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Make sure to turn off electronics before bed, and eat dinner at least three hours before you hit the sack for the best sleep — a critical part of weight loss. 9. DRINK UP. When you’re trying to lose weight, make sure to get plenty of water per day — it’s good for weight loss. It’s easy to confuse hunger pangs with thirst, as they’re both controlled by the same part of the brain, so staying hydrated is a.

In addition to eating a nutritious low-carb diet, learning to distinguish true hunger from wanting to eat for other reasons is key. Try to avoid foods that stimulate your appetite or trigger cravings. Above all, honor your hunger by feeding your body the nourishment it needs to be healthy, strong, and satisfied.

Don’t under eat. Know how many calories are appropriate for you. You’ll want to consider things like your current and goal weight as well as your activity level. Eating significantly fewer calories than you need won’t just cause you to feel hungry, it will undermine your health and weight loss goals.

Snack on fruit. When you’re dieting, you have to eat in a calorie deficit to lose weight so your body interprets this as if there is no more food available. The hunger hormone known as ghrelin increases and causes you to feel that grumbling tummy and seek out food in order to save your life.

Experts generally recommend eating every few hours whether you’re trying to lose weight or not. That means you’ll usually feel some level of hunger routinely throughout the day. Weight loss diets like The Mayo Clinic Diet manage hunger and reduce binging with snacking.

The Mayo Clinic Diet recommends snacks that have 100 calories or less to stay in your daily calorie goal. The diet also suggests fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds and low-fat dairy products to reduce hunger pangs. 8.

This is a common situation that many people come across. And working out a good response to hunger is crucial to successful weight loss. Here are a few things I would suggest: 1. Hunger can be from cutting meals too much. Soups or stews, with a thick consistency, from gelatin for example, or fruit purees with pectin, mushrooms, or just vegetables, salad, fruit, or anything with fiber really, will help you feel full, and contains quite a bit of liquid too, that is released slowly. When you’re dieting, you have to eat in a calorie deficit to lose weight so your body interprets this as if there is no more food available.

The hunger hormone known as ghrelin increases and causes you to feel that grumbling tummy and seek out food in order to save your life. Always check that what you’re feeling is definitely hunger. A common tip is when you feel hungry, have some water, because sometimes you may mistake thirst for hunger.

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List of related literature:

To do this, it is often helpful to create a gap between feeling hunger and responding to it.

“50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food” by Susan Albers
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If you get hungry later, you can always eat more (see the role of snacking in the next section), but until then, put down your fork or spoon and take a moment to appreciate the nourishment you have just given your body and how good it makes your body feel to have just the right amount.

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
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Real hunger often needs to be responded to but there are a number of strategies which can be learned to help overcome psychological urges.

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If you’re not sure what you’re really hungry for, try using one of the distraction techniques discussed in chapter 5; this can help you identify if your hunger is physical or emotional.

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When you feel hungry, drink water.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
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Start slowly, adding just a small portion of the food at one meal only and then waiting three to four days before trying it again or trying another higher­FODMAP food.

“Low-FODMAP and Vegan: What to Eat when You Can't Eat Anything” by Joanne Stepaniak
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However, if you are in a busy time of your day and find the hunger and fastercising too distracting, you can go ahead and eat lightly to push off your hunger for a time, and resume fastercising later when you get hungry again.

“The Power of Fastercise: Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day” by Denis Wilson
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If you feel overly hungry before meals, or if you experience binge eating, try reducing your average daily carb intake until the hunger or urge to binge goes away.

“The New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great” by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, Dr. Jeff S. Volek
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When hunger pangs escalate to the point where they can think of nothing else, thoughts focus on getting something to eat.

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As you’re eating, use my Hunger/Fullness Meter, listen to your internal hunger signals and stop when you have had enough.

“The 17 Day Diet” by Dr Mike Moreno
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  • 7 very good tips I’m happy to have come across this video, after watching it my hunger has gone I’m cured, all jokes aside all these tips will be put to practice thanks ❤

  • 1) Intermittent Fasting
    2) Eat Bulky Food, Zucchinni -Carrots Turkey breafast
    3) Eating Enough
    4) Find your best Macro Ratio
    5) Drink enough Water not gallon but eough
    6) Eat until your full
    7) didn’t give it

  • Fun fact. I am watching this now because it is 3 am and I am STARVING but don’t want to wake my whole family up by going down to the kitchen

  • Can I be in a deficit and eat the foods I like and still lose weight? I have tried following my macros and it stresses me out and I fall of my weight loss journey I like variety of options at meal time.

  • I intermittent fast and I love it, however I notice on the weekends if I wake up early and I just lay in bed then I’m STARVING yet when I go to work I’m so distracted that I’m not hungry.

  • These gunnnnsssss�� I don’t have tips because I am constantly hungry anyway but I find having water/tea/cofee(I have black unsweetened coffee so no extra calories) helps a lot. What I am yet to figure out is an after workout snack, because I could eat a rhino after good lifting and it takes me anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to get home to eat normal food after gym. Protein bars aren’t ideal but this is what does the trick. I don’t want to be carrying around fish in Tupperware ��

  • I went from 270+ to 140+ lbs in the past 10 months through a basically low carb, active lifestyle with some weight lifting here and there, and I absolutely still struggle with portion control. When I sit, I can have like a pound of yoghurt and 5 pears, which is not necessarily bad, but I’m at a plateau right now because of that �� Thanks for touching this subject.

  • I aint doing this for weight loss my mom said that until i read i wont eat i was gonna read BUT UNTIL SHE TOLD ME I DIDNT WANT TO SO ILL JUST SIT HERE AND WAIT

  • I don’t know if you have it or not, but the straw lid for the hydroflask makes it way easier to just mindlessly sip at it! also, what is that sports bra?? it’s super cute!

  • Well, there are strategies against hunger. I’m doing intermittent fasting and while in a fast I drink lots of water and black coffee. It does supress the hunger and appetite for quite a long time. When I’m doing 24 hour fasts I feel fine for most of the day but I get a little dizzy when it’s getting close to the 24 hours.

  • I love your tips in this video. I fast until about 1pm, I always think I need to eat 3 meal in my 8 hours, I am going to switch to breakfast and dinner and a snack in between. Do you snack in between meals? If so what do you snack on? I have been meal preping snack of vegetables eggs and fruit.

  • Something that helps me a LOT is to just make my meals in advance. Cook everything for the entire week on a day where you don’t work, make sure it’s roughly 15,000-17,500 calories total with less than 30% carbs, and just go for it. Just buy 15 or so plastic containers for full meals, slap in your veg, your healthy carbs, your meat, and you’re done.

