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Yep, it tastes delicious. Beyond that, it’s getting a healthy rep. After decades of guidelines that recommended nonfat and low-fat milk and yogurt as the best dietary choice, the tide is turning. An.

The new research, however, suggests that full-fat dairy can also be part of a healthy diet. While there was stronger data for milk and yogurt consumption than butter and cheese, dairy eaters in. Whole milk yogurt is luscious, full of good fat, and carries all the flavors of a given dish, whether you’re working with a bunch of fresh herbs, pungent grated garlic, or hot chiles. This is most. Brown Cow Plain Whole Milk Yogurt (6 oz., with 1 tsp. honey and ¼ cup strawberry slices) 160 calories, 8 g fat, 4.5 g sat. fat, 6 g protein, 19 g carbs, and 17 g sugars (about 4 tsp.) Brown Cow.

Full-fat yogurt is also available. Although it does contain more calories than plain low-fat yogurt, that does not necessarily make it a less healthy choice. In fact, the fats found in full-fat.

Full-Fat Yogurt. Yogurt is rich in calcium, protein and friendly bacteria that keep your gut healthy. While nonfat yogurt is a better source of calcium and saves you calories, the full fat. Since full-fat Greek yogurt is made with whole milk, it is going to have a higher saturated fat content.

In the example above, 8 grams in one cup shouldn’t send your diet into a tailspin, as that. No, not even dairy fat. For instance, a 2013 review published in the European Journal of Nutrition found that people who eat full-fat dairy tend to be leaner than those who opt for low-fat. In fact, the health benefits of yogurt are so impressive that many health-conscious people make it a daily habit.

Here are five possible health benefits of having a yogurt a day: Benefit. 31 rows · As the below video indicates, full-fat yogurt has seen a large year-over-year increase over.

List of related literature:

I like the flavor of full-fat yogurt, and there’s some research that suggests the fat in full-fat grass-fed yogurt may actually be best for us.

“The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life” by Travis Stork, M.D.
from The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life
by Travis Stork, M.D.
Bird Street Books, 2016

Lowfat and nonfat yogurt must meet the same standards, except reduced fat content is defined as 0.5-2% fat and no more than 0.5% fat for lowfat and nonfat yogurts, respectively.

“Handbook of Food and Beverage Fermentation Technology” by Y. H. Hui, Lisbeth Meunier-Goddik, Jytte Josephsen, Wai-Kit Nip, Peggy S. Stanfield
from Handbook of Food and Beverage Fermentation Technology
by Y. H. Hui, Lisbeth Meunier-Goddik, et. al.
CRC Press, 2004

Plain low-fat yogurt is the healthiest and most digestible form.

“Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal” by Phyllis A. Balch CNC
from Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal
by Phyllis A. Balch CNC
Penguin Publishing Group, 2003

Seydim et al. (2005) reported that the use of a blend of Dairy-LoÕ (i.e. microparticulated protein) could increase the consumption of low-fat yoghurt as the increased protein and high fibre contents are of high nutritional value.

“Tamime and Robinson's Yoghurt: Science and Technology” by A. Y. Tamime, R K Robinson
from Tamime and Robinson’s Yoghurt: Science and Technology
by A. Y. Tamime, R K Robinson
Elsevier Science, 2007

Yazici and Akgun (2004) have reported on the use of Simplesse and Dairy-Lo as a fat replacer in strained yogurt, a widely consumed dairy product in Turkey.

“Innovation in Food Engineering: New Techniques and Products” by Maria Laura Passos, Claudio P. Ribeiro
from Innovation in Food Engineering: New Techniques and Products
by Maria Laura Passos, Claudio P. Ribeiro
CRC Press, 2016

While low-fat or full-fat dairy had no measurable effect on T2D risk, yogurt did.

“Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back Into Your Diet” by John Douillard
from Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back Into Your Diet
by John Douillard
Morgan James Publishing, 2016

Both regular and low-fat yogurt will work well here; do not use nonfat yogurt.

“The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2015

tion of fat compared to the regular yogurt.

“Rheology of Semisolid Foods” by Helen S. Joyner
from Rheology of Semisolid Foods
by Helen S. Joyner
Springer International Publishing, 2019

Fat-free yogurt (plain) is a new dairy choice.

“The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!” by Connie Guttersen
from The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!
by Connie Guttersen
Meredith Books, 2005

In this respect, more studies will be expected to be carried out before commercializing the yogurt-derived nutritive products such as ω − 3 enriched yogurt, vegetable oil yogurt, health-promoting yogurt, fat-substitute yogurts, cholesterolfree yogurt, vitamin-enriched yogurt, or bifidogenic yogurt.

