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Your 3pm-coffee-habit reward could be caffeine, that tag-along cookie you buy, the people you interact with along the way, the break from your desk, or the cute barista who remembered your name 3 years ago—and now you’re just on autopilot. However, once you pinpoint the trigger and the reward, you can piggyback healthy new habits onto them. What Happens When You Drink Coffee After Three? Is it still coffee o’clock after 3PM? / PicHelp. If you’re like most people, it is probably your habit to reach for a cup of caffeine during a sluggish afternoon to combat sleep.

However, experts are against this and they believe it is better to switch to decaf, particularly after lunchtime. Coffee-drinkers, beware: Your caffeine habit could induce a temporary mental disorder. The new edition of the mental health manual, the DSM-5, lists caffeine. Reaching for your cup of coffee in the morning or as an afternoon boost might cause you to experience some noticeable mood or physiological changes.

Your caffeine consumption might even make you angry, provided you consume more than a moderate amount. You might also feel angry when trying to curb your caffeine habit. Caffeine is a natural substance found in more than 60 plants. The FDA considers caffeine to be both a food additive and a drug.

This article explores caffeine’s effect on the body, how much is too much, symptoms of caffeine overload, and tips for breaking the caffeine habit. But wait—before you decide to quit your morning cup of coffee, you should know that when done right, coffee is actually a good habit to have. “Caffeine has been shown to be beneficial for your skin,” Goldenberg says. “It has antioxidant properties and has been shown to be anti-inflammatory.”. Caffeine can disrupt your sleep up to six hours after consuming it, leading to an hour or more lost in rest, one study found. So if you want to start winding down and going to bed at 9 p.m.

Caffeine detox isn’t as easy as one would think and I can definitely see the ties to addiction that caffeine possesses. There is also the little voice that keeps telling me to make a pot of coffee and all of this will go away. Kicking a caffeine habit can be incredibly difficult, but it also can be well worth your while. Your sleep might be longer and of higher quality, and your overall health can improve as well. Who knows, you might even be able to introduce coffee back into your diet someday—only now, it might be more of an aromatic treat than a morning necessity.

If you have any concerns about your caffeine consumption you should see your medical professional. The contents of the Caffeine Informer site should not be construed as medical advice or information, and the owners of the site take no liability for the caffeine consumption of individuals using the site.

List of related literature:

The cup of decaf is my ritual.

“Madness: A Bipolar Life” by Marya Hornbacher
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Whatever you call it, it seems that everybody is drinking coffee in the morning.

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It’s not decaffeinated, but I accept a mug anyway, to try and settle my jangling nerves.

“The Man She Married: A gripping psychological thriller with a heart-pounding twist” by Alison James
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As soon as I get up, I make a piping hot cup of coffee (I’ve spent most of my life in Seattle—the hometown for Starbucks—where coffee is almost a cultural obligation).

“The Daniel Fast (with Bonus Content): Feed Your Soul, Strengthen Your Spirit, and Renew Your Body” by Susan Gregory
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Undaunted] My Goodnight coffee, I calls it.

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I am a coffee planter.

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At the time, I hadn’t switched to decaf, so I was experiencing caffeine’s full effects—at least initially.

“The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days” by Yuri Elkaim
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I drink my coffee strong and black and enjoy the bitter taste and strong stimulus each morning.

“The Whole Okra: A Seed to Stem Celebration” by Chris Smith
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To banish my own morning stupor, I depend on the buzz of the 300 to 400 milligrams of caffeine in two mugs of strong coffee, which I down at one sitting.

“Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream: A Day in the Life of Your Body” by Jennifer Ackerman
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My wife and I may need counseling for our coffee incompatibility, but at least we stand united against our woefully mistaken friend who has the nerve to speak against the coffee shop we love so much.

“Christianity For Dummies” by Richard Wagner, Kurt Warner
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  • Never had much issues with coffee besides the fact that sometimes I would completely crash and burn. Happened one time too many and I am going cold turkey.

  • Caffeine load is too high, I had issues strong coffee’s. Most coffee places are strong coffee’s in the long run. if you look at instant coffee’s 1 tea spoon is probably more powerful then like 8grams of coffee grind. Coffee places probably use 20 grams of grind with highest strength. It’s usually for works who run down, that’s where the problem is, people are using as some form of regular big boast, which can have a negative effect.

  • I would love to give up caffeine because I’m tired of all the time but I do not want to go through the withdrawals without having energy lol

  • My doctor has prescribed statins for years FOR ME. All they do is stack up in my cupboard. I DON’T Take them and haven’t since my stroke in 2013. I take vitamins, GCMAF and Niacin. Haven’t had any problems since.

  • Hello, first of all, really like your videos and content! I am looking to be creating some similar content and was wondering if you’d reach out and help me get my feet in the water! Thanks

  • I quit ALL caffeine cold turkey, suffered for a week. Since then my energy and ability to focus has soared. The other benefit I’ve noticed I’m much calmer. Will never go back to caffeine.

  • I am too sensitive to caffeine and I always come to the conclusion that it affects my sleep a lot. I was overcompensating my lack of sleep with caffeine and that’s pretty bad for me because lack of sleep can get me sick. Fuck caffeine!! Now I make sure I sleep 9 hours plus I always good food and is ten times better!!’

  • I went 5 to 6 months without drinking coffee and at work a girl at my job tempted me to get some coffee so I drank it and never stopped since.

  • Thank you for the video! Definitely subscribing.
    I decided to quit coffee due to anxiety and lack of sleep, even from just one cup a day. I like your slow approach. I will follow and it’s funny because I bought the herbal substitute today before watching the video!
    Thank you! Take care

  • Coffee is part of me. My grandfather still drinks it. We’re Cuban, so it’s always espresso too. I left cigarettes behind in 2014 after being a 3 year smoker. One thing that helped was coffee. My favorite part of smoking, was waking up in the morning with a fresh cup of espresso and a smooth Marlboro. Then when I left them behind, the coffee gave me that feeling in a similar way. The steam slowly rising from the cup in my mind simulates the cigarette smoke. Also the strong coffee scent simulates the strong tobacco scent. So now in days, coffee is my Cigarette and it’s done me no harm yet. I love coffee!

