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The Truth About MSG Safety and Sensitivity

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Monosodium glutamate

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The Truth About MSG and Your Health

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Is MSG Bad for You?

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Is MSG Bad For You?

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified MSG as a food ingredient that’s “generally recognized as safe,” but its use remains controversial. For this reason, when MSG is added to food, the FDA requires that it be listed on the label. MSG has been used as a food additive for decades. The FDA classifies MSG as “generally recognized as safe”, the same designation that ingredients like sugar and baking soda have. They say the body metabolizes MSG the same way it.

Depending on who you ask, MSG is either perfectly safe or a dangerous neurotoxin. The truth lies somewhere in between. Evidence indicates that MSG is safe in moderate amounts. However, megadoses. So in the 1990s, the FDA asked an independent scientific group to investigate.

The group concluded that MSG is safe, though they said some sensitive people might get short-term symptoms like headache or drowsiness if they consume 3 grams or more of MSG (a typical serving of MSG in food is less than.5 grams). Based on this research, there is general consensus in the scientific community and regulators around the world that MSG is safe for everyone, including children as well as pregnant and nursing women. The human body metabolizes added glutamate (MSG) in the same manner it metabolizes the glutamate found naturally in many foods. Scientists Have Known MSG Is Safe for Decades.

Why Don’t Most Americans? The ingredient is a combo of sodium and a substance found naturally in mushrooms and Parmesan cheese. By Toby Amido. The first suggests MSG is considered “Generally Recognized as Safe,” or GRAS. The GRAS label for additives gives the appearance of safet.

MSG is 100% safe. MSG has been GRAS status by the FDA since 1958. GRAS means ‘generally recognized as safe’ and is on the list with spices, agar agar and algae. The only thing to consider here is if you are sensitive to MSG, like some people are sensitive to sulfites in wine.

Ask anyone if MSG is dangerous, and you’ll get a myriad of responses. Some of the more scientifically-minded among us will scoff at the notion that MSG is dangerous or poses real health risks. Sure, they’ll allow, there are a few sensitive people who get headaches or migraines when they eat it, but MSG doesn’t actually harm the rest of us.

FASEB’s report concluded that MSG is safe. The FASEB report identified some short-term, transient, and generally mild symptoms, such as headache, numbness, flushing, tingling, palpitations, and.

List of related literature:

MSG has been around since the early 1900s, but that does not make it safe.

“The Eight Immortal Healers: Taoist Wisdom for Radiant Health” by Mantak Chia, Johnathon Dao
from The Eight Immortal Healers: Taoist Wisdom for Radiant Health
by Mantak Chia, Johnathon Dao
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2017

The safety of manufactured MSG has been questioned for the last several decades.

“The 100 Most Important Chemical Compounds: A Reference Guide” by Richard L. Myers
from The 100 Most Important Chemical Compounds: A Reference Guide
by Richard L. Myers
Greenwood Press, 2007

The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB, 1995) has concluded that the ingestion of MSG is safe for the vast majority of consumers.

“Asian Foods: Science and Technology” by Catharina Y.W. Ang, Keshun Liu, Yao-Wen Huang
from Asian Foods: Science and Technology
by Catharina Y.W. Ang, Keshun Liu, Yao-Wen Huang
Taylor & Francis, 1999

Some migraineurs are very sensitive to MSG, a very common food additive found in a wide range of foods, from barbecue sauces to, most famously, Chinese food.

“The Migraine Brain: Your Breakthrough Guide to Fewer Headaches, Better Health” by Carolyn Bernstein, Elaine McArdle
from The Migraine Brain: Your Breakthrough Guide to Fewer Headaches, Better Health
by Carolyn Bernstein, Elaine McArdle
Atria Books, 2009

MSG is often “hidden” on labels because of its deservedly bad reputation.

“Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal
by Anthony William
Hay House, 2015

The FDA claims that MSG is safe when it is consumed at “usual” levels by the general population.

“You Don't Have To Be a Treehugger To Be a Vegan” by Dan Vishny
from You Don’t Have To Be a Treehugger To Be a Vegan
by Dan Vishny
Dan Vishny, 2005

MSG use has prolifer­ated beyond Chinese restaurants to most canned soups, sauces, dried food, frozen dinners, potato chips, canned meats, most diet foods, cured and lunch meat, and broths (Table 71-6) (24).

“Comprehensive Reviews in Toxicology: For Emergency Clinicians” by Peter D Bryson
from Comprehensive Reviews in Toxicology: For Emergency Clinicians
by Peter D Bryson
CRC Press, 1996

More recent reviews of the safety of MSG have supported this conclusion [10].

“Flavor Chemistry and Technology” by Gary Reineccius
from Flavor Chemistry and Technology
by Gary Reineccius
CRC Press, 2005

Possible association with food ingredients such as MSG was suggested (Schaumburg et al., 1969).

“Food Additives” by A. Larry Branen, P. Michael Davidson, Seppo Salminen, John Thorngate
from Food Additives
by A. Larry Branen, P. Michael Davidson, et. al.
CRC Press, 2001

Many scientists, food companies, and the FDA believe that MSG is totally safe to eat.

“The Essential Wok Cookbook: A Simple Chinese Cookbook for Stir-Fry, Dim Sum, and Other Restaurant Favorites” by Naomi Imatome-Yun
from The Essential Wok Cookbook: A Simple Chinese Cookbook for Stir-Fry, Dim Sum, and Other Restaurant Favorites
by Naomi Imatome-Yun
Callisto Media Incorporated, 2015

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  • “Injecting high dose of MSGs causes problems to the mouse.”

    Dude…Too much anything will cause problems.
    Too much caffeine = dead
    too much salt = dead
    too much sugar = dead

  • I am Chinese-American, and I agree that “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome” and blaming only Asian foods containing MSG is racist. However, I respectfully disagree that MSG is completely benign for all people. Specifically, it can trigger headaches in migraine sufferers. I have loved ones (who are also Chinese-American and love all kinds of Asian cuisines) who cannot tolerate excessive MSG for this reason, and yes, they get headaches when they eat non-Asian foods with MSG also, i.e. Doritos. It’s not just MSG, but other foods can trigger their migraines also, i.e. chocolate. So for migraine sufferers, things are just different, and it’s still helpful to have restaurants around that do not add additional MSG to their food (other than what naturally occurs in the native ingredients).

  • MSG IS delicious.

    Anyone who disagrees…
    Ya’ll can fight me on it!

    Love this Abbey! Thank you!
    Funny thing is, I just watched a new video from Unnatural Vegan (love her! That’s how I discovered you!) and she was talking about MSG, and how it’s delicious, and I left the same comment above on her video, too. ������

    (Unnatural Vegan also has a great video debunking MSG myths!)

  • Nice and informative. I have a video on this too. I am a chemistry teacher and making these videos for my lessons in school. Hoping to grow and get more viewers. Sorry if I’m spamming. You can delete this comment if you don’t like it. Thank you.

  • As with any form of sodium, there is health risk. Heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney issues, etc. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH….

  • common knowledge,
    too much is not always good. if you consume your own medicine more than you’re prescribed with then you’ll likely get an OD.
    same with basically everything else, even msg. but if you eat it moderately then it’s fine

  • Turns out: Injecting a high dose of anything into small mammals causes severe damage XD
    take salt, water, alkohol… anything pretty much. What a dumb study

  • Too much salt, sugar, vinegar, water is bad for you. Too much of anything is bad and including vitamins.

    MSG is as safe as salt. If you inject salt into your blood then it would be harmful to your body too.

  • That’s strange, isn’t then msg cousin to E-numbers and sugar/sure as an distance relative as well!?! People are saying that is bad for you. But every thing is bad if you have a big dosis of it right!! ����‍♂️ idk

  • When you sad use MSG, when you happy use MSG, if you have a baby put MSG on baby. Better, smarter. -Uncle Roger

  • I’ve used MSG for years with out any problems ever. I even used it when I was dieting and continued to lose weight even though I consumed it nearly every day. The nonsense out there regarding MSG is ridiculous and double-blind studies have proven that people who think they are affected by it are not. It’s all psychological.

  • I guess a little amount of poison won’t kill you. Good luck if your brain turns into a jello and you start drooling to yourself after consuming too much MSG

  • I think people in general are dehydrated. When MSG becomes aqueous the sodium is what affects people most. I wonder if these sensitive people would have the same symptoms if they had drunk a few glasses of water before they ate.

  • Bro… do u poop immediately after u eat everytime, so effect of MSG doesn’t have immediate effect after taking in

    But… awesome video dude

  • It gives me a headache. The problem now in Canada they just refer to it as ” flavoring”. Things like dill pickles and clamato juice really hit me hard for headaches and brain fog. I steer clear of flavoured potato chips too, the only one that’s safe is salt and vinegar.

