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5 Tips to Curb Junk Food Cravings. 1. Set the stage. Stress, tiredness and boredom are all states of mind that can leave you more susceptible to crave foods that provide temporary 2. Make time for meals. Working consistent meals into your routine is an all-around good strategy. Not only does it.

7 Ways to Curb Junk-Food Cravings Set some limits.. Going cold turkey and restricting yourself from every single type of crave-worthy junk food may be Indulge on the good stuff.. Allow yourself one small indulgence each day to avoid feeling deprived, which can heighten Find healthier. 11 Ways to Stop Cravings for Unhealthy Foods and Sugar 1. Drink Water. Thirst is often confused with hunger or food cravings.

If you feel a sudden urge for a specific food, 2. Eat More Protein. Eating more protein may reduce your appetite and keep you from overeating. Although this concept normally comes into play when you “forgot” your homework at home, it can be applied to reducing cravings for junk food as well. A study in Addictive Behaviors suggests that playing Tetris for just three minutes can drastically reduce a craving.

You may sometimes have more cravings even than not consuming enough water because our brain understands the desire to drink water as a desire to eat and you get the wrong message. If you are craving more for junk food, drink a glass of water and wait for a while. Your appetite will decrease.

That will be a good habit to add more healthy food to your diet rather than processed junk food. You will get all the nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables, grains which your body need from these healthy foods. Regular consuming of these eating products can reduce your cravings towards junk, fried and unhealthy foods. Eat Healthy Fat Food: In the meantime, if you want to wipe out your cravings, just pick up your phone: Playing Tetris for just three minutes can help cut the intensity of cravings for food and drink, a 2015 study in.

Go grocery shopping for what you need. Then prepare large batches of easy foods like brown rice, beans, stir-fried or roasted vegetables, or cold salads. Overview. If your cravings at night make you resemble a rabid raccoon picking through a dumpster, you’re not alone. “Nighttime is by far the most common time to have cravings or feel hungrier.

But try to keep your cravings in check, so your growing baby gets all the nutrients he needs. (If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes, follow the diet your provider recommended for you.) Here are six ways to control your cravings without feeling deprived: Eat breakfast every day.

List of related literature:

I would often give in to my cravings and binge on junk food—ice cream, potato chips, cookies, whatever.

“Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection” by Jessica Prentice, Deborah Madison
from Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection
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However, if you don’t want to wait and you want to completely eradicate your cravings for any particular junk food instantly, please see chapter 18 to read about using visualisation to kill food addictions.

“Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body” by Jon Gabriel
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Treat yourself to a smaller, healthier version of the food you’re craving.

“The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!” by Connie Guttersen
from The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!
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We suggest something simpler: Promise yourself that if you begin to feel strong cravings for unhealthy foods, you’ll pause long enough to contemplate what it is you’re really missing.

“The Forks Over Knives Plan: How to Transition to the Life-Saving, Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet” by Alona Pulde, Matthew Lederman, Marah Stets, Brian Wendel, Darshana Thacker
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Continue to think about your craving food as you do this and each of the steps that follow: • Close your eyes and open them.

“I Can Make You Thin: The Revolutionary System Used by More Than 3 Million People” by Paul McKenna
from I Can Make You Thin: The Revolutionary System Used by More Than 3 Million People
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The worst thing you can do is resist the craving directly and deprive yourself.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
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Or find ways to make a less-wholesome food a little healthier instead of forcing yourself to eat something healthy that you’re so not in the mood for.

“What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect: Eating Well When You’re Expecting
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And these cravings are the kind of intense urges that override rational awareness that junk foods aren’t healthy!

“Screaming to be Heard: Hormonal Connections Women Suspect... and Doctors Still Ignore” by D. Lee D. Vliet
from Screaming to be Heard: Hormonal Connections Women Suspect… and Doctors Still Ignore
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For example, if you crave crunchy—salty foods when you’re angry, satisfy your craving with dry popcorn or lightly salted carrots before you dive into the corn chips and fried chicken.

