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Time Restricted Eating | Intermittent Fasting | Dietitian Talk

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Dr. Satchin Panda on Time-Restricted Feeding and Its Effects on Obesity, Muscle Mass & Heart Health

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Time-Restricted Eating

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Dr. Peter Attia Zero Q+A | Part I

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Dr. Satchin Panda on Practical Implementation of Time-Restricted Eating & Shift Work Strategies

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Doctor’s Experience with Intermittent Fasting & Time Restricted Feeding

Video taken from the channel: Kevin Jubbal, M.D.

Time-restricted feeding has been shown to help with weight loss and reduce blood pressure, according to new research published in the Journal of Nutrition Health and Aging. It can also reduce inflammation and insulin resistance, according to University of California research. An example of time-restricted eating is if you choose to eat all your food for the day in an 8-hour period, such as from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The remaining 16 hours each day are the fasting period. Time-restricted eating is a diet plan that requires people to limit themselves to only eating during specific hours of the day and then fasting outside of.

Time Restricted Eating (TRE), also known as Time Restricted Feeding, is a type of weight loss regimen. But let’s be clear: it’s not a diet. Instead of watching what you eat, with TRE you watch when you eat. Depending upon the time of day. This is also sometimes called time-restricted eating.

So here’s what I’ve learned about intermittent fasting. I didn’t have to stop eating at 8 p.m. A lot of fasting enthusiasts claim that.

However, since not long after I started time restricted eating, I’m averaging over 7 hours a night consistently. I don’t doubt for a second that this has made a huge difference in my day to day life. I have no precise way to measure this, but I feel more energetic and mentally sharper/more alert. By the end of my time-restricted eating experiment — I lasted for two full weeks, then gave up mostly because I missed almond milk in my 7.

It’s 7 days long, requires that you drink a fresh juice every morning and night along with one master cleanse throughout each day. The foods allowed are essentially fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and grains (all with some exceptions), and there are herbal supplements to be taken alongside every meal. I decided to follow time-restricted eating, or fasting 18 hours out of the day and eating the other six (no food between 8pm and 2pm). so I tried.

Time-restricted feeding, or TRF, is an increasingly studied diet that researchers believe may be a tool for weight-loss, diabetes prevention and even longevity.

List of related literature:

“And so hard is this to achieve that those who are ignorant of perfect discretion would prefer to prolong their fasting even for two days and to keep what they would have eaten today for the next day, provided that when it is time to eat they may take as much as they want.

“John Cassian: The Conferences” by John Cassian, Boniface Ramsey
from John Cassian: The Conferences
by John Cassian, Boniface Ramsey
Paulist Press, 1997

I also found five days to be a number that I could mentally digest especially since I had to overcome irrational fears of my temporary detachment from food.

“The Healthy Juicer's Bible: Lose Weight, Detoxify, Fight Disease, and Live Long” by Farnoosh Brock
from The Healthy Juicer’s Bible: Lose Weight, Detoxify, Fight Disease, and Live Long
by Farnoosh Brock
Skyhorse, 2013

The idea behind only eating meals using the 20 foods listed above for the first five days is to help you get used to eating the foods in this diet.

“The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality” by Phil McGraw
from The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality
by Phil McGraw
Bird Street Books, 2015

After several months of adjusting to a normal fast, you could choose to move on to a thirty-six-hour fast: all three meals in a given day.

“Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life” by Marjorie J. Thompson
from Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life
by Marjorie J. Thompson
Westminster John Knox Press, 1995

Many times when we were with these people, we went three or four days without eating, because nothing was available.

“The Narrative of Cabeza de Vaca” by Alvar N£_ez Cabeza de Vaca, Rolena Adorno, Patrick Charles Pautz
from The Narrative of Cabeza de Vaca
by Alvar N£_ez Cabeza de Vaca, Rolena Adorno, Patrick Charles Pautz
University of Nebraska Press, 2003

I had learned to eat much one time; then to go two, three, or four days without food; and after to overeat.

“Seven Pillars of Wisdom” by Lawrence, Thomas
from Seven Pillars of Wisdom
by Lawrence, Thomas
Издательство Aegitas, 2018

For this was the judgment of the fathers.22 They ruled that, rather than fasting two or three days and then eating one’s fill, it was better to eat every day, but only a little.

“Byzantine Monastic Foundation Documents: A Complete Translation of the Surviving Founders' Typika and Testaments” by John Philip Thomas, Angela Constantinides Hero, Giles Constable
from Byzantine Monastic Foundation Documents: A Complete Translation of the Surviving Founders’ Typika and Testaments
by John Philip Thomas, Angela Constantinides Hero, Giles Constable
Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, 2000

I just decided I wasn’t going to eat anything for four days, and it was a tremendous spiritual experience for me to go four days without a bite of food, but I was about dead at the end of those four days.

“Now, That's a Good Question!” by R. C. Sproul
from Now, That’s a Good Question!
by R. C. Sproul
Tyndale House Publishers, 1996

If you go on a prolonged fast (the longest I’ve done was ten or eleven days) without food or liquids—other than water—you can actually get to a place where it seems like you don’t ever have to eat again.

“You've Already Got It!: So Quit Trying to Get It” by Andrew Wommack
from You’ve Already Got It!: So Quit Trying to Get It
by Andrew Wommack

Since then, you may have had other memories surface about your eating behaviors that you can add to your written account.

“Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating” by Meryl Hershey Beck, Jeanne Rust
from Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating
by Meryl Hershey Beck, Jeanne Rust
Mango Media, 2012

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  • Hey Kevin, Love your content! Can you please share the pre-made salad kits you recommend in terms of healthiest (but still delicious)? Also, I’d love it if you can elaborate on dinner (chicken, veggies, quinoa) or at least point us to the recipes. Thanks a lot!

  • It was very informative when it comes to fasting. Thank you, Kara.

    I was laughed after you was being silly with cereal and all.:) I want to lose weight that support my bones. My goal is to get rid of belly fat and build more muscles.

    I want to eat right. Thank you again for this informative video. Also fasting is just more than just that. It’s about deny flesh as well.:) What about juice fast? Does that count as intermittent fasting?

  • Awesome as always! I really love your videos. So informative and diligent. Literally I’m excited for every new video you upload. Just a small suggestion. How about you posted a video about yourself and your professional career. You briefly mention your PhD studies and research you’ve done here and there in your videos, but a dedicated video about your academic and professional background would be much needed. Your title says MD but seems like you don’t practice medicine and are in the field of research at the moment. I did a quick search of your name and that did not help a lot. Your LinkedIn is not exactly descriptive either. The only place that your name and research credentials show up is Google scholar whose metrics may not be understandable for the general public. This makes it even more confusing for your audience, particularly on YouTube where snake oil quacks prevail

  • Great video Dr. Jubbal, very cool. New video idea: could you talk about midlevel encroachment? I’ve heard that it’s a growing problem among physicians (such as anesthesiologists). Would love to hear your views on it. What do you want future med students to know? Should they be worried?

  • Thank for delivering the facts in sn easily digestible way, keep it up! I have a question about salt. I watched a video today regarding salt intake and how we really shouldn’t be cutting down? This goes against everything we are told but what are the facts behind salt intake and the real effects on our health? Thanks! J

  • Time restricted feeding works great for me…. I stay in a fasted state for about 14 to 16 hours a day and take in all my calories in an 8 to 10 hour eating window. I like to skip breakfast and break the fast in the afternoon. I wake up ever morning in mild ketosis. My Macronutrient Ratio is;
    50% 60% healthy fat (olive oil, avocado oil, avocados, nuts, whole eggs, lean meats, oily fish)
    20% protein (lean meats, fish, nuts and eggs)
    20% 30% carbs (plants)

    This diet plan is working great for me right now…it keeps by body fat around 10% and I have a lot of energy to workout. I might change the Macronutrient Ratio down the road but it’s working for me now.

