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People with hypothyroidism should eat a diet based around vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. They are low in calories and very filling, which may help prevent weight gain. A person with hypothyroidism should focus on a healthful diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. These foods are lower in calories and help keep a person fuller longer, which can help. Foods like fish and seaweed are naturally rich in this mineral as well.

If you are in the rare minority that doesn’t get enough iodine from the diet and you eat large amounts of soy and cruciferous vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kale, this could have a. In addition, there is no evidence to say these foods are harmful to those suffering from hypothyroidism. Whole grains are considered more nutritious or nutrient dense compared to refined grains (like white flour, white bread or white rice) because they contain all the parts of the grain. Generally, there’s no hypothyroidism diet.

Although claims about hypothyroidism diets abound, there’s no evidence that eating or avoiding certain foods will improve thyroid function in people with hypothyroidism. However, adequate dietary iodine is essential for normal thyroid function. In developed countries, thyroid disease from iodine deficiency has been nearly eliminated by iodine. People with hypothyroidism typically have a gluten intolerance. Oatmeal with fuel your body, give you fiber, help lower your cholesterol, enhance your immune system and help stabilize your blood sugar.

Free-range or “pastured” organic eggs contain Tryptophan and Tyrosine which is important for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Primary hypothyroidism. If your TSH is high and your T4 low, you have an underactive thyroid, which should be treated.

Treating low thyroid. Hypothyroidism is usually treated with a daily dose of synthetic T4 (levothyroxine sodium), in pill form. Levothyroxine works exactly like your own body’s thyroid hormone. Vegetables from the cruciferae family are known goitrogens. They include brussels sprouts, broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, cabbage, kale and more.

In theory then, eating these vegetables would aggravate an underactive thyroid and should be largely avoided. If you have hypothryoidism, it is important to eat a nutritious diet that will not lead to weight gain or impede your thyroid function. Aim for a breakfast that includes all the food groups: whole grains, meat or beans, vegetables, fruit and dairy.

Calorie restriction (or counting calories) can negatively harm your thyroid and ultimately lead to weight gain, even if it works temporarily. Weight gain in hypothyroidism is driven by your hormones and not by calories. You should match your calorie consumption to your metabolic rate (and to do that you must rely upon your appetite).

List of related literature:

If your treatment (such as medication) for hypothyroidism is working and your thyroid hormones are balanced, you can definitely eat as much cooked and raw veggies as you like.

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Start the patient on levothyroxine (Synthroid) 0.25 mcg PO daily The patient is symptomatic (weight gain, lack of energy, and irregular periods) with low free T4.

“Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Intensive Review: Fast Facts and Practice Questions, Second Edition” by Maria T. Codina Leik, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C, AGPCNP-BC
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Many or 3 grains every morning, adjusted to the dose desiccated thyroid clinicians of give T4 and an T4 that plus feels T3, best 0.5 to to the limit patient of normal.

“Integrative Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel
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Eat walnuts, Brazil nuts, soybean flour, or foods with high fiber content when you are taking thyroid medication (levothyroxine).

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When hypothyroidism develops, patients should be treated with T4.

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Treatment of hypothyroidism with levothyroxine or a

“Endocrine Secrets E-Book” by Michael T. McDermott
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There’s not really a specific diet that will boost your thyroid function, but healthy eating habits in general will support a healthy thyroid.

“Eat Like a Woman: A 3-Week, 3-Step Program to Finally Drop the Pounds and Feel Better Than Ever” by Staness Jonekos, Marjorie Jenkins
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have a low or normal TSH level along with a low free T4

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When hypothyroidism develops, patients should be treated with (about T4 2.

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Increasing thyroxine dose for hypothyroid women, worse their symptoms.

“Principles of Orthomolecularism” by R. A. S. Hemat
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  • For years I put off my mental health. Finally after doing all the things they tell you…yoga, positive thoughts, working out, going for a walk, reading, etc. Nothing was working. I’m always tired, low energy. I was thinking it’s just anxiety or depression. Turns out I have Hypothyroidism. I am overwhelmed by all of the information. I cried because I was finally validated. There is a reason I feel this way and I am not crazy. Thank you for this uplifting, helpful video!

  • Ok guys so I have hashimotos and I’ve realized I can’t EVER eat ice cream again… cause of the diary it now makes me vomit… & everyone is different but most of us are intolerant to diary and gluten ☹️☹️ sucks!

