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Why Grocery Stores Are Avoiding Black Neighborhoods

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Instead, it’s a good idea to make a shopping list ahead of time. Stick to fruits and veggies, in fresh, canned, dried or frozen forms, lean protein, whole grains, healthy oils and low-fat. Online shopping gives you a much better variety than in-store, there’s a worldwide selection of a specific product than you might want. Also most times many things you find online.

There are tons of online shopping sites where you can buy everything from plane tickets and flat-screen TVs to food, clothes, furniture, office supplies, movies, and lots more. While shopping online is convenient and fun. Why Shopping Can Be Good for Your Health “I think it’s unpopular these days to say you shop for pleasure because we’re supposed to be in some stoic state in this post-recession. Here are six vital statistics to help paint a picture of the state of the U.S. online grocery market. Online grocery shopping market share.

As far as online retail goes, food and grocery is one of the less developed sectors, with a relatively meager 5.5% of all spending being made online. Unprocessed, gently cooked meat is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. 8. Lean beef. Lean beef is among the best sources of protein in existence and loaded with highly.

You could look through a variety of foods and check for the organic label on each one, but it s a much easier shopping process when everything can be found together, in one convenient location. Whatever your dietary goals or requirements are, you can easily find foods. Here is a list of 7 reasons that prove why online shopping is way better when compared to offline shopping. 1. It can Save Time You don’t need to drive to the stores to purchase what you want. OK first of all I would like to say please take this with a grain of salt but I am a grocery delivery person I shop the order I stand in line weight pay bag up all the groceries load him into my car drive over to.

Groceries delivered in as fast as 1 hour. Choose from stores like Publix, ALDI, Costco, Kroger, Wegmans, Petco and more. Products you love.

Find 1,000’s of products from the stores you already shop.

List of related literature:

• Fresh food has been a big seller online, whereas people had initially expected big, bulky replenishment items to be the most popular • People plan their online order better than their in-store trip (aided by the Clubcard and Internet item recall availability), so a higher proportion of spend is made with Tesco.

“Logistics and Retail Management: Insights Into Current Practice and Trends from Leading Experts” by John Fernie, Leigh Sparks, Institute of Logistics and Transport (Corby, England)
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Online grocery shopping has not caught on in the U.S. to the same extent as the UK.

“Inside the Mind of the Shopper: The Science of Retailing” by Herb Sorensen
from Inside the Mind of the Shopper: The Science of Retailing
by Herb Sorensen
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Online ordering won’t prevent you from having to go to the grocery store, but it can significantly shorten your grocery store trips.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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The primary benefit of online grocery shopping is the ability to avoid entering the physical store, and if home delivery is being used the trip to the store can also be avoided.

“Grocery E-commerce: Consumer Behaviour and Business Strategies” by Niels Kornum, Mogens Bjerre
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Second, online grocery shopping also generates risk as users need to trust the website regarding both the freshness and the quality of products as well as confidential data such as credit card and phone information [9].

“Design, User Experience, and Usability. Practice and Case Studies: 8th International Conference, DUXU 2019, Held as Part of the 21st HCI International Conference, HCII 2019, Orlando, FL, USA, July 26–31, 2019, Proceedings, Part IV” by Aaron Marcus, Wentao Wang
from Design, User Experience, and Usability. Practice and Case Studies: 8th International Conference, DUXU 2019, Held as Part of the 21st HCI International Conference, HCII 2019, Orlando, FL, USA, July 26–31, 2019, Proceedings, Part IV
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Even perishable goods such as food and flowers are sold online as customers like the increased convenience and reduced cost of ordering online, often using delivery partners for offline fulfilment.

“Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing” by Dave Chaffey, PR Smith
from Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing
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Nowadays many people do their food shopping online and this highlights how little our purchases vary.

“Lose Weight Now: The Easy Way” by Allen Carr
from Lose Weight Now: The Easy Way
by Allen Carr
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If shopping online affords you the ability to handle your household’s needs without leaving the house due to physical ability, mental health, lack of transportation, or any other reason that prevents you from getting out, shop online.

“The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation: How to Succeed in a Society That Blames You for Everything Gone Wrong” by Caitlin Fisher
from The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation: How to Succeed in a Society That Blames You for Everything Gone Wrong
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I shopped for groceries online for the first time yesterday and enjoy it tremendously.

