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While it’s interesting to learn how fructose and glucose affect us differently, we rarely eat fructose and glucose in isolation. Instead, most of us get them through table sugar (and any of its 44 cousins), which is 50% fructose and 50% glucose. It’s clear pure fructose isn’t good for you health-wise.

Fructose is a type of sugar that makes up around 50% of table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. Scientists are concerned that excessive intake may cause metabolic disorders. Why Is Fructose Bad. Copy Link.

Fructose is one of the most controversial forms of sugar available. With more and more research emerging claiming it could contribute to obesity, heart disease and liver problems, many have even called for it to be banned or restricted in some parts of the world. Natural fructose is the fructose present in the natural diets like in case of the fruits. Here fructose is present in a combined form where the fructose molecule is bound with the glucose molecule, as in case of the sucrose.

Thus the entry of fructose into blood lowers down because the sucrose molecule first needs to split in the intestinal cells. The Dr. Lustig youtube lecture indicated that fructose from fruits was not as bad because one also gets the fiber from the fruit which effects the biochemical outcome. I infer that the message is not only too much fructose but also not enough fiber. This is a processed form of fructose that is used as a sweetener to replace sugar.

On labels it can be labelled as HFCS or it may simply be labelled as fructose—either way, it’s the same thing. The bad news is, you will find fructose in most processed foods from. 12 September, 2011 There’s a significant focus in the popular media on the role of fructose in health. For instance, you may have heard that high-fructose corn syrup is bad for you and might wonder whether that’s because the fructose is “artificial” as opposed to “natural.” Actually, there’s no difference between artificial and natural fructose.

Fructose is similar to sugar that can gradually raise the sugar levels in the blood. There are a lot of arguments for and against the fructose present in fruits. Most of the health experts agree that the amount of fructose contained in naturally grown fruits is minimal and perfect for the health. There is growing scientific consensus that one of the most common types of sugar, fructose, can be toxic to the liver, just like alcohol. Fructose is the sugar that makes fruit taste sweet.

For most people, there’s nothing wrong with eating fructose in its natural state, in fruit. Approved by Dr. Becky Maes Fructose is not harmful when consumed naturally through foods, such as fresh fruit or honey.

It is still a sugar, though, and should be consumed in moderation (2-3 pieces of fruit per day). Processed Fructose (High Fructose Corn Syrup) turns a natural sweetener into a chemically ridden poison and should be avoided.

List of related literature:

Fructose may be even worse than glucose because it’s associated with higher blood sugar levels and a higher risk of diabetes than glucose over the long term.

“Keto Diet For Dummies” by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
from Keto Diet For Dummies
by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
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All simple sugars that enter the bloodstream can cause a rapid increase in blood sugar, but fructose has a specific effect on your body—and it’s not a good one.

“The Belly Fat Cure#” by Jorge Cruise
from The Belly Fat Cure#
by Jorge Cruise
Hay House, 2015

HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP IS WORSE FOR YOU THAN REGULAR SUGAR We all know things that are full of sugar are generally full of things that are bad for you if not taken in moderation.

“The Book of Common Fallacies: Falsehoods, Misconceptions, Flawed Facts, and Half-Truths That Are Ruining Your Life” by Philip Ward, Julia Edwards
from The Book of Common Fallacies: Falsehoods, Misconceptions, Flawed Facts, and Half-Truths That Are Ruining Your Life
by Philip Ward, Julia Edwards
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Fructose is one of the most highly processed, and is absolutely the worst in terms of what it does to your health.

“The Stevia Deception: The Hidden Dangers of Low-Calorie Sweeteners” by Bruce Fife
from The Stevia Deception: The Hidden Dangers of Low-Calorie Sweeteners
by Bruce Fife
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Worst of all, because of its unique formulation, high fructose corn syrup is suspected to cause insulin resistance, believed to be a big contributor to our ever-climbing obesity rates.2 HFCS may be even nastier than good old white sugar.

“The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet” by Alicia Silverstone, Neal D. Barnard, M.D.
from The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet
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It is better to avoid significant amounts of sweeteners made from sugar alcohols (such as mannitol, xylitol, erythritol, and sorbitol), because these can be readily fermentable by gut

“The Keystone Approach: Healing Arthritis and Psoriasis by Restoring the Microbiome” by Rebecca Fett
from The Keystone Approach: Healing Arthritis and Psoriasis by Restoring the Microbiome
by Rebecca Fett
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Fructose, which is one of the sugars found in fruits and vegetables, is much, much worse.

“The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days” by JJ Virgin
from The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days
by JJ Virgin
Harlequin, 2012

Thus, even though fructose does not raise blood sugar levels much directly, many experts believe that ingestion of fructose contributes more to the progression of type 2 diabetes in the long run than glucose does (even though many people with type 2 diabetes are told that fructose is a safe alternative for them).

