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According to the Wall Street Journal, bread made from freshly milled flour not only tastes better, it has more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than bread made from “regular” flour. According to the Wall Street Journal, bread made from freshly milled flour not only tastes better, it has more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than bread made from “regular” flour. In fact, they say it’s better for you than bread made from your standard whole wheat flour, which is typically made by mixing white flour with small amounts of wheat bran.

Ezekiel bread is a healthy bread because it contains organic grains and legumes. If you’re a lover of regular sandwich bread, this is going to be the option you want. You’re going to have a relatively high carb content with this bread, but the carbohydrates are going to be different than that of regular bread.

Keep in mind that while the breads on this list are healthier than other varieties, bread is generally not as nutritious as other whole foods. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds, as well. Rye bread is made with flour from rye grain and depending grain selected can be light or dark.

The main characteristic of rye bread is that it is denser than your average bread made from wheat flour and is much higher in fiber too. Rye bread is also low in saturated fat, contains no cholesterol and is high in manganese, selenium and thiamine. Research also shows that sourdough and sprouted grain breads can help keep blood glucose levels more stable than other types of bread.

Sourdough bread is an old favorite that has recently risen in popularity. Many people consider it to be tastier and healthier than conventional bread. Some even say that it’s easier to digest and. The most important aspect to look for in bread choice is that it’s 100-percent whole grain. Ideally, you’ll see this percentage on the front of the packaging.

If the package says “wheat” or “contains ‘x’ number of whole grains” or even “multigrain,” chances are it’s white bread in disguise. “This type of bread is low in nutrients and will spike your blood sugar,” she explains. Also look for whole grain on the ingredients list, find breads with more than four grams of protein and less.

Although better than regular white bread, as they contain seeds and grains, the fiber content varies between brands, so people without sensitivities are generally better to.

List of related literature:

For regular use, the quality and nutritional content of bread varied greatly.

“Food in Early Modern Europe” by Robert W. Allen, Ken Albala
from Food in Early Modern Europe
by Robert W. Allen, Ken Albala
Greenwood Press, 2003

The less refined bread was actually more nutritious, containing more germ and bran, but the “upper crust” disdained all but the finest—and unbeknownst to them—less nutritious—flours.

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
from Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices
by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
Wiley, 2017

The bread will be duller and less properly baked, if it contains less of this gluten.

“The Book of the Farm” by Henry Stephens
from The Book of the Farm
by Henry Stephens
William Blackwood and Sons, 1844

Some breads labeled as “soft,” “light,” or “double fiber” may have added fiber or improved texture, but they may not contain the healthy phytonutrients found in true whole-grain products.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
VeloPress, 2012

Hoping to find a loaf that was a serviceable alternative to (not a sacrifice compared with) regular sandwich bread, we tasted eight national brands of gluten-free white sandwich bread, both plain and toasted with butter.

“The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2015

It has a more delicate flavor and produces a lighter bread, yet it remains a satisfying, high protein grain.

“Diet & Nutrition: A Holistic Approach” by Rudolph Ballentine
from Diet & Nutrition: A Holistic Approach
by Rudolph Ballentine
Himalayan International Institute, 1978

It has a much better consistency than the other bread I had tried.

“The Heal Your Gut Cookbook: Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Intestinal Health Using the GAPS Diet” by Hilary Boynton, Mary Brackett, Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D.
from The Heal Your Gut Cookbook: Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Intestinal Health Using the GAPS Diet
by Hilary Boynton, Mary Brackett, Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D.
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2014

Arguably there is no perfect substitute for “real” bread, but this is the best low-carb bread substitute I have found.

“Keto Gatherings” by Kristie Sullivan
from Keto Gatherings
by Kristie Sullivan
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Certainly, the bread can be very slightly different.

“The Taste of Bread: A translation of Le Goût du Pain, comment le préserver, comment le retrouver” by Raymond Calvel, James J. MacGuire, Ronald L. Wirtz
from The Taste of Bread: A translation of Le Goût du Pain, comment le préserver, comment le retrouver
by Raymond Calvel, James J. MacGuire, Ronald L. Wirtz
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The fat content of the lo-cal bread is only 2% less than that of the standard loaf (due to omission of shortening from the formula), but this is a major calorie reduction because of the high caloric density of fat.

“Functional Additives for Bakery Foods” by Clyde E. Stauffer, G. Beech
from Functional Additives for Bakery Foods
by Clyde E. Stauffer, G. Beech
Springer US, 1990

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  • I don’t believe you. We in India freely use wheat flour to make roti / chapati which is our main food along with rice. If you were to be correct, the whole nation would have been sick.

  • Wonderful tutorial! It made me start baking my own bread with fantastic results and flavour!
    QUESTION: Since I don’t have a sourdough, can I do it in the same way but using dry yeast instead?
    Can I knead it in the same way and use the banneton as well?
    I hope anybody can help me. Thanks a lot!

  • Hi guys…..Viewers! My sour bread is REALLY healthy. Packed with nutrients, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals…. If interested ill share my easy recipe with you!

