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If you have heart disease or are at risk for it, opt for skim and low-fat dairy. Otherwise, healthy adults can continue to include full-fat dairy as part of a well-balanced diet. Tags milk milk sponsored nutrition nutrition tips. When shopping for cheese, milk, and yogurt, which is better for you? Full-fat dairy?

Or low-fat or non-fat dairy? Once you decide to have milk, cheese, and yogurt, which type do you choose? Fat-free?

Skim? 1%? 2%? 4 %? Whole milk?

And why? Let’s take a look at what the research is currently sh. Full-fat dairy products can bring health risks because of the high levels of saturated fat they contain.

To ensure good health and good nutrition, it’s important to keep tabs on the amount of saturated fat you eat, and focus on eating a healthy. Keep reading to learn about the differences between skim, low-fat, and full fat milk, and discover how to choose the healthiest milk to drink. Full Fat Milk. Full-fat milk is milk that hasn’t been stripped of its fat content. You’ll recognize it as a 3.25 or 3.5 percent milk fat content with a creamy, full-bodied consistency.

Yes, there are certain fats that are not good, but the fat in dairy is not necessarily one of them. There are four types of dairy milk: whole, 2%, low-fat and skim. Whole milk contains 3.25% milkfat, 2% contains (you guessed it) 2%, low-fat has 1% and skim has less than.05%.

If you’re looking only at the calories and protein, skim milk is the clear winner. It has 83 calories and 8 grams of protein per cup, while the same amount of full-fat milk contains 149 calories. F or years you’ve been told to go for skim over full-fat dairy.

Even the latest dietary guidelines for Americans urge people to avoid the full fa. Most of us have either been told or have read that nonfat or low-fat dairy foods are better choices because they contain less saturated, or unhealthy, fat. And we dutifully pour skim or 1% milk on our cereal and opt for fat-free or low-fat yogurt when we shop. There may be some circumstances where skim milk is the best choice, but for most people, whole milk offers clear nutritional advantages over skim and low-fat milk. Drinking whole milk on a.

The right, healthy fat. Still, dietary recommendations continue to discourage Americans from reaching for full-fat milk and other dairy products. A 2016 study published in Circulation is a strong reminder that nutritional policymakers need to reconsider their stance against full-fat dairy.

List of related literature:

• Dairy Science: Skim milk has less calories, so it’s the best choice.

“Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back Into Your Diet” by John Douillard
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from the remaining options, recall that skim milk has minimal fat compared with cheese, which is high in fat.

“Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri, Angela Elizabeth Silvestri
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from the remaining options recall that skim milk has minimal fat when compared to cheese, which is high in fat.

“Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri
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Choose full fat because the fat is needed to absorb vitamins A, k, e and D, and calcium, so skim and low-fat milk do not provide any similar assimilation or protection.

“R3 Diet” by Joy Brown
from R3 Diet
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Research shows, paradoxically, that people who consume full-fat dairy are less likely to become obese than those who consume low-fat or nonfat dairy.1 When possible, choose organic dairy products, which come from the milk of cows that haven’t been exposed to antibiotics, bovine growth formula, or pesticide-heavy feed.

“Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide” by Penny Simkin, Janet Whalley, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, April Bolding
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Dairy Group The dairy group includes foods such as milk, yogurt, and cheese, which contain approximately the same nutrient values whether they are whole (4% fat), low fat (2% fat), or nonfat (skim), but the calories and fat are less in the latter two forms.

“Maternal-Child Nursing E-Book” by Emily Slone McKinney, Susan R. James, Sharon Smith Murray, Kristine Nelson, Jean Ashwill
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Skim/Reduced/Low-Fat Milk: All three have their benefits.

“Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!” by Michele Promaulayko
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You don’t want to consume skim milk or zero-fat dairy products either because these still contain lactose or milk sugar.

“Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever” by Ray Kurzweil, Terry Grossman
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Choose low-fat (1%) or fat-free (skim) dairy products to reduce your intake of saturated fat, total fat, cholesterol, and kcal.

“Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications E-Book: A Nursing Approach” by Michele Grodner, Sylvia Escott-Stump, Suzanne Dorner
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Dairy Group The dairy group includes foods such as milk, yogurt, and cheese, which contain approximately the same nutrient values whether they are whole (4% fat), low fat (2% fat), or nonfat (skim); however, the calories and fat are less in the latter two forms.

