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Here’s my suggestion: Create an extra meal, and title it “Supplements.” You can log all your supplements here. The best part is that the app will remember the supplements you regularly log, making it super easy to add your supplements consistently to your food diary. To set this up, follow two steps: Log in to MyFitnessPal. I do log them, just to keep myself in check to remember. You cannot take calcium and iron together, which is why I take the vitamin C with the iron.

The vitamin C increases the iron absorption. If you were to take the calcium and iron together the iron would bind to the calcium and it would not absorb properly. So you don’t want to take them together.

Looking to maximize the time you spend at the gym? For a moment, forget the latest and greatest in supplements and workout gear, or the most recent fitness fad to hit the late night infomercial circuit. Something as simple as keeping a workout log can help you stay focused and keep you motivated as you chase down your fitness goals.

Let us first address the hyperbolic nature of this title. There really are no “must have” supplements. You can walk across the earth without taking a single pill, powder, ointment, tincture, etc, and many backpackers doeither because it’s not worth the weight, money, or they simply aren’t interested.

That said, people have hiked the entire Appalachian Trail without shoes. Just. Not enough is known about the safety of lycopene supplements during breast-feeding. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, avoid using lycopene in amounts greater. Probiotics also are available as supplements.

Depending on the reason for taking them, you may take them only for a short while. The effects from supplements go away a few weeks after you. If it’s a well-formulated, research-based, cutting-edge multivitamin and mineral which contains little or no iron and copper, you can take them for life, actually.

The research-based manufacturers tend to take out iron and copper due to free radical damage from them. If you are elderly, a little iron, say up to 6 mg daily, should be alright. The answer is a resounding no for most folks.

We believe it’s the same with probiotics. In other words, you can consume probiotic-rich foods indefinitely. The same goes for a daily probiotic supplement like Floracil50. You don’t need to cycle a probiotic supplement for the same reason you don’t need to cycle a multi-vitamin tablet.

Biotin supplements claim to give you better hair, skin and nails. But biotin does have side effects you should be aware of before you take. Vitamin D3 is used as a dietary supplement in people who do not get enough vitamin D in their diets to maintain adequate health.

Vitamin D3 may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. Important Information. You should not take Vitamin D3 if you have had an allergic reaction to vitamin D, or if you have high levels of.

List of related literature:

However, under DSHEA, structure–function claims are permitted on dietary supplements because dietary supplements may have effects on the structure or function of the body without the implication that they act as a drug and/or are related to disease.

“Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition” by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
from Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition
by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
Elsevier Science, 2005

It stresses, however, that although the acute toxicity of many nutrients is well documented, the long-term health effects (risks or benefits) of low levels of supplements have not been adequately studied (see Chapter 18).

“Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk” by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Commission on Life Sciences, Committee on Diet and Health
from Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk
by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, et. al.
National Academies Press, 1989

Supplements are not usually needed and should be discouraged because excess intake of most trace elements can (a) interfere with the absorption of other trace elements, (b) have toxic effects, or (c) inhibit the immune system.

“Immune Function in Sport and Exercise” by Michael Gleeson, British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
from Immune Function in Sport and Exercise
by Michael Gleeson, British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2006

However, there may be situations where intakes of vitamins should be increased by altering the diet or recommending the use of supplementation, e.g. poor eating habits due to constant travel giving rise to limited intakes or restriction of food intake to maintain low body weight.

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
from Manual of Dietetic Practice
by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
Wiley, 2013

Vice versa, it is likely that horses on a high-fat diet would benefit from a higher intake of vitamin E. Various health problems such as recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), nephropathy or gastrointestinal diseases can also modify the utilization of, and therefore the need for, several vitamins.

“Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition E-Book: Health, Welfare and Performance” by Raymond J. Geor, Manfred Coenen, Patricia Harris
from Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition E-Book: Health, Welfare and Performance
by Raymond J. Geor, Manfred Coenen, Patricia Harris
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

To date, no evidence suggests that extra vitamins or minerals taken either as a multivitamin and mineral supplement or alone will enhance athletic performance, increase endurance or strength, or build muscle, unless, of course, you are deficient to begin with.

“Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert Fueling Strategies for Training, Recovery, and Performance” by D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Matt Ruscigno
from Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert Fueling Strategies for Training, Recovery, and Performance
by D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Matt Ruscigno
Human Kinetics, 2019

● Protein: initially this should be modified through diet; however, if supplementation is required, the dose is calculated according to the patient’s weight and energy expenditure (general prescription is 0.8–1.2 g/kg body weight daily).

“Clinical Naturopathic Medicine E-Book” by Leah Hechtman
from Clinical Naturopathic Medicine E-Book
by Leah Hechtman
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

You should not go overboard on these supplements — that is why I recommend the tests and consultation with a nutrition specialist.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
from Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding
by Franco Columbu
Creators Publishing, 2017

At least every six months, inventory the supplements you are taking and review your reasons for taking them.

“User's Guide to Nutritional Supplements” by Jack Challem
from User’s Guide to Nutritional Supplements
by Jack Challem
Basic Health Publications, Incorporated, 2003

In fact, in some cases taking too many supplements can be harmful—large doses of the fatsoluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, for example, can be toxic, and megadoses of even some of the water-soluble vitamins can cause problems.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
VeloPress, 2012

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  • You can take too much vitamin c 1500mg is a lot. One multivitamin has the rda for vitaminc which is like 100mg. People that took mega doses in the 1000s of mg actually showed signs of scurvy when they stopped taking such a high doses. 1 multi 2 fish oil capsules 1 CA. Drink green tea daily no sugar. Drink coffee before workout and creatine and protein powder after. At night a lean protein and vegetable or protein powder and water. A lot cheaper and you do not need all is supplements and buying his powders.

  • Vegan pet food is complete bullshit and totally biologically incorrect.. This video alone makes me want to forget about athlean x. unreal

  • Not certain about the points made but,if anyone else needs to find out about
    how do i naturally increase testosterone
    try Mackorny Increase Testosterone Blueprint (do a google search )? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my co-worker got amazing results with it.

  • They really helped me,i stay healthy during the year because of vitamin c.Before that I was sick all the time during winter.You can see what I take daily in my video if you want.Take care if your self

  • Well, I know that vitamin D supplements saved my life and took me out of a depression. So, food wasn’t enough there.
    I think that getting all you need from food is a romantic illusion. Or have we forgotten how milk, orange juice, cereal, etc are often fortified with many vitamins?