  • Yeah I was experiencing the same thing including severe acid reflux which was caused directly by the coffee. I remember trying to do heavy lifting and I always felt like I was going to pass out because the caffeine made me feel too jittery. Before I could drink 2 cups of coffee and have a great workout. My diet is extremely healthy all organic, no gluten bread or dairy, high-quality meats lots of water. The only sub since it was causing these issues was caffeine. I eliminated it cold turkey and it was extremely difficult for two weeks but I got over it. I now True Lucy gum. Nicotine gum is great as far as concentration

  • I used to have 8 cups a day. Then I managed to quit completely for 3 months. Then one day I drank one single espresso, and almost had a heart attack…..

  • I didn’t drink coffee during my whole lifetime. Started drinking it occasionally and don’t see any harm in it in the sense that I might go weeks without drinking coffee because truly I just enjoy the beverage’s flavor, plus, the morning routine to brew a nice cup of coffee (because you like it, not because you’re addicted to caffeine), and I see it as a mindfulness exercise.

    I fully agree that the mainstream media is funded by private capital and will lie to you to obtain profit in any way they can, but you do sound kinda tinfoily hatty with a lot of bad arguments like “coffee is a diuretic thus it makes your skin look better because it’s something less taking water out of your body” which is 100% untrue if you look it up and the book doesn’t really seem too reliable tbh.
    Either way, I think there are a lot of half-truths in this video, the comment section, and think that people can basically believe in anything they wanna believe in depending on where they look it up. The answer to the problem is to look for scientific, non-privately owned research and articles and avoid spreading misinformation online.

  • I’d like to see a statistical study done exploring a possible(?) link between the fast version of cyp1a2 and ADHD and also whether there is a lower incidence of opiate addiction among those with the fast version. From personal experience and anecdotally from those that I know like me with ADHD, caffeine is one of the few ways we can safely self-medicate. Sugar (seemingly) has little to no effect on our energy levels, alertness or attention span ie. there is no ‘sugar rush’ for us.

    As for opiates and central nervous system depressants in general (including alcohol), they are anathema to us. We don’t enjoy or crave the sensation at all. In fact, drugs like Oxycontin often make us feel worse than the pain that they’re prescribed to deal with.

  • I dont really drink caffeine I’m not addicted it it like most people I only drink it like when I go to school some time or when im trying to say up and watch anime

  • People who drink coffee are just lonely and want something or someone warm next to them. No one likes a cold coffee because of that. If you see someone drinking coffee, just befriend them or seek to befriend someone when you feel the coffee urge.

  • I first tried black coffee at evening and I was unable to sleep at night my head was aching and thoughts were continously running it was like my brain became restless it was horrible I won’t try coffee again….

  • I have a Muslim friend who fasts for Ramadan so I started fasting 20 hours a day and feel amazing! Now when I eat before 20 hours I feel like crap…my goal now is to gain about 15 to 20 pounds just so I can fast for long periods without loosing weight!

  • Coffee pre workout supplements next day fatloss pills caffeine day after day week after months after led to high blood pressure close to heart attack stroke

  • I cut out caffeine 3 months ago… withdrawals were terrible, but I feel so much better throughout the day, seriously I’m less anxious and don’t have bad thoughts anymore. I drink sprite and water.

  • anxiety, lack of long focus. Yes, I can jump up and down for hours like a rabbit if I want to with coffee, but can’t really focus on more intellectual work that needs focus.

  • I’ve been drinking loads of it in coffees and energy drink daily, and especially recently I’ve been having a lot of anxiety, been completely exhausted all the time, been depressed had lack of motivation and difficulties with breathing (loads of fast, small ones but couldn’t get a beep, proper one at all it’s awful)

    Ask me in few months, I hope my life with change.

  • Absolute BS. Way too many liars on the news. Just about everyone. Statin’s lead to Dementia, They rid your brain of CoQ10.

  • Salt doesn’t necessarily raise blood pressure in all people. And adding salt to your diet is really healthy. Especially Pink Himalayan Salt, Rock Salt. Also a small touch of table salt because it contains iodine which is a mineral found in salt or certain foods that help with thyroid regulation. You will usually find that people who are told not to add salt to their diet are usually in poor health because they’ve eaten a lot of sugary starchy foods and caused them to be overweight or diabetic or at risk of cardiac issues. But usually even people suffering with hypertension are still able to add salt to their diet, it actually helps hypertension in some cases. I would not restrict salt from a diet at all. Caffeine however I would limit or even cut out for a couple of weeks. Being dependent on something to get you through the day or something you can’t go a day without is a problem that needs to be controlled.

  • I’m a complete slug without my daily cup of coffee. 10 years ago I used coffee as a pick me up a couple times a month, now I consume it daily and get a headache if I miss a day.

  • I love Coffee and Tea but as I get older, my body just can’t handle it any more. The headaches are so bad I had to quit cafeín completely �� but no more insomnia or anxiety so it’s definitely healthier.

  • I went cold turkey. I’m on day 5. Fourth day was brutal and had a headache all day since waking up. Just sucked it up and dealt with it. My sleep has improved.. but I know I have a way to go, since I’ve been drinking this stuff for the past 4 years. Today I felt calm and relaxed. Coffee is a poison.

  • Caffeine is the new smoking problem. Additionally sleep is the most important function in our day without it watch your health disappear, caffeine has a half life of up to 8 hours. Most people wake up with caffeine still in your system from the day before.

  • My dad drinks one a day in the morning and that works for him. One time I made him quit for few weeks and he was never as upbeat or energetic as he was on coffee. Never drink more than one and in the morning and that way the benefits will outweigh the negatives. Only have two sometimes for fun and when you have next day off so youcan get enough sleep.

