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Storing food at the proper temperature is essential to avoid food spoilage. ( Here’s a guide to storing some common holiday foods. ) It’s important within your kitchen, but it’s also important at grocery stores. Then there’s you: the one who becomes the food waste preventionist, thinking everyone should eat all the food now — even if they’re stuffed to the gills — so it doesn’t go to waste. The good news is you don’t have to be that person. It’s easy to be ready for all food waste possibilities and prevent them ahead of time.

A good time in advance before the holidays, start using up and eating up those UFO’s it will save you money and extra trips to the grocery store. Keeping a healthy fridge and freezer is the rule number one to fight those food waste traps. Imagine the huge electricity bills we are paying to freeze the food, which ends up in our garbage!Avoid Holiday Food Waste Often times the holiday season can be a time of excess and waste. The environmental costs of wasteful habits add up.

Uneaten food is the single largest component of U.S. municipal solid waste, and when this food waste rots in a landfill, it emits methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas. Compost any leftover foods and acceptable disposables including soiled paper like cups, plates, napkins, and paper bags, and empty soiled cardboard or boxboard containers like pizza boxes, milk cartons, and takeout boxes. Donate excess food to food banks, homeless shelters, etc., if possible.

Use smaller utensils and smaller plates to encourage smaller portions, thus reducing waste. Guest can take second or third servings, but the very act of having two reach for more food could be a. Conduct a food-waste audit over a two-week period. The first week, eat and throw away food as you would normally.

Put a chart by the garbage bin and mark down how much food you threw away and. The Food Network recommended conducting a food waste audit ahead of the holidays: “The first week, eat and throw away food as you would normally. Put a. Here are some of the habits I started developing to avoid wasting food: Serve kids age appropriate portions that they can finish. I used to serve way too much food that just that ends up in the trash.

If they want more food, they can always ask for seconds. Planning ahead is the key to avoiding waste in most areas of our daily lives, but especially when it comes to food. Be deliberate about planning your menus, right down to the last cookie.

Choose simple but hearty dishes, versatile appetizers, and a few treats. Make a.

List of related literature:

Planning for the week also can effectively reduce food waste.

“Nutrition and Dietetics' 2007 Ed.2007 Edition” by Mcwilliams, Margaret
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Waste matter from preparation will include vegetable and fruit peels and trimmings, rotten food stuffs, spoilt canned food, etc.

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Try to adequately recycle both food waste and its packaging, putting food solidarity into practice as well.

“Sustainable Diets: Linking Nutrition and Food Systems” by Barbara Burlingame, Sandro Dernini
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Use perishable foods and leftovers before they spoil and need to be discarded.

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• Buy in bulk to reduce container waste (Do not buy excessive material that would spoil, however).

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Bring small bags for produce or bulk food.

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To reduce food waste, shop carefully and use leftovers.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
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Every restaurant produces about 50–55 kg of food waste each day during weekdays and 100–110 kg of food waste each day during weekends.

“Advances in Waste Management: Select Proceedings of Recycle 2016” by Ajay S. Kalamdhad, Jiwan Singh, Kondusamy Dhamodharan
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Use boxes for packed lunches and for shopping (take clean tubs with you) at the deli counter, fishmonger or packaging-free shop.

“How to Save Your Planet One Object at a Time” by Tara Shine
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from food security perspective, reducing food waste can translate into increasing food storage or financial savings by preventing food from being wasted in the first place, and thus directly serves food security purposes.

“Sustainable Agriculture Reviews” by Eric Lichtfouse
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  • Have yall seen those fast-food tik toks videos where they throw away the leftover food. And it’s so much. People in the comments get mad and then the person responds withthey don’t let us keep it or donate it…. LIKE TF WHY NOT

  • I do not remember when was the last time when I check expiration date on a dairy product (milk, yoghurt, cream, soft cheese, buttermilk etc.). If it’s bad, YOU’D KNOW IT. There is no way around the smell and/or consistency, if it’s spoiled. Otherwise, if it looks fine and smells fine, it’s fine to eat it.

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  • lol, I dont like most foods and usually when I try something (which very rarely happens) at a restaurant or something, I usually don’t like it. Then people are like WHY DID YOU WASTE ALL THAT FOOD, and I’m like “ITS NOT MY FAULT I DONT LIKE THE FOOD”

  • Different small problem in different places and different countrys. Shuld be a databas people can input wasted food in schools, shops, resturants, and homes. If the information is out there the problem will be gone quikly.

  • 2020 pandemic 1: farms are throwing out crops while Americans, Indians, and Chinese folks are starving. Food waste hasn’t improved yet. But hopefully more people see Rob’s talk and channel during lockdowns.

  • Whenever I waste food or see other’s wasting food.

    I feel guilty about that.

    Knowing other people starved.

    I try so hard to never waste food.

  • My family wasn’t by any means poor. But my mom always told me to eat my entire plate. Otherwise I would have to eat it for breakfast the next day. Even if it was just 10 beans

  • Well… the way to demonstrate success is by showing how much one can waste. Wasting is a means of social differentiation. Teaching people to waste less is preferable to trying to make people feel good about their wasteful behaviour.