“The Power of Fastercise: Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day” by Denis Wilson
from The Power of Fastercise: Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day
by Denis Wilson
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

Although fructose in large amounts is very harmful, as used in soft drinks or sweetened fruit juices, we will not go to illogical extremes and confuse it with some sort of toxin that is dangerous in small amounts, such as aluminum and mercury.

“Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism” by Frank Suarez
from Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism
by Frank Suarez
Frank Suarez, 2016

Also, studies have shown that when fructose is consumed together with glucose, as it would be in table sugar, HFCS or fruits, many of its bad effects are not seen – it is only when it is eaten alone, which would rarely happen in a real human diet.

“Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat” by David Julian McClements
from Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat
by David Julian McClements
Springer International Publishing, 2019

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  • In the 70’s we also started to not feed our babies breast milk for long enough. The rates have never recovered. I think it’s significant in the obesity epidemic also. The overuse of infant formula products aka the first processed food.. Someone please study this!

  • From experience I’ve learned that I can’t eat even low-glycemic fruits like strawberries and raspberries. I have a big-time problem with huge numbers of small, dense, lipid particles. When fruit is completely removed from the diet, the problem of small dense lipid particles vanishes. I am not diabetic, but nearly pre-diabetic.

  • I have not eaten sugar for 20 years and I feel good everyday my blood sugar level is very low and I have alot of energy.
    Since Iam a vegan every food I eat contain it natural sugar, ex, brueberry, dates etc. No need to destory my body for some big companes to gain profit of it.

  • It would be helpful if you could say Type One Diabetes or Type Two Diabetes to avoid confusion. Out here in the real world not everyone knows the difference between the two diseases

  • i followed Rina diet for 1 month which is fruits only for breakfast, veggies thru the day, protein day, starches, carbs and fruits and veggies 4th day. My BP went back to normal, my sugars went to 5.1. Then stupidly i decided to follow the Keto diet. BP went back to bad as in high 80s, and sugars to beyond 6. FRUITS AND VEGGIES ARE GOOD FOR YOU, ANIMAL FAT IS VERY BAD FOR YOU INSPITE WHAT DR BERG AND BUTTER BOB PREACHES TO YOU.

  • I am suprise that fructose in food can cause fatty liver…fruit is natural fructose….it not hamfull as much as high corn fructose which is not natural…

  • Fructose is fructose…..the “high fructose corn syrup” is just that….high fructose. The fructose concentration in fruits is much lower.

  • This guy is feeding you a load of crap. Fructose is the energy our bodies were built to run on. As a fruitarian, I have proved it to myself,It saved my life 3 years ago.

  • People in the comment section who disagree with this video are stupid. The did say eating unprocessed food and fruits is fine but some idiots miss that part. That’s America for you.

  • Wow!! Thank you for sharing this!! Had an anti-vegan tell me about vegan diets being really bad because of all the sugar in the veggies.

  • Have you tried to the same experiment adding fat or protein to the sugar? I bet youd have the same results. All you do is lower the glycemic index.

  • Love the connection comment, so true and Thank you Dr for your beautiful depth of information and true care for humanity and health.❤��

  • Put seven Dr’s or Nutritionists in front of a camera, and get seven different views. There are legit medical studies on fructose that show it is bad, but then you realize that they used synthetic fructose, and not consumed whole fruit. Then there are studies that show eating whole fruit metabolizes differently and has a totally different and non-detrimental affect. Whomever pays for the study gets the answer they want, or so it seems. So sad that a simple truth is so difficult to find.

  • Well most of the cells in our body can’t actually process fructose so it’s most completely metabolised in the liver essentially the liver converts
    fructose to energy this energy can’t leave because of its molecular makeup and if there’s any excess fructose after the energy conversion the liver stores it as
    glycogen which can be broken down into glucose and sent to other cells for use, the liver can only store so much glycogen once it’s fully stocked the
    extra fructose is used to create triglycerides which can be moved outside of the liver for long-term storage as fat so based on this fruits which
    contain a lot of fructose must be bad? well actually no not at all fruits are loaded with water fiber and other nutrients so they take a while to digest therefore their fructose hits deliver. fructose is not unhealthy when it’s consumed in moderation in the form of whole foods like fruits and vegetables Don’t know whats this bread talk all about maybe its good if you were going for a sprint so the body can use that glucose right away. There isn’t such good or bad its just about the quantity and time you consume it.

