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While Intuitive Eating, includes mindful eating, that term was not in the public venacular, when the first edition of Intuitive Eating was published in 1995. Consequently, we used the term “conscious eating” to describe the process of being aware while eating. (I actually prefer the term mindful eating, because it’s less ambigous). I really wanted to explore the topic(s) of Mindful Eating vs. Intuitive Eating.

And this is by no means and exhaustive blog post about it either Albeit still a bit of a lengthy one. As mentioned, intuitive eating includes mindful eating in it’s broader philosophy. I feel that both are practices that encourage normal eating and more positive relationships with food, as they encompass listening to your body, respecting it’s hunger and fullness cues, and recognizing that there is not a right or wrong way to eat.

Whereas mindful eating is about being present in the eating experience in a non-judgmental way, intuitive eating is a broader framework that goes outside the eating experience, encouraging people to actively reject external diet messaging and change their relationship with food and their body. Intuitive Eating. Intuitive eating, much like mindful eating is about being in flow.

It’s about respecting and honoring internal cues from the body to determine what and how much to eat versus external factors such as the clock or what the rules are of a particular diet plan. On the other hand, if your concerns aren’t specifically targeted by intuitive eating, or you are interested in a more reflective, less structured. This also means that the real goal of intuitive eating is to LET GO around food. I’ll say that again: Unlike mindfulness, which encourages conscious and non-judgmental connection with your food, intuitive eating is about letting go around food. Intuitive eating encourages us to discover joy in eating and give ourselves the freedom and permission to find satisfaction in what we eat.

Mindful eating can be hard to learn. It can be a frustrating process, as with anything new. And by opening curiosity and awareness, we might notice things that don’t make us particularly happy.

And it involves eating without judgement. Intuitive Eating, on the other hand, is the term coined by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch in 1995 when they published the first edition of their book Intuitive Eating (aff link). Yep, this ain’t no fad diet or flash in the pan way of eating! Intuitive Eating has been around for over 20 years.

Mindful eating is the non-judgemental process of paying attention to the eating experience with awareness of the subconscious reasons behind your hunger (emotions, comfort, schedule, habits, etc.) Intuitive eating, on the other hand, is a bit broader.

List of related literature:

Mindful eating means staying focused on how each bite of food tastes, focusing again and again on this bite, this moment.

“The Worry Trap: How to Free Yourself from Worry & Anxiety Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” by Chad LeJeune
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Mindful eating is the polar opposite of binge eating.

“The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness” by Amanda Ie, Christelle T. Ngnoumen, Ellen J. Langer
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Many books have been written about eating with mindfulness, also called conscious eating or intuitive eating.

“Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating” by Meryl Hershey Beck, Jeanne Rust
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Mindful eating may be defined as nonjudgmentally paying attention to the food one is eating, to how the body is experiencing the food and eating process, and to physical and emotional sensations associated with the eating experience [103, 109].

“Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine” by James M. Rippe
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• Mindful eating is about opening the mind’s awareness to our food and to the body, before, during, and after we eat.

“Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food-includes C D” by Jan Chozen Bays
from Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food-includes C D
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The goal of intuitive eating is to return to a habit of using one’s own body cues for decisionmaking about food, and to also increase the mindful awareness of the results of those decisions.

“Treatment of Eating Disorders: Bridging the Research-practice Gap” by Margo Maine, Beth Hartman McGilley, Douglas Bunnell
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There is also mindful eating (Figure 3.3), which focuses on the sensations of eating—the smell, taste, and texture of the food and the experience of chewing and swallowing.

“Mindfulness in the Classroom: Strategies for Promoting Concentration, Compassion, and Calm” by Thomas Armstrong
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One inhibitory force may be sensory-specific satiety, which, as we’ve seen, is actually just a decline in the palatability of food as the meal progresses.

“Social Influences on Eating” by C. Peter Herman, Janet Polivy, Patricia Pliner, Lenny R. Vartanian
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This attention to my meals is what I call “mindful eating” [and] it is being in the present moment throughout the entire process.

“The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness” by Lani Muelrath, Neal Barnard
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Mindful eating is one aspect of mindfulness, or awareness, which is the seventh of the Buddhist eightfold paths to enlightenment.

