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Consuming alcohol after training efforts can reduce the body’s ability to replenish glucose stores. Foods consumed during or post imbibing tend to be more caloric and less nutritious which can lead to a lack of weight control and nutrients known to fuel performance. Alcohol is a potentially lethal drug and is a banned substance for certain Olympic sports. Education is the cornerstone for appropriate social use of this drug. Athletes and coaches need to be aware of the sports related adverse effects of alcohol consumption and its role.

Drinking alcohol the night before or after a game can affect your performance. Hangovers can result in symptoms of headaches, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, dehydration and body aches that can diminish athletic performance. There is no benefit from alcohol use for sport performance. Nutrition. Alcohol.

Drinking alcohol the night before or after a game can affect your performance. Hangovers can result in symptoms of headaches, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, dehydration, and body aches that can diminish athletic performance. There is no benefit from alcohol use for sport performance. One of the more obvious effects of alcohol is how it tends to decrease testosterone levels.

For athletes, this can be a huge hurdle, as testosterone fuels energy and competition. Furthermore, a decreased level of testosterone translates over time to a decrease in lean muscle mass. Denial: Because having a substance use disorder, such as an alcohol use disorder, is potentially damaging to an individual’s image and reputation, athletes are very likely to rationalize their use of alcohol and to hide it if it becomes problematic for them.

Think about it. Alcohol is basically poison (despite however much we all may enjoy it). When I read about all the ultra runners downing beer the night before a run or on a regular basis as a life choice, all I think about when I look at their race times (no. Alcohol (Ethanol) is the enemy of healthy skin. It is extremely damaging to skin—causing dryness, eroding the skin’s surface, deteriorating skin replenishment functions and affecting how skin rejuvenates itself.

SMOOTHAF contains zero alcohol, unlike our competitors. Learn More. His old coach famously accused John of favoring alcohol above anything else in his life.

He’s tried sobriety and fingers crossed he’s overcome his problems, but John Daly is without question the greatest alcoholic athlete of them all. Studies have indicated that alcohol (2-3 drinks/day) impairs testosterone levels by decreasing secretion of testosterone, which can impair protein synthesis & negatively affect the results from resistance training over time.

List of related literature:

In many instances, an athlete’s teammates serve as important social influences over his or her life, so if an athlete perceives that heavy drinking is normal or encouraged by his or her teammates it is more likely that he or she will also drink heavily.

“Principles of Addiction: Comprehensive Addictive Behaviors and Disorders, Volume 1” by Peter M. Miller
from Principles of Addiction: Comprehensive Addictive Behaviors and Disorders, Volume 1
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Athletes have been found to be relatively likely to drink alcohol in some studies but not others.

“Encyclopedia of Adolescence” by Roger J.R. Levesque
from Encyclopedia of Adolescence
by Roger J.R. Levesque
Springer New York, 2014

Athletes are stupid to imbibe because alcohol impairs coordination and reduces the contraction of muscles.

“What the Bible Says about Healthy Living: Three Biblical Principles That Will Change Your Diet and Improve Your Health” by Rex Russell
from What the Bible Says about Healthy Living: Three Biblical Principles That Will Change Your Diet and Improve Your Health
by Rex Russell, Limited, 2010

Athletes are less likely to smoke, but if they do, smoking may increase the need for some nutrients such as vitamin C. Alcohol consumption can add extra calories with little nutrient value and may play a role in the discussion about meeting the athlete’s goals.

“Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE” by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
from Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE
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The culture of alcohol abuse in some sports, usually binge drinking, brings with it unambiguous dangers to athletes in terms of vulnerability to anti-social behavior and alcoholism.

“Routledge Handbook of Applied Sport Psychology: A Comprehensive Guide for Students and Practitioners” by Stephanie J. Hanrahan, Mark B. Andersen
from Routledge Handbook of Applied Sport Psychology: A Comprehensive Guide for Students and Practitioners
by Stephanie J. Hanrahan, Mark B. Andersen
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Alcohol, on the other hand, owing to its disinhibitory properties, can make athletes who are prone to violent acting out more likely to indulge in violent behavior when under its influence.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
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Studies on alcohol consumption and the attitude toward alcohol among athletes have reported mixed results.

“Occupational, Industrial, and Environmental Toxicology” by Michael I. Greenberg
from Occupational, Industrial, and Environmental Toxicology
by Michael I. Greenberg
Mosby, 2003

In summary, the consumption of alcohol by collegiate athletes can be detrimental to overall health, nutrition status, academics, and personal safety, and therefore is not recommended.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
from Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition
by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
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Not surprisingly, these studies have also found that college athletes are more likely than non-athletes to experience negative health, social, and legal consequences as a result of their drinking.

“Encyclopedia of Social Problems” by Vincent N. Parrillo
from Encyclopedia of Social Problems
by Vincent N. Parrillo
SAGE Publications, 2008

Athletes may also fear that alcohol may damage their athletic performance.

“Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences” by Harold O. Kiess, Bonnie A. Green
from Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences
by Harold O. Kiess, Bonnie A. Green
Cambridge University Press, 2019

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  • What happened to Brad Keslowski’s interview from victory lane after winning the 2012 championship. He drinks the world’s largest glass of his sponsor’s product during the interview, too. Classic.