  • I’ve also been experimenting with this for a bout a week, and I was actually surprised that it wasn’t too hard to implement into my life. I do drink a cup of black coffee and apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning, then skip breakfast and eat a bigger lunch and dinner. I’ve noticed that I do get hungry, but I was trying this because I was getting ravenously / distractingly hungry when I was doing the smaller more frequent meals per day. I did lose weight, but the hunger was just too annoying. Now, I get hungry toward end of the fast period, but it’s not unmanageable. It’s very interesting how a different TIME related way of eating can change how you feel!

  • Nice! I’ve tried so many diets and the most drastic results in terms of weight loss have come from doing intermittent fasting combined with keto only during the eating periods.

  • Thanks Kara one more time. Your diettitian talks are always so helpful for me. I learn so much of them. Thank you so much. More dietitian videos please!

    Have a nice weekend Kara!
    Take care.

  • You are totally right.
    I’ve never tried any diet and always let my body take what it wanted. Few months ago I started working out regularly and my diet improved hand in hand. Same goes for discipline, though I’ve always been discipline heavy.
    No calorie fasts are something I wanted to try for a while, knowing the benefits I’m doing one as soon as I do more prep research.

  • good video bro! very well presented. Youre right about eating earlier in the day. I still do intermittent fasting but i do 8-2 or 3. Ive dropped a bit of body fat compared to when i was doing noon-8. i think IF is a helpful tool to help us lose weight, and weight loss brings benefits. But aside from that its personal preference; if people prefer 6 small meals a day it can still work. Love how you said about ‘fasting being a supporting actor’ as calories will always be most important

  • In high school from sophomore year to senior year I did the 5:2 IF but as a freshman in college I had quit because because of gastrointestinal problems and getting used to this new diet and restrictions

  • The captions have a small error at 43:44 43:46, where Dr Panda is saying “converted to NAD” but is captioned as “converted to energy” and this is repeated a couple of times.

  • Great video as usual. The neuroscience behind intermittent fasting is truly intriguing. Increases in BDNF, autophagy, and the like. IF makes me feel sharper in the morning when I am not digesting food. A lot of promising research on IF for sure. Keep up the great content.

  • Amazing video as always! I’ve been following your channels since the days when you didn’t show your face. So great to see it evolve! Love the evidence-backed information, blunt honesty, and care that you put into your vids. I’ve been curious about IF since last year and dabbled in it. But I noticed that a lot of the literature used male subjects. And there’s controversy on whether caloric restriction, IF, etc. negatively affect hormone regulation in females. Did you notice anything on that in your own IF lit searches? Thanks again for your fantastic content!

  • I started using your app a couple months ago and it is awesome! SOOOOO easy to track my fasts! Thanks to my doctor for steering me to these podcasts!

  • There is free software (f.lux) that will change the colors of your computer screen automatically over the day.
    At night it removes the blue light that disrupts your circadian rhythm. It works very well. You can download
    the app here: @t

  • I just downloaded the app but I’m on a prolonged fast right now. I’m planning to start the app when I eat again however, is it ok that I’ll be fasting most days?

  • Thank you so much for sharing this video, I’m in 3rd year med school, and you tend to put timely in sites. I’ve also started my own YouTube adventure. Some love and support for the same would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Big salute to Gil to make these videos on IF! I was specifacally asking him on this topic, and he privded guidance! You are really humble with your followers! Cheers!

  • i tried, this app is full of bugs, constant errors, for several minutes trying to submit each picture, food is getting cold, after two weeks of suffering i gave up, don’t need this additional stress.

  • Hey Doc!

    This video provides lot of information. Really appreciated.

    I would like to ask you some questions:
    Do you workout?
    If yes, which type of workout?
    How often do you train?
    How do you manage nutrition in these days?

    Thanks a lot!
    Greetings from Italy

  • Great video! I’m in med school now and I’m currently facing a few issues with my food habits because during the last few years during preparation i got used to having food at irregular times and eating junk just to stay awake while studying. Now I really want to improve my habits and I’m considering trying out what you mentioned.

  • Should not the title of the video be ‘the ‘circadian rhythms’ as I’m 21 mins into the vidio and that is all that it has been about?

  • Hi, guys! Totally had the baby already (for those of you wondering). A few quick things…
    1.) If you’re thinking of trying out time-restricted eating after this podcast, do not let your data go to waste! Dr. Panda’s group has a clever way of taking volunteer data from a broad international cohort and using it for scientific research right through your mobile phone. Please think of participating! Learn more here at myCircadianClock.org. Also make sure to follow Satchin on Twitter at twitter.com/satchinpanda.

    2.) This episode has a dedicated page on the FoundMyFitness website with super extensive resources, including an in-depth timeline with links to studies discussed, a glossary and other show notes. Make sure to check that out at foundmyfitness.com/episodes/satchin-round-2. Getting this page out was a big milestone for us and reflects the standard we hope to strive for with all new episodes going forward. If you love this… hug a crowdsupporter today. Or become one at foundmyfitness.com/crowdsponsor.

    3.) TONS of podcasts already on the calendar. Stay tuned.:)

  • Rhonda…what will you do…the first 2-3 years for your infant/child…that would be classified as “new science or feeding or anything” different for this baby, based on your knowledge, etc.?

  • Good day Dr Patrick
    My wife suffers from alopecia-areata, and we know it’s autoimmune issue, which starts In the gut. She had het entire thyroid removed due to cancer. Now some studies have shown that, in woman, fasting triggers sympathetic nervous system, which can’t be great for rest and repair. So in her case, to heal the leaky gut from all the radioactive treatment pills, can she do intermitting fasting or even prolonged fasting to heal the gut and other systems, without setting of the alert sympathetic system and trigger even more hair loss. What would you suggest we combine

  • And all these amazing, complex biological processes have come about through evolution REALLY!!! Sounds like intelligent design, to me.

  • I was fasting until late morning, but recently switched my eating window to start earlier morning & stop by 5ish. I’ve seen an improvement in sleep as a result.

  • I’ve heard things like fasting can influence permanent changes to your metabolism speed. Any truth to that?
    Also would love a quick complete dead easy beginners rough guide to nutrition outlining the different components to nutrition like what carbs, proteins and fats are and how they contribute to our diet and also what a healthy goal or aim to get a good balance of the essentials required for healthy living. Like a quick ‘nutrition for dummies’ type vid. I feel even that small amount of basic information would help a large portion of the uneducated population who base nutrition off of famous rumours like “carbs are the devil and is the only reason you are fat.”

  • There are a lot of video on keto diet….threre is a chanel called…2 FIT DOC…. AND they actualy mesures keones level and glucose level before and after drinking coffee, they to prick theris fingers and check thosr level,, they did just with coffee,they did with cream,witj buttetr,with coconut oil,,and then they did with bulet proff coffee,


  • your iOS app is truly amazing, so simple yet functional, it’s beyond belief, thank you so much, I love apps like that, can’t remember if it’s free or I had to one time buy it which I gladly would, but I would never pay some kind of subsription, never ever…thanks so much!

  • I do shift work and my resting hart rate was 100pbm. Now I do 23hour fast for a 9 months & now my heart rate is averaging around 65pbm

  • I do 8/16 to 4/20 at least 5 days per week. I started doing that for a boost to weight loss but the different eating pattern coincided with the clearing up of long term stubborn disgestive complaints I had. Don’t know if these things were related or what it was that changed.

