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The Rise Of The Drive-Thru

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Prisoner Drive Thru Prank

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Going Through Drive Thru’s Dressed as Celebrities Challenge

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Gordon Ramsay Cannot Believe Italian Restaurant Has A Drive-Thru! | Kitchen Nightmares

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ARGUING In The DRIVE THRU’S To See People’s REACTIONS Prank! **WE BROKE UP** ����|Sophie Fergi

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ARGUING In The DRIVE THRU’S To See People’s REACTIONS!!! | The Royalty Family

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Always carry something with you—baby carrots and peanut butter, or trail mix, to tide you over until you can make it home for a full meal. Take the long way Sometimes the best way to get away from a bad relationship is to avoid the person. That strategy works for fast food, too.

Carry-out or drive-thru? Restaurants required to close dining rooms Health officials say coronavirus can spread easily in places where people congregate, like restaurant dining rooms. Establish a focal point for the dining room, such as a chandelier or modern light fixture. Using a prominent table arrangement highlights the dining room, and hanging wall art that features scenery.

Drive-through windows at restaurants have remained popular despite environmental pressure to conserve gas and energy. Technology has helped to make communicating with drivers and restaurant staff easier, and a restaurant’s staff can adjust and update digital menu boards throughout the day. Customers can use their smartphones to preorder and prepay, store their food preferences and [ ].

Australians have long had a love affair with open-plan spaces and it’s not hard to see why – they’re bright, airy, inviting, great for entertaining, encourage family togetherness and offer endless design opportunities. But for all of the perks that come with open-plan living, there are a number of downsides, too. Three of the main pitfalls are that expansive layouts provide little. The time for up selling, cross selling and everywhere in between is now.

Never before have curbside pickup and delivery been such a fantastic opportunity to sell more to the customers already placing an order. Who Doesn’t Love a Deal? From fast food to casual dining, believe it or not, restaurants have an edge in attracting customers right now.

To recoup your outlay, you need to increase fast food sales fast. To do this, you need to incorporate a solution into your drive thru design that will actually direct more customers to the drive thru window. Enter digital drive thru menu boards, which can boost fast food sales by as much as 8 percent. Chick-fil-A in Cicero has closed part of its dining room, according to an email sent by the restaurant limiting the number of customers who can eat inside. The drive-thru remains fully open. Jun 7, 2020 Explore Mel’s board “Room separating” on Pinterest.

See more ideas about House design, House interior, Interior. Whether you have a studio apartment or a five-bedroom home, sometimes your space isn’t quite built the way you’d like. Ideally, a bit of reno (or just a bigger place) would be great, but sometimes price, time, energy, and your landlord’s rules outweigh the benefits of changing a room.

If you can’t add walls, room dividers are a cost-effective option that can help break up space and add.

List of related literature:

(In one restaurant we studied, all the best parking spots were taken by employees, whose cars would remain in place for eight hours at a pop, a very dumb practice.)

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As diners move slowly along the salad bar (it may take some time to get there), they fill their plates with the desired foods.

“The McDonaldization of Society 5” by George Ritzer
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Furthermore, the drive-through (in some cases, walk-through) window leads diners to leave before they eat.

“Social Theory: Continuity and Confrontation: A Reader, Third Edition” by Roberta Garner, Black Hawk Hancock
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Handled correctly, the restaurant can have the pre-theater, dinner, and post-theater crowds arranged into three seatings.

“Remarkable Service” by The Culinary Institute of America (CIA)
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Drive-thrus are notoriously bad places for communication, but at least I won’t have to face someone directly.

“Clinical Decision Making in Fluency Disorders” by Walter H. Manning, Anthony DiLollo
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“Even how you garnish the plates can disrupt the customer experience.

“The Heart of Hospitality: Great Hotel and Restaurant Leaders Share Their Secrets” by Micah Solomon, Herve Humler
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Thanks to the RULE OF THREES, that tension will inform every line and every cut once we are inside the restaurant.

“The Lean Forward Moment: Create Compelling Stories for Film, TV, and the Web” by Norman Hollyn
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If the restaurant offers “call ahead and take it home” meals—as is the case with many midscale chains—at least one parking spot should be reserved for quick pickups.