  • When you google white vs wheat bread almost all articles say wheat is better for you in terms of vitamins, fiber, nutrients etc.. then you come to youtube and almost every video tells you there’s no difference. I dont know what to do….jeez…

  • Why does it looks so easy to copy on youtube but when you try it out you’ll end up with a dough-smoothie instead of a pizza dough ��

  • Really good video…but that music?? WTF!!! I’ll be making this tomorrow and referring back to the video…with the sound OFF!! Just saying…….

  • Good to know that basmati and jasmine rice are the best! Takeaway with rice: cook in more water and drain the excess water. Thanks!

  • Soft white wheat and rye grain have less gluten than hard white wheat berries. If you grind your own flour, you preserve the nutrients and gain more bran. If you don’t have gluten intolerance, there’s nothing wrong with eating wheat products. If you have diverticulitis in your family history, it’s best to eat more of these grainier products, fruits and vegetables throughout your life than to eat refined foods, which will cause diverticulitis due to a lack of fiber in your diet.

  • I am not sure if you are aware but “masa” is Spanish for dough. It should not be confused with “corn flour”. You might want to use “Maseca” as a synonym, which is the corn flour leading brand in Mexico.

  • I don’t know but I substituted eating white to eating flour tortillas. White rice is very very high in the glycemic index white flour tortillas are only 30 per piece in the glycemic index.

  • More like a masters in clout chasing…. to anybody reading the comments, this woman is a registered idiot. Do not believe ONE word she says. COMPLETE LIES

  • 5 starts and thumbs up!! We love Ezekiel bread in our family when we choose bread. Thank you Dr. Berg for making these videos despite the mean comments and hate comments.:) you’re really helping people, you’ve helped my whole family tremendously. You’ve cleared up my acne and hormonal issues, fixed my kids “sugar highs” and we are currently supplying the nutrients my husband needs for his dry skin and dandruff via all your videos!:) thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  • the research show that all sugar is pretty much the same and that high fructose corn syrup is really taking a big beating but when it breaks down to a they all are about the same sugar just like honey and table sugar they’re all the same

  • I guess I would choose the rice also. I have a question tho and I know this may be irrelevant to this video, but anyways what are your thoughts on Wasa sourdough rye crispbread? which it is a product of sweden and its only made of whole grain rye and doesnt evem contain wheat. So would you consider this even to be a healthy type of carbs?

  • Love this video…I need to move to Ireland 😉 If I am using a dutch oven, should I preheat it before putting the dough in it after proving?

  • This from dr WeillA study published in 2016 from Columbia University Medical Center found that some people develop a systemic immune reaction and intestinal cell damage after eating wheat, even though tests have established that they do not have celiac disease. The researchers noted that while there are no accurate figures for the number of people affected, it’s estimated that this condition may be more prevalent than celiac disease. However, lead researcher Armin Aledini, Ph.D. has been quoted as saying that the study did not confirm that gluten was the cause.

  • I’m confused about the brown rice. You were discussing brown rice but you showed a picture of wild rice. Were you actually discussing the characteristics of wild rice? My understanding is that they are different. Regarding your best options, I’ve found that I seem to do well on Ezekiel bread but for some reason, every time I eat it, I toast it and it tends to do something strange to my mouth, as if it’s scraping my gums slightly behind the front where I’ve taken a bite. I don’t know if this is because I toast it or not but it doesn’t happen when I toast other breads. I wondered if it was some reaction to a grain in it. I wish I knew if this happened to other people and what they think.

  • I have met vegetarians.. whose main source of protein (they say) is gluten. And they are super-fit, play soccer, run 8 miles.. hard to agree with this particular video

  • 2:18 Most of the minerals stay intact even after a long period, only the b vitamins degrade(Which will get degraded any way by cooking). Don’t tell half the truth. Also having vitamin c rich foods with whole wheat will counteract the phytic acids meaning most of the nutrients are avaible for absorption. Also whole wheat has a lot of indigestible fiber whereas the white flour almost has none.

  • 7 to 10 days worked for me, but now my starter is 6 months since start it is so much better and results are much more consistent and the bread really has a good flavour.

  • Dr Z, I believe you missed the point on the rice and wheat comparison…. The question is NOT which is more healthy. The question is, “Which does the least amount of damage?” White rice is the winner. Arsenic is deadly. Gluten is allergenically bad for you and with Cellac disease, it can be deadly too… So, white rice wins. It may not be the healthiest choice from a vitamin or mineral stand point, but from a deadly chemical stand point, white rice does the least amount of harm… Also, you missed “Lectins”, which are in Brown Rice and Wheat, but NOT in White Rice… Lectins are bad for you too… White Rice is the winner by far…. Just my opinion… I can take a multi-vitamin with White Rice and live. I might not live taking Brown Rice and Wheat products to be able to take a multi-vitamin… Just my deduction.

  • 23 million people: click on a video with the title: “The Best Homemade Pizza You’ll Ever Eat”
    The same 23 million people: never make it

  • Actual recipe:

    591g water
    4g granulated sugar
    8g dried yeast
    952g Strong/Bread Flour
    6g salt
    150g Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Use Strong/Bread Flour for pizza dough, not APF. If APF is all you have, it will do, but use 875g of flour instead. You want the gluten the extra protein in strong flour produces to make your dough chewy and give you that proper “pizza” texture.