  • on the issue of eating late, and melatonin influencing pancreas (min 48), it would be helpful to look at different cultures south European countries on average eat much later into the evening than do northerners yet my suspicion is that they don’t have higher prevalence of T2D or markedly elevated HbA1C. I am sure lot has to do with their sulfur-rich Mediterranean diet, higher UV/VitD exposure, etc. hence the actual timing of a meal may not be as important as other factors.

  • Hi Dr. Jubbal. First of all, I love your videos. I just wanted to ask you, if you can make a separate video about your experience with IBD. I was diagnosed with a IBD condition my senior year in highschool, now I’m a sophomore in college, and pre-med. my parents and family, are hesitant to support my journey to go to medschool. Would appreciate if you make a video in the future regarding your condition, if you do feel comfortable in doing so. I would appreciate it, if not I understand. Take Care, Dr.Jubbal

  • These videos on TRF are very helpful! I’ve tried it several times in the past but never made an effort to stick to it for more than a few days. Now that I’m in my dedicated study period for Step 1, though, I can see how TRF can save precious time and mental energy by not worrying about food.

    Your breakfast looks amazing btw �� When can we expect to see cooking videos!?

  • OK so for people that does this, I have a question, how can I implement this with my life schedule. say day 1 im eating at 6 am, so I dont eat until 3 PM, that means my next meal is at 12 am at night? if you guys already had success, please shed some light.

    question 2: so they talked about this ZERO app and the circadian cycle(13 HOURS, at least according to the app). yet she emphasized multiple times that the optimal is 9-10 hours; not to mentioned she also emphasize that it should be LESS THAN 12 HOURS. So which one is it?

  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick….love your videos and thanks for all of the info.

    I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for approximately 8 months…no noticeable change to body composition.

    I have also done 3-day fasts as few times. But I am wondering if consuming PowerAde Zero or a similar Gatorade product, is acceptable for an extended fast or does something in those drink cause a biological effect that interferes with the extended fast?

  • i started 10 hours window then 9 and then 8, after few months now I am doing 1 to 4 hours max. trust me even 4 hours window now i feel bloated

  • There is free software (f.lux) that will change the colors of your computer screen automatically over the day.
    At night it removes the blue light that disrupts your circadian rhythm. It works very well. You can download
    the app here: @t

  • I recently bought Omega 3, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and iodine (can’t find dulse right now) supplements. Do you think these are a lot? Especially for the liver? Also is it ok to take all of these ever day or should I do every other day? Damn I wish I lived in the states so I could come and pay you for this �� ❤

  • That’s awesome, I love intermittent fasting I do the 16/8 approach and have been doing it since August 2016 and love it. My weights stabilized since I’ve implemented this in my days. Good luck and look forward to hearing more about your experience ❤️��❤️

  • so if there is no autophagy with what you call time restricted eating and you have to fast for at least 3 days to reach autophagy then what is the point of all these 16:8 or 20:4 ‘fasts’?

  • IF decimated my gut bacteria from 87% down to 3%. I ended up hospitalized. This needs to be studied! I hope to do a vid on my experience so others can avoid what happened to me. Fasting has benefits, but we need to figure out at what point(s) is it not good?

  • There is free software (f.lux) that will change the colors of your computer screen automatically over the day.
    At night it removes the blue light that disrupts your circadian rhythm. It works very well. You can download
    the app here: https://justgetflux.com/

  • Does consistency of fasting matter, e.g. one day my eating window is between 12pm to 8pm, but on another day it’s 5pm to 1am, and on another it’s 2pm to 10pm.

  • Hi, I am interested in participating in RTE experiments.I am a male,63,live in india.i am a retired person and can spend as much time as is required by experiment.

  • this is just my opinion but Dr. Panda says he has a 10hr/12 hr window
    from 7am/8am to 5pm/6pm
    this isn’t really time-restricted eating… this is just normal eating, isn’t it?
    for years I intuitively eat an early dinner 6pm/7pm and the next meal would be 10am/2pm depending on how I feel or what day it is… weekends are usually closer to 12pm/2pm

  • Seasons greetings to u caleb husband an family. Or there is a sleep homone in the morning thats why i feel lazy. Hmm i dont fast in the night the word cancer is scary

  • The 12 hour feeding window during daylight is also something that is recommended by Ayurveda. Cool to see that it can be backed up by modern science

  • I wonder if she’s met Jordan Peterson through Joe Rogan. JP and his daughter have serious problems they have largely solved through diet. I wonder if she’d have some insights or recommend time-restricted eating for their inflammation issues.

  • Hi gil. Here are 3 Links I promised with startling results for fasting ON HUMANS. I look forward to your input, thanks, Thomas.

    These links (at bottom) include: improves potential longevity markers

    “appears to kickstart recycling of old proteins and to lower blood levels of “pro-aging” protein bits such as methionine, ”

    “Some other interesting findings: People practicing alternate day fasting for more than 6 months had lower levels of stress response proteins after a fast day, such as proteins involved in inflammation and programmed cell death.

    People who had practiced alternate day fasting for more than 6 months also didn’t experience any of the downsides associated with long-term restriction of calories, such as loss of bone mass (a risk factor for osteoporosis and frailty later in life) or a lowered number of immune cells. Immunosuppression is a downside of chronically consuming fewer calories than you need, which makes only intermittently restricting calories a promising alternative for healthy aging.”


    better fat loss and preservation of lean mass than calorie restriction



  • QUESTION!! I’m on an eating schedule of 9:30am-8pm. If I wake up and start a long alpine hike at 5am, and can wait until my eating schedule, but feel like I need to hydrate with my pink salt/ACvinegar mixture, will I start my circadian clock by drinking that mix since there are calories? What do I do? Thanks!! Will G.

  • Is it possible that there’s a natural variation in WHEN a human’s insulin sensitivity is “best”? I ask because I was raised in the culture of breakfast-is-the-most-importantmeal of the day, but I have NEVER, not once in my life, had any desire whatsoever to eat anything, not even something I really like, before noon-ish. And it isn’t a conscious decision or a lack of time, my body just doesn’t want any food then. And if, for whatever reason, I do eat in the morning I feel kind of nasty for hours, if not all day.

  • Hey Thank you for your videos they are too helpful. I want to ask you if there is a way for graduates from Africa (Ethiopia) to match for residencey in US. I am asking this because our learning methodology is a bit different from yours…..and please if you know some one who graduated Africa(Ethiopia) who is there…please Help us on these matter…..Thank You

  • Yes! A video on oils coming up! So a question for you regarding that: Forks Over Knives meal planner recommends using no oils whatsoever even though I repeatedly read everywhere else that it’s healthy for us to consume the “good ones”: olive, coconut, avocado, grape seed, etc. FOK is not against fat, their recipes always include avocados, nuts, and seeds they just recommend cutting all oils. Do you have any word on this?

  • Thanks for the video Kara.
    This Time Restricted Eating Study Showed:
    1A significant decrease in body fat in the Time Restricted Feeding (TRF) group (−16.4 % vs −2.8 %)
    2Fat-free mass and maximal strength were maintained in both groups
    3Lower triglycerides in the TRF group
    4Blood glucose and insulin levels decreased significantly in the TRF group

  • Found you while searching for about IF! I’ve been using it along with macros for about 2 weeks. I was just counting macros before and always felt really hungry between meals. I’m a mom of 4 kids so it’s hard for me to do 4-6 small meals a day. This has worked so much better for me! The kids and I are up at 7 am during the week but I get them going for school and get errands done for the day. I start to eat once the younger kids are down for their naps. So between 1 or 2 until 9 before I go to bed. So much for convenient for my life style! I do drink black coffee in the AM though. Definitely going to listen to Joe Rogans podcast after this!

