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Ion exchange offers the benefit of increased selectively in what is and is not filtered compared to cold-filtered whey protein. While ion exchange yields some of the highest concentrations protein per serving, there are a number concerns around using this filtration process. also, ive also seen that caesin and whey again dont really make a difference in terms of protein absorbtion in the long run. ive read some articles that cold filtered whey is better than ion exchange, but is there enough of a difference to warrant concern? or is. While concentrating the proteins membrane filtration does not change the protein profile of naturally occurring whey proteins, where as ion exchange changes the protein profile and selectively takes away the more beneficial bioactives like alphalactalbumin and other components, which are the most valuable components of whey and have functions like stress relieving, faster recovery and.

Not every whey protein powder is denatured to the same extent, but it’s all denatured. A more highly concentrated (isolated) whey can be made with combination of ion exchange and ultrafiltration. Ion exchange processing means getting the protein away from. Micro and ultra filtered whey protein isolates are the best proteins available for athletes and other physically active people.

MF/UF whey protein isolate has a more complete protein profile than IE whey protein isolate: MF/UF isolate supports the whole athlete: muscles, digestion and. The taste, types of cows used, grass-fed vs. grain-fed, heavy metal testing, artificial colors or sweeteners, cold processed vs. high heat, isolate, concentrate, hydrolyzed or ion exchange, etc. As you can see, it has become a science of its own to determine the best whey protein product for you beyond the amount of grams of protein.

The main difference between whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate lies in the amount of protein contained per scoop of protein powder. Isolates are processed and filtered to contain approximately 90-percent protein per scoop, with the majority of the fat and lactose removed. Whey concentrate powder is filtered further to remove some fats and lactose compounds and has a final protein percentage of 50 percent to 89 percent.

Whey isolate, an even more processed form of powder, has the majority of lactose and fat removed and is at least 90 percent protein by weight. Many supplement companies tout that their isolates are more ‘pure’, and may brag about what filtration processes they use (ion exchange, cold-filtration, ultra or microfiltration; these terms are common for whey and casein proteins), but this is up to the company to decide and not an inherent attribute of whey. Ion exchange: Ion exchange protein powder is made by taking a concentrate and running it through what is called an “ion exchange” column to get an “ion exchange whey isolate.” The benefit of an ion exchange isolate is that it gives you the very highest protein content per gram, but the higher protein content comes at cost: a loss of many of the.

List of related literature:

It makes little difference if your protein has the latest “whey isolate ion-enhanced” mumbo-jumbo in it.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
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Whey isolate is the purest form of whey. lt has less moisture and lactose than whey concentrate, so gram for gram you get more protein for your money than with whey concentrate.

“User's Guide to Nutritional Supplements” by Jack Challem
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However, whey protein isolates are reported to form firmer gels and be more sensitive to ion concentrations and pH changes than whey protein concentrates (Lorenzen and Schrader, 2006).

“Functional and Speciality Beverage Technology” by P Paquin
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Whey protein isolates (≥90% protein) are typically produced through ion exchange (IE) or cross-flow microfiltration (CFM) techniques.

“NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
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The main difference between UF permeates and the various whey types is typically the virtual absence of whey proteins from the permeate.

“Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences” by John W. Fuquay, Paul L. H. McSweeney, Patrick F. Fox
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higher heat treatments are utilized in order to denature whey proteins, which enhances water retention and viscosity.

“Handbook of Food and Beverage Fermentation Technology” by Y. H. Hui, Lisbeth Meunier-Goddik, Jytte Josephsen, Wai-Kit Nip, Peggy S. Stanfield
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The use of whey proteins as carriers of sensitive bioactives relies on the formation of cold-set gels, which offers interesting opportunities to develop whey proteins as carriers for hydrophilic, heat-sensitive bioactives.

“Microencapsulation in the Food Industry: A Practical Implementation Guide” by Anilkumar G. Gaonkar, Niraj Vasisht, Atul R. Khare, Robert Sobel
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Consumers documented differences in flavor liking among beverages that differed only in protein source, confirming that (off) flavors from whey proteins carry through into ingredient applications.

“Milk Proteins: From Expression to Food” by Mike Boland, Harjinder Singh, Abby Thompson
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The ability of the yogurt to bind whey will be reduced by cold disturbance.

“Technology of Dairy Products” by Ralph Early
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Ion exchange is especially beneficial for demineralizing water and whey.

“Principles of Food Sanitation” by Norman G. Marriott, M. Wes Schilling, Robert B. Gravani
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  • Excellence illustration, covers all the main points. Thanks
    ,But I suggest that it would be more reliable with the original voice.