“Grammar Builder Level 4” by Adibah Amin, Rosemary Eravelly, Farida J Ibrahim
from Grammar Builder Level 4
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Ultimately you will be healthier than you have ever been in your life and feel great both physically and menSugary foods can be addictive.

“The Detox Book, 3rd Edition: How to Detoxify Your Body to Improve Your Health, Stop Disease, and Reverse Aging” by Bruce Fife
from The Detox Book, 3rd Edition: How to Detoxify Your Body to Improve Your Health, Stop Disease, and Reverse Aging
by Bruce Fife
Piccadilly Books, Limited, 2017

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I needed this video about 11 hours ago when I went to Publix and spent 4x as much because Wal-Mart felt like a huge inconvenience BUT better believe 5:55 will be me rollin up to Wally World in 2 weeks ���� and I’m dying at your cucumber description “long and strong”

  • I have never thought of food deserts as I have always live in more affluent areas. I’m so shocked, sigh that there’s nothing I can do to change this

  • I’ve been wanting to order online but I’m always scared �� pero like I think I’m gonna go for it!!!! You totally made me wanna do it ������

  • Well when shoppers help themselves with 5 finger discounts all the time how is a grocer to stay in business? What by charging higher prices to cover the losses? Then they price themselves out of business. Stop shoplifting and speak up when you see people doing it and things would change.

  • It more detrimental to the operators of a bodega in one of these neighborhoods. I’m not going to risk my life to may their lives easier.

  • hope you guys like the new merch!! merch launches on 29th november, 4pm gmt. just in time for christmas! ��������

    sign up before the launch to get 20% off ����

  • Economics is not the major reason businesses avoid poor communities. The real reason is, when people open businesses there, people don’t shop there, they rob there.

  • On about the prices of America food over here when I went to Orlando Epcot was selling jammie dodgers for $7 we pay £1 tops for them ��and there was lady grabbing like 5 packets

  • Americans have a lot of options for… everything. As someone who lives in a post communistic country, I have always envied that. But it seems to me that Americans can’t even appreciate that anymore. We have everything super expensive and yet we do not have that much money and even less thing to choose from… and we are a free country for 30 years.

  • Grocery pickup and delivery service during the Covid19 crisis has been shameful. These businesses have had a great opportunity to serve the public but, have failed. 1. They don’t pay their employees enough 2. They haven’t figured out how to deliver in a timely manner 3. Instacart, Amazon, come on you guys, get it figured out, poor service means customers lost “forever” 4. Think outside the box and see who figures out the best business practice 5. Mission statement: (to be a winner… it should be…. Taking care of people and meeting their needs…with that said..SHAME ON ALL CUSTOMERS WHO DON’T TIP, OR LEAVE A SMALL TIP.

  • This was really helpful to an online teacher during the Corona virus outbreak. I’m a Personal Financial Planning teacher and a monthly budget is our main topic. I’ve directed the students to buy groceries online to fill their budget line item for “Food at Home.” Since I’m not in the classroom to give a lecture on the pros/cons, your video is extremely helpful and now I’ve asked the kids to watch your video, fill out a pro/con list, THEN go grocery shopping online. This is always a fun project because as juniors/seniors in high school, they don’t have a clue what it takes to feed themselves for a month so it gets them talking with parents and each other and have to plan out a week’s worth of groceries (we multiply by 4 weeks to get the monthly line item number). Thanks! again!

  • I live in a small town in the USA. I have physical challenges and use a walker. Grocery shopping is very difficult for me. I do online shopping with Kroger. I still work, so I place my order the evening before and request a pick-up time on my way home the next afternoon. When I get to the store, I park in a designated area and dial a line into the store to let them know I have arrived. Within minutes, store employee(s) bring my groceries and load them into the car for me. They do this in all kinds of weather without complaint (at least not to me). I tip as generously as I can because I truly appreciate this service. Grocery delivery has recently been added to their services. The delivery is done by a third-party, and I haven’t yet worked out the timing on that. Online shopping is great for people like me with physical challenges.