  • When i was a kid i accidentally mistaken msg as salt then i paired the msg and my green mangoes(which is my favorite) and when i tasted it i actually died inside

  • Just gave me arrythmia, muscle spasms, difficulty breathing, confusion, anxiety and general malaise. This has happened before, always triggered by foods highly seasoned with this instant noodles, chinese restaurants, etc.

  • For over 30+ years ive been eating msg contained food, i have no problem on my health, you just need to add the right amount in a food

  • A LIE! I never used Accent before yesterday. I saw the ingredient with is MSG. I looked it up and came across this video. After listening to your video I decided to use it seasoned my chicken. Shortly after eating I had a HEADACHE!! At first I thought the headache could’ve came from something else until I ate the leftovers chicken the next day. HEADACHE right afterwards……..never again. This shit does give you HEADACHES. This stuff is bad for me. You should remove this video…A.S.A.P

  • L-glutamate is not the same as MSG. just 1 small difference in the molecule can mean a huge difference in biology and chemistry. If the sodium is removed from MSG during digestion, does it become L-glutamate? At which stage does the sodium get removed and what are the chemical reactions.

    Also consider this, we cant over eat protein as our body would stop us, but it doesnt work the same for carbs.

    If you are a good cook, you dont even need to add msg.

    So your video to me seems to lack scientific evidence because you do not cover the process that MSG goes through vs L-glutamate and how different the molecules are. Just to give you an example, there are many ways the same carb molecule can form despite having the same number and composition of atoms. Even for oxygen you can have O2 with 2 shared electrons, O3 where each oxygen atom shares only 1 electron with another oxygen, O4 and so on with different stability and properties where O3 is said to be harmful (you really ought to look this up). So you might think an extra oxygen atom is harmless but it can mean a world of difference between safe and toxic.

    This is why protein folding is important to understand, how the different molecules interact and their variations. Europe outright banned it because there was clear evidence from an observation or observable effect. You might think that the safe level is way above our daily intake, but have you even seen how much of this stuff they use in asia and just how less healthy the population is?

  • What’s in it for the chiropractor? Nothing but promoting public health and safety.

    What’s in it for you? Being paid by the company that sells MSG, to promote MSG.

    Who has more education about the whole human body and health?
    Chiropractor or you?

    Who do I trust more?
    The person that is being paid by the seller of MSG to promote MSG?

    Or the guy that gains nothing by educating the public about the danger of consuming MSG?

    Here is what I know for sure.


    He is correct, while you are ignorant and misinformed and spreading that misinformation to your followers for money.
    You are putting money before their health.

    What are the requirements for becoming an registered dietitian? And who are you registered with?

    Ajironon hiring you to promote MSG is like Exxon hiring the clerk at a gas station to promote breathing car exhaust.

    Their big money owns you.
    You are not educated or qualified enough in that science to speak about it.
    And it is poison that makes people subtly sick without killing them.

  • Okay, but hear me out… I propose the reason no one even questioned this dude is because he was white and he was telling the non whites how inferior they were and everyone just took the story and ran with.

  • It’s so hard to get monosodium glutamate these days. With a higher blood pressure I like to cut down on sodium and stay clear of NaCl intake. MSG is a healthy replacement for spicy and salty dishes. It is a shame that where NaCl is regarded harmless where to some MSG is the devil in disguise. People would live so much longer when trusting science.

  • SALT AND SUGAR ARE WORSE. IF MSG IS BAD. And i am not chinese. But I love that awakening flavor on my foods. The new world is only trying to give a bad reputation. To something that is better than all of the artificial flavors the NW has.

  • MSG is in all processed meat. All of it. Anytime you eat any protein your body produces MSG. There have been blind placebo controlled studies that find no link between MSG consumption and any symptoms at all. Its perfectly safe.

  • I don’t do Chinese food for that reason. MSG is very dangerous for me and the reason I found out I had a reaction to it was when I ate Chinese food. And even though when you ask them if the food contains MSG some places say no. I don’t trust them so I don’t do Chinese rice, unless I make it. Some doctors don’t even know what MSG is/many people don’t know either. The easiest way I explain it to people is I say is a food enhancer.

  • I call BS…. it gives me a massive headache, and it makes my eyes swell up. That’s why I don’t eat it and I asked if MSG is in anything that I’m about to eat. I usually don’t eat out because of this. I never eat soy sauce.

  • 1:10 Glutamate and MSG are not the same.That was a manipulative thing on his part because any time you add an extra variable to anything it becomes different. This guy obviously has never took chemistry. Something that is completely safe can become unsafe very quickly if you mess with it in the right way.

  • 0:18 when you overeat which MSG causes you to do. Even overeating healthy foods is excess amount of calories which in turn turns to fat. Which then makes your body more unhealthy. It’s a chain of events that lead downward and the source is MSG. But rather than seeing the big picture everyone is ignorant and saying MSG is causing these problems. While it is the source of these problems no one’s holding them at gunpoint forcing them to overeat but most people give in to their desires. Especially people in the west who like immediate gratification. Moral of the story is Everything in moderation

  • Thank you, Abbey, for debunking that chiropractor‘s video regarding MSG.
    It’s all about marketing MSG has the bad reputation that is blamed for all manner of symptoms, but umami flavour enhancers are loved by all, particularly high-end restaurants they both contain the same chemicals!

  • Let people know you add MSG in your food that you sell in Singapore lets see how long your business last, Singaporean know about this shit since the 80’s.

  • Nice and informative. I have a video on this too. I am a chemistry teacher and making these videos for my lessons in school. Hoping to grow and get more viewers. Sorry if I’m spamming. You can delete this comment if you don’t like it. Thank you.

  • Gee, next thing you’re gonna say that peanuts are perfectly safe and people who say peanuts are bad for them are just perpetuating a myth.

  • Why is the world selling us bad shit. Where is our health producer at or what ever they called. Oh wait its because people hate those who eat healthy stuff just like vegeterian people. Like for me i don’t mind eating healthy or eating vegan food cause some of it are pretty good and we’ll made so you don’t have to feel bad about what goes into your belly. But all you i should say no diet just meat eaters good luck putting all of this crap inside your body.

  • I wonder who funds this YouTube channel. They list the fact that glutamate is produced by your body but conveniently skip over the fact that the main argument for why MSG is unhealthy and neurotoxic is that the glutamate in it is concentrated in unnaturally high amounts. In other words, your body may produce glutamate but it’s not produced in nearly as high/concentrated amounts as it is in the food additive, MSG. Do your research.

  • I’m Chinese and I’ve been eating MSG for my whole life. MSG is a common thing to use in Asian countries, and I haven’t heard about anyone get sick or pass away from MSG

  • So it’s like the morons who say milk is bad for you. When the healthiest athletes have been drinking milk for thousands of years with no issue whatsoever.

    What I learned over the years is that people who tell you “you shouldn’t eat or drink X” are often radical vegans spreading vegan propaganda.

  • I’m personally allergic to msg (& other products with similar compounds to it) but I agree that it’s safe for almost everyone else.

  • Its the high amounts of MSG that is dangerous for you, kills you in the long run. In short yeah MSG is bad for you, regardless. Just stay away from it.


  • Msg or soy or vetsin,same thing is scientifically proven extremely cancerous.A man told me his girl friend died from a tumour,cancerous from eating it at a chinese restaurant,the doctor’s certificate said at her death.WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL PEOPLE FROM CANCER.YOU ALSO SAID MICRO WAVE OVEN ARE NOT CANCEROUS, WHEN THEY ARE PROVEN CANCEROUS.THEY ABORT BABIES,YOU MURDERER.

  • Anything that is beneficial for you & goes against the big pharmaceutical industry gets regulated or deemed a controlled substance.

  • Yes in some studies MSG is also a preservatives this chemicals boost your taste buds where the food you eat enhance the flavors. This is not organic where we can get in plants… If you consumed too much specifically into empty stomach this chemical may harm your internal body.:)

  • MSG is unnatural, so is sugar. That’s why I munch on raw sugar cane to get that unadulterated, natural, organic, no radiation, no chemical, and authentic druidic experience.

  • 1:12 & 1:19 & 2:13 The common naturally occurring chemical is different to MSG though, right? Why is that ignored?
    They aren’t the same chemical, right? Isn’t it true that MSG is not the natural one, is it so isn’t that technically false information is this video?

  • It’s like I can’t question the safely of a chemical that tons of people say they’ve experience horrible side effects and problems. If I want to avoid it people will say I’m an idiot for not agreeing with this video. The FDA has a reputation of telling us dangerous carcinogenic foods and chemicals are safe to consume.

