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“In my opinion, light beer is not the equivalent of diet soda,” says Bri Bell, registered dietitian and founder of Frugal Minimalist Kitchen. “Light beer has the same ingredients as regular beer, but fewer calories. Diet soda has different ingredients compared to regular soda and zero calories.”. I know beer and liquor/diet soda’s are both a no no.. Which which is the lesser of the two evils. By light beer I mean bud light, bud light lime, corona light, ect And by liquor with diet soda I mean a full 1.5 oz shot and any diet soda combo.

Lets compare both. 1. Calories: Coke and beer have similar number of calories for the same quantity. Not much difference there. 2. Nutrition: Coke has absolutely no nutritional benefit. It has lots of sugar and higher sodium content than beer.

B. Her mother-in-law was making snide remarks about drinking alcohol every night, while drinking upwards of 8-10 diet sodas a day. Knowing that diet sodas give me severe headaches, halitosis and fatigue — and yes, I still drink them, but just 1-2 a week, I wondered what a nutritionist would say about the nutrition values of a beer vs. a diet soda. Drink This, Not That on the Keto Diet: Light Beers Bud Light. Bud Light is one of the most popular beers in America.

However, it shouldn’t be if you’re on a ketogenic diet. Bud Light has a surprising 7 net carbs per 12 oz beer! We couldn’t believe it either. It has more than some tasty craft beers. Soda.

Robert Lustig gave a talk that touched on many things about sugar, but had a particular relevant point at 1:20:00 in this video. In it, he claims that calories reaching the liver are equivalent for soda and beer; so at least by that measur. I drank nothing but soda from when I was a child up until I was 22. I was not obese, but definitely rotund and over-weight. When I decided to completely cut sodas from my diet and replace them with water, I lost 30 pounds within a 90 day period.

Paired with a decent, but not completely strict diet and some exercise, I was able to keep the. Beer on the other hand starts at 150 calories and goes up from there, although there are some light beers that start around 80 calories. They typically have very little flavor though.”. Although we’re familiar with the ill effects of artificial sweeteners, a 2018 study recently shed light on the frightening link between zero-calorie artificial sweeteners to diabetes and obesity.

And to make matters worse, another study revealed that daily diet soda drinkers grow about two-and-a-half more inches of belly fat each decade than those who don’t drink the stuff. Diet 7Up and Sprite Zero (tied): Both contain aspartame and acesulfame K, but Hunnes says that these two light-colored sodas contain “the fewest number of questionable ingredients.” That’s because they don’t contain caffeine or artificial coloring. 3. Coke Zero and Diet Coke (tied): These both contain aspartame, acesulfame K and caramel.

List of related literature:

Most beers contain about the same number of calories as the popular brands of sweetened, carbonated soft drinks, although a few special “light” beers may be significantly lower in calories.

“Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set” by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
from Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set
by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
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Light beer contains about one-third to one-half fewer calories than regular beer and also less alcohol.

“Food Science” by Norman N. Potter, Joseph H. Hotchkiss
from Food Science
by Norman N. Potter, Joseph H. Hotchkiss
Springer US, 1998

Low-calorie “light” or “dry” beers have 100–110 calories, a savings produced by using a lower proportion of malt and adjuncts to water, and then adding enzymes that digest more of the carbohydrates into fermentable sugars.

“On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen” by Harold McGee
from On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
by Harold McGee
Scribner, 2007

Spirits, meanwhile, contain more than six times the calories of beer, and when mixed with a soft drink, the calorie-count soars even higher.

“Beer in Health and Disease Prevention” by Victor R. Preedy
from Beer in Health and Disease Prevention
by Victor R. Preedy
Elsevier Science, 2011

Diet Soda: Diet soda interacts with alcohol too, so people who drink mixed drinks made with diet soda will become intoxicated more quickly and achieve higher BACS than people drinking identical drinks made with regular soda.

“How to Change Your Drinking: A Harm Reduction Guide to Alcohol” by Kenneth Anderson
from How to Change Your Drinking: A Harm Reduction Guide to Alcohol
by Kenneth Anderson
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Light beers have fewer calories than ordinary beer.

“Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology” by James D. Mauseth
from Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology
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Light beer and nonalcoholic beer are lower in calories and sometimes carbohydrate.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
from Power Eating-4th Edition
by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
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It is, however, possible to reduce the overall caloric content by reducing the available carbohydrate content in a regular beer.

“Yeast technology” by Gerald Reed
from Yeast technology
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One beer is equivalent to 150 calories.

“The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health” by Robert A. Ronzio
from The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health
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» Light beer: This alcoholic option may have even fewer carbs than a glass of wine, depending on the brand.

“Keto Diet For Dummies” by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
from Keto Diet For Dummies
by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
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  • Man, quit sayin ‘science’, it s statistics you r talkin about, which is quite different in essence. Even so, you think they don t count the variables you mention in their sample? They even out when the sample is big enough. That s why they just conclude about the increased risk, not the cause. Statistics is a tricky subject, very easy to belittle, but also very useful. Best thing to do is to wait for some more statistical studies that repeat the experiment and see if they agree. At the end if the day, if that increase or whatever keeps popping up, it might be a wake-up call. Why drinking that horrible stuff anyway…

  • When does articles never want to tell the truth about Diet Coke when it comes to ketosis it’s actually not good for ketosis some people are fooled because Diet Coke races your insulin levels even though there’s no sugar there for you get those carbs so it’s actually not keto friendly and it also makes you crave more so you eat more

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  • I know diet drinks havd poisonous sweeteners in them and are worse for you than natural sugar drinks (not fructose) but I’m diabetic and I have to drink them. I feel like I’m slowly killing myself to try stop slowly killing myself.

