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Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?

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Study: Full Fat Dairy is Good For You | Response

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Is Dairy Bad For You? The Truth About Milk

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Is Dairy Bad for You? 6 Facts About Dairy for Your Health

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Is MILK BAD For You? (Real Doctor Reviews The TRUTH)

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Understanding Dairy

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Supports Your Bones Calcium is the main mineral in your bones — and dairy is the best source of calcium in the human diet. Therefore, dairy has many benefits for bone health. In fac.

Dairy products are a good source of calcium, and this is one of the main reasons that the USDA and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommend that people consume dairy. Dairy also. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese, are good sources of calcium, which helps maintain bone density and reduces the risk of fractures.

Adults up to age 50 need 1,000 milligrams. True milk and dairy allergies, of course, are serious, causing symptoms from hives to vomiting to anaphylactic shock. But they affect less than 1 percent of adults, according to Food. Assuming you don’t have an allergy or intolerance, dairy is a good source of protein, calcium, and yes, fat, and when fortified, vitamin D. Last summer, a study came out that foun.

Dairy is important for bone health and provides many nutrients that are vital for the health and maintenance of your body. A nutritionist or doctor may be able to help you decide what’s best for. Additionally, milk is a good source of potassium.

This mineral helps regulate blood pressure. Pastured or grass-fed cows make milk with more omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated. Almond milk is naturally dairy-free, meaning it’s suitable for vegans, as well as people with a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance. Still, you should avoid it if you’re allergic to tree nuts. • There’s no evidence that dairy is good for your bones or prevents osteoporosis in fact, the animal protein it contains may help cause bone loss! • Dairy is linked to prostate cancer. • It’s full. As you decrease the fat in dairy products, you cut calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol, while protein, calcium, and most other vitamins and minerals remain high.

6 Reasons to Get More Dairy.

List of related literature:

In the conventional nutrition world, dairy is recognized as an important part of a healthy, well-balanced diet because it’s a good source of protein, calcium, and added nutrients like vitamins A and D. However, dairy fat is typically portrayed as being harmful, mostly due to its saturated fat and cholesterol.

“The Paleo Cure: Eat Right for Your Genes, Body Type, and Personal Health Needs Prevent and Reverse Disease, Lose Weight Effortlessly, and Look and Feel Better than Ever” by Chris Kresser
from The Paleo Cure: Eat Right for Your Genes, Body Type, and Personal Health Needs Prevent and Reverse Disease, Lose Weight Effortlessly, and Look and Feel Better than Ever
by Chris Kresser
Little, Brown, 2013

Dairy foods are an excellent source of calcium as well as protein, vitamin D, and other nutrients; however, they often contain large amounts of saturated fat and calories, and they are not an option for lactose-intolerant individuals.

“New Dimensions in Women's Health” by Linda Lewis Alexander, Judith H. LaRosa, Helaine Bader, Susan Garfield
from New Dimensions in Women’s Health
by Linda Lewis Alexander, Judith H. LaRosa, et. al.
Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, 2009

Dairy foods are an excellent source of calcium as well as protein, vitamin D, and other nutrients, however, they often contain large amounts of saturated fat and calories, and they are not an option for vegans or lactoseintolerant individuals.

“New Dimensions in Women's Health” by Linda Lewis Alexander, Judith H. LaRosa, Helaine Bader, Susan Garfield
from New Dimensions in Women’s Health
by Linda Lewis Alexander, Judith H. LaRosa, et. al.
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2020

Unlike plants, dairy is a complete protein source that contains all of the amino acids your body needs to build and maintain things like brain tissue, eyes, organs, muscles, and even the collagen that keeps your skin tight and wrinkle free.

“The Happiness Diet: A Nutritional Prescription for a Sharp Brain, Balanced Mood, and Lean, Energized Body” by Tyler G. Graham, Drew Ramsey, M.D.
from The Happiness Diet: A Nutritional Prescription for a Sharp Brain, Balanced Mood, and Lean, Energized Body
by Tyler G. Graham, Drew Ramsey, M.D.
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2012

There’s debate about the effect dairy has on health, but it’s pretty clear that there’s no health benefit to including dairy if your diet is otherwise optimal; vegans do just fine without it, and dairy has some nutritional downsides as well.

“How to Eat: All Your Food and Diet Questions Answered” by Mark Bittman, David Katz
from How to Eat: All Your Food and Diet Questions Answered
by Mark Bittman, David Katz
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2020

Public health studies investigate the benefits of dairy products—particularly full-fat varieties—for cardiovascular, bone, metabolic, and childhood health.

“Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Skew the Science of What We Eat” by Marion Nestle
from Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Skew the Science of What We Eat
by Marion Nestle
Basic Books, 2018

Dairy products are an important source of calcium and protein, but whole milk, whole-milk cheeses, yogurt, ice cream, and other milk products are also high in saturated fatty acids.

“Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk” by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Commission on Life Sciences, Committee on Diet and Health
from Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk
by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, et. al.
National Academies Press, 1989

Although dairy is tolerated by some people, the vast majority, especially those with leaky gut and autoimmune disease, have trouble with it for one reason or another.

“The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook: A DIY Guide to Living Well with Chronic Illness” by Mickey Trescott, Angie Alt
from The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook: A DIY Guide to Living Well with Chronic Illness
by Mickey Trescott, Angie Alt
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2016

And lastly, dairy is a common allergen, with about 1 in 4 adults having a difficulty in digesting milk, whether it’s lactose intolerance or a sensitivity to its casein proteins.

“The 14-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Heal your gut, prevent disease, and slow aging-one bite at a time!” by Mike Zimmerman, The Editors of Eat This, Not That!
from The 14-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Heal your gut, prevent disease, and slow aging-one bite at a time!
by Mike Zimmerman, The Editors of Eat This, Not That!
Galvanized Media, 2018

As a matter of fact, having some dairy in moderation (like 1 serving a day or less for those with no underlying health-related issues, such as lactose intolerance) does have benefits.

“The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!” by Michael Aziz
from The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!
by Michael Aziz
Sourcebooks, 2011

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  • Thank you so much for your detailed videos. I recently attended a benefit for Fred Hutch and it was sponsored by the Dairy Farmers of Washington. I was quite surprised. Thanks for putting info out in an accessible way. You rock.

  • At the end it said for the least negative global impact to drink regional milk what if your regional milk is cow milk? In Australia, especially inland rural, it is quite rare to have regional soy/almond/oat/rice milk.

  • TODAY’s Dairy is dangerous. Wayyyyy BACK’s dairy was probably ok…….not loaded with all the chemicals, hormones and antibiotics…… And if you’re immunity is good, dairy probably wont harm you. However if you’re Immunocompromised, dairy can KILL you as it feeds dangerous Microorganisms that’s ALREADY having the upperhand in your Microbiome…… I say this BECAUSE…..If you’re gonna dig MUCH deeper to try and find fault with DAIRY, you’re gonna find stuff that we can call ‘CYTOTOXIC’, and the reality is that there are also MANY or countless plant-based foods, herbs, spices and vegetables and even grains that are also ‘CYTOTOXIC’ to a certain extent……. So HOW deep do you want to look? It appears that there’s ‘something bad’ in almost anything….
    But, as I said there’s enough evidence that shows that TODAY’S dairy IS BAD NEWS……..and if you’re already Immuno compromised, DAIRY is also MORE bad for YOU, but maybe not as bad for someone who’s NOT immuno compromised……
    I would not reccommend anyone to consume dairy unless they’re in fantastic shape, and preferably from ORGANIC grass fed sources and in very moderate amounts.
    * You see, Back in the old days, Milk came STRAIGHT from the cow’s ‘CHURCH BELLS!’ (JOKE)
    It was…UNPASTURISED…….This means that the milk was Organic, undiluted and contained many BENEFICIAL bacteria that were ANTI-FUNGAL and ANTI-Bacterial and ANTI-VIRAL. So Unpasturised milk came WITH a layer of PROTECTION!
    Smart humans as we are, we went and pasturised ALL commercial MIlk products, and GONE with it it’s NATURAL PROTECTION! MILK, ended up being sold as ‘Diluted Protein water with LACTOSE Sugar’ (without it’s LActase enzymes because it was cooked!) And without the enzymes it’s also harder to DIGEST!
    Tis ‘NEW Milk Product’, loaded with LACTOSE SUGAR is FANTASTIC fuel for FUNGAL, YEAST and Parasitic infections…… This is why any Chronically ill patient should avoid ALL forms of Dairy, except for Live PLain Yogurt.
    Bless you….