  • Fruit sugar has nothong to do with insulin for its ubsorbed directly into the cell by fusion not like glucose that needs insulin so even insulin dependent diobetics can get their sugars down with an all whole fruit diet. Even people with candida can cure it with an all fruit diet

  • I feel like fruits are ok in moderation. Like with anything, don’t have too much of it. I live with two of my family members who have very low body fat, and they basically don’t snack on fruit that much and eat max three meals a day. I on the other hand, have always bought into the “fruits are good for you so you can eat as much of it as you want”, so I eat more of. than the average person. And it’s no wonder I have had a much higher body fat percentage ever since I started eating more fruits years ago.

  • He is aware that replacement of saturated fats with PUFA’s actually reduces risk of CHD isn’t he? Inflammation from PUFA’s has never been shown in humans to any great degree. He’s taking mechanistic evidence that just doesn’t translate to humans

  • I’m very grateful for learning the benefits of MCT oil. I’m someone who loves sweets and it’s my main enemy in losing weight although I’m not obese, I am over the normal weight. Did keto and had a hard time losing weight. Took MCT oil and Boom! No more cravings especially for junk food!!! Even smelling the food doesn’t make me crave for it at all. I no longer crave for sugar.

  • Our body does what it does for a reason. So when we eat fruit and that fructose gets stored in our liver, does that mean it’s a flaw in our design, or the liver has its own reason for storing fructose in the liver and not the muscles like glucose. Just like, what is the purpose for having an appendix. I can’t seem to find an answer on the internet.

  • I eat an apple everyday, you’re telling me I cannot eat 1 fruit everyday? I get breakouts instantly I eat sugar, that is mostly table sugar. Also things like whole wheat bread and pasta, how are you telling us that eating bread and white rice and pasta is better than eating an apple a day?

  • the benefits of eating fruit are completely outweighed by the amount of fructose in them. all nutrients in fruit can be had in higher quantities from vegetable sources, this is cherry-picked data. nutritionfacts is clearly bias and unreputable. 1-2 pieces max and that’s if you aren’t eating other junk.

  • Good video. I saved it to my Nutrition playlist.
    100 grams protein daily, about 30 grams of carbs from vegies and nuts, 0 sugars, and good fats like butter, coconut oil, olive oil and lard. After at least 10 years of high BP meds, Metformin for type 2 and being obese, I’ve dropped 40 lbs, my BP is in normal range and my A1C is 5.5 after 5 months.
    It’s not a sacrifice, because I’m winning!

  • Been reading so much info regarding not eating meat, not eating fruit and other sweet things, not eating bad fatty foods. Everyone says everything in moderation yada yada yada. There’s no way I’m eating grass and flowers for the rest of my life! Arghhhhh!!!!

  • Dude, if you are afraid of eating fruit and it’s effect on blood sugar, you really need to get Dr. Greger from on to give you the story on how fruit is beneficial for blood sugar control. Of course, eating a crap load of dates might cause an issue, but, in general, all fruit is regulatory for blood sugar and bring a host of other benefits from the fiber and other phyto-chemicals.

  • Brian Murphy I can see why u don’t often comment lots of very passionate comments out there some sounding quite rude ( thinking they’re missing something in their diet maybe their diet is too restricted )
    I liked your comment and your honesty and that even though you’re passionate you’re polite. Yeah and if you all out there in comment land see mine is too long and it bothers you just skip it that’s what a polite person would do ��

  • Great talk! Agree with the Dalai Lama re practising compassion to others which includes other sentient beings & helps our health & the planet. ��. I am vegan & suspect I get too much fat eating heaps of avocados, macadamia nuts & lots of other nuts + heaps of berries & other fruits, greens, beans, mushrooms, onions etc etc. My blood work is excellent & the only medication I tale is a high dosage B12 once per week. I am very fit & in my eighties. Agree exercise is very important & for me the more strenuous the better. Oh dear just heard the ad at the end put me right off this channel. Go to a slaughterhouse & watch some animals die.

  • My numbers are great, trigs 49 actually, yet when I eat one banana, as my breakfast, and in a fasted state, my 30 minute post prandial was 146 is this bad?

  • Sugar is addictive, it has withdrawal symptoms which demonstrates its addiction, and people make excuses to justify their consumption of it in the same manner as a drug addict. If you explain to people that their lives would be far more improved if they simply ate natural fruits instead of sugary sweets they would react as any drug addict would, by becoming defensive and rationalizing their addiction even when the evidence is right there in front of them. People’s behaviors are often systemic and routine bound, so if they grew up eating a particular type of diet because that’s what their parents taught them to eat, they justify their continuance of the bad diet due to familial relativity until something changes in their routine like a relationship with someone who doesn’t consume the same diet, or a medical situation that bluntly causes them to see the impact of their harmful dietary regiment. Another impactful demonstrator of routine is when people see other people enjoying a POPULAR food indulged in society that often is marketed in commercials to be appealing. The actual sight of people indulging in the commercialized food will cause a popular consumptive reaction by others who want to understand what the fuss is all about, then find themselves partaking routinely with the now popular item. Strength in self control is not a prime character trait in society as was in the past, and over indulgence in instant gratification has taken its place.

