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Isomalto-Oligosaccharides: A Complete Guide to This Protein Bar Ingredient. Isomalto-oligosaccharides, also known as IMOs, are exploding in popularity as a low-calorie, high-fiber carbohydrate in protein bars. Although IMOs are found naturally in some fermented foods and natural sweeteners, this prebiotic fiber source is most commonly synthesized in a lab and. Isomalto-oligosaccharide. Isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO) is a moderately sweet carbohydrate that occurs naturally, though in small quantities, in honey.

It is also found in fermented foods such as miso and soy sauce. It has certain beneficial properties similar to Oligofructose and Inulin. Like these it is made up of carbohydrate chains that are resistant to digestion, and. July 18, 2018 Andy Yingling Collaborator Isomalto-Oligosaccharides: A Complete Guide to This Protein Bar Ingredient Isomalto-oligosaccharides are a common protein bar ingredient used to increase flavor. Learn the benefits of this lower calorie sweetener.

One Bar Ingredients include: protein blend (whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate), isomalto-oligosaccharides (prebiotic fiber from vegetable source), vegetable glycerin, maltitol, palm kernel oil, sunflower seed butter, natural flavors, nonfat dry milk, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), sea salt, tapioca starch, calcium carbonate, colored with beta. Protein bar manufacturers picked up on this need and started creating low-carb, high-protein energy bars. The hidden sweetening agent?

You guessed it: IMO. There are two main reasons why IMO was a seemingly genius addition to protein bars: It has a sweet taste, but contains fewer calories per gram than natural sugar. One Protein Bars Variety Pack, 12 Bars, Various Flavors Best Tasting Protein Bars, Superior to Quest Bars, Contains Isomalto Oligosaccharides, High Fiber, High Protein, Great Healthy Snack Oh Yeah!

RXBAR, Chocolate Sea Salt, Protein Bar, 1.83 Ounce (Pack of 12), High Protein Snack, Gluten Free. These homemade cookie dough protein bars are made by combining vanilla extract, protein powder, maple syrup, and cashew butter, along with a few other simple ingredients. They also contain oat.

Quest is a sports nutritional brand you can trust to understand your pre and post workout recovery needs, and as such, they have a range of bars to suit your requirements.Their Quest Protein Bar contains 20 grams of protein and less than 7 grams of net carbs. It also comes in a range of delicious sweet flavors to satisfy your cravings including Mocha Chocolate Chip, Chocolate. The Complete Guide to Protein They can also be little better than a candy bar. It depends on the ingredients. Food manufacturers often create products they call “protein bars,” but which don’t offer much protein, and contain plenty of ingredients you may not want.

Choose bars that provide an ample amount of high-quality protein without high. Calories: 200 Protein: 20 g Total carbs: 22 g Total fat: 9 g (0.5 saturated) Sugar: 2 g If you want a protein bar that’s great for athletes, Janc suggests Quest bars for.

List of related literature:

The defatted flakes provide defatted meals, flours and grits (40 to 60 percent protein), protein concentrates (70 percent protein) and isolate (90 to 98 percent protein).

“Encyclopedia of Food and Color Additives” by George A. Burdock
from Encyclopedia of Food and Color Additives
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The ingredients listing is likewise deceptive since it lists “casein (protein)” rather than “casein (milk protein).”

“History of Soy Sauce (160 CE To 2012)” by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
from History of Soy Sauce (160 CE To 2012)
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FIGURE 16.8 Trained panel texture profiles of peanut butter-flavored meal replacement bars made with whey protein, soy protein, or a mixture of whey protein and soy protein.

“Milk Proteins: From Expression to Food” by Mike Boland, Harjinder Singh, Abby Thompson
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The ingredient list provides information on the protein and amino acid–containing ingredients in the food.

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
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Note that many of these ingredients are quite expensive, up to over 20 times more expensive than the high-carbohydrate materials they might replace in a protein-enhanced formulation.

“Soy Applications in Food” by Mian N. Riaz
from Soy Applications in Food
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It contains substantially all of the original protein and also a good deal of vitamins and nutrient minerals that add plus factors to the nutritional quality of the product.