    I really hate the American tendency to list ingredients like flour for recipes by volume.
    Yes, I am American myself, but I loathe measurement by volume recipes. Buy a kitchen scale and use it, they’re dirt cheap.
    It drives me up the wall and I hate having to convert everything to a weight measurement myself all the time.
    Volume is not a consistent way to measure ingredients, one person’s “cup of flour” could easily be double what another person measures as a cup of flour depending on how fine the grains, how tightly packed, and various other factors.
    Weight is consistent and reliable. 150g of strong flour is 150g of strong flour every time.

    Also, don’t waste your money on a pizza stone and get a pizza steel instead.
    For home cooking it is superior in every way possible to a pizza stone. It’s more durable, retains heat better, stuff doesn’t stick to it nearly as easily, etc…
    Your pizzas will come out much better with steel in a home oven.

  • The video is interesting and thought provoking. What is missing is advice on what to eat in place of bread. I love bread and eat some every day.

  • I love Patrick’s videos, mostly because I’m Irish by descent and an envious of his lovely accent. I am a little puzzled by his ratios. If I’m correct, he is only using barely 60% hydration and a whopping 45% of starter. I hear more often of 70-80% hydration and 20% starter. I have trouble with oven spring. Am I better off with these lower hydration/higher starter ratios? Go rabid faith gat!

  • I’ve never looked at white rice as a healthy option!! I eat 100% Whole Wheat bread and Basmati or Jasmine rice (low arsenic). Thanks Dr. Z!!

  • I am asian. I give up eating white rice. I can eat brown rice just 4 tbsp maximum more that I have stomach ache.
    I made homemade organic whole wheat bread an slice everyday.
    Can it risen my LDL and glucose by eating in moderation?

  • First we can never eat another piece of meat. Then watch out for most fish. Then forget cows milk. Now there is too much sugar all desserts and most fruits.  Stay away from many of vegetables. Don’t even think of salt in you diet. Guess I’ll just drink my self into oblivion…at least I won’t worry about what’s bad for me because apparently everything is!!!

  • Hi Dr Breg, i m Prakash from india, i was over weight around 11.5 kgs, after watching a lot of your videos on youtube, i started keto diet, i started in feb 2019 and at the end of first month i lost only 1 kg which was very disappointing, however in one of your video you had mentioned that one of your staff had same situation but in the next months she lost a lot of weights, so i kept that in mind and continue to be on keto diet, as a result at the end of march 2019 i lost 10 kgs in just one month which i could not believe even now. I am 5.9 and i was 86.5 kgs when i started the diet on feb 2019 and now i am at 75.4. I have never written a reply or comment on youtube in my entire lift and this is the first time i am doing it because of you. So i just wanna say a big thank you.

  • I would like to know what berg would say about freshly milled flour that is turned straight to bread. I’ve been eating it for some time and it’s been pretty good.

    It still has tell endosperm. Which many times they remove to preserve it. That the part that has almost all the nutrients.

  • I baked two loaves at 225c, with steam, for 35 minutes. Both loaves burnt at that temperature. They are bricks:(:( so is my oven hotter than it thinks it is?

  • Im new to the channel and I find most of the content very helpful but I have say the question posed in the title wasn’t actually answered. Can you have two slices of bread a day and loose weight? My beliefs aside if you title the video you should at least give a yes or no answer at some point with the understanding that its an opinion along all of the factors you included.

  • Yesterday I ate I bag of garlic almond bread sticks also 4 slice of almond bread and 5 pcs of cookies���� with Ice cream lastly bulletproof coffee�� I enjoyed it. Today Im fasting������ listen to your body u can eat whatever u want in moderation. Once in a while I give myself a treat�� I’m happy with that.

  • So I did put the dough in the fridge to proof, but made a mistake of not putting it in a plastic bag. So the water evaporated from the towel:(. The video needs more details for beginners. Also, the quantities of sourdough starter are not clear. Still wondering why this video popped up in the first place when searching for sourdough

  • Jasmine rice and sticky rice are healthier carbs than wheat and brown rice. Brown rice and wheat put lot s if stress to my digestive system. They are bad for skin too.

  • Sorry but I don’t eat other pizza besides mine because it’s REALLY REALLY good i had a pizza party and I made the pizza and everybody there said it was their new favorite pizza

  • Our body needs nutrients to survive I would eat everything n moderation and small portion maybe just discard d ones totally unacceptable

  • I eat “roti” (Indian flat bread made from wheat flour and not refined flour. There’s a big difference). One medium sized roti has 20 gm of carbohydrates of which 4 gm are fibre and around 3-4 gm of protein. It doesn’t spike your insulin like the refined flour and keeps you full as well. You can also add ‘Ghee’ to it to enhance its nutritional profile and taste. Ghee is extremely beneficial to the digestive, cardiovascular and neurological systems of the body.

  • Great video! Really explains the whole process, how to rest, how to do the stretch and fold. And those kneading skills! Thanks for putting this together.