  • Ask ANY 3rd world civilian what they want most.

    The answer: Coca cola and cigarettes!

    If that don’t tell you something about life then you’re missing out on life

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  • The food and beverage industry needs to be regulated, big business food in America with their processed food is killing Americans.!

  • From your results I conclude that it’s ok occasionally to have Diet Coke on keto.
    But another thing I have been following researcher on Diet Coke can lower your satiety hormones when taken with junk food, so can make you over eat ����

  • Most studies adjust for confounding variables, you know this Greg. At this point it is safe to assume that diet soda is not healthy for you and likely harmful for you in the long term.

  • I’m doing my Masters in medicine and Coach Greg is the most alert YouTuber to see through the bullshit studies that other guys here on YouTube like Thomas, Dr berg, etc praise. Greg is smart.

  • Well, of course it’s not healthy, I’m actually here to find out if it’s true, there is almost 0 calories, like let’s say 1kcal
    There’s no food with… negative amount of calories
    I mean.. some people say: eating fruits will help you to lose weight, so they eat whatever they want and then starts eating lots of fruits and they actually can’t understand how that’s not working, or is it just because that’s how they’re born or something’s wrong with their genes ��
    So, is it true there’s almost no calories in the coca cola zero?

  • Hi Sir, Thank a ton to both of you because of you i am pain free for the past 3 months.I am Rahul Age -33. I have I don’t know disc bulge or disc herniation but in mri something is coming outside nd presses my nerve in l4-l5,and l5-S1,i had pain radiating my legs but just after i started mckenzie exercises pain started going up and finally only at a pin point location. Now also sometime i fell a pain in my left hip but its totally different from sciatic pain its like my bone is loose from that point.i started walking daily little bit swimming after some time. Now i am doing core strengthening exercises for the past 1 month and almost pain free not able to sit for long. I have no pain in bending forward never was. Now sir i want to return to the normal life like i had 2 years ago when I injured my back. I want to do weight training and running. I want to play sports. What exercise program i need to follow I don’t want to hurt my back again. I am very cautious now. Please help me out. I am from India so can’t come to your Clinic if you want i can pay your fee from here.
    Rahul Lakra
    Love from india

  • I have to say, as a type 1 diabetic that doesn’t eat almost any sweet food except for my diet Pepsi and coke zero, I appreciate that I can still enjoy a daily dose of something I lost out on when I decided to control my condition. But it’s interesting to learn what’s been learned about the brain and the metabolic systems, due to the use of of zero calorie sweeteners. I’d like to see an episode about sucralose lol. Or better yet, an episode about how most of the low calorie sweeteners are bulked with things like dextrose and other similar anti caking agents that are actually just concentrated carbs.

  • Very informative video Luke and timely as I’ve this week the media has been reporting that diet soda can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. I started drinking Coke Zero a few years ago to help manage appetite in the evening while on a cutting phase. The habit of one drink at night has stuck with me. I’ve just recently started to cut back mainly because of the caffeine content and it’s impact on my sleep.

    Keep up the great work.

  • So I dropped soda a few year ago and lost a part of my belly and about 20+ pounds and went from being callied (over-weight) by my doctor to being the proper weight for my age. But it took 3 years to achieve 0 drinks of soda a day.

  • I’m 53 years old, former bodybuilder…i got old, worked out less, but kept eating heavy like i did when i was young and hitting the gym twice a day, every day…well…i got fat…lol. Carb depleting is nothing new to me…i did it when i was competing a looong time ago. i started KETO 68 days ago and went from 256 to 228. Its not terribly difficult for me except when the wife i and i wanna go out for an evening or go to a movie or even take a day and go to the park. Cant grab something from Burger King, cant really make sandwiches because i dont eat bread, cant have popcorn at the movies…you get what im saying.. Its hard to find a nice comfort food to eat on a day off when im on this diet. For the first 45 days i was on water only and super strict on foods. I got tired of just water, so, now, the ONLY thing i eat or drink that has been known to be outside the KETO diet is strawberries and Diet Coke. If i feel i need something sweet, i grab a few strawberries…when i want some other than the boring flavorless gallons of plain water i chug every day, i have a diet Coke. My weight loss has not slowed down one bit and i dont feel like im shorting myself or denying myself anymore. Lifes to short to be fat And its to short to Not enjoy something you want from time to time. I’ve used KETO strips and i’ve seen myself go “out of Keto” (so to speak)…. but my protein is so high and my carbs are still so low that my weight loss continues. I will say this…when i have Diet Coke….i DO feel bloated, thats the price i pay for that drink…otherwise, i’ve had no issues with it. That was just my 2 cents worth…i know, i rambled quite a bit. Anyway… Keto Etiquette, thanks for the video.