“Regional Export Expansion: Hearings, Ninetieth Congress, First [-second] Session, on Potentials and Problems of Developing Small Business Regional Export Industries and Institutions Over the Next Decade” by United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Small Business
from Regional Export Expansion: Hearings, Ninetieth Congress, First [-second] Session, on Potentials and Problems of Developing Small Business Regional Export Industries and Institutions Over the Next Decade
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To protect yourself as a consumer, always check ingredient lists, serving sizes, and amounts of protein per serving before buying a protein powder.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
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Whole milk protein blends contain both caseins and whey proteins, and this category includes most of the traditional sources of milk msnf. fresh concentrated skimmed milk, or spray,dried low,heat skim milk powder.

“Handbook of Frozen Foods” by Y. H. Hui, Isabel Guerrero Legarretta, Miang Hoong Lim, K.D. Murrell, Wai-Kit Nip
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The finished product contains about 30 percent protein, 3.5 percent fat, 3.5 percent carbohydrates, and 40 percent moisture.

“The Book of Tempeh” by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
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The chemical composition of protein concentrate is intermediate between that of defatted meal and protein isolate.

“Handbook of Herbs and Spices: Volume 2” by K. V. Peter
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  • Hey Dr. Berg! I recently discovered allulose syrup, and love it. I buy a maple flavored version and it is excellent. I have tried to read about allulose, but would like to know if you feel this is a good option. If you have already done a video covering this, would you happen to have the link? Thank you!

  • Does the same hold true for the product that’s called “Fiber Yum”…extremely expensive. Last I looked on Amazon yesterday it was selling for $45….when I looked today it had been taken down��

  • How about oat fiber?

    I only tend to use about a tablespoon of it in a recipe that yields a dozen fat bombs or cookies -mostly as a filler, to give some substance to a liquid-y recipe. So I’m not very concerned unless I’m told that even a small amount is bad for some reason.

  • Thank you so much for going over this Dr Berg! (and for being honest and open about growing and learning more) Its a hot debated topic right now, and I know from my own research this is something to avoid and havent touched it, but your concise and clear breakdown is great and is perfect to refer others to when they have questions.

    I know that Quest bars have already changed from IMO to corn fiber. I haven’t seen people report the same spike from corn fiber. Although I wouldnt consider it clean, Im wondering about the mechanics and if it would spike blood sugar in a similar way (because im not gonna be buying quest bars to test it myself lol). Again, big thanks!

  • After reading some of the comments I’ve come to realize that people are consumed with food. sweets treats and drinks. How brainwashed people have become. Not one of my friends can go without carbs and sugar im alone in this and i like don’t need dessert.

  • Thank you for sharing this info. You mentioned prebiotic fiber you used that didn’t spike your sugar. Can you please share which one did you use? Would appreciate the info

  • Been using psyllium husk + stevia to make a pudding that’s crazy good at satisfying my gluten cravings. Thanks for the updated info, Dr. Berg! ��

  • wow thank you so much for this! I was trying to figure out if it was good or not and you really broke this down. It basically takes away from getting your fiber from whole foods, but technically is still keto friendly.

  • Why the hell did you not test you and your wife’s blood sugar pre and post consumption? I’m just saying as a fellow medical practitioner/scientist stop just putting info out there especially when you can test it yourself.

  • Thank you Dr Berg, my question is, if you are having a meal anyway, would it be an issue that your blood sugar is spiked by this ie having a small amount of this product in a pudding receipe?

  • Wow mike killer fitness and nutrition information in this YouTube video so glad I know about this appreciate everything you do on YouTube

  • Mike, I just bought some ONE bars yesterday (iced gingerbread) and the IMO ingredient has been moved way down in the ingredients list. Soluble vegetable fiber is now the second ingredient after the protein blend.

    Looks like they are already moving away from the IMO as a fiber (or at least the main source of fiber) in their bars.

  • TL; DW.

    It’s a slow-carb, not good for a keto diet.

    It doesn’t make you poop (or make it easier or more comfortable to poop), so by FDA rules, it’s not a fiber.

    Unlike sugar, and like other prebiotics, it prevents cavities.

    It can feed the good bacteria in your colon and decrease fecal pH. What does that mean? Nobody knows! Will it help you live longer, prevent diseases, or help you lose weight? Nobody knows, and the manufacturer isn’t allowed to make those kinds of claims.

