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Is The Coconut Water Craze All It’s Cracked Up To Be? But don’t think of coconut oil as a health elixir. And remember that when it comes to good nutrition, including fats, it’s all about balanc. We break down some of the benefits and myths of the oil and determine whether it is really all it’s cracked up to be.

Recent reports have questioned the efficacy of coconut oil and suggested it may be harmful to our health. No one is really sure. “Why things like coconut oil somehow slipped under the radar is a little bit unclear, but it’s not consistent with any of the recommendations that. So, is coconut oil all it’s cracked up to be? Due to its high lauric acid content, virgin coconut oil is a great substitute for other types of saturated fats, such as lard and butter, and trans fats, such as vegetable shortening.

But coconut oil is still a fat, and all fats are calorie-dense, so it’s best when used in moderation. Not all coconut oils are created equal. The flakey, fragrant stuff you might find in a superfood smoothie is a very different type of coconut oil than the partially-hydrogenated fat found in junk food in the ’80s, which was a highly-processed version of the plant oil, containing trans fats and other dangerous, cholesterol-promoting compounds. Coconut oil is basking in the superfood spotlight. However, the jury’s still out on whether to declare it a miracle food.

Terri Taylor, a registered dietitian and nutrition educator at HonorHealth’s Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center, agrees there may be some health benefits from coconut oil.But she’s far from offering a blanket endorsement of it as a health food staple. Is Coconut Oil All It’s Cracked Up To Be? Get The Facts On This Faddish Fat Coconut oil’s potential health benefits are outweighed by its heavy dose of saturated fat, most nutrition experts say. Saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.; Credit: Russ Rohde/Getty Images/Cultura RF. Is Coconut Oil All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Get The Facts On This Faddish Fat. April Fulton • Dec 31, 2018. Share.

Coconut oil’s potential health benefits are outweighed by its heavy dose of saturated fat, most nutrition experts say. Saturated fat is associated with. Coconut Oil (1 Tablespoon) Fat – 12.9g Carbohydrates – 0g Protein – 0g. Calories – 111.4. Fry Light Olive Oil (1 Tablespoon) Fat – 7.7g Carbohydrates – 0g Protein – 0g.

Calories – 73.9. However, a straight up comparison between the figures shows a saving of 5.2g of fat and a. In the past few years, enthusiasts have touted coconut oil as the next great health food.

But it contains high levels of saturated fat, which is associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

List of related literature:

Coconut oil adds a wonderfully rich flavor and is abundant in many tropical countries; although rich in saturated fats, it is thought to be healthful and studies have shown that it does not cause circulation problems like saturated animal fats.

“Tofu & Soymilk Production: A Craft and Technical Manual” by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
from Tofu & Soymilk Production: A Craft and Technical Manual
by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
Soyfoods Center, 2000

The original studies of coconut oil were performed on partially hydrogenated coconut oil rather than the natural oil of raw coconuts, and it turns out that it’s the hydrogenation process that leads to health-related problems and not coconut oil itself.

“Human by Design: From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice” by Gregg Braden
from Human by Design: From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice
by Gregg Braden
Hay House, 2017

For 30 or more years, coconut oil was nowhere to be found in grocery stores and has only recently re-emerged in health food stores.

“Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation” by Andreas Moritz
from Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation
by Andreas Moritz
Ener-Chi Wellness Press, 2007

Some companies produce excellent quality coconut oil that tastes so good you can easily eat it off the spoon.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
from The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight
by Bruce Fife
Piccadilly Books, Limited, 2017

Fresh, coconuts and coconut oil are a different species from the hard white stuff called ‘coconut oil’ that we find in glass jars in stores.

“Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill: The Complete Guide to Fats, Oils, Cholesterol, and Human Health” by Udo Erasmus
from Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill: The Complete Guide to Fats, Oils, Cholesterol, and Human Health
by Udo Erasmus
Alive Books, 1993

Coconut oil does not contain cholesterol like animal fats do, so it will not raise your cholesterol levels; in fact, studies have shown that it lowers it.

“The Eight Immortal Healers: Taoist Wisdom for Radiant Health” by Mantak Chia, Johnathon Dao
from The Eight Immortal Healers: Taoist Wisdom for Radiant Health
by Mantak Chia, Johnathon Dao
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2017

Coconut and palm oil are not readily available at most grocery chains, but you can find both in organic and health-food stores.

“The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!” by Michael Aziz
from The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!
by Michael Aziz
Sourcebooks, 2011

Although coconut oil is high in saturated fats, it is also a source of mediumchain triglycerides (MCT) that may support weight loss.