“Maternal-Child Nursing E-Book” by Emily Slone McKinney, Susan R. James, Sharon Smith Murray, Kristine Nelson, Jean Ashwill
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  • I don’t like how we have to rely on these half-assed “studies” for even the everyday stuff like milk. Jeez. Why can’t there be more conclusive stuff?

  • Excellent video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you tried Dinanlinson Elegant Figure Approach (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing exclusive product for uncovering the secrets behind a highly effective low carb diet without the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my close friend Aubrey finally got great success with it.

  • Sure ok, so wouldn’t the best most natural way to consume milk be to nurse directly from the cow? I’m sure her calf won’t mind sharing….

  • I never understood why we drink another species mothers milk? Oh course if we put human breast milk on cereal; That would be weird. But, wouldn’t that be more normal? I just dont drink it all.

  • Stay away from Cow milk!!!!! It is one of the major root of several diseases, specially type 1 diabetes!!!! Finland is the number one country in a world with highest cow milk consumption and guesswhat! also it ranks “number one country in a world with highest number of type 1 diabetes”!!! If your health matters Stop drinking it right away. Milk is destroying your gut!!! Do not get fool by this stupid advertisements or the doctor recommendation. They want you to get sick so that they stay in a business.

  • Cow’s milk, in general, is not healthy! It contains casein which is linked to diseases. Is not for human consumption, our bodies can’t digest it well that’s the reason it makes you gassy and bloated. Yikes!

  • Nom, nom… good fat is good… fat releases fat… weight loss… good for the brain and all that nervous system fragility… known as anxiety.

  • I can’t believe this guy says meat and dairy are actually good to eat. Sad. He should push the plant based more. Plants are medicine!

  • Fat soluble vitamins, same reason you should not use fat free dressing on salads? The fat in the dressing on the salad actually helps you digest and absorb the nutrients from the salad.

    I really hate how fat became such a negative thing. I forgot where I heard, probably one of your podcasts, but the history behind the “fat free movement” is very interesting and is a good example of how there’s even corruption in science. Plus how corrupted science can affect entire generations.

    Normally I try to be subjective when it comes to scientific findings or theories, but this one went way over my head and I just accepted as factual. Fat is now good… I’m still trying to get over the stigma of fat equaling bad.

    My suggestion to solving this stigma, rename fat to something that doesn’t sound bad. I mean the saying, “you are what you eat” implies, “if you eat fat, you are going to be fat”. See how people easily make that connection, and even if we now know fat is good, many years of conditioning combined with our subconscious makes it a really hard wall to break through.

    Sorry for the rant, it just I really don’t like flawed science.

  • I’ve never listened to the stupid Government….They say dont eat coconut oil…I eat it! And there is no way I’d eat a egg without the yolk…They’re stupid!! They are not our parents! lol…they try to control ppl too much just to satisfy their greed!!…..But I dont listen to Doctors either…theyre still trying to catch up with the truth 😉

  • For someone whos channel name is “brainstuff” you sure lack knowledge about dietary needs. healthy fats are not bad for you at all. In fact its the sugar they add to milk that makes milk bad a lot of the time. In fact high milk fat milk is better for you than the other options.

  • This video is definitely great! It helps me remember of times when my sister used Fenoboci Diet Plan to lose 19 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Many people wish to lose fat, however we also need to remain healthy and balanced, and that’s what Fenoboci Diet Plan gifted.

  • So wait. Have full fat make it organic, and avoid low fat completely, is that right? Got it. Secondly, eat less dairy in general because countries who consume less overall have less osteoporosis. Is THAT correct? Thanks?

  • Full fat milk means more nutrients and keeps you satisfied.

    Skim milk ( not enriched ) leads to less nutrients and tastes watery/bland

  • Cutting fat in our diets leads to more fat on our bodies, if we make guns ownership illegal crooks will not own them. If you believe either of these statements, you are officially brain dead.

  • Full fat milk only. The only contraindication is high cholesterol. Low fat milk means that it’s low in vit D as well as calcium. Also, low fat milk is low in CLA as well and CLA promotes fat burning and protects from insulin resistance.

  • Actually the fat in milk is the good fat for your body, and most important it helps you to digest the milk itself. I wonder what they do with the fat they get from low fat milk or skim milk. To make butter or cheese?

  • Americans….avoiding whole milk to go to mc donald! .‘ here in italy we usually buy whole milk, the low-fat is an exception!!

    learn to eat BETTER, this is the key of health!