  • it would be nice to know mouse time compared to human time. 16 hour fast for a mouse would be much actually be much longer for them?

  • I know exactly what you mean about the clear mind, clarity and energy from IF, as well as no cravings whatsoever. Also, it has improved my mood overall. It also makes you realize just how shitty you feel when you’re eating like a “normal person” in America today…nearly always bloated and in a food coma and just sluggish and “blah” feeling. I’m so happy those days are behind me. I also like that IF isn’t a diet, it’s a habit of eating. Unlike a diet it doesn’t matter so much WHAT you eat, but rather, WHEN you eat. (Meaning still eating proper macros and calories, but it’s not a food-group-restricted diet). Thank you for this video!

  • This presentation addresses the most important subject for the maintenance of good health.
    Circadian Rythm Cyncronicity IS THE ESSENTIAL FOR THE HEALTH.
    VRP had an (One of the many) excellent News Letter all about the Circadian Rythm Cyncronicity. Included the supplements to help one to regulate this Clock.
    To my amazement even VRP had a great ideas for adjusting the dissregulated Circadian Rythm Cyncronicity due to jet lag, shift work or just being the night Aull type personality, work as a pilot orJetseters lifestyle.

  • Dr Rhonda Patrick, can you please clarify about the experiment when mice were radiated in the evening and they retained 85% of their hair, were they nocturnal and when you translate that to human, does that mean that radiation is better done in the morning since human are not nocturnal? Thank you in advance


  • Seriously good content, great job picking questions that are on everyone’s minds! Android app still has some bugs, but I know you just released it, looking forward to seeing how it develops:)

  • I had to cringe all the time how they called 12 to 14 hours of not eating as “fasting”…  I battled obesity for 30 years. 4 years ago, I finally won the battle. Different methods, the struggle was huge to get rid of 50 kg bodyweight while packing on muscle. My point is, switching from 16/8 to 20/4 and meanwhile 21/3 made a HUGE difference. So, 14/10 is no way near an effective time restricted eating approach. Either less so is 12/12. If you use a Glucometer and observe your blood glucose during a fast, you will see when your body starts being really empty on glucose energy. During my intraday fast, my BG decreases slowly all the way down to 72 to 76. It starts in the morning with 100 or so. People need to start eating according to their energy needs. A Glucometer might help. I always workout fasted and stay fasted after my workouts for at least 8 hours. This is what mimics evolutionary behavior. This is how I get the most anabolic systemic response and the strongest signaling. I have built a lot of muscle on that protocol and have the best body composition of my life. A certain exercise form is also important to mimic optimal anabolic systemic response. No Amino Acids or supplements or peri workout nutrition. The pure primal protocol. I workout only 10 minutes per day and eat 4500 caloric during my 3 hour window. I can eat 400 grams of carbs and will have the same ketone count like a zerocarber at the 20th hour of my fast. The fasting magic starts happening usually around the 14th to 16th hour. if you start eating then, you basically shut the process off. 20/4 for the win. Please stop calling 12/12 or 14/10 time restricted eating…:) I also always eat at the same time in the evening. Starting at 7 PM until 10 PM. Finally the first time that I heard someone admitting that all this fixed Circadian interpretation might not be correct. Feeding and Fasting sets the major clock. it overwrites all other clocks. According to my post prandial blood glucose I am extremely insulin sensitive. I can stuff 2500 calories with starchy foods, protein and tons of olive oil as my first meal in my 3 hour window and my BG wont go above 120 mg/dl. After 60 minutes I am down to 95. So, studies of people who have not set their own clocks yet by (feeding/fasting) and get tested how they react at certain times might not be the best basis to say, that insulin and BG response in the morning is better than in the evening. Dr. Panda admits this himself at minute 46. Think outside the box.

  • I usually don’t eat until 1 and stop eating at 9 in the evening. I’ll start to take my blood and record the results with as much detail as possible.

  • I find his voice so incredibly soothing. I could listen to him read product labels or instruction booklets and be in heaven. Not to mention his amazing knowledge and expertise on TFE. Fabulous!

  • hi Kara! i work graveyard from 9pm to 7 30am. Does eating the bulk of my days food at night hurt my metabolism? i am thinking about trying this so i am eating closer to morning time verusus in the middle of the night
    thank you!

  • I follow Dr. Peter Attia and truly enjoy his ability to articulate the complex understanding of the human body. I decided to download the Zero app to see if it would be useful when tracking my fasting. The app is easy to use and seems to be well thought out. It is interesting that learning about health is monetized through the upgrade to the premium subscription.

  • Your app is great!! Awesome!! What would be a brilliant feature would be to have some sort of fasting forum where the people who have the app can share their success stories as well as keep each other motivated during a fast

  • How is a 12 hour eating window time restricted in any sense? Time restricted eating should be less than 8 hours minimum, and closer to 4 hours.

  • Thanks for your very well put together video. One question: In your video with Prof Walter Longo he said its best to eat twice a day with a limted time restricted feeding window of about 12 hours with lower mortality for longer periods (around the 32 min period of that video). Could you please comment. Thanks

  • I was wondering, if drinking BCAAs or EAAs with my water in the morning will break my fast the same as black coffee? Since the gut will have to digest them as opposed to plain water.

  • I loved it great information. You spoke real fast so I wasn’t bored. Monica nurse mentioned have been to I’m not to laugh. Thank you I really appreciated the knowledge. I often wondered about that and now I don’t have to wonder anymore. So thank you.

  • I do 17/7 Intermittent Fasting every day. Do to my schedule I eat at work at 2:00. I get home and workout at the gym from 6:00 to 7:45. When I get home at 8:00 I eat and make sure I stop my 9 pm. I can say at 64 years old I am the strongest I have ever been in my life. I am a cancer survivor so I stopped all refined sugar and also no alcohol anymore. I do not each that many carbs anymore. No pizza or bread. Sometimes an English muffin with peanut butter (peanut only peanut butter).

  • great info! thanks! the expert on fasting and building muscle is FRED HAHN (in NYC. Peter knows him) https://www.slowburnpersonaltraining.com/

  • Great content and what better way of getting credibility than having Peter Attia answering questions. Excited about checking the app

  • I’ve been intermittent fasting and found it an easy way to lose weight, but I’m a little concerned that I might not be getting enough nutrition since I’m also vegan. Anyone other vegans doing IF and wondering about this? Not interested in health arguments against veganism here, BTW, I do it for ethical reasons.

  • Well presented video.I noticed when I was finishing dinner by 4pm I was actually eating more and losing weight. I thought I was imagining it until I saw the studies!

  • So, would there possibly be an optimal timing component to taking vitamins and supplements, just as there’s an optimal timing for pharmaceuticals?

  • I shared this VDO with a few friends and we are a bit confused: Do you think weight loss is best achieved with ADF OR 16:8 with that day’s feedings being big breakfast, medium lunch and smaller last meal not late in the day? So ADF VS meal plan 16:8?

  • Is there a possible placebo effect going on with some people’s positive outcomes? Like maybe just because they hear this and put it into effect and their minds are constantly focused on this it changes things

  • IF is not fasting unless 24 hours or more. (terminology and not important to me) Major in the major, minor in the minor which sounds like a great idea unless you can’t distinguish b/w the two.