“Food, Feasts, and Faith: An Encyclopedia of Food Culture in World Religions [2 volumes]” by Paul Fieldhouse
from Food, Feasts, and Faith: An Encyclopedia of Food Culture in World Religions [2 volumes]
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Thank god I found your channel! Most comprehensive, fair, clear and balanced view on health and fitness. I started calorie counting, I got stressed then went to the intuitive eating side for a while. It helped me to learn what I did best with and to reduce my negative thoughts and feelings about food. But I did not lose weight of course which was my goal. So I’ve gone back to calorie counting and I’m much happier and more balanced in my approach. I don’t think you can intuitively eat to weight loss, because you’re fighting your body in a way to get it to use fat resources. So I would agree completely education needs to come first. I’ve seen to many ‘I lost x amount of weight’ videos where the person in it had noooo idea about anything and just did what x person told them to do and they had no clue why. I like knowing why, so I’d never just do something like that without understanding why I’m doing it that way. And at the same time understanding if it’s the best way for me. I’ve had my eyes opened to how little were educated on such a basic human need, eating. I think people know more about their cars than their own bodies

  • This talk promotes healthy eating, which is inherently good.
    But does so for the wrong reasons.

    I’m guessing most who view this video will disagree with me given that most comments on this video are positive. So if you don’t like reading opinions which contrast to your own you should probably just stop reading now.

    In my opinion this talk preys on those with poor scientific understanding.
    This talk rings a lot of pseudoscience alarm bells…

    1) She is promoting her business! i.e. she wants your money.

    2) She describes scientific concepts but does not link them coherently.
    This appears scientific but makes little since to trained scientists. The body tightly regulates pH between 7.35 an 7.45. It is able to do so because the blood acts as a buffer giving it an astounding, but well understood, capacity to not change in pH when acids or basis are added. Also we have kidneys to remove excess acid.

    3) Her “evidence” is anecdotal. I am not doubting diet changes can help mental functioning but one story does not constitute as evidence.

    4) She has no scientific qualifications. Those she does poses are from non-academic institutions whose sole purpose is to make money. The title of nutritionist, as well as health and wellness consultant essentially mean nothing. In contrast to the title of dietician which is generally controlled by regulatory bodies.

    To me this diet seems nothing more than a diet focused on vegetables.
    Vegetables = good. Alkaline diet = myth.

    If you would like to follow a diet that goes against “everything we know about the chemistry of the human body” (Ref American Institute for Cancer Research)
    then do so, but please don’t pay anyone money to prescribe a diet plan.
    Personally I find nutrition is quite simple, “eat food, mostly plants, not too much”.

  • This may be an uncommon opinion, but I think you’re super informative and don’t really need the characters to explain yourself, I could see them as fun to do though, so keep doing you

  • I have just had a light bulb moment, I get it at last, instead of blanding out a binge, ride with it and watch and learn! Thank you

  • Loved this! Most people who need educating need to watch the last few minutes if only that. You make so much sense about what is ‘Intuitive’ eating. I’m currently a ‘flexible’ dieter with plenty to learn. I have a history of successful dieting calorie counting but fail to learn how to maintain it and end up putting those pounds back on. Currently day 3 of my 90 days and have 3 red crosses. #feelingproudofmyself Thank you Jordan for all your content (including the podcasts which are making my step bet steps so much easier!)

  • I began to bawl near the end when you referred to “the dark places.” I have had such a messed-up relationship with food my entire life…at least since age 4 when I awoke to the smell of French fries after my Grandmother had spanked me & I cried myself to sleep…both were my comfort in a turbulent childhood. I have abused many substances due to “my emotional stuff” and trying to shove all of that down into the recesses of my being and my last holdout is the misuse of food…my first love and my last unhealthy substance used as a coping mechanism. I am 60 years old for crying out loud!! I’ve had SO many “Mondays” (and today is one more) SO many restarts that it makes me dizzy thinking about the sheer obsessive focus on my weight, my size and on FOOD…Anyway, I could go on & on & on but I will not….THANK YOU for this video because this resonates with me & I am going to do the exercise you recommend cause I am curious…and totally could identify with your explanation of what happens when I go off the rails…it’s all well & good when it is smooth sailing for a time, but it is like the tension builds and I want to be aware of when I first feel that & the process I go through up to & through a binge….It isn’t even the weight part so much as the constant focus & obsession with every ABSOLUTE THING I PUT IN MY MOUTH … GOOD OR NOT SO GOOD …

  • Literally as you said “Do you get a second helping” to ease the tension when the meal comes to an end…that is exactly what I was doing. I had never thought to be aware of how I feel just at the end of a meal. So grateful for this video

  • Great info but tremendously nervous �� voice which is really not pleasant to listen. No offence, she seems to be a lovely lady but defiantly has performance anxiety!!