  • Yes, you can eat 2 slices of bread per day and loose weight. If you’re eating just 2 slices of bread per day, you could die in long run. If you’re eating 2 slices bread per day as surplus to everything else, you might gain weight.

    10/10 times people gaining weight is due over eating (you’re eating more than you consume). So in the end “the fault” is due your actions/habits 10/10 times. Blaiming how your body works, isn’t gona help you. Even with case of slow metabolism, there most like years of bad nutritional choices and overeating behind the scenario. The tricky part can be determing individuals current rate of metabolism. That can be achieved through setting certain calory rate and then check and adjusting accordingly.

  • you’re not a nutritionist. I can’t believe people like you are spreading these blatant lies to brainwash people, I’m convinced that you just want the views. a calorie deficit is the only way you lose weight. calories in calories out. you are a liar and you should be ashamed.

  • I don´t have a degree but it is simple. You eat less calories than the number of calories you need, then you loose weight. It is that simple.
    I am eating more than two slices of bread in my actual plan, i want to gain weight, if one week i don´t eat the number of calories that i need, i loose wieght, 100%

  • Okay putting the stupidity aside, even Dana Linn Bailey eats peanut butter toast every day. A freaking Ms. Olympia eats bread. WHO GAVE YOU THIS DEGREE CAUSE DAMN THEY FUCKED UP

  • I love this caring, sharing wonderful video. Patrick is a brilliant communicator and explains so well. I love the window test. Like many of us, I was determined to come out of lockdown able to make sourdough bread and this video has been my key to the Aladdin’s cave. Thanks so much!

  • When I lost my weight I was eating really stupid because I thought I was healthy and didn’t honestly know what I was doing so I would have a cream cheese bagel for breakfast a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and Turkey cheese sandwich for dinner often. But guess what I was in a deficit because I played basketball for literally 3-5 hours a day minimum every day. CALORIES IN CALORIES OUT

  • So, years ago I read a little of the translated dead sea scrolls. One story was Jesus telling people that wheat was the best grain to eat. He told them to sprout it, mash it into a dough then flatten and dry it in the sun. He also told them to eat only once a day when the sun was high.

  • Thank you updating the facts regarding how humans are impacted by carbs and that what kind macros we consume actually matter. I saw some comments that are critical of what you are sharing. They are so irrational and childish.

  • Autumn Bates is the flat earth theorist of the nutrition world.

    CICO is not a theory. It is a scientific fact, otherwise known by the name, “The first law of thermodynamics” or “the law of conservation of energy”.
    CICO is one of the fundamental, unchangeable laws of physics. It does not care about carbs, fat, or protein.

    Also, lying about having a degree is kind of a shitty thing to do, don’t you think? The only way you have a degree, is if you payed off a whole boatload of people, or sucked a truckload of dicks. You have no idea what your talking about.

  • I know these videos don’t get much love but keep at it and I think it will eventually explode to a goto guide be it for people who want to learn or for people who want to help others

  • Man have been eating bread from the beginning of time. Moderation is the key and work off the energy by exercising. If bread is not ok to eat in moderation then what is left to eat?

  • Don’t agree with you here. I was coached by James Krieger, a PHD in nutrition and a very well known evidence based bodybuilding researcher whose led research for some of the biggest studies regarding hypertrophy and weight loss. He has plenty of videos on YouTube talking about insulin and it’s misconceptions that you should watch.

  • Before the video, I probably would have gone for the Ezekial bread but afterward I’ll definitely go for the Basmati or Jasmine rice because I just love those so much. I always use organic wherever possible so that was a given. One more question. Could you explain why Jasmine and Basmati are better rices? Thanks!

  • Please don’t listen to this guy. There is ton of evidence supporting benefits of whole grains. Leave this guy and enter the world of Dr Greger.

  • This literally tells me nothing about anything… study conducted for just one week on just 10 people and the conclusion is that we’re all different, so no insight on the pros/cons of the different types of bread or which type is better for certain types of people.

  • I believe she said this is a guide and is saying bread in the diet isn’t the most IDEAL way and maybe I missed something but I don’t see anything wrong or crazy about what she’s saying. It’s a known fact that carbs are a gateway to weight gain. Weight loss isn’t a one size fit all thing so I don’t see why so many people are hating

  • I have literally watched all your videos I love ALL your video they are so informative, and I’m thankful I can across your channel.

  • so my spouse has been making SD bread for a few months the breads are coming out flat. She uses the Le Creuset dutch oven. the breads are coming out flat and no rise. I told her to spray some water in the top she told me no. I told her to leave lid off for the first ten minutes with a tray of water in oven then cover it after 10 min, she got mad at me. What am I wrong?

  • Thank you for this information! Dr. recently told me I have wheat belly? I made sure to eat wheat if I was eating bread, and always chose wheat because that was a healthier choice not anymore! This is because of what is being done to the wheat, we are not eating the same wheat today that our parents did, and it is not harvested the same way either!

  • During Quarantine
    Me before watching the video: I’m gonna make this, and it’s gonna be great!
    Me after watching the video: Hi, is this Domino’s? I would like a large cheese pizza…thanks.

  • This is quite interesting. I always thought white bread was dangerous to health and whole wheat was good. Thanks for the information.