  • I don’t like how this guy keeps saying “The government says it’s ok to eat this and that now.” We know that the government was the one who created the food pyramid based on lobbying groups for different farm industries.

  • We only drink farm fresh, non homogenized. Best tasting, no hormones, no lactose intol, etc…. Cost 6 a gallon but we have 100% healthy kids. Only downfall is they won’t drink store milk, haha milk snobs I guess.

  • I usually drink 1% or 2% instead of whole which is 3.25%. Soy milk blech! Almond milk is OK. But cow’s milk is where it’s at.

  • What makes me.laugh is this. Watch this guys videos and interviews. He contradicts himself all the time. One video milks bad. The next its good. He homes in on a new view whilst adding obvious things for credibility like ‘plant food is best’ that’s obvious. Money maker please ignore.

  • when you remove the fat off of milk, you also lower the amt. of fat soluble vitamins such as: vitamin a, or vitamin d. as a result, they have to add the vitamins back to the milk, some of which are harder to absorb than what was originally in the milk such as vitamin D2 (D3 was originally in the milk)

  • i never really liked whole like i would drink it but if i would have to choose skim is what i like more
    (please dont get mad its my opinion)

  • Hate that FDA gets to tell me what to consume by increasing prices or limiting resources or even illegalizing whole foods like raw milk! I don’t need a big daddy.

  • Milk Casien is a nutrient blocker. It blocks the antioxidants in tea from being absorbed nullifying its health benefit. Just drink Soy milk. Mark isnt as clued up as you might think. For example he recommends eating red meat and so on when its clear health outcomes are better when you dont. He probably is making a mint on books though. That Dr Axe is the same he plugs products that he makes a mint from. He has his own Bone Broth company btw and is making ALOT of money. Have you ever considered the fact that collagen products could possibly be an effective way of getting money from your account to his?

  • In fact none of them are healthy. They’re all made from animal mucus, antibiotics, filtered blood and bacteria. I don’t drink any milk anymore and have cut out completely dairy products

  • Dear Lindy..oh I just love you….I could not agree more…I have been preaching this all along.!..I come from Europe…never ever we would think of removing fat from milk or yougurts back in days…no tempering with food….it is a different story now…the western approach has reached us too……low fat was the same mistake as creating margarine and claiming it is better…I grew up with butter lard and olive oil…..so so I agree low fat is a contributor to obesity and diabetes as they do have to put more sugar in it to taste better…like you said…put makeup on it..love that expression……yogurt is another one…i only eat probiotic whole milk yougurt…and no..I am not getting fatter from it…..good fat contributes to higher DLH chollesterol….which we need..I enjoy your vidoes extremely..now why more people are notb watching and comenting?..we have some good stuff going on on your channel….you do not get this heads up and reminders from watching beauty tutorials only……keep them coming…I am watching….big hug….Jana..love your earrings and your style..I enjoy them too…..Jana

  • Doctors just don’t want their patients to be healthy they see everyone is turning into health nuts. You know what that means? You’re hardly going to the doctor and if you’re not going to the doctor the doctor’s don’t have patients & if they don’t have patients they can’t get ��.

  • Got to watch out for liver and minimize fat…. drinking 0%.

    Actually 0% is still quite good. Used to prefer fat milk, hated the low fat versions, but once you get used to eating everything with low amount of fat it’s hardly any different.. rather normal amounts of fat feel oily?

    Seriously, when I tried to eat a bit of milk chocolate it felt as if I was eating sweetened butter.

    That said, it’s my case where I have to do some extra stuff since my liver is getting extra work from meds, normally I doubt anyone needs to care as much about fat in milk.

  • When I was at school whole milk was all we got and all kids were skinny. What’s wrong with the FDA? It’s about thay got up with the times and got the sugar out of the schools.

  • I have a question… I have been following a keto lifestyle for a bit, and now I’ve reached the size and measurement I wanted. I have given up whole milk because milk is not keto friendly, but… Is it LCHF friendly? Can I drink milk again following a low carb diet to maintain weight and for health reasons?

  • “It should say organic”
    Aaaaand now I’m not going to take anything you say seriously. There have been several studies already all showing that organic food isn’t any healthier than non-organic. But people think that just because it’s way more expensive, that it’s better for you.
    Wanna know how you can tell that organic is a money grabbing scam? You can buy “organic” table salt (and yes, it’s more expensive). Companies literally stick an organic sticker on an inorganic compound just so they can charge more for the exact same product

  • I drink whole milk, full fat cottage cheese, full fat sour cream and real grass fed butter. All the non fat or low fat stuff is pure crap.

