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Dr. Marc Leavey, a primary care internist at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, described vitamins as micronutrients, or “chemicals which act to promote or expedite biochemical reactions within the body.”The majority of vitamins you need come from the environment and the food you eat, he said. Supplements, on the other hand, are the pills you can purchase at the store that contain specific. Continued.

For instance, the average person can take more than 50 times the RDA of vitamin B6 without reaching the upper limit. But some people develop symptoms of nerve pain with these higher. Taking some vitamins at a specific time, however, may reduce the risk of adverse effects. For example, depending on the type of vitamin, taking a supplement alongside a. Should You Take Vitamins While Fasting?

Posted: July 19, 2019 | Author: Jamie Fletcher. At a Glance: Fasting has many proven health benefits, including improved nutrient absorption. Some advocates claim it’s a good idea to take vitamins and supplements while fasting. Avoiding vitamin supplementation during a fasting period improves the. When you reach for that bottle of vitamin C or fish oil pills, you might wonder how well they’ll work and if they’re safe.

The first thing to ask yourself is whether you need them in the first place. Everyone has heard of multivitamins – those one-a-day pills designed to give you all the nutrition you need in one place. However, over recent years there has been some controversy amongst health experts as to whether multivitamins are advisable for everyone.

With so many conflicting opinions on the matter, it’s easy to get confused. Should. About 70% of older adults use a daily supplement—either a daily multivitamin or individual vitamin or mineral.

Supplements are helpful for people with diagnosed deficiencies, intestinal absorption problems, or certain medical issues that requir. Dietary supplements include vitamins, fish oil, herbs, minerals like calcium, and more. And if you take one, you’re not alone.

About half of U.S. adults do. The evidence regarding multivitamin use and cancer risk is also mixed. Some studies suggest no effect on cancer risk, while others link multivitamin use to increased cancer risk (6, 8, 12, 13.

Many people can rattle off the names of the most popular vitamins and the foods that contain them in abundance. But understanding exactly what vitamins are and what roles they play in the body is far more complicated.

List of related literature:

The EVM report concluded that, while current intakes of most vitamins and minerals are not harmful, several may have temporary side effects if taken in high doses.

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Joan Gandy
from Manual of Dietetic Practice
by Joan Gandy
Wiley, 2019

The EVM report concluded that, although current intakes of most vitamins and minerals are not harmful, several may have temporary side-effects if taken in high doses and a number may have irreversible adverse effects if taken in large amounts over long periods of time (Table 2.11.2).

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
from Manual of Dietetic Practice
by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
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And the potential risk of adverse events increases with intakes ≥10,000 IU per day if vitamin A supplements are routinely taken in these populations.1 Dosages of vitamin A in excess of 10,000 IU per day are associated with teratogenic effects, including cranial-facial and cardiac birth defects.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
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With the exception of a sustained diet of large amounts of liver or fish oils, food alone generally cannot supply massive amounts of vitamin A. Children tend to be more vulnerable to toxicity and overenthusiastic supplementation of children’s diets with vitamin A can be dangerous.

“Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
from Nutrition
by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
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The American Cancer Society recommends getting vitamins from a healthy diet, and if you choose to take a supplement, take one with 100 percent of the daily value (DV) but not more.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
by Nancy Clark
Human Kinetics, 2019

Not all antioxidants are similar, however, and regular supplementation of vitamin E above 400 IU per day is now suspected to increase the risk of all-cause mortality (death from all causes).58 To make matters worse, very few multivitamins contain anything worthwhile in addition to the vitamins and minerals.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

Vitamin A: Because potentially serious birth defects may result from high levels of vitamin A, women who may become pregnant, whether intentionally or not, should avoid vitamin A supplements and instead take beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the body.

“Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women: Global Women's Issues and Knowledge” by Cheris Kramarae, Dale Spender
from Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women: Global Women’s Issues and Knowledge
by Cheris Kramarae, Dale Spender
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Similarly, vitamin K supplementation above that provided by the standard multivitamin preparation is not necessary unless the patient receives frequent antibiotic exposures or has liver disease.