“Development and Manufacture of Yogurt and Other Functional Dairy Products” by Fatih Yildiz
from Development and Manufacture of Yogurt and Other Functional Dairy Products
by Fatih Yildiz
CRC Press, 2016

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  • Rant on Kait! You just got to love these guidelines�� I just helped a friend convert over to a animal based diet just about a month and a half ago. She had thyroid issues and eczema but not now. She’s lost approximately 10lbs. Just yesterday she was so, excited to show me her blood work which was perfect. Everything was in balance.

  • I was 15 kilograms overweight. This is because of dairy. I ate, I’d say much less than average, but I still was overweight. Work health care measured 95 kilograms for young me, and at almost my 30’s, I wanted to get rid of my excess fat she said I had. I did change my diet next day for dairy free. Never drank milk, but cheese, yoghurts, chocolate bars… I’ve lost 10 kilograms in few months just going no dairy at home. I mean sometimes at relatives, fine. Most of the time no no. Now I am reducing meat to catch my normal weight. I am now 81, but my ideal weight is around 77. Many fat people say they are because of genes, but it is not truth. You are what you eat!!! Stop blaming genes for your weight. Prefer vegan over anything else, thank me later.

    Keep saving money, because dairy and meat section is expensive. You will eat much less than EVER before. Is like having energy all the time without restaurants weekly.

  • I went on a dairy elimination diet years ago, thinking it may help with mucus & allergies. After 3 months, no change. Turns out it was simply a heap of different grasses. Doen the track i discovered I do way better with fewer carbs, especially refined grains. However, I do mostly buy small farm local dairy.

  • The Quran (holy book) says: feed your baby your milk for 2 years since the time he/she born periods. I have no idea why humans consume cow milk. cow milk is just for cow baby when that cow baby grew, they don’t drink milk.

  • Even 4 years later, this video is still helpful. I stopped drinking milk products, especially whey proteïn. Feeling much better, sleeping much better, less belly bloating/water weight, better recovery after workouts and no constipation problems anymore. I wish I had find this out much earlier.

  • Holy smokes,that explains that! Thank you Thomas DeLauer! I won’t be eating sharp cheddar anytime soon again, even if it is zero Carbs! Hope this nausea passes soon…live and learn…

  • Holy shit according heart association I am already dead, since for past year so on average I am eating 5 10 eggs and 500 700g beef on a day, In contrary I am lean as hell and I don’t feel hungry as I did when I am following so-called pyramid of balance diet which 80% grains, vegetables other shits with 20% animal based products.

  • It’s an awkward dance to straddle the evidence on one side and the pseudo evidence force fed to us in the mid 20th century by cereal companies on the other

  • Dude, I watch your videos, but this one, and a few others, make me question your knowledge. I have never heard more rubbish about the diary industry than what you spew in the first few minutes. The reason dairy quanitity has risen so dratatistically, and halted over the couple years, is beacuse of the improvements in breeding. Jersey calls you use be found on pratically every other farm, but some farmers brought in some holestiens that can naturally produce double of what jersesy cows can and more milk than any other cow breed can. Also, the cows still get grass. They just get it in forms of hay. Important to note, the formalization of cattle diets have increased the out put of all cattles whether it be meat or etc

  • My husband is type 2 diabetic drinks whole milk 2x a day and eats plenty of eggs and his blood sugar has been much better than b4. He has even reduced his medication by half.

  • Nice to hear contradicting studies!

    It’s funny how here in Spain I know people that eats low fat yogurts because Dr. are saying that and also they are eating FRIED potatoes but only once a week… LOL

  • The event that occurred in 1991 was the Dairy Termination Program. This was conducted by the Department of Agriculture. The DTP made dairy farm closure mandatory. Farmers were bought out by the government and had to send their livestock to slaughter. These farms could not reopen for 5 years and required Department authorization. I haven’t found definitive reasoning besides glut and low sales and the got milk campaign occurred after DTP. Also, in 2016, 46 billion gallons of milk were dumped due to glut. rBST was approved for use by the FDA in 1993. US meat and dairy products are banned for sale in the EU, Japan, NZ, Australia, Isreal, Argentina and Canada because the use of rBST is unethical. Monsanto was the successful firm that received FDA approval on their cloning patent.

  • Yup, it’s way more noticeable to identify intolerance when you remove something and then try it again. I’ve made the mistake before when I know I have intolerances. Lol, then I get mad at myself ��

  • 3 weeks no cravings and 12lbs lighter. Thank you for your channel. By the way feeling great never in my 59 years have I felt better ��

  • The part about the cow diet simply is not true. Even now the cows diet is mostly grass. Grass silage and corn silage is still grass. Grain is only fed as a supplement to make sure the cows get all their nessecary nutrients. ( sometimes the grass is lower quality). This has nothing to with the cows maintaining body fat. They do a good job of that on their own regardless what they eat. They still get plenty omega 3s. This diet makes them perfectly healthy. Many dairys work closely with nutritionists and vets to make sure the ration is perfect for the cows, sampling each crop of grass. Antibiotics and not just pumped into cows as he makes it sound. They are used very sparingly and only when necessary. ( ear infection, wound etc.) Feed has nothing to do with needing antibiotics. If the feed making them sick, it means that the microbes in the cows rumen are not doing well, therefore leading to weight loss, diarrhea etc. This is the exact opposite of what dairy farmers want. And also, rumen microbes cannot be fixed by using antibiotics.