  • This announcer is annoying. And milk is not really good for you, it makes phelm in your body and causes inflamation and disease. Nut milk like almond, coconut, hazel etc are very good for your body. If you are allergic to nut, then drink water, fresh squeeze juices or black tea, coffee etc.

  • Could it have just been that only fat people are going to choose to drink skim milk and skinny people are going to drink whole milk. why would a thin person bother to drink skim?

  • Or maybe stop filtering your nutrients thru animals period. Go vegan!!!! For planet, animals and your health. Listen to government and watch your health sink lol. Follow the money trail….

  • Please do not listen to this man. I could not stop shaking my head while hearing him. Please do other research from unbiased sources. Healthcare triage is a great YouTube channel. Check him out

  • Calories are not just calories, calories from animal fats are better than calories from processed food. Just drink the whole milk, and do some exercise.

  • What about the homogenization process? This should be discussed, too!
    How does homogenization threaten human health?
    It has been discussed for years now that the protein enzyme xanthine oxidase, found in cow milk, that would otherwise be broken down during the digestive process is absorbed fully intact due to the homogenizing process. During processing, when the larger fat globules are decreased to their smaller (‘new’) size, the tiny globules have been shown to surround xanthine oxidase – making it easy for it to pass into the bloodstream and wreak arterial havoc via ongoing inflammatory processes.
    The now altered milk that results after homogenization is also more susceptible to damage through light and therefore oxidation further contributing to these growing health concerns. So, as you can see, cow milk might not “do a body good” after all.

  • Low-fat milk has been marketed as more healthy for many years because the greedy milk companies take all the good stuff, which is the fat and sell it into butter, cheese… and make more profit.

  • Skim milk all the way for me; any is potentially good once the person has had a chance to adjust to it over the course of a few weeks, and to each their own ultimately.

  • I’ve been following Dr. Hyman for a while, what is lost in this short interview is the importance of not eating industrialized food: GMO, pesicides, animals who are abused and force-fed toxins to increase productivity, etc. essentially, foods that are responsible for the degredation of the environment (industrialized foods) are bad for the body. Which is a simple thing to remember: if producing it has a negative impact on the planet (including processing, shipping, etc) then don’t eat it.

  • Remember when Megyn was one of the craziest hosts on Faux NewZ? Now they air patients from the local insane asylum dressed down in klan robes.

  • The number one problem is GLUTEN, #2 is that the farm soils are WIPED OUT of minerals, #3 margarine and Crisco, #4 is oils, #5 is carbonated drinks with meals…the carbonation weakens the stomach acid

  • Here’s a video idea:
    Is It True that Lipbalm Makes Your Lips more Chapped?
    Btw thanks for the video! This helped with my science project:D

  • 1:00 lol the people who drank skim milk were probably already obese and drinking skim milk thinking they’d lose more weight. I know I switched to skim milk from whole milk when I was a teenager trying to lose weight.. I didn’t know about keto then… nor insulin reisstance.

  • Kelly you. Have a very good show.you do not interrupt your guests n sound like you know more then they do…so rude. All around good show. You have a sense of. Humility that is very appealing. Your light didn’t shine on Fox News…it does now. Oh dear I meant to call you by your first name Megan.

  • wait no this is bullshit, my mom always buys 100% fat milk, also your aspergers is distracting, no human would see those hand gestures as natural

  • This guy is a joke. Neither of those meats are healthy. They both contain LDL-C (bad cholesterol). FYI people your liver makes all the cholesterol you need. Consuming any more clogs arteries and reduce blood flow. All animal products contain cholesterol.
    Even dairy products. Dairy is made to turn a 40kg baby cow to and 400kg adult cow. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT THAT IS DOING TO YOUR BODY?
    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RESEARCHING MORE ON FOODS and taking nutrition classes. If you take bio nutrition, you’ll come to see that there is puss in dairy products.
    The cancer and medical fields are funded by meat industries. This is EXACTLY WHY PROPAGANDA IS FLOPPED BACK AND FORTH.