  • Fake News to promote Statins, which are Pure Poison..if you want Dimenta or Elstimers, achy knees, body aches, chronic dry coughs….go ahead take your poison Statins…my mother takes them and has every one of these Negative side effects..i warned her about the Dangers..she believes her doctor sadly..your brain Floats in Cholesterol…your body needs Cholesterol…Statins stop the livers production of Cholesterol…that’s where the big problems Start…big Pharma is Pure Evil…

  • I like the taste of coffee and drink it for the hotness and ritual of it. I have no interest in caffeine. I never needed caffeine! I wasn’t always a habitual coffee drinker. LOL I always had too much energy. I have the same energy level before and after drinking coffee. I now it sounds weird. The aroma of coffee is even better than the flavor! Where can I find Coffee Perfume? hahaahahahah

  • Thanks very informative, I will try your method except with pour over coffee, just ordered some Teeccino coffee. Hopefully it will work��. I’ve been trying to quit for years. I’ve been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, this is so hard for me

  • Caffeine is bad for health. You want to have a better life? You want to have more energy and less stress?
    Try to quit caffeine. If you don’t feel better, you can come back to caffeine everytime!
    But it can take up to three weeks till your hormonal balance has returned to normal. So be patient. And be prepared for hard times. The first week can be very hard. First 2-3 days are the hardest.
    If you make cold turkey (not remommended), it can clash you. The withdrawls can be very hard.
    The here recommended book (caffeine blues) is very good and a BIG eye opener. I have read about 2/3 of it. I am trying to quit caffeine for more than 10 years now. I have been clean for many times. And I can promise you, everything what is written in this book and what Ryna says is true.
    If you want to be more happy, calm, more energy, less anxiety, better sleep, and other health advantages, you should stop taking caffeine. Try it. You can start drinking coffee everytime, if you want. The believe that coffee is good for health, is one of the biggest miskakes our time. If you want to have the knowledge, how bad caffeine for your health is, and you want to support to get rif off this drug with this knowlodge, you should read the book, which Ryan recommended:

  • in my experience with caffeine addiction, I realized the thing about needing more is only because you get mentally addicted to being at top caffeinated levels, and if the feeling is any less potent, I added more caffeine to feel the same boost.. however, after being hooked on 5 hr energy for 6 years at a min. 2 bottles a day with 1 or 2 cups of coffee on occasion…I have brought my intake down to 420mg on average per day. I’ve gone days at 225mg… my ultimate goal would be to go all day on 100 to 125mg caffeine…. however, my job isnt conducive to an active lifestyle, and I sit at a cpu for 8 hours a day. sitting makes you tired faster because humans are meant to move.

  • I crave it all day. I’m glad it’s summer because I just need a cold drink like a smoothie. Hot coffee is so comforting in a dark winter. I am on day 2 of cold turkey and I have a mild headache and I slept for 10 hours. I feel so different, like I can perceive on a deeper level. I’m way less on edge.

  • All you said are true, that’s what I really feel. I’m addicted to coffee, I wanna quit it because I have GERD. It’s so hard to quit it, I always try to just drink coffee in the morning and I just got tempted to drink a cup again after I worked out this morning that’s why I look for another video on YouTube to help me get rid of coffee and I found your video, thank you.

  • I haven’t had a cup of coffee ☕️ in 12 days and I feel so much better. Better sleep and more energy. I would not have believed it if I didn’t try it. What you are saying is totally true.

  • Coffee has ruined my mental health. Only been drinking it for 3 years. Depression and anxiety occur when I quit it. I’ve been off it for almost a week. Sleep has improved, no headaches.

  • Considered quitting because I have trouble speaking in meetings and I do have circulation issues I think due to excess of coffee. I think I over due the drug as well and come to a point where it’s getting old consuming so much

  • I want to quit caffeine (coffee) but I love being sharp as my work calls for it. I’m wondering, would I be able to have a cup here and there and not daily? Like a cup a week?

  • Coffee gets me through a Saturday and Sunday morning of 13 hrs at work without a sit down but fortunately don’t I feel any adverse effects.. lucky me. Except when I got run over but hey, the adrenaline was a better buzz

  • I started this group to help people get off caffeine. hope to help you over there.

  • I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 11 years old and I’m not going to stop now�� I drink it without sugar or cream its so delicious☕☕☕☕

  • Great video! I’ve been trying to quit caffeine for some time. I definitely started seeing a difference once I switched to decaf. I’m still on decaf now, but I eventually want to get off of caffeine completely due to issues it’s causing for my digestion of food and acid reflux. Thanks for the tip on using the Java herbal mix. Funny thing is I bought a french press recently too.

  • Hey cut out refined sugar and all breads.. you’ll have more energy. it’s hard at first but I’ll get easy. You’ll feel really good.

  • I happened to just buy the Kindle version of caffeine blues earlier today. Check my website out if you like truth. It is

  • my brother 65 yrs old had four heart attacks since ten yrs ago,, needs one more stent back of heart but doesn’t bother. don’t excercise, drinks four cups coffee mornings, drinks BUD six pack day, three packs smokes a day since 18 yrs old, eats ham, pork chops, steak, doc started him on crestor, three months later diabetes, one year later legs in pain has to crawl, doesnt take all meds for diabetes, or blood pressure, says he feel better, been like this for ten yrs! SUPERMAN? EVERYBODY DIFFERENT!

  • I’m addicted to coffee and I can feel my heart rate is much higher than it should be and my throat is dry and i think I will get diarrhea soon if I don’t stop and I can’t end a single sentence because i’m too hyped.

  • Gee, I already watched this video a long time ago, but I just had an argument with my brother, who is strongly anti-coffee, about the usefulness and the dangers of caffeine. After that I open the browser to see this video in my top 3 recommendations… Coincidence?

  • Well heres another study for 2020 based on REAL FACTS….because it happened to me……..the one next to the big ass cup i took and it was horrible.

  • Coffee can cause arrhythmias so it’s best to drink it in moderation. Not every single day. If can’t have energy without coffee then there is something very wrong.

  • I’m trying your program today. I’ve been getting headaches every morning until I had a cup of coffee. I even switched to decaf but I still got headaches. I love the taste of coffee but I don’t want to have to drink it just to cure a headache. Great video btw!

  • By the way people out there in the public just for your information and this is in for Maisch and straight from the national Institute of health the therapeutic dose and a lethal dose of one aspirin a day is one aspirin a day so go ahead and knock yourselves out research people research

  • Just tried to quit Coffee today (cold turkey). Big headache 12h later…. Oops, I’m more addicted then I tought.. The more reasen to quit! Thanks for the vid

  • I have lowered my caffeine intake from 2 cups to a cup now. Strangely, my anxiety has calmed down, and can somehow sleep better…

  • I drink coffee with oatmilk 3 to 4 times per week. I drink one cup per sitting. It makes me happy to drink coffee & write. I have low blood pressure. I am blessed. I can do salt and caffeine. Amein. ��

  • The right choice is to quit all together and not even thin about how much or little you can drink without creating health problems because caffeine accumulates in the body almost completely and starts to crate problem after years or decades of consumption. (page 28)

  • I Have been Diagnosed w/ Paraoxymal AFIB and am wondering if its the Caffeine or can I Drink Coffee non-caffeinated?? Which in Truth I’m Drinking now? as I Think most non-caffeinated Coffee have minimal amounts anyways, I sometimes wonder if its the caffeine causing small glitches of Aflutter that I feel or the Heart-Gut Connection! My indigestion,I’ve told one of my cardiologists and he said nothing and shock his head…

  • Coffee and tea is not a part of drinking humans. But unfortunately British people as planted in India because they’re addicted. Ginger tea, jeera tea, is good in morning these are just like drugs poision. Milk is only for babies not for adults after age of 3 years.