“Herbal Formularies for Health Professionals, Volume 3: Endocrinology, including the Adrenal and Thyroid Systems, Metabolic Endocrinology, and the Reproductive Systems” by Jill Stansbury
from Herbal Formularies for Health Professionals, Volume 3: Endocrinology, including the Adrenal and Thyroid Systems, Metabolic Endocrinology, and the Reproductive Systems
by Jill Stansbury
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

Some studies have shown coconut oil to be harmful, but those studies were conducted with hydrogenated coconut oil, which is different from more natural versions of the oil.

“Detox Diets For Dummies” by Gerald Don Wootan, Matthew Brittain Phillips
from Detox Diets For Dummies
by Gerald Don Wootan, Matthew Brittain Phillips
Wiley, 2010

Coconut oil is high in saturated fatty acids, so it should be avoided.

“Back to Eden: A Human Interest Story of Health and Restoration to be Found in Herb, Root, and Bark” by Jethro Kloss
from Back to Eden: A Human Interest Story of Health and Restoration to be Found in Herb, Root, and Bark
by Jethro Kloss
Back to Eden Books Publishing Company, 1999

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Curious to read the science behind this? Over 21 sources sited in the video description! If viewing on mobile, tap the video title to open the description.
    Want to learn in a structured way, and connect with a community of dedicated Resetters? Join the Reset Academy!

  • Thank you again Dr Lome, your videos have been crucial in my decision to go 100% oil free (I am a heart patient).My ldl is getting lower and I am scheduled for another lipid panel next Feb… And yes, it is like learning to play guitar:)

  • I’m on the carnivore diet I have RA and I am hypothyroid. We use almost exclusively coconut oil to cook should I change to olive oil or avocado oil to cook my meat. I’m not eating eggs or dairy. But I have had a flareup of RA in my feet. Please help if you can not sure what to do?

  • I’ve been battling anxiety and panic disorder for more than 3 years now. Few days ago I started consume VCO. I drink 1 spoonful in the morning. And I felt I became angrier than anxious. But then I drink moringa tea, it calmed down me a bit. Is it better now I just use my vco in my meal instead of drink it?

  • Great and informative video!! Have learned so much from you Mindy�� didn’t know that about the long chain fatty acids! Thank you so much ��

  • When the weather is warm and the coconut oil melts, The clear liquid rests on top (about 3/4 of total) and then there is the solid at the bottom. Has it separated into the medium chain FA and the long chain FA? Just a thought.

  • Veggies do not have a lot of oils. So: How many tablespoons of (say) potatoes will counteract the LCFAs in one tablespoon of coconut oil?

  • I’m very grateful for you.
    You indeed simplify the complex.
    Seems to me that you are aware of the impact of emotion on health in general.
    Perhaps a video on this topic?

  • great information thanks a lot its good we are vegetarians no meat nor  any seafood, eggs etc. we eat a lot of broccoli cauiflower celery carrots sweet potato potato pumpkin  and a host of other veggieshowever we do not eat onion or garlic or anything from the chives familyis that sufficient to counter the 30% long chain fats? kindly let me know I have subscribed  many thanksPishoo

  • Apply coconut oil in two noses and throat it will help to protect from viruses and other micro organism to nose. it is said by Ayurveda treatment

  • Wow, Dr Mindy, your vids or so enlightening. Do you think if someone who has been tested recently with high cholesterol, triglyceride, and A1C levels should be tested, say 3 or 4 months, from the previous test rather than waiting a year?

  • Did you say eat potatoes with coconut oil? What about inflammatory lectins and the high insulin spike which is not good? It will increase the size of the fat cells.

  • My morning routine. Get up, finely chop one large clove of garlic. Leave garlic on the cutting board and set timer for 10 minutes (the air will oxidize the garlic, forming the highly beneficial Allicin). Make my coffee with a little half & half, and one rounded tsp of coconut oil. After 10 minutes, mix garlic with 1/2 teaspoon of warmed Manuka honey, and swallow it. Then enjoy my coffee.:-)

  • Here in the Philippines we are on a trial for virgin coconut oil as a cure for covid 19. Being a tropical country we rely so much on coconut as food,as cure, and cosmetic products. Moderate consumptions of it would be beneficial I guess.

  • Dr first TY so much for the info. I love being vegan, but I am confused,between what you recommend and Dr Gundry.for full carbs,olive oil and coconut oil,Legumes,and solemn vegetables.pleas i am confused.

  • Hi.. Ma’am, quite interesting.. And informative I have mouth ulcer and to an extent acidity can I intake a glass of warm water with 2droos of coconut oil before bed.
    8 uave not done Gut zoomer what 8s it would like to know about it. Thank-you

  • Referencing location 13:17, I was understanding that we recently discovered that our gut biome was also a source of medium chain fatty acids.