“The Doctors Book of Home Remedies: Quick Fixes, Clever Techniques, and Uncommon Cures to Get You Feeling Better Fast” by Editors of Prevention
from The Doctors Book of Home Remedies: Quick Fixes, Clever Techniques, and Uncommon Cures to Get You Feeling Better Fast
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You must stop eating the foods that you crave — easier said than done I hear you say and you are right — but this is the only way to stop the food cravings.

“Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet” by Zoe Harcombe
from Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet
by Zoe Harcombe
Columbus Publishing Ltd,

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • What I found useful is trying on a small shirt before dinner. It makes you think about how fat you are which makes you eat less. This is particularly useful before dinner as I found that it is the meal that I overeat most in

  • 5 seconds “hack” that kills food cravings and melts 62ibs of raw fat. this is a product you must try out this works out with proves and many testimonies.
    product only available in the US. click the link to learn more

  • I felt like a snack after dinner the other night.. I got a small bowl of grapes, almonds and i broke apart a dark chocolate digestive biscuit… I was LIVING for that snack and Dad comes into my room and asks if i want ice cream.. I said no thanks, i already have a snack and he asks what i’m having… His response was “Sounds like, the good, the bad and the ugly”… I am still confused as to which one he thought was which… haha:)

  • Danny, I’ve been following your channel for just under a year now and I have to say you have been a huge inspiration for my weight loss. I started at 273 November 1st 2016 and happy to say that I’m at 198 today. your video helped me out a ton. Thank you so much!!!
    Im just like you in line at the store holding a peanut butter oh Henry, then I read the back label and say Nah!!

    thanks again for sharing your story and helping others!!

    keep it up!

  • LOL at the heart disease because of a carrot addiction. I’m at uni so I dont have my air fryer but I literally crave air fried veggies allll the time!!! The room temperature salad bar food at the dining hall will have to do for now, I’m just lucky they always have whole plant foods available. Also taking 60 days off mindlessly scrolling through social media to focus on school helps with the mental clarity, probably from not being visually assaulted by super normal stimuli. I feel how I did when I first started eating wfpb!

  • In talking about changing our environment….if you shop from Woolworths (and I’m guessing that Coles does similar) you can do an online order and pick up it up for free. You don’t even have to go into the store! This way you don’t have to even be tempted by the junk food isles! You can stick to the fresh fruits and vegetables that are there. Downside is you can’t pick your own ones, but even if you do it until you’re craving whole foods plant based foods then that’s still good! Just a suggestion:) I haven’t bought any junk food (except ice cream) while I’m still in the middle of transitioning. I am NOT someone on a WFPB diet yet, but working on it slowly, anyway, this helps me and saves me time and effort too! xo

  • Thank you so much u are 100% correct.

    most of the time I crave chocolate it’s mainly when I’m down or sad and it’s just so comforting

  • This is actually pretty good information, cravings have always been my problem and to see its not only in my head is a relief.
    Your video are pretty cool keep up with the good work!

  • You are great bro…i m on my weight loss journey but i love to make various dishes so some time not able to control my craving fr junk food..i will definitely try this.thanks brother

  • The older you get the harder it is. At 58 I am 5’11” and have always been skinny but now….even after two kids I was thin but now…..Anyway I need to learn to eat no meat. I already don’t crave sugar or fast food and soda. Love veggies.

  • Holy shit!! I thought I was the only one that went to the grocery and did that haha I literally pick up like 4 items and put them down. And after walk away and I don’t feel for it.

  • I thrive on a vegan whole plants foods based lifestyle but I do have cravings for anything chocolate based. That’s my guilty pleasure. But I don’t eat as much junk processed foods compared to my non-vegan days. I am thankful that the chocolate is vegan because I don’t consume any that contains animal products.

  • You are so beautiful as a vegan! I’m glad you represent us. As a guy, I need to build muscle but I have the weight down. It’s a lot easier I think to get more mass of muscle as a guy so I need to maximize that, but some muscle on women also looks really good in my opinion. Thanks!

  • Glad u are now used to saying our Aussie sayings good on u mate �� ( we say that too sometimes “GOOD ON YOU MATE” )
    & U make us AUSSIESUBS proud ����������
    Love Kayla
    #AUSSIESUBS ������������

  • What if u crave nuts?
    I ve cravings for general nuts, specially peanut butter.
    I tried staying away from it.
    It isn’t helping. I have gained 4 kg from overeating nuts.Now I try to portion control it. A small pot of nuts 30-50g. Two tablespoon of peanut butter. Is this too much?