  • I am JUST like you! Cold hands and feet all the time, cranky until I get my first cup of coffee each morning! It has been on my mind for a few months now to quit caffeine but I am so addicted that I didn’t know how to still function at work and with my family. I will try your weaning not chicory method, thanks for sharing this!

  • OR! The amount of Sugar in the Coffe the Americans has in there coffe, in Sweden or in the rest of the world we drink real coffe.
    I had a American friend here 5 years ago, he dident understod he drank Coffe, he said it was the best coffe he has tasted in hes whole life, but thats becouse we drink coffee, in America they drink what we call americans drink “AngelPee Cake”, basicly what US drink is a Cake

  • I believe to the revelations of the doctor. I myself experienced such. When I drink coffee, I feel different on my chest. My heart have irregular heartbeat.

  • Sugar and processed food are what are killing Americans. Inflammation. Cut out sugar. Caffeine won’t kill you. Taking a baby aspirin every day will ruin your liver.

  • “The study was flawed” is becoming a bit of a catchphrase among scientists and academics in recent times. This is why first hand experience is about the only source you can trust these days.

  • I remember using coffee as a boost. Best thing I did was quit! Now I have decaffeinated coffee but not very much. Green tea too.
    Caffeine is a bad habit ��

  • I always wondered why Andy Griffith could drink coffee after dinner on the show and be able to sleep. His little cup was probably 30 mg. caffeine. 60 years gone by.

  • This is an awesome video. you give really valuable information. I go over some tips about coffee. its benefits and disadvantages on my channel. Make sure you guys check out the video after watching this video.


  • I didn’t like coffee for most of my life and only needed half a glasd of juice in the morning to pick me up. A hot cup of skim milk warmed me up. I am now a coffee addict which began with only drinking coffee when I had a very early wake up time. I started to use coffee as a comfort drink and became addicted. This video will help me free myself from this bad habit. I don’t like yellow teeth and skin.

  • I’m quitting (for the 5th time in my life). I usually just cut the daily dose in half every day and quit in a few days. It normally requires one ibuprofin somewhere along the way. Coincidentally, today I mixed my coffee with Teeccino before I saw your video.

    The reason for quitting is that I’ve been jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and lip biting like a madman lately. In the past when I quit I would always come back because my brain speed felt reduced and my wit seemed to nearly disappear. I may try to address it this time with nootropics or maybe just live with feeling dumb.

    I too have cold feet and often cold hands, which I have attributed to my hypothyroidism. But now I’m wondering if I have hypothyroidism because of the caffeine making my body want to slow down. Time will tell.

  • The real treatment of heart disease is the right lifestyle and a vegan diet. See Dr Ornish study the only study to prove they can reverse artery blockages.

  • A cup of coffee, or a cup of ANY thing, was Never, “4 oz.”. A cup of coffee, or a cup of ANY thing, is, and has Always been, “8 oz”.

  • Thanks for your interview.i take strong coffee at work because I work late as a nurse and found myself with big heart pain.I also drink coffee cans green tea all day long I figured out I had to stop

  • I quit drinking caffeine completely and it changed my life. No more going for a refill every 15-30 minutes. Nope, what a waste of time that was! Now I just keep a bottle of caffeine pills in my pocket at all times and pop them like candy. I now have so much more free time and energy. Also haven’t felt the need to punch anyone in the face blocking the coffee machine lately.

  • Hello everyone. First of all I want to thank you, Ryan, for your great content. I appreciate your “Minus the gym idea” very much, it’s quite some time I do fitness at home. Especially catch my attention isometric exercises.

    As for nutrition, in my opinion human organisms work very differently. I don’t agree with the idea, that everybody has to have the same diet, workout, or even should treat their health problems the same way. My wife’s and my organisms e.g. work completely different.

    On the topic of coffee I want to say, that I’m from Europe and in general people are far away from the idea, that coffee is a drug or seriously harmful. Which doesn’t mean, that for SOME people it is. I appreciate your balanced view on the topic. My experiences with coffee are: Until the age of around 20 I didn’t drink any coffee. I always struggled with cold sweaty hands and especially feet, couldn’t get into sleep because of that. Also I had a chronicle inflammations of eyes. Both problems disappeared when I started to drink coffee. (For me that doesn’t prove anything, but that’s the kind of reasoning most people apply here…) From my experience the type of coffee, preparation and concentration play a big role in the effect on your body. From some type of coffee I get stomach ache, heart beat and cold hands, break out in sweat, from others none of this. I drink Arabica coffee, prepared as espresso. Drink through the day as much as I like, there is no daily dose I stick to. Even before sleep I like to have a coffee. I’m a passionate coffee drinker, not an addicted one (everybody would say this in my place I guess… 😉

    I experienced, that coffee and alcohol is no good combination in the evening, couldn’t sleep after that. Workout without coffee (especially HIIT) is very difficult to me. May be I would give a “coffee-break” a try.

    But I wouldn’t be too dogmatic about the whole thing… There are certainly bigger health issues than this one….

  • Is caffeine good or bad for you? How much is too much? Know some interesting facts about caffeine from this post.

  • I’ll make you guys a favor. Quit consuming junk carbs. Take a lot of k2 mk7, increase your fresh vegetables intake by a lot (thereby increasing potassium, magnesium). The salt is not the problem, is the junk food (sugars, carbs, shitty fats) and the lack of vegetables. All this, causes inflammation and your body elevates cholesterol yes.. But for what? For creating a bandaid on the artery walls (together with calcium). Quit the junk, eat healthy, let the k2 transport the calcium out of the arteries. But eat healthy, cause no supplement or weird idea will replace THAT.