  • Courtney Love is still an icon, even though she definitely had Kurt killed. 1995 Madonna needed to be taken down a peg or two anyway.

  • Thanks coach Elizebeth very useful information, as a runner I have clear goals and I know alcohol does effect me achieving the goals So thanks for the strategies to minimise ��

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  • I was here in 2015…
    I am here in 2020…
    I was seemingly in the deepest abyss then… I am looking towards the horizon now…
    It was a struggle then… It is an endeavour now…
    I was afraid then… I am determined now…
    For, no matter how long the tunnel, there’s always light at the end…
    To all the fighters out here, just believe in yourself and keep going.

  • If you are watching this in 2020, stay strong �� and just know that you are a Legend❗����

    Life is a game, play it❗
    Life is a challenge, meet it❗

  • Hello, this doesn’t really apply to the video, but I am in highschool training for the military and I’m trying to achieve sub 13 min 2 miles and sub 35 minute 5 miles. Right now I’m about 17 minute 2 miles and I’ve never even run more than a 5k (which was 30ish minute, i couldve gone faster but i was running with a group and wanted to stay with them.) before. So how should I go about my training? As of now I’ve been doing 2 miles everyother day and 5 sets lf 100 meter sprints in between, as well as pushup/situp/squat training. Is this a good routine? If not what should I change?
    Ive got about 1 year, hopefully that’s enough time!


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  • I had no idea how much this video would resonate with me years later. I used to pregame this before a football game to get in the zone during high school. Now after a falling out with my parents and overcoming homelessness and depression several years later, it hits different.

  • I cut back on drinking huge in 2018. I loved rum and diet pepsi and quit drinking soda over a year ago….so I drank a lot less rum. It has helped in running, making better meals, better workouts etc. I occasionally will drink rum on ice as a treat but the benefits of just not drinking have been so positive I am not missing it. Also diet pepsi is kind of evil. (Whenever I visit my mom we drink too much wine though)

  • Im not the best at football but in 3 year i will be better and i will be A profesional player and im 15 years old today is 2020 i will come back in 2023 because i believe in myself

  • Good job, you really nailed everything down, hammered it home good. I have been struggling with this one lately. Have been completely alcohol free for over 18 months now. After a recent break-up with my girlfriend. I turned to my long lost friend RUNNING.. After that one early run i realized i had for the most part abandoned running because of my relationship with this girl. What a wake_up call. So now im on 9 days of consecutive runs. Im in a better place. But the main point, i have been tempted to drink alcohol. This very good video solved this dilemma..Thank you

  • Omg the Ben Affleck one was incredibly bad… if that happened in this day and time, that man wouldn’t have a career anymore��������������������

  • Running made me give up on drinking almost instinctively. I used to be a social drinker, but after I started training for my first marathon I decided not to drink anymore just to dare myself and to see how it would affect my performance. Long story short, I finished the race under 3:25:00 (which was a great performance for me) and a few days later I had a few beers and realized I couldn’t drink anymore. My body rejected it and I hated the feeling. Since then, I never had a drop of alcohol and I feel great, and don’t miss it at all. Great video, I love your channel. “Cheers” from Brazil!

  • Life is all up to you and the weak give up on themselves, don’t be that person. I was 23, I lost everyone I had and got laid off, with bunch of debt on my name. Didn’t have education, so couldn’t find a decent job. Lost all hope, started drinking and doing drugs because I was weak, then one day out of nowhere I woke up and decided to change things. My last hope was military, went in there. 2 months in had to wait go to boot camp so I was working at this diner, sleeping in my car. Went to boot camp, then got a decent job in the military, learnt A BUNCH while was there. Once I got out, I applied for an apprenticeship in steam fitting, and now 7 years later I’m living my best life, making over 100k a year. I adopted a beautiful kid and I’m on my way to have one of my own with my wife. The point is that I DONT WANT YOU to give up, nor the ppl who love you or even a lost loved ones would never want you to give up. Keep pushing, there’s always hope and there’s always a way! God bless you and wish you all the luck.

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    Mill View court used mainly as holding for potential threats. Both are named after the hypnotic affect of watching a mill turn.

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  • I just got graduated and I am struggling to get into the working life. I have applied to 30+ jobs and been in 5 interviews during last 2 months but have not gotten lucky. Today when I found a place I could apply I was like “What is the point? I will not get chosen anyways.”. Then I remembered this video and now I will write that application. I will show those who did not choose me that they chose wrong.

  • We fall because no matter what no one understands me or what I’ve been through. In return people want me to be normal when I don’t know what normal is.

  • Ever since I was litle I’ve wanted to be an astronaut and when I told my parents ands friends they laughed and said ‘aren’t you aiming a bit high I mean your just normal’ but I know it’s pretty impossible but I just can’t not try like that’s what I have been thinking about ever since I could think. So I’m not gonna say I’ll come back in ten years I’ll just say

    If I do become who I want to be ill be back.