    Not easy for people with families to do, but if you’re still single, living alone, or have a partner who will actually support doing what you need to do, I would absolutely recommend this.

    Proteins are chicken, steak, turkey, or fish. Season with whatever you like, just track the calories.
    Whatever green veggies you like is good. I personally love my vegetables browned in the oven or pan seared.
    Healthy carbs are non-preserved fruits, colored potatoes, brown rice, pinto beans, stuff like that.

    Cheat day once a week on a day that you DON’T get heavy exercise. Make it a day for you where you just get to be lazy and enjoy yourself, helps you maintain your diet when you reward yourself for a week well done.

  • you are already too lean, what more do you want? you will look like a skeleton if u lose even a pound more. maybe try building some lean muscle.

    useless channel, won’t follow!!!

  • I think it’s easier if you’re aiming for a noticeable weight loss, however, if you just want to shed a couple of pounds to feel and look more trimmed it’s reaaaaaally hard to be hungry for a long period of time, specially knowing that those couple of pounds are going to be back as soon as you eat enough so as not to feel hungry. So, my guess is, don’t get to the point in which you’re hungry HUNGRY, rather eat up to 90% of what you would eat, so you won’t feel super hungry but rather a little, just a little under fed.

  • Hey I have been following u for awhile and I have to say ur body is goals girl��?if it’s K to ask how many years it took for u to build muscles and any tips to start your videos��

  • I mean of course water helps cutting that hunger even if you’re not but for me a cold sip of coconutwater helps even better and it also just tastes so delicious! So if you guys like coconutwater give it a try

  • Forget about all this silliness. Let me send you my FREE book on how to lose 100 pounds in a week. The book is free, but the shipping is $250.

  • Love your videos!
    Just curious, why do you think that the importance of water has been made overly important in the health and fitness industry? I realize this is just a personal anecdote, but if I don’t drink my normal amount of water (about a gallon), I feel bloated, get a headache, and just generally feel terrible. When I drink enough water my skin feels better and is less dry, I feel more energized, and things “move” better if you know what I mean. I drink water “intuitively” but when I keep track it adds up to about a gallon a day.
    Of course you don’t want people to drink water instead of eating good foods, but I think it seems to be appropriately emphasized in health and fitness industry (unless it’s touted as a miracle cure-all which of course it is not). Maybe you could make a video on this! I’d like to hear your thoughts:)

  • Watching this to help come up with ideas while assisting my fiance to lose weight….got too distracted by the harry potter books in the back ground! ������ HP4LYFE

  • Made me want to quit my diet. I’ve been on it for over a year and more you’re saying I have to be ok with being so hungry I want to pull my hair out. I’m a cheat day guy, if I don’t ever get to eat what I love or feel satisfied it’s not worth it. I’m just going to keep doing my thing, I’ve lost 103 lbs. Maybe I’ll never look like you, maybe I’ll never be totally happy with how I look, but if I try to just keep starving myself I’ll break eventually.

  • How would you suggest incorporating intermittent fasting if you’re working out super early in the morning? Wouldn’t consuming protein after throw you out of the fast?

  • Hey Marissa! I need your help! According to the TDEE calculator my maintenance calories are around 1500, and according to my FitBit Charge 2 I burn between 2300 and 2500 calories per day.. so when you say to be in a 10-20% calorie deficit, should that be from 1500 or 2300? I’d massively appreciate your help xx

  • Keto has actually made me go from 240 pounds to 190 pounds. I don’t wanna get off it because it helps me not be hungry but I can’t eat some of my favorite foods.

  • Omg I literally just finished so many candies and chocolates because j was hunger
    …n now I am even more hunger….then I see this video and I feel so guilty

  • Before I have taken health tone capsules which made my weight gain very easily and made me fit after i have stop having capsules even I lost my weight also very. fast. Now I won’t feel hungry also I can’t eat much really I feel very bad.

  • Tip from me is DON’T KEEP ANY SNACKY OR SUGARY FOOD IN THE HOUSE. One day you’ll be tired, maybe get PMS, and cravings will hit. You WILL eat that whole pint of chocolate chip caramel ice cream and family size bag of chips. Don’t do it, mate.

  • Could you talk about what foods to eat to get all of our essential micronutrients during the day? I find I can get most easily except for potassium and sometimes iron. I find it odd that i can eat one medium carrot and get all my vitamin A for the day but the daily recommended intake for potassium is 3,500mg, with a whole large potato only covering about 20% of that.

  • One of the habits I got into to ignore the boredom hunger is to chew gum. Could definitely be better replaced with celery and cucumber though ��

  • At my most I weighed 409 lbs. I started dieting and never got below 168. By eating a little healthier I didn’t rebound all the way but ended up staying around 378-384 lbs. I’m hoping this intermittent fasting with low carb will finally help. Last week I was down to 374 lbs with two days fasting. This week will be a 3 day fast. Mon, Wed, Fri.

  • Eating is like sleep
    If you have been hungry for a while you can eat the right amount to fill your stomach just like 8 hrs of sleep and you will feel satiated without overeating

  • Do you only consume water when fasting? I struggle with it. My days start early so waking and not eating for hours is hard. Starting a fast earlier like after dinner is hard too because I can’t sleep when hungry. ��

  • Hello dr..
    I take a glass of water before starting meal. Drink around 3.5 ltrs of water on daily basis. Eat high fiber food, fruits, salads. Even after all this I feel hunger
    In every 30 minutes. This affects the shape n size of body and also the skin. This is happening since 2015.
    I want to witness that I’m a foody person.
    Tell me how can I control my hunger?

  • Yea you definitely shouldn’t be starving, but, obviously if you’re in a caloric deficit, which is, by definition, eating less than you need to maintain, you’re gonna feel hungry. May be uncomfortable, but it shouldnt be starving

  • I dry fast most days for 23hrs and my skin is soft and glowing And I get a good night’s sleep and go to the gym in fasted state of about 20hrs. Never felt better.
    No craving and no hunger anymore.

  • I did not enjoy this video. It was mildly uncomfortable. But it’s the truth. It’s a truth very rarely addressed in weight loss videos. So now I have to subscribe.

  • I’ve seen some meal prep videos on youtube for losing weight, and with 2400 calories or something (plus an active lifestyle) and holy shit, 2400 calories is ALOT if you make like chicken, rice, beans, egg, vegs. It’s more than I already eat per day (except I don’t eat healthy) I’ll definitly start making food for the whole week at once!

  • I feel that if you’re continually hungry throughout the day you’re probably doing it wrong (it being your diet). As you build muscle you’ll require more calories and thus increasing your calories could be the correct choice for your body. You’ll still continue to lose body fat as you gain muscle (if your food choices are good).