  • I tried my hundred percent whole milk I tried 1% milk I tried 2% milk and I’m trying to skim milk they taste much better with chocolate syrup and chocolate protein powder whey,30 Grams80 grams especially with body fortress muscle gainer 60 g and muscle milk gainer 32 g

  • My mum has been feeding me semi skimmed milk all my life. I now live at university and do grocery shopping for myself so I was curious if I should continue drinking watery milk.

  • Cows are treated horribly in the dairy industry. Their calves are stolen from them after just a few days (to be killed and sold as veal (male) or raised as dairy cow (females). Dairy cows are slaughtered at the end of their lives. For a more healthy and non-cruel milk, choose soy or coconut or almond or oat or…

  • Many (if not most) ‘organic’ foods we eat were not created by God. Truth. Grass-fed/Organic is also often a lie. As are dietary labels on products that get to hide foul ingredients that make us sick. American food is a lie.

  • I came here because I’m lactose intolerant,and drink plant based milks, but I will occasionally have raw cow’s milk. When I drink regular whole milk, there’s a mild reaction. Two days ago, I think gee…why don’t I just get 2% this time to be healthier? I drink about 1/2 cup of the 2% and guess what? Full on bloating, diarrhea, gas, etc. WHAT THE HEY??? Something is wrong with that stuff.

  • Butter all the way margerine does not melt it is fake. Funny how people got sicker when food guidelines & food itself changed years ago

  • MD’s have little experience in the nutrition field. Anyone with a bachelor’s or master’s degree can ready research articles… perhaps meghan should tell her audience to refer to a registered dietitian whom has studied nutrition for many years.

  • The irony of this presentation is the girl talking probably drinks skimmed milk, look how slim she is, and I would bet this presentation is sponsored by the dairy industry. Whole milk is very fattening, if you gain weight from drinking whole milk you would most likely develop a craving for more milk over time, good for dairy producers, bad for body weight.

    There’s so much disinformation out there. I’m drinking semi-skimmed at the moment but will probably even move to skimmed to cut my fats even more. If you have fat on your body you don’t need dietary fat in my opinion, at most you could consider having a fish oil capsule because of the nutritional benefits if what you get in fish oil, vs what you get in milk fat, cow hormones, you don’t want that.

  • Raw milk is the real deal… raw milk should be legal… the diet dictocrats have caused our health to suffer more and more generation after generation

  • Bret while the contrast between you & Andreas can at times be conflicting (You pointing out the ideologies of vegan/vegetarian and supporting the consumption of animal meats and products, while Andreas advocates a plant based low carb existence), thank You for keeping an objective balance to the content coming out of the Diet Doctor brand.

    With regard to Milk, modern Human’s are the only mammals who persist with the consumption of breast milk beyond weening. The argument for/against the consumption of milk, & milk products, might be an interesting topic to explore as it pertains to human evolution and nutritional value.

  • Buy raw milk from Amish farmers…I only drink raw milk from type A2 protein only cows. Dutch belted milk cows. Worth the extra cost.

  • Never mind the fact that grass fed beef is insanely expensive. And better nutrition or no, there’s few things more stomach turning to me than seeing a bowl of slimy defrosted frozen fruit. Yuck.

  • This is an issue, a lot like the organic vs nonorganic debate, there are pros to whole, there are pros to skim, either way, it’s probably a lot better if you drink milk period, then just drinking soda like so many people do.

  • I need expert opinion if the relationship between soy milk and increased female hormones true? Are there really reviewed evidence for it? I’ll appreciate if you answer. Thank you in advance!

  • The little book “Pottenger’s Cat Experiments” demonstrated the folly of messing with our milk. Many human parallels, ignored at our peril. See also “Pottenger’s Cats and How Diet Affects Future Generations” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGMk04blBEU

  • In a society in which food is abundant, and given that humans ween their infant at about 2 years from their mother’s teat, why advocate the consumption of another’s mammals milk throughout life? Makes no evolutionary sense.

  • Nutritionfacts.org unbiased research not this trying to sell books or keep the advertisers happy like this. Animal protein causes cancer in so many different ways.

  • Thank you Dr. Sher for this segment. So much of the recent news within the nutritional arena has a common theme. That common theme is that much of the recommendations that have come out of the nutritional establishment are dead wrong. This is why, whenever we hear some new claim that is spouted from the so called “health authorities”, they should be met with a great deal of skepticism. At the very least, their assertions must be contextualized within an evolutionary paradigm. If we used the evolutionary litmus test, we would have known that the low fat recommendations, with regards to things like getting rid of whole fat milk, or cutting the fat off of our chickens and beef, were absurd. Animals in the wild, and our hunter gatherer ancestors, never cut away the fat from the animal, nor did they eliminate the fat from the milk of an animal, before consuming it. Yet obesity, and all its associated maladies, seldom exists among these wild animals, nor does it exist among hunter gatherer tribes who still practice the ancient ways of eating. Fat is prized by both wild animals and our hunter gatherer counterparts for a reason.

