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Storing food at the proper temperature is essential to avoid food spoilage. ( Here’s a guide to storing some common holiday foods. ) It’s important within your kitchen, but it’s also important at grocery stores. Then there’s you: the one who becomes the food waste preventionist, thinking everyone should eat all the food now — even if they’re stuffed to the gills — so it doesn’t go to waste. The good news is you don’t have to be that person. It’s easy to be ready for all food waste possibilities and prevent them ahead of time.

A good time in advance before the holidays, start using up and eating up those UFO’s it will save you money and extra trips to the grocery store. Keeping a healthy fridge and freezer is the rule number one to fight those food waste traps. Imagine the huge electricity bills we are paying to freeze the food, which ends up in our garbage!Avoid Holiday Food Waste Often times the holiday season can be a time of excess and waste. The environmental costs of wasteful habits add up.

Uneaten food is the single largest component of U.S. municipal solid waste, and when this food waste rots in a landfill, it emits methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas. Compost any leftover foods and acceptable disposables including soiled paper like cups, plates, napkins, and paper bags, and empty soiled cardboard or boxboard containers like pizza boxes, milk cartons, and takeout boxes. Donate excess food to food banks, homeless shelters, etc., if possible.

Use smaller utensils and smaller plates to encourage smaller portions, thus reducing waste. Guest can take second or third servings, but the very act of having two reach for more food could be a. Conduct a food-waste audit over a two-week period. The first week, eat and throw away food as you would normally.

Put a chart by the garbage bin and mark down how much food you threw away and. The Food Network recommended conducting a food waste audit ahead of the holidays: “The first week, eat and throw away food as you would normally. Put a. Here are some of the habits I started developing to avoid wasting food: Serve kids age appropriate portions that they can finish. I used to serve way too much food that just that ends up in the trash.

If they want more food, they can always ask for seconds. Planning ahead is the key to avoiding waste in most areas of our daily lives, but especially when it comes to food. Be deliberate about planning your menus, right down to the last cookie.

Choose simple but hearty dishes, versatile appetizers, and a few treats. Make a.

List of related literature:

Planning for the week also can effectively reduce food waste.

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Waste matter from preparation will include vegetable and fruit peels and trimmings, rotten food stuffs, spoilt canned food, etc.

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Try to adequately recycle both food waste and its packaging, putting food solidarity into practice as well.

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Use perishable foods and leftovers before they spoil and need to be discarded.

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• Buy in bulk to reduce container waste (Do not buy excessive material that would spoil, however).

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Bring small bags for produce or bulk food.

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To reduce food waste, shop carefully and use leftovers.

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Every restaurant produces about 50–55 kg of food waste each day during weekdays and 100–110 kg of food waste each day during weekends.

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Use boxes for packed lunches and for shopping (take clean tubs with you) at the deli counter, fishmonger or packaging-free shop.

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from food security perspective, reducing food waste can translate into increasing food storage or financial savings by preventing food from being wasted in the first place, and thus directly serves food security purposes.

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  • Have yall seen those fast-food tik toks videos where they throw away the leftover food. And it’s so much. People in the comments get mad and then the person responds withthey don’t let us keep it or donate it…. LIKE TF WHY NOT

  • I do not remember when was the last time when I check expiration date on a dairy product (milk, yoghurt, cream, soft cheese, buttermilk etc.). If it’s bad, YOU’D KNOW IT. There is no way around the smell and/or consistency, if it’s spoiled. Otherwise, if it looks fine and smells fine, it’s fine to eat it.

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  • lol, I dont like most foods and usually when I try something (which very rarely happens) at a restaurant or something, I usually don’t like it. Then people are like WHY DID YOU WASTE ALL THAT FOOD, and I’m like “ITS NOT MY FAULT I DONT LIKE THE FOOD”

  • Different small problem in different places and different countrys. Shuld be a databas people can input wasted food in schools, shops, resturants, and homes. If the information is out there the problem will be gone quikly.

  • 2020 pandemic 1: farms are throwing out crops while Americans, Indians, and Chinese folks are starving. Food waste hasn’t improved yet. But hopefully more people see Rob’s talk and channel during lockdowns.

  • Whenever I waste food or see other’s wasting food.

    I feel guilty about that.

    Knowing other people starved.

    I try so hard to never waste food.

  • My family wasn’t by any means poor. But my mom always told me to eat my entire plate. Otherwise I would have to eat it for breakfast the next day. Even if it was just 10 beans

  • Well… the way to demonstrate success is by showing how much one can waste. Wasting is a means of social differentiation. Teaching people to waste less is preferable to trying to make people feel good about their wasteful behaviour.

  • anyone who is reading this comment start growing your own food. you can come and thank me 10 years from now. food scarcity is a major issue and will dawn upon humans like anything. better start early.

    if space is a problem start in small quantities in your apartments itself

  • So many entitled people in the comments section. “How dare a creator makes money from sponsors while I’m not paying a single cent to watch this video?”

  • The issue is food abundance.. Not food scarcity.. The problem is with the supply chain.. It is time to give back even agricultural land to the wild

  • I worked in catering we were always throwing out food. the kitchen made and extra 15% of food in case something happened. but most of the time it was waste

  • We should consider how much food waste there is due to animal agriculture. While millions of humans starve, we are using incredible amounts of crops to feed and fatten farm animals to produce much smaller outcomes of meat/dairy/eggs. Animals are inefficient converters of food and we are wasting insane amounts of food. We could literally end world hunger 8 times over if we used animal feed for ourselves. Please take a look at

  • I live on my own. My top shelf in my fridge has been used twice, one of those times was for Christmas. I don’t waste food. The most in my home? Maybe once or twice in a year. We need to take some responsibility. Self awareness is probably the most important part of the process, the next is putting it into practice.