  • I can eat 4 slices of bread+ (along with pasta and oats and fruit and hony and dark chocolate and a lot more carbs-mixed with protein and fatand I’ve lost 10 kg!

  • Thermodynamic law applies to closed systems right,is human body considered as a closed system as it exchange energy with the surroundings? not sure, just a thought.

  • You can eat whatever you want and lose weight. You can’t tell people what to eat. As long as you’re in a deficit you’re gonna lose weight. The reason to eat more calorie dense healthy meals is to feel less hungry, fulfil the nutrients you need for a sufficient weight loss, recovery and growth. If you eat one pizza a day of 1200 cals then a burger which could be 600 cals for example you’ll still lose weight if your goal is 2200 a day. Just won’t be a healthy way to do it.

  • If calories in calories out doesn’t work then what does? Im in the exercise science and nutrition field, and it is really sad that you are spreading misinformation, and misleading a lot of people who don’t know any better. Shame on you.

  • Yes, yeast is a fungus. An unfortunate slip of the tongue & and oversight in the edit (our bad), but Patrick definitely knows that yeast is a fungus, we promise!:)

  • I still think whole wheat bread should be better than white, as it has more fibre and minerals. Also, our body needs more time to digest whole wheat bread, so our blood sugar won’t go up so quickly.
    What do you think?

  • Hello Autumn!
    Been a sub for a while.
    About the whole CICO, I’ve tried to understand from both people perspective but I believe the energy balance equation still stands true. It’s just most people take the extreme side.

    Here’s an article to explain what I mean

    People can adjust to what suit that needs, I believe.

    Please lemme know what you think of it. Thanks!

  • Great Video clip! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you researched Millawdon Beauty Food Trick (search on google)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for understanding the best foods for amazing skin and hair without the hard work. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin after many years got amazing success with it.

  • I like this video because she goes over the 2 different theories of weight loss. My wife is type 1 diabetic since 12. We have always had to go by the carbs to insulin model. She is on a insulin pump and I actually get to see what foods actually raise her blood sugar and then him much insulin it takes to get her back to normal blood sugar levels.

  • I don’t care about your education, common sense and non negotiable arguments have and always will be the best way to lose weight. Maybe you gained a few pounds from eating some bread because you went over your maintenance, would make sense as it looks like you weigh 100lbs lol

  • Dr Z how to lose weight with Graves’ disease I gaining to much and I don’t how to do this I tried keto for 4 months I suspend because I got severe constipation and I did fasting but doesn’t help me too thank you

  • I’ve been eating 2 slices of bread for several months now and I have been losing weight. I keep track of what i eat for the whole day and yes you can eat whatever you want and can still loose weight as long as you don’t overeat! A lot of people underestimate their caloric intake per meal.

  • I have Bachelor’s in Accounting and I know more about nutrition than her LOL. This has to be a joke, not sure how she can take herself seriously.

  • She’s right and Greg is wrong. Individuals have different calorie absorption efficiency. I know someone who eats twice more than me & sits all day yet we have similar fat percentages.

  • Amazing video thanks been doing this on a regular basis with different combinations fabulous bread
    Do you know where I can get quality flour in Ireland.

  • What about cooked & cooled rice. Wouldn’t that further reduce the glycemic index by making it resistant starch? We use both organic brown rice & Ezekiel bread sparingly. Thanks for the video!

  • Stfu i want gains give me anytype of carb because thats what matters not keto or carnivore diet
    I want muscle not perfect body cells

  • There seems to be a constant equating of CICO and calculated caloric restriction without the understanding that even if you don’t count calories and still lose weight you are STILL restricting calories, you’re just not COUNTING them. SMH. Also, you can store body fat without insulin. Do they not teach that in Master’s level courses? Good lord ��

  • You can’t break the 1st law of thermodynamics. Regardless of what you eat, as long as you’re in a caloric deficit you WILL lose weight. If you’re not losing weight, you’re NOT in a deficit and you need to reduce your calories even further.

  • rice best everyday eat breakfast lunch dinner mix food like fish vegetables meat chicken soup salad best food every day heathty food

  • Masa is the Spanish word for dough, what you meant is NIXTAMAL, which is a mixture of water, corn and lime dust. (I’m Mexican)
    Thanks for in the info in the video though.:)

  • Thank you for your video, about 10 years ago my nutritionist said to eat whole wheat bread instead of white to avoid diabetes, but now I can see that I should avoid any wheat bread.

  • Imagine eating low carb, 500g of fat a day. no insulin release, but you still gain weight! because you absorb more calories than you burn!

  • Dr Berg didn’t mention ancient grains nor mention sourdough. The phytic acid can be result/eliminated and the gluten is weaker out of the gate then sourdough process will degrade/eliminate that gluten. Lastly lower glycemic index out of the gate and lower after sourdough process. Oh let’s not forget about probiotics! Dr Berg if you’re going to talk about bread than tell the whole story!!!

  • You should ask the school that gave you a master’s degree for your money back. You eat two slices a day for 2 months you’ll lose 30 pounds minimum.