  • You want to see something truly inspirational and motivational? Mrs. Obama, Ms Winfrey and almost any other similar person you can think of, using their wealth (which are in excess of billions) and influence to truly do something about this rather than just talking about it. When I was in the US, the ”farmers markets” always highly recommended was in predominantly Hispanic and Asian areas. So why not the same in ”black areas”? Here in Africa, the best produce can undoubtedly be found from a stall run by a black woman in an open market. Stop blaming a system. You are only a victim if you choose to be one.

  • Maybe they got tired of being looted by rioters? Also whatever happened to personal responsibility.. nearest grocery store a few miles away. Just drive there or walk?

  • I was driving a black couple home in my taxi in the summer of 1969… we were caught in the riots and my eyes were injured. The rioters burned all businesses and last I knew none had returned as the insurance was too high. I then ferried people to out-laying stores. Short laborious fares with never a tip.

    As the rioting broke out at the beginning of warm weather this year I feared a repeat of 69 but was glad to see it was minimal.

    Not that I benefit but this is a capitalist nation (profane words in the 60s) businesses have to compete.

    My parting words are that the industrial revolution tore us from the land… maybe it is time to put us back.

  • You just can’t win either way. Fancy stores pull out ”now we can’t buy food”. Fancy stores move in ”now they are gentrifying the area”.

  • God, I worked in a convenience store in a neighborhood of color. The stealing was out of control. The people not stealing would excuse and justify and assist the people who were stealing. The owner had come from China and the stealing was so common and blatant that it drove him to madness. Drove him to madness.

  • Why would you keep a store open in a place with low sales and higher security risk? Why would you pin this on the corporations though, they’re in the business of making money and if those neighborhoods were profitable they’d be flooded with stores.

  • This is kinda funny I dump millions of produce every years cause the supermarkets won’t buy it cause they are either too big too small or even not perfect

  • I don’t know why this video is so controversial. If the snowflakes disliking this video bothered to watch even 5 minutes they’d see the video quickly addresses the most prominent reasons. This isn’t some grand political statement, it’s simply outlining a problem. If you’re offended by the racial correlation, why? Stating the reality is factual, the video isn’t saying that grocery stores are racist, its providing historical context and an economical explanation while also addressing why this is a problem regardless of the reasons.

  • I mean not Wal-Mart fault that people don’t have money and have to leave. If you cannot maintain afloat, you have to move. Business 101 really o.o…

  • it’s an old Chris Rock joke.

    “grand opening, grand closing!”

    you can’t have anything nice without someone shooting it up the first week

  • I live in predominantly black neighborhood and we have a winndixie nearby. I am always shocked by how fresh and delicious the produce looks especially considering it’s in the middle of a black neighborhood. It’s close to liberty city, a neighborhood of Miami that’s not that great but our grocery store is well stocked. I know it’s not indicative of other neighborhoods that’s are considered food deserts since Miami is generally a small place with diversity even in black neighborhood. It’s not uncommon to see hispanics or whites living in black areas.

  • Some people think they don’t have to pay for things and the violence stops business people from coming into the community and the work force is lazy rude and not good for business and sometimes the people get mad and burn businesses down they also steal everything in sight because they feel they deserve it

  • Interesting fact for you Taz, ever wondered why there’s a Cockerel is on the Kellogg’s boxes? Well because Mr Kellogg’s once met a Welsh lady who said Kellogg’s sounds like the Welsh word Ceiliog for cockerel, he then used that as his emblem ☺️

  • 6:35. The narrator doesn’t read the whole line. She only reads the low-income part, and not that it was low density areas too. Therefore, the areas affected are most likely rural and not inner-city, despite the fact, the following images that show inner-city areas

  • Amazon Fresh can irrigate the food deserts, if delivery cost can be worked out. Even in food deserts, people have smartphones. They can order faster perishables through Amazon Fresh to be delivered to their homes. But to defray delivery cost, state government has to allow some tax deductions to Amazon. Traditional supermarkets will NEVER solve this problem.

  • This problem is much worse now since the violent riots that burned down or looted and vandalized the only grocery stores and drug stores in these areas! Why dont you talk about that CNBC?????

  • Yaasss! I’ve seen this service but never tried it. Now I know I’m gonna try it. I have two kids and grocery shopping can be sooo much simpler. Thanks.