  • anyone who is reading this comment start growing your own food. you can come and thank me 10 years from now. food scarcity is a major issue and will dawn upon humans like anything. better start early.

    if space is a problem start in small quantities in your apartments itself

  • So many entitled people in the comments section. “How dare a creator makes money from sponsors while I’m not paying a single cent to watch this video?”

  • The issue is food abundance.. Not food scarcity.. The problem is with the supply chain.. It is time to give back even agricultural land to the wild

  • I worked in catering we were always throwing out food. the kitchen made and extra 15% of food in case something happened. but most of the time it was waste

  • We should consider how much food waste there is due to animal agriculture. While millions of humans starve, we are using incredible amounts of crops to feed and fatten farm animals to produce much smaller outcomes of meat/dairy/eggs. Animals are inefficient converters of food and we are wasting insane amounts of food. We could literally end world hunger 8 times over if we used animal feed for ourselves. Please take a look at

  • I live on my own. My top shelf in my fridge has been used twice, one of those times was for Christmas. I don’t waste food. The most in my home? Maybe once or twice in a year. We need to take some responsibility. Self awareness is probably the most important part of the process, the next is putting it into practice.

  • Man, there is so much more broken in the global agricultural system than food waste. I’m not saying it isn’t a problem or that this video isn’t important, but it’s a symptom of a much, much larger problem. I would love to see people/channels dive into these topics more deeply.

    For example,
    1. Globally, agriculture is thought to contribute to 30-50% of greenhouse gas emissions, food waste due to rotting fruits and vegetables aimed at human consumption is likely only a small part of this

    2. Only around 2% of US Agricultural land is used to produce fruits and vegetables, the rest is used to create commodity crops-most of it for livestock feed and biofuels (

    3. The degrading social and economic situations of farmers. In the US & Canada (and I’m sure many other places), the average age of farmers is increasing. This means that as farmers get older, they are not being replaced. Often the cost of entering agriculture is prohibitve due to increased cost of land and equipment (

    4. I don’t blame young people though. It is incredibly difficult to make a living out there, with many commercial farmers having to enter contracts with large corporations that sees them shouldering large expenses to comply with contracts. As contractors, farm losses are realized on the farm, but profits are shared with the corporations (

    5. The loss of soil topsoil, fertility, and nutrients. This is due to unsustainable practices, such as monoculture farming and industrial agriculture practices, as well as a general lack of understanding of good soil management practices or the ability to implement these practices due to economic reasons. Instead, we compensate by using copious amounts of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and tilling (

    The list could go on forever. I studied agriculture for 7 years in university and barely scratched the service. You create really great, high-quality content. I would love to see you cover these other topics that don’t get so much press time. I think food waste, while important, is one of those cases because it seems so “fixable” at the individual level. But these other problems are also so important and I never see them getting air time. And people can’t care about what they don’t know!:)

  • i dont understand. first world countries waste food because there is more of it, and most of the time the food is still edible.
    while poor countries suffer from food shortages. there should be more rules in place to avoid waste

  • We eat huge portions of food, and finish it all. Idk about some who waste a lot of money to eat huge amount of food and then cant even finish it all.





  • I know people who like wasting food. Or at least, it seems like they do. Personally I’m incredibly strict with myself. I finish off food that isn’t good and that I have no interest in eating, just so I can feel okay morally. But some people don’t even blink at huge amounts of food tossed in the garbage, it’s sad

  • There’s nothing on the planet more stupid and annoying than youtubers who make videos where they pause every other word. Why do youtubers talk like that. Why is this a trend. Is this a California thing like trying to be dramatic. It’s so dumb.

  • I don’t think me and my family waste that much food at all. My mom always said that the “best by” date doesn’t really matter and that you just have to taste the food to check if it’s still good. My family just has this really nice mindset of not wasting stuff (in general, but also with food). I think that it’s really valuable to have this kind of thinking, especially in today’s wasteful society. It’s definitely also a country thing, bc i think that the country i’m from has a better way with not wasting food than, let’s say, the US. But there are ofc also wasteful corporations and people here.

  • There r over 40,000 families living in my apartment and add 6 more different apartments too with a similar number of families. Each week it was an apartments turn to donate food and at least 3 quarters of the families donated food which is about 30,000. You could donate 2-10 boxes of freshly made to 1 day old food so on average of 3 boxes per family (actually quite low) was about 90,000 boxes each day. Our family used to donate too but ever since corona virus came they stopped taking boxes from us especially our apartment since we’re at the highest risk atm. There r about 5000 cases in my city and 11 in my apartment itself and we’re just starting to experience the first wave over here. Even tho many things r getting better due to corona there r way too many bad affects also

  • Question: I tried wrapping my produce in a towel, but then they started tasting like detergent. How do you wash your towels thoroughly to keep that from happening?

  • Foodtube before awesome recipes and different people showing their favorite food. Foodtube now please visit Jamies Italian and buy Hotpoint.