  • It’s just his opinion, i mean for decades we’ve been told brown bread is much healthier, and it makes sense, cause its got fiber, but now hes saying it makes no difference, and tomorrow someone else will say the opposite, who do we believe ��Christ eat bread, so did his apostles. My advice is buy your own good quality flour and bake your own bread, and if you die or become ill, that’s your faith and except it, otherwise you’ll end up dying from stress and worry from listening to guys giving their opinion. You can’t live your life worrying all the time. Be balanced, don’t smoke, take drugs, exercise, eat a plant based diet, try to be a good person, pray to GOD….and don’t get carried away by utube videos.

  • There are a lot of people out there, especially women, who are gonna watch this video and stop eating bread completely.. and thats bad cause the information is misleading.. these are the same people who have tried all kinds of diets from keto to no carb diets to intermittent fasting and all that other crap

  • A few things you forgot to mention.. GI isn’t really much of a problem if the serving size is smaller, and you eat it with some fat and protein. Brown rice versus wheat bread.. The rice can be soaked for a few hours and then rinsed well, and that would get rid of most of the phytates and arsenic. The bread is what it is. Not much you can do about that.

  • Some whole wheat/whole grain breads are healthier than white bread. I eat 1-2 slices a day of Ezekiel Bread and I’m still in ketosis.

  • Thank you doctor. I get the Brown Jasmine rice at Trader Joe’s, it’s pretty delicious too. Ezekiel is awesome and they make an English muffin. I just eat 1/2 of one. Guess I’m doing ok. Blessings.

  • I always wondered Dr. which was better, I used to eat rice but I don’t anymore and I always liked wheat bread over white bread but I stopped eating bread as well

  • So, Doc, I grind my own wheat, and make my own whole wheat bread with no added funny stuff. Salt, butter or lard, water, flour, honey, and yeast. When I make sourdough, I only use water, flour, and salt. What can you say about these homemade breads? Also, whole wheat flour is low in gluten when compared with the refined flours that white bread is made from. This is why whole wheat bread often is crumbly. Store made WW bread often has white flour or gluten added to help keep it together. Talk to us about REAL whole wheat bread, not the store-bought fake stuff.

  • Thank you for the lovely video and information! Dumb question when you feed it do you mix the feed into the starter or just on top and let it do its thing?

  • I eat both brown rice and Daves Killer bread. If I had to give up one or the other it would have to be the rice. Coz you can utilize bread in so many different ways!!��

  • Will she do a response to Gregs video? Lol
    You need a calories deficit to lose weight, that is law! Come on you know this why are you putting this nonsense out there

  • Dr.Berg, people all over the world eat whole wheat breads for thousands of years…. if they’re unhealthy, why did they keep consume it for this long?

  • So much arrogance in the comments. Science is complex. Try watching this program from Stanford for further insight. Feel free to jump to 37 minutes in to jump to the calorie vs. calorie debate.

  • This was interesting. Thanks for posting. Bread is my enemy and my passion. Weight goes up and down depending on bread. I didn’t know rye bread was an alternative, love the rye!

  • Sourdough or long fermentation bread may be better? I know some people with gluten problem are able to digest sourdough bread without problems.

  • I changed to whole bread i buy iy from stors but now am doubting it… what if they add smthn they do not write in the package!? So i tried to make my own whole bread at home and damn i am doubting the whole wheat flour!! What if it is not 100% whole wheat am so depressed seriously i am trying to lose weight and be healthy but i am discovering crazy stuff that are making me so sad and doubting every thing i wish i lived in the good old days where you plant your seeds and make your flour and bake your bread and everything was healthy!!! What a world we are living in it is so unmotivating me….

  • I wouldn’t eat either. They’re not keto friendly.
    However, my son who has a UCD eats a lot of bread and rice. I’ll keep this in mind.

  • Your analysis of Ezekiel bread versus white bread in terms of raising your blood glucose level is complete and utter bullshit as they are virtually the same when it comes to raising your blood glucose levels. Substituting Ezekiel bread for white bread will result in the same spiking of your glucose

  • Wtf girl. Didnt your masters degree crap teach you that there is this thing called laws of thermodynamics? Your body isnt stupid. You eat calories and that turns into chemical energy to be used or stored for later use. No calorie is ever lost unless you cant digest it. Insulin levels is just blood sugar related. It literaly has absolutely no conection with energy usage in the body.

  • Ive learned to eat oatmeal again. Ive mixed 1 half cup Quaker oats, 1 cup water, 2 spoons white sugar, 1 cold ��, springed cinnamon. I felt as when i was a child, warm n felt healthy. However do u have any ideas to replace white sugar? I dont like brown sugar.

  • Wheat bread vs White bread, who cares haha, bread is bread. As long as youre not downing donuts, cakes, or those coated pastries, you should be all good.

  • Hi great explanation, I love your program very profecional and understanding. I like Kumut flour can you say what’s the best way to make this Thanks

  • Thank you for the video. However, i don’t think you can say that white rice is linked to obesity and diabetes when you have Japanese and Chinese people eating it daily and they have the lowest rates of these conditions. You could say there may be a correlation in some cultures but not a direct link. There is obviously something else going on.