  • Stop complaining and open your own supermarket store in these neighborhoods. Look what Japanese, Chinese, Hispanics, etc have done in their neighborhoods? They opened up their own. This is a bogus BLM propaganda

  • Well she is complaining about Baltimore. A city run by democrats for 40 years. I guess you will think twice before voting democrats now.

  • the whole premise is that people aren’t free to drive to a grocery store. Ridiculous. My family never once walked to the grocery store growing up

  • They ask why grocery stores don’t want to set up shop in these places while the camera shows a street where a building is vandalized. Major disconnect, I’m Black BTW! We live in a capitalist society, it cares about money, not race like what is being implied. CRIME is the reason! cost more for security, shop lifting, cost more for transportation (high crime, trucking companies are paid more), cost more for insurance. CRIME is the reason!

  • NOBODY in their right mind opens a store in a high crime area. It’s not rocket science, black low income areas suffer from high crime. Theft, armed robberies, rioting, looting and arson are not a formula for profits. Stores need to make a profit to exist.

  • This video is full of rhetoric from one race and culture that expects another to serve it at a loss while they abuse it loudly and violently. At no point in this video was any provider profitable or appreciated -all losses and disrespect. There is no solution because no other race or culture will be tolerated in their neighborhood and they won’t do it themselves.
    This video also neglects the other thousands of food deserts that are occupied by other races and poor mixed communities. Poverty in the US is more than one race, and it is not all urban.

  • My family are immigrants. We came here and started with nothing. My father only had an 8th grade education. My mother finished commerce HighSchool. After 4 years, my father started his own business. My mother too. I helped them both with the language barrier. I was able to go to college and became an Electrical Engineer. My younger brother just finished law school. My youngest is on his way to UC San Diego. And all of this without any public assistance. It was hard work and determination. We lived in a agricultural area. So, if a person that can have access to an array of government programs to help them get ahead in life and they are still struggling, it is not the governments fault.

  • Grocery stores go where they can make money. Unfortunately in inner-city areas that’s just hard. Ive lived in Atlanta and Kingston Jamaica and I can tell you there are no traditional grocery stores in the hood in either city. Why? Theft. To protect themselves from losses they gotta be paying a fortune on security.

  • l thank God and love the 99 cent stores ���������� because they sell fresh produce and other goods for good prices. And many of them are in lower economic neighborhoods.

  • I’ve been using C’8 ( aid coordination platform to purchase $30 USD of groceries for people that posted of their need in C’8 with a list of items desired and a link to their local grocery store with online shopping available for me and/or others to make such donations/purchases not only directly from person to person, but even more purely, directly to the supplier of their needed items, taking nearly all potential for abuses off the table. So far I’ve purchased groceries in Nigeria, USA, Haiti and México and am looking forward to fulfilling a post from S. Africa when she replies with a local vendor link: I’m not a wealthy person and cannot personally fund all needs posts in C’8 of course, but I am still working, I earn more than I need and I simply love giving.

    C’8 is a purely altruistic, free and available to all aid coordination platform I’ve been developing since volunteering in hurricane Sandy relief in 2012 (with Team Rubicon and other groups) where anyone in the world can create needs posts and anyone in the world can find such posts and coordinate direct, specific, immediate, zero overhead, 100% transparent aid donations. I will continue to try to fund needs posts myself as I’m able as well as to work to attract attention of other potential givers that want a pure way to coordinate aid for those in need.

  • “Shrinkage” in those stores is through through roof. Who would want business there. Business owners want people that pay, not steal.

  • Been meaning to try click n collect and online shopping mainly for budgeting purposes and of course, the convenience of it. I can go into the shops and walk out with so much extra simply because it was on a good special or I wasn’t sure if I had the item at home.
    Hoping online shopping will alleviate that. Thanks for pointing out the cons as well as the pros.

  • I leave in Wellington in a slopping section (with lot of steps to access the house). I shop online from my phone with my local New World. Now, finish to carry down the steps all the heavy groceries. Also very handy when you are in holiday to order remotely and schedule the delivery close to the time you are back home. I recently did that after a long holiday out of the country. From overseas, on my phone, I ordered my groceries at New World to replenish my fridge and pantry. So convenient to don’t have to go to the supermarket after a long flight.