  • Hey Dr. Berg, based on the information in this video, will you be revising your book “DR. BERG’S KETOGENIC DESSERTS: New and Improved with More Recipes! by ERIC BERG, DC”? Will you be issuing a free version of the update for those who purchased directly from your store?

  • If you make cookies or protein bars, using 50 grams of vitafiber for 10 slices won’t do much to you, that’s like 10 cals of fibers for a protein bar… What do you think it’ll do to your pancreas? Especially if you don’t have insulin resistance/obesity and do weightlifting or any sport.

  • Have you heard of PrimalThin protein bar? 4 ingredients. 20 protein/1 sugar…monk fruit..130 calories/all organic ingredients. Not bad at all….i love them

  • You have no idea what your talking about lol. IMOs were abandoned because you are able to metabolize over half of it and it would spike blood sugar. IMOs also tasted fantastic, almost like sugar. Soluble corn fiber is a tasteless dust and ruins products. You’re obviously not into this stuff and are randomly reporting on something you know nothing about.

  • I just use RAW Honey when I feel like making wholesome cookies; however, very rarely. I just made CocoA (Not CocAo) Ice Cream and wow was that out this world. I notice so many recipes call for so much SUGAR. I use Raw Honey and I cut the sugar in half by what a recipe calls for. Love 4Truth!

  • Hey Doc!
    I can’t let you off of the hook for this one!
    I have been a subscriber since at least last year. I am 57 years old, insulin resistant, an endomorph, sugar addicted, and uber busy entrepreneur. Your no nonsense approach and your scholarship is what attracted me to your channel. I do not have the time to do the extensive research on ingredients, and their effect on the body down to the cellular level. There is so much contradictory and straight up false information out here, I trusted you to help me navigate the bull$#¥. I have purchased your products and have used your recipes. I LOVE pancakes with syrup! I thought that I had to give it up, until your super cute wife suggested that I use fiber yum and maple extract. The effects of it on my body puzzled me, but I was confident that you said it was good for keto. Now, after all of this time, it appears that I may as well have been using Mrs Butterworth or Log Cabin. NOT COOL! So now I’m wondering what else you may be mistaken about. I’m also using, at your suggestion, Erythritol, Stevia, and Monk Fruit, and Xylitol, depending on what is needed for a particular recipe. I am in no position to have to keep starting over due to misinformation. My budget is extremely limited. Just for your information, to date, I have purchased:
    Wheat Grass w/Lemon, Hair Formula, Adrenal Support, Electrolyte Formula, and your Sleep Formula. I am serious about my health, but I struggle to get rid of this belly fat. I totally accept that at the end of it all, it is up to me, but having correct information is integral to having a fighting chance.You have a great platform. With that comes a great responsibility to your subscribers to KNOW what you are talking about. I’m just saying.

  • Thanks. I just purchased fiber yum based on one of these recipes….oh well live and learn. I’m glad Dr Berg is willing to advise when new information conflicts with previous assertions.

  • Quest Cookies: So I just picked up the Quest Cookies at Sheetz. Overall good but my stomach burns a bit. Taste is good. I hope you guys review them soon if you haven’t.

  • My GNC’s only low carb bar is Quest. Meh. Tried Keto Bars coconut is ok, peanut is bad, very bitter, tastes rancid. They said the peanut oil they use is sometimes bitter. I say it’s gone bad. 8/10 will reorder the coconut ones, peanut is a no go.

  • I stalled..I bought some bars that said 4 net grams of carbs.Then i read the label on the individual wrapper and it said 24 net carbs.

  • Thank you for all your videos. But I am really trying to find the one you spoke about the Quest Birthday Cake Bar. I believe you said that is the best one for the keto diet. But please correct me if I am wrong?

  • I’m so confused. I just started keto today and thought I understand but don’t. The label on the quest hero bar said 13g of sugar and 30g of total carbs. how is that keto!? I don’t understand net carbs. Do I only look at net carbs or total carbs!? HALP

  • This sucks because I like Fiber Yum regardless as to whether it’s a fiber or not. It didn’t have the same effect on blood sugar as sugar or corn syrup so I hope they re-brand and continue to sell it as “Yum Yum Syrup” or something else without the “fiber”.