  • Very informative and thank you for unequivocally clarifying the issue and confusion that so often comes up on discussions regarding health benefits of coconut oil. Not as much of an issue though if you’re consuming straight MCT oil versus coconut oil for the MCFA benefit.

    One thing I do wish to mention is that you didn’t include avocados on the vegetable list for mitigating the negative effects of long chain fatty acids. (Although listed as a vegetable by the USDA it’s technically a fruit since it meets the botanical criteria for a berry due to its fleshy pulp and large seed). Not only are avocados nutrient dense and an excellent source of short chain fatty acids they also provide very good metabolic health benefits and changes to the gastrointestinal (GI) microbiota and good gut flora is critically important for enhancing the immune system as you so often point out. Refer to this study ( which also contains related links to further studies on the benefits of avocados.

  • More confused than ever. I thought you follow keto and many of the veggies mentioned are not in the keto list. Now I don’t like most veggies anyway and I’m trying to reverse type 2 diabetes but the more info I get the more confused.

  • I usually cook my veggies in coconut oil. So i guess i am ok.
    I cured myself of cancer and arthritis naturally 41 years ago. I have not been to a doctor since, or taken any medicine. No health problems in 41 years.

  • So many commenters seem to be missing that this information is specific to having the strongest immune system during this pandemic era, or when dealing with autoimmune disease. Just add some short chain fatty acids to balance long chain fatty acids and turn off the inflammatory response. I don’t think this is complicated. Just have veggies with your coconut oil!

  • Coconut oil is “dirty” it contains the C6, C8, C10 and C12 variants of MCT. C6, C10, C12 breakdown into other variants which makes it dirty, hence the problems she talks about. Just switch to Caprylic Acid, the C8 version which metabolizes 100% into ketones when it hits the liver. Healthy living isn’t complicated: no sugar (ZERO), no high glycemic carbohyrates (pasta, potatoes, cookies, cake, donuts, flour of any type), eat meat, lots (fatty meats preferably), eat vegetables grown above ground (no root vegetables), do resistance training (weight lifting, not cardio) 3-5 days a week = being healthier than 95% of the US population…..4 years on that discipline (full keto) healthier than I’ve ever been.

  • Hola Holly podrías hacer este video en español?, me parece muy interesante, pero hay frases que no entiendo ��
    Te agradecería mucho!! ��

  • I’ve been plant based for years but still included coconut and some other “healthy” oils in my diet. My vascular health, weight, cholesterol, diabetes, etc still sucked. Sucked less than when I was an omnivore, but still really sucked! I’ve recently ditched all oils and keeping nut and seed consumption to an ounce per day. Not gonna lie I’m not enjoying the food minus the oil. My health is now my number one priority so I will gut it out and stay the course. I’m a true foodie. Maybe one day I’ll love WFPB food minus oil and lots of nuts. One can only hope!

  • Gosh, I’m amazed….. here’s me drizzling extra virgin olive oil on my salads, jacket potatoes…….BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS ‘GOOD FOR THE BODY’ �� I think I’m going to look at this seriously and ‘kick the oils’….. thanks ��… Steve, UK

  • Coconut oil production is decimating the land the last wild orangutans call home. How can we have our oil and help these amazing animals survive.

  • This was extremely enlightening and the advice certainly is life saving in my opinion. From the millions of opposing opinions to this video I feel this information makes much better sense. It is safer for me to avoid all oils as far as possible and I will implement this immediately from my next meal. Thank you for the amazing advice and information

  • I absolutely loved this interview! I love all things coconut and use it not only for me, but my dogs and they love it! Only the organic virgin coconut oil as not all coconut oils are equal. Thank you doctor for this great information! The twins were so knowledgeable! Blessings to all!:O)

  • Coconut water is one of the healthiest drinks in the world, but it’s so important to know which one to buy. The differences in quality are really big. If you can’t get the fresh whole coconut, which is obviously the best choice, make sure to buy raw. It shouldn’t be made from a concentrate or heat pasteurized. I explain more about this is my article:

  • Back to the real world. What kinds of option do we have against oil type? Coconut oil may b not the best, but i feel it is better. Right oil, right way of usage. Our body still need fatty asid. Right?

  • I think it all come to how much ingested and micronutrient in daily diets. I have been making coffee bullet with eggs and coconut oil more than a decade, now I am 49, with healthy body, muscle mass and live in the Coronavirus densed area in Stockolm never use facemask. It all come to homeostasis state of the body.

  • So high MUFA foods like avocado and macadamias are bad for heart health and should be avoided? And is it not the case that the harmful effects on endothelial function of olive oil is eliminated when mixed with either balsamic or red wine vinegars?