  • at my local countdown we just have morning slot or afternoon slot but I know the bigger store up here has time slots hourly where as I have 1pm-9pm to collect which is pretty awesome. I love click and collect! but yes agree with you on the cons.

  • Amazon Prime Now is the fastest and most cost effective, since there’s no delivery fee if you order at least $35 and you get free two hour delivery in addition. They are always on time too. However, Prime Now has nowhere NEAR the amount of items Safeway and Walmart has. It’s like Prime Now is your small gas station store and the others actual giant grocery places. The $10 delivery fee of Safeway makes me only choose them when I get free delivery coupons (which is very rare). Walmart grocery delivery isn’t even available right now where I live.

  • I live in a small town in Taranaki so only have had the pleasure of online shopping in the last year or so. I use online grocery shopping all the time. It is so convenient since I am a shift working nurse. I can do my shopping and get my husband to pick it up or just pick it up on my way home. I am also not tempted to impulse buy. I am picky with the produce so I do make a point to go and get produce. It is a life changer. I know that sounds silly but for me it works. Also, I dont have to remember my reusable bags if i swapped cars with hubby. Hehe. Love your earrings and thanks for the video

  • This story is mostly BS. People buy and eat crap food because that’s what they choose. Not mention of crime and riots? Start with education, not trying to browbeat businesses into money losing ventures. Unlike government, when a business makes a bad decision, they disappear. The ironic thing is I live in a rich area and have 8 choices of wine and artisan goat cheese to pick from but the prices are sky high for basic groceries. I find myself driving to the poor part of town so I can get to the 99 Cent Only Stores so I can get great bargains on produce. Sure it often is not the prettiest but the price is right and they have all kinds of oddball foreign fruits and vegetables to try out.

  • Informative video. Good points. I would recommend to make your own apple sauce from apples; very simple. Another point I think for online shopping is that if you are buying a lot of heavy stuff (drinks for example) you don’t have to carry all those heavy items to car & then into the house. It’s all done for you!

  • I remember a friend from college told us that a whole foods open near his old neighborhood (it was not the best neighborhood for what he described) because of the need to healthy food but it didn’t last long because a local gang kept stealing and assaulting the customers in the parking lot…

  • I know I should do online shopping, but just haven’t fully got on with it. We often get our meat in the reduced section which isn’t available online and I like to choose my own fruit and veg. Plus I have to at least go pick up nappies and formula (thankfully no longer buying formula ����) from Aldi. Maybe a big monthly online shop could work for me, then I only have a few fresh bits to pick up each week.

  • Grocery business is one of the toughest business out there with very minimal profit, they don’t have bandwidth to care about your race.

  • I would love to do my shopping on line but I do my shopping in Lidl and they don’t have an on line option. I could go to Tesco’s but it’s lot more expensive and I don’t like Tesco’s. I dislike grocery shopping a lot, especially getting it all out of the car and putting it away.

  • For the apple sauce you may wanna try the “vegan area” if your supermarket has one. At least in europe the vegan sauces / purées tend to have less “advanced chemistry” in them most of the time…

  • I can’t try because in my country we don’t have the, but I watched the video because of you look you can speak about anything I can listen to you for hours, I love the way you talk..your accent so calm, thank you very much♥plz I have a request…I miss frightful Grant look, he will not be happy, don’t tell him hahahaha

  • Kellogg’s arrived in the UK in 1922. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and All Bran were the first introduced to the British Public, imported originally from the USA and later from Canada. British FOR THE WIN

  • Regardless of who delivers my groceries, please don’t put my bags of groceries on the damm ground. If you don’t have a hand cart with you in your car, please don’t take the call. Those bags that you just put on the ground in the parking lot of my apartment complex end up on my counter. I don’t know who spat on the ground before my groceries were placed there. Please don’t put my groceries on the ground people. Thank you. -Q-

  • I guess home delivery differs from state to state In Tucson, I can only order nonperishable grocery items from Walmart but can from any of the stores offering Instacart.