“Textbook of Therapeutics: Drug and Disease Management” by Richard A. Helms, David J. Quan
from Textbook of Therapeutics: Drug and Disease Management
by Richard A. Helms, David J. Quan
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2006

For example, vitamin A, beta-carotene, and vitamin E—while all healthy when consumed in food—have been shown to significantly increase death when consumed as supplements.29 The problems with supplements shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“The Forks Over Knives Plan: How to Transition to the Life-Saving, Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet” by Alona Pulde, Matthew Lederman, Marah Stets, Brian Wendel, Darshana Thacker
from The Forks Over Knives Plan: How to Transition to the Life-Saving, Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet
by Alona Pulde, Matthew Lederman, et. al.
Atria Books, 2017

However, women should be discouraged from taking vitamin A supplements (more than 700 µg) or eating excessive amounts of vitamin Acontaining foods, such as liver or liver products, during the first trimester, as birth defects have been reported (NICE 2008b).

“Mayes' Midwifery E-Book: A Textbook for Midwives” by Sue Macdonald
from Mayes’ Midwifery E-Book: A Textbook for Midwives
by Sue Macdonald
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

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  • My vitamin D level is 34. Is there any risks if I take vitamin D solution (the liquid Vitamin D, not capsules) which has 100000 IU in one go and not taking daily dose of 2000IU. The reason for that is because I keep forgetting to take the daily dose.

  • Most multivitamins dont have the same ingredients that conflict with each other. Show us the “those” multivitamins then. People call themselves expert by saying “dont use it that and that ” these days
    Another BS video,
    also Full-Body workout shit is same BS as this one. He’s assuming gene activitation which has no scientific data to back it up.
    I still didnt see any major bodybuilder who is doing full-body at high level. all BS

  • i like jim but this kinda doesnt sound right because the foods we eat sometimes have all these and would not take in some things. even if you buy his vitamins lol

  • Seriously? 50 isn’t high, the normal range is up to 100. So you found less than 1% of people had a level over that. Thus your comments are stupid as all get out.

  • For f..ks sakes……… NOW what the f..k are we supposed to do now? or what to believe? Out of five Doctors, four of them said to me it’s great for people when they don’t get enough sunlight, betacarotene or what the f..k.! The FDA are getting richer as well as the pharmaceutical companies globally are conning us out of billions of €$ or every currency. Know what?……….. Americans are the most gullible f..king assholes on this planet. It’s no wonder the OLD WORLD is turning against them. I’ve nothing against them, but I have lived in the USA for quite some time, and seen some bad sh.t happened there. One thing I hate about the so-called UNITED STATES of AMERICA and I’m ashamed of my ancestors who took part in it! DO THEY KNOW WHERE THEY CAME FROM?????? A f..king corrupt country. The Americans invented nothing, it was the old world that enriched them of their knowledge. Vitamin D3??? Can anyone please verify the God-f..king -damn facts?….

  • OMG I’m a med student and when I hear about people ranting about how more people should be taking vitamin D everyday and im like GIRL NO IT’S LITERALLY MORE HARMFUL FOR YOU LIKE STAHPPPPPPP

  • Multivitamins do work when you need them. Too many people already get what they need from food and sun, but still take vitamins and when they dont see a difference they just whine.

  • If you don’t have a gallbladder, I totally believe the ability to process vitamin D is greatly hampered. I now take a emu oil supplement, rich in K2 that seems to be helping immensely.

  • The first reason is bullshit. A normal meal contains a lot of different vitamins and minerals and if this was true then we would all be living with serious deficiency. The other reasons are also bullshit. Most multivitamins I have seen does contain the vitamins and minerals that this guy claims are missing. Take your multivitamins guys and dont listen to this bullshit.

  • What I do is blend a 100 mcg pill in a smoothie and take a few sips every 6 hours. Do you think this a reliable method? How long will the B12 last if the pill is mixed in food?

    You could theoretically use only one 100 mcg pill per week with this if you blend it with a food that you can separate in 21 portions (3 x 7 days) getting 4.76 mcg each time.