  • I love Kenzie lol. About died lol �� This video was diet education at its finest. My goal is to get to intuitive eating but I need to track for a while to remember what proper portion sizes are and also what makes my body feel good. I have fat I need to lose so it’s just smart to track for a while to educate myself. ❤️

  • Love this! Calorie counting and macro tracking actually helped me recover from an eating disorder, re-educating myself about nutrition. I could probably eat intuitively now but I choose to track still so I can regulate my weight for performance in a sport. IE promoters for some reason think that’s also bad and “toxic”.

  • So glad I found you and your approach to health… Should I track those “arsehole” meals in my calorie counter? Worried that will make me be an arsehole if I know how over indulgent they are in calorie/macros or do I plead “ignorance” enjoy it and move on and make sure my next meal is a healthy choice?? I’ve stopped binge eating and started binge “you tubing” your videos and podcasts the last week! In the education/research phase after 30 years of yo-yo dieting…. Truly sleeping so well knowing I had found the tribe I want to hang with!!!!

  • Is she pregnant or something? Not that I have never been on the verge of tears about something important to me but I’m a little concerned that her food choices have affected her hormonal balance.

  • Something that has always bothered me when hearing about intuitive eating, from more extreme people, is that I’m pretty sure (do correct me if I’m wrong) that certain foods will release more or less dopamine in the brain, which then ‘conditions’ the body to crave the foods that release more dopamine rather than because it needs the nutrients from those foods.

  • You are 100% correct on this its sad more people dont know but its hidden from us so we cant be slaves to the government say what u want its the truth, cancer is the biggest money maker ever the pharm industry is sick research all the evidence its fucked. The world is waking up, watch the truth about cancer. Or research yourself.

  • My eating speed is very very fast
    I normally complete my lunch with in five minutes.
    for past 3 years, i am suffering from chronic belching. recently I did endoscopy and knew i had gastritis.
    I am 22 yeas old male student (BS.Psychology) from Pakistan.
    I don’t know how to manage it.
    After eatings, conditions like burping, cramping and over fullness of abdomen is really irritating.
    (sorry for my broken English)��

  • Very good informative video.��
    Ironically I have found myself (for a while now) observing myself during “the bad moments” and asking myself questions about it and since I began doing that I have been taken on a road of self healing and towards the healthier relationship with food that I grew up with and somehow lost along the way.

    Is interesting for me to hear a professional say this is good. Only since I began doing this did mindful eating began working for me.��

  • This was SUCH a good video. SO. WELL. EXPLAINED. I thought I had a firm grasp on the difference between the two and what exactly they were, but thought, “oh heck I’ll watch it anyway, J is so great I’ll probably still learn something new.” Well… safe to say I learned a lot!! You explain things amazingly!!!

  • My Takeaways:
    1) check pH: 80 alkaline/20 acid
    2) Mindful eating: use senses, smell, taste saliva(chew 20x): sit silently, feel: be aware of how it makes you feel during, after, before

  • Its your fault take responsibility! What’s better for you? Do what you can do with the cards your dealt! GO FOR IT! Self control is within!
    Intuitive eating comes after 2 years

  • I’m going to try this. It occurred to me as you were talking that identifying my emotions around my eating is the last thing I want to do. But this is where the solution is found.

  • Thank you for this! I like your energy and you seem very wise! I so struggle with over-eating and compulsively eating junk food! I am starting to mediate usually when I binge I know it is bad for me but it feels so compelling that I do it anyway!!!!! Will work with some of your practices!