  • I just have two questions. Why is cigarettes legal? And why is alcohol legal? Who takes the bunch of idiots fraud Government seriously?

  • Have you guys tried or looked at the ELEVATION bars at ALDI? I bought some as they were advertised on the box as COMPARED TO QUEST BARS and since Quest are like $2.50+ and these were a little over $5 for 4 of them I thought I’d try and looking at the box not anything I can SEE right off that would be bad. And CRAB-FIBER gets you 6 carbs and even less with the SA deduction if you choose to calculate that way.:)

  • Hi..I have a question plz..I ate two Albacore canned tuna..and I think i have poised whith mercury.. I had a symptoms like
    Tremors.Emotional changes.Insomnia
    Weakness.. can the brain and body get rid of this metallic..or it will stay for long time and cause perminat damage?

  • Just make almond butter and peanut butter and any crunchy stuff like slivered almonds and coconut. Add butter and or coconut oil any kind of seeds etc. make balls then freeze way better than these fake foods

  • Thanks for the update on this. I realized it was hard to find info before on IMO as well, but I guess now I gotta drop those Love Good Fat bars from my Amazon S&S.

  • Hi Mr. Berg. Can you go into the same details with: boiled plantains (resistant starch bananas) and Okinawan purple sweet potatoes? Any thoughts for those?
    The only drinkable man-made liquid is Kombucha but even that one watch the sugars/brand.

  • I still liked using Fiber Yum for making my own protein bars which didn’t raise my blood glucose levels after eating one bar. If I were to use a light corn syrup, it would be a VERY DIFFERENT outcome! Sadly, I see they have discontinued it when in fact, I would still buy it seeing it was a much better alternative to corn syrup.

  • And this is why I trust you so much. Thank you for showing how you are also open to growing and learning as new information is found.

  • Thank you. I’ve been on the fence about this; afraid it would spike my blood sugar. I was almost ready to buy it. You saved me a lot of pain.

  • Just watched this…. I know it’s from last year but…. What do you say about the Kirkland chocolate peanut butter chunk protein bars?

  • I started keto 2 weeks ago. I have thought about it for over a year now and now it’s the right time for me. I’ve lost 5 pounds but I’m not worried about quick weight loss. I need to lose 20 pounds. I’m more concerned about have more energy. I’ve been watching both of you and Im getting great information from your channel. Thank you

  • Blegh. Corn is in everything. EVERYTHING. More people are becoming allergic and it’s catastrophically difficult to avoid. Full disclosure: both my kids are allergic and I’m emotionally invested in hating corn. Neat vid tho. (:

  • I’m type 2 diabetic and Atkins bars raise my sugar to 180 within an hour!! Quest is better but still raises me. I usually do half a quest at a time.

  • You guys should let people know about the expiration dates on quest bars. You have to get the ones that have the latest date because they can get stale very quickly and turn people off from eating them initially. Target, Walmart, VitaminShoppe and GNC usually have the most recently released versions.

  • I take IMO. After it fixed my gut flora, I am able to only put 3/4 teaspoon in about 28 ounces of kool-aid. Then it takes at least a week to consume it. That’s because if I take more, I would have a healthy bowel movement every few hours for a couple days. Not uncomfortable but very time-consuming. My gut flora was ruined by three hospital stays with anti-biotic IV drip for several days each time. I couldn’t even take the anti-biotic they gave me to take upon exiting hospital care for extreme diarrhea. I’ve taken a lot of the other prebiotics. None helped. IMO save my life. YES, PEOPLE SHOULD TAKE IMO. It will fix your gut and don’t believe probiotics will either. They don’t even stay in your gut, except for a few very expensive, non-room temperature viable strains.

  • I did a test on myself with Smart Sweets gummy bears. Half a serving raised my glucose to 181 at 45 min after consuming!

    There are multiple names for IMO but, it’s typically “tapioca fiber”. It’s used in a lot of supposedly keto friendly products.

  • I’ve just eaten an Atkins chocolate raspberry bar and whether it’s ok to eat or not, it’s disgusting. Also tiny. Yucky chemical dry taste.

  • Can you discuss vegetable glycerine? From my research, it’s carby BUT doesn’t affect insulin/glucose in the body. It’s perfect for homemade ice cream. It’s not very sweet at all really. Thx!!