  • I enjoy your videos very much you are absolutely right about oils, we don’t need them to make our food tasty. I haven’t use any oil in my cooking for about three years now, I have followed a plant based diet ever since. My blood pressure is better than ever, and my cholesterol dropped to 91. I eat walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and tofu, among other healthy fats.
    I make a split green peas soup two days ago, I gave some to a friend of mine, she called me to tanks me and asked for the recipe, because she eat all at once. She couldn’t believe that I sauteed the onions and garlic without oil, and tasted so good. There are plenty of spices, and condiments to make our food heavenly good.
    Once again thank you very much Dr Lome, your videos are pretty helpful, keep posting please.

  • Please let them stay with water and other great drinks. And let Islanders enjoy their coconut water. Stay safe and healthy at a time like this.

  • This is why we need to do our own research this guy is working for the energy drink company coconut water is much better than everything

  • The reason why westerners hate the taste because it’s no longer fresh, you need to export it from tropical countries, bottled/packed coconut water contains additives and sugar to prolong the taste because it will ferment after 1 day. Fresh coconut water tastes sweet not salty or whatever that person is saying

  • There are many kinds of coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is safe and full of benefits. Do not generalize coconut oil as one. Please…

  • Dr. Becker, I have followed you off and on for years and so appreciate, trust and respect you and consider you a national treasure. But with this new integrative vet interview series, you have slam-dunked yourself into The Will!!
    I have loved the three IVs I’ve heard so far and want to learn (take courses, read the books, hear all the interviews) all I can for my pets. Things are.being explained so clearly by such good-hearted, ethical people!
    If you wouldn’t mind (and I can add a beneficial codicil to the Will wherein you figure even more prominently, if you would please tell me the names of the beautiful plants I see around/behind you and how you keep them so shiny.
    Thank you again for the great things you have done and will do for all of us and our beloved pets!�� Sue

  • New subscriber! After I watched your video of your life here and in Mexico ❤️, similar to mine btw! I LOVED it and your personality!

  • Thank you for the information and reminder. Gave my 4 year old pup some coconut oil topically and let her eat some and she loved it.

  • The science???????
    Science has been lying to us for more than 120 years.
    I don’t believe anything they say untill i check it out!
    I have checked it out!

  • It’s very confusion because other sites say that coconut oil isn’t good for pets. I do use it any way every other day in my dogs raw diet. Can you tell me how much coconut should they bget per day?

  • How much to feed? I just adopted a new dog and he started licking my hand and face whenever I used coconut oil on myself, so I know he absolutely loves it. I started adding it to his food, but am not sure how much is enough or too much.

  • Canola oil (Canadian oil) is highly processed all GMO flaxseed oil. When fed to lab rats they had significantly lower birth rates and slightly shorter life spans.

  • I have a 4 year old Beagle with ear infected twice lots of shedding inflammation of paws and arthritis! I just gave her some of my coconut oil! I am excited to try this regularily!

  • I have a very anecdotal story of my own. I adopted a very red skinned, hairless, miserable Chihuahua. The second I got him I rubbed coconut oil on his skin and fed it to him 2x daily for about 3 weeks. I still feed it on and off and now he has a thick gorgeous coat

  • What I was hoping to hear being new to the uses of coconut oil, was how to feed it to my dog? How much a day is recommended?
    Is it put into food or just let my dog lick it because shes completely obsessed with it! She would eat the entire jar if I let her! I rub it on my skin and she loves to lick it off lol

  • Olive oil is so important to your body you don’t know how important it is? The worst thing to your body which makes people fat is fast food and junk food i eat olive oil every day in the morning in my breakfast as i said if you want to be healthy stay away from fast food at all

  • What about mustard oil then is that dangerous too? I cant believe that u prove that even extra virgin olive oil is bad for oral consumption maybe i cant believe that to be true….sorry…becuz extra virgin olive oil is said to lower LdL cholestrol.

  • I’ve been on a vegan diet plus some chicken [only way to describe my diet] for 9 months and I’ve halved my blood cholesterol to 1.09 mmo/L for HDL and 1.90 mmo/L for LDl.I haven’t restricted my oils at all but now I will refine my diet further in the light of this information.I too was under the impression that olive oil was good but I am mainly using canola.Thank you doctor for the video.

  • Dr gundry is also a cardiologist from CA at loama linda institution. He RECOMMENDS olive oil. You Drs lose your credibilityshen one says one thing the other says another. Who’s right? Who do you believe and trust? The contradiction is extremely irritating. I was vegan for 4 years, within that 4 years i started smelling so bad people around me were making comments. It was brutal. Veganism suppto be such a clean healthy diet why did it make me smell so bad

  • Since I have cut out the olive oil (which I used to pour onto practically everything) and greatly reduced my nut consumption (although I still sprinkle a few organic walnuts on my cereal, along with chia seeds and flaxseeds), I have lost about 10 pounds (170 lbs to 160 lbs) in the last couple of months and notice other benefits. I had already stopped eating meat and dairy several years ago, but have now greatly reduced my fish consumption as well (but take capsules from algae containing 450 mg DHA + EPA as a precaution). I have several servings of fruit a day (including organic berries) and am currently trying to learn how to prepare healthy dishes containing a variety of organic vegetables, grains, and legumes using my new Instant Pot.