  • can we just pause and give a round of applause to miss kara:) again an amazing video, i want to try IF but i workout around 4am and man am i hungry when i get home at 7am and just eat lol and to fast i think i would have to stop eating around 3pm which im sure maybe i could do, but after a long day of classes i just want something to munch on when watching youtube at 6pm lol maybe i can just sip on some zevia even though i probably wouldnt be fasting lol

  • Just wanna make sure I understood this correctly. Around 21:20, is he is saying that you probably won’t enter autophagy until you’re into your 3rd day of fasting, correct? So if I’m doing just a 22-hour fast, I shouldn’t get my hopes up for cell repair? I hope someone can answer.

  • Thank you for this Q&A! Fantastic. Question. I heard Dr. Longo said skipping breakfast will increase risk of gallstone. Doing IF and I skipp breakfast except for coffee. Should I be worried? Thank you…

  • Why is it called fasting because you don’t eat at night. What? we want to eat 24 hours now? Not eating at night is not fasting it is just living.

  • Great Podcast. FWIW, I managed to go from 18%BF to 4%BF according to my InBody 570 device AND using DEXA in 3 months fasting for 18-22 hours everyday, 2 meals a day, 150 grams animal protein, coffee with cream every morning and using EAA’s in water throughout the day. 2 HIT (NOT HIIT) workouts per week. ZERO cardio. I avoided refined sugars and only ate salad stuff as my carbs.

  • I fast but not because I am over weight. I am THIN. I fast so I am not always feeding my body an over load of Glucose my Carbs. No sugar here. Expect for a little fruit. I am trying to gain weight with Diabetes. Hard to gain, at least I am not loosing any more weight.I eat two meals a day. I refuse to allow Dr.s and Food continue to damage me.

  • To the guy with headache, I was expiriencing similar symptoms and found out my sodium intake was too low and I “fast” 16-18hrs everyday.

  • it says the app is only for iPhone. I have an excel spreadsheet of my fasting for the last 85 days. If you want it you can email me and I’ll send it to you along with any additional information you’d like. I had a gallbladder attack I charted, weight lose and basic diet.

  • I knew a 360 pound guy. He was vegetarian for 30 years. Supposedly. He jumped right into an 18 day water fast and lost 60 pounds. I thought that was pretty unhealthy. Then he waited about a month and then did another 11 day fast. Not sure what he lost after that.

  • Question: For someone practicing time restricted eating in the 16-8 format & doing strength training daily with the goal of building muscle, if that person per the suggestion in this video is doing their training at the end of their fasted window, should their first meal be glucose heavy to replenish glycogen? fat heavy? complex carbs? whats the move here? Thanks

  • It would be interesting for swing shifters. My husband work 2 wks 7am -3pm and 2 wks 3pm 11pm. Since his circadian rhythm is constantly interrupted

  • Change word to EATING! Humans don’t need to be motivated by mammal herd comparisons. I appreciate my frontal lobe, ability to speak AND to EAT!! Time restricted EATING….. ��

  • Is it possible that this study is correct for people who are working over the day and sitting at the couch in the evening and the meal timing is the „opposite“ when doing your workout in the evening => moderate breakfast, moderate bevore and after WO and your main meal in the evening when your cells are empty and you need energy for recovery

  • Please can you make a video about the best diet for emphysema. Specifically for someone slightly larger with the firm of emphysema that is a non mucus forming version. Would fasting activate stem cells to help heal the lungs? What foods cause more CO2 and O2 demand etc

  • its the month or Ramadan so millions of muslims are fasting ( food and drinks including water ) from dawn to dust, it’s hard but u feel fresh as a waterfall after it’s over, it’s like pressing the reset button for the year ��

  • New subscriber hereI am loving your informative videos. Thank you so much for this! I just started IF last week because I was listening to JRE, and also love Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Keep up the great work!:)

  • Posted that already, but this is the right video for my personal experiance:
    My personal experience with a fasting window of 14+ hours per day. 5 days per week

    I am quite fit (3-4 times per week in the gym). I had about 4kg of fat that I wanted to get rid of. With no success with other methods, as I was very hungry at some point in time (I love good food. And wine.)

    After I started my fasting for 6 Month I got rid of 6 kg of fat (went from 98kg to 92 kg with now 16% bodyfat) by keeping my muscle mass (measured by a doctor). And it is like this since 3 years.

    So it works great for me. I am never hungry or think of it as a burden. It is super easy to maintain for me. BasicalyI just skipp breakfast and late snacks. Weekends I do whatever I like.

    Depending on your goals give it a go. And eat healthy! (And work out)

  • I generally love your video’s, but your terminology is a bit confusing. Time restricted feeding is a subset of intermittent fasting, at least, in most videos on the topic.

  • I’d like to know how activity changed between the group. Certainly the the law of thermodynamics can’t be broken so the groups who lost more weight must’ve increased the activity unconsciously. Even fidgeting counts.

  • Hi Kara! Fasting has helped me not only lose weight like 25 pounds but it helped me going through menopause all my hot flashes and hormonal issues completely went away. I fast for 20 hrs. And feed for 4 and work out fasted. I’ve never felt better thanks! for all of your wonderful information! Love you! And Bruce! ❤️

  • I do intermittent fasting every day, usually 16:8 and I am vegan and I do CrossFit in the morning. This is what I find works best for me. It took me some time, but I am glad that I found what works best for me.

  • I am completely addicted to your videos! I feel I learn so much from you and that I implement positive gradual changes to my daily life to improve my general health. Your videos are real public service! thank you Dr. Gil Carvalho!:)

  • Here’s what I’ve been doing. Time restricted during the necessary 14 hours(no eating, only water), then I allow myself coffee during the the last 2 hours of intermittent fasting. I think I get all the benefits of both. Thoughts?

  • What I’m wondering, if you have one cheat day per week, on which you maybe eat for 12 hours and eat sugar and unhealthy, does it still make sense to have the other 6 days of the week a normal 16/8 IF diet? That’s how I am doing it at the moment.

  • I love your honest approach. I personally love this way of eating. I use a 6 hour eating window from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. because it fits my lifestyle and I prefer not being full in the evening. As you said, others like a different window and that is great too. I do agree with you that IF is definitely not for everyone. It did help me lose 18 pounds that I have been able to keep off for a year now. There are days when I eat outside of the window like when I travel or when a dinner is planned but I mostly stick with my window.

  • I love your videos. It makes everything crystal clear. There is a problem about nutrition that still makes things hard for me. Histamine Intollerance! Is there a chance you could make a video about how to get all those benefits you’re talking about in your videos for people who are histamine intollerant? I find it very complicated. Flax seeds, soy, a lot of nuts, beans and legumes are foods to avoid, although for “normal” people they are super healthy.

  • So when should we eat? it frustrates me that an answer to this question is so hard to get… when should we eat then? when is night when is day?

  • Dr. Berg on YouTube says do your OMAD or intermittent fasting meals later in day bc closer to 6pm or 9pm your metabolism is calmer so you digest much more nutrients from the food you just eat. Check the video about it.

  • Good day Dr Patrick
    My wife suffers from alopecia-areata, and we know it’s autoimmune issue, which starts In the gut. She had het entire thyroid removed due to cancer. Now some studies have shown that, in woman, fasting triggers sympathetic nervous system, which can’t be great for rest and repair. So in her case, to heal the leaky gut from all the radioactive treatment pills, can she do intermitting fasting or even prolonged fasting to heal the gut and other systems, without setting of the alert sympathetic system and trigger even more hair loss. What would you suggest we combine

  • I find this interesting but also personally conflicting. Most days I don’t feel hungry until 11ish a.m. and most of the calories I eat is between 6 and 12 p.m. If I eat more during the day I feel sluggish and have to take a nap in order to be productive. I exercise a lot mostly after 6p.m.(20-120min./day intense exercise) and during the day I’m working on my university degree.