  • It’s so frustrating!! These are entities we have put our trust in for so many years and they are failing us. Since delving into keto and carnivore, it just seems obvious that these are the diets that improve people’s health overall!

  • It isn’t healthy at all. Never was. It contributed majorly to the coronary heart disease and stroke epidemic of 1945-1980. High cholesterols, blood lipids, uncontrolled hypertension.

  • My opinion is “I’m not surprised” Morons run the world don’t you know and its our job not to be morons… do your own research people and stop living with your heads up your ars! Thx for all you do Kait. I would listen to you before any governed recommendation.

    Do the opposite and you will be fine….! They have been out of touch with reality sine for ever!!!

  • Please do some studies. It is estimated that somewhere between 70 and 90% of the adult population has a milk intolerance.

  • Here are the research I’ve got on milk and the hearts main fuel (50-90% fats like palmitic and oleic acid):!po=32.2917's_focus_on_reducing_saturated_fat_contradicts_evidence

    Energy the heart runs most effectively and mostly on (50-90% palmitic and oleic acid):

  • I eat up to a dozen eggs a day and I just made up a huge batch of bone broth which ended up being pure jello lol but I will eat as much as I bloody well feel like it! The Heart Foundation can kiss my #Canadian booty! I can’t wait until my physical next year and the look of horror on my doctors face when he realises that he won’t be making any money off of me!

  • The leading contributor to heart disease is junk food and excessive sugar. Why aren’t they going after fast food companies, soft drink companies and tv channels who accept huge chunks of $$$ to promote their poison???!!!!

  • This guy….ugh. listen folks. 10k years ago we didnt have refrigeration… milk rarely ever was drank. It was cultured. Get a hold of some high quality grass fed and finished Jersey cow milk…and make kefir. Clabber. Butter or yogurt and eat it daily and often. Ugh this guy. I make kefir weekly. It has essentially zero lactose in it due to being pre digested by bacteria. I wish this guy understood traditional foods and fermenting

  • I gave up milk 3 days ago.
    For diet reasons i been working out for 2 months eating really healthy and my weight wasnt going down! So decided to quit milk as i was having so much in my coffees through the day. And after only 3 days my stomach has gone flatter and miraculously im waking up less groggy which i thought was separate issue!! All along its been dairy! Been educating myself all day today and im never ever consuming milk again. Also went muzz buzz before got a soy cappuccino and it was lovely! Find alternatives i know i am! Great video

  • Yet Raw goat milk is way better and people are using g the milk cure and healing their gut. Have anyone here did any research on colostrum? How this is healing?

  • They still stick to the 3 Oz of red meat a week though.
    Did you see their bullshit slide of hand?
    Or, as us blokes, and babes here in in Oz call, back sliding.

    This is imo course. These degenerate cretins still can”t come out and say saturated fat is good, yet they did (inadvertently), but still demonised red meat in the same sentence.
    Do you get where i am at.

  • My family in Italy had a cow and their family and their family and their family. They all drank raw milk. The men lived until their late eighties and the women into their mid nineties. And that’s with no knowledge of healthy foods doctors or medicine. I live in Pennsylvania and I found a good supplier for raw milk and been drinking it now for 2 years. No one in my family that I know of is lactose intolerant. It’s all about genetics folks.

  • I’ve tried many time to overcome my milk addiction (almost 20 years) and I’ve always wanted to get in shape. You guys have any advice?

  • You have helped me immensely with cleaning my daily diet & beating my sugar addition! Love your recipes, too! I look forward to every video you put out. Thanks so much!

  • I went off of dairy and gluten for 30 days. No reaction at all introducing gluten back but instant bloating and digestion issues with milk and dairy. And I used to drink milk a lot! I suffer from IBS and am not lactose intolerant but I’m finding without the milk I really don’t have huge stomach pain issues anymore. I have small amounts of diary and cheese here and there without major issue but switching milk out was an easy choice for me because I feel so much better. This was very informativethank you.

  • Thanks for the “rant”! Your right on point. These organizations won’t point out the obvious health problems with refined sugars and carbs. So frustrating for the informed and confusing to the uninformed. No cravings for carbs after I eat my fatty steak and eggs.

  • Hi Kait, I found some local raw grassfed goats milk, only got a little to try, my question to you, is this good for carnivore? Or will it kick me out of keto?