  • I recently noticed abnormal heart rhythm and rapid heart beat even though I am resting. I am 43. normally drink one cup/mug a day at home. Have done this for years. Suddenly I am having this but I do know when this started I switched to my husbands stronger brand of coffee. I went to the doctor and no high blood pressure and normal EKG. But high pulse rate like close to 100 beats per minute resting. I am going to cut back and see if this is the reason. If it is I guess I am going to be a decaf coffee drinker:(

  • I’m going to cut down my coffee after watching this, I chanced upon this a s a result of trying to do something about chest pains. Great thing about coffee though is it’s a natural laxative..must dash, am serious, Mr Whippy is on the way

  • I am not a religious man; but what this man is saying is backed up by science.

    Neurostimulants are indeed endocrine disruptors and will mess you up on the long run.

    I believe coffee consumption is one of the main contributing factors to a lot of modern chronic diseases.

  • Actually I occasionally drink caffeine via energy drinks to get up quicker. I tend to have a very hard time getting up in the morning due to working nights for over two decades. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it works for me.

  • I quit smoking for 5 months now
    But quitting coffee is pretty hard because i get killer headaches from quitting so i’ll give this guide a go with the herb coffee

  • Get a glass of organic honey mixed with some fresh lemon and warm water every morning, and you gonna feel great all day long.

    My body knows that as a coffee that is it!

  • When I was 24 I was drinking 4 cans of red bull everyday and abusing vyvanse, plus constantly having nicotine pouches in my mouth. All at the Same time, FOR 3 DAYS. On the fourth day I took a 2 bong hits of weed. Needless to say, I started hallucinating and had panic attack and when I had an acute psychosis episode. I still cannot believe I am alive to this day. Oh yea I forgot I also drank a bottle of vodka on the last day, I apparently convinced myself it would help me sleep. When it did anything but that. I am not trying to flex or brag, I am seriously just trying to say be careful with whatever drug you consume. Even caffeine, I seriously thought I was gonna die. Stay safe everyone

  • *gives up alcohol..*gives up sugar..*gives up refined carbohydrates.. now they are coming for my coffee.. what is next Jesus christ

  • I want to quit but don’t want the headaches. Good weening method, but I’m not gonna buy a French press and herbal just for this one period.
    But I am totally gonna decrease the amount of coffee I drink everyday till I get to 0, im sure that’ll work the same!

  • I’d rather just die than having to quit coffee. It’s taste is better than food. People who say it makes them weaker or ruins their sleep are pure weaklings ��

  • At work I drink like 5-7 mugs of coffee, in a span of 8 hours…
    I love the taste, but never felt more awake or fresh.
    On the weekends though, I have to have 1-3 mugs of coffee to fend off the withdrawals, because if I don’t get caffeine, my migraines get triggered.

    I have started to water down my coffee to become less addicted, and its working slowly.

  • I was super SUPER addicted to caffeine as a teen and ended up in the hospital over heart issues from it. Caffeine got me so sick and shaking I starved for 2.5 weeks. Doctor said I abused it and should cut it out of my life, so I did. First 3 weeks SUCKED… but I’ve been caffeine free for over 18 years now (I also quit sugar), and I still have more energy now than 18 years ago, and even more than most people I know who can’t quit coffee. I don’t care if you want to keep enjoying coffee or soft drinks, etc, but do it in moderation and take care of your teeth too. That crap has cost me thousands in dental bills because of erosion, not mention almost my life from naively thinking ‘oh caffeine isn’t illegal and it’s in so many things everyone enjoys, who cares if I drink more’.

  • four yrs ago had valve replacment, then arota started to enlarge, then rightside ventrical mild enlargement, weighed 192 lbs, went on potato diet now weigh 170lbs. lots veggies, protien powder, treadmill 30 min 5 days, or stairs, arota staying in safe size, rightside ventrical stable, valves good, blood pressure 119/72, Six Cups Coffee a day,! 70 yrs old. doc keeps insisting statins, tried for nine days wrists extreme pain so stopped, iam pre diabetic runs in family doc still insists statins knowing it. can create diabetes, says i at high risk for heart attack stroke, i tell him diabetes makes higher risk and he still insists statins! i said NO! Do these docs get a kickback on sales of statins? knowing it don’t stop heart attack or stroke? and THERE are other prescriptions that can control your cholesterol without the dangers.

  • Excellent Video! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you heard about Saankramer Life Card System (google it)? It is a smashing exclusive product for learning how to stop drinking minus the normal expense. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my buddy after many years got great results with it.

  • I only drink Decaf because the real stuff gives me a really bad Migraine within 1/2 hour of drinking it. That includes sugar free fizzy drinks. SO i buy the no caffeine, no sugar coke if I have to buy a fizzy drink. Other wise I have plain old everyday water, either from the tap or spring water from the supermarket.

  • I’ve not had any checks done, but I strongly suspect I have the “fast” variant of the gene I have no problem going to sleep at night right after a cup of coffee and I consume copious amounts of both coffee and energy drinks without feeling any ill effect.

  • It also affects your body by how much you drink per cup look at research and try again coffee isn’t bad for you my dad drinks it every morning and so do I I don’t see a issue with it helps with work and my workouts and just my day in general… don’t see why ppl say bad things about it….

  • Surely, coffee should not be consumed on empty stomach its very dangerous to health. however, some other hot drinks are useful in after getting from the bed, in morning or whenever you awake. For example, a simple lukewarm water can help your body start you from in the morning, taking 3 to 4 (3,000 4,000 ml) glasses of water daily immediately after waking up is very useful for your whole body. i.e mind, heart, kidneys, your gut, your blood, stomach & your skin & eyes too. And then you can eat 2 to 4 bananas with some hot cup of Horlicks or Complan (loaded with full of vitamins & minerals) or similar drink. The day would be wonderful of yours. but just avoid coffee without taking any solid food before.
    Thanking you,

  • I left coffee and tea for 1month.
    1) I literally snor at 7 am,11am,1pm, 4 pm,8pm
    2) My studies are not happening according to routine. I sleep much.
    3) Yawning very much.
    Then my mom told
    Have some tea, exam is coming.
    Now i can focus and study in the above mentioned hours.

  • I need to stop drinking so much coffee it only lasts me like 4 hours and when I crash I become so moody. I don’t like feeling angry over nothing but coffee crashes make everything irritate me! I will be drinking green juices when I quit coffee cold turkey

  • I took about 600mg of caffeine from pre workouts basically everyday for 2 years and it triggered underlying anxiety and still trying to figure out if i have abnormal heart rythms. Lost my fit body, my fitness life, and drive. Not worth it to take large amounts of caffeine daily. I look back and would rather workout after taking caffeine from a chocolate bar.