  • I was wondering about this for a while now. Good thing YouTube showed a preview of your video to me. Thank you for clarifying my curiosity.

  • Low fat dairy is not the healthiest version my friend. In fact, low fat products are the worst, since sugar is added to counterbalance the satisfying flavor that fat gives. We all know sugar can’t be good 😉 Fat in itself is not bad. Refer to keto diet. The combination of fat with carbs though is the culprit for many health issues, including weight gain. Better research. Also, what about the dairy derived from other mammals, like goat and sheep?

  • Your views on dairy fat depends on your views on fat in general, a man by the name of Ray Peat PhD in biology has an article on his website on coconut oil and saturated fat and the article talks about the many myths around saturated fat and how it is actually pro thyroid anti inflammatory etc and all of his research focuses on how actually the POLYunsaturated fats being your omega 3 and 6 are responsible for the rampant inflammation and heart disease we see nowadays, his work is extremely convincing and in many experiments and studies animals fed a diet completely saturated were resistant to almost all forms of degenerative diseases and aging and animals fed vegetable oils or omegas showed accelerated aging and decline diabetes heart disease etc, so if you believe Ray’s work, or if you know it’s true, then that would mean dairy fat does non of those things because dairy fat is basically all completely saturated fat and barely any polyunsaturated fat compared to nuts seeds grains beans etc

  • As a young boy growing up on the farm we drank milk straight from the cow’s utter after milking. That’s how you should drink it to get any benefit. The milk you buy from the grocery store after pasteurization and removal of the cream removes all the goodness and essentially kills any benefit that milk may have. It also tastes very bland in comparison to real natural unadulterated milk straight from the cow. For those reasons I stopped drinking milk entirely when I moved from the farm and no longer able to drink it fresh from the cow. Remember folks, the dairy industry has a very tangible financial interest in convincing you into believing the BS hype of what is essentially dead milk that you buy today. Don’t be gullible and buy into the false and very misleading advertising.

  • Thank you again. I hate how Everytime I drink a diet soda or a glass of milk someone is there to tell me how bad it is for me. I argue the fact with them, but this is better haha. Almost all of them can’t even give me a single explanation. It’s just what they hear on TV.

  • I have found that far more adults are intolerant to milk than are not. Even natural raw milk.
    I agree pasteurized milk is garbage. But so is raw milk if you are intolerant. Plus there are no health benefits for an adult to drink milk even if not intolerant.

  • When did they start homogenization is uS, I feel I used to see milk separated like that at my hometown’s dairy and market in the 80s? This video is gold. Milk was the first thing worshipped (many misconstrued MLK, Molech)… When ancients saw aurochs could produce more milk than mama, watch out! And the goats? Now babies who’s mom died in childbirth now had a chance?! Magic to ancients! ��…my how we’ve fallen. Who do I sue for my father’s poor health first? Lucerne or CocaCola?

  • I love wearing my “Got Pus? Milk Does” shirt to the grocery store. I also like asking people why they think drinking or eating cow breast juice is normal. It’s pretty gross if you use your brain.

  • Nicely done! Cow milk is the one of the hidden roots for type1 diabetic specially in kids! Finland and USA are one of the obvious proof for this statement. They are then highest milk consumers in world with highest number of type 1 diabetic kids…. the numbers are keep increasing rapidly..

  • Thanks Dr Ekberg
    Can you say what causes high calcium in your blood…..
    I don’t drink milk or any supplements but I do eat a lot of vegetables every day…3 or 4 servings per day chicken and fish…a recent labs just revealed calcium at 11.4 mg/dl
    Can you give some general insight

  • Hey Mic, this might be a really stupid question but I was wondering about the Bioaccumulation of Soy in Livestock, I’ve heard about the heavy metals accumulating in fish like Salmon, But what about Estrogen due to Soy consumption in Animals? is that a thing or is the estrogen in animals purely due to the fact that “we” mostly eat females.

    I know you would need to eat something like 12 portions of Soya day to actually get any Estrogen effects from it directly.

  • Well milk production doesent causes any suffering in India as milk here is sold by farmers that have domesticated animals eg. Cows or by coporative socities which buy the milk from farmers as well
    Edit: plus you can’t slaughter cows here

  • The only problem I have with drinking milk and eating cheese is that I develop a mucus-type phlegm in the back of my sinuses and throat. This happens especially in the morning when I first get up and drink milk the night before. It’s so annoying because I actually gag trying to expel the phlegm. Never understood why this happens. My 88-year old mom drinks her milk and cookies before bed each and every night and she’s perfectly fine no discomforts whatsoever. SMH ����

  • You forgot trans fat, sat fat, cholesterol and the fact that animal protein is categorically associated with specific cause mortality. The only thing you need to ask yourself is are you a baby cow? No? Then you don’t need milk. Milk is for infants. Once you’ve weaned it is no longer necessary.

  • Saturated fat and cholesterol are not bad for you, they are good for you!..So unfortunately I couldn’t take the video seriously.

  • I grew up on a dairy farm and we drank milk straight from the cows teat. so to speak. Fresh cow’s milk is great. The stuff from the grocery store? I only use cream for my coffee. Farmers got paid by the fat content of the milk, the more fat the more money, now they sell 1%. I agree with the doc, todays’ milk leaves to be desired.

  • I eat both raw (youghurt etc) and pasteurized (milk etc) product. I have no allergies that I need to change my diet. Milk is nice to coffee and in many other situations, I will keep on drinking it. To stop eating cheese is out of the question, cream also, As longs as I can not drink soda or eat candy (because they are unhealhty) then I need to enjoy life in other means. It does not going to kill me…….I am doing well in not eating other stuff…so I am ok with dairy products.

  • TODAY’s Dairy is dangerous. Wayyyyy BACK’s dairy was probably ok…….not loaded with all the chemicals, hormones and antibiotics…… And if you’re immunity is good, dairy probably wont harm you. However if you’re Immunocompromised, dairy can KILL you as it feeds dangerous Microorganisms that’s ALREADY having the upperhand in your Microbiome…… I say this BECAUSE…..If you’re gonna dig MUCH deeper to try and find fault with DAIRY, you’re gonna find stuff that we can call ‘CYTOTOXIC’, and the reality is that there are also MANY or countless plant-based foods, herbs, spices and vegetables and even grains that are also ‘CYTOTOXIC’ to a certain extent……. So HOW deep do you want to look? It appears that there’s ‘something bad’ in almost anything….
    But, as I said there’s enough evidence that shows that TODAY’S dairy IS BAD NEWS……..and if you’re already Immuno compromised, DAIRY is also MORE bad for YOU, but maybe not as bad for someone who’s NOT immuno compromised……
    I would not reccommend anyone to consume dairy unless they’re in fantastic shape, and preferably from ORGANIC grass fed sources and in very moderate amounts.
    * You see, Back in the old days, Milk came STRAIGHT from the cow’s ‘CHURCH BELLS!’ (JOKE)
    It was…UNPASTURISED…….This means that the milk was Organic, undiluted and contained many BENEFICIAL bacteria that were ANTI-FUNGAL and ANTI-Bacterial and ANTI-VIRAL. So Unpasturised milk came WITH a layer of PROTECTION!
    Smart humans as we are, we went and pasturised ALL commercial MIlk products, and GONE with it it’s NATURAL PROTECTION! MILK, ended up being sold as ‘Diluted Protein water with LACTOSE Sugar’ (without it’s LActase enzymes because it was cooked!) And without the enzymes it’s also harder to DIGEST!
    Tis ‘NEW Milk Product’, loaded with LACTOSE SUGAR is FANTASTIC fuel for FUNGAL, YEAST and Parasitic infections…… This is why any Chronically ill patient should avoid ALL forms of Dairy, except for Live PLain Yogurt.
    Bless you….