  • I have healthy foods like ham and whole grain bread, but my family is trying to be vegan and I’m healthy, but not as healthy as I can be. I’m also not allowed to cook anything. Help?

  • Hey, I’m a 92 kg/ 205 pounds fat seventeen-year-old teenager that decided to better his life before it’s too late. As the first step in Operation “Stop being such a loser”, I did some cardio, injured myself, then was unable to move for about a week, and gained, even more, weight. What would you recommend for someone like me (around 180 cm) to go from overweight to lean?

  • Omg the anemic thing is so true. I remember going to the store just to buy a cup of ice. And yes I did buy the ice because it was the good kind I could easily crunch on lol. My mom told me about eating ice means you could be anemic but I already knew I was. But it’s nice to know why I crave ice like that lol and yes I do have iron tablets but they are not easy on the tummy lol

  • I haven’t slept well since menopause about 15 years I’ve tried everything ambien, melatonin, relaxing music it’s really bad some night I even take cough syrup just to get to sleep but wake up feeling so groggy I’m not sure what else to do! Loved this video very interesting

  • YOU NEVER CRAVE BROCCOLI?!:D that’s exactly what i discovered recently about my boyfriend. Apparently even when i cook them perfectly with lemon juice and black pepper he swallows them whole.

  • Thanks for sharing this post wiith all of us.This post is really helpful for me to stop my food cravings. Even here i have an article on 6 reasons for experiencing food cravings. Check it out here:

  • best cabbage recipe: fry brown onion, boil cabbage till tender between thirty seconds and twelve minutes, cabbage varies wildly, i like mine tender but other people say my idea of tender is virtually raw drain and mix. I drain by picking it out with tongs and shaking it dry. I do drink the cabbage water. This doesn’t work with spinach, whose water you should not drink. But it works with kale, chard, all cabbages.

  • I have been watching your videos for months….. I made my goal to eat healthy (my lifestyle changed drastically )and I have been eating healthy for two months and guess what I lost 4kgs. (I also wanted to lose weight ) but my goal shifted to weight loss (I cant help it ). Now… I cant help but munch on unhealthy food.

  • For me sometimes it helps asking myself “What do i want? Eat that damn chocolate and barely see my abs, or being ripped as fuck and having that appealing defined 6 pack.” Then my motivation comes back out of nowhere and im getting satisfied with just a banana or other sweet fruit.

  • That really reminded me, after my namaz I really leave all the junk food, automatically it removes from my mind, in namaz we keep our forehead to ground many time

  • I just caved into my sweet tooth craving(29 weeks pregnant)and ate a bag of powdered donuts. Now I feel so very guilty and just plain awful.

  • Thankyou Fit Tuber I was actually going through a lot of craving..I m from Guwahati, lockdown chal raha hain yaha, market band hain for continuous 14 days, no chicken fish and it happens.. anyways Thankyou so much from Assam..Jai Hind.. ��������

  • I used to crave chalk, I even licked walls and had like ten calcium tablets per day because they tasted like chalk. Found out I had severe anemia. The cravings went away when I got supplements and boosted my iron.

  • Mai bhi craving pareshan tha ek time mereko dar tha ki mera kidney / liver kharab mat ho jaye kyuki junk food ka talab hota tha mereko fir mai doctor ke pass gya fir wo mereko ek diet chart bna ke diye aur daily 1 hr gym karne ke liye bole aur 1 bottle capsule diye jisko khane se oily / or any other type of junk food khane ki iccha khatam ho jaye mai apne aap ko control karke unka procedure follow Kia aur ghar ka bana food khana chalu Kia ab mera body bahut accha hai aur mai ab daily gym jata hu

  • When i watch these videos now in 2020……what an improvement or total makeover….was watching videos from start…..ur videos shows it all…..wowwwwwww…..progress issi tho kehte hain����������☺

  • Thank you for this video. I am currently on vacation and have been really disappointed in myself because my cravings for sugar have been outrageous. I feel I have a healthy relationship with food but I just try not to keep junk in the house, but this week I have gone nuts! But I realized watching your video why. I have not been getting good sleep each night. Everyone is staying up late and because I am in a different place I have been waking up multiple times a night. Now it all makes sense!