  • I’ve been through exactly what you said in the video. Anxiety and cold hands/feet.
    I’m quitting nicotine and caffeine at the same time.
    Thank you so much for reassuring me!

  • hey people I limit my caffeine up to 50 mg like a cup of tea or so and I still feel terrible afterwards like I’m back in jungle you know survival instinct and stuff which is due to high epinephrine.

  • I’m here cause I’m just wondering, in the mornings, up until like 2pm. I drink coffee. Lots of it. But I feel I dont have much focus and energy. Also I have been feeling perhaps mu heart funny. Don’t know if this has something to do with it. I don’t know if to leave it all at once or perhaps drink less����‍♀️����‍♀️

  • I definitely have a problem with caffeine dependency. I’ve been drinking coffee for 2-3 years and I’m 16, and I’ve started drinking energy drinks and even taking caffeine pills. I usually use around 4-600mg a day and it’s been becoming an ongoing problem for me

  • I had difficulty sleeping at night and my mind will always be active. Then I realized and read that it takes caffeine +-5 hours to flush out of the human body. So if I go to bed at 22:00 I’ll have my last soda or coffee at 17:00….made a HUGE difference in my life:)

  • Is it bad that I ate coffee mix when I was 12 years old and treated it like a powdered snack? I did it continuously until I reached 14. Still am addicted to it. I still drink coffee sometimes before bed and still able to easily sleep…

  • Fifteen years now without coffee. Green tea is much better for you and no unwanted effects. On coffee sometimes I would get nasal congestion if I drank more than 2 cups in a short time. An even better alternative to green tea is an herb called gynostemma or jiaogulan. A kind of green tea or herb that benefits the body on many levels and layers. Inexpensive too. Similar to ginseng but better and cheaper. Almost a panacea. Gives a nice gentle long lasting kick.

  • I just love how it tastes. I don’t have any withdrawl symptoms. I drink coffee and than open my math book it puts me to sleep in 1 hour. But I am trying to improve my skin. I have lots of skin issues, weak immune system. Can I drink chocolate instead of coffee

  • I stop all of my caffeine cunsumption on vaccation days, i slept all the time, feeling tired, but it’s okay since i don’t have to go to work that days… After several days, now i’m free.

  • I quit coffee and caffeine myself so i know how hard it can be. I actually have a couple videos on my channel about how ingot through it all and why I decided to step away from it for good! Great video! Thank you!

  • Hello! I can drink coffe all day long and i dont fell nothing! Red bull gives something but water that i drink all day is 3-6l gives me more power. Water is the best energy of all! Drink 0.5 water at morning and you feel better then coffee.

  • Is this “recommended dose” propaganda just appeasing all the people that are so addicted that they can’t handle someone telling them not to drink coffee?/ 200 milligrams a day is barely a cup of coffee. EVERYONE I know that is addicted drinks at least 3 or 4 cups a day… And that’s most people I know!

  • Excellent Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you ever tried Saankramer Life Card System (search on google)? It is a smashing one off guide for learning how to stop drinking minus the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy got cool results with it.

  • Yes, it takes about two months before you start noticing mental benefits. One month is not enough. After two months, you’ll notice you’re more present in the moment, stable, calm and focused, and less anxious.

  • Btw a student drank 3 gallons of coffee, this is what happened to his kidneys. He was admitted to the emergency room, he hat hyperthermia, brownish urin cause of protein since his muscles are shaking so much that they grind themself down, disolving into the blood stream, and his heart was so exited that it wasn’t pumping any blood anymore, but shaking in place. This is life threatening, coffein overdose will kill you and the proteins in your blod will rip the vessels in your kidney and cause Kidney failiur which is a life threatning condition if not treated!

  • This video is incorrect in saying that caffeine only lasts for 6 hours. The half life is 6 hours but can be longer if you are genetically a slow metabolizer. After 6 hours, some caffeine is still in your system for hours after and can negatively affect deep sleep in some people. It also turns on your stress response, the same stress response as if you were faced with a dangerous situation. Stress in a cup? Is this good for us long term? Many say no.

  • Thank thee, Thoughty, ive always suspected almost that much. As a person knowing the effects of real stims like amph, i always found the coffe “effect” quite laughable, also give my fast meta. The taste always felt dubious at best. I was married to a daughter of a coffe addict so for 6 years i tried to comfort meself with that drink. I could only find 1 sort of coffe (some brasilian) that i could call somewhat tasty. And that ofc only neutralised with milk or cream. The sour taste of black coffe was disgusting anytime, but in the morning even this sour burnt smell was the best way to vomit. Some colleagues bringing coffee to the workplace are therfore not too social.

    But a romantic formulation of my feelings bout the matter had been ready way longer ago: coffee shakes u up in the morning and makes u ready to fight against the whole world. Whereas tea makes you ready to love the whole world.
    I doubtlessly prefer the latter option.

  • He just said coffee but not tea, if you argue about tea, argue with the okinawan people who live the longest and has 90 yrs old as average life expectancy.

  • Wow, thank you for the video and thank you don’t use any background music when you’re talking! It’s more serious and easy to understand. People with tinnitus, for example, have dificulties to listen when is background music. Cocoa and tea are not good either.. God bless you and your family!

  • I feel it. I use to drink rockstars, coffee, monsters, bangs, preworkout.. all that shit, since I was 16.. And now I’m 29 and I can’t even drink any caffeine. It just makes me feel nauseous now.. still struggling to give up the caffeine. But hey one day at a time.

  • Great video. I have watched many about quitting, but non have mentioned the insects, and pure stress that one gets from caffeine rather than energy. Awesome. I get so anxious now that it results in hyperventilation so I have taxed my adrenals enough[150-400mg/day]…starting the quitting process today.

  • Here is the best reason to quit coffee this year, and you will not hear about it from the news or any medical study. Coffee/high caffiene drinks will multiply your symptoms severity with covid. It will also prolong your recovery process to months. Coffee is 2020 most lethal drink. I help long hauler/term symptomatics with covid, 95% of them are all coffee drinkers. Once they quit coffee, adjust diet to high Lysine diet. Take 1,000mg of lysine twice a day, they are straight in a few days.