  • I used to use fat-free half and half in my coffee until I realized they just added lots of sugar to it! I still can’t get the low-fat mindset out of my brain because I have lived my entire life believing it. So sad. I now use regular half and half but am worried about the saturated fat. Should I be?

  • “We’ve been eating meat for our entire evolution”. If that’s not a dead giveaway then I don’t know what is! 

    Also, why in the name of sanity does this guy make a point of specifically looking to factory farmed meat? Factory farms shouldn’t be supported with the way they treat and “care” for animals. Also with milk, so… it’s somewhat “Healthier” but what about the PROCESS of what’s involved in order to get the milk. Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcN7SGGoCNI

  • What is the best way to lost lots of weight? I read a lot of superb reviews on the internet about how Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost tons of weight. Has anyone tested out this popular fat burn secrets?

  • Every fat person I know is on a low fat diet. I tell them that fat should be the highest percentage of calorie intake. They mock my intelligence and then shove more carbs into their mouth.

  • It’s all a crock. It is so difficult to eat properly. They change what is good and bad every year. Who can afford all organic? The FDA is bought for by the lobbyist. They allow junk to be put on the shelves. The labels are tricky and deceptive. Is it any wonder most Americans are overweight. It should not be so difficult to eat properly.

  • We shouldn’t  be drinking cow milk.  It’s made for little animals with 4 stomachs. We’re not even supposed to drink human breast milk after a certain age.

  • Its not that I disagree with drinking whole milk, but the confounding factors are so strong with a study like this I would put it’s value close to zero. After all I only time I’ve ever drunk skim milk is when I was trying to lose weight.

  • Lindy, I am a new subscriber!
    I think you are saving my life as we speak! Learning tons of info and starting tonight on eating more veggies.
    Thank you so much!
    Cheers from California ��

  • why did you go into detail about its benefit than trail off about all the bad things about milk?? i dont understand why people dont look at how strong the cons are in this discussion on milk. why not talk about almond milk or coconut milk or cashew milk? are there things wrong with these substitutes? are there benefits?

  • “We’ve been eating meat for our entire evolution”. If that’s not a dead giveaway then I don’t know what is!

    Also, why in the name of sanity does this guy make a point of specifically looking to factory farmed meat? Factory farms shouldn’t be supported with the way they treat and “care” for animals. Also with milk, so… it’s somewhat “Healthier” but what about the PROCESS of what’s involved in order to get the milk. Check this out:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcN7SGGoCNI

  • I was following until the end when they claimed soy milk almond milk are just as good. First off, those are not “milk” they are beverages created from plant sources, that happen to be white-ish… and with additives like carrageenan, will taste “milky”… or “creamy” at least… but the two are quite different in terms of amino acid make-up just because each has “protein” does not mean they are equivalent. Not all proteins are made the same. Not to say cow milk is the best thing ever, as it’s the milk of another mammal (probably goat milk is better, if you google a bit), but I’d choose regular milk (and yes, whole milk) over the other white beverages that are falsely labelled “milk”, any day.

  • Best is camel milk or goat or sheep milk
    Then, comes,
    Double cream cow milk, which is the best of the different cow milk types! Full cream is fine too. Anything else is a gimmick and a health risk.

  • Bread = yummmmmyyyyyy…. Especially sweet bread. Yummmmmyyyyyy… And then coffee with creamer… Just listening to this even though gross makes me hungry still. And yes I have worked in the fields and your supposed “organic” products actually are more prone to bacteria from birds poop and bugs which is not prevented from getting on these organic products unlike sprayed fruits and vegetables. Deterrents are used to keep bugs and birds away. And as of recently: blight is a deadly disease our orchards have right now… And the worms are torture in the organic fruits.

  • Skim milk taste like water. Seriously people 150 calories or 90 who the hell cares. Saving a few calories here or there won’t make a difference there are better ways to loose weight without sacrificing the awesome taste of full milk

  • well we also pay for junkies too cops spending time on those badies… its all a muchiness what a loser thing to say that man on tweeter. This is so much bigger than that stuff. She’s a good citizen leading example probably saving thousands of lives to show its ok to be fat.. that man should consider that

  • Rather wish that we were still eating only raw meat and fieldberries than worry that much about what’s good or not for us to ingest.