  • Although I always appreciate the marriage proposals (they keep my husband on his toes), I’m happily married and plan to stay that way.:-)

  • If you are going to take protein powders you are better with isolate, much better protein for you in powder form. The best protein is to eat meat. Happy New Year

  • the key factor when choosing a protein powder seems to be the percentage of real/complete protein per serving size (scoop). apparently if it is in the high 70 to 80% and above mark, it is worth having. some isolates will reach that mark where most concentrates fall into the mid 60% (and lower for some of the cheaper products) range. the calculation to determine the actual pure protein yield is very simple: you just divide the grams of protein per serving (scoop) by the grams per serving. the main thing, i think, is to choose a product that yields both a high percentage of actual protein per serving coupled with a high amino acid content; specifically the essential amino acids.

    EDIT: the more i research this the more i think i’m not sure of the validity of my above statement. one of those issues where the more knowledge i gain the more confused i get. for example, there may be a better yield of aminos in concentrate? who knows.

  • With anything in the health industry if your information is not hot off the press it is probably outdated.
    Whey protein isolate, now processed by ultra-low temperature microfiltration process can contain a full balance of undenatured bioactive whey proteins. Which means all the protein benefits with out the extra fat and calories. The purpose of a protein shake is PROTEIN. I am sure that America gets all the fat and calories during the rest of the day to make up for it.

  • That’s a good women:) anyways I’m having trouble finding a flavored powder with just the concentrate. Know where I can get some? and I’ve heard whey isolate can cause hair loss, have you read about this?

  • I’m a skinny guy! Which whey is good for me? I’ve been using weight gainer for last 2 months didn’t get much results. I want to increase my size rather than increasing my weight! So which whey is good for me?!

  • I find that Whey Isolate is great if you suffer with migraines, The flashing in the eyes goes quicker than normal and you are not left with a sore head, If its good for migraines it must be powerful stuff, especially that Hydro Whey.

  • i used many protein powder from optimum,muscle pharm,dymatize whey but after few weeks starts giving me diarrhea,stomach upset  and all money goes waste though i eat diary products i dont think i have lactose intolerance……i  thinking to buy organic whey  from grass fed cows will this work?

  • i agree that mercola is full of crap and by the way he looks his powder are not doing his job i hear that guy saying i work out with nothing in my stomach hahaha sos hes working on a catabolic state how can you trust a guy who makes an statement like that

  • The best powder I’ve found (and use every day) is Jarrod Formulas pure whey, unflavored. It has only the ‘essential’ proteins and will not give you any bloating or gas. Just stuff a whole vanilla bean in the tub to flavor it.

  • I am confused on bioavailability. Isolate “is more easily digestible because it has already been broken down.” Dr. Mercola says concentrates are “much more biologically available to your muscle and your metabolism than the isolate because the structure of the protein has not been changed.” These seem contradictory.

  • Great info Will. What are your thoughts on Whey Hydroslate? I’ve read that this absorbs faster than concentrate or isolate, but I’m kinda leery of things that are too modified in labratories!

  • How do you space creatine usage and whey protein usage after a workout? Do I take the creatine immediately after my workout. Wait for a couple of minutes then consume a protein shake? Does it really matter how both are consumed to get the best results?

  • What kind of Doctor is this Sam Robbins? On his website he claims to be a nutritionist, a label ANYONE can apply to themselves without any qualifications. Dieticians on the other hand are qualified

  • Pardon my ignorance, but since going to an Osteopath and getting tested and finding out I’m allergic to casein and gluten intolerant (along with a leaky gut and Candida yeast infection to correct), I’m in a flurry to educate myself on nutrition. So, if this is a whey “concentrate”, does that mean it would have Casein in it?? Or put it this way: If a protein powder, whether isolate or concentrate, doesn’t list casein, is that a certainty that it doesn’t have it?

  • so if a label that is protein concentrate says 24g of protein perserving means that you would be getting less than that when consumed?

  • “Denatured” has to do with the protein 3D structure, when it is denatured it has been affected by heat so that the 3D structure unravels and bends out of its natural shape. The amino acids that make up the protein wont change, though. 

  • Man I dont trust these powders and all that medical stuff pills and etc. Im talking about protein drink by mixing and blending certain foods. It doesnt have to be much liquid too but as long as it is easy on your stomach and youve taken the nutrients you needed.