    I am certainly grateful for all the excellent advice I have been receiving from scientists and doctors like Dr. Lome recommending the whole-foods, plant-based diet without oil in a number of outstanding YouTube videos! Some very informative and moving documentaries are also having a big impact. It is very exciting to see more and more people recognizing the tremendous benefits of such a plant-based diet for the health of people, animals, and the planet!

  • If it is time for you to die, you die. Our time in this planet is not forever. I know someone who has cancer stage 4 but he died from gunshot wound! All foods and oils now have side effects. What matters is a person has the intention of taking care of himself/herself. We just do our best. I see a lot of opposing opinions about what is good and what is bad. My God! I will just look at my parents who eats butter, cooks food on coconut oil and other vegetable oils. My father is 92 y.o and my mother is 89 y.o. Their minds are clear but of course they don’t walk fast anymore.

  • Again WOW! I love the way you explain this controversial subject. You have made it very clear thru research and studies that oil is not right for everyone.
    Thank you.

  • The most informative and concise explanation of the relative and absolute risks to health of added oils and fats that I’ve seen/heard. Much appreciated.

  • There is more to coconut oil It is rare medium chain fatty acids. A basic society in India got more of it’s calories from coconut oil than everything else put together! They had no heart attacks or strokes and nobody got fat ever. Active into their 80s or 90s until their hearts just wore out. The advanced cardiologist were livid with the AHA on their hit piece on coconut oil. IT IS A SUPER FOOD>

  • So many conflicting doctors on YouTube. Who to listen to?! We are all guinea pigs among gardens of poisoned food….even the organic food is tainted. Yeesh.

  • I don’t eat any oil. I only spray a very very small amount of olive oil spray on my air fryer to prevent the food from sticking. Hopefully that’s not really enough to cause too much of a concern.

  • I was listening to anther video where a Romanian dr said that study have been done on coconut oil to be taken with balanced meal three times a day and will remove the stuborn fat.
    Also we should always have protein in our meals so the body burns fat and no muscle.
    I never knew that.
    Hope this helps.

  • Gutzumer please! Also, do I need to worry about the negative effects of coconut oil via skin application? Thank you for your informative videos!

  • I am in awe of these three beautiful intelligent women with a wealth of information for our pets. Thanks Dr. Becker for having these two beautiful Filapina’s on your blog.

  • I’m almost oil free now but apparently my raisins are coated with sunflower oil, but I figure it’s a tiny amount. I bake my own whole wheat bread and even started lining my pans with parchement paper. I guess a thin layer of oil to prevent sticking is still ok but then when you heat oil it’s even worse apparently. Anyway I’ve been avoiding oil for about 2 months now and can see my belly fat reduced, I believe it’s the way to go. Now I wish I could convince my mother about this. She was almost angry at me when I said I avoid oil. She said I don’t agree with you. She uses coconut oil and olive oil. My father had a bypass surgery 9 years ago, and he keeps eating animal products and food cooked with those oils. I feel powerless, I can’t do anything and wish my father stays around for as long as possible.

  • Click bait+Needless complication. Coconut oil is good oil. Its natural-from nature…not from a laboratory. Millions of island people use heaps of the stuff every day and they are very healthy.
    This is just click bait filling your head with needless complication. Ignore it.

  • Coconut oil protecs and repairs the myline sheaf.
    Theres many testimony s that say its not only stopped Alzheimer’s but reversed it.

  • Yeah, coconut oil prevents fatty liver, plus palmitic and stearic acids are the only ones that don’t inhibit glucose metabolism, avoiding problems such as diabetes, etc. I’ll keep the coconut oil and butter 😉

  • Funny thing, a friend just told me that her doctor told her to eat a tablespoon of coconut oil every day so she can get her “healthy fats”! Ha! I told her that her doc is wrong, coconut oil is bad, and she said her doc knows all about nutrition and she trusts her. So there you go. People will do whatever their doctors tell them to do without hesitation and they won’t listen to counter arguments or evidence. I told her that doctors are not trained in nutrition but she wants to believe her doc is right and knows it all.
    I think more doctors are coming on board and telling their patients about proper nutrition, but I wonder what percentage of doctors don’t know and are still misleading their patients.

  • Wow, great information! I am a Vegan but never looked at oils in this way. I will have to just cook with vegetable broth. I love my oil based dressings. Boo hoo!!