  • Our family has tried many different types of Ezekiel bread, it’s horrible! We forced ourselves to like it, it didn’t work!

    Remember corn is a GMO food, which is toxic for consumption. So it’s has to be organic corn!!

  • Fun fact: here in Poland we don’t even consider your white bread a real bread. We just call it “tost”. Anyway, I don’t eat grains anymore, but if you ever wanna know what a real bread is, come to Poland or Eastern Europe in general.

  • To reduce the starch from rice, I put in extra water while cooking it and when i notice that the rice has cooked, i simply put a very thin mesh and drain the entire water out.
    Obviously, it’s better than consuming wheat which is full of lectins like gluten and diadzen, etc.
    As an Indian, we can’t complete our meals without grains. So, this is one alternative.

  • Corn flour options may not be a good (healthy) option…..there are some downsides to it…high carbs….and I believe high glycemic index?

  • LECTINS!!!!!
    Eat white rice if any during a carb cycling. Soak for arsenic extraction. Exchange the water a few times. Then boil with extra water, again for arsenic. If you can, eat it cold so it is more ketogenic (a more resistive starch)

    If wheat, Einhorn Wheat derivived wheat products with Amylopectin B instead of Amylopectin A (which is conventional wheat)

    Doing only ketogenics isn’t necessary optimal always either but that is much more complex to explain. So carb cycling with white rice is the least toxic alternative here.

    I personally look at rice, wheat and other grains as I would alcohol. During times without refrigeration; when we were hunter gatherers, grains were life saving because the phytic acid kept them from rotting to be used during times of hunger. Alcohol served this purpose as well. When one just needs calories one will eat substandard which in other words are grains (monocot)

    Grain will never be optimal to good fats, dicot leaves, root veggies and humanly raised animals.

  • I love the idea of sourdough and am going to try it but i have a question which will no doubt make me blush when answers come in: Why does one have to remove portions of the mixture every day? Dah…

  • Tnx so much…..I really mad an amazing pizza today and the fact is that it’s my first time and I am really proud of my self…..much love and appreciation

  • So is pizza hut, papa john, and dominoes real pizza. hmmmmmm… somebody been lying to the American people.. i feel a revolt coming.. lolololololololololololololollolol Awesome Video!!!

  • I eat 1/2 slice of Sugar Free Whole Wheat bread (6 grams carb) twice a day. At least until I break my attachment for some remnant of bread. You can find it at Wal-Mart.

  • I watched most of your videos and liked them, but in this clip you proofed to me, you’re an Idiot Doctor!! Grain is for thousands of years a very important source of minerals, fibers, proteins, and vitamins for humans, what prevent from a lot of diseases!!!

  • I don’t know why he said they are both identical but I have heard that whole bread is richer in fibres. A 100g of whole bread will provide more energy than the equivalent amount of white bread. Whole bread is more easy on digestion than white bread. I personally experienced a huge difference when I switched to whole bread. I don’t believe whatever Dr. Eric Berg says is correct

  • Not sure why so many people are so mad! If you don’t like this information, keep scrolling. I found a lot of what she says to be true and she has helped me tremendously. So she must know something! I am insulin resistant and she has given me information that actually has my body finally getting rid of fat. So thank you Autumn:)

  • Bella cacata di pizza no ma poi lo zucchero ovviamente cos’è un tocco americano a minchia vero? Hai fatto na bella pizza bruciata buono, cucinate i vostri piatti tipici e non provate a fare i nostri che rovinate solo ricette semplici e genuine con schifezze porcherie che pensate anche siano squisite..

  • Wow this is so tasty and healthy recipe
    Thank your for sharing let us support each other let us grow together ��❤����
    Honestly I love this recipe yum your new friend join

  • While this video has great entertainment value, it does not really create the best homemade pizza.

    Problem for me might be not finding the high protein flour. But I do suspect that it is becaise they do not show how to knead. While my dough developed ample gluten, i think I kneaded it haphazardly which took all the air out.

    Also who would have a high temperature oven. So if you say homemade you should focus on the above two handicaps.

    I have followed this recipe 3 times but my crust doesn’t develop bubbles and is a bit tight.
    I would try the 3 day slow rise dough next.

  • I don’t get it Dr.Berg, when I eat a whole wheat bread sandwich I’m good for at least 6 hours. It keeps me full. And this is coming from someone who use to be obese as a child and adult. I am no longer overweight and I find that when I have a whole wheat sandwich with some turkey, ham and cheese, it keeps me full and satisfied.

  • Bread is my favorite i love it,but im still fit..
    All kinds of food is in moderation..
    To much is bad..after all we all gonna die…

  • I really like Greg’s videos but I do not agree with him on this one. Check out Dr Fung for more on this theory, he’s very good. Surely it is pretty intuitive that eating 1600 cals worth of McDonalds a day will give you worse physique, fat%, body composition and energy levels compared to eating 1600 cals worth (or even more) of unprocessed, whole foods. Different foods are metabolised differently in the body. Carbs are not evil but people shouldn’t be so quick to hate this hormone theory.