  • My research on cholesterol:

    A cholesterol between 180 and 250 is best for longevity. The older you get a higher level is more protective against death.!po=21.5517

  • I quit dairy because I watched a video about how it can ruin your voice\increase mucus production. I have allergies and since quitting dairy I’ve felt much better. The only concern I have is finding alternate sources of calcium. I read studies that concluded that it doesn’t actually prevent bone fractures. Then why are we consuming it?

  • I’m sorry dairy is meant to take a baby cow to a full grown cow in 1 year. They gain about 60-70 lbs a month. Anyone who thinks this could be good for humans is a clown ��

  • I’m currently thinking about starting the OPTIMAL(Kwaśniewskis) DIET you eat appr. 3 times more fat than other foods(there is a proportion you must hold) and it’s accualy more healthy than eating only salads�� so I’m happy that yt algorythm has reccomanded your channel so I can learn on your perspective and the only animal foods��������

  • Let me explain it to everyone in the easiest way possible: if you want to be healthy, free of chronic diseases, and live a long, fertile life, then simply DO THE OPPOSITE of what all doctors and health experts tell you to do. They WANT YOU to be chronically ill so they have a constant stream of money coming in.

  • That may have been the most mellow rant I’ve ever seen.

    For the past year or so I feel like I’ve just been giving a huge middle finger to the entire medical establishment and this information only solidifies that sentiment.

  • Not only are dairy products a good source of minerals, including
    calcium, as in meats, they are in the proper form for the human body to
    use. Dr. Phinney should be aware that many of the nutrients that plants
    contain cannot be used by the human body. Calcium in spinach and many
    other plants is an example of this problem. Most, perhaps all, of the
    calcium in spinach and similar leafy greens, is ‘tied up’ in compounds
    called calcium pxalates. These form the most common type of kidney

    The iron in spinach is mostly all bound into iron oxalate, and is also
    unavailable to meet human dietary needs.

    In addition to causing kidney stones, cxalates can accumulate in most
    any tissue of the body, causing damage and pain.
    Sally K. Norton ‘Lost Seasonality and the Overconsumption of Plants
    Risking Oxalate Toxicity’

  • 90% (IF not more) of the Dr.s, Nutritionists, and “Health” Organizations need a calendar to remind them that It’s the year 2019…NOT 1919!

    Times have changed, and science, research, and especially REAL WORLD RESULTS have proven and shown that what they were taught, and what they believed was true, in a lot of cases no longer is.

    They need to re-educate themselves on updated & current FACTS.

  • They want to keep us alive so they can pump chemical ridden tablets on us as long as they can the pharmacy is behind this they are they nr 1 mafia drug dealers. It is all a con they want to make us much money as they can

  • Quick rant for you today! �� We can eat as many eggs as we want! WOOHOO BUT only 350g of red meat in a week… How can anyone keep up when the recommendations keep changing?!

  • There is no scientific evidence that shows evolution. Why don’t you stop words that you’ve heard before but have no understanding of.

  • I drink a coffee with 2 tablespoons of butter and a 1 tablespoon cream every am and about 24 eggs per week,(+ fatty meat) Never felt better 0 carbs 0 sugar Keto leanings to meat only �� mild to moderate depression lifting, the big take away for the first time in 50 years is anger we don’t have to except inflammatory and chronic diseases as a natural progression into old age.

  • Human finally figured out how to use our intelligence to trick people to eat junk food, in the name of science.

    Do your own study by monitoring carefully what you eat. Trouble is having a bad reaction don’t really mean it’s bad, and having tolerance don’t mean it’s fine. Yep, there is no single answer.

  • Well idk how you could say these observational studies say this but they can’t show causation yet then some how leap to 3:54 and say these foods aren’t the problem. I assume that means you how some RCTs to support that position? Or are you just making assumptions?

  • This is so disturbing about the cows. Thank you for the truth and science. Yes. Inflammation is the cause of all disease. I learned this in my masters’ advanced pathophysiology course in my FNP program. 30 days of no dairy. I will try this after 30 days try it. feel the effects. I’m curious what do you think about goats milk?

  • so glad that this information is getting out! I always bought nonfat greek yogurt but now I think I will have to switch to full fat now!

  • I’m carnivore and definitely include dairy. Full fat cheeses and milk in small doses. I find it so frustrating the demonisation on dairy. If you don’t bloat or have any digestive issues why not? And a few berries occasionally too:)

  • Replace cheese with ‘nutritional yeast’. It’s cheesy and slightly nutty in taste. It’s good for you and contains many healthy nutrients. Most of all it contains no nasty dairy hormones.

  • Great video, Kait! The “Heart Foundations” of the western world are becoming a laughingstock, as more and more people understand that their recommendations are not based at all on current scientific evidence. This latest flip-flop is just a belated recognition that they have to grudgingly compromise a bit with reality in order to remain somewhat relevant. Unfortunately, they still cannot abandon the whole “diet-heart hypothesis” on which they have based decades of bad recommendations their sponsors won’t stand for that so they have to say one thing out of one side of their mouth to the public (dietary cholesterol isn’t harmful), while saying the opposite to their sponsors (dietary cholesterol is still bad), in order to try to appease both groups. The result, as you showed, is health advice which is self-contradictory, and therefore complete nonsense. I guess they’re still clinging to the increasingly faint hope that saturated fat is harmful, in order to support the profit margins of the margarine manufacturers and grain companies. After all, someone has to pay the bills at the AHA! The Australian Heart Foundation is still a complete joke.