  • I have a couple questions, one being is what is a push, pull legs routine and what is the advantages to using this instead of something like a brosplit? The other being what is the most common snack/food you eat when you have a craving for just something to eat?

  • i’m going on a no-sugar diet [not really a diet, just no added sugar including honey and agave] and it is actually ridiculously easy when you go a few days without sugar

  • There is nothing wrong with having pizza every now and then, same goes for fried foods. For some people it is better to have those kinds of foods sometimes rather than never, at the risk of going crazy and then binging on junk food to satisfy themselves. I am one of those, I eat healthily mostly, but allow for some junk to please myself. I tried being too strict and taking everything away and it had the complete opposite effect on me that I wish it would have.

  • One tip that I read about that honestly really helped me a lot is the idea that a diet is a “job”. Stay strictly on it throughout he week as you would stay on task at your job so you don’t get fired. On weekends you can afford to relax more, and eyeball it some. Don’t binge eat junk, but If you see a donut and are really craving that donut, and its Sunday morning, then go for it.

  • I once cut out all candy and chips and cookies and cakes and all that for a couple months. Craved sweets through the whole thing and after. It’s difficult.

  • I feel like it’s not ok to spread the mindset of “ good” or “ bad” foods. It’s normal to crave chocolate once in a while. It’s normal to go out with a friend you haven’t seen in years and buy ice cream or a fancy but no so healthy coffee. It’s amazing how you’ve got rid of all of these foods, but it’s also sad, because you miss the things that come with them. I think everyone should hear that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean eating healthy foods all the time, it’s about the journey. Intuitive eating it’s what helped me to get to my healthiest weight and my healthiest relationship with food.

  • Once or twice a year I will crave AkutuqEskimo ice cream.
    I grew up eating it, when i crave it I will make a bowl of it that will last a long time in the freezer because it is so rich, i only have small amounts of it at a time.

    Basically frozen berries, wild blueberries are the best+ a little raspberries and cherries if you want 😉 mixed with homemade frosting.

  • I’ve had the worst sugar cravings for the last couple months….
    I woke up with heaps of little pimples yesterday which I don’t get much… And my fiance pointed out to me well you do eat alot of sugar ie fruit…. I know fruit is good for you but I think it’s making me break out.
    Please help??? Do you think I’m lacking something. Xxxx
    But I get at least 9 hours of sleep a night.

  • Great channel! I find your videos very helpful and inspirational. I was just wondering if you could give me some advice. When calculating protein while you’re trying to lose weight (around 100lbs to lose) but you want to also build muscle do you calculate your protein needs at your current weight or your goal/ideal weight?

  • I usually get the cravings when I am hungry or really thirsty, and in the evenings. It is easy to go for the coke or snacks but you really just need to chug a glass of water and start making dinner. And the day after maybe think a bit in beforehand and starting on the dinner earlier in the day so you don’t get too hungry and start craving candy. Because your brain just out of instinct makes you go for sweet things and fat foods because it wants fast energy.

  • I appreciate you sharing your perspective, but I respectfully want to point out that this could be very triggering to people with EDs. Eating fat and processed vegan food does NOT make you unhealthy! If you want to be healthy and very thin, then yes, a diet like Jenny’s could be necessary. However, a diet so restrictive and clean can push many, or perhaps most people into disordered territory. My struggle with anorexia began when I was eating a very healthy “clean” vegan diet. In recovery, returning to processed vegan foods and fat, was extremely difficult because I’d spent so long hearing messages from vegan Youtubers about these foods being unhealthy. I am very healthy now by all measures eating a diverse diet with plenty of processed vegan food and fat, along with veggies. With the greatest respect, Jenny, I hope you can analyze what “healthy” means to you. It seems to me, it just means skinny.

  • Thank you about reminding me to take my B12 supplement. I love how you love your body, I want to work on that for myself! Thanks again.

  • Hmm I dont crave soda, caffeinated drinks or ice, you can skip to 3:00.