  • Thanks for the videos…where can I find the information on b9 causing breathing problems..I have been having shortness of breath (I noticed the pattern) ever since taking them ( I have stopped already) and how do i detox from them? Its been 10 days and still have difficulty catching my breath:/

  • So the reasons overall is that despite taking the multivitamins, they’re just not really even getting the vitamins and minerals into your body via absorption correctly? Interesting, thanks for the upload!

  • vitamin D3 should be taken with k2 together to avoid toxin, this is why most bottles of Vitamin D3 today comes with K2 together, so if you are going to buy vitamin D3 look for the one with K2.

  • On the other hand, healthy levels of Vitamin D are also rarely found in people who take supplements. You can take an absurd amount each day, and it will not improve your numbers. No one I know taking Vitamin D has seen any improvement in their levels upon supplementation.

  • 4000IU vitamin D with a piece of Gouda or Brie cheese for K2.

    Vitamin D poisoning with dosing under 5000IU is a myth.

    He mentions a case with 50,000IU for three months. That’s no different than overdosing on any drug. Not normal

  • Magnesium assists in the activation of vitamin D, which helps regulate calcium and phosphate homeostasis to influence the growth and maintenance of bones. All of the enzymes that metabolize vitamin D seem to require magnesium, which acts as a cofactor in the enzymatic reactions in the liver and kidneys. Always take magnesium with D3. Most people don’t need to take calcium, they need to take magnesium. We get plenty of calcium in our foods, but not nearly enough magnesium. The way to get calcium into your bones is with D3 and magnesium, NOT with D3 and calcium supplements. And K2…

  • When I take 5000 micrograms a day, it it better to take them divided over the day? I have once you can put under your tongue, I can thake them with me to Uni and work and put one under my tongue every 3 hours no problem, one of the nuggets have 1000 micrograms.

  • Always remember to repent of your sins (sin is transgression of YAHUAH’S LAW: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy) And Have Belief On YAHUSHA HAMASHYACH. HE Died and Rose Again On The Third Day So that you can be forgiven of your sins!

    HE Loves you! Come to HIM!��

  • Have Hypogonadism started TRT and to manage one of the TRTs side effects (thick blood) and prevent possible complications from it i started eating a ton of garlic and a bit of clove daily. Sometimes a bit of ginger too..also heard that pumpkin seeds can lower DHT so i also started eating that daily. But i think i might have run into a problem. My blood got too thin…on the CBC exam all cells are right in the middle of the range..200k platelets..but the coagulogram showed that my blood is not clotting fast enough for the normal parameters. I also did the stupidity of ending up eating a ton of almonds today without really realizing it also contains alot of vitamin E. I hope i dont die from hemorrhage due to eating blood thinning food since my blood is already so thin due to it….this stuff really works.

    Are there many documented cases of people who died from complications of thin blood derived from eating natural foods?

  • I am trying to find out what are the right levels of your blood work for D3 and apparently it’s a big secret cuz nobody can tell me I Googled it a couple years ago and found out but now they want to explain everything but the right levels for a man over 60 years old

  • Also the dosage needs to be adjusted depending on a persons complexion. Darker skinned individuals need more vitamin D than their fair skinned counterparts. The darker the skin, the harder it is to make vitamin D which is actually a hormone.

  • I have had blood work every year for decades…..and NEVER did I have a high blood calcium level until I started taking Vitamin D after a test for Vit D showed I was low….I won’t take anymore suppliments for anything…if I can’t get it in my diet or the sun…then so be it…..YouTube is harmful to your health

  • More confusing jargon from the medical field. I work in the field and the guidelines and suggestions change so rapidly it is no wonder people become noncompliant and give up. My level runs about 60 with 50 K per week with supplementation. If I drop my supplement level to 4000 a day, my level will drop to 30 or lower. It was 12 when they discovered it about 12 years ago.

  • I just took 10 b12 Vitamin pills and my heart sort of starting burning and my stomach ached i fell asleep.. and when i woke up the pain was gone but i felt depressed when i woke up tho..

  • So I guess I was wrong with myself as I was I taking 500mg tablet everyday? Sir if I eat one pill in two days is that alright then? Please guide me…

  • Even after 10 days of sunbathing in August, I still have 18 vitamin d levels in my blood. I’m mediterranean and this is nonsense. Also I’m a healty person.