  • If vegetables aren’t the problem and it’s all the sugar etc. Then how come so many vegans, even vegans who ate very healthy whole plant foods for years are becoming so sick?:/ Myself included here. Vegan seven years, went carnivore. If I introduce vegetables, seeds, fruit etc back in I immediately feel so sick and my whole mood changes for days. I believe GMO veg and human made fruit are also a big problem. Especially all these super foods and seeds that are so foreign to most peoples bacteria and gut.

  • They are trying to walk back their stupid lowfat dogma, while keeping their profits from statins etc.. It is a tough job being stupid and evil.

  • Truth, we don’t really know the true nutritional requirements for our species yet. Which is why the medical association keeps changing their claims. So today, it’s all a matter of experimentation or trial and error. Trying things out and seeing how it works for us. Though I do believe that whatever they claim, is always in favor of staying dependent on them for the best care. Don’t listen to your body and follow your inner guide, be a frightened little kid, like a toddler, and listen to and follow them.

    So it’s not good to keep up with their claims bcuz it’s nothing real to keep up with.

  • Animal milk is purulent aka as pus. It is only meant for the calf of the cow as is with all other animals. We don’t intake other mothers milk from humans vs our own mother’s. I have known this long ago since a teenager and as a athlete and other. I highly appreciate your work, informative, and advice Thomas.

  • its so crazy what one thing can cause so much secret havoc in your life! I stopped dairy for 3 days and I have never felt more energy and clarity. I am willing to bet there are millions of people out there with no idea why they feel bad. There is a saying that says your gut can cause your depression because of how its linked to the brain…I really wonder what just cutting out refined sugar, unhealthy carbs, lowering the gluten, and removing dairy would do? I have struggled with depression and just by doing these things I feel so much relief! Unreal.

  • Because the common belief I that super high cholesterol is linked to strokes. They don’t wanna be responsible for people eating so much cholesterol laden foods

  • And soon they will puss their gmo vegan meat replacement on you, which of course will earn them shit loads of money and still make people sick. Our experts aren’t our experts, they seem to be miseducated and then bought up…

  • Healthy food for healthy people, reduced for people who are having issues in certain areas. Do we have studies to prove this wrong, who knows for sure.

  • What forms of exercise or sport do u partake in? Just interested, as you haven’t really told us before, that I can recall. Have a good weekend ������

  • All these organisations are doing is a slow retreat from a poor nutritional position and they are also adding ambiguity to their statements to cover their asses…

  • Hi Kait… I am that crazy Canadian who just could not lose any weight after ten months of eating Keto & Carnivore & OMAD…. But… I found the magic!… I did 36 hours of dry fasting… then I had one carnivore meal… then I fasted for another day and ate one carnivore meal… and as the month of August progressed I managed to lose 10 pounds with extremely strict intermittent fasting and small carnivore meals… Then yesterday I had about 3 slices bacon, 1/2 of a rib-steak & one can of sardines with a bit of mayonnaise, so I gained nearly two pounds of weight again overnight… (That was a huge flub-up) But at least now I know more about my own body… At a height of just over four and a half feet tall, I am just different than other people… I am a miniature person… I will get there… I feel connected to you, maybe because we are both Canadians?

  • Exactly! so many conflicting messages from the media and medical authorities. I think it may take another 20 years before people will finally get past the cholesterol and fat myths. And yes, sugar is the villain, not real food.

  • I get my info from pubmed, and pubmed only. It is not that hard to read studies. They use confusing terms, but when one can easily lookup terms online they become easy to read.

  • I still don’t see what is wrong with hormone-free pasture raised whole milk in moderation. I’ve never gotten an upset stomach from milk in my life. Milk is so incredibly dense in vitamins and minerals that it very well could be beneficial if you’re tolerant to it. Just because we’ve only been consuming something for a few thousands years doesn’t necessarily indicate it’s bad for us. It’s thought that we’ve only consumed olives for around 6,000 years, avocado consumption can only be traced back 10,000 years, and the list goes on.

  • Hey, Lacey! As I say a lot, I get so much information from your videos! But I have to ask this question (and I’m not playing devil’s advocate as I prefer full fat dairy to fat free)…but how do trans fats play in here? Are trans fats as bad as nutritionists claim? Full fat dairy has trans fats and I’ve been led to believe to avoid trans fats like the plague!! What’s your take on trans fats? Thanks so much for your informative videos! ����

  • Okay, you didn’t cover this….bodybuilders, utilize whey protein for their diet and for those of us who are lactose intolerant, severely, what effective alternative can we use to supplement our diet during the day when we are not eating foods? Is there such thing as lactose free whey protein? How about alternative protein powders for supplementing? I’ve heard they are not complete (the vegan ones)? Thanks Thomas.

