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Mediterranean Diet Cuts Risk of Heart Disease

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Mediterranean Diet Has Huge Health Benefits, New Study Finds | The New York Times

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Is the Mediterranean Diet as Great as They Say? The Answer, According to Science

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Study: Mediterranean diet could lengthen life

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Those who ate a Mediterranean diet that contained lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and olive oil had faster race times compared to those who followed a traditional Western diet high in red or processed meats, sodium, trans fats, refined sugar and dairy. People who followed a Mediterranean diet for just four days ran a 5K that was 6 percent faster, cutting an average of 1 minute and 50 seconds off. If so, then the Mediterranean diet might be what you need. Mediterranean Diet: Run Faster In Four Days Thanks to numerous researchers, studies and people who actually experienced the results, we’ve all been praising the Mediterranean diet for quite a while now.

Overall, the study found that people were 6 percent faster in the 5 km treadmill run after following the Mediterranean diet than they were after adhering to a Western diet. This improvement. Bread and pasta also have a place in the Mediterranean diet, but choose whole-grain and whole-wheat options over white and refined grains. “They add fiber and bulk to the diet, which can help. Is there any health trouble that the Mediterranean diet can’tfix?

Full of vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, and oils, the centuries-old way of eating has been linked to improved memory, helps you run. The Diet Change That Can Help You Run 6 Per Cent Faster In 4 Days. Set a new PB in less than a week. by Lucy Bode.

Getty. We’ve been singing the praises of the Mediterranean diet for a while – it promotes heart health, helps with inflammation and can even reduce your risk of depression. Conceive faster with the Mediterranean diet There are some pretty crazy ideas out there in the world, such as if you sleep with a knife under your mattress you’ll have a boy child. Utterly ridiculous but people in some cultures do it.

Also the doggy style position is recommended to. Considering the important role the heart plays during intense exercise, this style of eating is ideal for athletes. Due to its emphasis on unsaturated omega-3 fats, the Mediterranean style diet can. The Mediterranean diet might help you lose weight.

While some people fear that eating a diet like the Mediterranean diet that is relatively rich in fats (think olive oil, olives, avocado and some.

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To do so, you supplement with gels, drinks, and foods all aimed at delivering exogenous carbohydrates so you can run faster.

“Training Essentials for Ultrarunning: How to Train Smarter, Race Faster, and Maximize Your Ultramarathon Performance” by Jason Koop, Jim Rutberg
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You also improve your anaerobic threshold, which allows you to run a faster pace and remain aerobic.

“Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide” by Hal Higdon
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Obviously, runners with better endurance can run longer—and burn more calories.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
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Now the Moroccans, Tunisians, Algerians and others who are moving into the international scene are also running fast times because they, too, have done so much aerobic running as youngsters that they have a huge natural base on which to build speed and proper technique.

“Running to the Top” by Arthur Lydiard, Garth Gilmour
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This regimen, however, does not suit all runners; some find that training on a low-carbohydrate diet is very uncomfortable, and they start the race stiff and heavy.

“Handbook of Nutrition and Diet” by Desai
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Exercise lasting less than 60 minutes requires only normal carbohydrate intake and glycogen reserves.12,115,165,189,197 For example, carbohydrate loading did not benefit trained runners in a 20.9-km (13-mile) run compared with a run following a low-carbohydrate diet.

“Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance” by William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch
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Runners may concentrate on losing body weight as a way to increase speed, because many believe that thinner is always faster.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
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In fact, folklore has it that the Greeks had lions chase the runners, thinking that would make them run faster.

“Developing the Leader Within You” by John C. Maxwell
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Running also improves your cardiovascular and respiratory systems and can help you control your weight.

“Menopause For Dummies” by Marcia L. Jones, Theresa Eichenwald, Nancy W. Hall
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Thus, many marathon runners and other endurance athletes follow a precise exercise and dietary regimen that includes eating large amounts of complex carbohydrates, such as pasta, rice, and potatoes, in the 3 days before an event.

“Anatomy and Physiology for the Manual Therapies” by Andrew Kuntzman, Gerard J. Tortora
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  • The medateranian people in the United States don’t eat this way. Look in their grocery carts, they have nothing but junk food and snack food. Especially at Costco. They love all those huge boxes of crappy junk and snack food.
    Cracks me up………..

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  • it doesn’t matter if this diet has been around for hundreds of years. it doesn’t matter if yoga has been around for thousands of years. but when its becomes front page on the new york times, people take notice. and all of a sudden it becomes some sort of new fashion trend.

  • I would be interested to see the descent of the test subjects who were successful in this diet. I’m sure that this diet is healthy and good for people, but it would be the best diet for the people of Mediterranean descent. Thanks to evolution, one’s body is best designed to digest what his ancestors ate. There is an example of lactose tolerance, where one is more likely to be tolerant of lactose if his ancestors were cow farmers. His ancestors would have drank the cow’s milk, and over time, their body and their children’s bodies would have adapted to digest lactose. Then this trait is passed on for generations to come. So if one is of Mediterranean descent, his ancestors would have lived off this diet for many generations, making them more apt to be successful in digesting this diet.

    Now if the test subjects were of other descents and were still equally as successful, this makes me wonder if the first human city of Mesopotamia would have a direct influence on us today. Mesopotamia was a huge place where many people lived longer than they had before due to the agriculture and domestication of animals, and it was in the Mediterranean area. I would not be surprised if the people here were the one’s who started the so called Mediterranean diet. This may be a stretch, but maybe many people are more evolutionarily adept to this Mediterranean diet because of a very distant ancestor from Mesopotamia.

  • Up to 30% less likely to develop heart disease, etc, doesn’t mean that you will. A plant-based diet without added oils, such as olive oil, has been shown to blow 30% out of the water.

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  • yes the tomato sauce is important. they have found that tomatoes have some v. important nutrients. High in vitamins A and C, lycopene and also many anti oxidants which help prevent cancer. also proven very good for your skin and maintaining collagen/elastin.

  • Please everyone STOP with all of the olive oil. Yes it’s good and tasty, but it is concentrated fat, please limit and eat in moderation. Reduce animal protein and fat, replace with starchy carbs, legumes, veggies and some fruit. Rice, corn, beans, potatoes, etc. The true Mediterranean diet is of the poor people. They had no money for meat, pounds of cheese, gallons of EVOO. They ate what they grew and centered their diet on what gave them energy and filled them up…………STARCH!!!!!! Olive oil and cheese where enjoyed in moderation as a flavor enhancer/condiment, because they were expensive to acquire or produce. Wine on the other hand was consumed on a regular basis because it was mostly water and grape juice. Eat like a peasant and live like a king.

  • the Mexican diet is best for me. it’s incredibly healthy Traditional Mexican cuisine ancestral, ongoing community culture, the Michoacán paradigm

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