  • What would happen if I picked all the options in „boost your blend“? I am far from being an expert that‘s why I am asking:) Hoping for an answer

  • I was clueless at first when the seller asked me if i want isolate or concentrate… Hehe now i know. This is really helpful. Thanks

  • That’s for sure! Studies and opinions change rapidly in the world of health. Fat and protein really need to be eaten together for maximum digestibility and vitamin absorption. I am a HUGE proponent of healthy fats. Yes, American’s get plenty of fats. Unfortunately they are mostly unhealthy and cause everything from cancer to obesity. If sourced properly, the saturated fat from milk is extremely healthyparticularly in vitamins ADE& K

  • It is confusing & contradictory. Basically what is happening is that Mercola is saying “Isolate is terrible for you. It’s highly processed and denatured” while the fitness fanatics are saying “Concentrate is full of stuff I don’t want. Just give me the proteinno fat,no lactose,just casein.” It’s two completely different ends of the spectrum. I find that there’s a middle ground to subjects such as these. My clients have had GREAT success using any of these protein powders. Most opt for the mix.

  • Pea protein causes inflamation!? Where did u get that from i looked aroubd and found nothing to support. Can you elaborate more cause i take alot of pea protein with my vegan smoothies…thanks!

  • Dr Mercola sells whey protein concentrate. He sells lots of things that he claims have health benefits. I don’t think I would cite him as if he is a credible source. His recommendation is biased.

  • Any comments of you regarding home-made greek yogurt(without any sugar added) where milk is collected locally from grass-fed cow? Is it good alternative to good protein powder?

  • According to wikipedia Dr. Joseph Mercola has been under harsh criticism by medical and scientific communities, as well as Quackwatch, for making false claims about his products.
    He’s also a strong advocate of Alternative Medicine which I find highly suspicious.
    I actually watched the video that you recommended but I’m not sure if that particular video’s information was just a scare tactic or if it’s legitimate.

  • please help me you can only help me, sir i am doing workout gym last 3 months, sir 8 days back i have bought esaential whey protein, sir i have taken 2 times protein, sir i have sinus allergy last 6 years, after taking protein my head is paining and increasing nasal conjuction, so i have stopped taking protein, sir what to do please help me..

  • Can protein powder cause allergy? Last year, I started taking whey protein and after a week, I got allergy all over my body, which lasted for a year even tho I stopped taking it. I wonder if it caused my allergy.

  • I don’t think Dr. Merkola is trust worthy. Remember just because someone is a doctor does not mean that they are intelligent or know anything at all about what they are talking about. 

  • I went to my doctor asking for supplements and whey protein he replied that only best place to put these protein is the ” dustbin”
    this is paid advertisement.

  • My wife and I have been using TN beef isolate. Been loving them. The Natural chocolate is great and the Fruit Punch is really refreshing.

  • @Dr. Sam Robbins
    How do I get you for my Doctor? What is your State you live in?

    Even if I could only see you once or twice in a year, it’d be GREAT to have a Doc and a health mentor to help me!

    I hope I hear back from you! Talk to you then! Sincerely, Danny from Seattle!

  • Hi  Will just watched a vid from young lady by the name of Alison from HealthNutNation “Whey Protein Isolate vs. Concentrate: What’s the Difference? Almost different than what you saying. So is it possible you can take a look and let me know which way I can go. Thanks in advance

  • I know a whole lot more about whey protein than I knew 20 minutes ago thanks! I saw the whey isolate at Costco $50 for two 4 pound containers, but your video has me concerned over the lack of fat (you said the fat helps digest the protein). Also, at 6:50 you said Whey Factors has 15 grams of fat. I have a container of Whey Factors so I looked at the label to find it contains only 2 grams of fat (non-denatured, microfiltered).

  • In practice, concentrate, isolate and hydrolized have the same results (according to scientific publications)… Unless you are sensitive to lactose, no point of spending more money on those “new” formulas…. 

  • whatever is listed first, makes up most of the protein. most protein out there contain more concentrates, except brands like ON gold and MGN american whey

  • Why Dr.Mercola says…”whey protein isolate is bad go for the concentrate”.. and the isolate is expensive than the concentrate…I always use isolate unflavored just protein and no more….why is bad???

  • May I ask why you’re using linseed oil? I’ve actually never heard of it used anywhere but on wood! I’d recommend coconut oil in its place. If you’re using the shake to build muscle after a workout then you want it to be absorbed very quickly, therefore you would not add any fat. If you’re using it as a meal replacement then add the fat. Just don’t drink too much protein powder without any fat, as it rapidly depletes Vitamin A stores.

    How about sweet potatoes instead of oats?

  • My PTI says isolate and other say concentrate… After workout if u drink concentrate, how fast does it get in your gains also which is better for bulking??

  • hi there, good video, good content. easy to understand. Which is better for weight loss?
    Also, do i need to burn muscle to lose weight? please advise. very confused about this. Thanks in advance!

  • At least i am happy that your channel is going to die ASAP.
    You harm way too many people that listen your advices while you have no degree at all.
    Just a marketing brand to sell you stuff without any doc degree, the person in the photo is fake as hell, since you can’t find any photo of him expect that one.
    People wake up, this is the most fake channel that you can ever find!