  • Well if you last meal is at 6pm and you go to bed at 10pm it’s only a few waking hours without food I find it easy been doing it for a long time..
    however socially when friends asked to meet up in the evening for meal or beer etc it’s a tricky one

  • This is the 2nd video on Intermittent Fasting (after last week’s). Here we take a look at Time Restricted Feeding and the effect of meal timing on health

  • I can provide a plausible reasoning for the impact of timing: if the energy of the food is available to the body some hours after the meal, and your expenditure at that moment is low (I guess that’s true for sleeping, although I think I read that stuff like muscle growth and such tends to happen then, but the fact that you’re not awake and lying down probably matters a lot more) your body cannot spend the calories and therefore might be inclined to store dietary fat (or maybe even produce new fat from carbohydrates, although some say that’s a minimal amount). This reasoning (and I think even the findings you cited) grossly defeat the “only the energy balance matters”-hypothesis I’ve heard so many times and I always disliked, as there’s so many variables and influences (different sources of energy like food, glycogen, ketons, lipids… and not to forget the imho huge impact on your activities during the day that are depending a lot on how energetic you feel ).
    A lot of hearsay and no sources, but focus was on plausible reasoning…:D

  • Thank you. Ive been doing IF for a few months now with very good results. Im eating 12-8pm though, so Im thinking of moving the window earlier. That got me to thinking it might be interesting to shift the window week by week or month or month by month. Any thoughts on that?

  • I am curious as to what kind of wrist-watch is Dr Panda wearing? What is it with the white layer next to the skin? Is that some kind of measuring device?

  • Being an athlete I do two training sessions a day of which one is strength and conditioning and other is sprinting. & I get these two sessions done by evening 6 but I eat at 9pm in the night with avg fasting period of 18hrs a day. Goal is 23 hours which I rarely achieve, but I m doing good.

  • I just got so excited you mentioned Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Joe Rogan! I love listening to them and her. Her research and experience is so incredible. The longevity with intermittent fasting. It’s so interesting. Did you listen to the podcast about sulforaphane?��

  • My one complaint with this pair of interviews is that the pre-diabetic frame is taken for granted. Modern society in a nutshell: we’re all prediabetic, all the time. But imagine a future TRE world, where the majority of the population had two full decades of adult TRE under their belts: would anybody still be prediabetic? In the red trucks: reactive TRE, in the blue trunks: sustained TRE. Red trunks getting too much homer love in this dialogue. The tiniest sustained increase in blood-glucose level instantly convinces us that blue trunks is weak at the knees. Really? I don’t think Mother Nature is quite so quick to send blue trunks packing, who hadn’t first left his intestinal tract unflossed (this was their metaphor) for twenty adult years.

  • SO WHEN I WAKE UP I SHOULD GET HIT BY LIGHT…BUT WHEN SHOULD I FIRST EAT…?lets say i have ONE MEAL PER DAY…should it be imedeatly after i wake up…?2 afters…?maybe first exercise…?can i make the meal at afternoon after exersice but 3 lets say 3 hourw before sunset and sleep time…?

  • Awesome video!

    Really good information! We just recorded a podcast episode on meal timing and we found very similar results. Great video!

  • Thanks. Martin Berkhan is the father of 16/8. He does strength training fasted (albeit BCAAs pre-workout no calories). A decade ago, he showed studies reporting an increase in metabolism, muscle mass, hormone changes (eg more testosterone), and energy. I think his eating window is lunch to dinner (skipping breakfast) which doesn’t seem favorable according to your video?

    Does the literature still support these claims?

  • Hey Kevin thank you so much for your videos.. I just love the content you bring. I love the way you think & MOST IMPORTANT of all the information which you are bringing to the reach of Many people like. THANK YOU SO MUCH KEVIN…LOVE to you

  • The one question I have and I cannot find the answer anywhere. I work out at 4:30am everyday. I was always told and read you should always eat within 40 min after working out. I’m on my third day of IF 16:8. I eat usually 7am-3pm. Should I continue to start eating at 7am after my workouts or should I wait til the afternoon? Also, does is slow your metabolism? I keeping hearing different answers.

  • Losing weight is of course a very new thing to strive for. Most of evolution the opposite has been the goal. It makes sense to me that other benefits would follow by living in a way that was beneficial in the past, unless you are actually overweight.

  • Another great video thanks Gil. This sounds like an old saying (here win the UK at least). Breakfast like a king, lunch like prince, dinner like a pauper.

  • Hi Dr Jubbal, I’ve a BS in food science and have been trained in the aspect of nutrition. I just want to say that watching your nutrition-related videos is really a breath of fresh air because I’ve watched so many videos and read way too many articles on nutrition that view a topic using a simplistic and biased approach. Usually people use a single, isolated research study, which may not even have a good study design to prove a point. You’re one of the few people that really critically evaluate various cohort/RCT/systematic review/meta-analysis and approach the topics systemically. Thanks for including meta-analysis in your video because one can simply find a stand-alone article supporting his/her point. This really makes me like your channel, as a scientist active in research, so much because you understand the nuances of scientific research.

  • Is a person who have Sickle cell trait & Thalassemia in her body, she can do intermittent fasting? Can it benefits them? Kindly guide Dt. Mam. Thank you.

  • Would love to hear an interview with Jackson Peos on some of the findings between the different fasting / intermittent feeding protocols.

  • I’m 46 and my life started off pretty badly. I’ve also suffered from depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, problems to focus all my life and I’ve been overweight for most of it.
    Then I started 16/8 time restricted eating on a keto diet and all symptoms disappeared and I lost weight like crazy without any effort. I don’t even think about food until noon. Mentally, I can’t even describe the positive change.

    To dr Patrick and dr Panda: thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are magnificent.

    To most other doctors and registered dieticians who push the low fat destruction: you are scam artists. Return your licenses and look for a proper job.

  • I found your channel when I was searching for intermittent fasting information a few months ago! �� I do at least 12 hours fasted every day and 16 to 18 a few times a week. Once a month or so I do 36 hours as well. I’ve been off my MS meds for a year with no problems at all and I believe this is why.

  • I’d love to hear about bullerproof Coffee and intermittend fasting.

    I like my coffee with Coconut Oil in the morning at 8.00.
    After this i eat lunch at 13.00 and Dinner at 22.00.
    So without my coffee i would be fasting 15 hours. But if you count the coffee it would be only 10 hours.

  • Watch her eyes and facial expressions while he’s speaking. There’s just something overwhelming inviting about her mannerisms engaged, warm, intelligent, etc. I’ve heard it said that people could watch a particular person speak for hours, but I could literally watch Dr. Patrick watching someone ELSE speak for hours! lol

  • I wrote down some key takeaways from this interview and posted them on my website: https://sundaynewsletter.com/february-video-summaries/notes-and-key-takeaways-from-dr-satchin-panda-on-time-restricted-feeding-and-its-effects-on-obesity-muscle-mass-heart-health/

  • Good information. And first hand information coming from a horse’s (Researcher’s) mouth.I am definitely going to adopt this life style. From intermittent eating method I am going to intermittent fasting. Watch this place for my updates.

  • Love this topic. So much info on it! Have you heard of IF causing your body to be in more of a stress mode and also, how does insulin play a part in terms of fat loss? Do we want insulin low in order to burn off fat? This is where I have heard IF works?? So much info ��

  • i drink decaf because i like coffee and sipping in the morning, but i dont want caffeine. is the little bit of caffeine in decaf going to effect my liver?

  • I wake up at 6 and have green tee and a bowl of fruits as breakfast, then a 2h workout, oatmeal at 12 and lunch at 3. I wonder if I should switch my breakfast cuz its all sugar before the workout?