  • This has been one of the most interesting and informative interviews I had the pleasure to encounter.
    David Is such a wealth of knowledge, and he is so pleasant to listen to. Enjoyed every second of it!

  • Lol reading the comments. Relax people. Its hard to get fatty liver from the fruits, but they are natures candy after all. Too much of a good thing remember? And about the animals who live on fruits yeah, but they dont eat one kg of rice, potatoes and beef with that fruit. Most animals are hungry! lol. There is no time for their liver to store it as fat (not for long anyway). They eat they burn. A lot of humans have forgot what a real hunger feels like.

  • yes i was watching this documentary called Victorian bakers i think and it said Victorian peoples main food was white bread, and yes there was no recorded diabetes epidemic like now! But thay did not have much sugar and sweets were very very rear

  • he seems to be saying that fruit juice is okay to drink, which if true would be amazing. it would certainly mean that drinking carrot juice is perfectly okay

  • most fruits we have today are not natural but breeded to have a high sugar content. Nature didn’t produce them. So you can’t call most fruits natural like you can’t say a pug is a wolf… the berries you used as an example are very low in sugar compared to other fruits. so don’t use this study as an excuse to indulge in high sugar content fruit.

  • I’m sorry but the creme brûlée analogy for glycation is absolutely absurd. Glycation is NON-enzymatic coating of proteins. End of story. No silly and incorrect analogy required.

  • Recent studies shows that lack of vitamin D may correlate with depression, and now he shows that lack of vitamin D cause inflammation and inflammation causes depression, we are getting somewhere.

  • Governments are never going to admit sugar is poison because that might affect the sugar industry negatively. Thus, hurting the economy. Government is highly motivated to a strong economy, so they will endorse and encourage every food.

  • Short answer: No. Fructouse in abscense of fiber is the problem, like candy, refined sugar etc. Whole fruit always has a degree of fiber present

  • Sorry, he’s probably right. It has not much to do with fruits being healthy or not, but the way we are eating them. This must be terrible for people that eat lots of fruits and go on some sort of healthy diet. I was raised up in eating according to “the old ways”, which means you eat fruits and vegetables that belong to a specific season. So, late spring and summer you eat all the fruit and salads you can get and some vegetables; then you have grapes, nuts, potatoes; them you have vegetables, beans… anyway, everything was eaten obbeying Nature. There was also consuption of meat, but it was taken according to physical effort, otherwise people would rely on vegetables and fruit. Some new studies show that brain needs animal fats afterall, otherwise Alzheimer’s becomes your “roomate”. Soups were made out of bone broth. Whenever a chicken soup was made, that was all the meat they had; the rest of the meal was vegetables, peppers, onions, and garlic always with olive oil. It was a very “humble diet”, it looked like so, but it is no doubt the healthiest one.
    When looking at Nature and its wonders, if we put our food preferences aside, we have to conclude that if it was good for us tons of fruit all year, Nature would have the capacity for doing so. But she doesn’t do so. My grand-mother used to say “we have to be careful about healthy things, because those that aren’t so healthy we already know what they are” she would say this to my mother when she would come from the supermarket with some fruit that didn’t belong to that season, while encouraging my grand-mother to eat it, by the pretence of beeing healthy.
    Now that I see my whole family is becoming ill, because of their food preferences and eating all they want to, during the whole year, wether it’s too much fruit, too much beans, no fats from meat just like doctors tell you, I’ve been searching for a cientific valid explanation for the way they were eating in the old times. You see, I’m the only one that is healthy. Life was never kind to me financially, so I stook by my grand-mothers’ diet. I only eat tons of fruit “when it falls from trees”, tons of vegetables when there are no fruits on the same trees, tons of beans and potatoes during winter, tons of herbs and first vegetables during spring and its first fruits. No milk but I eat cheese. Tons of fresh lemons’ lemonade with honey or squised lemon over fish when it’s lemon time. Tons of garlic but always with olive oil, over patatoes or salads,parsley and cilantro, thyme and rosemary. If I have one thing one day, I try to eat something diffrent the mext day. That goes for salads, that goes for teas, that goes for spices, that goes for herbs. In that order you will be consuming all that is available for you in that season, in a very balanced way. My grand-mother lived until she was 96 years old, I don’t recall her being sick. One of her daughters, my aunt, is 90 years old and she runs if she is in an hurry. My grand-mothers’ aunt lived until 106 years old. No dementia, never in bed or ill. She was the daughter of a great healer to whom doctors would send their pacients to get cured.