  • I found you through Obese to beast’s podcast Work for change and I’m so thankful for that!!! Now I’m binge consuming your content. Thanks for putting out all this information!!!! It really helps understand my problems and how to tackle them:)

  • Damn….I really don’t want to start tracking calories again. I’m scared it might lead me back down a negative path…

    But i’m trying to recover from bingeing and I need to be honest with myself with how much food I am actually throwing down…Decisions…

  • Thank you so much for your videos. After losing 20 pounds last year, I become a nervous wreck. All I could think about was food and gaining weight back. I would binge, fast, set a budget, fail, binge more, and I felt hopeless. After watching a few of your videos my fear and neuroticism associated with food is GONE. I’m on a 3 month calorie deficit (2 weeks in so far) and I feel great because I feel in control again. I don’t even know what products you sell yet, but what you’ve given me for free is priceless.

  • Very happy I found this.  It has filled in an awkward gap between the “raisin practice” and binge eating.  really pleased.  Grateful for your insight and your sharing.

  • This is so good!!!! I’ve been so conflicted with the anti-diet community. Don’t get me wrong, their message is so DEAR TO MY HEART, but I can’t help but feel that personal responsibility over my health and it seriously confused me to hear that tailoring your nutrition to your goals and to your health contributes to diet culture. I was so lost for so long. This helped so much. Amazing content as always!

  • Intuitive eating community has fucked me up with their good intentions. I’m a data lover but also wanted to condemn diet culture. I have ended up jumping in between tracking because I know it WILL work and saying I need cookies and that I should ignore weight loss and go over on deficit, and ultimately I am gaining weight. Hell if I know what to do now, just wanna get sexy again

  • Wow wish I found you three months ago! I fell for the intuitive eating facade after hearing about it on IG and then reading the book How to Have your Cake and Skinny Jeans too. I ended up gaining 10 pounds and then threw in the towel and went back to Weight Watchers. This makes so much sense. Do you recommend any books to understand more of the science? Thank you! Can’t wait to see more videos like this.

  • Thank you for the insightful speech! I haven’t had a problem with eating nutritious food but I do know I was lacking in one area, which was being mindful while I was eating. I’d usually be in front of my laptop screen or use my phone while I’m eating and that doesn’t let me stay attentive with my food.

    I tried mindful eating for my lunch after watching this TedTalk! I saw, I smelled, & I tasted each serving. I get to also focus on my chewing & breaking down of the food. I realised that I was already feeling full much earlier than expected, so now I know I’ve got to reduce my serving the next time! ��

  • I’m learning how to track macros and it has really helped me visualize the amount of food I’m intaking. I come from a background of overeating (a lot) and grew up in an environment in which I was supposed to finish eating everything, so with that being said I grew up needing to feel very, very full all the time. It’s taken me some time to adjust to macro counting and learning that I don’t always have to feel 200% full I just need to learn what being satiated feels like. And macros have been very helpful with that. Portion control is a beautiful thing. One day I hope to level up to intuitive eating at some point.

  • I do believe that when you’ve been eating a healthy and varied diet for a while, your cravings will become more specific. For instance when it was 37+ degrees celcius here for two weeks (15 higher then ususal for the time of year), I just craved (water)melon at some point during the day everyday because it quenches thirst like nothing else. It’s not something I ever crave (even though I find it delicious).

    But there’s definitely a learning curve. If all you ever eat are crisps, all those signals will translate to “eat more crisps”.

  • I recently started mindful eating mixed with intermittent fasting. I always make sure I am sitting down, in a quiet environment and really chew my food (it brings out all the flavour). What I noticed is that you feel more satiated with less food.

  • You guys are being way to kind to her. This Talk is completely disconnected. Starts with her nephew, then jumps on to alkaline diet then on to mindful eating. All the while she is extremely nervous. I would like to see her credentials.
    The Alkaline Diet is made up Pseudo Science.

  • Keep doing this spreading the exact knowledge thing! I love your videos, and this one was something one of a kind!

    Love from India ����

  • intuitive eating is mind control over body not body control over mind, is like “ok, some protein and fats for you, no carbs” or “ok, you just workout hard and may eat carbs and maybe some proteins” or “ok, you’re getting fat, a couple days low on carbs and fats may bring some benefits”

  • Great speech but the woman sounded like she wanted to cry from the very begining. It was rather annoying actually.
    Otherwise, very informative and interesting.