    Sleep well. To fight craving sweets.
    Eat dates. I love date smoothies!!!

    French fries I do like. Don’t like almonds or nuts but I can do avocado. Hmmm thanks!

  • I crave meats and I was not a big meat eater before. Any tips on that? I tried to to go vegan for a while and it falls apart because of my cravings…

  • Tip #4!!! Unfollow food accounts. That’s genius!!! I’m hopping over to Instagram now and deleting all the baking/yummy accounts. Thanks Emmie!��������

  • Haven’t commented on one of your videos in a while. I managed to reach my goal by the end of the summer of going from 96kg down to 86 kg, so now before the summer I’m just looking at losing another 10kg before I start to put on muscle again:P Thanks for this video man, really been struggling on the junk food front for years! It’s been holding back so much of my progress.

  • my biggest enemy is losing motivation due to stretch mark and very slighly loose skin on my stomach. It might sound ridiculous but ill subconsclously tell myself “it doesn’t matter if i cheat, i will never get that perfect goal physique anyway due to skin and stretch marks” And it keeps me from going from about 16-18% bodyfat to my lean goal physique..

  • Hahaha I decide to watch this as I indulged in a craving: popcorn! Very informative and good information, thanks! I enjoyed the hot cocoa recipe and would enjoy a dedicated video to craving swaps recipes (eat this not that).

  • I tend to be generally low in magnesium. Huge chocolate addiction (but I make sure to eat high percentage of cacao in my chocolate). So funny though that I have been eating all the other recommended foods not knowing they carry high amounts of mag. So happy to find some extra alternatives. Thank you!

  • im struggling because im still living with my mom and all she buys is junk food (she eats it) which, ultimately, tempts me.

    im also vegetarian trying to be vegan, but she doesn’t accept that as well.

    all in all, im just trying to exercise it all off��

  • Ive watched afew of your videos just now and have enjoyed them all �� you crack me up. mix of humour and seriousness works well with me. love the tips, advice etc, i just hope i can apply them myself. cheers bro.

  • That tapping thing is placebo effect. It just makes you believe what you think. It works great that’s what is needed at the end of the day:)

  • bro help me out. i started dieting on my own an year ago. initially i used to eat most of the stuff but now i ve left most of the things like oil, ghee, butter, malai, sugar, and milk. i dont eat junk. but i keep thinkin about food all time. idk how to handle this.

  • Haha! You guys are so funny! I actually get you-I actually crave broccoli-but raw broccoli. No wait, I crave it cooked as well now that I’m thinking of it. Great post!

  • Me: gets rid of all the unhealthy foods in my kitchen

    Also me: not having any money to fill my kitchen with healthy food

    My mum (aka Karen): WHERES THE BEANS TIM

  • I don’t necessarily crave sweets, but I feel like I need them whenever I have feelings-good or bad. I eat out of emotions all the time. I can’t handle feeling things. Maybe this isn’t a nutritional problem, though your suggestions might help me cut back.

  • i get the most craving when i am bored, i tend to watch youtube videos when i am bored and typically food videos so i crave what i am watching a video about

  • Loved the Q&A and your motivation!! Curry popcorn sounds divine, gotta try that! My tip is matcha popcorn, maybe it sounds a bit weird, but it’s really so sooo delicious! ;D

  • Absolutely fantastic video. You broke down in 4 minutes the TRUE key points that a lot of 15 and 20 minute videos on the EXACT same topic just gloss over. Great vid!

  • The real way to stop food cravings is science, combinations of several nutrients including chromium, vanadium, and cinnamon extract, to name a few, have proven to be able to control cravings for starch and sugary foods by lowering insulin levels.

  • So many qualities in one guy
    Famous YouTuberfit Tuber
    English teacher��,jim trainer,sadhu because he is not addicted,medical consultant when he gave women advice about period
    Also cooks for us.
    Better than kabita ����
    Who agrees hit like

  • Been on diet like 3 months and lossed about 12 pounds still struggling to resist junk food it’s really hard I been craving burgers and pizza mostly

  • Thank you. This is such a great video. I’m trying to avoid sweets. But before every test, I always go buy chocolates. It makes me feel so relaxed. ��

  • I loooove vegetables! I do crave them a lot, just recently brussels sprouts! And by the way, I really love your laughter! It’s very scandi fun.