  • This makes sense. Two years ago before all these health gurus got a hold onto intermittent fasting it was acceptable to have a Diet Coke during fasting as well as it was ok to have one black coffee with a splash of heavy whipping cream and one stevia. I’m glad you did this because last year I was doing keto and I occasionally had a Diet Coke during my fast it help me extend my fast and I flourished!!! It wasn’t until I started following these other You Tubers that talked about eliminating diet Cokes and artificial sweeteners in every thing and promoted drinking plain black coffee and plain green tea. I’m not gonna lie I stepped away from the lifestyle because that sounded insane. Now that I’m back on keto ( trying to lose 10 vanity lbs) I will introduce intermittent fasting back into my regimen with my occasional Diet Coke

  • If u wanna quit its all abt mindset
    Do you care that your fat your overweight or that you are literally ruining your body slowly. If you do care then you would easily drop it and occasionally drink soda on a cheat meal maybe once every few weeks or once a month. I personally don’t drink soda at all because I look at it as if I’m stabbing myself in the stomach. Would a sane person ever stab them self, no so I don’t drink coke or pepsi or whatever.

    The stabbing example is just what works for me though. Regardless I hope you learned something from this comment

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  • Imo you should consider doing a video about “Which kind of salt is less bad for you?”, the consensus around it are pretty obscure and the studies are all around the place, and some people(like me) really really struggle to quit it successfully and is a serious health risk.

  • I was discussing salivary/gastric/pancreatic juice production with my professor, and he said there is a different way of stimulating it, includes visual, mechanical and others, thats why we salivate when we see food, but interestingly enough, he didn’t mention any hormonal production like insulin.

  • We very seldom drink a whole can of soda with a meal, so we both
    stopped drinking soda from 12 oz (355 ML) cans and now drink
    16.9 oz (500 ml) bottles of soda so we can put the twist caps back on,
    and put half back in the fridge, so we can finish the soda the next day.
    Most people feel obligated to finish a can, once the pop tab is opened.
    Reusing the twist caps keeps a bottle of soda from going “flat”.
    I tend to drink more instant coffee (with milk & no sugar)
    and fruit juice to further reduce my consumption of sugar.
    Delaware County, PA

  • Many thanks, I’ve been looking for “bulking up tips muscle” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Senictoria Bulking Paradise (do a search on google )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my neighbour got excellent success with it.

  • Actually regular sodas better. Just don’t drink more than one can of it per day, diet soda is full of toxic chemicals that will kill you fast.

  • So as a type 1 Diabetic I’m fine in general. What a shocker, I was almost concerned I wasn’t going to survive the next few hours after drinking a bottle of diet/coke zero most my life.

  • Why mess around with machines? Use bottled sparkling water you find everywhere. Trader Joe’s has different sizes at a good price.

  • Didn’t you know that in summer they sell much more ice but also the murder rate goes up. So it’s completely clear: ice cream causes murder! No joke, that’s science based.

  • I drink Diet Coke a lot if I eat a pizza, or chicken, or tacos, grilled sandwiches etc. I used to be a heavy beer drinker when I turned 18, the legal drinking age at the time.

  • Diet soda gives me an option when I go out to board game nights at a local restaurant with my board game group. It allows me to continue my overall calorie reduction and weight loss. But 95% of what I drink is water. I occasionally treat myself to 1% milk or a gatorade if I have the calories and have been good.

  • Diet pop has aspartame. Very very bad for you. Your better of drinking the original soda. Just because something is low calorie and sugar free doesn’t always mean its safe and healthy to consume.

  • OMG diet soda is just like Corona �� maybe it’s not the virus that killed him, maybe it was the car accident he was in or the cancer he struggled with��

  • Sodastream 3 years working without a problem. We mix fizzy water with water kefir, sometimes adding a package of dehydrated lemon. Plain water is really boring if you regularly drink fizzy water.

  • Donald Trump has been drinking around 6-8 Diet Cokes a day for many years. Sometimes more. I don’t drink a lot of pop, but for years I drank the regular pop when I did want one. Now that I am almost 60, I usually get the low or no calorie pop.

  • Only the general public is naive enough to believe “studies” because most don’t know anything about how “scientific” papers are published and why thy are published. 99% of people don’t even read the studies, they read whatever the media is pushing. They wait for a journalist’s take on fraudulent studies lol

  • Hi guys love love love the videos….keep making them….Sound needs to be louder….cannot hear this unless you have headphones…which i do not….please crank the sound up….on our end we can always turn the sound down….thanks Have a greaT day and Hugs

  • As a food and nutritional engineer, I can tell you that there are some artificial sweeteners (like aspartame or acesulfame k) that may cause illness over time. It’s true, you need to consume a pretty high amount of diet soda/day to get cancer out of it (like at least 2l/day for some years) and it’s still not sure that even a range of 20% of people will get it -> but there’s a higher chance you’ll do if you drink that much soda lmao. I’m not aware of the levels of artificial sweeteners in US sodas (FDA laws are different from EU), but a series of tests were conducted on mice and showed the link between aspartame (no.1 artificial sweetener) and cancer. From what I know, the FDA turned their back on it and continued allowing it in sodas.

  • I was drinking Diet Pepsi when u said it’s 25% more fat then the normal Pepsi.and so,I threw it off because I thought, it was better then the normal,,now I don’t even know why it’s called diet… pepsi wow man that sucks!…..

  • At the end of the day, obesity is a way bigger risk factor for heart attacks and strokes then drinking diet pop. So if you have to choose between a sugar laden regular coke and a Diet Coke, the Diet Coke is probably the better choice. Obviously neither of them are the most perfect thing you could drink

  • If I see soda I will drink at least a full 12 pack of soda cans however if I don’t see soda I will drink a lot of water (2-3 water bottles)

  • So because everyone’s body is a bit different I can only speak for myself here. But I was able to wean off of soda by first replacing it with Apple Juice, then I started drinking coffee with a bit of cream and sugar. Now I only crave black coffee. I’m the real MVP here because I am no longer a slave consumer to these companies and drink natural bean water.:3

  • Maybe because the people who drink diet soda’s, are in general overweight people who think its better than regular. But those people in general are unhealthy anyway…

  • Joe Rogan looks looked like a pin head, horrible caricature. I do like your art it’s very well done and focused on what’s important in a creative way

  • Here is the “obesity link”…
    Diet Soda: I have 0 calories.
    Morons: Wow! Now I can eat 5 candy bars a day with no impact to my health! Thanks, diet soda!