  • I do take a little exception with the notion that being overweight isn’t a person’s fault. It may not be 100% their fault, but we (myself included) do share some responsibility for how we get the way we do. That said, I’ve come to really see that it’s the knowledge of how foods affect us and the roles hormones and stress play, that are key. I had no idea, for example with me, that my adrenal glands were basically burned out because of a lifetime of accumulated, unresolved stress events. So…there I was eating food, on and off dieting, though certainly not flawlessly, and meanwhile my body was just storing it as fat because it’s in survival mode. So it didn’t matter if I was doing veganism, or Paleo, or whatever else…if I was eating the carbs/sugars (which both veganism and Paleo do) my body was storing it. No one ever once told me that I could get my body to burn fat by reducing the carbs/sugars. Because no one knew, including me, that it was a hormonal problem. That knowledge has literally, I believe, saved my life. I’m 41 now and finally I’ve found a way of eating that is actually making me feel better and lose weight. No diet I’ve ever done made me feel good. Thank you for sharing these stories. More of us need this!! <3 (:

  • You talk about everything all the time. Totally not focussed. Ramble ramble….And negative…. You said it right…. Or “Er.. Sumthing!”

  • i do intermittent fasting but nowadays, i think i have been in a caloric deficit for too long, so i gained my weight back:( i dont feel good about my weight right now eventhough im not obese or weight that much, but i really want to go back to my lighter weight…its hard now i think my metabolism is ‘damage’ and since i ate and craved sweets alot, its very easy for me to gain:”( quite stressful…sigh

  • sometimes I feel hungry right after eating and drinking water doesn’t help. This video clarifies a lot for me and it is really going to help me. thank you��

  • The hardest thing for me is feeling so hungry after work, especially a stressful day. Without a binge i feel depresssed and can only hack it for a few days.

  • Actually that exercise bit is wrong because not only me but alot of other women can vouch that after exercise thats when you fell the hunger the most

  • I have always been a slow eater. They tried to speed me up in the Navy but I resisted ha ha
    Protein is always my hardest macro to hit, but the water & fiber are great. I love them, and they help me feel fuller longer.

  • It’s almost been 1 year and I’ve lost 68 pounds so far. I’m about a month or two away from a year on my weight loss journey. I didn’t switch my diet at all. I just portion controlled and limited how many meals I eat a day, of course in conjunction w/ at least an hour at the gym for 5/6 days a week.

  • I have a friend who’s going through a lot of change and weight loss right now, and I’m trying to get in shape myself although not for weight reasons (skinny-fat isn’t healthy either!). And I’ve watched a bunch of your videos on this and it’s so interesting to me and I think important for people to understand. As someone who’s never been overweight, I don’t identify hunger as being especially uncomfortable. I mean, not unless I haven’t eaten in literally a day or two. But normal hunger, just between meals, is usually just sort of like… a reminder? A yellow light on the dash, maybe the one telling you your tire pressure’s a little low. Not a big deal. Something I can ignore for hours if I’m really absorbed in what I’m doing, and hardly notice. And conversely, being super full is very comfortable for me. I usually stop before I get to that point “pretty full” rather than “can’t eat another bite.” That’s not pleasant to me at all.

    It really puts into perspective the way how we’re trained to eat as children really changes how we perceive the experience of living inside our own bodies. I wasn’t trained to over-eat, and so that’s not pleasant for me, and hunger is not bothersome. But for someone who is, who maybe doesn’t even remember life before becoming obese, hunger must be quite scary.

    Thanks for doing these videos, it’s really educational for all of us no matter what our weight history is.

  • I read once that being hungry is uncomfortable but it isn’t the MOST uncomfortable feeling. Being itchy, for example, is worse than being hungry. Now when I’m ignoring my hunger because it’s not time to eat yet I think, “At least I’m not itchy…yeah, I can deal with this.”:-D

  • I know it isn’t for everyone, but I’ve found that intermittent fasting is great for me. I’m eating all my calories at once, get full for a couple hours, stay not hungry for a bunch of hours, sleep for a bunch of hours, then I only have to deal with the hunger for a couple hours in the morning. Psychologically, it is a lot easier for me to have the will power to say ‘no’ for a few hours than to say ‘no’ constantly over the course of a day. Combine that with not having to think about what to do about your next meal more than once a day, I tend to forget about eating. I’m not a nutritionist or anything like that, but I know what has been working for me. This is the type of thing I can do for the rest of my life and be fine.

    Thanks for the content. Your an inspiration.

  • thank you for your wise words! As someone who suffers from bulimia I have a distorted relationship with being “hungry” or that it’s just my habit of eating until I’m uncomfortable full. You gave me some thought, thanks!

  • yeah to be honest I’m day 3 on calorie counting (I’ve done this before but I had been on a big old break) and honestly yeah. This is just where I gotta be.

  • Am I the only one watching this during Corona cuz I cant stop eating everything in my house??

    We have all United in one way. The love of food.

  • I think some people will stay hungry forever. “Reaching a goal and than you are done” is a illusion. It never stops. You need to stay hungry forever to maintain a certain weight once you reach that goal.

  • I eat OMAD and a high protein keto diet with intermediate fasting. I’ve lost 70 pounds in 5 months and I eat about 2000 calories a day. I started at 320 and now I’m 250 and I’m still losing weight. I don’t believe in cutting calories..I believe it completely depends on what you eat.

  • Hi Mam gdvng. I am a lady suffering from over humger all d time &frm 2months suffering from giddiness problem &i have gone thru all test pls pls ansr my problem

  • complex carbs stay in stomach longer, which helps you feel full longer. The link above has a list and explanation of how they are processed, and their benefits. My doctor recommended Dave’s bread. It has a lot of whole grains and seeds. It really is quite good, this is coming from someone who loves the worst type of white bread.

  • That is one of the huge benefits I have been learning through intermittent fasting. I have been noticing my hunger coincides so much with the “normal” times I used to eat and it goes away in an hour or so. The lack of sustained hunger pains makes me realize how much of it is mental and how cruel your brain can be to your body. I would challenge anyone to try a 3-5 day water fast. It sounds crazy but it is wildly empowering. It makes you realize that you will not starve if you don’t eat every time you are hungry. I still struggle with portions, but I’m slowly coming around. That is why I 16 hour intermittent fast. Great video, as they say, “embrace the suck.”

  • Doc my baby 1.5 years.she has dandruff in her head.she could not sleep whole night scrraching her head..plzzz tell me some thing for my baby.

  • You stop feeling hungry and miserable after you get to a healthy weight?
    Like, I’m miserable when I’m working out and eating less, and I’m miserable when I’m not doing those things because of my weight.