  • Well… I dnt drink milk with lactose. It’s about 5yrs now I buying milk without lactose and time time I make milk out of nuts; like almond and coconut milk I heat up without boiling and it’s very good. When I was traveling in asia I put on my latté condensed milk but the problems it’s very “sucré” too sweet ����I hate yogurt makes me feels sick on stomac and having earthquake on stomac��

  • I’m so glad you don’t post anymore. Garbage as usual. Some dairy like cottage cheese has very little lactose and dairy, in the right amount is proven to be good for you. If you actually knew what you were talking about you’d recommend healthier dairy alternatives. It’s never good advice to cut out an entire food group.

    There are even dairy products that have no lactose in them now.

  • This NIH survey of all scientific evidence on dairy doesn’t show adverse impact of dairy on health:

    What do you think?

  • No wonder everytime I order a shake from steak and shake I had upset stomach and bad diareah withing 40 minutes or everytime i drank milk.once I stop i feel great now

  • Most problem is that I doubt very much there really left ONLY grass fed livestock in farms from where milk comes. Their grass feeding is being altered in numerous ways you have no idea about

  • Good video, but 6.4 million dollars in lobbying is practically nothing when it comes to the size of these industries. You might as well have said 20 dollars.

  • Dear Ekberg, thanks for the information on milk, a brief and lucid presentation. We only get pasteurised milk in majority of the places. Would you recommend curd or yogurt, we make regularly at home, in place of milk consumption? Please advice. Satish Chandra, warangal India

  • The basic problem here is the same trick they pulled in the “low fat” study and egg study. Take a person already eating dairy and other animal products (SAD) and add a smidgen more….guess what? No statistically significant change. Likewise, take a person eating a dozen eggs a week and add 1 egg. Amazing…no big change. High fat 36% compared to “low fat” 30%….as if that’s low fat! However apply this to a low-fat vegan and the numbers are scary.

  • so a long story short there bullshitting you into buying there dairy products because there losing money and are prepaired to lie to you and manipulate you by having a dairy funded study that lies to you about dairy beeing oke for youre health.
    ya that about sums it up.

  • Hi Dr Ekberg! Would you mind making a top 10 keto cheese list? I searched your videos but couldn’t find anything. Thank you kindly!

  • My son had me to listen to another dairy video from him. After the first one I did a search on what countries/tribes in Africa herded cows. I read that it was more than just East African tribes. I’ve read that the a lot of the slaves that went to the Americas came from Western African areas like Ghana. I was impressed reading about the rich history of the empire of Ghana. The article( said in one part: “…herded cattle and farmed millet and sorghum. By 1 CE, there were many large urban centers. Dhar Tichitt was one such place, and formed a hub for the many herders and farmers of the region. However, as the climate got hotter, the town was abandoned and the inhabitants migrated farther south in the Sahel, where the grasses still grew in abundance”. Pottery excavated from certain parts of Africa have dairy DNA (I may be wording that incorrectly) traces in them from thousands of years ago.

    My point is he stressed that it was only people of northern European decent who are lactose persistent, then added some East African tribes were too, but everybody else was lactose intolerant. But according to what I read, that can’t be true because other tribes herded and used dairy and were lactose persistent.

    He also says there is “no benefit to consuming dairy foods.” Maybe humans can’t use the ‘calcium’, but I’ve read that cows milk is an excellent source of other nutrients… IF it is from heritage cows that weren’t breed to produce enormous amounts of milk the way the cows (like Holsteins) in commercial dairies in this country were. I drink raw milk from Jersey grass fed cows.

    If one can say no other mammal continues to drink milk after they are babies, you have to also realize, no cow naturally nor historically fed on harvested grain and whatever other crap commercial milk producers feed their cows; nor were they artificially impregnated nor fed hormones and whatever other drugs they give them. The ate the grasses and pasturage that naturally grew around them.

    In in those matter if Northern European or East African.. NONE of them until recent times were homogenizing milk nor heating milk at high temps from seconds to many minutes to kill(cook) the germs and bacteria in the milk because it came from cows with nasty and sometimes infected udders. Today they ‘ultra’ pasteurize milk and even ‘ultra ultra’ pasteurize if it is a good thing.

    I’d like to see him talk about or even do his own study on RAW milk from cows with have A2 proteins instead of A1s. I’ve read ( ) that some believe that it is the high A1 beta-casein protein in certain breeds of cows that people are intolerant to. And yes I said ‘believe’. But remember the good doctor based his ideas on people not drinking milk later in life on the theory of evolution. My mom is lactose intolerant, but she can drink RAW milk from grass-fed Jersey cows.

    To take it a step farther…Ok, so you eat all these veggies and fresh fruit and whatever else.. but was it genetically modified? Was it sprayed with a chemical to keep the area it grew in weed free? Was the soil it was grown in a good quality naturally rich soil, or was it artificially fertilized? But, that’s a whole other subject.

    I’ve read that people who switched to RAW milk from those ‘good’ cows actually overcame cancers. One article talked about HAMLET and BAMLET ( that discussed the cancer fighting qualities in milk.

    Do what you want, though. But at least pay attention to what PRODUCT someone is talking about. Water is essential to the body, but do you really want to drink the water that comes out of your washing machine after you’ve put y our laundry detergent in it and bleach? No. I could talk all day on the dangers of drinking that water but of course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink any kind of water.

  • what can I do to lower my blood pressure if I’m a diabetic and at the same time what are the foods I should be eating to maintain proper Kidney function?

  • Doesn’t the cooking of meat break down its protein as well? As far as I remember that is a good thing which helped our ancestors to develop better brains. Please correct me.

  • I would be very much be interested in a video comparing the benefits and minus sides between dairy products and alternative vegan products.:)

  • I would have to agree with you mister vegan that milk is not for humans it’s for cows because most people are lactose intolerant cow’s milk is made for cows not humans. but the body does need fats and not corn soy canola safflower cottonseed oil supposed vegetable oils that aren’t vegetable oils at all they’re seed oils that are extracted using petroleum distillate called hexane highly inflammatory to the human digestive system and body. however I still have never met a long time vegan that wasn’t so emaciated that they would be considered malnourished by just about anyone except of course another malnourished vegan who’s brain chemicals are so unbalanced that they believe this is the wonderful new world and everybody should be just as emaciated as they are. I worked on a pot Ranch in Northern California for years and we had all combinations of pure vegans vegetarians and of course us the hardest working men on the ranch all ate meat. we try the employing some of these skinny toed vegans as Labour’s up the mountain but they could never keep up and would have to sit down after a couple of hours and meditate and chant to themselves, o o h h h homo rectum yo! all well munching on some quinoa with a rice cake smothered with some hummus. the one vegan I knew who tried to keep up on the mountain for the entire season figure it out himself that he needed more protein in his diet because he simply couldn’t keep up with the caloric deficit he was getting so he started eating meat and lo and behold he had the stamina to keep up with all of us nasty mediators on the mountain who could put a hundred ten pounds on their back and go for miles whereas the oso intestinal e clean ethical vegans did a hell of a job sitting there on their ass in the forest meditating and telling themselves just how clean their bowels were. when they barely had enough energy to go into the kitchen and fix them self another tiny pot of quinoa what’s they were so proud of not being a grain explaining to me how it was really a berry they would cook pots of this s*** and then leave it there not eating it. my greatest joy since I cooked for all these people was creating vegan vegetarian and meat dishes for everyone. I love making these giant veggie soups and Curry’s for everyone and sneaking into it big cans of chicken broth as my soup base and then giggling to myself watching all these vegans eat it and Rave about how good it was.