  • Newbie here. Is it ok to take the BCAA + Glutamine (powder) before a workout and Creatine (powder) after a workout during a fasting period? Thank you for your time.

  • I take vitamins with my fast break meal because the body is so sensitive it seems like it would absorb more of the vitamins and nutrients.

  • Im planning on doing 1-2 day fasts twice a week. I plan to workout between 2-4 times each week. Will taking creatine/test boosters affect my fast?

  • a lot of people buy organic food, grow himself, collect wild plants and consume more than 50 years ago. The
    diversity covers the luck of nutrients.

    Yep, in my area of Europe there is not common to have recommendations for supplements without blood tests and I have a lot of people around me that didn’t consume any pills in the last years, and of course, no supplements. Yep, I hate these
    cheap people:), they didn’t feed big pharma but well feed theirselfs.

    It is any independent laboratory where we can test the ingredients of a pharmaceutical product?

  • What about all the medical evidence to suggest that megadosing some vitamins (namely Vitamin C) cures a number of diseases? Research Dr Thomas Levy, Linus Pauling, Dr Klenner for real medical cases.

  • That’s my dog Darla’s food, she is a vegan, go fetch!
    Ps. There is a crow… on a skull??? In the kitchen?? Maybe someone forgot those vitamins

  • Hello Thomas. You look Great! So Im trying to switch to OMAD from Intermittent Fasting(eating window 12-8 pm)and I usually took my supplements at 12. I would like to OMAD at night, and you are saying that if I take my supplements(lions mane, B,C,Moda and other nootropics ) at 12 will break my fast? Im new at this so.. Anyways THANK YOU!

  • This still surprises me, just how lot of people do not know about Custokebon Secrets, even though many people get great results with it. Thanks to my friend who told me about Custokebon Secrets, I have lost lots of weight by using it without starving myself.

  • add a little more popularity to this video, and cvs and Walgreens and all other other big pharmacies’ business is going to crush big time. haha cant wait to see what’s gonna replace them in the near future.

  • Not a fan of the “Studies show they don’t help you, because they didn’t reduce early death and cancer”. I’m pretty sure people aren’t taking multi vitamins to stave off cancer and random early death. They take them to be the best they can be, nutritionally, easily.

    To really say if they’re worth it or not, early death should be a very minor point unless they resulted in an increase, same with cancer.

    The facts people will be most interested in are things like, alertness, sleep, concentration, joint health, etc

    But hey they don’t reduce early death and cancer, mustn’t be worth it.

    Really does sound like a massive cop-out because someone just doesn’t like them.

    Statistically less people crash at over 160mph than at under the speed limit, so, it must be safer right?

    Proving a point, with an irrelevant but true statement really doesn’t do anyone any favours.

  • Every man reacts differently to testosterone.. Some don’t really grow facial hair but can have muscle mass.. other’s get bald but don’t have a lot of muscle.. it’s not all cookie cutter the way everyone thinks.

  • So many got a misconception of how to eat and which supplements to take. This is absolutely what i tell everyone i know, who’s not taking care of those basic things. Loved this video

  • This is some veritable advice. That’s why they are called supplements, they are supposed to be an addition to an already well-rounded diet. Keep it simple. I personally take:

    Multivitaminspecifically chelated vitamins and minerals. Vitamin in the morning, mineral at night.
    Protein PowderI use Optimimum Nutrition which is neither amazing nor is it bad by any means. Eventually will move into grass-fed whey isolate.
    Creatin Powder
    GABAthis is almost 100% for stress. It helps me relax and keep a balance
    Melatoninin low doses (no more than 1mg) cause I do shift work a lot.

    I definitely need to work on my sleep though. Don’t get nearly enough sleep and it is something I have been meaning to work on for a while.

  • S*x drive isnt an issue.
    But im always fatigued and tired, have memory loss so bad it almost feels like dementia (and im only 24 years old), patchy facial hair, depressed all the time, cant put on muscle despite working out and eating right.

  • I’m doing research on vitamis, supplements, and daily nutrients. it seems like there there is a lot of must know info. Anyone have any tips for a beginner?

  • Unfortunately most of this info is about useless multi-vitamins for people who don’t need multi-vitamins. There are millions of people who are deficient in very specific elements that can benefit greatly from targeted supplementation, who would otherwise be turned off because of both misleading manufacturer claims and cynical de-bunkings. Better advice would be to see a doctor or Naturopath if you feel chronically unwell and have some blood work done. Many medical doctors are putting people on Vitamin D supplements, Naturopaths finding patients with MTHFR mutations doing extremely well on methyl-folate, and endocrinologists who treat thyroid disease with iodine and selenium. While these conditions and regimens are certainly not appropriate for everyone, that doesn’t mean options should not be available to anyone.

  • Do up vote this comment if turmeric from YELLOWHALDI .COM has worked for you. I feel so good and energetic. I dont know why they’re so underrated.

  • Is it okay if i take beet root pills, fish oil,apple cider vinegar pills, panax ginseng, and garcinia cambognia during an 18:6 fast?

  • Low testosterone levels are also caused my excessive consumption of soy milk.
    Side effects may include: Whining about everything constantly & throwing temper tantrums in public lol

  • Does mag soothe from jigsaw break a fast? It has 5 total calories. Do these count? Thanks in advance. Love, LOVE! all your videos. Well done sir.

  • Swtiching to vegan protein due to the environmental damage and animal abuse that results from meat and animal products (eg whey protein)

  • Lmao ����… this is funny!!! Research how flawed the studies are on supplements!!! Smh… then ask yourself are these pharmaceutical drugs doing any better??!

  • Yes! I preach the samething!!! Only supplement where you might have holes in your vitamin D…I live in Alaska, where it’s kind of recommended to take vitamin D because lack of sunlight in winter months!!great video

  • I still have a hard time letting go of this one I want to believe that multi-vitamins really can fill in those gaps in my micronutrient intake, but it seems that the best thing to do is get a blood test to see if you’re deficient in any vitamin or mineral and go with your doctor’s recommendation for diet changes and/or supplements.

  • In the North, like in Finland, it’s recommended to have vitamin D supplements for like half a year, in autumn and winter, when there’s not much sunlight. I’ve read that the “recommended” amount is some number determined by what keeps the deficiency diseases away, so that’s why it’s safe to eat more Vit D than the “100%”. There was also some discussion about raising the recommendations.