  • One day the Heart Foundation might be interested in something other than profit. At this stage, it is as confusing as the Health Star rating on foods Milo is basically half sugar, but it’s a health food? Someone paid big dollars for that star rating, while butters get a 0.5 star rating simply because of the fat content

  • Wow.. Very misleading video. It’s easy to get raw, locally produced, grass-fed milk from good breeds of cows. It’s possibly to get cows that produce A2/A2 milk which has the original unaltered protein for better muscle development, fat burning, and mental energy. And by simply fermenting this milk with either yogurt, of kefir, you can bypass the problems of lactose intolerance. It’s too bad this guy is only giving half the story, and not really helping people succeed in their health goals. There seems to be a hidden agenda here.

  • Kait is my carnivore crush, i melt like butter when i watch her vids is like a drug, so cute and smart she must be a unicornio lol.

  • They need to keep “everyone” happy, don’t they? $$$ The big Pharma that “fixes” you after you consumed “healthy” soya, sugar ridden and plant oil based products! It’s all biased and not trustworthy, which is exactly their objective, make ppl loose faith/trust and overlaod them with conflicting, confusing information.  
    With Carinvore you get clean in your mind and body, they don’t like that! We are much less susceptible to mind control and brainwashing and don’t need any doctors… Infact, the only way to fight the system/cabal/matrix is to go Carnivore ( fishing, hunting and raising your own animals) and also stop paying taxes….

  • The heart associations of the world can’t admit they were completely wrong in a single statement they have to backpedal. This is a transitional statement showing what they told you in the past is not true in some cases yet not admitting to all cases. Eventually they will get it right. They still are missing the mark. The biggest contributor to heart disease is seed oil. When combined with sugar the oxidation/ inflammation is amplified. Dr Cate Shanahan has a great talk explaining why polyunsaturated seed oils are so destructive to the cardiovascular system. The best version of her talk I found is behind a pay wall on however here is her talk from the low carb down under site Seed oils are in practically every processed product. It’s really difficult to avoid them (without eating strictly whole foods).

  • I wouldn’t trust any of these major health organizations. They’re being paid by someone or have some agenda they’re trying to push, would be foolish to think they’re looking out for our best interests.

  • On lactose intolerance Many people who cannot tolerate the processed milk sold in supermarkets as ‘whole’ milk find they can enjoy ‘fresh squeezed’ unprocessed milk with no problems at all.

    This is likely due to the lactase enzyme which ‘digests’ lactose and is present in unprocessed milk, but is destroyed by the processing that the milk sold in supermarkets is subjected to. Unprocessed milk fresh from the udder also contains beneficial bacteria, aka ‘probiotics’ or ‘natural cultures’. A number of these beneficial organisms convert lactose to lactic acid, as the bacteria cultures in yogurt and kefir do.

    Unprocessed milk often contains significantly more butterfat than standardized processed milk sold in supermarkets has. This means that there is proportionately less lactose in that milk.

    Some people have issues with the A1 casein protein which is common in supermarket milk. This is due to a spontaneous mutation in cattle, though the widespread use of A2A2 bulls is gradually reducing the incidence of the A1 casein protein in the commercial milk supply.

    Many producers of unprocessed milk, aka raw milk, test their cows and strive to produce only A2 milk.

    Some claim that the processing can damage either type of casein. If people react to the casein, even in unprocessed A2 milk, they can try fresh whey. The protein in whey is different.
    (Of course, fresh, real whey, not highly processed whey powder, is preferred!)

  • The Heart Foundation is a joke, they put the healthy heart tick on margarine and vegetable oils as well as a whole heap of other dubious foods

  • Raise your hand if you are super confused about full fat dairy and whether it’s good or bad for you! I hope this video helps make it clear that full fat dairy IS a GOOD option! Please share any other questions you may have that I can answer in an upcoming video xoxo Lacey

  • Great commentary! I couldn’t agree more! They are doing the same thing here in Canada..I swear the ‘new’ Canada Food Guide was produced by some drug company:( It completely plays into making people sicker…they will need more drugs:( I will just eat meat, stay healthy and stay subscribed to Health Coach Kait <3 Regarding dairy..least we remind ourselves that it is also loaded with hormones that are there to grow a calf from 60 pounds to 600 pounds in 6 months. It's milk for a baby calf.

  • Rant girl rant!!! ��������

    I am supporter of carnivore diet too but I am an also an advocate of becoming a master of your own body for optimal health so it takes experimenting and will power to know what works for you. Not everyone has that intuitive mindset coz they’ve been conditioned to listen to outside noise and propaganda instead of their own body. It’s sad and frustrating to watch people suffer from chronic inflammation, headaches, digestive problems etc. when they can easily change it through their dietary choices and eating habits.

