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Here are six tips to choosing the right cereal: 1. Scan the serving size. Always check the serving size when comparing cereals. Most cereals list the serving size as 1 cup, but some manufacturers may play with this number to make the nutrition information more appealing.

2. Choose a cereal with about 100–200 calories per serving. What follows is everything you need to know to choose a healthy cereal. Pick a Whole Grain Look for a “100 percent whole-grain” claim on the box, or read the ingredients list to be sure all grains.

How to Choose a Healthy Cereal. While many store bought muffins carry a hefty amount of caloriestypically around 400 or more each, you can easily fit them into a healthy eating plan. Choose cereals with at least 3 grams of fiber per serving. Better yet, choose a minimum of 5 grams of fiber per serving.

Heavy-hitters consist of Kellogg’s All-Bran cereals, General Mills Fiber One, Kashi GoLean, and Uncle Sam Original Wheat Berry Flakes. Tip: Go simple with bran cereals if you don’t typically eat them. Choose the cereal that’s made wholly (or almost entirely) of whole grains. By making this choice, it means that you’re looking for the cereal made of whole grain or bran. When the nutrition labels give you a hundred percent whole grain, it makes for a healthy cereal that can keep you full.

Pick up that box immediately. Some granolas provide healthy doses of protein and fiber, which can help keep you fuller longer. But you want these nutrients to come from the grains, nuts and seeds in the cereal.

In general, you can tell a healthier cereal by a short ingredient list, low sugar content, and high fiber content, says Champion. Look for whole grains or oats, vitamins, and minerals, as well. “Read the ingredient list first!” she says. “In general when choosing cereals, I always look at the protein and fiber content more than anything,” says Valdez. “These are the components that will help you stay fuller for longer. If you have a low-calorie breakfast, you will likely have cravings later and are.

Sometimes it’s easy for shoppers—like my mom—to get bogged down in the learning curve necessary to adjust to a healthier, more educated, purchasing pattern. So I was excited to find this organic cereal scorecard from the Cornucopia Institute. Choosing Store-Bought Cereals. Rather than being swayed by bright colors and health claims on the packaging, go straight to the nutritional facts and ingredient list when you’re choosing store-bought cereal.

Choose whole grains to get the nutrients your body needs rather than refined grains that often lack fiber.

List of related literature:

Compare the remaining DVs of both cereals.

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Now after the multiple comparison procedure, you know which cereals are different and how they compare to the others.

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Healthy Choice combined with Kellogg’s to create a line of “Healthy Choice from Kellogg’s” cereals that have a superior taste and a good position on the health dimension.

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A good rule of thumb is to choose a cereal with a whole grain as the first ingredient.

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To find the right cereal, check the Nutrition Facts label.

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Something else to consider:Whether presweetened or not, ready-to-eat cereals offer a quick, convenient way to fit breakfast in and to get significant nutrient intake.

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So before putting any cereal in your cart, read the

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To choose a healthful cereal, the food label is a useful guide.

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For the highest versus the lowest intakes, lower all-cause mortality risk for whole grain was reduced by 11%, cereal fiber by 19%, bran by 25%, and germ by 5%.

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Take a walk down the cereal aisle of any supermarket and count the number of choices you have with respect to what kind of cereal you can eat for your breakfast.

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  • I’m a sucker when it comes to cereal so of course, I usually eat it for breakfast. I eat shredded wheats (the red box) and there’s no added sugar, or sodium! It tastes delicious with almond milk because in my opinion almond milk is sweeter, so there’s no need for frosting! Gotta love cereal 😉

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    Corn grits (91.5%)
    Sugar,salt,malt extract (1%)
    Emulsifer(INS 322(i))
    Antioxident (INS 320)

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  • Thank you for another healthy choice video. You guys rock. I thought it should always be organic oats? Steel cut oats didn’t say organic.

  • No cereal is not good. It’s all flower made into a shape. If it’s cold it’s processed. Oat meal with real oats that you boil water with, is healthy. All cereal is sugar, Sugar=poison. There is no such thing as healthy cereal Any nutritionist would say that. Snowflakes.