  • does someone know 1. why tea is bad because the tea I drink does not have such effects on me as coffee. 2. Is every tea bad or just some? I heard that tea brewed for less than a minute and close to nature (white or green tea) is good as opposed to long brewed tea or for example, black tea in particular. 3. is the so-called”yogi tea classic” bad because it is named yogi tea and was introduced by a yogi?

  • Now i can’t cut back on drinking coffee till i experience all these different countries styles. But i am aware that i drink too much of it. It’s funny that i haven’t been well rested in the morning all though i go to sleep fast, ill give less a try. 😉

  • Let’s make a video about all of the benefits of quitting coffee, then contradict ourselves and promote coffee in the same video ����

  • this is coming from someone who’s never drank coffee

    i feel like the reason im a pretty positive person is bc of the fact i don’t drink it so… lol

    like if you don’t drink coffee either

  • This guy is clearly pushing the statins. Finding out now statin does little or nothing to prevent heart attack. Read some of the newer studies…this is from 2016.

  • Thank you so much for just spelling it out. BP 140/86 during the day.
    I drank equivalence of 6 cups of coffee to get me through my last 15 years of
    work.And the number grew every year. Now 64, I set and put around the house and when I drink the second Mr.
    Coffee pot, I have a stomach ache that is very noticeable. I start water then.
    And an hour or so after dilution, the ache does go away. As they say in waste
    water treatment, don’t tell the EPA, “The solution to pollution is
    dilution” Seems its true. A doctor told me coffee does not influence your
    blood pressure.

  • Inspirational! My goal is to have my last cup at 4pm, then slowly move up to 1-2pm maybe. I now drink coffee until 6pm and that’s just wrong.

  • The bright side so full of bs. Bkanket statements that are anecdotally wrong and at worst and scientifically immeasurable at best. “All caffeineated drink negative efect in the long run” blah blah blah. Stop the 100 plus years research on the benefits of tea and cacao guys! Some sour caffeine sensitive Karen over at the “Bright Side” blog has got this ;D

  • Drink coffee only in the morning without and long before food, and only when you have to.

  • I find it funny how people consider coffee a bad thing.. Smoking, drinking and just eating unhealthy stuff is minimum 5 times worse than coffee..

  • i don’t like the taste of coffee but i am hooked on sugar free energy drinks, they have about 105 mg of kaffein in them and i am way over the recommended daily intake. í Rán out yesterday and decided to quit cold turkey but have had a headache now for 24 hours. day two and i wonder if i should take it more slow… my anxiety is definitly worse when i consume kaffein.

  • Video didn’t stop me from drinking taking care of your teeth and your body is a help i don’t see a issue with coffee after all all ppl tend to drink coffee 2020:)

  • I could have gone on and on about the benefits of being caffeine-free in the video but decided to cut it short. It’s pretty remarkable how much of a difference it can make, but it’s also very specific to the person. Some people are greatly affected by caffeine, like me, while others don’t seem impacted by it at all. What’s your experience with caffeine? Do you think you’re addicted?

    Also, I decided to not use any background music while I was speaking. Yay or nay? I’m not sure how much difference that makes and if it’s better or worse. Thanks!

  • The music in the background is evil. The message in this video is also evil encouraging people to Crave and stay addicted to drinking coffee… with all the mentions of all the different kinds of coffees around the world…this video is REALLY encouraging people to stay addicted to drinking coffee and to Crave coffee of all kinds! EVIL

  • A cup of hot coco with freh mint leave during those rainy mornings would b a healthier alternative for me. Infused water filled with fresh tropical fruit like �� �� �� n local herbs like lemongrass, cloves, would b my pick in warmer days….Greetingz from Indonesia!!��������

  • If coffee could kill you screw it I’ll make out my will while I drink my coffee black and strong enough to slap you if it gets cold!

  • I quit drinking coffee 30 days ago and if I would have known about all the experienced benefits beforehand, I would have quit years ago. The biggest positives so far have been:
    -Improved digestion and bowels
    -Much better sleep (feeling rested and recovered after only 7 hours)
    -Better, more positive and calmer mood
    -Little to no anxiety (that I used to have after drinking it).

  • I only drink one normal cup sized coffee daily and if I don’t get it 1 hour after waking up, I get really bad withdrawals. That’s crazy

  • I stopped drinking coffee for 3 days and the last day was absolutely horrible my head hurt so bad, i couldnt stand up i felt so weak, i was nauseous, i slept the whole day and then I finnally took some coffee and all the symptoms disappeared

  • I was a coffee addict for 20years and I did not realize how bad it is until I stopped. Sure I’m sure it has some benefits but you will have far more benefits by not drinking it on a regular basis. You need a week to get off, can be rough, but you are so much better after.

  • No coffee for 5 years, new job,..,,I started back a month ago. Now Im just like the other office coffeeheads….speedy, agitated, abusive, waaay too amped up to focus, sleeping problems. Day 1, Im done.

  • Don’t listen to this guy coffee is great for you and enhances your focus and many coffee drinkers live up to their 90s he is So full of crap about 90 percent of this video

  • And lets also not forget, lets not forget, Dude, that keeping wildlife, an amphibiius rodent, for uh, domestic, you know, within the city, that isn’t legal either.

  • On top of having the worst migraine of my life, i had the shakes after trying to quit caffeine cold Turkey. What a fucked up situation. Thus I’m here

  • I am a tea drinker, A cup in the morning and a cup in the evening. If I miss one I am done. Bad headaches that I can’t get rid off. I will try this system you explained.

  • For me it was a decision between be happy in my mind or enjoying my coffee. I tried cold turkey but that was not a good idea so I ended up weaning off and found some other awesome tactics to make it easier as well

  • …I start my day with two glasses of water with lemon… then I squeeze two oranges �� in two more cups of water later in the day… I can’t drink too much liquid or I’m up too much during the night….one in awhile I have tea…

  • Actually i drink coffee about 2 3 cups per day….beacause i m a student and i dont want to sleep more… I love to study in night…and coffee helps me to keep me awake full night… I take 4 5 hours sleep…and i think that it is enough for me…. Is it good or bad???? Please reply…. Please please

  • If you’re trying to quit, I would highly advise making ur own teas and it’s much easier to control the caffeine and the depression on the come down isn’t near as bad as coffees or sodas. I’m on day 4 no caffeine. Having to take a nap mid day but other than that it’s all good. What I’m doing instead of caffeine is using this time to juice instead and detox my body. Water and juice over and over. And small amounts of food here and there throughout day. So far it’s good for me and I used to drink 5-6 Dr pepper a day sometimes a red bull or two, sheesh I will never go back to that. Ur skin will eventually show signs of trouble once ur kidneys can’t take it anymore

  • Thoughty2 = I must say that my brain tells me to listen and believe you more when you have a mustache but if I may point out that it got too big, just a suggestion, make it smaller and more friendly

  • A stoner colleague of mine once said i was no better than him, because i drank coffee which is also a drug.
    I told him how that was a really dumb comparison, because nobody ever got arrested for possession of coffee or got a DUI for driving under the influence of caffeïne.