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Furthermore, the drive-through (in some cases, walk-through) window invites diners to leave before they eat.

“McDonaldization: The Reader” by George Ritzer
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Don’t be slow/leave food/ scrape the plate/talk with your mouth full/say you don’t want it/say you want more of it/slump over the table/make eating noises.

“Five Days Gone: The Mystery of My Mother's Disappearance as a Child” by Laura Cumming
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  • Fast food drive thrus didn’t exclusively originate in California. While it’s true that In-N-Out was one of the first to utilize it, there was another fast food outlet in Missouri that was also an early adopter of the concept. The restaurant was called Red’s Giant Hamburg and was located on Route 66 (yes, that Route 66) in Springfield. It opened in 1947 and closed in the 80s when the couple who owned the business retired; the building was demolished in 1997 but just last year a local restaurant owner reopened the business in a replica of the old building.

    Also, I was born in the 90s and distinctly remember many cars from that time not having cupholders. In fact, cars with cupholders were a novelty to me, and I thought it was cool because it meant you no longer had to hold the cup between your legs and risk spills if the car suddenly has to brake.

  • @Josh Myers one of the american youtubers and former McDonald’s employee already admitted the ice cream machine actually works. She said they are just too lazy to work with it, so they rather say it’s broken.

  • Why would you do that to my culture as an Italian we are used to fine dining as said as the guy at the beginning but jesus clean the fucking microwave it looks like chernoble

  • I like the idea of a window to pick up something you ordered on the phone. It isn’t a drive through. You call ahead of time, like you’re ordering take out, but instead of having to park and go inside you just go to the window. It’s a great idea that I have never seen before.

  • Tell that restaurant this order of mine:
    I’ll have two number 9’s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45’s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

  • Even Drive -Thru triage and care system was originated from U.S.

  • Sophia: the first few films where horror cult classics Derek:………….. yea uglier than the R.M.S titanic me: IS THEY RAPPING?!?!?! Hold up *records rapping * like if u love that one
    ������������ ����

  • Who is watching this in 2020 plaeseoeave a like and subscribe ok plaese and who thinks that Billie ilesh is the most believable one

  • I hate using Drive-Thru. Besides waiting with my engine idling and burning fuel, there’s often a good chance that the order gets messed up at the end and you will have to go inside to get it sorted out. I once waited in line for 8 minutes because an angry customer from Drive-Thru was blasting at the manager for an order mistake. The customer got his refund after a series of compromises, but he demanded the manager to fire the cashier who took the order. When the manager refused, the argument continued and ended with the customer receiving a corporate phone number to complain to.

  • This was clearly done before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. I imagine today, this video would be quite different…especially the bit about food delivery.

  • I like to go inside so I can see the cleanliness of the kitchen and employees. There have been times I’ve stood back before ordering just watching how the staff fulfills orders and was like NOPE, and walked out.

  • You could have in principle put a drive through on el bulli. That in doesn’t inherently mean that…actually forget that, this place sucks dick.

  • How about you all stay home and cook. You know actually cook your food lazy ass people these days. Not to mention your car is not a dinner table.

  • As someone that has worked in drive thru o say use technology it’s the way our world is going. Plus in a fast food restaurant you have to treat your employees good.

  • When I first saw the title of the clip “The Rise of the Drive-Thru,” I actually expected to see some contents about the creative origination of the way and the later innovative application to the drive-thru test for COVID-19, whose characteristic application has recently emerged as starting from South Korea and spreading throughout the world.

  • Lol I always find it funny how they play the black and white videos of the past at 2x or 3x speed. The people fo the past are moving and doing this wayyy too fast xD

  • All this information dosen’t mean anything if the restaurant owners wont put more than 2 workers on a shift. Owners put less workers on a shift to save money which causes longer wait times. That needs to be addressed.

  • I worked in restaurants for 10+ years. Some of which where fast food with drive-thrus. What did I learn in that time? Never go through the drive-thru if they have an open dinning room. Three simple reasons.
    1. It often takes longer.
    2. You cannot see what they do to your food.
    3. Part of 2 really. If a mistake is made on your food or on another order they might give it to you or someone else. So say they made a mistake on something 5 minutes ago or so, they’ll save it and serve it to you.