  • She thinks her body is normal? OMG when girls see this they get sad and anorexic. She is skinny as hell and not normal!!! I like her as a person but this message is just wrong.

  • A lot of the cravings that my clients have are from causes such as learned associations (i.e. habit), emotional eating, food choices, food timing, and not getting enough sleep. The causes you mention are also interesting.

  • I craved Ice my whole pregnancy for my thirds child. Its funny that Iranians have myth, they say if you crave Ice when pregnant, you are having a boy. And I did have a boy. Probably have nothing to do with the gender of the baby, but ironic. ��

  • What daily percentage of my diet should be fats if trying to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously? I know they’re important for health but also, obviously, making it difficult to lose weight faster.

  • There are times I go to the store and I find myself doing the pick up and put down thing too! I also love it when my sister or brother go’s to the store with me and i get pop and chips. I’m vegan and I also know that those things make me feel bad if I eat them. But I get them at times. I never go in the middle part of the store really at all any more. I never buy candy but I was buying oreos and jelly beans last week. Made those black bean brownies last night and they were ok with frosting on top. But it was over the top sweet.

    What should I do when I go out to eat with friends? Should I look weird and have a salad or eat what every one else is having?

  • mmmm charred broccoli…. Also thanks for the kale tip! My cravings go insane before my period so I try to eat beets instead of chocolate haha.

  • My dentist actually told me that my teeth aren’t discoloured from coffee at all! I have slight discolouring on my eye teeth but that just comes with age. Yay for coffee!!

  • how to prevent late night cravings? My day goes well I keep myself in the deficit but as I work at night I can’t control myself and eat a lot

  • Thank you for pumping out these very helpful videos so often. Because of these videos I get more and more motivated to have a six pack myself and train and think about what to eat very well!

  • I admire her efforts and that she possesses a medical degree but she looks as if all life and strength have been sucked out of her. She would have looked better if she a little bit of weight.

  • I’m 17 I would love to throw all the junk food out, my parents won’t stop fucking buying it, I’m gonna move out just over this issue alone!!!

  • This came at the perfect time for me cause I’m struggling with my food.

    My question is what do you do when your focus slips from your end goal or your plan?

  • I crave chips/french fries. But i cant just eat one chip, i Will eat the whole bag. And even if I switch it up to pretzels or anything else, I need to eat a loooot to get satisfied. (I’m not obese or anything, just crave food ALL THE TIME). even when I’m full after meals I still crave something else ��

  • Is it weird to not have cravings? I’ve been vegan (not fully plant based yet) for about a month but I haven’t found myself having cravings for all the foods that I thought I would. I’m not having cravings at all it’s weird as I thought I would

  • Hey Danny, love the vids. You may have spoke about this already, But did you ever have days when you really didn’t want to workout and if so, how did you deal with it or overcome the feeling?

  • what nonsense….if you’re craving a burger, have a goddamn burger!! this is basically perpetuating negative body image and diet culture.

  • I craved crushed ice. 2 to 3 huge cups a day sometimes. I loved the crunch and the taste! I was addicted. ��
    Went to get blood work done and had severe anemia. ��
    Once my levels went up I no longer craved ice. Not only did I not crave it but the taste and satisfaction wasn’t the same as when I had anemia.

  • Oh my god you’re so right! Since I’m vegan I’m craving apple, like I can eat 10 apples in a day literally ahaha but cookies, pizzas and all those industrial food disgusts me! �� I never thought I’d say that one day bc I was so addicted to sugar and junk food!! Plant based diet was really the answer of everything and I’m so much happier right now, loooove this lifestyle so much ����

  • It’s commonly believed kids just hate veggies, but my 3 yo eats a variety of healthy foods and loves it. He asks for water over juice on a regular basis. Why? B.c they, just like us, like what they know. I don’t get soda, and junk food so he just doesn’t get it. I just offer him a large range of healthy food and drinks, and he is the happiest little monster.