    I’ve also heard that B12 isn’t really around anymore except in meat products (others say it’s because they put it there as well.)

    I don’t think there’s a downside for taking water-soluble vitamins, like B and C, a lot. Those aren’t going to get stored inside your body, unlike the fat-soluble ones. Taking Vit A, and some other fat-soluble vitamins can perhaps be too much more easily.. So I’m careful with at least A.

    I don’t care if it’s a waste of money. I like using supplements. I take multivitamins and probiotic bacteria rather regularly… they sorta give me some piece of mind, it makes me feel better about myself, and it also helps me remember my other meds.

  • It’s funny to me how the people who use their bodies to make a living like athletes (football, soccer,baseball player, MMA fighters, boxers, top nutritionist) all say that taking vitamins and minerals are a very important part of their regiment.

    But the people who don’t really look after their health and are not in shape are the ones recommending not to supplement or to cut it all out together.

    Here is a link to contradict everything on this video:

    That is Dr. Rhonda Patrick and if you ever listened to her (on Podcast or her youtube channel) you will realize very quick that she knows her shit.

    I spend around $60 a month on my supplementation, can’t remember the last time I got sick or even had a cold. I think those $60 a month are much cheaper than treating any of the deseases you can get from vitamins and minerals deficiency. I believe in taking care of your health, eating right (kale shakes everyday) and exercising, after all, you only get one meat vehicle per life.

    I love this channel and subscribe to it but my advice to anyone reading this comment is to get informed. Take care of your body and be the hero of your own movie.

  • Can confirm, morning wood goes away. I lost a bunch of weight and gained a bunch of muscle and my test went way up. Morning wood came back with a vengeance. Also, testosterone supplements don’t work at all, do some research and don’t waste your money.

  • If any, AND I MEAN ANY, of y’all need a Testosterone boost in an immediate, noticeable way other than supplements…

    2 words: BFG Division

  • Because they are synthetic, you need to buy RAW WHOLE FOOD vitamins.. and folic acid is not a vitamin.. it is the synthetic form of FOLATE which is the natural form.

  • Follow his advice but allow me to add
    Dont be a sissy
    Dont be overly sensitive
    Take boxing and spar with people in the gym
    Do these and you will be fine.

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  • I love all your videos, but doesn’t this in a certain way contradict your placebo video? Iv’e always been slightly skeptical of some supplements iv’e taken from GNC or some other source, but more comfortable with things like vitamin C or D, or other more “ordinary vitamins”. I don’t know

  • Can I ask what is your blood sugar in the morning? 86 90 100? And what is it after you eat? I know what doctors say I want to hear what you think.

  • I’ve tracked vitamins and minerals on a “good diet” and often it doesn’t result in the recommended daily values of certain vitamins (and the daily values are usually a bare minimum)

  • I am so confused, I’ve started to work out for the first time ever and I am pretty certain my testosterone is getting boosted higher than ever before because I’ve never worked out as much in my life but my sex drive is extremely low

  • …aver studiato, alle medie ed al liceo, per otto anni il tedesco mi ha dato molti e diversi vantaggi nei sessant’anni successivi, ma un problema: niente inglese. Mi sarebbe utile pertanto se alcuni interessanti post venissero presentati assieme ad una, anche sintetica, traduzione in italiano. E forse non sono il solo….

  • Great video. Can you please answer my question I am vegetarian and take Fish Oil supplements. Since fish is not a part of my diet, will I not see any benefits from consuming fish oil?

  • If anyone can see this please help.
    I want to know if taking a fast digesting protein powder before my workout is good, my problem is is that I don’t know if I’m burning fat or the proteins. Please if anyone could answer me I would appreciate it.
    Edit: I’m 16 years old and I’m new to taking protein shakes.

  • Vitamins do work. I tried it and got blood tests. There’s a reason the FDA doesn’t promote or support vitamins it’s because they need people to get sick to make profit, such as cancer and other diseases. If everyone knew that vitamins could prevent or lessen these diseases, they lose their profits or big bucks. Think about it. Is it their best interest to get you healthy?

  • Thank you, Thomas. I am currently 22 hours into a 42-48 hours of fasting. I had cramping in my gut last night and felt slightly nauseous. When I woke up this morning, my nausea was completely gone, and my gut tightness is almost gone. When I end my fast tomorrow morning, I am planning to do a salt flush. Always appreciate your videos!

  • This video lacks so much, it was almost pointless. Sorry. I’m not necessarily a proponent or opponent of supplements…..but this video is missing so much information that it is misleading to the general public. For example, that there is “no evidence” of the efficacy of certain supplements, and that we can label every substance sold on a supplement aisle as a supplement and call it all the same? It’s like saying that all recreational drugs are the same because they make you high. What about the fact that most produce (whether conventional or organic) sold in stores is nowhere near as nutritious as that which humans have consumed previously in history, due to agricultural practices that lead to problems like soil mineral depletion, which is not effectively remedied by fertilizers (unless they grew on soil using traditional methods of compost, manure, etc)? Or that the slow cooking practices and use of medicinal/cooking herbs in traditional cuisine that provide and unlock nutrition are not really that easy to incorporate in the modern, fast-paced lifestyle? Or that the studies available exist only if there is funding from supporters (i.e. corporate interest in profiting from the studies). I mean…..this video has a very narrow scope.

  • My son suggested naturekindness .com as he’s into natural bodybuilding. I had a talk with a representative who told me about multiple purity tests they do on every batch. Used them for over 3 months now. Excellent quality!

  • So if Im taking a 3 tablets per day multivitamin and I fast with one meal a day. How is the best way to take them? can i take 2 at once with my meal and then take the third or like take 1 in the morning one with the meal and 1 later?

  • i got magnesium + kalium 400, but just noticed it also has B12, B6, iron and zinc. I know minerals are ok on a fast but would it be bad to take this pill now? im around 40 hours in, planning on 50+

  • I started getting hot flashes REAL bad.  I could go into the snow and be hot.   I went to the doctor and I had  level of 16, YES, 16!  women have 100!   Now mine is up to 800 plus thanks to shots from my urologist.  its amazing how much better I feel.  no more hotness, more drive for everything, not just sex.  depression gone, SOME hair regrown, happier.  Working out now and loving it.