  • Can anyone give a quick summary or the main points that we need to do. I cant be bothered watching the whole video lol. Would be appreciated

  • Wow, working out at 6am and not eating until noon? I just don’t see how that’s possible to function optimally at work for the first half of the day? I could probably make it until 10:30am, maybe 11am and then I would need to nourish. I have very similar hours to you and I commend you for that type of diet.

  • I myself practice the diet routine Dr Rhonda and Dr Satchin discussed at 47:34. I wake up at 8am everyday but my first bite of food is often at 12pm and have dinner at 7pm. If any research needs human volunteers, I can be one.

  • My daughter is on this time restricted diet. For sure it worked for her and l like it make sense scientifically. I just started it this 8 hr window eating last week and see how it goes. I don’t think it is hard to do it. I heard it is helping for person has arthritis. She is feeling lot better now. Liked listening this.

  • So if our circadian clocks evolved in the tropics, should we in Northern Europe artificially alter our home and work life to reflect 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark, all year round?

  • wealthy people seem to eat supper later are they doing wrong or is lifestyle allowing them to thrive, or lline of thinking causing harm,?

  • In my second year of nutritional therapy from listening to and wanting to be like you. Your changing lives and you’ve done the same in mine. Thank you

  • With regards to what does/n’t break a fast, I’d just like us to stop throwing a cup of black coffee in the same category as a 6000 calorie pancakes with maple syrup and candy break-fast. I fast from 7pm 2pm or so daily and I totes doubt that 12oz. of black coffee at 6:30am has a modicum of an affect. JUST SAYIN’. #alsoangryaboutthecoffeething

  • Very well put and I appreciated some of the caveats you mentioned. Another one is that some doctors are concerned about IF’s effect on women’s hormones specifically and the menstrual cycle. But I don’t know how substantial the research on that is. I personally love IF but my cycle is kind of the opposite of yours I like to do all my eating after work at home. That way, I don’t have to worry about packing a lunch or finding the time during a busy work day to eat, and when you’re busy working, you don’t really have time to think about being hungry! And then when I get snacky at night, that’s my eating window anyways, so I eat to satiety:)

  • Bom Dia Kara tudo bem, gostaria que se possivel você fizesse um Video falando de Suplementação, quais estão sendo os Melhores produtos? ex: Whey Protein da ON, Whey Protein AdaptoGen Bife, Creatina, Cafeina, Betalanina, Alo Evera, etc etc. É quanto à alimentação Pos Treino é no Decorrer do Dia, Treino em Jejum as 7: 00 Hrs da Manhã de 40 à 50 Minutos, Segunda é Quinta ( Costa Biceps Ante Braço ) Terça é Sexta ( Peito Triceps Abdomen ) Quarta ( Perna PanturrilhaOmbro Trapezio ) Sabado ( Perna Panturrilha ) Musculo Grande 4 Aparelhos é Musculo Pequeno 3 Aparelhos, Todos Serie 4 × 10, Abdomen 4 × 20 é Panturrilha 4 × 12, Não descanso os 30 Segundos porque vou intercalando os Exercícios Casados no Dia por ex: Faço um de Costa ai levanto é faço um de Biceps até acabar o Treino. Muito obrigado é Parabéns pelo Canal, você é Linda é muito Legal, minha língua é o Português é um grande abraço de toda à galera da Cidade de Cabo Frio no Estado do Rio de Janeiro no Brasil.

  • How much of a parallel can we assume between mice and human?
    I really like your videos and interventions Dr Patrick but you seem very confident that on the metabolism subject, once proven in mice that you should apply it. You probably have very good reasons to do so but I’d like to know more about it. Thanks!

  • Great App Mike and Kevin! Used it for several months now.
    Thanks for putting it out and making it freely available, you guys rock.
    For some future interview: curious to hear Peter’s commentary on using fasting with high level/intense endurance training: marathons, 10k races, Olympic triathlons etc..
    My own experience is not really ever being able to do quality pace and power (i.e. intervals, hard tempos..) if fasted.

  • Thanks for the awesome content! I came across your videos after watching the game changers and I almost watched all of your videos. I started IF about a month ago, I like it but I haven’t lost any weight!!!!! I kept on it because it’s easy but my eating window is about 4-9 pm, so all calories at night, only coffee during the fast. Do you think it’s a period and I’ll start losing weight after a while(as in dr Jason Fung book)???

  • I have started an eight hour-only feeding window during which I eat whatever I want. I’m currently at the end of week two. I’m taking a daily vitamin, and I try to eat as balanced a diet as possible. I’m finding it MUCH easier than I thought it would be. I do get the occasional hunger pang a couple of hours before I go to bed, but drinking water seems to reduce those relatively minor cravings. Moreover, I feel VERY good. I’m quite surprised by the amount of energy I have. I have no plan to weigh myself until I have been doing this for at least one month. My long term goal is to maintain this regimen for the rest of my life.

  • I IF everyday and usually eat around 2pm or not till evening. However I take nature-thyroid and take it first thing in the morning. I guess that would break my fast?
    I still am losing weight, feel great and can even get away with “cheating” on occasion by IF.

  • What happened to us? Why has life become so complicated?

    Something as simple as eating and drinking has become theoretical physics.

  • what happens if you fast all day and your first meal isn’t until around 8-9pm. i do OMAD so i fast from around 10pm the night prior to around 830-9pm the next day, eat 1.5k calories then back to fasting. how is this effecting everything? anyone ��

  • This type of eating somehow messed with my hormones a little (irregular, skipped periods & mood changes) much more than regular dieting. I’ve heard other girls say the same. But it works well for others too. Guess you have to try & see what works for you as with almost anything ��

  • Interesting that he said our clock is not quite 24 hours, but 24 hours and 15 minutes. I have trouble with sleep, and have commented to others that my sleep time slowly moves later and later until my days and nights are reversed. Eventually, I just force myself to stay up all day and go to sleep earlier in the evening, only to begin the process again.

  • Dr. Rhonda I love you and the work you do, however I feel like sonetimes the lines get blured between mice studies and what applies to humans. Mice are very different from humans. What is your basis on extrapolating the results from the feeding times in mice in humans?

  • Niesamowita wiedza. Słuchając gościa już jestem na 100% zdecydowany na intermitted fasting. Albo to że mamy komórki od żab czułe na światło i poziom melatoniny wpływa na insulinę. Wspaniała wiedza. Dziękuję Rhonda za Twój kanał. Mam zamiar obejrzeć wszystkie filmy. Jesteś wspaniałym naukowcem. ������

  • Never looked into the data myself. If time restricted eating has a significant effect this might create a paradigm shift in diet studies are done right?

  • With regards to insulin sensitivity though, shouldn’t you be eating your big carbs meal at the end of the day rather than the beginning? Most research upon a quick search shows that too.

  • I have a question regarding medication, and breaking of a fast. Since google is failing me with this question, I figure ask here where many knowledgeable people are! While taking prescribed medications, will that break a fast? I read some places it wont, some say only if the meds need to be taken with food… Anyone out there have any insight for me? Much Appreciated!

    Also, I love everything you do and stand for Dr. Rhonda Patrick! It’s straight up motivational!

  • I did my first three days fast from a state of nutritional ketosis. I experienced no adverse effects and I returned to my keto way of eating at the end of the three days of fasting.

  • Fascinating… i like how there’s no ‘hard sell’ in this interview. No claiming to have all the answers. Just putting their findings out there for people to experiment with.