  • msg is not bad, its natural in tomatoes, but msg makes you eat more, and your right dont eat too much but foods these days have too much msg, i remember eating 4 ramen soups before cup noodles reduced it, so no its not bad when you make food with a little bit of msg but will make you eat more unhealthily in excessive

  • You are the racist here and hateful. You have ruined this channel for me. MSG makes makes me sick, definitely. Whether its from Chinese food, or another source such as fast food. This actually seems to run in my family, as MSG makes my father sick as well. I actually enjoy Chinese food, but am careful to discuss with the cook to determine which items that are msg free. This relationship has actually made my family very loyal to a select few Chinese restaurants.

  • Sorry but I love Chinese food and don’t care about MSG. But even after only half a portion I have heart palpitations. No other food affects me this way. Im wondering is it the high salt content rather then the MSG.

  • Now. Imagine how things would taste if MSG was never discovered. How would fast food taste? How would chips and Cheetos taste? Would it be as addicting if there wasn’t any MSG

  • I knew it was fine to to consume. Whenever a hippie vegan type tells you not to eat something doubt them. Then do your own research

  • anyone who thinks MSG is bad,
    dont worry, its only dangerous when its too much, everything is dangerous when its too much,
    example: water, humans, trees, electricity
    water because cells cant keep up,
    humans because there would be less food,
    trees, because there would be more oxygen
    (animals that dont breath out carbon dioxide dies)
    electricity, waste of energy

  • So y’all got it right and 60 minutes got it wrong?!? Sureee! Anyway who actually believes reporters that actually cite their sources. I feel so stupid! Thanks SciShow.

  • If you really believe in what you said, you are sick in your head. I was feeling terrible all these years after eating food with MSG: migraine, thurst, loss of balance etc thinking it was from beer. Only much later i discovere it was not beer, which i would have with Chinese food. I haven’t had beer in 30yrs and still get all d symptoms plus high blood pressure and palpitations and missed beat on top. I dont eat out any more and i read d contents of ready made food i rarely buy in supermarkets. Those who put it in food are criminals.


  • I went looking for MSG today, but couldn’t find any. I was hoping it could jazz up the bland Healthy Choice soups I bought a while back.

  • So…. wait a sec. I have a friend that gets violently ill when she consumes any MSG. She is part Asian. I cooked for her. She had no idea there was MSG in the food and I had no idea she was so allergic. This mean somehow she is racist because she only got sick because she BELIEVED she would get sick from what I cooked because it was “too Chinese”? I give up on humanity. Oh but wait. I can’t leave without letting you know how I’m “offended” that you’re offended at the offence Chinese committed when they made up this tasty food, and it offends me even more that you’re offended at my ‘racist’ friend for not liking the Chinese-ness of my non-Chinese food that I cooked for her. HOW DARE YOU!

  • In the western countries, the problem of MSG is bad information circulation and overblown myth about MSG.
    In Eastern countries, the problem with MSG is we put waaaaaaaay to much into our food and it’s actually starting to carry health risk from ingesting it to much, which is a hilarious polarity.

  • Umami was hard to wrap my head around at first, since we don’t use that word where I live, and then I realized I have been using the term my entire life, it just means savory…

  • Whenever a chiropractor says if you aren’t getting enough of this or this then this big horrible thing will happen I wait to see if I’m going to get a sales pitch for supplements they’re selling.

  • I ate Chinese food yesterday…I love it!!..however…my head started to hurt and my heart started to ache…I have nothing against Chinese people…but it’s the way I felt

  • So what you’re saying is that MSG tricks you into thinking that what you’re eating actually tastes good when it could just be pig food.

  • Does MSG have any actual health benefits? If not, WHY include it in good product? Because it makes a food product taste better? Nah, I pass.

  • Nagkakasakit ang tao dahil sa mga kinakain nyo like laman loob, all meat, masamang bisyo. Hindi dahil sa pagkain ng msg. Yung iba sasabihin pa sa nagluto kung may msg hehe. Lahat ng masarap na nakakain nyo sa bahay at sa mga restaurant may msg na nilalagay. Hindi man sila maglagay ng mismong msg or ajinomoto na brand eh maglalagay naman sila ng patis,toyo, at ibang powdered seasoning,cubes na kapag tiningnan mo ang ingredients ng product lahat yan may monosodium glutamate. Kaya kung sasabihin nyo na concious kayo sa kinakain nyo eh kumain na lang kayo ng hilaw na gulay, fruits, o damo yan ang mga walang msg pero may chemikal na rin yan. Yung damo walang kahit anong kemikal. Tingnan nyo ang mga sinaunang matatanda at ang matatanda ngayon na umedad sila ng matagal na walang sakit pero msg ang gamit nila sa pagluluto. Kinamamatayan nila ang katandaan dahil wala silang ibang masamang bisyo at selected lang ang pagkain nila dahil hindi naman uso ang fastfood chain noon araw. Kaya nagkakasakit ang tao dahil kung saan saan kayo nakain

  • Surprising facts: KFC and a bunch of other fast food restaurants, as well as a lot of grocery store foods contain MSG. you don’t have to get Chinese take out in order to ingest MSG. Just read the ingredients list on the label/from their websites: )

  • This is why I don’t like YouTube. Propaganda. All the ill effects people were having was somehow racism. Lol.
    Msg is toxic in so many ways. Google side effects of msg. Do it soon before deep state google wipes out the truth.

  • nothing is settled in science, please remember this
    excitotoxin, banned in baby foods in 50 countries
    neurotoxicity, especially to the infant

  • As far as flavor enhancinf as well salt is basically an enhancer.. It brings out the natural flavors of food hence why in some desserts it is used.. It magnifies and stimulates our glands in our mouth.. Learned this from my boy Alton Brown on Good Eats years ago.

  • You said so much to say nothing. It seems that you did not research well your topic of you did not understand what the information you found implied.
    Just because a product “occurs” naturally, it means it is good for your health. Cyanide OCCURS naturally in cassava; ricin does, too, in castor beans.
    MSG DOES NOT OCCUR NATURALLY. Glutamic acid does. How can I put it? I’ll feed you Oxygen, food and hydrogen. How long do you think you”ll live?
    If you have to separate the salt from C5H9NO4 Then it does not occur naturally as a Unique compound…none of these componentes happens first, second or third, the are ONE SUBSTANCE, If you remove Na from C₅H₈NO₄Na and you get something innocuous and “natural occurring” (C5H9NO4 ), then it has to be true that if I remove anything else from the structure of glutamic acid, I should get something healthy like C3H9NO4… which would kill in a beat. 
    If you alter the chemical structure of something, that something is nothing like what it was before.

  • but i don’t find anything related to what’s exactly msg effects to our body in this video, something like it can triggers sort of cancer or else

  • Thanks for this video.. I actually ordered a 2 pack of msg on amazon for like $6 to try out. I think a lot of people have placebo effects from msg and feeling ill effects. Worchestershire, sardines and many other foods as explained have that punch of flavor aka umami. Cant wait to

    I actually just tried it earlier and it almost has a strong broth taste but without the aromatics of the protein and veggies used in broth making. It’s like when eggs were bad because cholesterol and then years later found good because of protein.

    You nailed everything on this topic about MSG.. People are scared easily.. Lool at the coronavirus, people are buying out all of the hand sanitizers and suposedly people are selling $3 sanitizer bottles for like $300 online.. Pathetic.

    The swine flu was way worse and nobody went all pandemic with it..

  • Dude, trust me, vegetarian foods are tasty even without MSG! Silly and clueless people always talks about vegetarian and vegan foods as something tasteless.

  • The racism behind the Western fear of MSG cannot be overstated. It’s part of a very long tradition going back to the 19th century when White Americans feared foreign foods of all types. Jewish children were banned from bringing pickles with their school lunches, Italians were stigmatized for eating garlic, and Chinese food of all types was highly stigmatized. This was around when the myth of Chinese restaurants using unsafe meat or dog meat was started. Immigrants were often given cookbooks and cooking classes to convince them that their cultural food heritage was unhealthy and un-American. One of the only non Chinese groups that routinely ate in Chinese owned establishments at the time were American Jews, leading to the longtime love of Chinese food on Christmas as a Jewish cultural institution. With the increased focus on health foods in the mid-late 20th century the same fear of the “other” and the same racism against Chinese Americans that dates back to the 1840s led to the invention of the fear of MSG. MSG was widely used in post WWII American processed and canned foods, it wasn’t until it became associated with Chinese food and Chinese Americans that White Americans suddenly had a huge problem with it, it’s a racist conspiracy theory.

  • lmao those british scientist were just trying to justify why you should season your food with water. no wonder everyone shits on british food saying its more bland than cardboard.

  • I feel like this guy is just talking in circles… thanks for using research to back up your claims. this is why I love you and unnatural vegan.