  • Jeff’s supplements might be kind of expensive BUT I say BUT his containers are almost full yes FULL �������������������� I was very happy when I opened them. Usually you get a big container half full������������������������. So you get your $ worth & they also taste good. Not a sponsor or do I get anything from athletex just letting you know what you get

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  • Awesome video! I’ve been on the 23/1 OMAD diet for over a year and I’m constantly worried I’m running a deficit on certain essential nutrients and vitamins or that I’m missing out on gains. I’m excited to add these to my routine.

  • Hello thank you for your channel very helpful. Please if you can tell me if Maca root in my morning black coffee break my fast while I’m doing my daily intermittent fasting. Thank you.

  • Hey Thomas, great information in this video. I have a question about having to take prescription medication during a fast. Currently, I fast 20 hours per day and have been IF for 18 months. I am starting two medications that I need to take at separate times of the day any suggestions as to how I can do this and still fast?

  • What is Erectodom Secrets? Does it work? I hear a lot of people achieve total control over their erectile dysfunction with this popular erectile dysfunction natural treatment.

  • I never developed much of a taste for vegetables, despite growing up with a dad who maintained a 1/2 acre garden which provided us green beans, butter beans, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, melons, zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, and potatoes. (Mom was a blanching, canning, pickling virtuoso she filled a huge freezer in the garage every summer so we had those veggies all year long.) We also had several kinds of fruit trees. These days while I rarely eat fried foods and I bake from scratch rather than eating processed sweets, I do feel like taking a daily multivitamin gives me some stuff I’m missing by not consuming the recommended daily servings of fruits and veggies. But maybe the benefit is all in my head. shrug

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  • I couldn’t help but laugh at him pointing out he gives his dogs omega 3 fatty acid supplements yet he feeds his dogs on crappy commercial kibble that WILL shorten their lives. It’s exactly the same as me taking all my supplements and DHAs & EPAs and eating at McDonald’s every day ��

  • Isn’t Vitamin E considered Toxic at certain levels?? The Web is full of back and forth; so I was hoping for a more confirmed answer.

  • Hello! I have been watching you for so many times. I just have a question, is it going to break my fast if I take my supplements with L-Glutathione, Collage Peptide, and Alpha Lipoic? I am doing a 21-3 fasting everyday. I hope you can help. Thanks! ������

  • Back then, you wouldn’t need these supplements. You have to keep in mind that the foods we eat have less the nutritional values due to over farming. So, when a health professional say that you don’t need supplements, they are still stuck on information based in the past or outdated chart of these foods.

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    Did I miss anything from the list? Let me know in the comments below! ����

    0:11 No morning wood

    0:36 Sex drive is going down

    0:57 Memory Loss

    1:18 Feeling very tired all the time

    1:29 Depression, hair loss, muscle loss osteoporosis

    1:55 Nutritional supplements

    3:05 Change the way you workout

    3:37 Track your diet

    4:15 Using plastic containers

    4:42 Medications

    5:05 Getting kicked in the balls

  • My son suggested naturekindness .com as he’s into natural bodybuilding. I had a talk with a representative who told me about purity tests they do on every batch. Used them for over 6 months now. Excellent quality!

  • Not certain about the points made but,if anyone else trying to find out

    bodybuilding and testosterone levels

    try Mackorny Increase Testosterone Blueprint (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my colleague got excellent success with it.

  • One time I was told by a doctor that I was vitamin D deficient prob bc I didn’t get out in the sun and I noticed my skin cleared a lot which was weird. And then when I stopped taking my acne came back so I guess my acne was being caused by the vitamin deficiency. So THEN I tried sitting outside and getting the vitamin from the sun and my skin started clearing up again so yeah. Prob not worth anything if I can get it for free.

  • I read on a blog at that the supplement Red Ginseng will help increase libido. Is this true?

  • Nothing u can buy over a Chanel or any GNC can’t beat what a Dr can do for you but a Dr that knows u need shots, gel is a joke but testosterone shots are the only way to get your health bad. It’s not what people tell you, they tell u, u can die from a heart attack and you can and the u cans keep going but go to a Dr that knows how to get u better, it’s not at all what people tell u, they just repeated what they heard and it can even make you more healthy. Did you have bad side effects when you were younger and had testosterone and felt like you were on top of the world and did not even know it till you were older. U can and get real facts about it and these people who tell you about a product, it’s funny that they don’t look or even seem younger than than age. All I can say is waist ur money on dreams they tell u about. Who said it was the best product u could buy, the maker did and isn’t that what you would say to and who or what Dr’s back it up. Nobody, it’s pushing shit u don’t need. Go to a male Dr clinic and they test you and 250 is totally worth it to me a month to get ur health and age back. After u go about 3 months, start doing it ur self. Don’t tell the Dr ur going to learn from him on every visit the truth and how and when u should test ur levels. I did and I don’t spend but 60 a month and once a week is a shot and I learned everything from one of the best Drs. Don’t go to nobody who just gives u shit, go to where u can learn from him because u don’t have thousands of dollars to keep him rich. It’s worth 3 months the truth about it and u will find out over time u start to know about as much as that Dr. Just don’t abuse it, it’s to get u healthy and back in life and it can. Testosterone can cause depression and for me, I had to come home fast as I could from work because I was so tired and could sleep a whole weekend missing life. If it’s low it can cause so many problems and even suicidal thoughts I was told because after years people just give up because they cannot figure out why they feel like life is just not worth living and it was their testosterone. In men we need it to work and have a live and for 5 years I didn’t know what happened to me, I just started sleeping a lot and I didn’t know what happened. People just thought I wanted to sleep and be depressed but that caused all that to happen and one good dr changed it. Spend the money and live and let some people who believe these people have ur answers, a Dr who is knowledgeable will tell u straight up. Without a Dr given it to u, there is nothing u can buy over the counter to boost your test levels and they don’t care what the claim is. Who do you think did their study and who paid them. The maker did and he wants to get the results on the booster and tell u it can because studys show, it can raise it so high and its a lie. Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it is and u get a Dr for this, u don’t buy all kinds of products and believe you are going to get it now, the body builder on the cover doesn’t take it, he’s taking what a Dr gave him and probably abusen it but it doesn’t have to be abused, I hope that helps anyone who might want a answer to why they feel like they do the older u get, that’s why and no vitams or supplements can fix testosterone except for testosterone ��

  • Thank you for this! I appreciate this general guide to being healthy! You are right Adrian, supplements are the icing on cake. Whenever I ask coaches for help on being healthy, they go on to tell long stories but never get to the point. I like that you said it straight with no sweet bullshit talk.

