4 Times a week) and on my resting Days i eat 2500 calories do you Think i Will loose fat?

    I was thinking 2500 calories because im inactive those Days thats why i dont need so much food. Can you please help/give me some tips on my approach

  • I dont need to watch the video,
    The obvious answer is no, not to be a douche, but it’s fuckin common sense for any idiots that really asking SMFH����
    Just like if you eat good for one day it’s not gonna make a difference!!!!
    Consistancy is the key, Dummies!!!

  • I think If You train every day 2 hours in the Gym with intensity you can have 2 time a week a cheat MEAL.i was 105 kg,about 210 pounds i think and now i have 87kg,doing every day gym,and i work 10 hours a day

  • Have a cheat meal (like a pizza or a stack of pancakes) once every two weeks ONE MEAL ONLY and a carb re feed once a month. But like a doughnut or a cookie allow it once every two days but only one of these sweet things

  • Yeah, I need to have some cheat meals here and there to keep my sanity. This is a life style, a life long journey… so I need to have cheat meals here and there.

  • So Sean if I over eat one day should I go back to eating my regular deficit the following day or can I reduce my calories further to “undo” the additional calories on the previous day?

  • Man, i always take friday as cheat day. I take like 3500 c and guess what i lose 30 kg in 4 months. And start gain some insane muscles

  • I have a question that i didnt find any answer to so far. I do have a schedule for my workouts. Day 1abs, Day2-legs and booty, Day 3upper body,Day 4cardio day, Day 5-rest day. When is it the best to have a cheat day? On the rest day??

  • Unrestrained cheat days ruin progress because when you cut, the increase in appetite can lead you to eat way above your maintenance calories if you aren’t careful. I’m a fan of calorie cycling. I like to do a higher deficit of 1000-1500 5 days a week, then have two days when I eat at, or slightly above my TDEE. Keeps me sane and leaves a comfortable amount of space for treats.

  • This makes so much sense. Its true, cheat days that are done well, help my metabolism so much. I’ve noticed I have been way more successful when I am not like a strict robot with my diet. I am very careful with how many cheat days and how much I am consuming, but when I do have a cheat day it makes my weight loss journey way more enjoyable and I ultimately have more motivation.

  • I’m starting my 3rd week of cutting at a 400 cal deficit. I’m glad to have come across this video because I was really curious if my freedom day was actually helping me. I agree ��! The break is needed and at 1lb a week so far, I can say it works. Cut, weights, freedom day it up!

  • It’s a lot easier to stick to your diet plan when you know that you can have cheat meal twice a week without ruining your progress. Guys from NextLevelDiet are doing a great job. Visit their website and see for yourself.

  • I haven’t had a cheat day in 50 days… I’ve been watching YouTube videos on ‘cheat day’ lately and none has mirrored/explained my past situations the last few months like this one! Amen brother, your helping me make a major decision. Which, is backed by what I believe, knowledgeable advice! Thank you, and Gain On


  • A cheat meal won’t make you fat, too many calories will, I could have a douzain donuts a day and lose weight, obviously it’s not a good option for weight loss but I’m just giving an example

  • I have cheat day every 10 days. But 15 days ago I drank and omg I had lost all my motivation to stay on keto. I cheated for 10 days straight and man I was upset. I’m on day 5, back on track. Also this is my 2nd month on keto.
    (My advice don’t get shit face drunk on a cheat day)

  • This guy sounds like a late night infomercial I’m practically waiting for the toll free number and free knives if I call in the next eight minutes! What a put off!! Bring back Max!

  • I still cheat almost every day, major sweet tooth, ive just trained my brain to be satisfied with only having 1 cookie. youre eating that cookie for the taste that you crave, not for a nutritional benefit, so dont let yourself succumb to the temptation to keep shoving them down your throat. If youre not strong enough to walk away after one cookie, you cannot eat that shit for a long time or ever.

  • 40 days of IF, 75% OMAD, 25% 20-4 or 16-8, very disciplined stumbled rarely mostly good food but really didn’t count calories, walking 5miles per day for couple weeks, dumbbell 30 minutes every other day. Very happy with results but wasn’t easy, 167 to 154! Had cheat day, ate large Italian sub app 1050 calories, 2 payday candy bars 900 calories, Reese’s peanut butter cups 900 calories, 2 Diet Pepsi ( 16oz). This on top of my usual plain Greek yogurt and wild blueberries, baked potatoe and 4 oz burger patty. I felt ill and regretted eating like a pig but really freaked out when I got on scale and had gained 10lbs!!! From 154 in the morning to 164 @night. How is this even possible! No more cheat days for me! Goal weight is 150lbs, I was so close!

  • Donuts are my absolute number weakness. It’s cheat day everyday for donuts lol. I’m super skinny so I don’t feel so bad. Also, I eat super healthy every day and exercise 4 times a week.