  • I am so disappointed by observing that nobody give answers to questions raised in comment section, at least person who is posting video should answer the questions.

  • So one human took over 50,000 a DAY which was an insane number and lead to toxicity. You are a straight up idiot. A level 50-80 is great! Up to 10,000 IU daily is perfectly safe.

  • I was supposed to take Only one vitamin D2 once a Week and took one everyday i did not read Label Correctly and i was getting Really sick i was getting fast beating heart rate strong dizzness to the point i was about to faint i was getting weak and also Really Really sleepy to the point it was getting hard for me to wake up still have alittle bit of symptoms specially when im walking around for a period of along time i couldnt think right still cant i have like a hard time concetrating

  • 200 mg got within range of the optimal levels, 2000 mg got to the higher end, for the second chart greatest benefit was 200mg, it does show a lower risk at 1200 and 1200 absorption rate was 50 percent which is 600mg absorbed not 200, so maybe smaller amounts of c throughout the day would have some improvements. Vitamin c in large doses has been known to cure many diseases so I imagine the absorption rate would change if you were sick.

  • At 0:46 you show that by taking a supplement with 1250 mg of vitamin C the body only absorbs 46%. At 46% that would mean the body absorbed 575 mg of vitamin C. Clearly the body is able to absorb more than 200 mg.

  • So according to this info all the biggest brands are useless. So allllll the scientists and doctors that crafted these pills are wrong. Yknow why i HATE everyones…everyones OPINIONS on multivitamins? Nobody knows.. 100 drs say one thing while 100 others say another. You all need to get your shit together, get together and make a fckn decision.

  • I was just eating a cereal that has like TONS of vitamin A in it and after hearing that it can cause death I quit eating it �� it tasted so gooood though

  • tell me Dr. Des Harrington which company you recomended is the best and natural ingreadieance company made vitamine b12,,please tell me..

  • you talk about vitamin D. but there is big deference about D3 and D2 nothing explain that. also did not get any advice how much vitamin D should we take. give me some advice clearly D3 and d2 how much should we take regularly. please do not make people to scare taking
    vitamin D.

  • I have very low calcium which by what my neurologist told me that it causes tingling pain and or lines and needles in my whole body, would taking vitamin D gummies or pills help or not, thank you

  • Please be careful promoting this myth. I started supplementing Vitamin D about two weeks ago. Last Wednesday I got really sick with extreme flulike symptoms 101deg fever and chills, headache on both sides of my temples, backache and extreme fatigue. I actually thought I had contracted Covid-19, so I got tested on Saturday AM. Covid-19 test was emailed at 11pm. Results were negative. So I took an over the counter HIV test which was also Negative. I took my D vitamins and went to bed around 1AM Sunday morning.

    Around 4AM. I woke up with extreme chills. My headache and backache was now 10 times worse. Fever was 104 F. I felt my abdomen and noticed that my spleen was a bit swollen and tender. Note that I have never been this sick for so long before. I normally fight off viruses in less than 24 hours after symptoms begin.

    So my engineering brain kicks in. What have I been doing differently??? I have been supplementing 10000IU of Vitamin D. Also I noticed that about 2 hours of taking the D, my symptoms got worse. The next night (Sunday going into Monday) I did not take any vitamin D. I woke up Monday AM feeling much better. My spleen is a little less swollen, fever and headache is gone. Although I am a bit fatigue, I am starting to feel like myself. Not sure why but supplementing Vitamin D did not work out for me.

    This is Monday, 4/27/2020.

  • Note the date of this awesome video is already 5 years old so 50 ng/ml is now on the lower side of normal levels. COVID-19 is producing new interest in Vit D3 levels.

  • I’m pretty sure i have consumed too much vitamin A over a Long period of time. I am now experiencing rapid hair thinning. Will my hair go back to normal when my A vitamin levels drop back to normal?

  • I can’t function without 40,000 iu a day. I have not been taking them too long. I’d have to see after some weeks or months how safe it is to continue that dosage.