  • 2:20 supposedly the reason the US military started using MSG in the rations is because soldiers came across Japanese rations during WW2 and noticed even their plain rice tasted awesome because it was dosed to the gills with MSG (many Japanese soldiers ate almost nothing but plain rice when food was scarce and they wanted to keep morale high).

  • I’m surprised MSG-obesity-induced lab mice never came up in this video. As in the fact that when a scientist wants to study the effects of something on obesity, they need obese rodents to test on and so make their rodents obese by using MSG. As far as I understand it that’s common practice (or at least has been in the recent past).

  • Love the science…Love the people of Taiwan, where I used to live. Love my Korean friends and family. Love cuisine from every Asian country I’ve tasted. But I hate the unforgivable BS about racism and xenophobia being the cause of MSG concerns. Those who falsely claim racism are as bad as racists…and both camps should be euthanized.

  • I agree MSG is delicious. But I used have constant severe migraines that would wipe me out completely. Finally stopped eating MSG, and never had a single one after that. Maybe it’s something else that got cut out with the MSG, but there’s something here worth noting. Thanks for calling me a racist tho:)

  • and you dont need to avoid packaged food if they have MSG coz they sponsored this video? i found BBC vedio with same content and points all coincidence? excess of any thing is bad you need to that part as well just like saturated fats are not bad in limited amount but if dose increased it can lead to heart problems just like MSG leads to bad mood,headache, even autism in kids!!

  • There’s more flavours detected by dedicated taste buds though
    Proteiny (umami)

    and arguably Spicy, though this is not technically a taste, no specific taste buds for it but more like chemical irritation of tissue that we evolved to enjoy.

  • Should’ve burn England to the ground for making a fake research on MSG and how can something from japan have a syndrome called chinese restaurant syndrom

  • MSG allergy/sensitivity is a legit real thing. There are so many none-racist honest people that get really bad migraines from msg. They are not making this stuff up.

  • Literally when he talks he sounds like he doesn’t even know what he is saying. Like he is just reading things from the internet or something. Pretty sure he doesn’t even know what he is saying or talking about. And he’s not even a dr? What?

  • I don’t believe much of what this video says but I do tend to believe what Dr. Berg says about this subject. See this site.

  • It’s mostly a culture thing, orientals have been raised with it for generations and generations. Just like is they were to just start eating country fried chicken as their diet, they’d prolly be sick or have headaches too.

  • I just received the MSG I ordered online the other day. Tested it out on a small portion of food thinking it will be great in the next burrito I make. Umami!!!

  • This wrong, one day I only had MSG food (small quantity ) it started feeling headache. not only me my wife also started feeling the same. Scientists and regulative authorities are liars. one thing is for sure, u will end up eating more food and become a fatty pig.

  • My question is, is MSG considered heavily processed? They are natural but how much processing had been made. There is a saying ‘feed MSG to dog’ and you get free of the dog.

  • If MSG is harmful, why MOST oldest people 90 to 100++ years old age is from Asia that consume a lot of MSG in their life than non-Asia country?

  • That’s nutritional science for ya. Coffee is good, coffee is bad. Fat is bad, fat is good. Carbs are good, carbs are bad. Butter is bad, butter is good. Chocolate is bad, chocolate is good. Alcohol is bad, alcohol is good. ��

  • High sodium is better than low. High sodium increases blood pressure up to 1% but lower resting heart rate by up to 10%. Low intake sodium causes a vast array of health problems. It’s no wonder animals risk their lives for sodium.

  • Still somehow people wanna eat far more of the stuff that contains MSG than that with just salt. And producers don’t even lower the salt content, they simply add the MSG to the oversalted product to make consumers devour even more. What else would they do? It’s capitalism.

  • This is true, they might over use of MSG instead of sugar since it’s cheaper (i.e: instead of 1/2 spoon of MSG and 4 spoons of sugar, they will just make it 2 spoons of MSG). My symptoms came right away after eating any food (ANY not from a specific country) with extra MSG used, headache, ears and neck area getting cold, full stomach. It was a nightmare since I have to induce vomiting.

  • I’m sorry to say, but whomever wrote this clearly doesn’t know anything about msg triggering headaches. I have suffered from MSG triggered headaches my entire life. Some people are sensitive and some are not, but to say that it doesn’t trigger migraines is simply irresponsible.

  • I’m pretty sure the msg scare has been manufactured by the restaurant industry to keep people from using this at home while restaurants keep using it in their food to keep you coming back for more

  • I love the people that still think MSG can actually hurt you. Asia… wouldn’t have existed… ever. A lot of their older cultural foods contain shitloads of natural MSG. Haters hate because it makes the food taste too good. They can’t handle it.

  • There is this fajita seasoning sold in the Texas area that I have my sister mail me jars of because they don’t sell it where I live. It is sooooo good and I put it on literally everything. It is amazing on roasted broccoli. I have been using it for years and finally read the ingredients last night. The second ingredient is MSG. I already knew MSG was safe so I wasn’t worried. I just immediately thought “that explains why this is so fucking good” and then snorted a line of it (I kid, but it really is amazing)

  • This is such a one sided, biased way of looking at it ��
    MSG and HVP inhibits various subtle metabolism processes. They make the brain more volnerable to free radical oxidation.

  • Man oh man, on my quest to determine what is/isn’t healthy, the list of OKAY/GOOD things just keeps growing (and it includes a high-sodium diet, saturated fats, cholesterol).
    SUGAR remains villian #1.

  • I am inherently suspicious of people that claim to be a “nutritionist”. There is no standards of training for that term, anyone can claim to be a nutritionist. Also, Chiropractors, in general, are well known for pushing pseudoscience.

  • I am shocked to learn that Ajinomoto Co., Inc.—the world’s largest MSG manufacturer and owner of packaged food brands Tai Pei, Ling Ling, and José Olé—is supporting horrific and deadly animal testing.” FOR SOMETHING THAT IS HARMLESS????????????????? Really?

  • MSG propaganda was a conspiracy that was conjured up by white supremacists who wanted to abuse Asian American restaurants in the 70s in retaliation for taking over local food industries. Glutamate is the most prevalent amino acid in the body and it is vital for synapses between neurons. In fact if you dont consume enough glutamate you will die.
    I am quite tired of seeing uneducated individuals who claim MSG is toxic when they can’t even write chemical formula of MSG. If you believe MSG is harmful, it most likely means you are uneducated, racist, or most likely both.

  • I was curious and got me some of that MSG stuff by Ajinomoto. No matter how much I put some of that stuff on my food though, I simply can’t detect any difference, except that everything tastes a bit more salty when I use a lot of it.

     I call hoax.

  • if you see instant noodle
    its majority made by country that surround by water
    like indonesian noodle (indomie), japanese noodles, etc

  • The Ajinomoto Group (food corporation) would be proud of your over simplification regarding the assurances of safety. However, I recommend everyone looks deeper into the existing research of excitotoxins, like MSG and Aspartame, and the real damage they can do. A great book written by a very experienced Neurosurgeon, Russel Blaylock, called “Excitotoxins”, dives much deeper into the research and shows very clearly how free glutamate can bypass the BBB (which does not protect the entire brain) and cause severe damage to the brain causing several Neurodegenerative diseases. It is very well referenced and for those that want to understand this topic better you should pick up a copy, along with his other book “Health and Nutrition Secrets that can Save Your Life.” Just a suggestion. That all being said, I love Osmosis and have found great value and education from your content.

  • 1’50”, probably same from food or MSG crystals. Indeed, I quit dairy products 17 years ago (cheese is addictive), but I remember clearly that i used to be very SLEEPY after eating cheese.
    2’40” Some people have speculated etc. Speculated? I have FAINTED several times… even not knowing there was glutamate in the food (I live in China, and the last time was in an Indian restaurant in Shanghai, so don’t say to me it was psychologic, i did not expect MSG in Indian food).
    3’16” MSG has been removed from the list of foods that can cause headaches… by “regulatory authorities”: They also said that glyphosate was not harmful, they allowed Thalidomide to get to the market, Vioxx and so on and so on. And you trust the FDA, the FAO, the USDA? The guys who have responsibility there have double job: one at Monsanto one at the FDA> they are the last ones i would ever consider as serious!
    5’23”: it would replace sodium? REALLY? Every time I had MSG, i had to drink like mad before fainting or losing eye sight! I can drink ONE litre of water non-stop after a dish flavoured with MSG. NOT with table salt!

    As a summary, I’d say that AJINOMOTO is a HUGE company, and that they have interfered with your “regulatory authorities”.
    I will NOT use MSG, and will continue to consume SALT.

  • Can I just say that you’re actually one of the only dietitians I actually respect and trust. Not once have you led us astray and when battling and ed it’s amazing to know I can listen to your advice without being afraid it’s based in pseudo science �� ❤️

  • Hi dear Osmosis, I am a medical student and this channel is the best medical channel to, may you upload physiology and biochemistry videos!