  • I’m from MN and grew up calling it Pop, but moved to CA as a teen and adapted to calling it Soda because Californians have no idea what you mean if you say you want some pop. Lol now pop even bothers me!

  • i dont drink diet soda, i do one or two but i never like it, sure i drink more water but when i get the chance to drink a soda i take it, of course i be careful to not drink too many!

  • Ketosis changed my entire life! I love this video, well done… sub here aswell, love your content and I’ll be sure to share it with my friends. Keep it up man

  • Everytime I have someone who drinks regular soda give me shit about my diet soda I’m like “m’kay guy, so you’re gonna sit here and argue diabetes VS cancer?” Got me fucked up if you think I’m gonna drink 80g of carbs for 2 sodas. That’s a FUCK ton of food. The ignorance is arrogant now a days

  • If I were you I’d skip sugar and aspartame to be sure. No diet coke and other artificial trash food.
    Studies are obsoleted and reversed every other month in the field of nutrition. Unless there’s overwhelming evidence like alcohol damaging your brain it doesn’t matter much.
    Also the sugar has to be counted vs your total carbs. Meaning bread, rice and potatoes are effectively also sugar when broken down.
    Not only is it counting towards your daily energy total but inhibits stored fat burning for hours by releasing insulin.

  • Diet pop isn’t for regular people. It’s not even for weight loss, despite the name “diet”. They were originally made for type 1 diabetic people bc insulin is expensive, which makes sugary drinks basically impossible to drink

  • Plot twist! If you’re worried about weight gain then calories in v calories out is the only way to do it. Point blank, period, no other argument. You can’t just break the laws of thermodynamics because you have “special hormones” or your “thyroid is off”. Find a maintenance calorie intake, reduce it by 500 a day. Be patient then GG

  • Hey Bob and Brad! For those who don’t want the expense of the machine, they can purchase plain carbonate water. I buy it at Walmart for $.59c a liter. I find the liter size is perfect b/c once you open it, after 24 hours it’s not as fizzy. Plain water upsets my stomach but carbonated water does not. It has been a life saver for me b/c I don’t like soda’s for hydrating. Soda is a once in awhile thing for me. Tea is nice but it stains the teeth and has caffeine which is a diuretic and the caffeine free is tasteless to me. Carbonated water is perfect. I hear coconut water is good, too but it’s expensive imo.

  • With that argumentation we can just scrap all studies. Just accept that Diet Soda wasn’t made for the human body. Or don’t, but then don‘t argument it’s not a problem

  • Great video and kudos for using yourself as a lab rat. However I did the same test regarding bloodglucose and had the opposite result. It was raised by 20 points from 90 to 110.

    People have to do the test themselves because they do not react the same.

  • Really informative video, Luke. I might have a diet soda once every couple of months and always felt a tiny bit guilty thinking they were just bad. Thanks for debunking most of the negative claims.

  • I have gone back and forth with the diet soda debate. Luckily I try to stick with straight up water anyway….but still do like my diet soda on occasion!

    I came over here from Grey Wolf Fitness to subscribe and share some love for a fellow small youtuber.

  • I ended up on your video for the same reason many have, really wanted to know if diet drinks are safe to consume. Coke has come out with 2 new flavors of Blend Batch Coffee and Caramel. I was interested to see if there were good reviews on those as they show 0 Calories, 0 Carbs, 0 Fats and 0 Protein. If something is so zero, can it be bad? Subscribed and loved your video as you gave a compelling version to similar drinks Coke offers. Thank you.

  • What about energy drinks with the no sugar, no calories ect. They give me so much fuckin energy, but I’m not sure if it’s good for me. It’s better than drinking the regular monster drinks I’m guessing

  • How ya doing Luke got to say this has got to be one of the most in depth vids on diet sodas I think most people now have moved onto sugar free energy drinks having worked in the drinks business for over 25yrs people’s drinking habits have defo moved onto these types of drinks MINT

  • Diet sodas are used in an attempt to consume fewer calories daily than I exert. This notion about it messing with my metabolic processes is nonsense. Sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and/or stevia are what I consume in moderation in place of a tremendous amount of sugary carbs, and it has clearly aided me in the consumption of fewer calories daily. Obviously, it is only one minor part of a healthier, active lifestyle, but it has its uses here and there. Meanwhile, the consumption of ethyl alcohol (alcoholic beverages) is linked to no less than seven types of cancer, is hepatotoxic (kills liver cells) and neurotoxic (kills brain cells). And all you’ll hear or read regarding the risks of its consumption is, “Please drink responsibly.”

  • Or could it be people who drink alot of diet pop likes soda and is probably diabetic because they addicted to sodas that means they already at risk of dying with diabetes alone….