  • I love that you have the integrity to correct yourself once you get further information. Our world needs more honesty like this in ALL professions!

  • I thought Prebiotic Tapioca Fiber is the same as Isomaltooligosaccharide. Is that not the case? I have a feeling some of those companies are trying to be sneaky and not list IMO in the ingredient list.

  • Dr Berg, is Swerve sugar substitute ok? Ingredients read: erythritol, oligosaccharides and natural flavors. Thanks SO much for all you do!

  • What about Organic soluble tapioca? It is an ingredient in Pyure Hazelnut spread, which claims to be Keto. In the description they write:

    Legal Disclaimer:

    Pyure tapioca fiber is a resistant dextrin type that is well tolerated and should not cause large spikes in blood glucose levels. Other brands may use what is called isomaltooligosaccharides (IMO) which can cause spikes and can also be labeled as fiber. Pyure does not use IMO.

  • I’m so glad that this happened. Those who tend to gravitate to products with IMO are usually, or trying to be, health conscious. It was so misleading that it’s upsetting. I think Oh Yeah One bars still use it. Thanks for this video Mike. Loving the quality content! Keeping an eye out for that berberine vid!

  • Love u guys honestly u are the most down to earth out there on keto. I would choose u as friends are easy to understand and i don’t feel stupid like others make me feel. You do the work for me which is so helpful. Im 3weeks in diabetic and 20lbs down. Again thankyou

  • I don’t ever use any of this crap! I normally don’t ever consume stevia, erythritol, monkfruit, artificial sweeteners, etc…so why would I make fat bombs or use products with it? Just eat REAL FOOD. Cream cheese on celery, hard boiled eggs, salad, etc.

  • You never cease to amaze me…in contrast to arrogant “PhD’s”, pridefully Frozen in false information, stubbornly force-feeding it to the masses. Humility saves lives. Throwing FY away. Wasted in the trash as opposed to my body IS the better choice!! ������

  • Looks like corn syrup or agave, which means processed. I’m even starting to push Stevia away unless I pick the leaves straight from the plant. Pure honey and stevia leaves for me!

  • Thank you very much for your intellectual integrity. I really appreciate this video and the fact that you didn’t shy away from correcting yourself and admitting that you were wrong.

  • Oh god those one bars did not work ������ theres something about ONE ☝️ bars ( my heart was skipping beats like crazy everytime i tried to eat those, so i gave up on those lol. Maybe I was allergic to an ingredient in them.

  • My husband bought a big box of quest bars and they were moldy as heck �� he wasnt too happy about that lol back to the returns those went! �� They replaced the bad ones with fresher ones ��

  • Well crap, it confirms my suspicion. When I use a little squirt of my favorite ‘maple syrup’ substitute that contains ‘liquid fiber’, it always left me feeling a little icky as if I’d ingested corn syrup.

  • My Lakanto Maple flavored syrup lists “vegetable fiber” in the ingredients…. I’m assuming this is what’s in it…..I knew it was too good to be true

  • One bars are so good but I’m type 2 diabetic and they raise me. Original Atkins bars are horrible on my glucose numbers too.. I’m 180 2hrs after eating one.

  • Thanks! Information so helpful. I just started buying the quest bars based on your previous vid hauls and reviews, so glad to see still an ok choice. I actually just like them for a dessert replacement and only eat probably quarters at a time.

  • & Thanks for that, it makes you one of the rare few. NOT EASY! Their is another doctor I will not mention who also admits an corrects. YOUR THE BEST! I’m watching your older videos also, priceless info

  • I’m doing keto and omad and have been since January so I just found out that there wasn’t much carbs in these types of bars and got one today in a shop a fulfil mint chocolate bar and it was only 10g carbs now I had less carb rich veg in my dinner today and was still under 20g carbs so maybe just depends if your going just keto you can’t afford to have these but with omad I have no issues eating under 20g carbs I mostly eat spinach and mince etc

  • I don’t know but I lost interest in watching Dr’s videos after his half baked short video saying Psyllium husk causes cancer. Still, I am subscribed just for the heck of it.