  • Whoa, this video really took off! It makes me think – what other ingredients and foods do you guys think have also been enveloped in mass hysteria in an MSG-kind-of-way? Let us know in the comments below.

    Oh – also, on another note, we’re busy working on more episodes of In Real Life, and we’d love to hear from you. What should we do next? Where should we go? Let us know in the Google form below:

  • If MSG is so harmless then, why “Since the 1950s, Ajinomoto has tormented thousands of dogs and other animals in laboratory experiments. For example, the company’s experimenters have cut open dogs’ stomachs and inserted tubes into them, starved them for 18 hours, given them liquid diets with MSG and other common amino acids, taken their stomach fluid, and injected them with drugs.”

  • Thank you for this video, Abbey! So informative and to the point. I also really appreciate that you say “people with autism” instead of “autistic people” like the guy in the video. You always seem very conscious of how you talk about things and it makes your channel such a safe and anxiety free space while also obviously being super informative and entertaining! ��
    Also, I really love your sweater where is it from? �� Im always on the lookout for soft sweaters that are warm but breathable and apparently that just has to be a never ending unsuccessful quest!

  • My family against msg aka aji no moto but only me in family like it.. i saprate with other and put it in my food.. and enjoy my food every single piece

  • Very dangerous scientifically incorrect information. MSG can cause fatal reactions which you can find in scientific journals. In the 1990’s a man ate MSG food which caused a severe asthma attack, cardiac arrest and lead to permanent neurological damage. He won the lawsuit against the restaurant owners. MSG was found to be a direct cause. Your poor advice can kill people.

  • The racism thing seem a bit far fetched; the same people seem more than happy to endulge in Chinese cusine and enjoy the culture. That’s like saying the whole “gluten ordeal” is racism towards caucasians. That’s just silly.

  • I love war wonton soup from a local Thai restaurant. Every time I eat the soup my feet and hands swell. I drink more water and I’m ok by morning. They use msg. I know, I feel it, and I continue to order it.

  • 4:06 so because people also developed symptoms eating the sugar pill that means that both msg and sugar aren‘t unhealthy? Man what a joke

  • Just because your not allergic to MSG doesn’t mean all people are not… There are plenty of people in the world allergic to it or allergic to large amounts of it… I personally am not fond of additives and flavor enhancers in my food… I like to eat clean… But that’s just me, i actually care about my health… Most Chinese people cook their food at home and i am willing to bet they don’t put MSG in the food they cook for themselves and for their family members… I am 100% sure that there is zero MSG on their dinner plate… However, restaurant owners that cook food for thousands of people a day, its a different story… Racism has nothing to do with people being intolerant or allergic to MSG… It does exists and most people that are allergic to it don’t even know it until they come in contact with it… Some people actually love Chinese food but prefer to eat Chinese food at Chinese restaurants that don’t use MSG because its toxic and certainly not healthy to consume in large amounts. Please explain to me how is that racist?..

  • Hi Yara…great show. But unfortunately I am allergic to MSG and preservatives in food…anything and everything but it does depend on my immune system…its dehydrating which leads to my skin getting red and then the itching. I don’t always reaction as it would depend on my immune system on that moment eating chips or food cooked with MSG. I grew up in a multicultural country where almost all restaurant food used MSG. During the week when working eating outside food everyday and without fail, the combination of heat and food i get a headache, on weekends i eat home cooked food no MSG..I do used UMAMI like ingredients but no headache even if I went out in the heat. I found that over the years eating home cooked meals reduced the headaches I got basically from dehydration. With chips the effects come a day later… so although i love some foods…I found I had to eat them sparingly or spaced out to allow the gut to heal… I worked at a fine dining restaurant which did use substitutes for that boost of flavours…mushrooms and seaweed.

  • Actually, too much MSG DOES give me a headache. Regular levels aren’t a problem, but some of the chicken stock powder I have…WOW! Almost PURE MSG! BUT, I can taste small amounts of it, not a problem. Too much? Screaming headache. Worst offenders are junk food. I tend to avoid processed food. But I have NEVER gotten the headache from Asian foods.

  • it’s really sad how racism against the asian community is so normalized. like for years racist remarks about msg have been used against them yet there was no big controversy about how we can stop it��

  • Msg is very dangerous. It’s because it makes food taste better and you’ll want more. Cancer? Breathing gives you cancer. After all, a dead body can’t get cancer.

  • But why are chineese so affraid to admit they use it..
    I ask alot.. Im from new zealand but when i say i need to know because i have allergic reactions to msg they get hesitant or ignore me.. Then i request refund for being ignored upon a allergen awareness request and they dont care.. I used to love chineese people now im really annoyed by them im started to hate them
    1. Covid19
    2.disgusting bad eating habbits
    3.ignorance, rudeness, attitude
    4. Provoking ww3
    5. Can never bargain
    6. Lying that they cant speak english

  • Dr. Ken Lee reminds me of that lady from Bulgarian Idol, trying to sing a Mariah Carey song: “Len Lee, tolibudibudachoo, ken lee, ken lee meju mooo!”

  • Other Asians eat MSG too (not only the Chinese), but with an moderate amount, and I havent seen anyone around me taste MSG directly, I eat MSG everyday, but If I taste only MSG alone, I will vomit because of the Unami taste, or even put a shade more MSG than normal in a dish that dish is ruined.

  • The fear of MSG is racist against Asians and ableist against autistic and ADHD people. Now I’ll think of social justice whenever I eat Chinese food!

  • So me not eating MSG cause it makes me sick is making me a racist? Who would of taught.
    If only my toilet could talk.

    What you forgot to say in your video is that you get very high glutamate levels in the blood after eating a meal containing MSG. You’re stimulating all of the glutamate receptors. That’s why some people get explosive diarrhea, because it stimulates the receptors in the esophagus and small bowel. Looking at your face you probably knew that.

  • I never even knew about msg till this video but when I ate some food from a reasturant my chest really hurt and I couldn’t like sit up straight for like 30 seconds and I couldn’t eat it hurt

  • I am Chinese-American, and I agree that “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome” and blaming only Asian foods containing MSG is racist. However, I respectfully disagree that MSG is completely benign for all people. Specifically, it can trigger headaches in migraine sufferers. I have loved ones (who are also Chinese-American and love all kinds of Asian cuisines) who cannot tolerate excessive MSG for this reason, and yes, they get headaches when they eat non-Asian foods with MSG also, i.e. Doritos. It’s not just MSG, but other foods can trigger their migraines also, i.e. chocolate. So for migraine sufferers, things are just different, and it’s still helpful to have restaurants around that do not add additional MSG to their food (other than what naturally occurs in the native ingredients).

  • This is like ANti Vaxx. People say that its safe and it is safe but some people think its dangerous cause they watched youtube and suddenly think they’re an expert

  • I think what you guys are severely overlooking is the AMOUNT of msg. Those shitty packet chips have a moderate amount of msg. A meal from a restaurant will have x50 amount of msg. How can you guys not address that, the whole video is super biased. Focussing more on a cultural and historical perspective you missed the point.

  • the fact this was birthed off racism ahah sounds too familiar. whats sad tho is that my chinese mom loves it and says he knows its “bad for him” this is the effect of what those racist whites done to the future generations of consumers who are uneducated and even second generation asian immigrants my parents who question their won culutral food wow thanks LOL. but i showed her this video she all informed now ahaha

  • i will take MSG source from kelp. no MSG from mushroom or yeast or mashed veggies
    fact: all raw turkeys are brined in salt and MSG. happy thanks giving and christmas

  • People don’t trust chinese food because chinese food safety is crap. Look at the Al Jazeera documentary demonstrating toxic fake food being made in China in order for some idiots to save some money

  • Use it in lunch and dinner foods for 2 months straight then weigh your weight and you will see what it can do. You guy don’t know what are you promoting to public����‍♂️ Be responsible.

  • I can’t eat canned soup, bottled salad dressings, or anything with msg. I get migraines with visual aura and vomiting. You can say I’m crazy but it’s true. I can’t drink red wine or eat a ton of cheddar cheese. I can’t eat any Hershey’s chocolate either. I can’t eat the flavored chips either. I eat Chinese food at a restaurant that doesn’t add msg. I can’t eat KFC chicken or frozen dinners, anything with it added I just can’t eat it, some people are not sensitive to it and some people are.

  • I’m trying to find out info on this subject and see your debunking video is sponsored by a company that produces MSG so in the interest of full disclosure maybe you should tell people that? In any case, I hope people don’t discontinue researching this issue because of your disingenuous video..