  • Terrific video clip! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to uncover this kind of contents. We make Travel & Food shows too, throughout the world, and we are often searching for inspirations and perhaps creative concepts. Thank You.

  • I live in a household that consistently wastes food every week. But because of this whole pandemic and scarcity of food leftover in the grocery stores, they are now rationing their foods for fear of leaving the house and going grocery shopping. I was worried that panic buying would worsen the situation, but it instead changed their mindset. At least for my family. Hopefully, it is ingrained in their mind now that not every day the grocery stores will have everything they want now.

  • solution: scale up those indoor vertical farms!

    100% pristine produce completely without pesticides in the middle of cities right beside the restaurants and supermarkets they are used and sold in!

    speaking of supermarkets though, I also think that those “food exhibitions” need to stop. the energy that’s used just to exhibit a multitude of each product (not just produce) must be insane. some supermarkets even have permanently open fridges… food could be stored so much more efficiently when it doesn’t need to be on display for the end-consumer. so my hope is that we’ll see a cultural shift to making more digital orders.

  • Its alarming.. thinking about all the chemical fertilizers, pesticides on wasted produce ����‍♂️
    What if.. we ask for more fresh organic veggies and forget all about the Best Before Date (in some years from now)
    More homemade in the backyards �� All the best ����‍��

  • What is your experience with food waste in the kitchen? What is your opinion? What is your story? How do you avoid it?

    We want to hear from you

  • there’s a really cool app in my country that enables stores to offer the items they couldn’t sell during the day for a lower price to others. a lot of bakeries use it to not have to throw away the leftovers

  • these leftover food are easy because they’re like single food where you can improvise to other things. how about leftover cooked meal? reheating them up only, could be boring and i always have no idea what to do with it. jamie? help!

  • good talk!  good speaker!  good ideas!  the fast food industry wastes food too.  I saw two steak burritos thrown in the trash because somebody got the order wrong.  ive heard mcdonalds is bad about throwing food out too

  • Then comes the question of transporting food to those who need it and preserving the food that is perishable. If someone gets sick from donated food, the vendor risks a lawsuit. Also, who is paying for all those expenses? It’s a great idea, but it’s an expense no one wants to pay for, or have the funds to do so. Stores, restaurants and vendors alike need to STOP producing food as if every item were going to be consumed that day. If you run out, you run out. We as Americans have become accustomed to getting exactly what we want exactly when we want it. Our expectations/demand for product availability need to change, or rather need to be forced upon us.

  • Working at a buffet, I have seen this first hand. And it is disgusting to watch how much food that we “have to throw away” when the food is still very eatable. We would see homeless people hangout near the garbage cans just to get what they could.

  • 3:17
    >meat waste actually has the highest greenhouse gas impact
    >graph that shows veges and cereal products as the largest waste and carbon footprint producer.

  • I imagine all the food will be wasted after all the hoarding and people panic buying twenty cans of tuna and 5 gallons of milk �� I’m glad many grocery stores have started to crack down on this by limiting the units of food you can buy in one shopping trip.

  • Why show the fruits and veggies going bad and not show us how much more or less meat and dairy actually play a roll. looking at methane and other toxic gasses

  • The is fantastic! I work at a childcare service so we make a lot of food waste and we’ve been looking for ways to cut it down. Would love to see more of these videos ❤️

  • Many of the referenced facts are misleading or create an intentionally artificial perspective. Portions of food waste are from imperfections in logistical concerns or quality of the product. Unless one advocates for the consumption of spoiled or contaminated food, citing the 40% figure, though accurate, is meaningless. Food waste is significantly affected by diet and pyscho-sensory habit. Might be really hungry at lunch time after skipping the meal. Then dinner arrives and the same feeling has long been forgotten. Much of eating is a simple adherence to regularity than comprehension of a need.

  • I love all of yours videos and listening to them as I go about my day, you should really consider turning your videos into podcasts too!

  • So all the food he made to show off not to waste like the bread and butter pudding and the chopped salad, i hope they weren’t thrown out

  • Food is overproduced in the US and producers are interested in selling as much as possible to make money, not to reduce climate change. If we priced carbon into our foods it would cost more and waste and consumption of carbon intensive products such as beef would be reduced.

  • Me: tries to throw a fungus infested burnt slice of cheese that expired seven years which I just found under the stove


  • At 0:39 you say 40% of food is wasted in the US.
    At 2:07 you show that 16% of food waste happens on the farm.
    Combined, this should mean that farms waste 6.4% of all our food.
    But at 3:26 you say “33.7% of produce remains unharvested every year”. How is that number so much higher? I get these are different studies but that’s an extreme difference. I’m very skeptical of how to interpret this last number.

  • Capitalism caused this while millions are homeless and starving

    There is no profit in giving food away, that’s why

    Money comes first, the environment is second to greedy capitalists

  • Thanks for another interesting video! It should be mentioned that some countries have already passed laws (like France in 2016 ) forbidding food waste for supermarkets larger than 4,000 sq ft. Donations to food banks and charities have increased dramatically (over 30%) as a result.