  • I went vegan and my skin became crystal clear, unlike when I was vegetarian for two years and I still had bad acne.
    And the most amazing thing is that there are endless options, just like an omnivore diet ����

  • I’m Chinese and for some reason I can drink as much milk as I want and not have any side affects like my dad and my mom(gassy, diarrhea, etc). I’ve been drinking milk my entire life and my mom breastfed me to 4 years old! I guess that is why I’m good with dairy

  • Hello… having home made curd can also cause acne? m an indian my mother won’t allow me to leave dairy but what i can to is limit to curd… will that solve my acne?

  • Milk and milk products suitable for northern and central Europeans only. Diet that contains milk and its products is toxic and causes diseases for people of African and Asian origin.

  • I was thoroughly enjoying the scientific approach you were taking with this video until you completely went off the rails when you got the the dairy industry, and started using extremely biased language with clear intentions of being political instead of informative. You clearly have never set foot in a dairy farm in your life, but with the way you’re speaking in the video, I doubt you’d be interested: facts are no longer a priority for this channel, clearly.

  • we are all raised to think milk is ok, but some of us is lactose intolerant, so we then find out, eh, not suppose to do that, milk is meant for babies, also drinking another animals milk? doesnt sound good to me ey, but lets just do whatever society says is good

  • Mic! Thank you for making these videos and assessing the studies, you are so blimen intelligent and most of it goes over my head, but atleast I can send links to your vids when people say: “oh but they are always coming out with different studies, eg one day dairy is good and one day its bad, then its good again” etc
    Have you got a video about generic responses to studies that us mere mortals can learn & say to our friends and families when non-vegans start talking about pro-animal product studies? I’d love to have some easy to learn comebacks, but ones that dont make people want to murder me! I always end up sounding preachy! I want to be the carrot not the stick!

  • I eat and drink dairy. But I’m working hard to find alternatives and eat less of it everyday because the torture is so unnecessary

  • At some point people have to ask themselves why do they want to die? The beginning of veganism should be Stop Killing Yourself First❤️✨���� #foodforthought

  • I heard that most companies milk cows so much even when it’s pregnant.. and that they don’t even get sun light, soo… you just get a white juice full of nothing.

  • I do have too much of acne problems for many years….after watching this I think drinking milk or consuming dairy products is the reason. I will quit Dairy except for Yogurt and cottage cheese and also will be leaving Sugar as well, only have black coffee…time to bring my French press alive…

  • What a great time to be alive!
    No one is sure of what you’re supposed to eat and what causes cancer or decreases your chances for it.
    In a thousand years humans are gonna feel sorry for us because everyone is running around looking in every different direction and no one knows anything…. And they’ll be living to 200 years old.

  • Dr Michael Greger says that cow’s milk is for calves and not humans, and that it is a risk factor for prostate cancer. And that it lowers sperm count.

    Picture Fit says dairy benefits outweigh potential harms and in moderation it’s fine and that more research is needed on dairy.

    Lol I hate researching this shit. Everything is always conflicting. Guess I’ll just eat nothing.

  • Hi Dr Ekberg. I have a few questions about raw milk. I thought pasteurization was to prevent diseases like listeria? Is raw milk safe for children? How can we safely consume raw milk?

  • Why the hell only bad food for our body taste good? ������ whyyyy? I love chocolate, pastries, cake, burger, pizza, chole bhature, indian seeets, chips etc. But i can’t eat it. Whyyyy do these things got invented in this first place, if we should not eat it? Why oh why. ��

  • My grandma is 80 and she consumes milk, yogurt and cheese daily and has no problems with it. She’s healthy and has a normal weight, but she’s eaten these since she was a kid. She grew up in the mountains, so vegetables, dairy and meat were all she ever consumed until she was around 20. At the same time, I know people who have horrible stomach aches from just a glass of milk. So yeah, it really depends on the person.

  • Yea I have grass fed goats milk. My family and I love it. It’s legal for us to drink. However it illegal for me to sell it to others. The fda says my grass fed milk, meat, and eggs are unsafe. But all them rows of sugar foods in the store are perfectly fine.

  • What a fucking pill pusher. “Go to the drugstore and get you a little bottle of vitamin D3″…and… “You don’t need to ingest this unnatural compound just because they poured something in it” Which is it then? And imagine recommending questionable supplements over the best food source of vitamin D there is, fatty fish.

  • Good information from the racist doctor..”Blacks be even more lactose intolerant if it wasn’t for the rape of black women by white men”.. I guess more modern interracial marriages of mostly blacks marrying white women have nothing to do with it either..let’s just ignore that part..

  • Ok Pasturaised milk is undigestable
    Due to its high heat exposure
    While Raw milk contains bacterially-produced lactase, lipases and phosphatases which help break down starch, lactose, fat and phosphate compounds making milk more digestible and freeing up key minerals
    The whole concept of milk calcium makes our bones fragile is nothing but crap
    its like saying that humans who chew gum have higher risk of lung cancer its not because of the gum its because smokers use gum to way of that smelly mouth
    The china study is nothing but a survey study nothing in it implies the cause of disease
    So you left all of the other reasons from nutrion defficient diets like The SAD diet to the exposer to industrial toxins like glyphosate to blame milk!!!!!

  • This Dr is speaking TRUTH!!!!! And if you want further proof of this, just watch the docs: “Forks Over Knives” and “The Game Changers” 😉

  • I’m VERY allergic to dairy if I consume any food dairy has touched or cross contaminated food of dairy I get SO sick! My allergic reaction happens two days after I consume it my neck and back get the worst tension, I get migraines, a fever, messed up stomach, and fatigued. Yes indeed dairy is bad for you especially for me and I’m healthier and dont get sick if I dont eat it. I avoid bc I’m allergic

  • This is all great, we got milk and butter from a local farmer when we were children, but I don’t know anyone who does that now. ��

  • In this very video you said we shouldn’t trust research thats paid for by the egg industry but then site research paid for by the fucking president of it to make your point.

  • I just unsubbed when he said satured fat and cholesterol consumption has been linked to cardiovascular disease, this dude is still living in the 90s

  • Hi! I just found this, I know Quora isn’t the most reliable source, but I was searching when and why we started milking animals, and i’m interested in if you know of any validity in this?
    PS thank you for all of the valuable information you share with us! I listen to your videos every morning on the way to work.

  • so skeptical about the studies, who funded it, whose involved.
    moving on
    lets talk about the seventh day adventists no bias here! totally unbiased, SDA’s don’t care what you eat, Ellen G White who?

  • I had ragweed allergies from 21 to 30 and had stopped consuming dairy after reading a book Fit for Life…. I then for the first time had a tablespoon of apple cider vinagar and next day allergies were gone ever to return and I’m 56 today. Milk seems to be the forbidden fruit….. taste really good very bad for you.

  • It’s sad to see such a huge science Channel spread a bad image of cattle farming. But I understand you probably have never been to one. I know there are some who mistreat cows, but most of the professional farms have strict rules for cattle wellness, balanced diet and controlled temperature and humidity conditions. It’s also scientific proven that happier animals produce more milk and meat, and that’s what farmers are looking for. So please, before saying such big fake info, think a bit more if that’s not just your self opinion…

  • 3:30, scientists…quite literally often dedicate their lives to the study of a particular protein or groups of molecules. It’s really not that incredulous. Do you think their research jumps all over the place?

  • With many it causes respertory problem and inflamation. It causes many immune almostall people that are lactose intolerant are also intolerant to milk protein

  • Nice information, but I only have one problem with this video. It’s unethical to tell people that dairy of “OK” to consume, just because they have not experienced negative health symptoms yet. It’s NEVER ok to consume dairy. The health risks far outweigh the health benefits. Just some food for thought.

  • 03:53 Nature organize that food for us. Is not for us. Is for their young! We’re not supposed to drink other species milk. And it is taken, STOLEN from cows after we humans stole they babies. Oh first, the cows are raped to became pregnant. Repeatedly, years after years. To produce milk. A cow will NOT produce milk without having a child first. Exactly like women. They cry for taken children. It is an abomination. It is an endless cruelty. Please go VEGAN! You will look the same after many years. Younger. Just search people who are vegans for many years. They all look at least 10 years younger.