  • People are claiming that the cholesterol in concentrate is oxidized and unhealthy.  Some also claim the sugar and fats are denatured.  These items are non-existent or minimal in isolate.  However, some claim the concentrate is a more “natural” form of whey protein because it has a ratio that is closer to what is found in nature.  I am not so much concerned about the cost, I want what is healthier/less harmful.  

  • isn’t stevia bad for testosterone and reduces our sperm count? if so, is monk fruit better?

    also does aloe vera contain phytoestrogens that lowers our testosterone and have it’s own component that kills our sperm?

  • What are your thoughts on powders that use isolates and concentrates in the same supplement? I could never figure that out.

    Thanks for the vid, it helped clear some stuff up

  • Eggs are denatured too when they’re cooked.  Denatured doesn’t necessarily mean damaged or destroyed, and not all whey isolates are created in a way that would destroy the proteins.  If it’s a microfiltered isolate it wouldn’t necessarily be denatured at all.  Whey concentrate is just the whey liquid you showed in the video evaporated and the fats, etc that remains.  As far as vitamins go you can always take a multi or get vitamins from another source.

  • This website don’t delivered out of your country are you only help your country we are nothing for you from other countries
    And you didn’t reply my comments…?

  • this is why Concentrates are better then isolates in terms of their BV and amino scores. to get isolate, you cant just cross filter it. it must be heated to strip the fat away. or more cruder methods include acid washing (the reason WPI’s taste bitter and not as nice)

  • Hi doctor Robbins how are you? Please does protein powder hurts kidney in long term, because as you know the protein powder is not absorbed as protein in real food. So the kidneys are forced to take all that protein in a short amount of time. Please answer me

  • one day people will learn that protein powders are just more processed foods made in a Laboratory and is horrible for our guts and small and large intestines! Second, protein is overwhelming to our bodies for our kidneys become stressed trying to process it! And lastly! Potassium is very underrated, and has more to do with building muscle than protein!

  • Hello Doctor! Can you please make a video on how one can use human growth hormone safely for bodybuilding purposes. Recommended dosage etc.

  • hahaha what a joke, go to your doctor and make a test of your insulin and then use any powder protein and tell your doctor you want another test of insulin you will be surprise how your high is your insulin

  • whey concentrates also have a lot more cholesterol so if ur eating read meats bulking up and ur getting a fair amount of cholesterol from ur nutrition whey concentrate can make u get mopre than 100%of the daily healthy amount of cholesterol.About the health benefits isolates can retain the health benefits of the concentrates if filtrated in a certain way,cross-flow micro filtration is the name i think.Anyway nothing wrong with concentrate in general

  • “Isolate is the only ‘whey’ to go.” LOL
    All kidding aside, great video. Very informative. I am going to go with the whey concentrate.
    Whey to go!

  • Acne can often be related to dairy intake, so you’ll likely want to go with the isolate as only the casein (milk protein) is present. That being said, I might recommend egg white protein powder for you instead… Just be sure to get enough fat with your protein, as it can rapidly deplete your Vitamin A stores.

  • Most people will tell you that Isolate is better. However, both work equally well for weight loss. If you would like to understand the weight loss process and how to go about it, I highly recommend The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss.

  • Most products seem to be using both in the ingredient listing. I’d like to hear your thoughts on how important the “cold processing” is?

  • Cool hack, although I’m vegan and I don’t even like processed foods and powders, but I still think what you have shared is quite cool, thanks

  • Thank you for the information! This is much better than the other stuff I had been buying and cheaper. But you do have me curious about oatmeal and why it raises cortisol levels. Will you be addressing this in a future video?

  • Thats very interesting especially comming from somone who looks healthy thanks!
    wonder what chemicals are used in the manufacture of it. I know sugar production uses 3 chemicals as in lime, sulphure dioxide and bleach. yummy! great vid!

  • Great video, I work in the supplement industry and I try explaining to people all the time that Whey is Whey. If you want more or less volume in terms of a scoop that is wat you’re paying for.

  • Wait! How can fat help in protein digestion? I thought that fat slows digestion down and you usually want protein to get fast into the muscle after a workout!

  • NzW (New Zealand Whey) Isolate, been using it lately and awesome stuff.

    Most of the proteins comes from China and is loaded with sucralose, aspartame, used for flavouring. Also the cows are given synthetic hormones and they cows in NA don’t eat grass year round, they are given feed which may affect the milk product which whey comes from.

  • Doctor, Can You make a video on penile enhancement, does jelqing work or any other natural remedies for enhnace the penis.. I have been Waiting for the video..