  • i am sort of Intuitive Eating but restricted on a vast variety of health foods and i have never calorie counted, i learned to understand how much i eat without numbers, and if there is a problem i eat less, or more for a few days to fix it, trial and error not numbers. i weigh myself more than once a day and try to understand the data in the long term, like i learned early that tea makes me 1 kilo heavier but temporarily, and 2 kilo fluctuations don’t matter in general except if you see it for a few days consistently but more than 2 kilos is probably food in my digestive tract, so i probably should not eat anything calorific more but also considering exceptions regarding what i have eaten e.t.c.! the good thing is i am getting better at it as the months go by it is more and more infrequent that i have to go into short fat loss periods! And regarding Protein it is true that sometimes i am hungry for proteins, no mater how many calories of carbs and fats and fiber i eat, I have noticed that especially if i have no protein in the house at the end of the month!

  • Just found your channel, IT’S GOLD!! So much valuable, honest info that anybody can utilize but especially those of us w past ED can appreciate at it’s highest value. Keep going!��

  • I love how much information is in this video! I’ve been on a weight loss journey, and naturally i’m just really bad at knowing, if i’m eating too much or too little. I’ve been hearing so much talk about, how counting calories is the devil. And that your body is supposed to know how much it wants, and needs. This gives me much needed reassurance, that intuitive eating is not something you are. It’s something you learn to become over time, and that it’s okay to use training wheels at first. This was truly something, i needed to hear out loud. Definitely subscribing for more! Really a great video. Thanks! ❤️

  • I came to watch the full video because of Kenzie, so now please give me more Kenzie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I love how she says “Brenda” hahaha

  • Wow how awesome is this i just got in contact with carrieann she told me about your book which i will be getting really proud of the awesome person you are so cool, dont know if you remember me sam from ny

  • I actually think that if you track and learn your own eating habits along with what is necessary to achieve your personal goals you can reach some combination of these two eating styles. Eating intuitively/flexibly becomes a natural, day to day habit that allows you to eat without guilt because you know what foods are needed to progress or maintain without a lot of conscious decision making. Eating becomes a naturally occurring blend of discipline and enjoyment. You can eat what you want within subconscious limits learned through repeating good decisions. The tough part is keeping yourself on the track despite the distractions and criticism of outside influences, ie. people telling you what you should be doing instead of what you know is working.
    Nice video Jordan. You are a good teacher.

  • i am mostly Intuitive Eating but restricted on a vast variety of health foods and i have never calorie counted, i learned to understand how much i eat without numbers, and if there is a problem i eat less, or more for a few days to fix it, trial and error not numbers. i weigh myself more than once a day and try to understand the data in the long term, like i learned early that tea makes me 1 kilo heavier but temporarily, and 2 kilo fluctuations don’t matter in general exept if you sea it for a few days consistantly e.t.c.!

  • So glad I found this video. A page on social media which is all about IE and anti diet culture has some really good points, but I dont fully agree with there view. Today I asked a question about type 2 diabetes because a close family member has it (plus other health issues causes by unhealthily eating)and if we should encourage him to eat more nutritious foods and live well. Not in a rude way but encourage and Express our concern because his father died of all the health related issues he has now. But the comment I got back from the founders of this page left me saying “huh”?
    They basically said I shouldn’t judge because I wouldn’t like if someone did that to me. And eat whatever, whenever even if ones health starts declining.

    I just can’t agree with that.
    So I unfollowed.

  • Sadly, the only thing my body tells me is that it’s hungry all the time. If I never started calorie counting on 2011 I’d be obese now. It helped me lose 50lbs and has helped me keep it off. I love your videos! I wish I had these when I knew nothing about fat loss.

  • Wow. I needed to hear this. Not necessarily because i give in to all my desires but because i have goals that are going to take a long time to achieve. For some reason hearing you say “go for it” gives me hope. Its all so straight forward, and you seem like a genuinely caring person so it is so easy to listen to you. Thank you!

  • Wow, I have worked hard at just blanking the whole binge episode, no wonder I am deeply locked in. Very fearful of staying mindful in a binge but I am going to try very hard, anything to get release from this horrible problem. Thank you Sabrina

  • I don’t understand. EVERYONE is flexible dieting then or not? I mean who (except bodybuilders 2 weeks before the show) has a 100% perfect diet?

  • We should all work intuitively. If your body is telling you it doesn’t want to go to work… fuck it, be homeless! Everything will be fiiiiiiinnneeee

  • Anxiety, grief, loss. Yes. Nailed it. I always want to take more than I could possibly eat so I can “have that pleasure experience,” as you called it, until I literally can’t eat another bite because I’m so stuffed. That’s the only time it stops being pleasant, but basically I get to say when I’m done. It doesn’t run out or get taken from me. I’m not being deprived.