  • I so wish that this information was preached to restaurants. It’s a bummer not to be able to eat out because most restaurants put truck loads of oil in the food they prepare, even vegan ones. I’m learning that even the new alternative burgers contain oil, so they’re out for me. Thank you!

  • i’ve noticed literally no benefit from not eating oil the passed two years… in fact, i’ve noticed NOTHING from not eating refined sugar and salt. I eat greens every day and I still notice nothing. Only whole foods. I supplement b12, eat ground flax. Following all the Dr. Greger Daily Dozen foods. I’m wondering what is even the point when there’s people around me who eat junk and are very happy and are more productive than me. I feel like nothing even matters. Eating healthy is pointless if I’m unhappy.

  • I’ve listened to many many Drs on unrefined Coconut oil, first time I ever heard this, interesting.
    I have had great success with unrefined Coconut oil, I do eat great vegetables every day, but not at the same time.
    I have formulas also on reversing the aging process.

  • NO meat, dairy, eggs, fish or oil for four+ years now. I’m 68, work hard in my gardens most days and go to bed at 8, wake up at 4, feel great most of the time. I try to walk at least 2 miles 6 days per week. 99% of my diet is Organic and I grow some of my own food. Life is good. By the way, we did not evolve into existence (FYI). itellwhy.

  • We use organic unrefined Coconut oil topically for any skin issues on our pets. It is effective against hot spots and most skin irritations. Always trim the hair off any effect even area before applying.
    It is good internally as well. Always be careful about how much you let your pet consume. Our 5 pound Yorkie gets 1 teaspoon every other day. Our larger dogs can, consume more, of course. Too much can cause terrible diarrhea and other digestive problems so ask your holistic vet for a recommended amount. Each pet is an individual so watch for how each pet is effected by it. Start out conservatively and go from there.
    Coconut oil helped our adopted little pet that had terrible allergies. Daily application of organic coconut oil on her hot spots healed the surface wounds she had inflicted on herself. We put a cotton shirt on her to keep her from licking the coconut oil off (she loves the taste of it) and she healed up quickly. We put her on a raw food diet and she eventually was free of her “seasonal allergies.”
    It takes time for allergies to go away. After years of being fed awful commercial pet foods a dog or cat may never completely recover, however, they can improve greatly on a healthy diet.
    Read the label of most commercial pet foods. That is bad enough but by law the multi billion dollar pet feed industry does not have to put every ingredients on that label. Because it is such a huge and rich industry the corporate heads pretty much tell the FDA what they want and the FDA obliges! Many of our government agencies no longer work for the people. They work for the corporate world that now owns over 60% of our economy.

  • So, Doc, I don’t do oils, but I do nuts and some seeds. What’s my limit, being that I meet your requirements for one who can have some oil?

  • the sentence.. as nature intended.. i find that nonsense.. you would i will not take any medicine because its not in nature. we humans improved for the better. in that sense why can’t we make oil if it was good for us. and how big is the risk i need to see the first the whole food,no oil vegan live much longer and more healthier then others. adventist study showed that the vegan had better BMI and less disease but where not free from disease. and if i am correct the people who lived the longest where not the vegans but the pescetarians,who also ate little dairy from time to time.

  • Great video! I do not use oil when I cook. It is extremely challenging to get oil out of my diet when I am with my family. They just do not get “no animal products whatsoever.“ I have not quite figured out how to explain to them that all kinds of oil are best left alone.

  • Really enjoying the vids you’re producing Dr. Lome. You are our new favorite Plant Based doctor! Keep up the great work…we need more like you.

  • When I went plant based after being told I had high blood pressure, my wife and I cut out oils. I lost 3.5 stones and now we do add a little oil but only when cooking roast potatoes. We now only use frozen veg stock for sautéeing food.

  • You can consume coconut oil with Desi Ghee(from the Desi cow).This Ghee is made up of SCFA’s(Butyric Acid).It’s a great detoxifier and improves colon health.

  • Staying slim after being a long-time chubby vegan has been effortless since I simply stopped cooking all my food in oil. I still eat out and get the occasional added oil (can’t do hummus without oil! lol)… but at home, where I eat most of my meals, I cook all my meals in water. I also cut out the vegan mayo (gardein nuggets dipped in mayo anyone?!) and buy 100% peanut butter (no oil or added sugar). I even got a great recipe for oil free / sugar free granola for my morning smoothie bowls that’s seriously so good still! I eat SO much food still, but oil was truly the culprit of my weight gain.

  • Great vid, good channel! I never use oil with my meal prep, and I prep 95% of my own meals….I only run into oil at an occasional restaurant get-together. I can’t believe how many people think that oil, such as olive oil and coconut oil, are good for you….it’s nuts….just think about it common sense-wise, and you can see that it’s not a good idea. Then there’s the science…..