  • Hi, Dr. Patrick, I first heard about the restricted time window eating when you were a guest @joerogan podcast. I was
    fascinated with all the science supporting it. I have a question for you concerning my schedule: I am a trainer and have
    early morning clients. My energy is at its highest in the e hours, I workout before training the 1st client, so that means I ‘ m
    up by 4. To stick to a12 hour window, I would have to eat my last meal very early. I go to bed early, at around 9pm. Any advice
    on how to manage my schedule? Thank you.

  • what about study comparin 16 -8 bettwen skipped breakfast group ans skip last meal.. i mean i m doin it both dependin my day performance needs tusks.. if i skip first meal =breakfast i just takin a walk after eatin too late =last meal..it seems same benneficial..also about my daily oatmeal after a video of u im only usin water 90% and some kind of nutmilk10% so thanks for the tip..actually u use only water but im gettin there.also..taaaaaaaaaaaankzz f theese videos

  • I’ve been doing IF for a year now and its been great for me! Sometimes I’ll combine it with keto every few months or so and its been amazing in helping me improve my body composition. I stick to 16/8 fasts every day with breaks every now and then. I’ve tried to do a 72 hour fast but could only make it to 50 hours while taking supplements. My goal is to reach the 72 hour mark and surpass it. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  • Kara, can you do more research about what breaks a fast, because I drink my BCAA’s at 4:30 AM so not sure if this breaks fast. I also sip on herbal teas while “fasted”. I have a detox drink that contains activated charcoal, zeolites, and on the other ingredients label has natural lemon flavor, apple pectin, stevia leaf extract…I’d really like to know if drinking this detox would break my fast:/

  • Have been Time restricting for several weeks. Begin eating at 8 am stop around 3pm. So 7 hour feeding window. Excellent diet. Not losing weight at all. Think I am gaining actually. But I CANNOT SLEEP!!!!! Help!!!! ANY SUGGESTIONS?? Im a Zombie. I am starting an exercise program hoping to wear myself out enough to sleep at night. Think I’m not losing cuz im not sleeping. Headache-y. Fatiqued. Help!!

  • I’m currently learning Gastroenterology and I’m so happy I actually understood and brought up relevant info in my mind when I thought I was going nowhere with online classes �� Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Love from Korea��

  • Hey Kevin. I’m struggling with sleeping, I’m having a sort of maintenance insomnia. Can IF help me with this and please if you have time, give some other tips.

  • I have IBS and I LOVE intermittent fasting! It has changed my life. Unfortunately I just started a 90 day course of doxycycline taken twice a day and the doctor said I have to eat with it ����

  • DR. Rhonda, I am very interested in the effects of smoking marijuana while fasting. I have heard pot increases the production of ghrelin. Could this theoretically suggest a positive role? I’m sure Joe would also be interested in this angle:) Thanks!

  • Living in the middle of Canada. Amazon selling Topo Chico for $256/6pack. can order from wholesale in BC for much less. Anyhow, I hear Dr. Sinclair and Dr. Attia talk about taking Metformin & wearing a CGM. I can’t imaging going to my GP here and asking for a Rx for these, even with rationale and studies to support my request (not a diabetic). Starting a prolonged fast now, so am very interested in my BG levels throughout the day. Interested to look into who and where the docs and scientists practicing longevity and regenerative medicine ARE in CANADA. Thanks for this Q&A

  • Hi love these catch ups so informative! Just wondering if a squeeze of lemon in water in the am before u break your fast is that technically breaking the fast or should i do it closer to when i comsume food?

  • Plus, even BCAAs that say “zero calorie” have calories…5g of BCAA is essentially 5 g or protein so there are technically 20 calories in one serving of BCAAs (most brands). Since BCAAs are a supplement and because they break down the individual amino acids on the label, companies can label them as zero calories even though they technically are not it’s a loop hole.

  • One question. So water does not count as breaking the fast but vitamins do? What about the minerals in water do those need to be broken down or are they too small to count?

  • If this video convinces you to try out time-restricted feeding, don’t let your data go to waste! You can apply to participate in Dr. Panda’s distributed clinical trial and then keep up with your data and submit it to his trial via a simple mobile app. Learn more here: http://mycircadianclock.org/participant

  • I’ve found my meals more satisfying eating when I’m hungry and not eating for 16 hours a day. I have often just have 2 meals big breakfast and a mid afternoon meal

  • Hi Kara, new subscriber, found your channel thru the awesome Dr Dray �� Once I’m back instructing (recovering from an injury atm��) think I’ll give fasted cardio a try. I ALWAYS eat approx 2 hrs beforehand so this will be a good experiment ����

  • The question for self testing with the juice at morning and lunch is what about dawn phenomenon? If you are a person with IR or just have a big liver dump early in AM, it will be artificially high at the start compared to testing at lunch.

  • In regards to SCN and TRF..is there a best time to take thyroid hormone? I don’t have a thyroid. Best at night before bed or an hour before breakfast in the morning?

  • I basically eat from 6:30am to 11pm whenever I’m hungry. And I really eat a lot.
    My food is 98% plant-based, non-processed food, so the caloric density is quite low.
    My problem is more towards eating enough to maintain my weight (89kg/196lbs at 200cm/6ft6.7in), which is why I usually have a big muesli (mainly comprised of oat flakes, some nuts, fruits and seeds) before I sleep.

    Thanks for your amazing videos, keep up the great work!

  • Can you do a video on eating habits that did work for you in surgery residency? should I be downing a protein shake before work? lol. I’m currently on the IF 16:8 and loving it but hopefully entering a surgical residency and would like to learn from what you found that worked in that context.

  • Hey Kara, I am actually doing my masters thesis on time restricted fasting. You did a great job out highlighting the key points of TRF!

  • Thank you for posting this video. I’m glad that you made those statements at the end. I have thyroid, adrenal fatigue, and I had issues in the past with an eating disorder. I tried intermittent fasting before and I was so ravenous, bloated, etc.. I think that is because of the state of my health during that time.

  • Looking for your thoughts: I’m a server who isn’t allowed to eat at work from 8-3 pm I’m usually too hungry by 12 to completely fast. If I ate before my shift ex 7:30 am could I be putting my body back into a fasted window from 8-3? Thanks! Love the channel!

  • Great video!
    Thank you for sharing this information with us, I’m 21 yrs old, premed student who has been experiencing IBD symptoms (most likely chorn’s disease, but still being tested to make sure). I remember when sometimes I would go the whole day without eating, because I forgot due to school or work; while I was hungry, my symptoms are almost gone. I would Like to try 72 hrs water-fast, in the long future though. Again, you are as awesome as ever. Thanks!!!!

  • Great video! I love IF, I do a 12-8 eating window. I’m in occupational therapy school and so many of my classmates give me shit for it, I’m just gonna send out this video Hahaha

  • I seem to recall that the studies by Dr Satchin Panda that Dr Rhonda refers to ban coffee while fasting, because Dr Panda assumes that most people do not take their coffee black. I recall seeing this in writing by Panda. Any cream, milk or sweeteners would break the fast. Drinking totally black coffee should be another matter though. Most people that does IF with coffee in the facebook groups I am attending report no indications that the fasts are broken wile having black coffee, and they show off great results.

  • I am one of those persons that can literally fall asleep any time of the day or night. I guess my circadian rhythm is completely out of whack.

  • Hi guys, great video Question: What’s the opinion on further time restricted eating in a further compressed window below 8 hours? Or even more aggressive bellow 4 hours? Interested in your thoughts

  • I love Jason Fung and Megan Ramos from IDM. I have been “fat fasting” so I only consume up to 3 tbsp of fat (usually in coffee) and a cup of bone broth which in their protocol does not break your fast and it can keep you going for a bit longer! I’ve only listened to podcast episodes with them, but definitely want to read his books!