  • So if most don’t work. What are the ones that do? I ask for ur recommendations. I may be late for this video. I hope u see my message.

  • Sublingual vs typical pill.
    Time release pill vs typical pill.
    B12 alone or with food
    B12 alone or with other supplements.
    B12 supplementation guided by symptomatic response.

  • WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Very informative. I also take vitamin K2. My D levels are coming out fine for the last 2 years on 4,000 IU a day. No hyper calcemia. Bone density has gone from bad to normal. Im a 65yr old small woman. Getting a heart scan in a year to see if calcium is in the arteries.I take no calcium supplements. Eat very healthy. K2 is supposed to clear the calcium out of places it doesnt belong and escort it to the bones. Hoping for the best.

  • Omg I hate myself ��������I took more than my Dr prescribed. I hate myself so much and now I feel sick and I’m waiting for a lab test I’m so scared I have kidney failure or something ��������

  • Let’s ask the body how yo can tell the body if we see the tribes surviving in the jungle and you don’t see them eating so much food like us and taking vitamin c in high quantities

  • I don’t know if your 7-Eleven has this is called Refreshers which is 7/11 brand of Gatorade and it says 100% daily vitamins Nae B3 B5 B6 then on the back like for example it says vitamin B6 1.7 mg 100% so I’m not sure if it really is 100% but if you drink two of them drinks that considered too much vitamin I don’t know

  • Nope, you wrong. A human body needs to take 1000 mg of Vitamin C per every 25lbs of body weight, so if a person weights 200lbs, that person needs 4000mg of vitamin C. Take 2000 mgs in the morning with a full stomach and 2000 at night with a full stomach. A great brand is NutraBio which I get on Ebay. I also take Zink and Seleniun which helps each other for better adsortion. Zink and Selenium are great for Testosterone and prostate health. I am 50 yrs old and thank God I feel great.

  • You should suggest the correct one for people who go to gym every day cause they are too many in the market and we don’t know. Thank you

  • At 4:30 discusses the risks of bone fractures being much higher with vitamin D deficiency & enormously outweigh any minor risks of possible higher blood calcification levels

  • As someone dealing with side affects right now from vitamin D2.. Please please do not take any vitamin D without having your levels checked first and making sure your dr puts you on a correct dosage. My levels were a 14 and was told to get over the counter vitamin D 1000iu. I took D3 for a few weeks throughout 4 months and returned to my Dr. 3 weeks ago and he told told me to not take the D3 anymore and prescribed me to D2 50,000 once a week for 5 months. After the 1st dose I didn’t feel right. I was abnormally tired the next day and felt weird. The 2nd dose I developed a random pain on my right side under my ribcage. 3rd dose I took 2 days ago and the pain in my ribs returned only worse and also started having severe pain in my back and the side of my ribs and my chest. I hope to figure out what exactly is going on. Just wanted to make anyone who is considering taking vitamin D to be aware of possible risks and awful side affects that can come with it if you don’t take the right dose.

  • Hey. Any idea in how Much iron u Can take if youre an athlete? I take iron supplements, 14 mg per Day. (terra nova)… Doesnt push the iron and Hematocrit and hemoglobin sky high, It Is Just a way to keep them from going down through Time and heavy training. Currently they re in the low side, hematocrit low 40s,hemoglobin 14,5….my physio told me to go for 20 days for the 80 mg, stronger pils… Im 75 kg. Will it Hurt me?

  • Hi, i have sever vitamine D deficiency (only12)… i had taken 10.000unit per day for 1 year but when i checked after 1 year it still shows 12…. i am really worried it still very low… how much unit should i take in a day to get better..? Is there anyone who can answer my question..??

  • Soooo. Nobody is going to talk about the black and white painting on the wall??��‍♀️��‍♀️… I mean I did hear a little about vitamins! ��

  • after some months taking vitamin D (10000 iu/day) I developed pruritus/orticaria and insomnia…I had to suspend supplementation. it’s a pity because the first weeks after starting taking it, i felt great. I think that vitamin D from butter it’s enough for me.

  • Looking at taking a lower dose B12 mainly because ugh dose B12 gives me bad acne flare ups.