  • I’ve even seen companies (I believe glycerna) subtract corn starch from the carb count!! Corn starch is obviously a carb��‍♀️��
    But how can you say that the hero bars are only 5 meet carbs? Is says 13g sugar right in the label!

  • I’m struggling not having sweets (aka chocolate). I’ve been having a small (5g) square of chocolate and it that’s all i need, problem is it has maltitol. would this small amount be ok, or am I ruining my efforts for keto with this?

  • Quest birthday cake is the best bar I’ve tried but I never by them for home cause I find they are too good and trigger me to overeat, but they are great for when ur out and there are no there keto options

  • It’s amazing how few people have the integrity to admit they were wrong and change their view once they have new information. Always impressed with Dr. Berg.

  • I have a question that I’ve not been able to find an answer to for a couple of years. I never would use either of the IMO syrup brands (Vitafiber or FiberYum) because I had found in researching them that some people actually produced the enzyme necessary to convert and absorb it as a carb. Some people apparently were not affected by it though. So I have been trying to find out if Isomalto-oligosaccharides and oligosaccharides are the same things. If so the very popular sweetener Swerve is made from a blend of erythritol and oligosaccharides which means ii too would raise blood glucose. Anyone know if they are the same?

  • There’s a brand called Daryl’s all natural that make relatively low sugar bars made just with peanut powder. They are all natural and much cheaper then quest bars (1.50$) they come in tons of flavours like s’mores, mocha, praline, pumpkin spice. They are sooo good and are sweetened with stevia (I’m pretty sure) there obviously not super good for me to but on a LCHF diet they are sooo good! They sell them at my local sobeys in the fridge section. I wonder if they only sell them in Canada… anyways their super good:)

  • This may also be called “tapioca fiber.” I read an article about tapioca fiber (IMO) that said the FDA has determined it to be a sugar and will require manufacturers to change their labeling accordingly in the next year or two. In the meantime, read your labels and don’t trust the printed carb counts. And yes, the safest thing to do is to eat whole foods!

  • I wanted to let you and your viewers know something I learned about the “Keto friendly” Quest Protein Bars that everyone recommends. Anyone who eats those or any of the protein bars regularly (if you’re not making them yourself) needs to be sure to check to see how it affects your blood glucose. I’m diabetic so it might not affect everyone the same, but it’s something to consider if you don’t want to risk getting bumped out of ketosis.

    I bought one to try yesterday and ate it last night. My blood sugars had been a good 112 two hours after a very low carb dinner and I ate the Quest bar four hours after that reading (and about six hours after taking my slow-acting insulin). I did not think to check my blood sugars before bed two hours later, but when I tested them after a 12 hour fast they were up to 123. I cannot even begin to imagine what they had spiked to after eating that bar for them to still be that high after a 12 hour fast. My waking numbers are usually in the 90s.

    Needless to say, I won’t be eating any more store bought Quest bars. Even the 11 net carb Nut and Seed Larabars never spiked my blood sugars that much. Just a warning to all my fellow Ketoers. Stay healthy, my friends!

  • So basically you don’t recommend ANY keto-friendly “syrup”? Welp, there goes Thanksgiving……. �� Thank you for your honesty. I want to eat right, not just eat “keto”.

  • Thank you guys, been searching for a Keto Bar for a couple days. Trying to make sure my money doesn’t get thrown away to some random Keto Bar that’s really just some fake garbage. Bought a pack of the Keto Bars and I’m excited to try them out!

  • Looking forward to watching your videos every day. Watch it every day while having my coffee. No need a reminder for me because I’m addicted to watching your videos!

  • Heads Up guys. I just had a SCF product that pushed my glucose up. From 90 before eating it up to 158 in 30 minutes. I thought that was pretty high, pretty fast. I am not buying the SCF claims to be high fiber. It was delicious tho. (ps…. I love your vids you guys are great)

    ChocZero’s Keto Bark, Dark Chocolate Coconuts with Sea Salt. 1)
    by ChocZero = AMAZON

  • Wait, so using this will kick you out of Ketosis? How is that possible when it has 5g carbs, 5g protein? Doesn’t it cancel out for 0g Net Carbs? Genuinely asking.

  • How do You feel about the primal, Paleo and paegan bars from Julian Bakery. Every bar has 4 ingredients. No sugar alcohols. Net carbs due to fibre.