  • I really wish they’d sell ‘ugly’ food too. Like, just make it slightly cheaper, and the ‘perfect’ ones slightly mroe expensive to balance out the price. Some people will probably still want the nice looking apples and be willing to pay extra, but others will be happy to save some money and go with the bendy carrot.

    A sell by date seems silly. Like… does food suddenly spoil once you’ve bought it? Or last forever once you’ve bought it? whut?

    I use an app called Too Good To Go. There you can order a ‘magic bag’ from a variety of businesses and pick it up at the end of the day. They’ll put in whatever spoilable food is left. For example fruit and veg from supermarkets, sandwiches and cake from cafes, bread from bakeries, or full meals from restaurants. Usually you’re basically getting a 50 to 70% discount on your food. Only downside is that you never quite know what you’re getting, so you’re limited if you have any dietary restrictions.
    There’s also a thing called Foodsharing here, a website where you can offer food you have left over to be picked up by others and vice versa, or bring it to a dedicated fridge that anybody can access. I haven’t used it in a while, because most of those ‘open fridges’ are inside buildings that have opening times that often don’t work with my schedule. But it’s a pretty great thing. There’s also volunteers that pick up leftover food from businesses to bring it there. Although I guess bringing it to a food bank instead would make sure those who need food the most have the best chance of getting any.

    Also keep a shelf full of freezer boxes, so you can keep any leftovers. Jars work too, for plastic free. Just place the lids on lightly without screwing them.
    I’m also way less careful about food spoilage than I probably should be for my own health… (do not try this at home)

  • 8% of emissions come from food waste (including the production of said food)? If 15% of emissions come from meat and dairy (I’ve gotten lots of conflicting figures on this, so correct me if I’m wrong) and 40% of food is thrown out then…
    40% of 15% is 6%, which is 75% of 8%.
    Basically, the issue is still “murder all cows in existence”, what remains accounts for only 2% of emissions.

  • Not having money worries will be such a blessing for me. Money is necessary for protection, but it can become a burden to the mind.

  • this might be weird, but food waste is the reason I don’t buy fresh vegetables and fruits, everything I buy is either canned or frozen, I will eat it then and not worry about it rotting on me

  • Your channel is amazing and the way your videos are animated makes it easy to understand things while visualizing.
    It’s sad that there aren’t many people who actually care to make changes in order to increase our chance of a better future. And that is a big problem because people think that since nobody around them is doing anything they don’t have to either, they’re following the herd.
    There are many solutions to our climate problems, the real issue is that they aren’t put to use. This makes me think that the root of it all is mainly social and cultural, and it’s highly influenced by the rich.
    Environmental labels aren’t regulated and many products are greenwashed making people believe it’s better for the environment when in reality it’s not. For example, water in a carton was advertised as better than a plastic bottle even though they’re both trash.

  • This is all part of the monetary system. If we embrace and switch over to a resource based system, waste can and will be minimized and soon eliminated altogether!

    Google ‘The Venus Project’ by Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows to see what it will be like. �� ����

  • Thank you! Love your blog, Love your videos!
    I read about freezing food on your blog and started doing it with meal I prepare on weekends. Watching you freezing veggies makes me realise how easy it can be!

  • Y’all should check out misfit market. They sell weird looking produce for cheaper prices than you could get at a grocery store. Plus, all the packaging is pretty eco friendly. They’re available in some eastern states in the US but are hoping to expand

  • Lack of education and panic/anxiety can cause a lot of uncertainty leading to waste of not just food but also ignorance to many things.

    Coming from a restaurant family, we educate ourselves that food doesn’t spoil that easily. Just because it looks bad doesn’t mean it’s gone rotten. Obviously, if there’s mould growing on it, we try to find ways to be able to consume the food to plate in a way producing little waste like chopping that part off and cooking the rest. For example, eat the skin with your apple, don’t cut off 1/3 of a green onion and throw it away in the garbage because you can’t ‘eat’ that portion. Everything is edible. And remember, fermentation! Mould/bacteria is a good thing, or else you wouldn’t have that delicious sourdough bread or pickles in your fridge if we were deadly afraid of ‘germs’.

    Cook your own food. The more you learn how to cook, I find people learn to understand the amount of food wasted everyday. Even if that means getting a take-out box to take home the remaining food you couldn’t finish at a restaurant.

  • There is this lady on YouTube and it’s Last Homely House East of the Sea Kate loves you mentions you. Your my fav as well! But if you have a few that would be awesome��

  • in india we have a service known as “Gau grass seva”. this food is fed to cattle which then eat less grass and are then milked. so its a win win. less grass feeding means less global warming.

    for food in very good condition (for people) you can donate it to people sitting outside temples who are they are needy.

    moreover in india food is considered as God “Ann Devta” so most people think twice wasting food coz its disrespectful to god.

  • Thank you so much for your speech, for spreading awareness, for believing and acting in alignment, for the inspiration and the motivation you give!��

  • In the 90’s South Korea’s citizens had less than 2% responsibility for food waste, now it’s 95% today!
    In 2005 the government banned food scraps in the bin and in 2013 the dirty water of the processed food to be dumped in the sea.
    Every citizen has automatic bins close to their homes that count their food waste.