  • Diet soda itself does not cause weight gain. However there are two things about it. All types of soft drinks, flavored water, and sports drinks are high in Sodium. Too much sodium can cause heart problems, bad triglycerides, and water weight retention. Water weight makes you look all puffy and it can cover your muscles and look very embarrassing. Diet drinks can also make you want to eat more ultimately leading to weight gain. In order to lose fat and water weight, you’ve gotta drink lots of water, get enough potassium, and cut down on all types of carbs/sugars and sodium/salt. Sodium and glucose are responsible for holding onto water. Drinking lots of water can actually help you lose water weight because it flushes out sodium. Don’t go over 80 fl oz in a day though.

  • “The risk was highest at those who were obese” no shit Sherlock, just because fat person that eats for lunch 5 whole pizzas also drink diet coke, does not mean his health problems are caused by diet coke omg…

  • You know the studies that say that diet soda is linked to obesity? It’s because the diet soda drinkers eat other high calorie foods, which leads to a caloric surplus which leads to weight gain. All of the years of people saying diet soda is worse had no idea what they were talking about.

  • I quit drinking soda 5 days ago at age 38. Been drinking it since i was 6 or so. Replaced it with Mugicha barley tea. Used to drink daily with up to 3 cans a day.

  • I’m a fitness and healthy diet freak, I drink 24 glasses of water a day, and I can’t remember the last time I drank an actual can of regular soda with HFCS. I think the most I’ve drank in 2020 was a few cans of diet soda, but I still try to stay far away from caffeine and sodas.

  • Great Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Dinanlinson Shrinking Body Approach (just google it)? It is a good one off guide for discovering a weird waist slimming water to lose belly fat without the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate finally got amazing results with it.

  • Now these studies make sense, cause I’ve been the same weight for 10 years and I drink 2.5L per day. And I’m 68 and in perfect health!��

  • I was surprised to find out about the plastic lining inside of aluminum cans! As far as drinking sofa when I do it is always diet.

  • Sodastream hack, get a standard co2 canister, and an adapter for the sodastream.

  • I’ve been addicted to soda because of the carbonation. I’ve tried quitting a few times, but go back to it because I haven’t bedn able to find a carbonated water drink I can stand the taste of. This looks easy to use!

  • 156 liters! is alot?nah its way higher maybe forgtot to put K after 156 maybe and thats still crazy low. this info is iffy at best.

  • None, just because it says no sugar doesn’t mean squat. It’s not sucrose that makes us fat but it is fructose. All artificial sweeteners have fructose. In fact anything that taste sweet is because of the dangerous fructose our liver can’t process fully. Have you ever seen a skinny person drinking diet coke. No, these artificial sweeteners also make you crave carbs like cake, biscuits,croissants etc. If you really want to be pure health, you have to quit anything sweet and develop a savoury diet. Plus, we should only ever drink water. If we humans were kept in a zoo and our lives prolonged for revenue I guarantee our keepers would not give us nothing but water. Even coffee and tea are serious. Have you ever stopped to think should I be drinking another species milk. No other animal does. Plus no other animal cooks it’s food and ruins good bacteria by warming the food. Humans have got it so wrong about nutrition and what we should and shouldn’t eat. Watch THAT SUGAR MOVIE. On Netflix. I was once 150 kilos. Now I’m 76 kilos 3 years after quitting sugar ( alcohol sucks,but it’s the deadliest sugar that has fermented and needs to never be consumed again.) I didn’t do much exercise except a treadmill in the beginning to get me motivated. ps throw the scales out.Good luck to anyone who watches Damon’s THAT SUGAR MOVIE. It changed my life through understanding food better. Also you need to watch. Food Matters and it’s follow up hungry for change. Do it, you will experience shit for about a month but after that you will feel so good. Sex drive flourishes, motivation comes back and the bonus is, that when you do taste sugar it is so fucked gross. Sorry about language but black Ceylon tea is a great way to quit. Try not adding a teaspoon of sugar but extra milk for lactose sweetening. But remember, sweet tasting is temptation towards death. I’m here if you have any questions. Let’s together make people aware of the dangers

  • Thats like any egg studies eggs increase your chance or heart attack or stroke! Um…the studies are usually based on quizzes essentially that you fill out and have to remember that you ate 2 eggs every day for the last 20 yrs…and eggs only, not if you ate bacon, donuts or sugar every day for the same amount of time. My family has literally eaten 2 eggs every day for the last 10 yrs. everything still on point ���� lol

  • Sugar is perfectly healthy………been lifting my Whole life, still eat candy bars, junk food sometimes. Hell, Most Power Lifters will chug Honey or Chocolate before jumping on stage for a sugar boost…….it’s GOOD for you, period.

  • Ice cold natural spring water with or without lemon squeezed into it still the best drink. That and some apple or cranberry juice with sparkling water.

  • I love soda, but what helped me a lot cutting down was seltzer, especially if you love the carbonation like me it can be very refreshing especially ice cold.

  • Throughout life, people asked what I drink. I said water. They were appalled and thought water was too plain and boring and what have you, I love water. I nice tall ice glass on a warm day. I wasn’t thirsty when I started typing this.. lol

  • I’m just not a fan of that aftertaste they seem to all have. I don’t drink them too many times and stick to water….I do worry about the chemicals too, just like the Walden Farms products. Another quality video Luke!! Very in depth dude!!!

  • I used to drink a 2 litre or more of diet cola daily. I had all sorts of stomach issues that immediately vanished when i stopped drinking it. I’d highly recommend cutting it or limiting it. I still have it once a week without the stomach issues though i could cut it completely

  • I’m about tired of people hating on diet drinks man. I’ve drank diet my entire life and I despise the taste of regular, sugary drinks. You are soooo much better off drinking diet drinks than drinking extremely sugary drinks.