  • Man, you are good. I just discovered you and consider you in the top rank of wfpb advocates. Thanks a lot for your thoroughly informative presentations.

  • great video
    can i ask?.ive been following dr caldwell esselstyns plan now..STRICTLY…for just over 2.5 yrs…..i was and still am an asymptomatic slim (bmi 20) 5’6″ 58 kilo, 58 year old female….once i went low fat WFPB within 3 weeks my cholest dropped 34% to 158….dropped 7 kilos over time…BP always good..even better now at 110/90..

    but for whatever reason i struggle to get it well below 150?.& ldl below 80??.& for the life of me i couldnt be any more adherent than i am?
    i got it as low as 148.5 through reducing fruit to 2-3 pieces a day….i havent had a skerrick of oil in any form for all of this time…only 1 tablesppon per day of ground flax seed for my fats…no you mind looking at my food to see if YOU can see anything that eould explain why my chol jumped again this last time to 165…and my ldl jumped to 93?.im stumped….i know people dont have a heart attack bc of a number..that as long as my diet is pristine thats enough probably for someone otherwise healthy but i keep wondering whether any of my daily foods unknowingly contribute to increases in chol?
    brekky..1 cup rolled oats..2 handfuls raw red cabbage..1/4 tsp turmeric, pinch of pepper to activate it…2 tsp real cinnamon, moderate handful frozen blueberries, 1-2 tablesppons fresh ginger
    lunch8 thick slices sweet potato..2 big handfuls of boiled kale.home made bean recipe (just kid beans..cumin..coriander..chili..
    smoked paprika)…lots of lettuce pepper carrot..followed by an apple or pear
    dinner…same as lunch..just different beans…on about 2 handfuls of steamed broccoli and other non significant vegies

    i dont drinkanythinv other than water. dont smoke…dont use any products with added salt….AND even take his advice to eat 6 big handfuls of cooked greens a day….interspersing them in meals and between meals all day
    sorry Dr…im just flummoxed at why i cant seem to get it well below 150..and the ldl down?

    about a year ago i saw esselstyn saying 1 brazil per week may be good to lower cholesterol so i have that 1 measly nut religiously every week…..the only thing im now wondering about is soy….i have mo soy at all EXCEPT ive been having about 2 cups per day of a full fat soy milk on my oats bc here in Australia you cant get no fat soy milk, like esselstyn suggests… ive been 1 week now having no soy milk to see if that could be the culprit?
    i know it may sound obsessive being so determined to get it well below 150 but i noticed esselstyn himself wasnt satisfied at 148…was only happy at 135
    i dont go out to eat?? home fulltime…exercise no undue stress…..any suggestions???…could it be ginger..or cayenne pepper?..or is soy likely the culprit???
    its just a mystery i wish someone could solve for me…it really concerns me that it jumped from 148 to 163 this time…and the ldl too?
    thank you

  • I never realized how many foods had added oils in them. That’s crazy! I feel like i just learned 6 months of studying in one video, you saved me a lot of time. Thank you so much!

  • Oil is processed food.
    Oil is your enemy.
    Any kind of processed oil is bad for you, including olive oil.
    Everything has oil in the nature, including nuts and seeds.
    Just eat whole food

  • I do very little oil. Don’t cook with it. If I eat out try to find foods that are low in oil or none. I have a family history of heart disease. I get blood work to learn how I am doing.

  • You are right on it! And elimination diet of all meat products and oils of any kind resulted in a 60 pound weight loss in less than six months and I have never felt better! The minute I re-introduced oils into my vegan diet/whole foods diet the weight lost Stopped. One very Important and powerful Side effect of eating a whole foods/no oil diet was an increase in stamina, the reduction of inflammation in my joints and I generally felt better and had less occurring incidents of anxiety and depression. Thanks for all of your information! I really needed a jump start today to get back on my track! ✌������������

  • Great video doctor! Oh my goodness. I too fell prey to the idea that you could spread coconut oil on your toast and have it be better for you than butter or jam. I shake my head at my ignorance. I look forward to rounding up the oils in my kitchen and putting them on notice. It makes sense. I’ve been vegan for eight years and still struggle with obesity. I’ve been putting coconut oil and or olive oil in everything trying to ensure that I was getting enough healthy fat. LOL! The fat you eat is the fat you wear. That hit home. My heart thanks you.

  • I gave up oil over a year ago. My cholesterol dropped 14 points immediately, my 5.0 A1C dropped to 4.7 and my hot flashes went away. I do eat out sometimes and avoid as much oil as possible. Most restaurants I frequent Do a decent job with my no oil request. There is some residual oil, it’s hardly anything to worry about, once or twice a week. I do take algal oil vegan capsules. They are very tiny.