  • I prefer plain organic yogurt instead of milk, from my childhood I have never liked milk (the taste), I always had yogurt instead:)

  • Meat and dairy spells bad health through life it’s so obvious, how can you eat another being and not have a negative scientific reaction in your body…it decomposes inside of you yuk!

  • Some claims in here are simply false, no??? Heated protein is MORE difficult to digest?!? It is the exact opposite, right. It is more easily digested, eggs, beef for instance. Cooking them makes them easy for the body to digest. One of the key developments in human history right, when we “discovered” fire….

  • Mozaffarian’s ad hoc honoraria or consulting from Life Sciences Research Organization is a key factor because… their clients include Kellogg, Proctor and Gamble, Phillip Morris and the United Dairy Industry Association!

  • I’m not sure I understand. We can actually drink raw cow’s milk? What about germs, the elderly told me as a child that our stomach will hurt…

  • Another amazing video. Couldn’t explained better. I got heart event from consuming
    dairy and milk in a every young age. And Heart is not inherited in my family. I was just simply extremely allergic to it. I wish I knew this wording the way he put it before, my life would be simple. Well, gratefully enough, now I’m vegan for the last 5 years 90% raw. I’m live and kicking and never too late. I’m making milk from almonds or purchasing Almond milk which is delicious. Cheers. ����

  • Recent multinational study on benefits of dairy difficult to argue against:

  • It makes no sense that people would NEED to drink milk. The same goes for eating eggs. Why would humans eat another animals unborn fetuses? That’s just insane to me. Like everyone else, I have eaten eggs and drank milk all my life; however, I’m beginning to ask myself that all important question…Why??

  • Big Facts, I salute this man, not everyone doctor is gonna make a video of truth risking there job for OUR health, Ive been criticized sooo much just not drinking milk!

  • Dont think its racism, more so milk industry just pushed for people to drink their product and pay for ads and get into school systems and put them selves on the food pyramids etc, just to make money.
    But other than that this was really good

  • If 65 percent of the population are lactose intolerant then it is harmful for the majority. At the end you said it wasn’t harmful for the majority.

  • you first say that eggs are not part of “dairy” and then you show a picture of “dairy” and it has eggs together with all the dairy products, at minute 1:25.

  • I’m vegan for health reasons (had huge benefits) but people should do what works for them. If people feel healthy and strong consuming dairy then they should go with it. Agreed the studies sponsored by the industry are obviously going to be biased, but likewise the statistics on this channel are just going to be massaged in the opposite direction…

  • It’s sad that they’ve already come to the conclusion that it’s best not to expose your child to dairy until their over the age of 1, but yet infant formula which is recommended all the time is made up of cow’s milk & whey protein.

  • New study out showing just 1 glass a day increases breast cancer risks by 50%

  • The worst anti-milk campaign slogan is, that it’s made for cows… So what? Did mushrooms made to be eaten by us? Or even meat made to be eaten by us? And what about the unborn baby chickens, and their special feeding nutrients, so called “egg”? I have no problems with other reasonings, but that one is just silly, cause based on that no one should eat anything, cause nothing has been designed to be eaten.

  • Milk is very healthy when its straight off the farm! Milk is very unhealthy when its pasturized by the govt! They boil it to destroy bacteria, that does destroy bacteria but it also destroys most of the nutrients!

  • Also, can you do a video on essential and non-essential nutrients and where to get each of them on a vegan diet?

    (Obviously a very selfish request from a new vegan)

  • What a joke. Bovine dairy has been linked to cardiovascular disease, type 1 diabetes, acne, and other health issues. Humans and other mammals were designed to stop drinking human mother’s milk after weaning, and humans are the only mammals that drink the milk of other species. There is no need for adult humans to consume the milk of other mammals after weaning from their own human mother’s milk.

  • You should do a video that walks people through how to find publicly available studies and how to go about reading them. I think a more science literate population would help clear up a lot of this misinformation

  • ya saw some other good comments, just came to say i was watching until this video, if the american cancer society cared about us not getting cancer we would have the problem solved. you can take all the studies and say what you want but then there are those who funded the studies and who is funding those people. plus i don’t like being part of raping cows. and i feel great from going vegan, and all the benefits of dairy you mentioned can be found in plant based alternatives, and it makes common sense that if you are pumping any animal with drugs it’s going to get passed on to you, so i don’t buy that at all. it’s also common sense to not suck on an animal’s tits unless that animal is your mom, but ya’ll keep telling yourself whatever since i don’t care and i’m moving on now, thanks.

  • I think you underestimate the importance of dairy farming for other farmlands. The manure, its best for soil and reduces the need for artificial fertilizers. Research you talked about global warming takes into account on one aspect of it and not everything. And one more thing that farmland that is used to grow crops for cattle wont be enough if it is transformed to just grow vegetables or food for humans.
    And no cows are not tortured in any of the dairy farms, get that misconception out of your mind, the day cow is tortured you wont get as much milk as it will produce when its happy, and thats a plain fact, no amount of hormones can change that. Also, cows under stress can get sick and get prone to diseases like mastitis which is a huge production loss. So dairy farmers tend to keep their cows happy as much as possible. They are treated good and have bedding comfort better then humans get in some parts of the world. About separating the calf, yes that necessary because there are tons of bacteria on the adult cows and hence the calf is separated and grown separately and give vaccines in timely manner and nurtured well so that it can grow in to a healthy high yielding cow.
    Torture is in your brains and nowhere else, visit dairy farms rather then sitting in a chair and making such presentations and then you will know the truth rather then biased studies that you are referring to.

  • Spot on! The only thing I take issue with is “vitamin D3” was first used as rat poison. It’s not good for you and can cause an array of illnesses; especially when consumed regularly. Get it from the sun any way you can.

  • I used to drink ALOT of milk ( I still do)but I’m still healthy and I actually have more muscle mass than my friends and every doctor says that my immunity is really good so I honestly don’t think milk is bad ( as a kid we had a cow in my family and I used to drink 5 glasses of milk) so honestly no it’s not bad (atleast for me)

  • Can you make a video called “how to keep your cool when you must repeat yourself ad nauseam in the same comment thread with several different people because they refuse to read, and post professionally peer reviewed links with zero industry agendas as proof that people won’t read…yet will call you a liar” since you handle it so well.
    I don’t. It usually end with me telling them I hope they choke to death on a piece of meat

  • This is why we need our own network within our own communities to spread information such as this to our people. So many years the information has trickled down the ladder slowly to the point that the negative has occurred in our people before the positive has. We can do better with the right awareness.

  • i think of milk like super liquid that gives energy that its way too much for our weak bodies to handle maybe.
    by the way milk produced in factories is the worst kind of milk

  • I don’t know. Everyone has a bias. You have a bias. Your conclusion is always going to be ‘vegan is better,’ regardless of whether or not the research, or people’s personal experience, say the contrary.

  • Drinking Cows milk is the most unnatural thing a person can do. When you go against nature you are taking risks with your health.

  • I read that Dairy contains way too much calcium and the rush of calcium is litteraly too much to be absorbed, therefore chasing the bone calcium out of the bones, resulting in more cases of osteoporosis. Does anyone have any info about that?

  • I read that Dairy contains way too much calcium and the rush of calcium is litteraly too much to be absorbed, therefore chasing the bone calcium out of the bones, resulting in more cases of osteoporosis. Does anyone have any info about that?

  • The sugar in milk is mainly from lactose, so will it means that drinking lactose-free milk will be enough to reduce sugar intakes?
    (i am so late i don’t think i’ll get a response ��)

  • No, dairy & all cheeses give cavities. Theirs’s a study that dairy weakens bones. However I don’t need articles to tell me what my intuition knows. Fact is I was eating string cheese the other day & my mouth was filled with harmful acid. I’ve quit cheese & milk. To heal cavities listen to your intuition and not all these false articles / videos. Eat as much lettuce as a horse eats grass + mushrooms and you’ll be 100x healthier then cheese or dairy ever will get you.