  • I know like people who smoke can live to be 90, but they maybe could of lived to be 95 if they didn’t. You don’t know how each person may be affected, go ahead and drink 3-4 a day, take your chances. What’s the upside drinking a bunch of chemicals?

  • Your a life saver man… always wondered how much diet soda and energy drinks affected keto and glucose…thanks for the upload! Sub here

  • Great Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Dinanlinson Shrinking Body Approach (search on google)? It is a good exclusive guide for discovering a weird waist slimming water to lose belly fat minus the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got astronomical success with it.

  • ALL Americans only drink 155 liters per year?
    155 liters divided by population 331,002,651 = 0.000000047 liters. Wow they really don’t drink that much then.

  • Dr Rhonda Patrick mentioned how artificial sweeteners kill certain beneficial bacteria in the gut…. But coach Greg is right 99% of the time and he is my Dr so I’ll listen to him and enjoy this diet Coke

  • there is also a strong correlation between ppl who drink diet sodas and their shit diets. A lot of fat people drink diet pops with their whole pizzas or 5 burgers

  • We’re all gonna die someday so why not snort a line of cocaine, get obese, become alcoholic, or worthless junkie steroid bums. EVERYTHING IS KILLING US natural selection

  • Nope pop in general is terrible, diet even worse because it tricks the mind into thinking you are experiencing sugar for the body to process, when the sugar never arrives it forces the brain to want to search for sugar even more. I get headaches from anything with aspartame so no thanks to that garbage.

  • Are you guys really talking about woman right now in something based on diet stuff but your talking about woman really can you for once talk about good things about man you do know that not only woman drink soda even men do it and cheat pass are something stupid if you give your wife or girl friend or boy or husband a cheat pass and they use it then thatd a bad sign

  • Look for the studies which seem to show Aspartame kills healthy gut bacteria which them leads to weight gain. I believe stevia is the best of artificial sweeteners and doesn’t create insulin spikes or any other ill effects. I seen a BBC documentary a few weeks ago where they showed just swilling a sweet liquid in your mouth and spitting it out gives your body a burst of energy! (I can’t remember if that included an insulin spike.) Interesting stuff all the same.

  • I did the same experiment with the same time intervals and my blood sugar shot up 30 points. I didn’t test ketones but I think every person is different. I’m prob insulin resistant

  • Beware, IMPORTANT, aspartame rise your insuline. thats why your glucose levels go down. Ketons fine, Glucose Fine, but Insuline WRONG. With insuline in your blood you trigger Insuline Resistance, and set your Body for Fat acumulation, and prevent you from gaining Muscle.

  • There used to be headlines about how diet soda will make you fat… no, fat people are more likely to choose diet soda. Same here.

  • Diet soda doesn’t make you fat whatsoever. Nor does it cause all that shit they say it does. Zero calories, zero problems. Artificial sweeteners aren’t bad for you neither. Everything is made of “chemicals” if you show the chemical make up of a blueberry to some health nut idiot who doesn’t know anything at all, they will freakout and say those are bad for you too. Tons of natural things are really bad for you. Tobacco’s natural. Yet social accepted right? Idiots. Honestly. Calories in calories out. That’s all that matters. Only fat people who are bound to stay fat think just because they switched to diet soda means they can eat whatever they want. That’s an eating disorder caused by themselves. Because they’re fat ass americans who think bigger is better. Simple as that. Stop being fat. Switch to diet soda. Shit, I’m a calisthenics athlete, i drink a diet coke once a day. Only one though. It’s more interesting than water and i like to have it with lunch. Bite me colonel sanders.

  • At 5:02 they they made a computer graphic of Joe Rogan talking to David Sinclair… ������ Google an image of David Sinclair… they’re not trying to hide it all what they think of Joe Rogan lol they got Joe looking like some skinny nerd and David looking like he belongs in a old spice commercial ����

  • The other problem is that the media/study says 30% increase relative risk, but that is very different than absolute risk which is probably very very small.

    For example, stated in terms of relative risk, a smoker is seven times more likely to die of lung cancer than a non-smoker. In absolute risk terms, a smoker has a 3 percent overall chance of dying of lung cancer compared to a non-smokers’.4 percent chance.

  • Artificial sweeteners are not healthy, but being obese increase chance even more so in industrial world it is way better to drink artificial sweeteners rather than sugar

  • Diet coke doesn’t spike my blood sugars either. I’ve been drinking it since the 80’s and plan to continue drinking it. Love my Diet Coke!!!

  • Does diet pop decrease your ability to absorb micronutrients? Phosphoric acid can lead to increase calcium loss in your bones along with other minerals. One Coke with stevia a day can harm my macro nutrients to absorb better in the body. Doctors have given advice to not drink cola drinks when sick leading into osteoporosis.

  • Question if the blood sugar actually goes down some does that indicate that the body produced insulin because of the sweet taste but there was no new sugar to deal with so took some of the sugar from the blood causing it to dip a little which would trigger hunger if the blood sugar actually drops some?

  • Buy flavored stevia drops instead. If you really want the fizz once in a while then get some carbonated spring water. Artificial sweeteners are toxic & can increase chances of getting Alzheimer’s. Feel free to read up on it online. White sugar is also toxic as a chemicals are used to bleach & another to dry it. Vitacost or Amazon are great places to purchase flavored stevia drops. Here’s to good health. Blessings to all.