  • I understand that whole wheat bread not good ok he say kind of bread good please write what it is? Because idont understands English language more��

  • Can I keep the starter at room temperature during the feeding process Day 1-7/9 and place in the fridge after that for storage or during the feeding process to?

  • Ok why y’all coming at her so hard in the comments? You’re missing her POINT. She’s not saying that calories-in-calories-out is false. It works to lose weight OBVIOUSLY bc yes, law of thermodynamics. But calories-in-calories-out relies on your body entering a semi-starvation state, which in the short term will cause weight-loss but in the long term will cause plateau and possible weight re-gain due to metabolic rate adjustment. The “2 slices of bread” imagery is simply an ILLUSTRATION of her larger point. Which is: weight gain/loss is a complicated, multi-dimensional process that is heavily tied to HORMONES (esp insulin/cortisol). If fat burning is your goal, then the BIOLOGICAL MECHANISM through which your body processes/responds to simple carbs (ex. bread) can work AGAINST this goal (BC OF HOW THE HUMAN BODY AND ITS CELLS WORK). Can you eat 2 slices of bread per day and lose weight? YES. Is it the most effective way to lose weight? NOT NECESSARILY.

  • Your videos are awesome, Autumn!
    There will always be critics. But I honestly feel great using your nutrient timing suggestions

    Please keep the videos coming:)

  • Went from eating one slice of bread to two and the next day I put on two stone! Autumn, you’re so right about what you say about bread! Bread should become a Class A drug, blacklisted, banned!!!!

  • I would have chosen rice before, and my answer is the same now. That is because I feel weighed-down with bread. I have another question: Would you choose to consume table sugar (e.g. a dessert), or bread? I know that bread is oftentimes made with some table sugar, but there is often less table sugar in bread than in desserts, and I think that at least some of the added sugar in bread might be consumed by the yeast during production, thereby decreasing the sugar in the final product. So, I still juxtapose those two types of carb-based foods.

  • I’ve noticed eating bread makes me gain weight, but eating pasta doesn’t. I know the glycemic index for pasta is considerably lower………… this the only reason? Is pasta in any way better than breads?

  • best thingjust say no to both! Use Coconut for wraps or a piece of Romain lettuce if you need to hold other stuff. And Celiac might not be as much of a Gluten allergy as a Roundup Reaction! Just kill Monsanto! Now, if Ezekiel made an Organic Sprouted Sourdough, Hmmm… 😉

  • I don’t care about what the Greg guy said, I don’t need to listen to him to know this chick got her nutrition degree in imagination land

  • For God’s sake don’t bin any excess starter, make crumpets, pancakes, pizza, anything you don’t need as much time to get dough going

  • Awesome video along with the Baguette one! Could you give a rough weight breakdown for bread made with dry/instant yeast? For those of us who live with someone that doesn’t want a starter in the fridge!

  • Wow, no autolysing, no stretch and folds, coil folds or lamination! Only kneading the dough and the bread looks like that! I’m definitely trying this method! Thanks for sharing.

  • That’s exactly the kind of receipe I was looking for!!! The only thing is that I’d like to make sour-drough bread out of the left over of my homemade beer statch. Based on the grams you use, how many grams of beer malt would you add to it and when? Thanks a lot for sharing your secrets, very handy!

  • How long does everyone knead for? I will knead for over an hour and nearly die in the process from the effort, and it STILL tears!

  • This video helped me tremendously as I never knew how to check when I had properly kneaded the dough & helped me understand how to do a starter that actually works. Thank you so much

  • Oh damn, I am in the process of making my first loaf, and it looks like it will be a dismal failure. I did use a dough hook to kneed it and I think that is where I went wrong. It looked like a big fat pancake when I put it in the oven and it is now in there for the 2nd 25mins with the lid off and it looks disastrous…….oh well will have to have another go:(

  • About the discarding step: In case I can’t weight the already prepared starter accurately, is it ok to assume I have to discard nearly half of it each time?

  • Latest research is that after eliminating eggs milk meet eliminated all dairy products a 10,000 people studied he had the lowest cholesterol levels number one is the fruit vegetable diet

  • My problem is trying to gain weight while never really liking bread and getting bored of it. Potatoes, rice and bananas seem to be filling alternatives.

  • Thanks for this. Looks like oopsie bread is exactly what I’ve been looking for. There’s also what is usually known as “bread cheese” which is an actual cheese that can be used instead of bread, but sadly it seems to be unavailable in the UK. (I wouldn’t pay an extortionate price for it either.)

  • i used to weigh 300lbs and now i weigh 170lbs and i ate bread everyday and usually more than two slices so what the hell are you talking about?

  • I’ve watched countless videos but this is the only one that made my sourdough turn out right. I wonder if that’s why it has over ten million views. Have other people also finally had success with this video? I know I have, and am so grateful:)

  • I made this shirt:)

  • I’m not eating the bread for it’s nutritional value. It’s to keep the mustard from getting all over my hands when eating my sandwich.

  • Thanks for this-amazing starter! According to your recipe for the sourdough bread you suggest kneading The dough I thought that was a cardinal sin where sourdough is concerned? Aren’t you meant to use the 4 fold technique? Any advice from anyone would be useful. Thank you ��������