    Botton point: eat according to each season. Fruits are bad because you eat them the all year. Vegetables are bad because you eat them the whole year. Beans are bad for the same reason and nuts are bad for you because of the same. We are not eating them way Nature intended us to. Natural food is “Medicine” and like so it has side effects no matter how healthy it is.

    It is our own fault if food in the supermarket is filled with crap: they produce it because we by it, they add stuff to it to preserve it, because we want it the whole year. Apples have wax on it because it is not enough for us to eat it when Nature puts it there in our own country to consume it. We want more. It’s never enough for the human kind. Let’s face it: we are the blamed ones for getting ill, no matter how healthy we think we eat. And food became a business to fullfill the demands. Let’s get humble and obbey Nature. No need for counting calories anymore. No need to stress thinking about if you are getting this mineral or that vitamine in your diet. No need to deal with pain. Nature is perfect and all we need to do is to put our desires and will aside, and humbly obbey to its instructions. That way you will be healthy without even think about it.

  • Watching this amazing interview while walking on my treadmill and in an 18 hr fasted state ����. Also halfway through Grain Brain in my audio book library as we speak. Perfect timing, thank you so much for putting out such beneficial content!!

  • 100% spot on. I would say fast for a few days and get all the junk out of your liver and blood. Then if you must eat fruit eat 2 handfuls of berries or equivalent amount of fruit a day. Mango is high in fructose so may be half a Mango. So on and so forth. Anything more you will cause fatty liver and fuck things up.

  • Dear dr Gregor,

    I hope you will respons to my question..

    I eat a fruit, HCLF diet for a couple of years now. Last months I did a melon only island, melons only no other fruits. I get very little calories (because melons does not contains many calories) But.. I gained weight! It was not waterweight!! How is this possible?

    Maybe because the melon is a low fiber food??, the sugar is absorbe quickly into the body without any extra energy for digestion.. all the calories out of the melon the body use. Other fruits and greens with more fiber are more difficult to digest and takes some energy from the body..? So the total calories from higer fiber foods are lower?

    What is the role of fiber for total calories? Foods that contains higher fiber reacts different on the body en weight loss/gain than fruits low in fiber but also low in calories?
    Hope you understand my question.. english is not my first langues.

  • I am almost 60; I’ve never been to an allopathic Dr for an illness since I was 17 & that was because I was a vegetarian.The Dr told me to stop the milk products (become a vegan) Result: Besides broken bones, (because of severe trauma) I never went back. I have no need for medication for anything.

    I found that becoming a whole plant food eating person made me a lot healthier.
    Just being “vegan” isn’t healthy. There are a whole lot of vegans that eat garbage.
    Empty carbs, oils, sugary food. All of which can be as bad or worse even than meat.
    If you want to be honest & seek good health listen to this lady:

  • Unfortunately there is not enough good food grown or on the hoof to feed the population. The supply chain isn’t in place to provide fresh food, refrigerate and sell to the consumer.

  • I went on a low carb diet over a year ago. That with intermittent fasting dropped the weight. I added fruit and no difference. Just add juice and fat returns….eat whole food

  • food companies should get some law restrictions because it seems like they can do whatever they want, they put massive amount of sugar into everything ;/

  • So happy to see this video, as I was thinking that there was nothing left to eat, after all the other things I have now cut from my diet.

  • I’m from Australia and i listened already! I was on a list for knee replacement and could hardly walk, taking lots of pain relief. Cutting out sugar, wheat and seed oil has made me virtually pain free and has given me back mobility, it’s a life changer!

  • You have to think about what we’d be able to eat with our bare hands. Eat like that and you’ll be in good shape. If you’re serious about being realistic regarding what are ancestors ate, look at the 100 grams of fiber found in paleo poo. Look at the fact that there is only 1 diet ever proven, repeatedly, to reverse the #1 killer heart disease. There is so much brainwashing that “paleo” and “keto” eating is healthy, that coconut oil is healthy. These people are putting out studies funded by the animal agriculture industry, the cheese and dairy industry and the coconut oil industry. Again, what could you have eaten in mass if you only had your bare hands. Think about it.