    Where does the excess food go?
    It goes to special process/composting machines that create it to pig food and even reusable energy.

    Source: CBC Wasted: The Story of Food Waste. (you can find the over hour long video on their site.)

  • In my opinion, people who grew up in the society embedded in materialism and capitalism get used to the idea of convience and abundance. Many problems are created out of those ideas. From food waste, single-use containers from takeout, fast-fashion, to obesity. The cheaper it is, the more convient it is, the more they sell. And it works everytime. I grew up in a country where many can’t afford convenience and abundance. People, even corporations, often reuse, and make stuffs and frugally conserve their food and resources. However, that does not result in prosperous economy. I often ask myself ‘can environmental protection and economic growth go hand in hand?’, often the answer is no. I really want to see if there is a successful example of growth and protection in balance. Because in the political narrative, economic growth often get the attention from both politicians and citizens then environmental protection. And there will be no doubt about the amount of interests people will have if we can have both. But I don’t know if I’ll live ’till the day that happen to the U.S.

  • This is unrelated but, can you do a legit video on the search engine oceanhero? If they are really cleaning the oceans or just moving it somewhere else.

  • I find this video extremely ironic after just watching you try to convince children that the “bad” parts of the chicken SHOULDN’T be eaten! See your chicken nugget video that’s become a meme on the internet.
    Please tell me you’ve changed your mind on that issue since.

  • As someone who has experienced food insecurity, this is hard for me. A full fridge makes me feel safe, but I do hate wasting it, because I know this is a problem…

  • wow i saw a clear bag of tomatoes and other produce thrown out by this school near me. Was tempted to grab some but didn’t want to get sick

  • Thank you for deep diving on this subject! I want to be involved with solving this aspect of culture. Thank you for the east to understand breakdown!

  • I remember tomatoes my grandparents had, a small amount just for themselves. Those were the ugliest tomatoes I have seen in my life but the best I ever tasted.

  • If you are NOT VEGAN, please don’t pretend like you truly care about the climate. It’s the biggest impact we can make as individuals, by leaps and bounds.

    It’s not just the greenhouse gases from the animals. The net impact of eating meat is always underestimated because they dishonestly only give the direct emissions from the animals totals in the calculations.

    All the trees that are cleared for pasture are devastating. The Amazon is being slashed and burned so we can stuff our gluttonous faceholes with cheeseburgers. The central corridor of California is a nightmare. Factory farms for hundreds and hundreds of miles. The smell is repulsive.

    The runoff from the fertilizers in the water creating deadzones for seaweed and algae (also oxygen producers), the obscene fresh water use by the animals themselves (1000 gallons for one cheeseburger), this practice is catastrophic.

    Our ruling class with let us all die to make one more dime of profit. If you are ready to move on from the information phase to the action phase, please join us. We are out of time:

  • Ahh, yes. The leftovers. Buy within your means. Take account of how many are showing up and don’t over cook/spend. Nice reminder Jan!��

  • selfishness/ignorance, the commodification of earth and animals and systemic destruction of laws and rights. This is hyper capitalism, thats way

  • This is a world changing action, so inspired and educated by Rob. Not wasting food is putting into my head. This also need put it into education system. Hope the world become a better place:)

  • In India, no one throws food wastes in bins, like other countries. Instead we store them all in one utensil and later that day, feed them to cows and buffaloes who come at our doors. If any poor and helpless human being comes before we transfer all in one utensil, we just give them in an eco-friendly plates so they can eat at the spot.

  • for the plus size gals…Fullbeauty has got most all of their clearance down another half off…I got a much needed coat from this place for 20 bucks…

  • Hey, maybe it is different in the USA but i saw this video on ”ugly” veggies and fruits they sold for a cheaper price but they found out that these were already being sold just by other sectors. They explained that they never throw away the ugly produce they just sell it as second class.

  • The important thing about most psychological tricks (like the one with overbuying products to destroy the illusion of “the last one is bad”) is that knowing about the psychological trick can make you immune to it. Consumer psychology has to be something talked about in school, tv and maybe even with notes just above the products themselve. Of course this is unlikely to happen since the government loses money by doing this, but the solution too some oof the problems is already close. We do not to change the system, just to change our minds and anything else will follow with time

  • the problem isn’t the product but the problem is how we get rid of it. Waste is not a usual thing in nature. Only we humans cause waste.

  • This is such an eye-opening video. It’s crazy how humans have messed up everything, even something as simple and essential as food!

  • One thing is also taste, much food is wasted as people don’t like the flavour especially at gatherings and institutions, this can be controlled first then we can go for community refrigerators and stuff, in India earlier it was quiet simple either the cows ate the left over or someone hundry hundry would come door to door asking for food and people would keep it to give them, some of this culture still prevails.