  • Hello madam, I m getting very hungry after having lunch or dinner or whatever eating, stomach not filling every minute I m getting hungry why this happening.plz help is there medicine to reduce hunger…

  • And one thing that I’ve learned, hunger is not an emergency. And yes when your losing weight you’re going to feel hungry. What I do is try to distract myself, drink some water, read, doing a hobby. And after 30 min I’m still really hungry, I look at my healthy foods. And if I cant grab something healthy then I wasnt hungry it was head hunger.

  • I am currently getting my diet and exercise habits under control due to weight gain. And part of that has been getting back into running. Which has been great for another reason other than getting fit, it has forced me deal with how I am feeling in any given moment and just be with that feeling/emotion. I could never do meditation successfully with my add. However, running has afforded me three miles that I am present, aware, and mindful of what is happening with my body. And in being present learning how to deal with being uncomfortable, or hungry, and knowing what my body is really capable of vs when my brain says stop. Which helps me deal with my food issues and mindlessly eating. I am learning to be more aware, and knowing that it is ok to just sit with a feeling and not act on it.

  • Smoothies can be filling also. My breakfast is a big smoothie drink: banana, frozen strawberries blueberries cherries, spinach, hemp seeds, 1/4 cup oats, 1 Tbsp almond butter, almond milk, about 750 calories.

  • Being mindful also helps and drinking lots of water when you’ve eaten just a short while ago and then hey hungry it may be Cz you are dehydrated and need water ��

  • I worry about pushing too hard as injury would de-rail the whole process and I need to keep this up. So it’s about finding a balance between progress and over training.

  • Damn man, what you said about feeling hungry, then rushing towards food so you can feel “full” again. Really helped. Thanks man! Next time I’m hungry on my cut, I’ll just remind myself that the discomfort is OK & I don’t need to feel full. Patience. ��

  • You are really cool guy! Send you lots of respect for your determination, way of thinking and logical explanation for feelings. You make it count! Thank you for your help ��

  • You are right. You will be hungry, don’t eat everytime you feel hungry, sometimes I am emotionally hungry and it is a journey to recognize it and not respond to it. It’s not always easy but if it was nobody would be fat.

  • I’m a big “grazer” and also have had health issues where doctors say it’s better for me to eat small portions throughout the day rather than 3 big meals. So I usually just keep low to moderate calorie foods on hand (whole foods especially veggies that are low in calories, also nuts, beans, rice, etc.) that I can snack on just a little here and there, so I can keep the hunger at bay without overindulging, and without the “guilt.” And I only eat maybe 1 big meal a day, if at all. I think a lot of it comes down to listening to your body, using portion control and making sensible choices. I’ve lost weight this way, too. So what works for one person might not work for another, and vice versa. But I wholeheartedly agree about not drinking your calories. Switching to the 25-30 calorie nut-based milks and cutting out cow’s milk, for my iced coffees, made me lose at least 10 pounds almost instantly. It’s crazy that even skim milk is 90 calories/serving. So certain nut based milks are only 1/3 of that! Also, if I want something other than straight water, Kool-Aid with Splenda is a refreshing guilt-free drink (instead of juice).

  • Awesome video brother. I agree with you.. getting used to hunger is just going to have to happen…
    What helped me the most with this was intermittent fasting..I feel it helped with discipline and willpower and getting used to hunger so it’s easier to handle it. Also the fact that you get to eat later during the day fixed my late night binging issues. Also try out low calorie vegetable soups.. if your about to binge.. have a big bowl with tea or water and you’ll be full.

  • One quote I always look back on when I’m hungry 24/7 and craving everything is “Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.” Literally gets me to push myself through the hunger

  • With Keto your only high fat at the beginning, until you become fat adapted and then the cravings are done and you can reduce your fat intake. It is true though, once fat adaptation has happened, your no longer hungry between meals.
    I do enjoy smoothies but your right, replacing it with chewable food makes all of the difference sometimes.

  • thanks brother. I haven’t given in to my hunger but I am struggling. I’m glad I came across this vid. I’m trying to lose 155 lbs so I can join the army.

  • Again, its all in your head, stay strong, there is no easy way to lose weight. It’s all in Your head, its where it all starts and ends. Stay positive.

  • Amazing…what you said at the end really rung for me.
    The main reason I always give up losing weight is because I can’t stand being uncomfortable, and I was uncomfortable when I couldn’t have my sweets or when I couldn’t just let go and live life like you mentioned.
    Maybe it really is just a phase that I need to overcome. Hearing you say that made me think about this a lot more now.

  • Dr I have 2 questions, what snack is appropriate for diabetics, are high fiber foods possible under these circumstances? And, how do you control hunger if you can’t sleep? I am up most of the nights with chronic pain from an illness I have. Being awake all night is a problem because I get hungry several times during the night. Thank you

  • You should not go hungry ever except before a meal. What youre probably addressing is craving which is due to abstinenc, emotions and thirst.

  • I am ALWAYS hungry and I ALWAYS give in! Its so hard! And then I look in the mirror and cry. I am trying to lose weight. I used to weigh 110lbs and I am 5’0″ and weigh 175lbs now. I have NO CLUE what to do. And since I decided to look up videos and found your YouTube channel, I was about to give up and accept I became fat and will always be, but you gave me inspiration. I want to get back to who I was. I know I’ll probably never be the 110lb girl I always was, but if I can even get down to 130lbs, I’ll be happy. I am going to start my journey today and work hard as I can at it. I wish I had more people to support me instead of calling me fat and such.:(
    Thank you for inspiring me.:)

  • Can you do a video about metabolism? I believe I have “wrecked” my metobolic rate after years of anorexia, and SIGNIFICANT weight fluctuations. I did a metabolic test with a trainer once, who said mine was below average for someone my age. How do i change that? Is it too late? Is it the reason I can’t seem to lose weight after 6 months of perfect eating? (No sugar, vegan, low carb) I’m getting so defeated.

  • I underate yesterday and today my hunger is intense and wont go away. So weird. I’m usually okay with a little hunger but this just flat out HURTS. I’m at 2100 cals and 1 gallon of water by 7 pm and have eaten almost only meat today to fill up�� but 2100 is well enough and i’ll just accept a smaller deficit for today��

  • I am wondering if the total of daily calories should include the amount you subtract for exercise? That is when you say a diet of say 2000 cals a day and you eat an extra 500, will doing 500 plus calories in exercise actually really mean you are at deficit

  • How many calories should I be eating? I’m 5’6” 370lbs female. My highest weight was 464lbs with a lot of ups and downs ����‍♀️. Thank you for all information.