  • Here’s the thing; if you don’t rant; and I mean really rant clearly and precisely, how in the World are you to get the TRUTH across to people actually craving the truth? I think you could have extended your knowledgeable rant too. We live in a World where government’s and their so-call hired health experts “truth for the people” departments are filled with ignorant so-called educated morons; the GOVERNMENT speaks with forked tongue! With one side of their mouth they say one half truth followed by truthful sounding lies that are nothing but bull-shit. People listening to the righteous-sounding lies of the governments end up being like sheep to the slaughter in their screwed over ignorant confusions; we all know the TRUTH TOO; we’ve all been there animal meat and fats DO NOT lead to heart disease at all when consumed on their own; to the contrary; it the constant daily use and consumption of sugars, processed carbohydrates made with GMO flours and starches etc., artificial sweeteners, tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption that do; and it’s these co-called foods that are the NUMBER ONE chief contributors of heart disease. (All are government taxable legal too.) The carnivore diet in it’s purity proves most of it. The Canada food guide; American food guide, the Australian food guide, and I don’t know maybe all the Nation’s food guides are bought and paid for by BIG food and tobacco filthy lying lobbyists, and therefore, all the foods guides end up being completely misleading and devoid of actual truths that people require and need for optimal health; food guides are riddled with inaccuracies and outright LIES! ALL governmental food guides speak with forked tongue and they are not ever worthy of being used to wipe our asses because they all so full of shit and by people using them would make them smell more like the shit that the guides are. You hit the nail right on the head Kait; everything you say is truthful. Thankfully you have experience, knowledge a flatform, similar to Frank Tufano to have and the courage to stand up for the real truth about animal meat and fat consumption. Thank you. Rant begets rant and this my rant too!

  • Hello there, I am curious about raw vs cooked in terms of eggs and is there beneficial by just removing the egg white?
    Sorry if my English is shitty.
    I am trying to turn my life around in terms of health and I am basically just starting.

  • My research on eggs, meat and fish + vegetarian diets for kids:




    And the most important children and vegetarian diets

  • You’re right, in some low fat dairy products such as low fat white cheese they add to it a vegetable oil to make it more delicious and compensate the fats they removed from it, so it become bad with harmful content so full fat dairy products are the best choice.

  • Wheat, vegetable oil, dha/epa and lipoprotein lowering drugs:

  • I like him on the exercise ball during this explanation and his use of the word copious. Bottom line if your eating the meat from a cow your still ingesting the antibiotics ect. They say drinking milk of a cow grows the calf so what does eating the meat do? Unless your giving up beef entirely for that reason saying the milk is bad but the meat is healthy doesn’t make much sense…

  • These heart foundations are sell outs to the highest bidders,I don’t trust anything they say like the aha the ama the ada and most of these doctors with no nutritional background…I trust you more than all of these authoritative figures

  • thx for a vid. i like the suggestion of a test. but by your logic you could claim that exercise is harmful. if you dont work out for a month and then hit the gym, youre gonna be sore. that doesnt mean workout is bad.

  • Ridiculous. If people are half aware they know that 50% get heart disease. The no.1 killer. So then the message is still the same:: be safe, don’t get heart disease! Don’t eat these foods! They are just trying to get attention and look like they are updating… anything. It’s Wreckless P. R.

  • It really sucks. It almost seems like they are scared to “OK” eggs and red meat. Like if they put the green flag on them then people will eat them as well as the bad stuff? I’m hoping that is their reasoning because if not, they are either doing this to not contradict themselves or to control people with their weight or something. Maybe they are made up of all very fast metabolism people idk it’s very confusing

  • Even ‘full fat’ dairy isn’t really. Most heritage breeds of cattle on high forage or all-forage diets (aka 100% ‘grassfed’) will produce milk that is 5% or higher in butterfat (some food scientists have begun calling this ‘milkfat’). Even the modern American Holstein cow can produce milk as high as 4% butterfat. The milk of the cattle of the Masai is reportedly 8% butterfat. But the ‘whole’ milk sold in supermarkets is only 3.25% butterfat. The cream is separated, the fat globules are artificially reduced in size so the cream will not rise, and just enough is added back to meet the 3.25% butterfat legal requirement for ‘whole’ milk.

    Many of the animals that humans have a symbiotic relationship with, providing food, shelter., and protection from predators in exchange for milk, produce milk much higher in butterfat than the average American Holstein. Goat’s milk is about the same in butterfat, though many find it easier to digest (maybe because only cows have the A1 casein mutation?). The milk of sheep, yaks, and camels is all much richer in butterfat. Reindeer milk is likely to be high in butterfat, given their environment. I do not know about the milk of water buffalo, though it would be easy to look up. Yes, all these species plus eland (a large African antelope) and moose are being milked in various parts of the world today.