  • I found some of this to be simply inappropriate (video clip of being kicked in the groin with sound effects) and wanted to express it.

  • I take a similar vitamin regimen. I also include a probiotic, also since I’m commenting in 2020, I add a vitamin D supplement since we are under shelter in place orders so not getting as much sun as I would like. I’ve also added vitamin A. I do fat soluble vitamins once a week or every two weeks since a lot of foods have these. I been doing a collegen peptide routine to help with joints in addition to a glucosamine, cartilage, tumeric blend I take along with krill oil. Whey protein of course. I take a protein with glutamine included in it already. But I try to keep it simple. Sometimes I only do a multivitamin, a probiotic, and protein.

  • Thanks for the video content! Apologies for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried Mackorny Sexual Booster Blueprint (do a google search)? It is a good exclusive product for Increasing your Libido without the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend got excellent success with it.

  • On day 4 of a 5-day water only fast. Around this point, I tend to get leg cramps. I add Himalayan salt to my water but I’m considering taking magnesium to lessen the cramps. Are there better ways to deal with it?

  • i’m going to drop my 2 cents on the situation. i’m an athlete. i know first hand that if i dont sleep well and drink enough water and eat well, my vitamins do nothing. but when i do all those things, i feel great. but when i don’t take my vitamins, i have a noticeable lack of energy and/or power and endurance (i’m a distance runner). i guess what i’m getting at here is does it make sense that vitamins could actually help me improve as an athlete along with my relatively healthy diet? i only ask because this video seems to be talking about a person who lives a wake up, 9-5, go to sleep-style life (not literally, but you know what i mean)

  • Hi Jeff, I like your video. Do you have a list for supplements? What’s the difference to take multivitamin like mega sports gnc or should I take like each bottles ty ����

  • Ehh I will continue to spend my average of 15$ a month on vitamins just to make sure because this video leaves A WHOLE LOT OF PROVEN SUPPLEMENTS OUT so yeah I’m good.. Because when it comes down to it IT’S NOT VERY MUCH MONEY PER INDIVIDUAL AND I PROMISE YOU THIS IS JUST A GENERAL TOPIC THEY DO NOT GET INTO PROVEN SUPPLEMENTS THAT WORK VITAMIN K2 FOR ONE AND CO Q 10 AND SO ON SO TAKE WHAT THE MEDIA SAYS AND TAKE A SHIT ON IT FOR THE MOST PART..EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!! supplements don’t work but take all the pharmaceuticals you want.. FUCK THAT HORSE SHIT!!!!

  • Great Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you tried Tarbbatigan Social Plugin Tip (should be on google have a look)? It is an awesome one off guide for enlarging your testicles and increasing your testosterone level minus the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my friend Sam at very last got great results with it.

  • My son suggested naturekindness .com as he’s into natural bodybuilding. I had a talk with a representative who told me about purity tests they do on every batch. Used them for over 6 months now. Excellent quality!

  • I have several food allergies, so I have a pretty limited diet. I can’t have dairy, or even most dairy replacements that would vitamin d added. Despite having the most sufficient diet I can without having a reaction, I’m still very deficient in vitamin d even with spending a lot of time outside. So I have to take vitamin d supplements. And according to my blood work they have made a difference.

  • You cannot get Vitamin D without supplements unless you are exposed to the sun daily (and that isn’t good anyway).
    Also, you cannot possibly get enough Magnesium because foods simply don’t have what the body requires.
    The crop’s soil has been pretty much depleted of minerals after being over-used and pushed to the limits for decades,
    so I wouldn’t count on the fact the food we have today has the same benefits as a hundred years ago.

    Here are some sources of intelligence on the matter:

    This a very good book:

    I also want to say that asking people who have being taking supplements how they feel after some time of taking them
    isn’t scientific and cannot possibly determine if supplements help or not. I take supplements and am feeling the same,
    but perhaps I would have gotten sick more times a year if I haven’t, or was a bit more tired. or perhaps wouldn’t get
    the same good night sleep as I do. The changes are so subtle you cannot possibly notice them. Also, some benefits can only
    be seen after years of taking supplements (40+) and I’ve never seen such study. Also, the best way to know if they help or
    not is to have a complete understanding of the human body (it also various between people, ages and sex) and run a computer
    mathematical analysis on each vitamin and mineral and how it actually works. but has yet to be done because science still
    doesn’t know everything about the human body.

  • This guy has the right look imo. I was getting big then slowed my eating. If u eat like a hog and workout it’s insane but then I tried go lean and now I love it. Still working in the belly area but idc, good enuf for me.

  • I really appreciate the video. I definitely don’t mind taking my vitamins during my window which is 8pm-midnight for myself. I do however want to take L-Arginine in the morning. Do you know if this would hurt my fast or help it?

  • The patchy beard thumbnail.. great draw in using male insecurity.. you get really built guys with sparse beards on the sides and i was wondering how much truth it held.

  • “and other good stuff”… yeah, that sounds like really professional… You CAN’T possibly eat all the minerals and vitamins from food because now fruits and vegetables don’t contain as much vitamins they contained 50 years ago…. because of artificial fertilizers, and contamination etc. Please don’t make videos about stuff you don’t know because you will look like a fool.

  • 4:15 So yer saying taking vitamin C & E during fasting is good to a degree?. or did you mean not good because it cancels the stress factor?

  • hallo lieve mensen van het internet ik David Kappele ben 10 jaar oud en jullie like alvast de video en abonneer danku meneer of mevrouw trouwen ik ben er niet mee eens dat eu….. je internet met een T aan het einde schrijft

  • I take 5 kinds of vitamins and it definitely helped. I had chelosis from my poor diet but i really cant change how i eat so my doctor recommended supplements and luckily it helped.

  • Isn’t breakfast in the morning Breaking a 12 hours sleeping fast? How about some supplimemt indicated TAKE IN A EMPTY STOMACH. For me it’s good to take Collagen or Gelatin in empty stomach for their quick n better digestion

  • Yes it’s true you would better off eating the correct amounts of healthy foods.  You also must consider how much of certain vegetables/fruits you have to eat to get the same amount as a multi-vitamin.

    You would have to eat 1lb. of broccoli to get 45% of your B6, 44% of your A, and you would have 660% of your C.  Unfortunately there’s no super plant that gives you a nice amount of everything so you’ll have to mix and match accordingly.  Last time I checked, fruits/vegetables are expensive pound for pound.