  • Man, there is so much more broken in the global agricultural system than food waste. I’m not saying it isn’t a problem or that this video isn’t important, but it’s a symptom of a much, much larger problem. I would love to see people/channels dive into these topics more deeply.

    For example,
    1. Globally, agriculture is thought to contribute to 30-50% of greenhouse gas emissions, food waste due to rotting fruits and vegetables aimed at human consumption is likely only a small part of this

    2. Only around 2% of US Agricultural land is used to produce fruits and vegetables, the rest is used to create commodity crops-most of it for livestock feed and biofuels (

    3. The degrading social and economic situations of farmers. In the US & Canada (and I’m sure many other places), the average age of farmers is increasing. This means that as farmers get older, they are not being replaced. Often the cost of entering agriculture is prohibitve due to increased cost of land and equipment (

    4. I don’t blame young people though. It is incredibly difficult to make a living out there, with many commercial farmers having to enter contracts with large corporations that sees them shouldering large expenses to comply with contracts. As contractors, farm losses are realized on the farm, but profits are shared with the corporations (

    5. The loss of soil topsoil, fertility, and nutrients. This is due to unsustainable practices, such as monoculture farming and industrial agriculture practices, as well as a general lack of understanding of good soil management practices or the ability to implement these practices due to economic reasons. Instead, we compensate by using copious amounts of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and tilling (

    The list could go on forever. I studied agriculture for 7 years in university and barely scratched the service. You create really great, high-quality content. I would love to see you cover these other topics that don’t get so much press time. I think food waste, while important, is one of those cases because it seems so “fixable” at the individual level. But these other problems are also so important and I never see them getting air time. And people can’t care about what they don’t know!:)

  • i dont understand. first world countries waste food because there is more of it, and most of the time the food is still edible.
    while poor countries suffer from food shortages. there should be more rules in place to avoid waste

  • We eat huge portions of food, and finish it all. Idk about some who waste a lot of money to eat huge amount of food and then cant even finish it all.





  • I know people who like wasting food. Or at least, it seems like they do. Personally I’m incredibly strict with myself. I finish off food that isn’t good and that I have no interest in eating, just so I can feel okay morally. But some people don’t even blink at huge amounts of food tossed in the garbage, it’s sad

  • There’s nothing on the planet more stupid and annoying than youtubers who make videos where they pause every other word. Why do youtubers talk like that. Why is this a trend. Is this a California thing like trying to be dramatic. It’s so dumb.

  • I don’t think me and my family waste that much food at all. My mom always said that the “best by” date doesn’t really matter and that you just have to taste the food to check if it’s still good. My family just has this really nice mindset of not wasting stuff (in general, but also with food). I think that it’s really valuable to have this kind of thinking, especially in today’s wasteful society. It’s definitely also a country thing, bc i think that the country i’m from has a better way with not wasting food than, let’s say, the US. But there are ofc also wasteful corporations and people here.

  • There r over 40,000 families living in my apartment and add 6 more different apartments too with a similar number of families. Each week it was an apartments turn to donate food and at least 3 quarters of the families donated food which is about 30,000. You could donate 2-10 boxes of freshly made to 1 day old food so on average of 3 boxes per family (actually quite low) was about 90,000 boxes each day. Our family used to donate too but ever since corona virus came they stopped taking boxes from us especially our apartment since we’re at the highest risk atm. There r about 5000 cases in my city and 11 in my apartment itself and we’re just starting to experience the first wave over here. Even tho many things r getting better due to corona there r way too many bad affects also

  • Question: I tried wrapping my produce in a towel, but then they started tasting like detergent. How do you wash your towels thoroughly to keep that from happening?

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  • Terrific video clip! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to uncover this kind of contents. We make Travel & Food shows too, throughout the world, and we are often searching for inspirations and perhaps creative concepts. Thank You.

  • I live in a household that consistently wastes food every week. But because of this whole pandemic and scarcity of food leftover in the grocery stores, they are now rationing their foods for fear of leaving the house and going grocery shopping. I was worried that panic buying would worsen the situation, but it instead changed their mindset. At least for my family. Hopefully, it is ingrained in their mind now that not every day the grocery stores will have everything they want now.

  • solution: scale up those indoor vertical farms!

    100% pristine produce completely without pesticides in the middle of cities right beside the restaurants and supermarkets they are used and sold in!

    speaking of supermarkets though, I also think that those “food exhibitions” need to stop. the energy that’s used just to exhibit a multitude of each product (not just produce) must be insane. some supermarkets even have permanently open fridges… food could be stored so much more efficiently when it doesn’t need to be on display for the end-consumer. so my hope is that we’ll see a cultural shift to making more digital orders.

  • Its alarming.. thinking about all the chemical fertilizers, pesticides on wasted produce ����‍♂️
    What if.. we ask for more fresh organic veggies and forget all about the Best Before Date (in some years from now)
    More homemade in the backyards �� All the best ����‍��

  • What is your experience with food waste in the kitchen? What is your opinion? What is your story? How do you avoid it?

    We want to hear from you

  • there’s a really cool app in my country that enables stores to offer the items they couldn’t sell during the day for a lower price to others. a lot of bakeries use it to not have to throw away the leftovers

  • these leftover food are easy because they’re like single food where you can improvise to other things. how about leftover cooked meal? reheating them up only, could be boring and i always have no idea what to do with it. jamie? help!