  • Fun stuff that a lot of people don’t know. Some of the ingredients in diet soda drinks are chemicals discovered by American and German scientists during WW2. Aspertame is at the top of that list along with ascelfame. They were both considered failures at the time because they had no use in bio-warfare.

  • Can’t wait to watch my favorite certified medic offering free steroids prescriptions. Also Thanks for being vegan and fruit free.. Keep it natural doc

  • I feel these researches are inconclusive for a reason. Same reason why oil companies tend to have inconclusive data on researching green house effect.They have billions of dollars and any time a research comes out to say their stuff is bad, they can equally push out billions more in advertising and push out misleading researches to counter said research.

    The best, most common sense approach is to avoid soda when you can. I have been a huge Diet Soda drinker for about the last 24 years. I’m a bit of an excessive drinker and yes, I started to noticed I couldn’t breathe, exercising a lot but no weight loss, high blood pressure, fat around the belly, extreme bloating feeling, etc, etc. I couldn’t figure it out because whenever I would research about diet soda, I couldn’t get anything conclusive. I just thought maybe I am eating too much or eating the wrong food or something. Then I just decided to ditch all diet soda. Kept eating what I was eating before. Massive headache for days, weeks, until finally I broke through and felt a heck of a lot better. Better than ever before and I started to notice a lot of improvements with my life.

    So I don’t know. You can say whatever you want about my experience with Diet Soda, but overall, after stopping, I feel a lot better and things just started to work.

  • For a month now I cut all sugary drinks with Diet Coke and have been going to the gym and eating abit healthier, basically eating a salad meal at least once a day. In one month I went from 185lbs to 169lbs, the few muscles I do have are starting to show through my tighter skin especially in the abdominal area. Diet Soda helped me cope with my sugary addiction to drinks, which before I would drink maybe 3-4 cans of coke a day, it might not be the healthiest drink out there but I will say it is far better than just drinking plan Soda.

  • Thank you for the test! That’s great news for me because I am a Diet Coke a Holick! Everything else and keto I maintain strict standards on.

  • Yeah tell your coke dealer/pusher to stop selling you that stuff & you are now with the D. A. R. E. program and your GOING to be strong and JUST SAY NO!

  • I had a Soda Stream and it was a pain to use. I now buy seltzer waters in the can and simply add flavor drops from the grocery store. It may be a bit more expensive but it beats dealing with spilling water, C02 tanks and washing the bottles.

  • Whenever a study is done on people drinking diet soda where calories are controlled and they aren’t already unhealthy they turn out just fine

  • Can you guys make a Bob and Brad muppet series? I was mainly just listening to this episode and I could totally just picture muppets talking.

  • We very seldom drink a whole can of soda with a meal, so we both
    stopped drinking soda from 12 oz (355 ML) cans and now drink
    16.9 oz (500 ml) bottles of soda so we can put the twist caps back on,
    and put half back in the fridge, so we can finish the soda the next day.
    Most people feel obligated to finish a can, once the pop tab is opened.
    Reusing the twist caps keeps a bottle of soda from going “flat”.
    I tend to drink more instant coffee (with milk & no sugar)
    and fruit juice to further reduce my consumption of sugar.
    Delaware County, PA

  • I cannot drink diet. 30 mins later I’m so hungry I feel like ripping down walls and doors just to get to the food. And it’s usually sugary foods I crave. It amazes me how much it revs up my apitite. So yea, I stick with regular soda. (And for the record I drink on average 68 oz of water every day. So I do get my water intake)

  • Not everyone reacts the same, you really just gotta see how you feel. Personally I can chug Coke Zero and stay in ketosis with normal blood sugar, but it doesn’t mean that’s necessarily the best thing to do.

  • As a diabetic, I have never experienced sugar free sweeteners giving me high blood sugar. If it increased the body’s insulin response then I suppose it would cause low blood sugar and then make someone hungry.

  • Well if 2 diet sodas give you a 30% increase risk of stroke and 4 drinks give you a even higher risk then it’s pretty obvious something in the drink is acting as a poison

  • Statistically larger people drink an excess of diet soda. The diet soda has not made them the size they are and has not given them the health risks. This is why i believe diet soda is ok to drink in moderation, consuming too much of anything will be bad for the body

  • I would strongly suggest each person test them selves independently, I can’t give you any reasons why but I know Diet Coke or diet Pepsi shoots my blood sugar is through the roof…

    God bless you if you can drink it and not have that affect but I am currently looking at alternatives, the sodas that have Stevia and such.

    Thanks for the video!

  • This is all bullshit people! The studies are flawed! The reporter said that women who drink 2 or more diet sodas a day are 31% more likely to have a stroke…I’d say 1% of women drink 2 or more than diet soda in a day. Let me guess that demographic…all obese. Strokes are commonly caused from obesity, so the diet soda itself isn’t causing strokes it’s all the other shit they eat!! You can’t get fat from diet soda…that’s a fact. The only way to gain weight is by consuming calories…well diet soda has none so someone please explain to me how you can get fat drinking it. And don’t say because it causing you too eat more…well then it the food you eat not the diet soda…learn to control yourself then!

  • I don’t know Doc, my dad died very suddenly from colon cancer at age 51. YES, the cancer gene is in our family. YES, he drank a shitload of diet Dr. Pepper. BUT he was a fit strong guy, ate pretty damn clean, and never touched drugs or tobacco. Occasionally drank beer. I’m not saying my experience is proof, but I have suspicions of a connection between doet pop and cancer

  • What a terrible writer for this episode.
    NHS is far from “trustworthy”, experiments noted have no citations, horrible written and phased. Come on.