    I’ll stick to my Flintstones vitamins to fill the gaps for now.

  • I would add one case where a specific vitamin, namely Vitamin D, can be very helpful is for those who are nightowls and rarely go outside. Or go outside always with sunscreen on, blocking the UV rays from interacting with your skin (which is how the body produces Vitamin D through sunlight).

    Or also, if you live up north especially during the winter, it’s hard to get enough Vit D from sunlight unless you’re outside a lot.

    So I take Vitamin D supplements, I think it’s a good idea. Also, calcium supplements if you avoid dairy foods (although spinach is a good replacement instead).

  • Ok. So my question is. If I take a one a day multivitamin while on a 16/8 fast during my fasting period will it stop my fast or slow it down

  • i work out at 6am but I fast until 4pm. I usually take HMB, glutamine, magnesium maltate, and Baron after my workout in the morning then i fast for the rest of the day. sometimes i drink zero sugar zero calories vitamin water (vitamin B, C, E). does that break my fast? should i take out the vitamin water only or take out the am supplements too?

  • Thanks Laurel Chaconas for all your support. You provided me with all the neccessary info & $ Quotes. Keith medicare video explanations were very helpful to me making my decision for Part B plan N.

  • My son is a bodybuilder who recommended me all natural male health supplement. I have used for 2 months now and its great. For people asking, if you’re in the USA you can buy from naturekindness .com or rang health.

  • Food doesn’t have the same nutrimental value it used to. Food has declined NV since the 1930’s as we grew mass produced food in overworked soil (doesn’t have time to re-nutrify). We eat the deficient fruits and veggies. The Nut.Value equivalent of (3-4 servings) in the past, is now (9-12 Servings). EVERYONE needs to supplement today. Don’t buy tablets -they are too slow dissolving. If it hits the stomach the acid destroys them. Get capsules or powder.

  • I’m still going to keep taking my vitamins. Honestly, it’s super expensive to make or buy healthy meals 3x or more a day so there will always be a part of your diet that a multivitamin could help fill in. It wont hurt anyone to take them as long as they stick to 1 a day. It may not cure me of cancer or make me live to 100, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t AIDING in helping me stay healthy along with eating well and working out. The FDA doesn’t recommend vitamins because of the same reasons the DEA won’t decriminalize cannabis or the cure for AIDs still hasn’t been “discovered”.

  • Well, in my experience, Ive been sick with dengue twice, and my platelet drops to less than 115 both time, also the hemogloin drops too, and I took a multivitamin and minerals that has Vit-C and Iron in the mix, and by taking them in 3 days the level of platelet went to 180+. Doctors did recommended some weird fruits mixture, but I didnt trust that.

  • What if I’m not eating food at all? Supplements still ok or no? I find that I’m not as weak when I add in electrolytes and vitamin c

  • Why doesn’t taking vitamins works?
    A molecule is a molecule, not like your body knows that this particular Vitamin A came from a pill and decides not to absorb it…

  • Funny didn’t watch this video before buying mine but mine are similar
    Biotin 5000mg
    Calcium/vitamin D 200% dv
    Green tea extract
    Omega 3-6-9

  • So helpful! I take mega doses to optimize and tweak based on my experience. I have felt fine reserving my supps for only when I am eating.

  • I loves the Supplement Made by Natures Brands Phyto vitamins series,Those all are organically made with real fruits and Vegetables and veggie capsules as well all are non GMO,Completely chemical Free.
    I absolutely recommend their Supplements.This is the company is also a pioneering Organic health and Wellness products in USA since 1995

  • Vitamins taken by non-athletes is a long game, it’s like compound interest, if you take it from an early age; the benefits as a senior citizen are tremendous.

  • So Thomas it’s allergy season! I am DYING some mornings and just need to get the Zyrtec in me does that break a fast? And what about tylenol or Advil?

  • I liked your video a lot, but there was something in it that confused me greatly. You say “But everybody agrees that even if you take a multivitamin, it won’t help if you’re taking a pizza based diet”, but then directly after that say “the idea route to getting your vitamins and minerals is through good food, not supplements”. I feel like there is something not explained here, because it makes it seem that the opposite of what is said is true. If the ideal route to getting my vitamins and minerals is through food and not supplements, why isn’t the supplement more useful if I have a pizza diet? It would seem that if my diet is lacking in a variety of nutrition, that’s when supplementation would have the most effect. Sorry if that’s a small detail to get hung up on, but it’s sticking in the back of my mind quite a bit.

  • Kudos for the Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Tarbbatigan Social Plugin Tip (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a good one of a kind product for enlarging your testicles and increasing your testosterone level without the headache. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my work buddy at last got cool results with it.

  • Considering some people live for years with ridiculously unhealthy diets, woudn’t it be simpler (and more correct) to only take supplements in case of deficiency? The concept of “nutricional insurance” sounds really stupid. I guess if you have money to waste, why not. right? Whatever makes you feel better, even if it is a waste of time, money and mental energy. The idea of “balanced diet” seems to be kind of limited too, since to my understanding, people have different biological needs and I don’t know if everyone realizes this when they hear this words.

    I don’t think a body can adapt to everything, but doesn’t the organism adapt to support reasonably different diets? By the way, this is just an assumption, I hope no one takes it as truth not a scholar.

  • Might of missed it, but I didnt hear anything about Vit D supplements…….. basically can I take Vit D pills during a fast in the morning??? If not, when is best to take Vit D when fasting???

  • Im Working Out 5 Days, Eating Healthy…I’m Alcohol Free But I Smoke Weed On Weekends To Relax Staying In Watchin Movies, Will Marijuana Make A Difference???

  • What a useless, dumb video with zero sources and credibility. You guys are the quaks here, because you completely disregard other evidence. Here’s a good comment from a reddit thread regarding this vid, quote below:

    What a bullshit video! They literally skip all the stuff that has been proven with studies where supplements do work.
    “Fish oil short on evidence that it helps with heart.” Yeah, that’s true. Why did you skip the fact that it’s been proven that fish oil helps with inflammation?
    Are most of the vitamin supplements useless? Yes, definitely. Should you take supplements out of boredom? No, of course not. But by avoiding to point out supplements that have been proven to work, this video completely lost credibility. Use ALL the data; don’t cherry pick; be fair to the evidence! This is just a different type of quakery.
    Fish oil
    Vitamin D:
    It’s not as black and white, and you shouldn’t eat them like candy, but just don’t go and tell me that no supplements work, and that they have no effect at all, because that’s just a plain lie.
    Also, it’s not “better” or “easier” to spend money on food, because you have to eat a ton of food to equal the amount of nutrients you receive from a supplement. It’s expensive, and it’s not always healthy either.