  • I have always had exertion-induced asthma, but when I stopped cow dairy and started consuming only goat and sheep dairy, the asthma reaction stopped. I now suspect a sensitivity that did not show up on allergy tests. Thanks for the great coverage on this subject.

  • I dunno about institutional racism but I definitely believe Europeans spearheaded our toxic “western” military industrial complex paradigm. Yeah white people were the problem but the lines are pretty blurry these days pal. It takes two to tango, can’t take advantage of a population without their consent most times. We built this.

  • Hi dr Ekberg. You did not mention the hormones in the milk/dairy products. Are they bad? Is it safe? Aren’t they denaturate in the acidic pH of the stomach? Are they danurated with the pasturation process? 70oC? Or maybe become inactive during the homogenization? Please elaborate, and if milk is not safe, what is the subsitute? Almond milk? Rice milk? Soy milk?

  • It is specifically drinking pure milk that is bad for you. Dairy products in themselves are not bad for you since there is so many other things that go into it

  • Wait, dairy is bad for everyone. But since the government with the lobbyist money flowing in is trying to hype up dairy for all, it is “institutional racism” against black Americans?

  • Dairy makes people gassy, because it’s your body passing acid. Something cant have 2 effects at the same time. This video was just a bunch of filler. The blood of every animal is acidic, it promotes mucus. Forget cholesterol, fat, sugar etc… the only thing that matters is eating natural positive energy meant for the body. Since when is breast feeding off other animals natural. This video suggests benefits and risks. How does that make any sense. If it was meant for us, we wouldn’t show intolerance to it.

  • It’s all paid for by the dairy industries, utter scam
    they just done the same here in oz.

    here is a link from before that from Canada, how can you have a scientific study taken seriously when it’s funded by the industries your reporting on!
    I for one have stopped taking dairy for a while now including stopping all meat and eggs, and haven’t felt this healthy for a long time.

    You just do not need it.

  • I stopped taking whey protein due health. And replace it with pea protein mix with brown rice. I felt so much better and healthier now. And it’s so easy on the stomach


  • Also Dairy is not good for RESPIRATORY PROBLEM PEOPLE! You can consume organic calcium from orange/Almond/Beens/Nopal.
    Let’s give the Cows a Brake To Live A Happier Live.����❤️

  • This doctor is an imbecile. lol. Lions do chew, we put plows to those animals because they can be domesticated you dumbass! We are not cows. Our stomach acid is that of a scavenger. Absolutely stupid.

  • I May Have To Correct You There But There Are Differences Between LDL And HDL Cholesterol, You Guys Can Watch (What I’ve Learned) For More Info.

  • no no vegans would never falsify or adjust research information to fit their own agenda would they? you can go from being just natural to just emaciated literally your body is going into at apogee and eating its own muscle eating its own protein to provide the rest of the body with what it means never seen a long-time vegan that wasn’t completely emaciated to the point that they looked like they had just been emancipated from Auschwitz

  • In Australia any raw dairy is illegal… choice (and fluoride in water here in Qld…no choice even though we voted it out in the 80’s ish)

  • Had to give up dairy and no regrets. Made me feel bloated and heavy and used to give my painful huge acne all over my face. Just cut dairy out and my face cleared up! It’s WILD. Almond milk and cashew milk ice cream taste sooo much better in my opinion

  • One thing that is absolutely essential when looking at these studies is who funded them. I’ve looked through the list of references and unfortunately, I can’t get access to most of them but the one entitled ‘Milk and dairy products: good or bad for human health’ is definitely not reliable. If you scroll down to the conflict of interest section this is what it says:

    Tanja Kongerslev Thorning has no conflicts of interest to declare. Anne Raben is recipient of research funding from the Dairy Research Institute, Rosemont, IL, USA and the Danish Agriculture & Food Council.Tine Tholstrup is recipient of research grants from the Danish Dairy Research Foundation and the Dairy Research Institute, Rosemont, IL. The sponsors had no role in design and conduct of the studies, data collection and analysis, interpretation of the data, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscripts. Sabita S. Soedamah-Muthu received funding from the Global Dairy Platform, Dairy Research Institute and Dairy Australia for meta-analyses on cheese and blood lipids and on dairy and mortality. The sponsors had no role in design and conduct of the meta-analyses, data collection and analysis, interpretation of the data, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscripts. Ian Givens is recipient of research grants from UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), UK Medical Research Council (MRC), Arla Foods UK, AAK-UK (both in kind), The Barham Benevolent Foundation, Volac UK, DSM Switzerland and Global Dairy Platform. He is a consultant for The Bio-competence Centre of Healthy Dairy Products, Tartu, Estonia, and in the recent past for The Dairy Council (London). Arne Astrup is recipient of research grants from Arla Foods, DK; Danish Dairy Research Foundation; Global Dairy Platform; Danish Agriculture & Food Council; GEIE European Milk Forum, France. He is member of advisory boards for Dutch Beer Knowledge Institute, NL; IKEA, SV; Lucozade Ribena Suntory Ltd, UK; McCain Foods Limited, USA; McDonald’s, USA; Weight Watchers, USA. He is a consultant for Nestlé Research Center, Switzerland; Nongfu Spring Water, China. Astrup receives honoraria as Associate Editor of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and for membership of the Editorial Boards of Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism and Annual Review of Nutrition. He is recipient of travel expenses and/or modest honoraria (<$2,000) for lectures given at meetings supported by corporate sponsors. He received financial support from dairy organisations for attendance at the Eurofed Lipids Congress (2014) in France and the meeting of The Federation of European Nutrition Societies (2015) in Germany.Essentially this means most of the researches have funding from dairy organisations, which will, of course, means very biased, untrustworthy results. This isn’t a dig at this channel, I really like these videos, just some constructive criticism for future research:)

  • Pasteurization is just getting the milk heated and cooled to kill bacteria.
    Homogenization is forcing the milk through a small hole that breaks up the large fat blobs into tiny blobs.
    This changes the texture and almost all other characteristics of milk. 

    These are two very different things! 

    You can pasteurize but not homogenize milk, that takes care of all the health issues that a government can be worried about. The fact that the US uses so much homogenization is about shelf life it has nothing to do with health. It would be easy for manufacturers to make milk pasteurized and NOT homogenized. This kind of milk is what we usually get in Europe. If you leave pasteurized but not homogenized milk out it separates out, you can boil it up to get the solid white part (Americans don’t even have a name for it it’s like cottage cheese but not exactly) and the whey… both are edible and good. Also you can make home-made yoghurt with it (just needs some previous yoghurt for the bacteria).

    If you leave homogenized milk out it just goes bad.  
    The sad thing is most Americans don’t even know how real milk should behave they think this is normal.

    My issue with this presentation is that it bundles pasteurization and homogenization together. These are not the only two options!
    It is possible to get pasteurized and non-homogenized milk and then you still have most of the benefits.

  • Hey mic, I am from india and as you may know india have larger number of vegetarian people all over world and as natural athlete I drink cow milk as my primary source of protein so can you speak about is it bad for health or not and milk of indian cows milk different than other cows milk. Let me know if is it bad or not.

  • Why is this video so jumpy? Not easy at all for mevto watch! I’m now sorry I shared it with someone else before watching it myself. ��

  • Just saw a fun antidairy video, thought I would share.

  • “It makes no sense to continue making an enzyme that you really don’t need. And since all mammals, except humans, stop drinking milk once they’re weaned, all mammals stop making lactase, once they mature.” This means that all babies should be breastfed human milk around 5 years, or until their first molar, which is what I have read is the natural age we should be weaning. That being said, since our society is so diametrically opposed to supporting breastfeeding mothers in many ways, it makes sense to give either raw milk from another mammal or yogurt until that child is at least 5. Also, those who have consumed a lot of dairy, Scandinavians and the Masaai tribes, are much taller than everyone else, so not giving a child ethically sourced dairy (I choose sheep’s milk yogurt, though I still feed human milk to my 2 year old) may lead to a smaller child, which as you say, is the majority of the world. Thank you for your talk.