  • Even if this clearly is an advertisement for Hotpoint, it has very good content and the video is very informative and well edited. #StopFoodWaste

  • This is great, but would be even better if when delivering food, they reduced their single-use plastics / waste. Thank you though:)

  • These videos are very useful, I am sure that for some people they come handy. I have read some cocky comments despising them, because the commenter says s/he never has leftovers, most probably because they cook ONLY for one person, themselves. If you had to cook for more people, who can or cannot appear at mealtimes due to work causes, for instance, you would be confronted with a very different perspective, believe me. And if you had to take care of fussy ill old people, just imagine. However, even in those situations there are things that can be done to save wasting. And even with no such difficulties, there are people who have not had the opportunity in life to be taught so. I wonder where empathy has been left.

    As for the ad, as long as there is good content and ideas, I don’t care. The day I see big demostrations against the earnings of footballers, for instance, I will start to ponder about the ad content in youtube vids, which we all watch for free.

  • Jamie Oliver and all his team. This channel had changed my view on food from a chores to a delight. The recipes you wracked on the channel have liyerally changed my life. Thank you very much!!!!

  • I’m taking advantage of the quarantine to delay my next food shop and do a pantry clear out. I live alone and I’ve already been able to make it two weeks since my last shop (where I did admittedly buy lots of longer lasting fruit and veg). And I have have a surprising amount of food still left (that gluten free flour I bought to make a cake for a friend but didn’t finish up, the candy, lentil pasta and various vegan substitutes that I tried but didn’t like, those dried fruits, the dried beans and chickpeas I never use because I forget to soak the night before, the varied contents of my freezer…) So I may be able to wait another few days, and then still only buy produce… I think it’s a good thing to try!

  • food waste is an absolutly disusting part of this world!
    people should think about what they want to eat and buy food with that in their mind.

    i see so many people buying so much food and then… 3 days later they are in the supermarket again. dunno if they have that big of a family, but i think a lot of this food went into the binge!

  • For anyone who missed it.

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  • This is the disaster created by commercials, or more in root, the throw away culture, and even more deep in root, the wheel of capitalism and development which isn’t based on real science.

  • I’ve never been much of a food waster and always made sure that i compost every little bit that would have end in the trash, but i didn’t know that such small thing as an “Expiration Date” could make me unconsciously waste even more food just by asuming that after this date it is no longer edible. Thanks, take care:)

  • Stores and restaurants throw the food because ungrateful people will turn and sue them if they get food poisoning etc from the food. Moreover food can go bad during transit or improper storage.����‍♀️

  • How can we distribute the food better, as you said at the end of the video?
    Literally just filling ships with durable food for low prices to poor countries?

  • If I had a shot for every time I heard the word ‘Hotpoint’ in this video I’d probably be in a pretty bad way right now. Nice vid tho.

  • Who and how can anyone waste chicken?? So many options to use leftover chicken, sandwiches, soups.. if you have a dog, cat…they love it!

  • Adorei! Thanks for sharing! I just made a video on how to spend money wisely on grocery shopping and food waste is still the top of my list for wasted money. Ciao!


  • That’s the �� about working catering events like weddings and movie premiers, a lot of edible food is thrown away. We are talking a bowl of fresh salad or filet mignon thrown into the trash for the fear of being sued due to food ��

  • I also peel and slice each banana in quarters and freeze on a tray. When frozen I store in a glass container in the freezer and use them for smoothies etc

  • HELLO ROB! Do you consider Medjool Dates Sustainable? I could not find this information. The package says UDSA certified organic and packed in the U.S. does not say the source of the dates though. Thanks for the information!

  • I work for a food bank and we pick up food from supermarkets, bakeries, butchers.
    Sadly we see that they bin a whole lot more food than they give us! Lots of the dumpsters are full of still good food!

  • I used to work in a supermarket in England back in the eighties before Sunday shopping. My boss told me after he signed out at 5pm that I had to mark down the produce that was best before date was out before Monday but to a max of 15%. After a few weeks of then having to put the produce we didn’t sell at 15% reduction in the skip (dumpster) after the store closed, I started to mark produce down to the point of half price and beyond. Word soon got around and after a while I was like the pied piper of Hamlyn with a posse of bargin chasing customers behind me, and I realised that this is all about profit because the stores know that customers will wait for someone like me who discounts too much, I carried on regardless and used to sort much of the stuff I should have thrown away to sell it to friends at a quarter of the face price, all the ingredients for full english breakfasts on a Sunday morning, we ate like Kings.

  • Wait how does this math work? A third of produce never makes it off the farm ( 3:31), but farms are only responsible for 16% of total food waste ( 2:15), and two thirds of food waste happens after purchase? Wouldn’t that mean no food ever gets eaten? What non-farm places are we getting such huge amounts of food from? Am I missing something obvious here?

  • I have thrown out food before and always felt awful, however where im at doesnt have any infanstructure to take care of excess food

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m on your side, but I think this is somewhat naive because it would put a good part of the third world out of work, if they suddenly had to produce a lot less food. The whole chain of production you mention would collapse and all these workers would be on the street. This would lead to an increase of poverty, criminality and possibly war.