  • Funny how there was no mention of a study a few years ago that showed taking 200 mcg of the mineral selenium per day cut the risk of prostate cancer by about 54% and ALL cancers by about 38%. The late Dr. Carlton Frederick used to cite a study done in some Scandinavian country in which they followed 5,000 people for 15 years who only had one thing in common: they each took at least 200 IU of vitamin E per day. An insurance company was then asked to predict, using their most accurate actuarial data, how many should have died after the 15 years and the company said it should have been over 800. How many actually died? I think the figure Frederick cited was something like 17! So, I make sure I take my vitamin / mineral supplements every day. Not megadoses because that is a waste of money. Just enough to assure that my “antioxidant status” is optimal. Studies done with lab animals show that the ones with the highest intakes of antioxidants lived something like 33% longer. Translated into a human lifespan, that means someone who would ordinarily die at age 75 can expect, by taking his antioxidant vitamin and minerals every day, to make it to 100 and to do so in good health. Vitamins too expensive? Well, being sick for a decade before you finally die and in and out of hospitals can be a LOT more expensive.

  • I take the same, except Omega 6, since I am probably not eating as lean as Jeff is anyway, and I am also not taking Vit E. First time I hear somebody mentioning Vit E more seriously. Sure, there are always a few sentences devoted in every guide, but it never seemed that important to me.

    Apart from that, I do take Creatine and L-Carnitine (if possible in the form of acetyl-l-carnitine, tho it’s more expensive!)… but I am not drinking any proteins powders since they are a bit expensive for me right now. I do get enough proteins from my food per kg of bodyweight, but also all additional calories too! Besides that, for whatever reason, out of all the supplements I have tried over the years (I like to experiment!), including things like Tribulus, Boron, Glutamine, BCAAs, and some over the counter “test enhancers”, L-Carnitine helped me the most!

    I never looked into why that is. Could be that there is an inherent deficiency in my diet or a condition or whatever, but with Carnitine I feel both: more energized during a workout, and feeling better on off days/at home too. Of all the things, it was the only one that helped me keep my spirits and concentration up when I am fatigued and inflamed from heavy lifting, especially in the acetyl-l-carnitine form.

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  • I need that joint stuff bad i tore my mcl last year and let it heal on its on now i have knee pain ankle pain and my tendons rupture so easy then bomb im fucked for two months

  • This so-called research sounds like the one says “eating whole egg causes cholesterol”
    I often see guys having dense beard behave like a lesser Man.
    Thanks for the video anyways.

  • If you really want to make a life altering change to your health you need to understand the mitochondria(engines) in our cells. Utube “the secret to stop aging via oxygen” a 10+ minute animated movie

  • Unless you’re in the 0.001% of the population that comes anywhere close to eating a healthy balanced diet, you WILL benefit from taking a multivitamin. You will start to feel better, you will have more energy, you will never get a headache again, you will never get a hangover again, your mind will always be alert and active when you need it,

  • I only take whole food vitamin c and spirulina. and omega 3. Let’s face it most people have shitty diets that are not balanced. I did not eat a lot of fruits and vegetables too expensive. And I don’t get enough omega 3 to 6 ratio due to my peanut butter diet causing acne breakout. Supplements is more about fine tuning your nutritional intake to achieve the perfect balance.

  • Winner of a video, I have been researching “does creatine increase your testosterone levels” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Fonliver Qeyadelyn Trick (do a search on google )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  • There are supplement companies that use actualy vegetables and fruits to press them into pills.
    are they any different?
    (for example “lifeplus”)

    would be greatly appreciated if you could answer on this as someone i know speds hundreds of dollars per month on these:/.

  • Hi Thomas,
    I have been studying intermittent fasting on you channel for fat loss.
    It has helped me to loose fat from 131Kgs to 98Kgs and still working on it.
    Recently i learned few things abour arginine in an article for muscle growth, can you please highlight if it will break fast? I am looking forward to build a musculine body like you.

    Since I belong to a vegetarian family I would like to have you make a video on vegetarian diet with whey protein and vegetarian keto diet with intermittent fasting.

    I did came up with fasting plan of intervals like day 1 only brunch + lunch +fasting, day 2 only lunch+ fasting, day 3lunch+dinner and no breakfast, day 4only dinner, day 5 brunch+ dinner, Day 6 cheat meal with all day luch and excercise all day.
    Please let me know on your views on this

  • I just turned 61… it’s not all that bad.I can get an erection but half way through my j/o session I lose it (the election) and it is not available until the next day. In my 40’s I could and did hook up for sex 3 times a day… it is what it is, always safe, but now I got nothing. Absolutely nothing turns me on like it once did. In my 50’s I did testosterone injection.., I gain weight but it didn’t seem to rejuvenate my horniness. It did reek havoc on my body those.
    At some point, like my late 50’s you just accept it. The good thing is that you can get so much more done during the day instead of watching porn

  • My son suggested naturekindness .com as he’s into natural bodybuilding. I had a talk with a representative who told me about purity tests they do on every batch. Used them for over 6 months now. Excellent quality!

  • Well two doctors later I am here, cause I just can’t get or keep my
    ����Gotcha Husband’s erection ��? Maybe he don’t like me no MO, wait there’s a guy on IG that.. And 4,000 more on Facebook. Is there anything we he can try like butter and cinnamon just out him outdid here in Texas and I’ll have Texas toast. Yum I would eat him either way lol��any suggestions? ��

  • You mentioned that 20,000 people go to the ER each year due to adverse effects of supplements, but you said at the start of your video that you were going to focus on multivitamins. Since supplements include herbs and non regulated substances you are confusing a potentially beneficial substance, vitamins, with whatever someone packaged in a bottle and sold on a shelf.

    I would also recommend speaking with a dietitian for dietary advice and not a general practitioner doctor. While doctors do take classes in diet the bulk of their education and practice revolves around disease and injury. How about you do a video on the education required by doctors and what percent of their in class time is spent on what aspects of medical care.