  • We’re converts too, except for fresh bread because for some reason it’s never in Stock in the bakery section online. Other than that we love it though��

  • Idk if anyone said this already but download the Walmart grocery app. They deliver to you via doordash employees. You can subscribe to unlimited delivered for under $10 bucks. Girl…GAME CHANGER 1000000000%. Minimum is $30 per delivery but i usually don’t have an issue getting there anyways lol. Love your realness ✌ momma of a 3 yr old girl. ��

  • Can’t be too careful, this corona situation is looking bad, I read book on Amazon title: ‘Lockdown Prepping for 2020/1 Corona Virus Covid-19 Complete Guide Act Now!’ it has over 80+ things you really need to get, not just food and water for home etc…it lists things for backpack

  • if there is not much money circulating in black neighbourhoods, why set up grocery stores? Businesses operate for profit not for charity.

  • I love all these stores that they deliver because as a single mother who does not have a car��it makes it so much easier to buy for me and my son������

  • I’m slightly agoraphobic and have some social anxiety so sometimes things like shopping for groceries can be overwhelming. Thankfully there are programs like this that I plan to start using.

  • Thanks only video/article I found that mentions that Walmart won’t tell you that they didn’t get an item even they didn’t charge it. I mean you’re expecting the item I kinda know what happened

  • I use the Max app in the LES NYC. @ work its great and time saved. But people wait for amazon fresh, Fresh direct, instacart etc. These are all ok nice video.:]

  • Lots of good points, I’m one of those freaks though who actually enjoy grocery shopping:-) I used to do online shopping when we lived in Sydney before I got my driving licence but too often I got crappy produce delivered or meat that was one day before its best before date. Now we’re back in Ireland and have Aldi, Lidl and Tesco nearby I prefer to just go and shop myself.

  • well, this makes me feel better now….I use box as I live out in the country…..seeing what he does for the people who work for him is amazing.

  • I know you might not like the bags for the produce and such but it is FDA required for things like pick up and home delivery services. Just find ways to reuse them after the fact. This is the give and take for services like this.

  • I think I’m surprised as everyone else, but Heinz is actually an American company so hoops, spaghetti, and beans are all American products even though we consider them to be an English thing…

  • Omg when I went to America I was exactly the same �� I was take pictures and sending it to my friends (especially with the Oreo collection) and everyone look at me like I was werid

  • as an american this is all normal and her freaking out is amazing omg someone should bring her to costco everything is huge ��but do y’all think we drink/eat all that at once…..chile ��

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  • OMG you are soooo Silly! I LUV IT!!! I’m about to be laid-off the day before Thanksgiving:/ & U made my nite. This will definitely help..staying on my budget. And like they say Time is Money and Money is Time. This momma don’t have time to look for food in every darn aisle! Ty! Have a Blessed Day!!!
    P.S. One of my money saving tips is making 2 days worth or more of breakfast or dinner food. I like to save Time & Money by cooking steel cut oats in my Instant Pot:D

  • Giiirrl, I love this. You’re so dang adorable! I’m gonna try out Walmart Online soon to buy some produce. Thanks for the coupon tip!

  • I was really surprised at the enormous size of amelican super market! After I watched this movie, I felt japanese supermarket was really small.����

  • People can nowadays have all their online Grocery shopping done online. Shahucart online grocery store has a wide range of online grocery products with many discounts for customer’s convenience. Shahucart is an online grocery delivery service in Nagpur, customers can now have their entire grocery supermarket shopping done online.

  • Please visit ya guys, hopefully my place can inspire ideas that can be useful and be a blessing for everyone

    Silahkan berkunjung ya guys semoga ditempat saya bs memberikan inspirasi ide yg bs bermanfaat dan menjadi berkah buat semua orang

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  • ShopoFast is offering world class apparels, accessories like sunglasses, household items, Vanity mirrors, sports,skin care,Electronics & a lot more. WE LOVE USA

  • Watching from the Philippines. This is a really great and helpful video thank you very much. I usually shop fresh produce at and my masks, disinfectants, etc. at This video really made sense. No problem with me though because these stores are really easy to use and always deliver what is expected sometimes even more.

  • Everyone is avoiding black neighborhoods grocery stores business owners people who want to live in peace I’m Asian and will not live around Black people The only people who want to live around Black people is Black people they need to open up their own businesses in their own neighborhoods Stop blaming white people for Black people problems

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