  • What could cheese cravings be a sign of? I want to cut dairy products but american cheese is the tough one for me. And im sure its one of the most unhealthy options in terms of cheese itself.

  • You said you felt insecure about yourself when you were 12
    Soo relatable
    I remember being 6 years old and I felt like Homer Simpson, even though I weighed like 26kg

  • For me cravings happen around 2-3 in the afternoon and I want something sweet. I have started packing a couple dates with a pecan in the middle as a snack because I was fulfilling that craving with junk food in the past.

  • I am jst crave for tea and coffee.
    I used to have it 3 to 4 times of week NT usually.
    I don’t have problems for other things..
    So why is this? ��

  • Hey, T-Rex,
    This isn’t so much of a tip as it is just some experience I had with weight lose. I don’t expect you to read it but I’d very much appreciate it.

    In November of 2015, I went running everyday for about 10-20 minutes and ate around 1600 calories. By December, I went from 94 to 88kg. So I lost about 6kg in one month. It isn’t entirely impressive, but it was something for me.
    Over the course of this year, I’ve just tried to maintain/slowly lose more weight as I went down to 85kg by September. I decided to try running and eating less once more and see how that worked out. I ran from 20-30 minutes this time and ate around 1700 calories a day. At the end of October, I had only lost 3kg, putting me at 82kg.
    Now, I am happy with the results and will continue to push myself to reach my goal of 75kg. I am just suprised at how much more difficult it was to lose the fat this time as compared to last time. I’m sure this has something to do with the last amounts of fat being the hardest to lose. I am tempted to find out my body fat percentage as I can now see my first two abs and my second row is developing after I’ve been working out for the whole year.

    Unfortunately, I find most of my fat is stored in my chest, leaving me with pointy ‘pecs’ that could be said to look like small breasts. However, I have noticed that when I pump my chest with a quick workout, the flow of blood shapes them very nicely. Until they go back to their ‘breast’ form again.

    Personal Info (for those interested after reading this comment) –
    Age 17
    Weight 82kg
    Height 182cm
    I’d like to consider myself to be blessed with naturally larger, or more muscular shoulders and legs than most.

  • Last time I was in your channel you had blond short hair and I believe you wore read lipstick all the time and you are just as beautiful and adorable as when I was first on your channel!!

  • Cravings
    1. Soda: check calcium levels. Add calcium foods or switch healthy caffeine (green tea, organic cold brew coffee, Zevia) beverages.
    2. Ice: can mean you are low in iron! If you are craving ice. Get blood test and check.
    3. Chocolate: deficient in magnesium and possible depression. Eat almonds.
    4. Sweets: lack of sleep! Short of 1 hr sleep indicated for cravings of sleep vs adequate sleep which led to cravings for lean protein. Eat a medjool datecan help combat sugar cravings. Make healthy hot choc (Four sigmatic).
    5. French fries/ salty fatty food: need more omega fats!! Replace with healthy fats!!! Healthy form of salted foods like salted popcorn or almonds. Sea salt on fresh veggies or cucumbers. Kale or gluten free chips.
    Tip: Change scenery to distract from craving.

  • Similar to cravings did you know that aspartame breaks down into formaldehyde and phenylalanine in your gut. I mention this because that is Also what alcohol breaks down into in your gut:) long story shortened I overcame my addiction to alcohol by replacing it with diet soda and supplementing with sublingual B-6 complex and B-12 for repairing the damaged nervous system. The aspartame is also addictive as well since phenylalanine easily converts to the other pleasure associated chemicals in your brain like tryptophan etc. So it should be used as a weaning substitute and not a replacement. But you prolly already knew this 😉 love your video’s BTW

  • I needed this Jenny! I’ve been stressed out and eating not so healthy (still not horribly but my body is not used to it so I’m putting on quite a bit of weight). It’s good to hear that everyone else has to work at it, as well. You look great btw! Love the hair!

  • He: tap your head for 30 seconds and then your cravings will go away.
    Me: taps for ten seconds, then gets distracted by the smell of junk food

  • My husband and I started going to the gym two months ago and I’ve been vegan for three weeks now! I feel like I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been.:) unfortunately, I’m still “overweight” and have yet to lose any weight because I have an autoimmune disease and effects my thyroid and doesn’t allow my to lose weight right now so my biggest thing has been mentally getting over the fact that I’m healthy and treating my body so well but my body is not reflecting it right now.