    Will try the 100mcg tablets daily and see how it goes.

  • Good video. Actually the isolation of alpha tocopherol was probably the biggest mistake in nutritional history. The following video describes this mistake in detail as well as why it failed as an antioxidant.

  • If most of the multivitamins don’t work (even’s own brand of multivitamin), WHY bodybuilding is still selling all these different multivitamin brands with zinc, magnesium, calcium etc in it?

  • my dad was hospitalised with really high BUN (essentially poor kidney function), just found out the cause is EXTREMELY high D3 levels, he was taking 60,000 IU a day for last several months. He was taking it with K2. We are both huge Dr Berg fans but my dad took more than the recommended. Dr has told him it was off the chart and the machine couldn’t go any higher.

  • Thanks for the clarification. If you one were to dose either 2 or 3 times per day, what would be your recommendation in terms of the potency of the do for each of those (2x and 3x per day)? Would there even be an available supplement in those amounts are is 100mcg the only real option even given the desire and ability to dose multiple times per day?

  • I just ordered a 44 supply container of Animal PAK…Everything looks good except for their Chromium is in the form of chloride and I don’t see any vitamin K…but other than that really good list of vitamins and other stuff

  • I have Calcium and Vitamin D by Swisse. I have one tablet a day. It contains 333IU of Vitamin D and 333.33mg of Calcium. Is this bad?

  • Thanks for this video. I accidentally bought 1000 I use! Can I open the gel cap and squeeze a third of it in a drink? Also, maybe it would be OK to take it once every third day? Would either Of these be acceptable? I opened it up so I can’t take it back. Thank you

  • Hi, very nice video! in my area I only find up to 1000μg of B12, does that mean I have to take it twice per week? isn’t that even better than the rest of the options?

  • You will never get full 100% nutrition from your food, most people don’t know how. Eat regular and supplement. It’s the easiest way

  • Sir my vitamin d level went to more than 150 and now lab report showed me iam vitamin d toxic. I used vitamin d supplement with out knowledge. Now i stopped d supplement. But facing bone pain muscle pain problems. How to reduce this level fastly with out any damage, plz plz help

  • how do you know if the b12 cancer study is legit? surely Dr Greger or someone would have brought it up.. take Pam poppers class.. she teaches how to spot faulty studies for a living and then get back to us all, i recently quit smoking and spend alot of time around wifi and cell phone radiation.. i really cant deal with worrying about getting cancer from taking a stupid supplement that i already have such an instinctive issue with

  • Calcium in the blood can happen when you are consuming a lot of dairy. Calcium cannot be logged in the bones without the correct ratio of Magnesium:Zinc:Iron:Calcium. Milk lacks the correct ratio to lodge the calcium in the bones. So the calcium is displaced in the joint, the blood, the kidneys etc.. The best way to get daily calcium (with the correct ratio of co-factors) is by consuming fresh spinach and fresh collard green. Dark green leafy veggies is how cows, apes, giraffes, elephants get their protein and calcium. As adults, They don’t suck teat for milk… LOL. Best way to know is to have your level of vitamin D3 checked thru blood work. If you have symptoms of D3 deficiency, your doctor can justify ordering test and your insurance will pay. Then monitor your level once you get on the D3 supplements. Sun screen/block only blocks the D3 from activating your immune system. Camelina oil allows the D3 while providing SPF to block the burning/cancerous rays. Studies at UofI and UofW have recently been done to confirm this. Also check out and the NEJM.

  • He doesn’t know what he is talking about. He says if you take 1000mg, your body will absorb %46 of it, that’s nearly 500mg. If that’s the case, then why does he say more than 200mg is a waste?

  • Hi today i got my (25 OH) Of My Vitamin D Test

    My Result Was 23.7 ng/ml He Said Your Result Is Normal

    However My Knees And Lower Back Still Hurts

    Dou You Think 23.7 Is Normal

    And What IU Of Vitamin D Should I Take?


  • I usualy drink a suplement that have 1000mg vit c after my daily work
    So that a waste?
    Or just drink that suplement by 4 people for best result
    Each people got 250mg right? ��