  • I am around 150 -155 pounds and I want to loose around 30 pounds and I really need some ideas on how to loose the extra pounds but i have heard many things and i dont know which one is the best if someone has tried anything i would be grateful ❤❤��

  • I second her comments at the end. It IS a lifestyle and one I have been following since March 2016. I am never hungry either, I have a sense of such freedom from the tyranny of excess carbs, starches and grains, and can eat delicious foods in the form of proteins, fats and low carb veggies that I cook myself. It’s wonderful, actually. The 98lb weight loss and reduction from 55% to 27% body fat is wonderful too, as it that fact that I am easily maintaining this loss for over six months now.

  • I LOVE your videos! Your advice has been unbelievably helpful for me in eating, thinking, living healthy! I’m working hard to lose 40 lbs, and I’m going to apply everything you suggested! THANK YOU so much. Give my thanks to Maria for sharing you w us! ������������������������������������

  • Im honestly used to being hungry now, even when i eat dinner im full fkr maybe an hour and then i could eat again but i try not to go over 1500 calories

  • Something that helps me eat slower is eating 1/3 of the food, waiting 5 minute and then repeating till I’m done. More often then not I have to force myself to finish the final third of the meal to get the calories I need for the day in(I plan full days out the night before)

  • Someone else also said to me years ago eat without distraction if you’re mindful of what you’re eating you’ll feel a lot more full instead of mindlessly eating in front of the TV or PC like we do when snacking on something like chips, popcorn, etc.!

  • I did keto for 3 months and lost 20 pounds. Didn’t track calories just made sure I was hitting my fat% and keeping my carbs really low. Def hit maintenance and above tons of times. Keto is great for a few months but I have no idea how people stick to it for years. I love fruit too much, at least it got me to kick my sugar habit.

  • I think the hunger most feel whilst losing weight is just the thought that you cannot binge anymore. Leptin Resistance has occurred due to having a large amount of fat cells however you can increase leptin (the hormone that tells you that you’re full) by lowering sat fats and eating whole foods and more grains such as barley and other pulses:)

  • Honestly, in my experience, if I never feel hungry, I’m just eating too much in general. Being good and hungry at mealtimes is normal and makes ‘em more enjoyable! ��
    Edit: typo

  • Thanks, amazing video. Make sure you tell people to take proper minute breaks between sets. Some people push too hard too soon, lift everything on sight for 15 minutes, and burn out! I hate to see that they don’t learn.

  • I just cant stop eating. Its always the same. I go do cardio ( about 70 Min. and i do EMS Training twice a week ), and i even prep the food, but it dosent help. I am always hungry and i lose controll and i binge. I am not loosing the weight but im not gaining it either. I am stuck in a cyrcle.

  • So Dr you are also promoting Jesus.. Not gud.. There are many things that are written in Bhagwat Geetha and Quran. Don’t promote ur f religion over here in the name of health advisory

  • I eat 2 big meals a day and a snack or fruit like banana or any other fruit I find. I do intermittent fasting as well 18/6 diet would you say this is healthy? I lost almost 4 kilos a month doing this from 230 lbs to 220 lbs and I am 5″8.

  • Thanks for your video’s. I am currently over weight and I have just started getting out and doing something about it. Watching your video’s have helped me get motivated to make the changes I need t make to be healthy. thanks for the encouraging and honest words.

  • I just started at a 12 step Food Addict in Recovery anon Based on the Alcoholic Anon programme. Binge eating Dis is a serious disease but it is manageable and curable, but not alone. LOVE these vids Ben, discussing things like Uncomfortability. Fantastic, MORE!

  • Something I’ve learned about myself this time around with my weight loss journey is that physical hunger is something that I can deal with just fine. I’m in so much pain on a daily basis as a result of weighing 360lbs, that a twinge in my stomach is a just a minor discomfort. For me, the real issue is the mind hunger. That addict who comes out in me and says “you NEED some chips RIGHT NOW and that’s all you’re going to be able to think about until you do!” The mental battle is 90% of the fight for me and I’m still learning how to overcome that beast (no pun intended).

  • What gets me is the in between meals. I sometimes stay 4-5 hours between meals and I feel like I need food but the snacks I eat makes me even more hungry lol

  • John you look spectacular!!! I hate being hungry, that’s why I haven’t started trying to lose weight. So I need to accept that I’m supposed to be hungry a bit when cutting ��

  • I always ate to avoid getting hungry. It was hard to learn not to do that. I also learned that once I started to eat I didn’t want to stop. If I ate breakfast then I ate all day but if I didn’t start eating until 4 or 5 PM then I was done eating by 7PM and sometimes I would have a snack before bed. Cake or cookies was my snack but I gave up sugar in January. I made one great choice in life.��

  • The okl chart have me a protein good for my keto. Moderate protein is important on low carb diets. I’m 5’5″ and my protein goal is 97 gm per day. Just wanted to put that out there. Ted Naiman says fat is your lever on keto to help manage hungry levels.

    Great tips!!

  • I really think the hole idea about hunger and the way the body regulates when you feel full is all about sleep, if you sleep on a regular schedule, and eat every day at set times, having an organized plan of when you’re going to eat, very quickly you will gain back the feeling of being full at an adequate amount of food, of course you should exert portion control and measure the calories, but you will end up feeling satisfied if you’re eating good healthy homemade food, which you should learn how to cook yourself so you don’t rely on external factors to control your diet. If you are in fact severely overweight you should consult medical professionals as well and get much better advice, and if you’re suffering from severe morbid obesity you might need some drastic change to save your life, but if you’re around 50 to 100 pounds overweight, you won’t need to do very drastic changes to your life, in fact with the right recipes you can eat pretty tasty food on a regular basis without needing to worry. I seriously recommend you count calories, cut down and really stop eating out and eating fast food/soda/fried stuff in general, and learn how to cook easy great food that you can make at home and prepare for a week’s worth every weekend.