  • White people put it in every processed food you can think of and blame the Chinese because they sprinkle that shit on your takeout. Double standards

  • When I first started eating Chinese food I would get a slight headache with a feeling in my neck and jaw like I was getting lock-jaw but I could move fine. I never knew about Chinese Restaurant Syndrome nor MSG until looking into what was happening to me. It is real! Now the restaurants don’t use as much MSG so only have an issue once in a while.

  • Whatadimbo = why should people put a manmade lab created chemical unto tbeir food to make it taste good = what can’t you cook…?
    So add it to sh*t and make it taste good = your eating a LIE and is why restaurants use if the cooking sucks…lol..pathetic…!

  • Excellent presentation with good historical reference. Well researched and balanced summary on pros and cons of a complex debate on an important health matter.

  • I appreciate the information about what it is and it’s history, but I don’t appropriate you downplaying the sensitivities and allergic reaction to this additive. I have been hospitalized because a restaurant lied about adding MSG (projectile vomiting, passing out, increased heart rate of 130+, diarrhea, and feelings of dread). This reaction was repeatable under dr supervision. I have a friend who gets migraines and vomiting when exposed to msg. It’s much more concentrated then you say. My friend is a nutritionist and she studies food additives. Natural MSG is very different than made MSG.

  • Theres nothing wrong with it it’s just the sodium that becomes unhealthy in large amounts. Is there a potassium salt available or just the Crystal’s on their own or would that not produce the same effect?

  • Yesterday i cooked chinese noodle recipe without msg and shit taste dull then i added pinch of msg. Holy shit the taste changes so drastically and much better

  • When I was a boy my grandma tried making me some hot chocolate. It was the worst thing I ever drank. Turns out she added two table spoons of MSG instead of sugar. The nanny didn’t believe it so she tried it out and ended up puking her guts out.

  • MSG is like any type of sodiun, too much can have harsh side effects. People with kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure should limit sofium intake including MSG.

  • Literally everything can be toxic if you get to much of something, literally water can make you sick if you have to much (obviously)

  • Am sensitive to msg ramen noodles make stomach hurt and migraines so is why prefer the softer rice noodles is the msg in high volume in lesser amounts is fine is all ��✨✨✨


  • Come on, get off that low salt diet train, it’s a myth that causes more problems than it solves (if any at all), you should know better!

  • This video is probably paid for by the MSG product producing companies… I get severe headaches after eating food that contains MSG, prior to knowing that the chef uses MSG… my headaches last sometimes overnight.

  • I’ve been consuming MSG since I was a kid my mom has cooked everything with it.Now years later at 29 years I have formed sensitivity to this….radiating numbness,tingling sensations all over my body (especially brain),prickly needle feelings (overactive nerves),bloating,cramping and constipation. Now I know it’s the MSG because I keep a food diary I’m vegan for over 2 1/2 years and everytime I eat it…I get not myth very factual

  • I personally have been /very/ sick by having too much msg in a meal I had in a chinese-style restaurant. I felt like my heart was going to give out, heart rate off the scale & severe arythmia. It was the msg additive that made me sick. Consequently I do not patronise such restaurants any more as I want to remain healthy. There is a body of scientific research which uncovers the effects of msg and they are not good, as in, unhealthy. This has nothing to do with racism, its simply chemistry.

  • Americans and Europeans: MSG is bad! It causes headaches, nausea, obesity, cancer, and other health problems.

    Japanese and Asians in general: (judgingly stares with their skinny asses) ��‍♀️����‍♂️��‍♂️

  • Also did you know we are not supposed to drink milk has we get older it actually causes problems because also fun fact big animals don’t drink milk at all only when they are little. There so much to say but i’m sure wants i put this out people can search it up why is it not good for adult humans to drink milk.

  • Maybe I have the sensitivity… if I eat MSG at all, I get optical migraines. Took a long time to figure out what was causing them, slow process of elimination.

  • This vid is just to hypnotize people it makes what’s so shitty taste so good and when. Those cells are so excited they just die out and that’s not good bro

  • They been using it in China for ages!!!! But apparently they only used to use a small amount (which was fine). But today they use a bit more than a pinch and that’s where the problem lays

  • Whenever videos like this are sponsored, I have it difficult to believe and absorb all the facts you share without having an extra doubt, because I worry that it’ll lack neutrality.

  • Like many ingredients and condiments, MSG becomes bad when used badly-like in junk foods to make people addicted to them, and in a high enough concentrations

  • Hmmm I dunno Abbey. This guy is wearing a collared shirt AND sitting in front of books so he’s automatically trustworthy in my book. xD Yeahhhhh no. I had an ex who said MSG gave her panic attacks. Years later I know better.

  • Once again, I just finished looking at an article directed me to your Video that advises there is no problem, whatsoever, with MSG.  Some articles even go on to suggest there was a campaign against MSG because of racism.  

    I know, I know, I know, many nutritionists & packagers of food say MSG is something you can’t be allergic to. I’ve even had people surreptitiously sneak MSG into a meals they’re serving me and then feel, really really bad when I phoned them up the next day and told them about my night.  Thus, I now no longer say “I’m allergic” I say “I have an intolerance to it” or “I have a toxic reaction to it”, which I directly attribute to my eating habits as a kid.  My Father was tremendous hunter.  I ate almost totally wild meat until I was close to my teens.  I have an indelible image in my mind of my Mom, pounding Accent (which is basically just MSG) into meat to tenderize it.  

    Every time I come across an article such as yours, I cringe because somebody new will smirk and roll their eyes at me when I ask them to be careful of MSG around me (and now apparently accuse me of being a racist).  I wish, at least, an addendum to such articles, included the fact that some people can have a toxic reaction to it.

  • Sponsorship is big fact when you say you’re all about facts here. Now, this video is solid proof that Mr Nobody shook ajinomoto’s bases! No matter how loud you say you’re all about facts here. The firm that first introduced this product to the public and now is pretty much an empire is worried about what a fairly bad dressed “doctor”has to say?? must have been some subject on that big fat directors board, don’t you think?? and of course the credibility of this youtuber is undoublty at stake here, shame.

  • Guys, please remember that this video is made in sponsorship with one of the biggest producers of MSG. Therefore, these views can be bias due to invested interest!! Just remember it’s often best to eat unprocessed and natural, just to be safe!!!

  • Do any of you people realize who is sponsoring this video? Ajinomoto, the original developer of MSG, a 10 billion dollar per year company. Do your research. Abbey is a schill for big food companies (i.e., she has major conflicts of interest). From her own website: “Abbey has 10 years of experience working as a celebrity Spokesperson for dozens of popular food, health, mom and lifestyle brands such as General Mills, Quaker, Pampers, Jamieson Vitamins, T-Fal and Starbucks”. Is MSG detrimental to everyones health, no, at least not directly. Some people definitely do react to an excess of glutamate in their brain. The larger problem is the role that flavor enhancers like MSG have played in making many junk foods hyper-palatable, for instance, your favorte Dorito flavor or fast food restaurant. The U.S., and increasingly the world, has a MAJOR problem with obesity and chronic disease, and the process food manufactuers are the biggest part of that problem.

  • My friend is sensitive to MSG, it can trigger migraines or stomach troubles for her but she is also sensitive to sugar and seafood which are often present together with MSG in Chinese cooki g. It’s likely that people who have issues with Chinese food actually have more than one sensitivity and they’re unaware of it so they simply blame the ‘evil MSG’ for all of it. (To be clear, my friend also has issues with other foods containing MSG but since they usually omit one or both of her other triggers it’s to a lesser degree.)

  • Thank you for this video!! Could you do something on coffee/caffeine as well? I’ve read so often that it’s bad for your hormones but it feels impossible for me to cut it out of my diet because I like it so much, even though I do struggle with hormones a lot ��‍♀️

  • msg normally is safe to eat, but once you overheat it ie. once it reaches 120 degrees celsius, it will release carcinogens so it’s better to not add it in the very beginning and stuff

  • Can you do a video on added sugars and preservatives dominating Western food? for instance with our breads in the US, there is a lot of added sugar whereas that’s not the case in a lot of the rest of the world.

  • Unfortunately glutamate really does affect me, maybe My blood brain barrier isn’t super tight. Also, maybe glutamate affects the gi tract therefore affecting the brain

  • So, this is a Paid Opinion and folks should take that into consideration. A You Tube Infomercial paid for by the ONLY company that makes MSG. Well, of course you’re going to be in support of it. And of course, you’re only going to include those studies that make you look like you’ve done your homework to CYA from malpractice law suits-and we don’t know how many of the studies you include, were paid for by the company that makes MSG. And I’m still trying to understand why you included a study on LUPUS in your list of MSG reports. And of course, you choose the weakest video you can find thatwith which to pick apartto make you look smarter.
    A dietician, purportedly of sound schooling and study, is telling folks to eat an ARTIFICIAL CHEMICAL, because you’ve been paid to say it’s safe. There’s nothing untoward about that, is there?