    The problem is, that the world economy has to overproduce in order to keep people busy. What are the people producing the excess food for 1x American population going to do? Do you have a solution for this problem? I hope so… Keep up the inspiring work though!

  • I graciously tip my hat to both Rob Greenfield and Selina Juul for CARING about Earth’s natural environment and the future survival of our civilization.

  • I think the main problem is for people to actually live out of a dumpster. People will judge and talk about you and that’s something we have to fight first. Not that people will talk but not to give a damn about these people.

  • 7:20 Lol if there’s no visible fungus on it and it doesn’t smell sour, it’s safe to eat. Worst that could happen is you have a few bad shits and some stomach trouble. All these people way too rich

  • I think that shops refuse to cooperate ‘coz they think they will sell less if they give away more…
    Simple as that… Not because they are afraid of being sued. Just a simple minded idea 😉

  • Phenomenal!! Genious! I hope this ripple starts a tidal wave to eliminate world hunger and encourage everyone on the planet to elevate their goal this year starting NOW to reach zero waste. What is sad to me is I have actually taken fresh produce to our local shelter (at Thanksgiving) and they turned it all away because they said it had to be packaged or they could not accept it. But I will try again. And if anyone is there who needs it, I will teach them how to dumpster dive too. I see many around my small town who suffer and it breaks my heart. This is a way I can give and help those in need where I live.. I can’t wait to start the ripple

  • our local SPAR marks down yesterday’s rolls less than half price and I always end up buying them. They are still good food and I save a ton. Sometimes they also do that with yesterdays pies and sweet bakes as well. waste not want not….

  • This is definitely a serious problem. I worked in a college dining hall as a student and I saw so much perfectly good food thrown into trash bags at the end of the day or meal period. Each day several trash bags full of food would just be discarded.

  • My mom and dad taught me the importance of food boxes. Saving all of your uneaten food and excess from cooking into boxes for later. You might even freeze it in!

  • Awesome talk! I just posted on One of my local grocery stores Facebook homepage is requesting that they watch this Ted talk and asking them if they would be willing to be part of the solution. I’m going to do that with a few other grocery stores in my area. If enough people do it it will make a difference!

  • B+. Most people who are “food insecure” would not eat any of this stuff, especially since it can’t be sold for drugs. Yes we need better systems, but to benefit working people, not the already overserved failures.

  • I buy food that I can either freeze or is dry and holds for a long time. After cooking I save the excess in a plastic container and sometimes freeze even that.
    Though my friends keep on whinning how I keep on having an empty fridge is so weird because I make enough and save everything I need.

  • I love this video and its message! However, I am someone who likes to fact check things and what I found on the FDA’s website contradicts what Rob said about sell-by and best-by dates. Could someone maybe link what he was referring to to me?

  • Absolutely love this! I’m beginning the transition to zero waste and being a college student I don’t have too much money to be wasting on food, but I also am beginning to begin buying my own food, because I am a vegetarian and campus food is not healthy at all lol. This helped me so much. Thank you❤

  • A great talk! He is really doing a great work.
    If we tell the grocery stores to donate the food, wont it perish by the time it reaches the end consumer after being donated? If they refrigerate, it would be additional costs to the grocery store. Whats the solution?

  • What’s your thoughts on imperfect food or misfits market? They sell food to consumers that have slight imperfections for a reduced price.

  • Good points. I had some questions. Why were you not going to let people eat the food you sourced from dumpsters? Why not start a homeless food program with all the food you sourced or continue to source?Also why hasn’t anyone thought of a liability waiver relieving anyone of the ability to sue if one did get food poisoning? I think you have great points, continue fighting the good fight

  • Shame on us!! We have to change laws so stores Can leave their good food waste out for homeless! Here were I live, it’s against the law to dumpster dive. It’s considered retail theft.:( Some stores even put a padlock on their dumpsters. There are people who would and should be able to eat it if they need to. This video will not be shown where it needs to be seen because Corporations don’t want people to get FREE food!! grrrrr

  • The US sucks. A bloody capitalist mumbo jumbo of only-for-profit people ruled by their corporates and their Federal Reserve. The waste is appalling. Wonder how many years before this was found and how many more before it is close-to-solved. A few sane people like Rob Greenfield is a relief but may be of no use. While their private arms industry continues to manufacture conflict abroad to stay profitable and the US govt can’t do anything about them, I wonder what these sane people can do for any noble cause which doesn’t produce profit or comes in the way of the corporates. I was surprised to hear that the Fed was not always a private consortium of money makers. I now understand the Cold War was one between corporate dictatorship of capitalism vs the single party rule of communism which is very much the same. But Americans will never understand. They will continue to hide behind their glossy sense of patriotism.