    You should not think about your change in diet as a “diet” at all in fact, but as a new way of life. Never cheat on your “way of life” fit that food you crave right into it. The most important pillars of your new life style should be:

    -Control your body and understand what it tells you, learn to block cravings and only respond to hunger, never eat on impulse, you need to forge a healthy relationship with food, portion control is the most important element and the one you may struggle with. Eat until you’re satisfied, not physically full but satisfied. Sleeping and habit will see that realized very soon with counting calories in apps and weighting the food portions at the start and whenever you eat something you don’t know the calories of, in fact always be aware of the calories you’re taking in.
    -Healthy homemade food
    -Food you actually like and enjoy
    -Avoid trigger foods until you regain your innate sense of portion control
    -Do a little cardio every single day, it can be a short walk, some excercices, a sport, walking to work, choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, whatever, but do it CONSISTENTLY
    -never, NEVER punish yourself for a binge, everything can be solved, pick you back up and against the wall again, this battle is a marathon not a sprint, consistency and persistance are the key, punishments will end up discouraging you and having you loose motivation.
    -Remember that whenever you fail to loose the weight, it is an ocasion to self-evaluate and to learn from it, extract why you failed and how did that happen, and avoid past mistakes.
    -Drink plain water, lots of it, ditch sodas, if you need to have some, have it light or zero calories, but avoid drinking them whenever possible, they make you hungry and thirsty and they’re generally unhealthy. Hydration is a cornerstone of our bodies.
    -Stay motivated, never give up, never let yourself go, do not slowly reverse to the state prior to the click that made you realize you want to loose weight.
    -Sleep in uninterrupted sessions at regular intervals, having a sleeping schedule and follow it do the best of your abilities.
    -Cheats do not exist. If you want to eat pizza for example, be in control, see the calories it has, be aware that you are not being led by the craving, it is you who decide what goes where, try do a bit more of exercice during the day you eat pizza and also really eat it slowly and enjoy it to the fullest.
    -Eat until you’re full, leave food on the plate if you’re done, no need to finish it at all.
    -Eat a balanced diet, touching on all necesary macro and micro nutrients your body needs, check with an expert for a more tailored solution.
    -Weight yourself with care and with a clear mind. I weight myself every single day, don’t skip one even if I know it’s not a good number I will see. Create charts with the info and study the trend, then if you have a plateau or are gaining weight, analyze what is causing that, but never be obsesed by it, control is the key, spikes will discourage, lows will encourage but you need a clear mind and a goal.

    In the end it is all about control, you need to remind yourself that your mind controls your body, your body cannot control your mind. Order is the foundation upon which control is built on. Habits is the base for order in your life. Habits shape your life, Choices shape your habits. Control yourself, be aware of yourself and of what you do. Order yourself and your life around you. And live if only for yourself, but do so, and ensure you will live a long and happy life.

    PD: ObeseToBeast you were a great source of inspiration from which I built on to finally get my stuff together and start improving my life, I was a very dark and dim place back then, now I am here dozens of pounds off of myself and striving for the next day to come to work hard and achieve my goals. My life rebuilt from shards, my future restored by strength and my will returned to me. I thank you for putting yourself out there and allowing be the chance to be here another day to breathe and live a life filled with challenges and prospect for the future and I thank you for giving me what I could not give myself. Motivation.

  • I do 90% whole foods plant based and I’m never ever hungry. On keto I was starving but it’s really easy to feel full on 1500 calories of beans, veggies and whole grains

  • I’m 356 pounds and only eat 1300 calories per day. Working for me but I do feel hungry on occasion. Especially when going out to eat with a meal that’s 1300 alone. Can be hard lol

  • could you make a video on being skinny fat. Ive seen a few videos on this but I prefer the way you explain things. I understand that being skinny fat is something you may not have experienced personally but advice would still be very beneficial, in terms of diet and exercise, should i be in a caloric deficit or a surplus. Im 18 years old (despite what my username says lol) and im 6 foot at 169 pounds. But i have a lot of body fat around my arms, thighs and belly (love handles etc…). Thank you so much.

  • Best way to love weight… pack 5 bags of chicken each bag should be the size of your palm.. 4 bags each bag put about 10 almonds. 4 bags half a grape fruit in each one. 2 bags 15 baby carraots in each one. one gallon of water. every 2.5 hours eat the bag of chicken every 1.5 hours eat a bag of almonds, every hour after 3 eat bag of grape fruit. if you do this FOR ONE MONTH YOU WILL LOSE 25 TO 30LBS. IF YOU HIT THE GYM WHILE DOING THIS YOU WILL LOSE ABOUT 40LB.

  • A lot of the time when people who are losing weight experience “hunger” what they are actually experiencing is thirst/dehydration. I’m currently on my own weight loss journey. I want/need to lose a total of 100kg (220 pounds). As of today, I have reached the 100 pound mark. My daily caloric “maintenance” level is around approximately 3500-3800 calories and I am restricting myself to 2000-2200 calories per day, and have done so for the past 5-6 months. Intermittent Fasting has helped me tremendously, though in reality, all I have done is cut out Breakfast completely and stopped any sort of snacking between my two meals a day. I’ll have lunch at mid day and dinner at 6pm. To come back to my first point about hunger not really being hunger, I have found that starting the day by drinking around 500-600ml (20oz) of water and then continuing to have water regularly throughout the day almost entirely curbed any sort of hunger pangs for me. If at 10am I start getting that familiar feeling, I’ll drink another 200-300ml of water and within minutes that feeling goes away entirely. Staying hydrated is massively important. It’s not uncommon for me to be drinking 5-6 Litres of water per day having said that, I do work primarily outdoors in a naturally warm country (Australia). I also spend 60-90 minutes in the Gym every weekday morning, including a 15 minute Sauna session, so I do sweat a LOT.

  • Thank you I just dont know what to eat! Its great to see your meals to get some idea of what to eat.
    I have never been able to loose weight simply for that fact ��

  • What they mean is you won’t have appetite at all. You will be hungry off course. People just mistake appetite for hunger. When you eat Keto you will lose your appetite completely. I accidently fasted cause i didnt feel any appetite. I was literally like “whoops i didn’t eat today”.

  • what recovery have you doneThe Meadows can expose your reason for pain! 100% FACT! all obesity is from a past trauma/experienceMPD is a recovery mechanismyou are welcome! listen to peole that have been their depook has not, dyer has not, peck has not, bradshaw was a jesus freak this guy is good!

  • Was running on a keto-like diet for 10 weeks, I lost about 40 lbs by the end. I found I could eat 1-1.3k calories a day and not feel very hungry. The extra fat is very satiating especially after you detox off of sugars and carbs. I’m on a 1 month break, I’ve gained about 12 lbs back although about 5 of those should drop in 2 days (water weight etc). Planning on going back onto the diet for another 10 weeks or so.

    And… smoothies I haven’t found to be a problem as long as you’re not taking out the fiber. Juice is bad, but smoothies are fast ways of getting mid-day calories.