  • Diet soda is worse for many reasons but the main big one is because it gives addicts the illusion/fake justification of now being able to drink a bunch of soda because “0 calories” “no sugar”
    Regular soda in small to moderate amounts is fine if it’s not making you enter a caloric surplus (consuming more calories than you burn) when you’re trying to burn some fat

    What’s bad is getting addicted to the “feel good feeling” of drinking soda and drinking it too much and can’t go a day without drinking 6 cans or bottles

  • I hate diet soda but its way better for me. I have 5 brothers 3 which drank a lot of soda. I switched to diet cause I wanted to lose weight. Started running cause I was getting really fat. One of my brothers got diabetes now he has to inject himself cause of soda consumption. My 2 other brothers got really really fat. And i, I lost a couple pounds. I also stopped eating chips. Been drinking diet soda and I haven’t gained weight, and I drink it a lot. Lost A shirt size 2xl to XL and a pants size 40 to 38. I feel happy.

  • I don’t like to disclose my own personal undertakings. But I used to drink a steady stream of diet sodas as a smoking cessation bridge. Others thought it was because I just really liked sodas. I also tried to use it as a form of auto-suggestive NLP(Neuro linguistic programming) in school.

    …another reason I hate psychoanalysts.

    Now it’s out there…

  • I’m not letting fear stop me from drinking diet soda. Diet soda helps me eat less and lose weight. I know some people might say it’s like smoking cigs helps you lose weight but let me tell you something, it’s either I’m unhealthy from obesity or soda. At least I’ll be healthier at a healthy weight drinking diet soda than being overweight and eating shit.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong doesn’t most non diet sodas contain �� fructose instead of sugar unless it’s one of the throwback soda’s that appear occasionally still as for diet Coke isn’t that what the Chosen One drinks and isn’t he in tippy top condition as far as his health goes MAGA Morons Are Governing America resist

  • I think you have to read between the lines on all food/beverages when it comes to studies. Most of these studies saying they are fine are funded by the actaully companies that sell them.

    The main sweetener was made by Monstanto. The studies early on disappeared. Idk, do what you want in life that makes you happy. As I slam a diet Mt. Dew writing this.

  • The Uric Acid causes fluid retention/gout, explaining the weight gain… Calcium Bicarbonate + Uric Acid produces Kidney Stones….

  • Some people said insulin released when taste buds receive sweet taste!!!
    So what do you thing when someone have a hypoglycemic coma and we give him any sweet to wakeup.
    If the insulin released according to taste buds, so in such situation the insulin will release and the glucose level go more down not elevated to normal.
    Therefore i think insulin level elevated according to level of glucose in blood.
    Just my opinion
    Thank you

  • If it in fact does kill you then why not ban it. Just like steroids. If they in fact knw it kills then the makers of diet soda are in fact murderers so they should be liable. And if not then shut the hell up and freak ur studys why say anything

  • I discarded all artificial drinks a year ago. I feel rejuvenated. Don’t miss them one bit (it was kinda hard only for the 1st 4-6 weeks). I lost like 25 pounds, w.o even trying, and have WAY more energy.

  • Greg if a person got liposuction would it effectively remove the fat cells they have and then make losing weight easier as the levels of lepton secreted by fat cell lesser? huge fan i would love to hear a kinesiologists perspective.

  • i drink 1 bottle of coke zero a week or sometimes in 2 weeks, most of the time its with hard alcohol. drinks 3-4 liters of water a day. i don’t think that’s a problem, my blood tests and blood pressure are okay. bikes 20km per day on average, 3x a week on the gym, runs twice in a week and a half

  • Let me tell my story doing keto carnivore or something like that just almost no carbs ok when I drink a diet coke I get this rush in my body and my brain goes a little wild I don’t get it from coffee. Does someone feels the same thing.

  • “The artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks, saccharine and aspartame, have already been linked with an increase in dementia, obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.”

    Me: Damn, that’s not good. sips diet Pepsi

  • In an effort to revive consumer interest in its flagging Diet Coke product line, Coca-Cola launched four new “exotic” flavors in January 2018,1 in slimmer, redesigned cans.

    After reportedly testing more than 30 flavor combinations and talking with 10,000 people over a two-year period, Coke introduced Feisty Cherry, Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango and Zesty Blood Orange, which took their place alongside original Diet Coke, its formula unchanged. Given the can design, flavors and marketing, it is clear millennials are the intended target for the new beverages.
    This is how Coke reacts when its sales start lacking:
    “OK, we’ll just make it TASTE BETTER…! To hell with making it healthier!”

  • Great video. I used to live on soda-first sugar-sweetened, then diet. When I made dietary changes for my health, I cut out the diet soda and noticed a positive difference, including my bulging upper abdominal area flattening down (carbonation-related?)

    My understanding is that carbonation is problematic for your health (lungs, digestion?) too. But when I want some fizz I go for stevia-sweetened Zevia or other options.

    Mostly I drink water, water with lemon (or True Lemon), iced tea I sweeten with stevia or monkfruit, herbal tea sweetened with raw honey, homemade hot cocoa sweetened with stevia, cashew milk (non-sweetened), coconut milk (non-sweetened), Dole pineapple juice (not from concentrate and no added sugar) or Sam’s Choice Apple Juice (same thing). So, lots of flavorful options.

    Tip: if you like Fresca, you can add stevia, True Lime and True Grapefruit to your water for a delicious, non-carbonated substitute.