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  • I once lost 70+ pounds ( 185-113lbs) in less than 6 months eating nothing but cereal and skim milk the WHOLE time…ANY kind of cereal ( my favorite was cocoa crispies,fruity pebbles or Frosted Flakes) and I filled the bowls to the top!!!… at best, I may have squeezed in a brisk 30 min walk three times a week… coffee, water, diet soda and the milk in my cereal was my only fluid intakethe weight fell off!!! With no wacky side effects….I PURPOSELY gained back 25 lbs over the next 1.5 years because everyone constantly remarked that I was too thin at 5’7 113lb…I’m now and have been a cool 138 for the past 5 yearsthat weight has been maintained by eating a diet up to but no more than 2000 calories a day ( of whatever food I want) and walking 3 times a week, time permitting….and yes, I still LOVE cereal after eating it for 5 months straight!!!!��‍♀️

  • I love cereal with milk have this one with chocolate in it recently, delicious. And I also have cereal and yogurt with honey on but I’m losing so much weight ����☺️

  • I’ve bought my last box of Quaker Simply Granola…oats..honey…and almonds…….it’s good but not Bobby Approved! It also gives me gas like crazy…I’ve tried with and without milk to see if the milk causes it….Not…It’s the cereal itself…gonna get your ebook…Bobby Approved….thanks for sharing!

  • When you picked up the Bob’s Red Mill oats, why did the conventional say whole grain whereas the organic bag didn’t say whole grains. Wouldn’t they either both be whole grain or not whole grain?

  • Cereals contain high carbs and high sugar concentrate, you should not be eating them. Eat real foods like eggs without the yolk with onions and tomatoes. You should cut it out and the companies lie and knowone really reading the labels. If you want sugar get it from apples or vegetables

  • Mam I have a question I asked before in ur another video but u didn’t reply.. I wanted to know that ur 900 calories diet plan of boiled eggs and green tea and oats is gud in summers or not?

  • Dear doctors, please read the studies on processed foods. We don’t need 12 tsp in a day. What glucose our body doesn’t eat…. it makes. Glucoseneogensis… from the liver.

    Our blood regulates 1 tsp of sugar. when we keep more than that in our blood, the term is called diabetes. Fructose is the biggest culprit. Dried fruit in too much can be an issue too. Cereals and processed foods are not good for you.

    Healthy choices, eggs, pork chop, chicken filet…. keep those carbs low. They process to fructose and glucose in the body.

  • I have done keto, Paleo, whole 30, grain free, weight watchers, nutrisystem slim fast and every other diet, or lifestyle if you will, but the thing that I always come back to and works best for me is clean and organic eating. I’m so grateful that even though you choose to live a certain way, you help out those of us that live another way. I appreciate you are Paleo and gluten free but still give those of us that aren’t options. Thank you for what you do and please don’t ever stop.

  • Already listen, I’m gonna yo be honest I know cereal isn’t healthy and We shouldn’t eat too much of it. But when I’m eating cereal in the morning, I don’t think about the sugar in take etc. because if I was, I wouldn’t be eating cereal. On the other hand I work out, I go to the gym 4 times a week for an hour and a half. I’m a very healthy Average boy body for me, a 19 year old

  • The big problem is a lot of people don’t read ingredients let alone do any research on what do these ingredients mean. Most only go by what is said in front of the cereal box labels.

  • I searched up Cereal Iron lawsuit…. Found nothing on Iron but did find this… Sugar….. Guys all cereal has “iron”.. The metal mineral.. its poison..SEARCH IT UP

  • I only like Shredded Wheat Bran, Bran Flakes, Whole Wheat Chex, Cheerios, and the like with coconut or almond milk. Most cereals are too sweet for my taste.

  • I used to believe in the first few of the list if it’s sugar it’s bad however also learned that companies will use different words that may be further down the list that end with ose. For sugar that is. If it’s a lot of that and it’s high in sugar then it may not be good

  • Hey Bobby love your videos! Love your baby! What about a video for us Keto kids looking to make a great tasting hot cereal that doesn’t cost a mortgage payment? Highkey makes a fantastic cocoa almond hot cereal, I’d love to recreate could you help a fella Chicago girl?

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  • Ho Vivek, what one can do if they are used to eating coen flake is, Buy corn flakes from local grocery store and eat it with any chololate flavour powder in milk. It tastes just like Kellogs Chocos. Cheaper and healthier. This is what I used to do.

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  • With cereals, you should be concentrating on how much sugar is in them more than fat and fibre content. You pick up cheerios and says it fits your criteria, yet cheerios is full of sugar. Weetabix, Oats & Shredded Wheat are pretty much the only cereals that are not bad for you, next to no sugar in them

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  • Your heart healthy apron is cute; but cereals are carbohydrate insulin raising sugars. They actually cause heart disease. Get your fiber from a bell pepper.