  • I have been struggling with this recently so thank you!!!
    As a sugar addict, can confirm that keeping your hands and mind busy are key to not snacking, I’ve taken up cross stitch in the evening (some people crochet or knit) but it’s honestly one of the best tricks ❤ I have a boring job but there’s no vending machines and as long as I avoid the snack room, im good BUT it’s created like a backlog of bored over the day so on my walk home I crave a ridiculous amount of things, rule of thumb: if I crave it from waking up/ the beginning of the day consistently and annoyingly, then I didn’t get enough of something yesterday… or more likely I’m on my period (it’s usually period, it’s usually chocolate/strawberry flavoured things, it’s usually dealt with once cramps/crying happens)

    Obviously this works until your bf comes back from the shop with everything he’s craving and is like “hey do you want anything” but you can’t cross stitch AND eat chocolate (seriously it will ruin your thread do not)

  • On keto you’re only going to have a few more grams of fat than protein. Like 98 grams protein, 118 grams fat. You were very vague. Yes more calories come from fat but it’s because fat has over twice the calories. But to people who don’t know much about keto may not realize that the grams of fat you consume isn’t that much higher than the grams of protein.

  • How do you ensure the people you live with not affect your weightloss? I find I gain weight when I live with people rather then when I live alone and focus on myself.

  • Hello there! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (do a google search), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you thought about Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard many unbelivable things about it and my work buddy lost lots of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • I find a deficit of 300 to 500 calories deficit. I eat like three to four times a day and I have lot 12 pounds in 3 months doing thought things. I also made sure most I eat healthy because I found it would feel me up.

  • Thanks for the great advice John. I really have found your channe very helpful with my weight loss journey. You are truly making a difference in others life’s. Mine included.
    Much love from Las Vegas, NV

  • For me losing my hunger was fairly easy the way I did it. I want to lose 92lbs so I decided to go keto. I manage to stay around 15gr of carbs a day and even though I basically eat the same every day I am without hunger. The coke zero helps me big time. I do not think I could do it if I only had water to drink. I started sunday the 7th of April and I am already at 13/92 so there is a beginning, this week I will start building up to walking, this is to get some cardio in.

  • The only thing that worked for me to not feel ALMOST any hunger at all while dieting was to eat basically No carbs and only eat maximum of 2 Huge meals a Day. I Lost 125 pounds doing that and never even felt like cheating once. So I just stick with that when I cut. And like you Said, WATER is so Good for feeling full. Also decaf coffee is like magic.

  • The most optimal way to eliminate hunger is doing 72 hour fast via forced Ketosis. Not only you will rid of food addiction, but you will burn straight body fast and preserve most of your muscle, especially doing steady state cardio when your liver glycogen is depleted.

  • one of the worst parts of a conventional diet is being told you have a moral failure because you can’t lose weight. The best part of a keto diet is learning losing weight is not character, rather than diet composition.

  • I also feel vry hungry jst after two hours of dinner. M not on dieting but avoiding paranthas n sweet items as I gained too much weight. I alrdy following ur tips. I had a problem If I dont eat properly I had severe headache at that times. What should I do? What should I eat after 10 ‘o clock if i had my dinner at 8 ‘o clock ( during studies).

  • I’ve been intermittent fasting for a few weeks now and I feel great! Also where did you get that pink sports bra? It’s super cute ��

  • What helped me with fat loss (lost 35 kg), was learning to go to sleep hungry. It’s possible! (Really, you can get used to it) And when you’re sleeping, you won’t feel the hunger… This way you can reduce the hours in 24h, that you need to feel hungry. Just cut the evening foods. Of course there will be always hunger involved with weight loss (also during day hours), harsh truth. If it was easy, every fat person would do it. But still, most important thing is to fix your nutrition. No cakes, candy, pizza, sugar, none of that trash. It’s not just the calories that count, but also the quality of it. Sugar is especially bad (makes you store fat), use Stevia instead. Also no white bread, avoid fast carbs and saturated fat

  • You inspired me. Ive never been someone who felt comfortable in the gym. I’m 22, & the only time I stepped foot in a gym was school. After losing about 50lbs by just switching my diet, I decided it was time to push my body. I got a gym membership, & my anxiety almost kept me out of it. I was in the car ready to go and my mind started running, What are the machines, what reps and workouts to do, I’m going to be the small one there. All these thoughts flooded me until watching your video saying the biggest task is to just get in there. To not worry and just go. So I put the phone down. And forced myself to go. Been three weeks now and I love it. I love the way I feel afterwards, I find comfort in being there now, just being away from the world and bettering myself. So thank you. You’re doing great work man!

  • I really agree with the tip about eating bigger meals. So many people, including nutritionists and personal trainers I’ve unfortunately paid to help me over the years, made it seem like I had to eat smaller and more frequent meals in order to lose weight. That made me miserable because I just felt like I was snacking all day long and never had a good meal that I could sit down and enjoy. I lost my weight eating 2 600-700 calorie meals per day. Thats a lot of food for me and I loved it lol

  • I have been watching you for about 4 months, I enjoy all your videos! I just hit my 50 lbs weight loss goal, and wanted to thank you for all the tips.

  • I found your channel a few weeks ago and I have to say thank you for your common sense approach to weight loss. I’ve been on my own health journey for the past 2 years and have lost 160+ lbs.
    There are so many pieces to the puzzle for long term success, but if folks want to get a solid start while they hopefully do their own research and find what works best for them to find optimal health they should tune in to your information. Love your solid commonsense and compassion, thanks for rockin the weightloss example!

  • I love your videos, I’m studying dietetics with a minor in nutrition science and everything in your videos is spot on in my opinion!:)

  • Feeling hungry all the time is not normal. If you are hungry, make sure it’s not boredom. If you instead go do something, afterward, are you still hungry? If you are, then you should eat something. Carrots and celery are great for you. They involve lots of chewing and they take time to eat. The chewing and crunch reminds me of chips. But they are a million times healthier than chips.

    Staying hungry because you aren’t eating enough IS NOT NORMAL. Or healthy.

    Weight loss does NOT have to involve being uncomfortable because of hunger.

    I don’t understand. Why are you advising people to be hungry? Eating more vegetables than anything else, you will still lose weight and you won’t have to feel hungry.

  • Had to rewatch this… A year ago I started beating the binge because of this video and up until a month or two ago I was binge free… And then it started again and here I am again. Thank you Ben!

  • Anyone here have any advice on how to change out carbs in my diet? I’m 100% addicted to carbs and I feel hungry constantly and I’ll deal with it until I can’t sleep at night and I end up binging. I’m not trying to do Keto but I am trying to eat more proteins and fats. I just can’t find a way to make chicken taste anything but bland lol.

  • I dig your channel dude! I also lost a fair amount of weight, nothing like your story though!

    I’d say people who weigh 300lbs could lose weight at 3000cals! Might not be fast enough for people to adhere to the process though. Just my opinion ��

    Solid channel man, great work.