    I appreciate this video, though! Putting the focus on being healthy to feel good rather than look good is what I need to shift my focus to!

  • I’m interested in what you are saying about dairy because it is THE most common thing to crave while pregnant. I have never had much dairy but as soon as i got to my third trimester, string cheese started to taste just exactly like crack. What is up with that if it’s unnatural for adults to have lactose and what would be good to eat instead?

  • I find putting it in my cart, walking around with it and the at the end of my shopping trip take all the bad stuff out. It helps and gives me the time to think about how I don’t need it! ☺

  • I had a boyfriend who fed his daughter nothing but processed animal products and candy simply because it was “easy” it truly disgusted me and it’s not average for a 7 year old to have rolls on their stomach.

  • Congrats first for ur growing fit tuber account…iam seeing and iam blindly following ur videos and ur analysis on every item is good…thanks for making such a amazing videos..keep gng wish u gud luck…
    Why dnt u make videos on nutrition value of every indian routinely used foods vegetables before cooking after cooking fruits dryfruits Millets dal…whatever…Its useful for everyone

  • My daughter loves vegetables soup and green smoothies she have been vegan since contraception �� it is because we don’t normally introduce children to enough vegetables from they start to eat.

  • Hey Danny, love your work, I’m from Australia and have been following your journey for a while now and you have motivated me to start my own journey of reaching 85kg’s which I was able to achieve in 7 weeks so thanks for all the help you and your channel provides. I recently started my next goal of trying to reach 10-12% body fat and was wondering what are some tips and some recommendations you would give to not only myself but other people trying to achieve the same result??

  • Love these short and sweet and informative videos! Yes, to changing your environment as a means to curbing your cravings so true!!! Thank you!!!

  • Im a weirdo I don’t just go to the store and look at or pick up the foods I craveI actually smell them too �� I love going to Whole Foods and going to the bakery section and smelling all the fresh baked bread and cookies and coffee cakes and brownies and pies and croissants and bagels… omg it smells so good!! Or go to a donut shop and just smell the sweet smell but not get any. Sometimes at home if I’m craving something but don’t have the macros left I’ll open the bag of whatever it is like maybe M&Ms… and just smell them then put them back in the cupboard. I know it’s so odd.

  • I crave stuff the most when I’m thirsty, before my cycle, or when I get a pang of anger or anxiety from a situation. Then I immediately want something salty/greasy/cheesy/saucy

  • I don’t have a question but maybe you could talk about dealing with obesity and depression, maybe motivation and advice or tips on staying disciplined.

  • 21st century problems. I find a slice of lemon with a slice of ginger in hot water does me good. Also I keep a kilo box of medjool dates at the office.

  • Can u show a video of how to properly track calories because not all foods have a label on them, there are also home cooked foods which I do not know how to track

  • I find this misleading because not all craving are based on deficiency. Sugar is addictive thus you crave it, sometimes your brain is after that dopamine and nothing more. I hope everyone is taking this with a grain of salt because if craving chocolate is now considered that you’re going through depression then we are in for a big problem! It’s sugar! Nothing more btw that includes fruits (if you eat in large quantities)

  • I started out at 329 pounds on September 8th 2016 I’m down to 235. I’ve been stuck at the same weight for this last couple weeks and I don’t want to take my caloric intake any lower I’m at 1800 calories a day. I really don’t know where to go from here since I want to lose another 35 to 40 pounds.

  • Hello! I just found your channel, and I think it’s awesome! I love your transformation video!

     I’m in process to lose weight (I need to lose 15 kilos).

     I try to train everyday, I take care about my diet, however I had problems for lose weight. I don’t know why, but I weight the same kilos as a month ago. Can you tell me why? I want to change my body, That’s my biggest dream. I hope you answer me. Thank you!

  • Hey Danny! My question is if at any point during your journey did your friends/family/significant other ever negatively influence your food choices? For example, were you ever at a family function or out with friends and have someone almost tempting you or influencing you to go off your diet for that meal? If so, how did you handle it?