  • The system of mindful eating sounds terrifying and nightmarish. I know it’s fashionable and supposed to be useful. But the whole idea about thinking about food as you eat is yeuky. Sorry! That said I appreciate that for many it will be useful

  • All I can think of when I watch this is how bad the biological mother of this 6th grader must feel when she watches this: it makes her look like her sister was a better guardian for this boy. And maybe she was? But I’m not sure I’d be bold enough to shout it from the rooftops and hurt a family member. She says the only thing she changed was “his diet,” but she also said this boy was sitting down to eat with a family breakfast and dinner every day for the first time. While I agree whole food are VERY important, other things she did right may be overlooked. Maybe he got outside more? Did she also limit his tv time? Maybe his mom let him watch tv whenever he wanted, and Ms Mayo did not. Does that make sense?

  • But if I eat until I don’t feel like it anymore, I’ll eat wayy too much ��
    Or does mindful eating help you get more satisfied, I guess?

  • She got up there and fell apart. I really tried to learn all i could from this and i want to impliment mindful eating into my life and see food as fuel as opposed to a source of pleasure. This is a good start.

  • *side note, your intro is sick but the volume is always a bit loud. The rest of your vid tends to be quieter so I crank the volume up, but then your intro always get me brah, Perhaps a little quieter intro? just a thot to make people hear ur gold content. *
    LOVE your videos! just subbed yesterday and donno Y I hadn’t found you earlier!

  • “If you’re body wants protein it will tell you”. I think the problem with the conversation had with this woman is not asking the right question. The question to ask her is “how will I recognize the message my body is telling me so I will know what my body needs?”. I think this because I see validity and identify with parts of what you both think. My body does tell me when I need protein…the added piece to this is as J said about education….as I have researched (for my personal journal) nutrition for years. I know a lot what macros/calories are in different foods and roughly know what an apple, a chicken breast, a donut or a bag of chips will provide me. J is right this took me years to get to, but these days I honestly crave what I am lacking. If I have had a more indulgent meal for dinner I CRAVE more nutrient rich foods for the following mornings breakfast. For me specifically if I am low on protein I know because I am HUNGRY, almost insatiable until I up my protein. The trick is getting your mind and body speak the same the same language, to bridge the gap of communication between the two. Your body always will tell you what it needs….the mind just needs to be educated in order to properly receive the message.

  • Too easy to be distracted. Mostly being in a hurry and simply not paying attention to what you’re doing. I ate mindfully for a few months, and noticed that I tend to slow down as my meal gets smaller. A lot of times I end up not even eating the last bite. But as soon as you start doubting that your time is well spent, it’s back to scarfing it down just so you can get on to the next thing.

  • Aww bless you you sounded so nervous but you still delivered some great info. I love that you talked about our body’s pH, its SO important. Its something that needs to be talked about more, it even has a huge effect on disease, including cancer.

  • This is a great video. We all want to experience the pleasure and not the pain, but it’s in the pain that we learn. Love that you address that.

  • It’s okay! Anxiety can get to the best of us… and I relate to this ted talk a lot. Good job getting your points across! It would have been easy to just walk off stage but you pulled through!!! That’s awesome!

  • Trying to heal my relationship with food. Your binge eating video was amazing and brought me here. Thank you.
    Also, I have been craving apples something fierce. I’ve been keto and brainwashed for years lol I definetely see some foods as “good” and some as “bad” aaaaand I’ve been binging and gaining weight for several months. I don’t know what to do. I’m so anxious and depressed and disgusted with myself. I want to walk away from keto and these are two eating strategies I’m considering.

    Pray for me lol ♡

  • Great information. I was given a book titled Mindfulness for dummies and in it, there is a chapter called Mindfulness eating. It opened my eyes to a beautiful key to living life eating with mind and heart combined. Peace and Love folks! Mr17

  • I appreciate your emphasis on the misconceptions on intuitive eating. We often forget that the original book ‘intuitive eating’ by Evelyn Tribole contains an entire chapter on ‘gentle nutrition ‘ which emphasises the importance of considering nutrition before you consume food.

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