  • I will challenge any person to stop consuming dairy for at least 1 month and see if their health improves. That even includes Almond milk, coconut milk, and all other milk. Also, ice-cream, cheese, yogurt, creamers etc.. ANYTHING WITH MILK OR CHEESE OR OTHER DAIRY PRODUCTS IN THE INGREDIENTS.
    Dairy causes mucus and phlegm, which is poison in the body.
    Another poison is SUGAR!
    Sugar feeds disease.
    Disease needs sugar in order to thrive.
    Sugar feeds viruses(Flu & colds & all other viruses)
    Sugar feeds fungus ( Candida, ringworm, eczema etc… jock itch, athlete’s foot)
    Sugar feeds cancer and EVERY illness known to man!!
    Sugar comprises your immune system which needs to be strong and healthy to help fight off disease.
    Sugar is also addictive, which is why you want it so much! So, it’s a drug!!
    So,… cookies, cakes,breads, pasta, Candy, pop or soda, chocolate, junk foods, junk drinks and any product or food with white flour.
    Start using medicinal herbal teas such as Echinacea, Aloe Vera, Goldenseal etc…. on a regular basis! Even cinnamon tea, peppermint tea, and so many others.
    If humans come from the Earth, everything we need comes from the earth/ground.

  • researchers just love to tell people what they want to hear because it’ll get reposted and become popular and then they can sell things… it’s really sad.

  • Feeling gassy isn’t necessarily a good prediction that dairy is bad for you, lots of veggies, carbs make you feel gassy. If it’s recurring diarrhea/constipation then we can consider it problematic

  • Wow! An objective video on milk. There is so much milk bashing on the internet. I love milk and luckily I am not lactose intolerant.

  • This doctor logic is not sound. Honey is a secretion of bees. We dont need it to survive but it is a very valuable and beneficial source of food. Just because we can theoretically live off of peanuts and broccoli doesnt mean we should.

  • The belief that cholesterol causes heart disease is rapidly fading. At least half of people with heart attacks have normal or low cholesterol, so cholesterol can’t be the cause. The view that is rapidly gaining adherents is that sugar spikes leading to insulin spikes and high circulating insulin lead to inflammation which injures the endothelium and causes an immune response in which the body attacks itself. A diet low in sugar and simple carbs appears to be the best protection against heart disease and the best way to reverse it.

  • Who says this video wasn’t funded by the dairy industry? Nowadays with 100,000+ views, a pro dairy production could easily score you $25,000… If you care to know the truth, search: Dairy is Scary…

  • What are your findings on the correlation between dairy consumption and other deseases like: Multiple Sclerosis, Ovarian Cysts, Endometriosis and specifically on colon cancers?

  • if you’re reading this and didn’t bother to listen to what the man said…basically you’re not a baby cow. stop drinking cow growth titty juice.

  • I wrote an animal rights song and included what happens in the dairy industry. It would be amazing if you could give it a listen ��

  • That’s a downright lie. Casein is bad for you. Dairy has addictive chemicals making you fatter and fatter and pus. Dairy causes acne, diabetes, cancer, heart attacks and strokes and it makes you lethargic. All the proteins can’t be absorbed in humans and so are peed out. It robs you of nutrients. Plant based milks are a million times more healthy. Let’s not forget that dairy cows are raped over and over to force them to give birth and produce milk and male babies ripped from their mothers and turned to veal.

  • What an amazing video…..
    But yes one thing is there we indians mostly rely on local sheds we all have nearby… Which do not harm cows for milk or slaughter them after they can’t produce milk… So we can easily consume it without harming the environment.. I think this practice every country should learn from India

  • im lactose intolerant…. still i drink 1 scoop per bodyweight!! 3x a day! not even an isolated one!! Yeah buddy!!!! Woohh nothing but peanut!!

  • because of all the hormones in dairy,it opens the flood gates for weight gain..Its a pretty simple process..Elevated female hormones come hand in hand with pregnancy..So,with that in mind,people who consume dairy regularly,are pregnant, except their not pregnant,just the retaining weight part.And with all that hormone continuously being ingested, there is zero hope for that person to EVER loose weight while they still consume dairy. All you people out there who say they cant loose weight….STOP EATING DAIRY FOREVER and try loosing weight again.
    I’d bet it works well and never returns to how it was pre dairy
    If dairy was full of male hormone we would all be ripped like a gorilla..Well if your dumb enough to eat it.

  • Your analysis of the studies are biased because you are a vegan so there. You too have an agenda. My grandmother drinks 3 glasses of milk and she’s always been a heavier set woman. She also just turned 90 and is in great shape.

  • Few seem to realize that the circulatory death rate in the USA has dropped about 75% since 1968. The drop correlates highly with drops in the consumption of eggs, butter and lard starting as early as 1959. The drop in consumption of whole milk tightly parallels the drop in circ mortality rate, as does the drop in smoking. Unfortunately the rate of reduction which was about 2.5% per year for 40 years,leveled off by 2011 and has turned up in the past 7 years. This corresponds to increases in consumption of butter, eggs, and whole milk. I’ve put some plots and tables together here: Mic you already do a great job, maybe you will find this info useful.

  • ♦ Watch This Next: Find out if Other Foods Are Bad For You

  • Growing up in Illinois, I grew up eating a lot of meat, eggs, dairy and hardly any vegetables (it seems, thinking back) [and some fruit].
    I once thought that oils (coconut, avocado, olive oil) and whole fat dairy were health foods and would use it constantly in meals.
    I’m the only Vegan in my family; my brother and parents have stated the cholesterol in eggs and other things are good to consume, as the body makes it, as well as, the fats in milk are healthy because we’re supposed to have both LDL and HDL in some forms in the body. Also the fats in the dairy help absorb the fat soluble vitamins. They think low-fat products have sugar or gums added which are more unhealthy…
    I’m still trying to internalize the reasoning why trying to live a whole plant food lifestyle is the best before attempting again to really voice my thoughts to them (it didn’t turn out good when I first told my family I stopped eating animal products and meat…at Thanksgiving time).
    It’s also disheartening because if high fat dairy is linked with Alzheimer’s, I wonder how much damage has happened already, although I’ve stopped consuming dairy ��
    THANK YOU for linking the studies!

  • A lot of times we’re eating low grade cheese and dairy products that are not organic and I believe that has a lot to do with how healthy it can be but I also notice that it still tends to be quite limited and I want no limits so I can eat guilt free

  • I haven’t read the actual paper but the spin on it I received in Australia was pretty much all that full fat was as good as or better than skim milk products (our dairy products already have good PR for everything except paying their farmers).
    People tend to treat full fat as a treat and skim as water that goes off… so since the dairy industry makes more off the skim products which are basically a byproduct…

    You don’t need a conflict of interest to explain the results looked at that way and most of the series blood lipid testing is done for research on cholesterol…

    It may be worth looking into a full fat startup or something that could have pushed it in the media since the media nowadays tends to get most of their stories pushed to them

  • Honestly if it comes to a point where humans think that milk is harmful or even deadly, it just shows how much we’ve devolved as a species.

  • This video is inaccurate. It is also outdated. The simple statement made that saturated fats, along with cholesterol, lead to heart disease is a joke. Please do your own research from credible sources ( websites that,.edu etc. ) to help inform you on dairy and health in general.


  • Thank you, thank you! I’m so excited to finally find a response to that study! After searching for about a week on sites like PCRM and Dr. Greger and finding they haven’t responded yet, it occurred to me that you were right on top of current issues. You didn’t disappoint! I have already shared this with two people who wanted to have a response, and will share on FB as well and in my monthly local vegan newsletter.

  • Why should a human drink milk from another species it’s mucus, pasteurized or not, this mucus causes a myriad of problems in the vast majority of people asthma, constipation and all the complications that goes with that, its a burden to the system its estrogen guys think about that, go ahead break a leg if you like male boobs.