  • I worked in the milk industry your years I think you guys have a misunderstanding raw milk and whole milk and a high fat diet might not be a good choice for some people just saying ��

  • How to fatten an omnivore pig feed it swill grains and skimmed milk, in other words breakfast cereal and low fat milk then take it a step further and add sugar and that’s what is recommended to fatten kids. My kids eat meat patties bacon eggs for breakfast and drink high fat milk they don’t feel hungry until 2pm it’s pure concentration all day at school.

  • This is cringeworthy. “We need to know what the cow is eating before we eat it” Megyn Kelly. Megyn is a conscious person and is aware of what a healthy diet includes. Look at her. Her appearance is flawless. She is playing dumb and hiding what she already knows to be true. This is so forced and insincere. Just to keep the masses that watch confused and uninformed. It is an endless stream of dark energy. It is evil.

  • Cows have periods ppl, the milk, whole or not is full of estrogens…and the grass fed could have one blade of grass and can be labeled as “grass fed” besides the fact that it’s still cruel, not sustainable and full of cholesterol that our bodies already make.

  • I honestly didn’t know any of this I always buy the dark blue cap milk because It looks Better but now that I know that’s been the good milk in general I feel safe now… But still, milk isn’t what it used to be.

  • Vegans, are you getting enough protein or lutein from eggs yolks for your eye health? Take your supplements, otherwise to get enough healthy levels of lutein from plants, your have to eat a LOT of spinach and carrots.

  • Skim milk is basically much colored water. I have no clue how you can drink it, or enjoy it. (Also if you drink milk and enjoy it, you have superpowers.)

  • Who’s his sponsor smh..I hope everyone can tell how this is how the American food industry loves to alter research findings and mix truths, half truths, and sometimes even flat out lies.

  • all in all, milk is nice, but you can get ALL the vitamin and minerals found in it in some other lower fat and calorie containing foods. BUT GOD DAMNED is it delicious with chocolate. 

  • I was hoping you all were going to explain the process of how they extract only a specific % of fat to get 2%, etc. or what about how they get chocolate milk(I mean when do they add the cocoa, etc.).  Also why can I never find skim chocolate milk =/

  • A little bro-and-no-science in here, about the sick cows/poor feed and the not being able to use the protein/carbs in commercial-grade milk. But all n’ all, great message(s).

  • I agree with him, whole milk is the best. Not sure if it’s because I’m skinny, or love milk (like srsly, I could drink 2 gallons by my self)

  • Not all types of fats are unhealthy. Only saturated fat is bad. Unsaturated fats are good only in moderation. Nobody should completely remove or heavily keep fats in their diet. Balance is key.

  • Of course people who drank skim milk were more obese, that is the entire reason they are drinking it. Next up people who drink diet soda are more obese than people who drink regular soda….

  • Totally related when he said Whole Milk tastes better with Cinnamon Toast Crunch (my favorite cereal). Through the entire video I was thinking, “Cinnamon Toast Crunch would be fucking awesome right now.” And Josh hits me with this revelation. You hit me right in the feels, Josh. Right in the mutha fucking feels.

  • “Fat” doest make you fat, “Reduced fat” products usually are filled with additives and fillers, just go with the whole original version of products

  • Honestly, I really do not need a study to strongly believe you should drink milk (raw milk), not the “milk-derived beverages” (every milk that has been processed). We source our milks (cow, goat and sheep ones) locally, there are no goat or sheep milks in winter and that’s how nature intended it.
    Moreover, I also do believe that sweet milk is only for children, adults should drink soured milk (sour milk, yogurt,…)

  • Tbh I think cows milk is healthier for you but the pasturizing of the milk kills a lot of vitamins and nutrients. It’s really a shame

  • it could also show that fat people in the effort to avoid gaining fat drink more low fat milk. so the study is entirely useless. that said the only real whole milk is raw cows milk. I believe raw milk is good for you if you drink it, I never drink milk, don’t have any use for it. do consume cream, in some dishes, ice cream and cheese from time to time.

  • Creamline or non homogenized whole milk is delicious. Just shake it well before drinking. Raw milk is the best though if you want all the enzymes and nutrients.