    In history and around the world, milk has played a more important role for many peoples than we tend to realize. There is increasing evidence that humans in pre-history made use of the udder and the milk inside when they killed lactating females, but as Dr. Michael Eades said in a presentation, ‘This was not a sustainable system of dairying.’

     Milk and milk products from the dairy as sold in supermarkets, if not loaded with added sugar or stripped of the butterfat, provide more and higher quality nutrients than most anything else sold there, except organ meats. However, it is worth seeking out ‘real milk’, unprocessed, with all the nutrients are still intact. There are at least 7 differences between ‘fresh squeezed’ cows milk and the processed stuff and it may be higher in butterfat, too! A bonus for those who appreciate the benefits of natural fats in the diet, or who want to be in ketosis.

  • Sounds to me that their state based funding should be pulled, cos they don’t know anything about what they claim to be experts in. The problem is most likely conflicting interest within the organization it self. You got people from the food and drug industry trying to keep things on the shelf, you got people from political sector that cares about the federal economy and then you got people with the medical and health interest. I’d say the organization, as well as the U.K and U.S one, is corrupted to the teeth and is better dismantled and stopped being used as a legit organization for advice on national healthcare. It’s just a organization that these days rely on a fancy name with a historical relevance and due to it’s conflicting interest can’t do their job.

  • I’m going to do this 30 day challenge but I don’t think I’ll reintroduce so that I don’t go crazy. If you’ve done this and reintroduced dairy, did it help you to stop?

  • yeah. DAIRY IS good, do not over dose, 8 ounce glass of milk. Just do Roids, how else besides dairy can you grow up lARGER THEN MOST others, see his structure almost impossible to get large muscles on thin long bones without drugs, see reference ArNOLD S.

  • So I tried to give up dairy as weight loss has been stalled for a year. After a week, no weight loss. But I didn’t replace all that wonderful fat in dairy with fat from anywhere else. By the end of the week I was exhausted and starving and ate 8 pieces of cake with frosting in an uncontrolled binge after a bad day at work. Case closed.

  • Thank you for sharing this. I have been wanting to try full fat dairy but was unsure about the health benefits. I’m definitely going to give it a try.

  • Religious people live on average 4 years longer than non believers. And don’t be lonely, get a really close friend. So to live really long, be religous/spiritual:)

    Rend Collective Finally Free

  • If you don’t mind estrogen eat all the dairy and eggs that you want. Oh and what about the casein in milk. Red meat is a possible carcinogen according to the World Health Organization. People like to hear good news about their bad habits. I don’t know anyone that ended up in the hospital because their diet was heavy on fruit vegetables whole grains legumes nuts and seeds. I do know people who ended up in the hospital because their diet was heavy on meat dairy and eggs.

  • Believe or not, whole milk is my weakness. I effing love it. Some people drink whiskey. Some people drink wine. I drink milk. Grass-fed milk that is. I guess I am a grown-up baby. ��

  • I am the biggest milk drinker I know but you really have me thinking. Thanks for the video. I’m going to finish what I have in the fridge and try the 30 day challenge.

  • Not only are dairy products a good source of minerals, including
    calcium, as in meats, they are in the proper form for the human body to
    use. Dr. Phinney should be aware that many of the nutrients that plants
    contain cannot be used by the human body. Calcium in spinach and many
    other plants is an example of this problem. Most, perhaps all, of the
    calcium in spinach and similar leafy greens, is ‘tied up’ in compounds
    called calcium pxalates. These form the most common type of kidney

    The iron in spinach is mostly all bound into iron oxalate, and is also
    unavailable to meet human dietary needs.

    In addition to causing kidney stones, cxalates can accumulate in most
    any tissue of the body, causing damage and pain.
    Sally K. Norton ‘Lost Seasonality and the Overconsumption of Plants
    Risking Oxalate Toxicity’

  • I love to share some lesser known stuff. Silicon Valley Nihilist, minimalist, millennial creates the real “Soylent Slop”, in this disturbing comedy-History podcast The Dollop #390. A must listen for the Ex-Vegan, anti-vegan crowd.

  • If you want to increase magnesium intake and want to have a good health, it is recommended consuming two cup of low-fat yogurt per day. Yogurt also contains calcium. It is said that consuming enough magnesium will make your body absorb calcium easily. On container of low-fat yogurt contains 19 milligrams of the mineral. It is the great idea to eat low-fat yogurt with fiber-rich fruit as the healthy breakfast.

  • I have Heavy Cream all the time, 95% of the calories come from fat, doesn’t get much more Full Fat than that.
    Strange 2 days ago I did my own little Triathlon got home ate a Big Plate of Red Meat and spent the rest of the day working outside……Yet according to EXPERTS I should probably be Dead or at least in the hospital getting a Bypass.