  • I don’t think milk causes acne, cause I didn’t drink any milk and I grew a whole bunch! Frick the Internet, it’s just controlling our lives telling us what to do

  • I stopped eating dairy and I stopped breaking out. I did not realize this until watching this video. Wow. And I’m talking cystic acne and now my skin is clear.

  • Not only does the dairy industry not care if they contribute to death and suffering, they actively try to deceive in order to keep their god rolling in. Jesus was right when He stated “the god of this world is $$$.

  • why the fuck does mike look soo sick all the time? mike, get the fuck out into the sun once in a while, and take some multivitamins, man.

  • Canada has taken dairy of their healthy food guide, I don’t now the reasoning for this, I do like my cheese and when younger drank milk in abundance, healthy at 60

  • I’m gonna stop consuming the following things:

    cream (heavy cream, sour cream, etc)
    ice cream.

    For 1 month.

    If my acne persists. It may be from other foods or its just the dusty environment im in because I shower more than 3 times a day.

  • Excellent video! I like organic goat’s milk (full fat) as it’s low in lactose. I love how unbiased and well researched this was, not to mention funny! Subscribe button here I go.:)

  • I don’t know if dairy is good or not but ever since i stopped taking it(been 4 months) in my diet,my skin started getting clearer(aand smoother..?) and my hair has a bit more volume now.

    I’m 22 yrs Ht:160cm Wt:57kgs i started eating clean with fruits n veggies with green leafs and all (i also take biotin supplements)while following INTERMITTENT fasting..i also eat meat but only homecooked( NOT FRIED) once a week in moderation as i loove it��.i ALWAYYYS weighed 68 kgs n had lot of acne n hyper pigmentation for almost 7/8 i’m pretty satisfied with this diet.recently got a blood test for hb and thyroid,my Doc says everything is in perfect levels..i’m gonna try this for 4 more months n get a complete vitamin n mineral test done to figure out if its healthy enough to be a lifestyle

    I also make sure to workout atleast 4 times a week now.i don’t feel lethargic anymore and i’m almost nearer to my dream weight..just a few more kilos to get rid of.

  • Thank you for all your videos! Going on my second month as a vegan and the information you provide has been really helpful when correcting my family members who think I’m somehow crazy. Thanks again!:)

  • Of course vegan dieters are going to average out a better health profile than the majority of the population who aren’t watching what they eat, this is obvious no?
    Also trans fats are very common in vegan diets.
    And soy products also increase estrogen.

  • I gave up dairy products awhile back, weight loss, get my nutritions from other sources, and still going strong. Those saying we should never eat meat…yes we still need some animal protein. Being a true vegetarian is not always healthy. The problems is the processed foods that we eat, and the amount we consume

  • Yes, this. Is true but Vitamin K2 is not found in many plants if any and is important for calcium distribution. Of course milk, dairy is a no go! Thank you for the information. From my heart to yours Michael ❤️��

  • Unfortunately we live a society with followers who don’t want to wake up and learn about this kind of stuff since I cut the cheese and dairy I feel 100% better but when I talk to my family in Texas they just all this I’m nuts… Any way stop drinking milk and see how you feel.

  • Hey Mike, I was wondering if you would be able to do a video debunking author Micheal Pollan’s views on why we’d have to use more fossil fuels and chemical fertilizers in our food and that manure would be in short supply if the world went vegan. He is the author of the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I love your work! You are so funny and make fantastic videos.

  • denaturationthen u should everything heated (proteins) no pasteurizing does not disturb the metabolismit protects us from many many food poisonings…

  • Dude you can still eat dairy and not get prostate cancer. Prostate cancer and constipation are related and as long as you have sufficient fiber in your diet you won’t get prostate cancer. You’ve taken it to an extreme by removing all animal foods. God gave us animal foods to nourish our bodies and the plant foods to cleanse our bodies. Doesn’t that make sense to you, Mike?

  • Milk is going to have a major comeback. Everyone is brainwashed in thinking milk is bad for you. Just like they thought fat was bad for you.

  • You know, the funniest thing just happened. I saw this video and opened it in a new tab. AND THEN I got distracted by an article on Vox: You know, I just have a feeling these two things are connected……..

  • I’m an ordinary southeast asian guy and i love to eat yogurt milk and cheese (yes, it’s in that order) and my face is smooth af with no acne at all. You’re right, it depends to the individual.

  • I love milk been drinking it for 58 years, No allergies no broken bones I heal really quickly drink over 4 gallons of milk a month rarely get sick….

  • How to simultaneously mitigate the environmental impact of milk, preserve the nutrients obtained from it, and even lower obesity:
    Normalize breast milk.

    You think I’m joking, but wet nurses already exist to fill this role for child care. Breastfeeding is capable of burning 500 calories per day, so while it does cause a strain, it’s quite powerful for weight loss, and the nutrients present in breast milk are tailored to humans instead of animals, making it even healthier. Inducing lactation doesn’t even require pregnancy, contrary to popular belief.

  • So.. in order for people to have dairy, female cows are forcibly impregnated with a metal rod up their cervix. They then become pregnant for 9 months and they form a very close bond with their baby, in the exact same way that human mothers do. Within 24 hours, the baby calf is taken away from the mother and this causes the cow and the baby calf extreme distress. The mother will try to follow her baby as far as she possibly can and when her baby is gone she will cry and mourn for days. She will go to the same place where she last saw her baby and cry. Then the whole process starts again when the farmers forcibly impregnate her again, and she goes through the same cycle over and over again until her body cant take it anymore, and then she is slaughtered. As for the calves, if it’s a male calf they are killed for veal and if it’s a female they will live the same tragic fate as their mothers. Please watch this 5 minute video that explains the dairy industry:

  • Hey Mic, have you read this? I thought you’d like to.

  • it is the antibiotics on top of the whole batch of downsides, turning dairy into poisoneous chemical waste to healthy homeostasic metabolism

  • Fortunately I live in Australia where our milk comes from cows that are free to roam in a field. I’m sure we have factory farms maybe but I’ve never heard of them here in good olde Australia

  • My only problem with milk is that it gives me bad acne, when I don’t consume to much of it and maintain my normal diet, replacing milk with water or some juice my acne seemingly disappears overnight. Is that just genetics or an intolerance of milk.

  • I, EvaX, humbly submit, a toast, to Nikolas Alexander, for successfully managing to pirate Warcraft 3, so that he may play Defense of The Ancients. Congratulations, Nik. Enjoy your dota.

  • Here’s a meta analysis concluding saturated fat not impacting heart disease rates

  • I buy raw milk and the supplier says almost no one who has trouble with pasteurized milk has trouble with raw. After drinking raw for a few years now, I really can’t stand the taste of store bought milk, it’s awful. Also, my youngest was born with gastrointestinal allergies, plus colic. Every single thing he drank and ate gave him an upset stomach, which made him cry. After pretty much holding him all day (and night) for 5 months, I relented to my mothers urging to try raw goat;s milk, which she said was known to be an old time remedy for finicky stomachs. So I found a goat farm and tried it. It was literally a gift from God. My son was able to tolerate things much easier, and eventually grew out of it. People had a fit that I was giving it to him, they thought I was going to kill him. lol It was the best thing ever for him. And, of my 3 boys, he was by far the healthiest. Coincidence?

  •  can you do one on osteoporosis it does my head in trying to explain it… Ta muchly.  ps love the channel, keep up  the good work

  • I was watching the video while drinking milk……., and when you said milk results in cancer => ����

    Although, Thanks for proving it fake!! ����………… but then you said it impacts earth’s temperature!!!! ������

  • Stopping high raw dairy, cheese and eggs was the best move I did to heal my inflamed prostest and ED. Plus unclogging you’re arteries definitely improves your stamina in bed.

  • I also used to drink milk when i had a taste of it, so i started drinking it at nights when i’m about to sleep, Nothing more happens when i drink it too much, This was for about 2 months, When i saw the video introduced it, i started not to drink it ever again, i had to replace it with Milo.