  • You can eat a pound of vegetables and that’s 100 calories in a lot of nutrition everything from protein fat and carbs is in there and very little calories if you are hungry eat a vegetable do not be hungry eat a vegetable

  • 6:57 “I had to go through that stage to elevate to a much better place”
    I’m not crazy overweight, but I’m definitely and unhappy with my body & not as fit as I’d like to be. THIS quote is similar to what I have been keeping in mind to keep me on track… Yes I am uncomfortable right now, but I will be much more uncomfortable in the long run if I continue my current lifestyle. At least these few months of discomfort will lead me to a place where I am much more happy and confident PERMANENTLY. Instead of being temporarily satisfied by constantly eating crappy foods and slacking just because I don’t want to feel uncomfortable, all that will do is lead to me feeling bad constantly during my day-to-day life. All I need to do right now is shed off these few extra pounds of fat, get my muscle mass up, and from there the discomfort will diminish. I will be able to come off this calorie deficit, learn what it’s like to stay consistent and dedicated, as well as learning a lot about nutrition and what works for me. From then on I’ll be much happier in my body and with my life, I’ll look back at this period of struggle/discomfort and see is simply as part of the package which was necessary for the journey. I’m excited for my future!:)

    (sorry for the long ass rant, I don’t expect anyone to be reading this but I wrote it for myself since this is the most motivated I have felt in a LONG time with regards to my fitness/lifestyle. I have a feeling that this attempt will finally be the one that gets me to my end goal, and I’m excited)

  • As someone who has been on keto for 4 months I can tell you YOU DO NOT FEEL HUNGRY AT ALL. I track mainly because if i didn’t i would severely under eat every day as a resultof never feeling hungry. One 800cal meal can keep me satiated for the whole day.

  • I have great appetite suppression and I discovered it by accident. Eat once a day for a week and you will soon realize how easy it is not to eat. For instance, I could easily go weeks without food. Although, I have never tried going past a few days because I was afraid it was unhealthy. However, I have gone multiple days without eating and sometimes I will go all day without eating and not even realize it. I have always thought of it as a bad thing but I guess if that’s what you want to do… well then there is my advice for getting it done.

  • I cant access the rest of this interview, I live in a different country and I do not use credit cards. Does anyone know if she was keto or carnivore when she lost her weight?

  • I’ve lost 18lbs as of when I’m writing this and was beginning to feel “satisfied” with how I look. I think that “satisfaction” came from being tired of being hungry. This is helping me motivate myself to keep going! Thank you

  • Hunger is a signal that our bodies use to let us know that it is about to start “cannibalizing” itself, it will go away even if you don’t eat.

  • I have lost around 32 pounds so far, I started doing 1500 calories a day. I initially did 2000 but I did some research and lowered it to 1500… I started at around 300 now I am down to 261 or so. Pro tip, drink alot of water, eat 1-2 meals and do 16,18, 20 hour fasting.

  • I always failed at weightloss, I would lose weight but I gave up. This time around I made a point to drink at least 80 oz a day and only whole foods 5 days a week and it has helped so much. I’m about 3 months in!

  • I’ve noticed that every time I eat way less than my cutting macros I end up binging. A tip I have is not eating well when your hungry but a bit before so you get fuller sooner.

  • Can you do a video of how to go to the gym alone and learning how to be comfortable at the gym alone and how to learn to workout and what to do on your own?

  • salads.. lots of salads.. you can have a big ass bowl of salad if its mainly veggies and barely be eating a couple hundred calories. and adding some chicken, eggs, or some sorta meat to it gets you your protein

  • Hi Dr.Arpitha. I found your video to be helpful. I am trying to lose 45 pounds ( I ws 170 and now down to 150). I am making progress and it is important because I am pre-diabetic. My fave part of your video was the scripture at the end. Thank you!!

  • in past peoples used to live without hunger, and were healthy had no disease or ailements.

    even great mother, girls,ladies. which never eate foods were also punished for their childrens were eating and making earth dirty

    request to RESEARCH ANY yoga or food to make the people to live on less eating food, it will good for earth and water

  • Unsweetened almond milk either as a coffee or with some raw cacao makes a healthy low calorie and filling option instead of a high calorie snack or dessert. There’s only 13kcal per 100ml in the unsweetened variety

  • Excellent advice, as always ���� I do have to say though that keto absolutely does diminish hunger if you have a lot of fat stored on your body. I have gone from a terrible diet where I never felt full and thought about food constantly, to now being keto and able to go long stretches without any hunger. I could probably go 24 hours without eating and not even flinch, which is nothing short of a miracle for me. Of course I do eat 1-2 good size meals a day (at a reasonable caloric deficit), but the point is it’s easier to accomplish my goals when hunger isn’t on my mind 24/7. I’ve tried every weight loss method there is out there and this one is the only one where I don’t have to fight and/or accept hunger all day. It’s a game changer, which I think explains it’s popularity. If you do a whole food diet on keto, it’s quite healthy. I eat more veggies now than I ever have in my life.

  • How??? I lost 50 pounds but it was really really hard I’m now at 80 pounds I’m still exercising and dieting it is really hard sometimes but I get through it

  • One more tip I discovered recently. If you have your meal, that was proportioned out, and it doesn’t seem like enough and you’re still hungry right after eating it. Wait 20 minutes. If you’re still hungry, yes have some more food. But often times you just need to wait for your brain to register that food hit your stomach. This has helped me personally with overeating. Also to go along with the hydration point. Your brain sometimes has a VERY hard time distinguishing hunger from thirst. So if you’re feeling snacky in the afternoon have a big glass of water and see if that helps.

  • I have a big appetite but when I eat dark chocolate �� I can skip a meal and not be hungry today I found out chocolate is an appetite suppressant which makes sense.

  • I love small meals. I’ll eat a 800-1000 calorie meal & be “hungry” an hour later. If I don’t do smaller meals I will over eat. It’s funny how people are different

  • Being hungry feels different than the losing weight empty feeling. At least until your stomach shrinks. Worst feeling ever. You feel empty and lost

  • 2:57 “It’s my character.” We’ve forgotten the most basic lesson from Aristotle about virtue: that character is a function of behavior (not the other way around). We tell overweight people that their attitude about food drives their overeating, when in fact their overeating drives their attitude about food. We have to find a way not to overeat, and LCHF/keto is that way because the change in hormones results in a change in appetite results in a change in behavior.

  • Dear mam, you are using some biological terms which nobody knows other than medical field people.
    You should also use examples for every point for better understanding.
    It will be great fo us:)
    Thanks for your effort and care.

  • Madam I don’t have any medical or health issue very nice digest power so after Three hours I need to full fill otherwise I feel very embarrassed my self pls help me to atleat 5 hrs I manage at night I beg u madam its my humble request