  • I know coaches and teammates that say, “you HAVE to go dry for the season if you really want to be great.” That is a load of BS, most pro athletes I know drink year round, they simply do so in moderation.

  • I have sickening migraines and I find a beer on and off helps. I couldn’t get appointment with doctor putting insomnia down to anxiety the pain and nausea was indescribable the migraine kept me up all night. Some anxiety the pain was so bad bnf I vouldnt actually exercise I’m now up nine pounds couldnt even sleep hit 6 stone 10 so my body fat did not increase however, I counted it. 6 stone 10 does suck a bit I’m very short.

  • For Paula Abdul, she has since talked about having had multiple injuries and chronic pain from them that caused her to be both sleep deprived and have to take pain medication. She also mentioned that biofeedback treatment has changed her life and made her not have to take any kind of medication for years now. If you see her recently you notice a huge change in her. It’s really nice to see. Anyway, point is is that she definitely wasn’t drunk. It was likely a mix of pain medication and truly being tired. It will do that to you!

    There were also multiple cities in her ear, which explains her “is THAT what is is!” comment— they probably explained to her that they were having audio problems.

  • U can drink but only beers because if you drink liquor it sweat out easy and it take out all the water out from your system but if you drink beers then it stay in your system. That’s a fact☺️

  • This is great, thank you for sharing! I just feel like many of todays athletes (even non pro) are way too hardcore when it it comes to not drinking alcohol. With hardcore i mean that they have never even touched a beer. Now some people can be sober and still hang out, but I feel like many atheltes who chose not to drink at all are missing out on so much social stuff because of that and it hurts them in the long run.

  • this sounds like a fellow justifying his alcohol habit. the research on alcohol and athletic performce is clear and was not mentioned.

  • The challenge with drinking is the moderation thing. Abstinence is way easier. Much less to think about. Alcohol can also trigger arrhythmias. As you get older, they become more common and high level endurance training will not prevent their development.

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  • removing alcohol was one of the most difficult parts of taking my training + diet to the next level. Sober since 2018 and in the best shape of my life!

  • Greetings. Here’s my take on human addiction. Humans have a overall mood that lets you know if you are doing the right thing (mammal behaviors). So, that mood is the sum of exercise, eating properly, being social, etc. Most people are not doing this at all, and are getting a mood warning from their own brain biology. Their mood drops, and instead of doing the right thing they use mood-boosting drugs to artificially elevate their own mood. Then they do this as a habit and are stuck for lifetime on a whole cocktail of useless drugs and bad behaviors. If you do the right thing in the first place (exercise, proper eating, being social…), you never need to fall into the trap of badly adjusting your own mood for a lifetime.

    Exercise, or be miserable… When you exercise you get a mood boost (this is called “runners high”). You’re supposed to exercise as a daily habit (workouts), not a yearly habit. Sports were invented to make this interesting (not just sitting around and watching sports on the TV, and eating ultra-fatty foods and drugs). You’re supposed to be looking for more exercise in your life, not avoiding it. Nobody that is exercising cares about their weight (and never “diets”).

    Good luck, my fellow apes.:)

  • for the adults here 21+ Ain’t nothing wrong with having a couple of beers every now and then, Especially as an athlete. + hav some common sense.

  • I’m 57 and recently went to a funeral where there was an open bar. Had 4-5 craft beers and a few hours later ran 8 miles. NOT recommended at all, but everything is relative. If you are mentally disciplined, this type of thing will take care of itself. Keep things in perspective and you’ll be fine.

  • But how much water do you drink? I have a problem when I don’t drink enough water and I think that has caused me running issues. I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve had my heart tested I’m starting to wonder if but I don’t drink enough water. I drink a lot of water when I run, but I’m still on the lower end of kneading or craving hydration. But if I have a beer I noticed I barely ever drink water. Research suggests that a fibrillation is caused specifically or lack of water.

  • I get wasted alot on and off and i exercise alot, and i noticed the alchol completely screwed with my energy systems at the same time i was getting GERD or acid reflux, I was running so slow for like a month. So i guess alchol screws with your bodies ability to convert energy.

  • Lots of different opinions about alcohol. I have never had any positives from alcohol consumption. I stopped drinking alcohol a long, long time ago and no regrets.

  • I quit drinking 10 days ago and already I can see some difference and improvement. Don’t want to throw away more years like that. Yesterday at a party I was the only one who was completely sober. Funny ain’t it?! Lol

  • I’m not sure why but almost all of the great athletes I’ve met my entire life have some sort of “bad habit” like drinking, smoking, doing cocaine or eating a lot of junk food�� of course it turn bad when consumed in excess

  • 10 pints of Guinness, followed by a 10k the following morning, no problem, 40 minutes. Not bad for a 52 year old. I’ve been drinking all my life, heh if it’s good enough for the tarahumara it’s good enough for me. Life’s for living, there’s always someone faster

  • As I get older, I go to Vegas when a season is over and take 10 days of Buffets and responsible drinking. I don’t love to drink or get drunk, but I like it socially. Oddly, I come home 5 lbs lighter and all my aches and pains are gone. Do not underestimate the healing powers of just chilling and having fun and vacationing.