  • Sorry BBC but the majority of food wasted by supermarkets within the UK is taken to anaerobic digestion not landfill….that’s just simply not true

  • Tomatoes freeze very well… I often buy bags of tomatoes that are ripe for less money and I freeze them, the whole bag after I have washed and dried them… yes I throw them in the freezer as is and they are perfectly fine… I take out a tomato as I need it for cooking purposes. Admittedly they are not for salad use but they are perfect for cooking as the skin just comes off so easily when its defrosted… They do NOT need to be cooked first lol
    Cobs of corn can be done this way as well. I throw the whole thing in leaves and all.
    Bok Choy and Silverbeet can be cut to the size you want it to be and laid on the tray and frozen, when frozen it can be bagged and left for later use in the freezer.
    I personally reuse bread bags etc to freeze my stuff in. As for bread, mine goes into the freezer in its own bag. Slices can be taken out individually as needed.

  • This was an ok approach. I feel it’s ridiculous that we have to wait decades for the free market to try to do something about a problem it created. Much of the food waste is thrown out because grocers need to keep there prices artificially high. This isn’t just about individual choice

  • This is a great video very helpful, especially the tip about freezing fruits and veggies on a cookie tray before moving them to a jar! Thanks!

  • Thank You  (:  for this informative video.The explanations of how to store food in the freezer are just what I  needed to know at this time. Armed with these tips, I can greatly limit any future trashing of what was at one time good food. This will be good for our world AND it will be good for me personally. Following these food saving tips eliminates the guilt I would have experienced from being wasteful, not only of food, but of my money.

  • Great tips, especially about the tomatoes.
    I’m proud to say have reduced our food waste by more than half just using our Fresh Bags to store produce and bread in.

  • I freeze cherry tomatoes whole then use them in soups/sauces/stews/chili where they will cook down. Roma tomatoes I cut an “x” at the end opposite the stem end and freeze them whole also. When I want to use those I thaw them, pinch the stem end  and the skin slips  right off. I do similar with grapes and can use them as ice cubes in drinks. As for bananas I don’t use them until the skin is nearly black then toss the bananas into blender for smoothie or break into chunks and freeze. I try to just freeze the kale and spinach so I know it will get used eventually, we don’t like those raw. That also saves on the guilty heartache of discovery in the fridge… thanks for making these videos!

  • I live in south africa. One time i went to a grocery store(Pick n Pay) In Fourways at night, they were almost about to close. I went to go get a quick stack at the cooked food section, and when i was done ordering i noticed that there was a lot of cooked food still left over. I asked what they were going to do with it and the lady said, they throw all the left overs away every night. I thought i should have my snack for free since it will be thrown out in a few minutes.

  • How do you defrost frozen avocados without them going brown? I let some defrost in the fridge and they went gross pretty much straight away:( love this vid

  • My family owns a store/market where we mostly sell food(organic and processed). If you don’t understand it, it’s ok, because as far as I know it’s something missing in the first world countries where supermarkets are the only place where you buy food, at least in the big cities. Anyways, what I want to say is, when people buy fruit and vegetables at our store they choose the freshest, the best of the best. The “lower” quality ones get used by my family. My mom cooks so well, and uses almost everything left there. We aren’t missing out on the “best” products cause my mom knows how to treat the “unwanted” ones the right way. All those would end up in the rubbish if we didn’t do this. It makes me feel good.

    “Oh hahah how can a little person alone stop us”
    “It’s to hard to make ciggerates illegal it would lose jobs”
    “We can’t just stop making those unnecessary products because it will lose so many jobs!”


  • Thank you so much for this video!

    I use the webpage when it comes to food preservation against waste, but this visualization in a Zero-Waste environment really helps!

    If you keep Bananas seperately, they require lots of space, so how do you cope with that? You can’t keep them close to other fruit neither, as that will fasten those fruits’ ripening process (except if that’s the desired effect).

    I would also love to see videos about cleaning all sorts of stuff Zero-Waste, One day/week in the life of a Zero-Waster or what impact you personally made with everything you changed in your life towards Zero-Waste (Envronment, social, your friends, business, job…).

    Keep it up!

  • great video! my favorite things to do with produce when i need to use it up fast juicing, making smoothies with overripe fruit, making veggie fritters and fermenting and pickling veggies.

  • 50 years ago, it was considered as an unimaginable moral crime. Nowadays our generation takes food on the plate for granted and do not feel too bad for throwing away some leftovers. This is the most repulsive side of consumerism that is so strongly rooted in our society and there is not one known solution. It is an amalgamate of changing our consumerist behaviour, (2 for 1 etc.), government intervention through education, taxes, laws and innovative market based solutions.

  • I roll my eyes when my roommate wastes food. She will make a big of batch of something and I usually end up eating most of the leftovers for that. I’ve suggested that she makes less. The avocadoes she buys often go bad (and i dont like them so i dont use them). She also follows the exp dates on dairy like the bible even though most of the time its perfectly fine. And she doesnt make a lot of money so i dont get why she is ok with throwing her money away like that.

  • This is such good advice, Jan! I love freezing food or, better yet, sending home guests with their own takeaway containers so that they can make a plate for the next day. If you do a pot luck, let folks take home a part of the dish they brought, and a little bit of everything else. I save up jars and sturdy plastic food boxes in advance of dinner parties or brunches, so that I have containers to pack up in.

    Wishing you a marvelous holiday. Your wise words and great attitude are a gift to everyone around you (me included!).