    Thanks for another great video!

  • Love your videos..great content. Going to try again with the wfpb way…tried before(half hearted commitment and failed. Was too hungry all the time. Been bingeing on your vids and feel encouraged to try again..

  • Wow! This has been eye opening! We are vegan but still trying to transition into plant based and have noticed that in many vegan recipes videos people cook with water instead of oil, we thought they just dont want to gain weight, we didnt know how harmful it can be! Thank u so much for the video!!! It was very well explained. Could u please elaborate more about what a whole plant foods diet consist of? Especially what it is not included there? The picture of the 3food groups at the start was soooo interesting! And u mentioned that processed food also includes refined grains, I wonder which ones are refined grains. We are trying to eat plant based from Mon-Fri cooking at home and on the weekends eating out so we do consume on those days vegan chicken or vegan pork, nugguets, burguers or those type of things u find in restaurants. Now I think maybe we shoul do that only once a month.

  • Please talk about triglycerides.
    They say ■ carbs are culprit from grains as it causes insulin resistance not fat as you mentioned ■ And advocate protein intake. Omega 3 and saturated fats
    ■Also nuts. Almonds have very horrible omega 6 to 3 ratio 2000:1
    ●Walnuts have 10:1
    ●Flaxseed is fine
    ●Hemp seeds is ok
    and how do you propose to reach 3000 calorie goal on vegan diet without fats /oil ;/
    ■And how would we absorb fat soluble vitamins without fat?● A D E K■
    How about mustard oil?

  • can i get enough omega 3 from nuts and seeds? i am allergic to flax and chia seeds. want to keep my ldl down it became a bit elevated when i was doing keto but have not had a check since going vegan but elevated ldl scares me as my father died very young

  • No oil for 3 years now. My BP is around 105/60 most of the time. Pulse is 48 bpm. Total cholesterol is around 110. At 43 years old, I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. WFPB is the way to go. Thanks Dr. Lome, for your efforts at helping people know the truth about the healthiest diet for the human species!

  • Keto heads think oils are great. Could you explain how they will end up sick because they think they feel better will loose weight on ket o

  • My clients and patients always ask me about oils….I always recommend that they use no more than 1 tablespoon a day on perhaps a salad with some vinegar and that they use flax or chia oil and keep it in the fridge to prevent spoiling….it always helps raise their HDL and of course lower their LDL because it is so much lower in saturated fats than almost all other oils….Most are just unaware of these oils and once they find out about them have no problem changing to them….education prevents….

  • Hey, thank you for this video! I really like the videos that you do. It’s wonderful to see a doctor actually making videos about this. I always learn so much from your videos. Thank you!

  • if you prefer coconut oil…in my diet i eleminate some other fats like ice creams donuts or refined sweets bad carbohydrates etc.

  • Such an excellent video! Thanks for cramming in so much amazing research and references! Definitely sharing and rewatching this one. Keep up the great work��

  • If you have the Apoe4 gene like me you wanna take your fat levels as low as possible. No oil for sure. After doing this for 1.5 months I went from having high cholesterol (ldl score of 265 to 85 ). My doc and natural path told me what the hell did you do. Pity they don’t even know something this basic.

  • When my son has the flu I put a spoonful of coconut oil in a cup of tea then when he goes to sleep and gets up in the morning. The fever and the flu is gone. This beats out shelling out money for Tamiflu.

  • Holly, thank you for all of the great tips! I’m definitely going to continue to use my coconut oil more often. �� All the best, A u r o r a
    P.S. Me encanta como hablas español, tu historia, y el hecho de que sonries bastante. Se nota que eres una persona muy linda y de gran corazón. ¡Saludos!

  • This is so good but I wish you spoke slower. So what if the video is a couple of extra minutes. Also, what do you think about the naturally occurring fat in avocados, nuts and seeds (and nut and seed butter)?

  • thanks for the tips! i love your channel and my daughter too! You are really very beautiful inside and out! Please say hi! ��������

  • I have very sensitive skin, but can you use it for an antibacterial if you have an allergic skin reaction to new different soap or detergent?

  • Could I use a face scrubbing device for the coconut oil face scrub? I have been recently getting really bad dry skin and I need extra exfoliation for my face.

  • Love the video! I have been using coconut oil for almost three years now and it has made a major impact in my life for the better. My hair grew tremendously, my dandruff/dry scalp issues were eradicated, my skin has become more supple and hydrated and it has helped control my appetite and sweet tooth helping with weight loss as well as weight stabilization. I wish I had incorporated this miracle oil in my life sooner! Coconut oil is truly the bomb dot com!