  • Wow 4,4K people liked it without realizing that Fructose causes liver damage, cannot be used by the body except the liver. He is only showing you the Insulin response part of it. Insulin is in response to glucose as all our cells can use glucose. Insulin is not in response to Fructose so obviously your blood glucose and insulin will stay fine or even better if you eat fruits. Of course the fiber in the fruit and the phytonutrients are good. Nobody disputing that. But you are using a wrong test (Blood GLucose Levels after eating) when you clearly know that Glucose is NOT fructose. Eating Fructose will not spike Insulin but will damage your liver

  • what all the doctors are saying don’t over eat sugar specially fructose everything access can toxic the body even the water so the people who go on a fruit diet they gonna get fat because of too much fructose

  • Please do your research and don’t believe everything you see on the internet specially from organizations funded by the fruit and sugar industry. With proper education you will realize that fructose and glucose are handled very differently in our bodies.
    1. Table sugar is 50% fructose + 50% glucose: the 50% of glucose gets distributed in our body because we can use it as energy right away, the other 50% of fructose cannot be used by our body so it goes straight into our liver and gets stored as unhealthy liver fat!
    2. The glucometer that most people use to measure the glucose level flowing in our body does just that, it measures the blood sugar level in our bloodstream (glucose), the glucometer does not have the capability to detect or measure the “fructose” in our blood because the fructose doesn’t flow in our bloodstream but stored as fat in the liver instead.
    3. The main reason why there was no additional sugar spike after the consumption of fructose is because of the points mentioned above. The glucometer cannot detect fructose! The glucometer only analyze blood samples and cannot analyze samples from our liver! Glucose flows in our blood stream but fructose stays in our liver, simple facts…… so how are you going to measure fructose with a glucometer using only blood samples? It is like trying to measures ketones with a glucometer!
    *****Beware of this paid propaganda and do your own research, we have been poisoned by the food industry with the help of lobbiest and selfish politicians looking out for their own interest instead of ours!

  • This is pure intellectualism and not science… I have lived on over 2000 calories of fruit for weeks at a time and the more fruit I eat, the stronger and more energetic I feel. Every single cell in your body requires glucose. Fats and proteins are way more dense. I would be worried about those types of foods being able to be processed rather than fruit… gee wiz

  • And what about the fiber in the fruits?? it helps to metabolize the fructose. I really think that this guy is wrong. I never saw a vegan obese

  • Fascinating information! I cut back my fruit to reduce my sugar intake a bit this is good news. Such an interesting channel and wonderful, amusing delivery. Thank you.

  • If there is anybody in the YouTube community who deserves support and recognition for his endless effort to provide us all with scientifically proven information and extremely important advice about nutrition and health, that would be Dr Berg. He shares his knowledge and explains complicated processes in our bodies in simple terms so every short video is like a little book where everything is broken down into digestible bits of information ready to be applied) I am a huge fan and a big supporter. Thank you Dr Berg!

  • Wrong, wrong, wrong. Unprocessed fruit is very harmful if too much is eaten. It causes high numbers of small dense LDL and a great deal of arterial inflammation. I probably have a genetic predisposition to forming many small dense LDL particles but the condition can be largely reversed when most ALL fructose is removed from the diet. The idea that only heavily processed foods are harmful is just not true!

  • So is he saying don’t eat fruits? Or don’t drink fruit juice??? Is xylitol recommended to add to cream or other desserts? What about honey? Does the body metabolize it like glucose or like sugar?

  • Autism disrupts a child’s microbiome and fecal transplants will cure this….bwahahahaha this guy is sooo full of shit (pun intended).

  • The only problem is table sugar is not just fructose it is glucose. The problem is fructose. Complex carbs are glucose based and very healthy.

  • uhh if only the industrially added fructose is harmful, but fructose is fructose and it’s chemically impossible to distinguish regardless of source, shouldn’t the source of and reason for the harm be sought elsewhere..?

  • lol y’all need to learn some real nutrition. Sugar isn’t the problem. It’s too much fat that’s a problem. Look up Drs Michael Gregor and Dr Garth Davis who actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to nutrition.

  • wait a minutte, was the berry juice from the experiment freshly juiced or was it pasteurized and from concentrate? those are entirely different things IMO

  • I think the main obesity epidemic is related to dairy and meat for sure. Look at how both raise insulin levels and cause inflamtion. Eat your fruits and veggies if you wanna look like a god.


  • OMG your telling me a100 pound women couch potato liver glycogen stores r the same as a 250 pound man nfl football player, every person man women child all have the same storage limit? Not true at all

  • high levels of fructose linked to 76 healthproblems…/sugar-dangers.aspx fruit smoothie’s contain high levels of fructose as well as fruit juice, whole fruit not as bad unless your trying to lose the last 30 pounds

  • David Perlmutter is a suito intellectual useless Brain this show sux as well, these people are living in a false reality, and putting out useless info???

  • I feel like the question wasn’t answered…for people who don’t have diabetes/metabolic syndrome, does fruit need to be limited or not? He says the fiber mitigates the effects but then seems to say that it’s bad to eat more than 2 handfuls of blueberries.

  • I am a physician and planned on typing an extensive comment but a simple comment is all that is necessary. And here it is, FRUIT IS BAD FOR YOU. Please reference Dr. Robert Lustig. He has several excellent vids on YouTube.