    And yes, what Anjimoto is selling is made from chemicals with lots of impurities, that are known toxins. Where was that transparency: the breakdown of how your paid sponsor creates their harmless product?

  • I’ve found it curious for a while how places where the myth didn’t pop up magically have no (or very limited) issue with MSG. I’m sure there are some that may develop some issues/reactions; mango isn’t an allergen yet I had an allergic reaction to it (gone now, so I can enjoy them)

  • Can not wait for you to respond to Freelee’s latest video. Urg! For someone who claims moral superiority for not eating meat she’s so mean.

  • When I consume something with MSG my body feels very restless, my heartrate goes up and if it’s at dinner I usually have insane dreams. So whatever the 2 studies concluded, I like to listen to my own body and do what works for me personally, regardless if it’s considered safe or not. Btw Caffeine and dark chocolate have similar effects on me. Aside from my personal situation, I have to agree with the many comments about the sponsorship sourcing being dodgy/one-sided. Just to be clear, I think that the dr’s opinions are a bit far-fetched.

  • Hi Abbey. Could you do a video on leaky gut? Is it a thing? Is it more pseudoscience BS? Also, what are your thoughts on the Autoimmune Protocol/Autoimmune Paleo? Thanks and I’m loving your videos these days.

  • Hey @Abbey Sharp as an autistic adult I would like to make a request/recommendation that you please do not use the term “has autism”in the autism community we usually say “is autistic/on the autism spectrum/autistic person” because autism is not a disease, it’s a neurotype. A lot of data doesn’t support this view because the medical community is still invested in viewing autism through the disease model. Please google “neurodiversity” to learn more about this, it would really mean a lot! ASAN, the autistic self advocacy network, might also be a good resource.

  • Hey Abbey!
    Have you ever noticed that a lot of these “doctors” make up SO many claims that relate to autism? I’m an autistic adult and msg has never caused me any problems. Do you want to know what SCARY thing happens when I do eat foods with msg? I eat something tasty, that’s it!!! It seems as though there is a lot of ableism in the ‘health community’ around autism. Everyone blames random things for causing autism or worsening our basic traits. Vvaccines, msg, unbalanced microbiome,, sugar, food coloring, too much fruit, not enough fruit, too many carbs, not enough carbs, cooked foods, and everything else these people come across. It’s annoying, scary, problematic, and just really hurtful that these people would rather us go on these extreme diets to “reverse autism” or to change us than to just accept that we exist. If you would ever consider doing a video about this topic I would appreciate it so much!

  • I tell you what,, I’ll eat msg and soon after watch me in the bathroom, in pain on the floor for several minutes. Then maybe I can Empty., So fuck off

  • The problem with MSG is nothing this shady doctor mentioned. The problem is that the taste of MSG is closely associated with meat. This allow meat industry in less well regulated countries to put all the garbage (chicken legs with the nails, skin, etc) you normally throw away. Then with enough MSG the resulting product will still taste well. In defence of MSG you can hide the taste of bad food with salt, black pepper and cumin. None of those seasonings are bad for health, but you will probably recognize them (they do not taste like chicken). I have personally eaten something with a texture of a bread sold as chicken meat, soaked in seasoning of MSG, cumin and butter, then breaded in breadcrumbs and paned. It is clearly not chicken, but it tasted like one. Of course, this does not mean that MSG is bad to use. If you use it in an actual meat, it can be quite good.

  • Maybe mag is why I walk into a Chinese restaurant starving and eat two plates and feel like I’m going to burst. Then a hour later I feel like I haven’t eaten in days. It’s a conspiracy by the Chinese buffet industry.

  • My dad’s legitimately allergic to MSG (or an analog of it, true MSG is very difficult to isolate), but he’s allergic to all msg, and generally has a problem with fast food and super processed food like Doritos or premade gravy. He still loves and eats Chinese food. This fear mongering and racism needs to stop!!!

  • I am going to give a slight counterpoint. The mouse study was with infant mice. They also did the study with mice with EAE (mouse equivalent of ADEM, but it is considered the mouse model for MS). The odds of having MS are roughly 1 in 800 and it is believed that MS could be caused by a damaged BBB that allows T and B cells in which attack the myelin. To deny the possibility of a link is foolish in a sense.

  • People who can consume by the tablespoonfuls are lucky. Some other are hit with gigantic migraine, and then they know. No matter where the food came from, may not be from Asian restaurant. The migraines are distinct from other migraines. Sometimes experts etc don’t want to believe the evidence. Examples: effects of tobacco and gluten.

  • I loved this! As a long time migraine sufferer I spent years going out of my way to avoid food with MSG on my doctors advice. I did my own research a few years ago tried incorporating it into my diet. It had no impact whatsoever (other than opening new, delicious food opportunities). Thank you for always being so informative and fun!

  • I’d argue that MSG adds flavour, but no nutrients. Natural flavour enhancers such as butter, tomato paste or fermented foods do both. Plus, butter also helps you to absorb fat soluble vitamins and it does not make you fat when eaten in moderation and with intuition. Just ask the French.

  • Ever time I eat msg my legs dwell up every single time and table salt isn’t real that refined crap is just as bad smh grey Celtic sea salt or Himalayan Is what we need smh

  • Call it what you will,


    I cannot stand the taste of MSG and the lingering after taste. I have to drink litres of water just to get that horrid taste out of my mouth.

  • Wow, just wow. I’m not even going to watch this video. You are so misled. My life has dramatically improved since I stopped intake of MSG laden foods as well as foods that have similarities to MSG properties! No more headaches, no more tension, no more fatigue, no more needles poking my body, plus many more side effects gone! And I have lost weight. Shame on you. Not every body is the same.

  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer commonly added to Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and processed meats. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified MSG as a food ingredient that’s “generally recognized as safe,” but its use remains controversial. For this reason, when MSG is added to food, the FDA requires that it be listed on the label.

    MSG has been used as a food additive for decades. Over the years, the FDA has received many anecdotal reports of adverse reactions to foods containing MSG. These reactions — known as MSG symptom complex — include:




    Facial pressure or tightness

    Numbness, tingling or burning in the face, neck and other areas

    Rapid, fluttering heartbeats (heart palpitations)

    Chest pain



    However, researchers have found no definitive evidence of a link between MSG and these symptoms. Researchers acknowledge, though, that a small percentage of people may have short-term reactions to MSG. Symptoms are usually mild and don’t require treatment. The only way to prevent a reaction is to avoid foods containing MSG.

  • Hold on there Abbey. I can’t speak to the MSG issue directly but still, your words the “the conspiracy theories about how big food is trying to kill us” (around 6:30), made me suspicious of you as a defender of big food. Why?

    1. That seems like a purposeful mischaracterization of the conspiracy theories. Those theories don’t purport that the food industry is trying to “kill” us, they just purport that food industry is trying to keep us hungry to the detriment of our health which is an idea the person in your video makes reference to. Besides, it wouldn’t make sense that the food industry is trying to “kill” us. Heck no, if they killed us, they wouldn’t be able to make money. It would make more sense that they would try to keep us hungry so they can make more money.

    2nd. After doing a lot of studies, I am very inclined not to believe much of the research put forth by the NIH down below. They still seem to hold Ansel Keys as God over there even after practically all his research has been relegated to the trash bin of history as it was found to be incompetent research. How else can you explain the rapid rise of heart problems, diabetes, etc. since the 70’s nutrition guidelines incorporated his Low-Fat/HIgh Carb theories?

    Don’t get me wrong. You may well be right about MSGs. I don’t know but that isn’t my point. My point is I am suspicious of your intentions with your words that seem to sanctify the food industry. You might want to revise your views a bit by studying any video by Dr. David Diamond, Dr. Robert Lustig, Nina Teichholz and many others out that have found enormous faults with many of the past nutritional studies and the NIH as well. I find that many people are still accepting of that old advice from the NIH and very few are subjecting them to rigorous questioning, especially nutritionists. When the nutritional theorists begin to refuse to accept research done by the food companies themselves, then maybe I will find them credible.

  • Great video, I have been seeing a lot of sites advertising a suppose harm that MSG could make, like Cancer, Migraines, obesity and more.

  • Although I appreciate the cited sources, this is an inherently biased video since it is sponsored by an MSG company (Ajinomoto). I would be interested to see more videos that discuss both positives AND negatives of commonly discussed topics (food additives, sugar replacers, etc.) with an unbiased opinion.

  • While msg is present in many natural foods and may be considered safe. This is no excuse for eating things with additives and preservatives to be considered the same as whole foods.

  • Once again, thank you, Abbey. I can’t wait for your subscriber and view count to increase, because that would mean that more people can internalize evidence based messages that support a healthy relationship with food.