    I won the argument.

  • Dude that throat tightness thing is why I searched for this video. I said the exact same thing to my girlfriend this morning I was like it’s giving me a catch in my throat when I have to speak up in meetings!

  • I Can Drink Coffee 24/7 and Go To Sleep When I Want…Did Crash After a 52 Hour Shift 1 Time Back In The Early 90’s…Still Drinking My Coffee❤️❤️❤️������������

  • I do not intake any caffeine at all, save the residual amounts that may be in some foods. But soda, coffee, chocolate, and the such never enter my body.

  • And cmon folks the end of the video is clearly just a maneuvre to avoid channel blocking for being coffephobic. We live under the oppression of cancel culture, dont forget.

  • He knows how to grab fan following by talking about goods and bads.
    Everything in this planet has benefits and negative impacts if you do it wrongly.
    In india we drink our traditional tea (Which isn’t actually OUR tradition but was brought by Britishers) on average of 3-4 cup of tea which causes so many problems in our body but this dude who may never have drank coffee is talking too much about our beloved coffee.��

  • My coffee addiction started in Germany last year and I haven’t stopped drinking it since. Today I was so busy I didn’t have any coffee. Mid day I got a horrible headache and never get them so I was confused…. And that’s when I realized I was having a caffeine withdrawal system. Now I’m all over YouTube researching people who’ve quit coffee/Caffeine… Thanks for the tip because this headache hurts like fire.

  • Quitting coffee makes me less anxious and worried about what my actions can cause to other people. So occasionally I tell them to piss off when they are wrong or rude. Caffeine will make you take more and more coffee, and you will become more off a pushover. In general the more your nerves are stimulated with the caffeine, your lizard brain switches on and you become unable to think more than 2 steps ahead. Chess will make your head hurt. Try it on coffee. You can do things fast, but multitasking and efficient planning is rough and hard, because of a stress state you are in. When your brain is not in a fight or flight state, then you can plan ahead and do tactics. Strategy. Think about more things equally without stress. Many famous scientists didn’t have coffee and they used their brains to the best of their abilities and knowledge to figure it out. Make something new. Coffee creates generic shit you see every day. People copying each other…no originality. Because they are under stress!!!
    Try it, you will experience the feels you had when you were a kid and didn’t drink that black juice.

  • I would drink coffee so often. Never got energy from it. I lack so much energy and i remain sleepy. I decided to give it up,hoping i get energized with a healthier lifestyle. I will tell you all how that goes.

  • How long does it take to completely detox from caffeine if you go to 0 caffeine cold turkey? I have a history of high daily intake approx 600-900mg/day for years and I went to 0 caffeine per day and now I’m at day 26. I’m afraid to start back on the 30th as I had planned because I wanna be completely reset and don’t have to restart again

  • I’m on a complete caffeine free kick and am finding more and more I think it was a major stem of many personal issues I encountered in my early and mid 20s:/

  • Literally watched this while drinking a coffee… Ugh.. �� I want to stop it’s a bad habit and being only 21 I want to be healthy.

  • this was great. I followed it and now have been off coffee for 8 days. This has been the first day with no brain fog and lack of energy. 32 years of 2-3 cups a day habit gone. Thanks for the vid, Big Help!

  • I drink cap of coffee three times a day and I feel my crustal memory. Coffee it’s great
    I did drink coffee I am drink coffee I will drink coffee that’s great for memory

  • From someone who drinks coffee 1-2 mugs not cup everyday since i was 5-6years old. Now im 31. Kicking this habit was like walking into the light without a shadow.
    All these withdrawal symptoms, i have it. And i definitely need help.. like my brain is wired to coffee tolerance.

  • And what? He recommends coffee less then an energy drink??? Wtf?
    This doctor don’t understand what the hell hes taking about…. ��

  • I drink coffee 8 to 12 times a day for reasons. To wake up and i couldnt sleep without coffee either. I need it to relax and all reason i can think of. Is it bad.?

  • Blah, blah, blah. My mom & dad loved their numerous cups of coffee every day. My dad lived to be 90 yrs old and my mom made it to almost 97. Coffee wasn’t detrimental to them.

  • So intresting. I have drank 4/5 cups of black coffee nearly everyday for about 6/7 years. The last couple years I have had these funny heart pains like once twice a day…. Which has resulted in alot of anxiety.

    And recently I had an ecg heart monitor thing as am joining the army reserve. The doctor looked at the results and said something wasn’t right and I had to have my heart scanned….There was no heart diesese or problems. But made me wonder what the issue was…

    After listening to this, am releaved in a sense to know it’s because I have been a coffee/caffeine addict for years and has been beginning to effect my heart… So thanks.

    I stopped drinking caffiene 3 days ago. All anxiety has disappeared and have felt no strange heart palpations…

    Thanks doc, I will continue on the decaf ��

  • That spoon filled with finely ground coffee

    The espresso maker gurgling and refreshing my apartment with its aromatic smell

    That sip of delicious Italian espresso first thing upon waking up

    Yea, I’m not quitting

  • Some people get all those symptoms on 100mg caffeine. Much less anxiety and none of those symptoms remain having given up a week ago.

  • Caffeine is probably the most innocuous stimulant compared to the other heavy dopaminergic and or noradrinergic agents like amphetamine based or the phenidate class (which also can cause hypertension in some people). Occasional fatigue and lethargic states are something almost every person will run into at some point, and a stimulant like caffeine is extremely useful for dealing with said occasions. For most, it provides no euphoria, and hypertension cannot be masked with the euphoria like it can be with other stimulants. It is of course capable of being something which chronic users will have a physical dependence on. However compared to the psychological and physical dependence which are created by harder stimulants can range from slight discomfort and irritability to full blown stimulant induced psychosis.