    I would also like to see a video on vitamins, not supplements, the benefits of each vitamin and documented cases of people who overdosed on specific vitamins.

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  • this is bullshit! you get at some degree vitamins and minerals from food but not all of them and also for athletes the mgs included in food are not enough!

  • To further answer the question, great information Adrian and I agree 100 percent it starts with a good diet of real food, knowing what you are putting in your body, calorie count and being proportional with your selected Macros and plenty of rest for your body to recover. Also what is very important if this is very important to you is to get your blood work. That will tell you if you are deficient in anything including hormones. With the supplements one generally needs for a CF style workout and going hard, gain strength and have overall great health they are as follows. In the mornings take a vitamin D3 with K2, it is necessary to take both together to take the calcium out of your bloodstream, than you need your Bs, I also take fish oil and MSG for joint health. At night I take magnesium, zinc. I take creatine right after a workout. For the most part that is a more full answer to the title which is why we all came to watch. One thing to remember about supplements, protein, arbs and fat, more is not always better. You need to know where your deficient and than use a supplement to bring it to a normal level. Ok, thank you and great discussion

  • i don’t get your beef with pizza… You can put whatever you want on it! including those veggies that where fried in the video! PLEASE KEEP PIZZA OUT OF IT!

  • naturekindness .com is the only brand that deals with male health. Excellent quality. My health has improved so much over last 6 months. I am over 50 years.

  • What about a vitamin D supplement? I had a blood test which included a vitamin D test and it showed I was deficient. I eat dairy but apparently it’s not enough. Doctor said a lot of people lack vitamin D and you should strive for 2000 IU daily.

  • This man goes crazy with supplementation. None of the three on the back row (worth about $250 total) are necessary. Omega-6, not necessary. Green Tea extract, not necessary. Do not let this man convince you that need this crazy amount of supplementation to feel good and look good and have a long, healthy life. It is simply not true.

    If you feel it necessary, take creatine, possibly a pre-workout and protein powder. Multivitamins are must, but that’s the only thing he covered in here that’s an absolute must. This will save you a lot of money and not negatively affect you in any way. This guy generally gives great fitness and nutrition advice but this seemed more like an ad for his company than anything else.

  • There’s a company called YELLOWHALDI .COM Their turmeric is very potent because of rigorous criteria. They don’t market their products. They are very underrated. My mother and I have felt so great ever since using them.

  • 0:23 me in morning, PROUD of my self ��….

    Oh come now really just as I was writing that first part of this comment 0:50 ��
    F it’s all way down from here I guess. BTW age 22 ��

  • I suspect that the emphasis on eating a “balanced” diet is somewhat misplaced. We would probably all be better served by eating LESS of whatever we do eat. In fact, a period of absolute caloric deprivation…even malnutrition…may be beneficial in terms of longevity and disease risk reduction. Of course, one would not want such a period to be excessively long or badly timed, such as during the body’s growth and development.

  • It’s true that we need to select nutritious food… and supplements are just that TO SUPPLEMENT what may be insufficient in our food, FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH.

    Contrary to the video, intelligent supplementation is indeed likely improve one’s health and ability to ward off disease because it is nearly impossible to attain optimal nutrients from today’s grocery stores, even if shopping organic.

    For example, this video states that taking 1000% more than the daily recommended dose of  vitamin C will NOT reduce your chances of getting a cold. True, but that would be 900 mgs which is still not very much C. We humans cannot make vitamin C in our body, but almost all animals do. Corrected for bodyweight, animals average around 8,000 mgs/day. Vitamin C experts say we should be getting about that much C for optimal health.

    And those of us who have done so for years, have discovered we have far less colds than we used to have, and we have other benefits such as better skin (look younger than our age) and better health in general. By the way, vitamin C is “ascorbic acid,” which is very inexpensive. Just get the powder.

  • Unless y’all been dating since y’all kids she ain’t gonna look better than she did 10 years ago after their mid 20s they looks go down

  • I’m currently 5’11 weighing 331 pounds. I’m on Day 4 of my 40day fast and this just helped me a lot. I won’t be taking any vitamins

  • Appreciate Video clip! Sorry for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you considered Tarbbatigan Social Plugin Tip (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a good exclusive guide for enlarging your testicles and increasing your testosterone level minus the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.

  • I want to know about L-citrulline, acetyl L-carnitine, and Taurine. These need to be taken on an empty stomach or “in between meals.” But will they break my fast?

  • You guys get sick fasting on these vitamin supplements because they’re artificial. Take either whole food vitamins or shilajit or Irish Sea moss. This stuff is so potent during a fast!

  • Dude cmon this whole video is just an ad for Roman. Cut this shit out Antonio. You’re going to worry people over nothing. Don’t follow this advice; if you’re actually worried TALK TO A DOCTOR. Don’t order some weird supplement off the internet.

  • My iron has lactose as the first ingredient. I need the iron due to menstruation. I had anemia-related shortness of breath the last time I fasted and nearly died without it, not being dramatic. I could barely breathe. How will lactose affect autophagy?

  • You missed something. Avoid narcissistic females that are teasers and thinks it’s cool to routinely flake on men. Blue balls (vascongestion) leads to testicular pain. The testicular pain leads to reduced testosterone count, depression and more.

    Those types of females are mentally abusive head cases. Do not mistaken those females for women.

  • My dog is vegan too. Everyone else’s pets are dying from cancer while mine is getting compliments from vets on how shiny her coat is…


  • How exactly can I fast then if I have to take Berberine and Quercetin three times a day? two of those doses are done during fasting.

  • I don’t know about other people but protein powder changed my life so I don’t trust anything this video says since it undermined it.

  • I don’t agree with taking too much of these stuff unless u need to unless you deficient in them…. You are potentially putting your body in over drive mode by making your liver and heart to work harder than normal. Most of these stuff our body don’t need, it can take a toll on your body organ during the excretion process. So you have to be careful what you taking? And do you really need these supplements??

  • Watching your videos in pandemic. Love the. I am a freshly graduated physician myself but i didn’t have knowledge about these things. Now that i am into fitness i am really enjoying your videos.
    Stay safe Jeff,
    Much respect from Pakistan.

  • Hey Thomas, would resveratrol powder break a fast?, I do 23/1, and resveratrol needs to be taken into 2 doses throughout the day one of them I can take on my eating window but the other would have to be taken during my fasted time, would it have an effect on my insulin levels?, cheers