  • When i eat too much MSG, i fell my facial muscle become hard and headache but the truth is my muscle still normal, either my mom. Why it happen?

  • I spent years trying to figure out the source of my migraines. I eventually kept a meticulous food diary only to discover that fish sauces with huge amounts of MSG gave me migraines. While your arguments against the chiropractor might have merit, it is not my direct experience that non-naturally occuring MSG is safe. And, I love Asian dishes and it was depressing to remove these items from my diet.

  • I personally react very bad to added MSG, my acts gets significantly worse the day after I consumed food with added MSG and after the meal I get a immense thirst that I can’t cure with water, it just goes away with time.
    Also I get super tired and get headaches after eating msg:(
    (I don’t like ready made meals in general so I can just avoid them but I really love korean food and most of the basic ingredients contain MSG TT TT)

  • Sadly, personally experience tells me that this video is not entirely accurate. If I eat anything with MSG in it, I get a body parts swelling and itching beyond crazy. Often I’ll get a ‘random’ attacks only to discover that a snack I ate did have MSG in it. The reaction is consistent, repeatable and more worryingly, more violent with the arrival of Super MSG. Yes, because our taste buds have acclimated to this chemical additive, they have made a stronger version! This further enhanced additive put me in bed for 5 days in Hong Kong. Whether or not MSG affects other parts of the body or brain…who knows, but it seems less industrial chemicals in the food we eat is a good thing and any chef who uses MSG is just either lazy or incompetent. An analogy would be for a chef to sprinkle a chemical onto a dish to give it a kick because dicing a chilli is too dame hard.

  • I am someone who experiences these kinds of reactions to foods. I can become hot and red in the face, short of breath, have increased irritability, or in extreme cases, become highly angry, and even be sent into what feels like a dissociative state (I know what that feels like as I have experienced dissociation). As a child, I was told it was the MSG, because that was the accepted rhetoric at the time. Now that I’m older and know more about the subject, I am fully open to it not being MSG. However, I know that these reactions are real and it’s not always from the places and foods that are commonly associated with these kinds of reactions. It doesn’t happen to me at all Chinese restaurants. There are some I can eat at and others I cannot. There are two local Chinese restaurants in the city I live in and I know both of them have added MSG in their foods. One of the restaurants I have no problem eating at, but the other I have an extremely negative reaction to. It also happens when I eat foods like ramen and American style foods, like BBQ ribs or particular kinds of sauces in their hamburgers. As a kid, I had to stay away from Lays chips and Fanta. Whenever I would have reactions to store bought foods, almost without fail there would be flavour enhancers in the ingredients list. I reject the idea that it’s the placebo effect, because I wouldn’t know that these foods contained flavour enhancers until AFTER I ate the food and had a reaction. I am also not convinced it’s linked to large amounts of sodium either, as I don’t always have reactions when ingesting large amounts of sodium. It’s kind of frustrating that people like me are shut down as xenophobes/racists or that our symptoms are made up, because our genuine experiences are dismissed and there’s no further investigation into what exactly is causing our symptoms. But, at the end of the day, I just avoid the foods/eateries that I know effect me negatively. shrugs

  • I’ve known about the science for years, so I never considered that it would be a problem for me. These last 2 years I have reconsidered it since it has been a common denominator. It’s not unlike the reaction I have to caffeine and peppers (all, not just spicy). I don’t have to know that they are in the food. Not sure if I need to repeat that I react even when I don’t know and do not suspect any of the offenders are in something that I have ingested. I usually find out after the excruciating pain starts. I don’t need the copy pasted response, just putting this out there for people who have had their experiences minimized. I despise the extremes on both sides.

  • My mom gets severe migraines when she eats food with msg as well. We’ll end up checking after she gets one wanna yup, it’s there. I wonder if she has a mild allergy? She also has fibro.

  • Well, I’m very sensitive and it 100% affects me, no doubt. Makes me very irritable. Ages since I had any food with overt MSG in but I think irritable and very thirsty. It really was noticeable, like certain flavoured crisps (UK potato crisps thin wafers) with it in and without. Marked difference.

  • Misleading, there is evidence against what you argue and prior to this video being published. In both 2016 showing it is genotoxic, and in 2015 showing it causes kidney damage. Also, it’s a well known to cause depression, I suffer the same. Which is a shame as I love it. I’m not racist. source

  • TAHNK YOU! Great summary, accurate, and such shade. I plan on playing this in my Dietary Supplements and Functional Food course next week. I love how you listed the references. Science, science, science! ❤️❤️❤️❤️‼️

  • Stick to lite, lite salt and pepper and all will be well, if you’re food �� still doesn’t taste well; wait until you’re “really” hungry �� hungry people have only one ☝️ taste ie “ food “ spoiled /full people always complain ����‍♂️

  • Things that trigger migraines..things that are NOT food. Specifically for me, artificial sweeteners trigger my headaches I stopped drinking diet sodas and the only migraines I get now are the really terrible, most likely hormonal ones that happen about every third month. Artificial sweeteners def were a huge problem for me and once I cut them out, I stopped feeling so bad as often.

  • You call this science? Who are you working for? Big Pharma or some other evil corporation? Although it seems like you have done extensive research I don’t think you have researched the truth. Every time I forget to say no MSG at Chinese restaurants I get really bad diarrhea.

  • Okay so if I’m being honest, I do kinda wish this video wasn’t sponsored only because the (racist?) anti-MSG contingent will use that against you.

    That said, everything you said here is accurate… and as much as I want to, I can’t complain about who sponsored this video because I have over a pound of Aji No Moto at home… ��

    Regardless, it’s really nice to see the racist anti-MSG fear-mongering being combatted more and more. It’s beginning to feel like a lot more people are realizing that MSG is fine, and I’m really happy about this.

  • This video was super informative and I usually love your content but the migraine comment was kinda silly? Not everyone is prone to migraines, so not “everyone” is going to have that reaction when they consume MSG. Migraines occur in about 12% of the population, and usually begin after puberty so of course most people (and most babies!) feel fine after eating MSG. Using fallacious arguments like that should be left to the anti-science, “essential oils cured my hip fracture” crowd, you’re better than that.

  • I am glad you made this video. Very informative. Now somebody translate this for my mother, so she can stop believing bs claims:D

  • Great video, it’s nice to see a dietitian debunking this as there’s so much misinformation about MSG out there. Everyone seems to accept the ‘fact’ that it’s bad without question.

  • My mom is highly allergic and gets problems with her stomach if any of it is in a meal. Personally I’m not allergic however if a meal has a lot of it then I will get some issues as well. I think the sensitivity to it is common so that’s why people say that it’s bad

  • Abbey, id like to hear your thoughts about fermented foods. Kimchi, kombucha, saurkraut, etc. I recently read an article that said fermented foods are bad for you. I’ve been under the impression that ferments are great for gut health and good bacterias. Can you break that down for me?

  • Thanks so much for this video! My sister has been demonizing glutamate (and other normal foods like wheat) for a decade now and always behaves extremely superior because she doesn’t use it in her cooking. Now I can finally shut her up ha.

  • Free glutamic acid causes those of us with atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeats to have palpitations. I don’t know what other nonsense this is discussing, but this is simply an unfortunate fact. The same is true for other forms, such a protein isolate and maltodextrin. Eliminating these from our diets stopped episodes of skipping heartbeats and afib in myself and two other cardiology patients.

    Stop looking for medical advice on freaking YouTube, or believing medical “journals” that aren’t testing for specific things. No one in their right minds was saying MSG makes you fat or causes headaches.

    What a nonsensical puff piece.

  • If our bodies react so positively to naturally occurring glutamates, is there some benefit to them? By taking a synthetic glutamate, are we getting the same benefit, or are we just getting the good feeling/taste without the nutrition component our bodies may be craving?

  • Before lockdown I was like to eat daily chinese food but since lockdown I never eat any chinese food at all and now I feel more energetic and my bones also.

  • Thank you for debunking such themes on a scientific level �� There are too many people out there who believe everything they read or hear as long as it fuels their panic. ☹️

  • MSG is unnatural, so is sugar. That’s why I munch on raw sugar cane to get that unadulterated, natural, organic, no radiation, no chemical, and authentic druidic experience.

  • This video is misleading MSG is bad due to the fact that it makes people want to overeat. There’s science behind it look it up.of course people in third world countries are going to eat healthier than Americans that’s why it doesn’t affect them as much especially when they stay more active then the now obese induced country

  • If MSG is as harmless as you say it is, then why add it to food in the first place? I’m sure its taste can be replaced with something else. I don’t see why it would be necessary to use a stupid chemical instead of a natural ingredient.

  • Great video debunking myths that my mum also used to tell me that MSG is the devil. I wonder what the guy was trying to sell, or who he was sponsored by��