  • The experiment was only a small amount of fruit. The effects are different when your trying to live on fruit. You either have to be a grazer eating all day or eat tons of vegetables with the fruit. Otherwise the liver is doing too much fructose processing. The other problem with living on fruit is ridiculous cost if organic or high pesticides if not. It’s impractical for large population to live on fruit and if really all fruit then it’s detrimental if eaten in three meal a day or two meal a day pattern compared to starchy staples.

  • I test my blood sugar after eating pure whole fruit and tested everyone in our family ( husband, sons in their 20’s ) none of us are diabetic or insulin resistant ( we have been tested ) every single one of us had a big huge blood sugar spike after eat a single serving of whole fruit alone! Tested 30,60,90,120 minutes afterward too! Way too high! Tested single servings of banana, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, grapefruit, orange. It didn’t matter what fruit we ate the result was the same high blood sugar! If you don’t test you have no clue what eat food does to your body! Never let anyone tell you what or how to eat TEST AND MAKE A DIET LIFESTYLE that best fits your body DNA period!

  • Just ignore big time the medical complex and all those internal injuries from meds even OTC. Naw, it’s just your food, glutton is obvious, NO is carbohydrates.

  • Hi Gary

    Thanks for the witty, visually pleasing, comprehensive, uncluttered and simple presentation. This makes so much sense. Thanks for curating the information so that we all can be more aware. I am a nutrition enthusiast, and on the verge of reversing my diabetes. I am keenly interested in living long and healthy. What you say is similar what some of our ancestors from the Indus Valley said. In fact nutrition was biggest science then and the cook was the doctor.

    I have few questions for you, are carbohydrates from grains for example rice, sorghum, pearl millet, foxtail millet and so on as bad as from fruits? I am from India and we eat loads of seasonal millets.

    Are Vegetables, which grow on the contaminated soils, or animals who consume them are safe for us to eat? Isn’t that altering the content of the fats that you are mentioning for example clarified cow butter?

    What about Lactose? Eat seems no carbohydrates are good.

    You are right… largely we are doomed, Thanos seem to have clicked his fingers long time ago  or Shiva opened his 3rd eye…may be we are not fit for earth.

    Thanks & Regards


  • In my case nearly all fruits seem to greatly promote a big-time problem with small dense LDL that is probably responsible for much arterial inflammation. I rarely eat any processed sugar but frozen or fresh fruits are enough to cause a huge problem.

  • Tom, you and your guests COMPLETELY changed my life. Starting with David Goggins and going forward. Thanks! (yes people, I know he won’t read it. but it’s nice to put it out there ��)

  • people are in denial.. this fruits are way different than wild fruits.. in my country everybody is eating a lot of apples, they think it is the healthiest food around… you must realise that this apples are modified to be big and sweet etc… I eat vegetables and grow my own blueberries, strawberries and raspberries and that is just for treat after good meal… only fruit I eat regular on daily basis are lemons… I used to eat a lot of fruits and I tried for 3 months just trade fruits for vegetables and everything else leave the same and I lost 3% of fat just from trading high sugar fruits for vegetables… sugar in fruits is just sugar.. yes you get a lot of good stuff from fruits but sugar in fruits is just sugar.. you could also eat vegetables and after that some cake or sweets and you would get absolutely the same effect… and obviously if you are young you can cheat a little more… when you will get to 40 you will notice every detail

  • Doc is on point…… but Dr sebi told us this years ago and almost went to prison �� �� ��✌ “lov u”
    “chris.taner said so”

  • so the problem are not fruits. it s the processed carbs ( 25:00 ).
    i guarantee you, that if at the same time you cut out absolutely all carbs for a week, this isn t forever, and eat only fruit either instead of meals or instead of carbs, your fructose production will eventually start to go down. the whole issue is eating processed foods, and i know fruits are not what they used to be, but as long as they have seeds, they re still more healthy than white flour.

  • Come on people. Listen to your taste buds. Do you really believe mankind can improve on fresh, ripe, naturally grown fruit. Honestly, would your taste buds prefer fruit or broccoli? Think about it.

  • So he barely mentioned fruit. I mean he said fruit is natural fructose but didn’t detail its effect. Is it bad to eat fruit?? We’ve been told natural food is better than processed. Fruits are full of vitamins and our ancestors used to collect them and eat.. Of course we should limit it, specially those with high glycemic index… Right???

  • Two apples will take you over the historical fructose consumption. Going back even further, the estimates are that average fructose consumption was only 5 grams.
    In my N-1 experiments, high consumption of fruits led to high cholesterol high triglycerides etc etc. So do not assume that ‘natural’ fruits are fine.
    Current supermarket fruits are
    1. Far more sugary and far larger than natural fruits (google original fruits).
    2. Supermarket fruits are available year around unlike natural fruits which are only around for a few weeks.