    Not saying these happen every time but I’ve seen enough stuff to know that it is better to take the 2 extra minutes to go inside.

  • “I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.”

  • Chick Fil A Should Open In Australia ���� In Citites Like Sydney Melbourne Adelaide Perth Darwin Hobart & Brisbane To Be The First Chick Fil A In The Southern Hemisphere Because There’s No Chick Fil A In The Southern Hemisphere

  • I don’t want a fast food place retaining my credit card details or any details. I couldn’t trust them to keep any data on me safe and secure. Companies with that kind of information/database would sell that information in a heart beat if it knew it could make money.

  • Waiter at the window: What would you like to order sir?
    Gordon: I’ll have two number 9’s, a number 9 large…
    Waiter: Oh shit here we go again

  • 60 to 70 percent of restaurant revenue comes from the drive thru?
    And that was BEFORE the drive thru was the only way for people to get food from them!
    And now there are places BUILT to be drive through only?!
    That could come in handy now days!

  • Saving your credit card number and license plate ID so you can order faster??? How could that be legal? You don’t know if the driver is the card holder, and you shouldn’t be allowed to keep personal information. C’mon, don’t be evil. Why do the folks who use AI always seem to try to find the most evil thing they can do with it??

  • I giving away a free bee in roblox adopt me just put in your username and I’ll pick one if you get a notification that I said here ya go that means you won!!

  • I have been eating Chic-Fil-A for years and they have never gotten my order wrong, not once. They are pretty fast in Georgia, and always really really nice! They aren’t cheap, but I am willing to pay for quality food and excellent service!

  • How is Drive-Thru enjoyable? The whole experience of eating out is the restuarant esthetic and atmosphere. Also eating in the car?…..DISGUSTING ����

  • I hate working drive through it’s the worse experience ever most people don’t know what they want and the interface for putting in orders is just cluttered, some people dead ass come in to the drive through with music playing as loud as a concert and get mad when you cannot hear them I honesty think it’s the worse

    I work at Mcdonalds and i prefer the Chic Fil a method with the person being outside cause it’s honestly hard to hear people through our headsets sometimes and I wish more people did mobile orders like all we would have to do is scan your order or something and we get your order make our lives easier honestly cause its a horrible area to work at

  • For the love of god stop smoking in the drive thru, people should not have to be exposed to second hand smoke just because you literally can’t wait a few minutes to put out a damn cigarette! It’s sickening! Also quit buying $40 plus of food. Take yo ass to the damn grocery store! I swear people spend way too much time and money on fast food! People honestly need to have common sense at the drive thru, oh and another thing if you have a replacement order or a coupon say it at the speaker!

  • For sure my local McDonald’s is probably 90% drive thru business due to virus. Also on the scanning license plate idea, I can imagine my Mcdonalds algorithms be like. “Oh no, here comes that weird add mayo guy”

  • I hate the drive through menus.. The chains only have the expensive menus on there so if you want the cheap ones you have to sit stressed and look through a menu on your phone

  • Now they need to make drive throughs more bike or walking friendly. I’ve been turned away at some Mcdonalds and a few other places simply because I was not in a car.

  • The drive-thru isn’t the problem, urban planning is, and you touched on that briefly. One major thing that would reduce the need/desire for drive-thus is density. People are never to stop eating fast food completely, but cities and countries with higher density have lower rates of obesity, people who live in urban areas tend to be healthier as adults, etc. 
    PlusI think we need to adopt a model more like Japan, where you can walk into any 7-11 and get a well balanced meal for the price of a McDonalds meal, like a rice dish with a piece of fish and a side dish. Like actually making real food affordable, rather than leaving people who are in a rush/poor/without options left with nothing but fatty and crappy burgers to eat.

  • You don’t need another lane, you just have to pay your employees more so they start to take they’re job more seriously. You hire nation-wide employees who dont give two flying f*cks about customer service and expect fast food be giving at a fast pace, fix the hiring format or personnel….