    I would be interested in any randomized study that showed ‘natural’ fruits are a lot better for you than added sugar, when you account for total fructose.

  • please avoid fruits if you want to keep yor liver healthy,its extremelly bad for you… father got hipertension from too much fructose consumption, he never drank nor smoked,he also has high uric acid….all he did was eat fruit and lots of it!!!

  • Interesting claim about uric acid… the foods that are supposed to create uric acid are beef, pork, most seafood, organ meat, oatmeal, spinach, cauliflower, mushrooms, cabbage… I think peaches and tomatoes too… there may be more… find someone with gout (like me) and you can test out different foods and see if they spark gout… but, I usually never get a flare up when I eat a lot of fruit. And I plan to eat a bunch of peaches during next peach season to see if the recommendation to avoid them applies to me, because I love peaches. One antidote to gout, is tart cherries, although I eat lots of sweet cherries every day… and take a tart cherry supplement. Apparently, cherries help the body clear uric acid. You do not want gout. It feels like your bones (usually in the feet, but in my case mostly in my fingers) have shattered and just barely touching them, is crazy painful.

  • Is it all forms of fructose? I know high fructose corn syrup is bad but what about crystalline fructose? Are there any differences or should we avoid anything with fructose in the label?

  • Here is a study published by Harvard. What he is saying is true but does not apply to fruit. You want to cut back fructose from refined foods and specifically says NOT to cut back on fruit. Spoiler alert here. Here is the important part:

    “it’s worth cutting back on fructose. But don’t do it by giving up fruit. Fruit is good for you and is a minor source of fructose for most people. The big sources are refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.”

    Link to the article:

  • but isnt only a small portion of the fructose consumed metabolised in the liver? something like 7 to 10% at a time i cant remember
    the liver uses this glycogen in a matter of hours, when i fasted for a few days, i would eat some fruit for hydration and on the next day i would in deep ketosis, and i ate like 100g + of fructose

  • Insulin is the monster. What causes insulin spikes.?
    1. Grains..oatmeal, cereal, bread
    2. Fruit. Bananas, apples, and honey
    3. Pastas…spaghetti, noodles, etc.
    Stick to meats and vegetables to keep fat-storing insulin levels low.

  • OMG since I started watching nutritional videos, I have found that I can’t eat anything anymore. No potatoes, no rice, no pasta, no bread, no crisps(potato chips) no chocolate, no sweets, no biscuits, no cakes, no cereal, and NOW EVEN FRUIT IS DANGEROUS!!!!!

  • Wow so fructose ( sugar) won’t show when you do a dibaties blood test the little machine that pokes ur finger and checked ur blood sugar levels! Wow never knew this so u can have heaps of fructose in ur body stored but the machine will show glucose levels

  • Doctors like this one know what’s good you because they’ve been through the wringer and know what it’s like to be sick, so they can fix the problem. They know how to do it. Thanks doc.

  • My PT teacher told me “eat what a caveman would eat. You can eat a lot of that.” I still think you can. I mean caveman did right?��

  • I appreciate this video but what I really wanted to know is how the fruit was so much healthier when I was a fruitarian? I ate large quantities of fruit and my blood pressure was too low (in my opinion because I was a little too chilly). Now, I would low that decrease in temp. for the summer here in Hawaii. It’s so humid these days.

    I had to take some time off of the fruit diet and go vegan keto but my blood pressure is much higher. The break is because of old stuff in my digestive track like you sort of say the can utilize the fructose to live on. I eat keto and I fast. That is what is working for me right now but I think that I will one day get back to the fruitarian lifestyle. I loved that one. I was relaxed, strong, full of energy, healthy, the perfect weight, could grab a bunch of bananas and go and had awesome skin. I am hopeful that I just need to get back to when my system could handle the fruit.

  • Moderation is the key. Our ancestors didn’t have Walmart supercenters. You had to burn a lot of calories to get your meal. Didn’t have processed food ether. We may have a modern society but as far as our genes go we are still ancient humans. Interesting lecture but reminds me of a monotoned soft talking professor I had in college. I would fall asleep in class no matter how interesting the subject.

  • Was there a typo on the Power Point slide @ 18:00? Wasn’t it supposed to read: Uric Acid Inhibits Nitric Oxide? Nevertheless, Fettke gives a great lecture here. I love this guy! For anyone who would like to convince their friends who still want to believe that fruit is a “health food,” just tell them to Google search images of “wild fruits and vegetables” or “what fruits and vegetables looked like before human intervention.” If THAT’S what they believe will sustain a human diet, then good luck with that! LOL