  • i have thyroid and its very low i am continiously losing my weight ���� i am really worried about that what should i do to stay healthy?��

  • Hi Elise, thank you so much for this vid… I am in the struggle… big time! I was diagnosed with Graves disease many years ago, and was treated with radioactive iodine which has of course the result is life long hypothyroidism requiring daily treatment with thyroid hormone. I take thyroid replacement hormones as well. I was doing fine for many years, very few symptoms, and maintaining a healthy weight, and feeling over all, pretty well…then as recently as 2016, started having issues. I was diagnosed with hoshimotos thyroiditis, and now I have nodules on my thyroid as well (go figure) and started to really have symptoms ranging from weight fluctuation to just feeling so tired and lethargic. I am very compliant to my docs orders. It’s been a bit frustrating at times, especially feeling so tired. I have many food allergies, and like you have had to change my diet in an effort to manage symptoms. All this to say, that I really appreciate this vid and your advise. I will certainly try to avoid some of the things you mentioned like sugar, and dairy. The dairy thing is going to be hard, because I love and cheese. lol! This advice is gold to me right now, and I thank you humbly. xoxo

  • I just found out today I have it I was freaking out crying lol thought i was gunna die or something lmao so I started googling stuff an h came up omg thank u for this Vedio u saved me! I’m on my way to pharmacy to pick up my prescription

  • This woman is absolutely gorgeous!!! Please make to the Lord’s kingdom. Know that Jesus loves not only you. But your people as well. Europe is the forth kingdom. The end is close.

  • Your very-active hand gestures made it nearly impossible to read the name of the probiotic product you were showing. Very distracting from your interesting presentation.

  • I am so happy for you feeling so much better! I am quite interested in this diet, specifically due to some medical issues I’ve been having. Would love to see some “what I eat in a day” type videos (if at all possible). Love your channel, as always!

  • This was great, thanks, I have been researching “what is considered fatty foods” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Meyaanit Fatty Escapeify (do a search on google )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got great results with it.

  • I had a hyperactive thyroid that has switched to a hypoactive. It’s been really hard going from having no weight problems to feeling like I’m never going to lose weight. You’ve helped me understand this so much and given me so much hope! Thank you so much!

  • It is actually very common that people who have dairy intolerances also have hypothyroidism. However, the main cause of this is the weakness of the gut. Incorporating even small amounts of dairy like one tablespoon of yogurt or milk in your diet is actually super important. It teaches your body to start releasing those enzymes to break it down without giving you a huge dairy crash of sharp pains. I had cut out all dairy for about 2-3 years of my life along with gluten because of my terrible IBS. Giving my stomach time to heal definitely fixed my gut, and know in small amounts I eat dairy. I don’t eat ice cream or pizza or milkshakes. No no definitely not. I eat about a tablespoon of yogurt a day to start and slowly teach my body again to release those enzymes again.

  • I have been struggling with different doctor to get relief for hypothyroidism for 10 years now on levothyroxine with no relief or energy

  • Have watched loads of your videos as I have hypothyroidism and have been so down about weight gain.

    Would love to know more about reverse T3. I’m worried overtraining or reducing carbs too much might be stalling weight gain.

    Thanks for the content. It is really encouraging.

  • I wake up every morning planning to be productive
    Then my thyroid says
    Hey that’s a good one
    And we laugh and laugh then I take a nap

  • Yeah, I was almost ready to come to Mayo about my thyroid abut then this arrogant prick proved there was no need to waste my time and money. A “normal” TSH does NOT mean the person is effectively treated but there is not one endocrinologist in the US who will believe all the women who tell them that.

  • There is so much controversy over what should and shouldn’t be eaten with hypothyroidism, my doctor told me nothing regarding diet when I was diagnosed, I’ve gained 4 stone and I am really struggling to lose any of the weight

  • just foolishness. she know nothing. only food can never manage hypothyroidism.
    It is seem like advertisement.
    NDTV should bring Doctor to discuss medical diseases.

  • What about the Sea Vegetables like Seaweed & Wakame? I heard that they are good for the iodine which I heard that is something the body lacks when you have Hypothyroidism

  • I’m so glad I found this. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in November 2019. I went to several doctors starting in Jan 2019, and I told them my symptoms (I’m a nursing student currently) and they all turned me away. Finally, 10 months later I found a doctor (although I was given a hard time at first) but the doctor finally believed me when he saw my lab results for the thyroid antibodies. I was prescribed my medication, but I still feel horrible. I work out, “have a well-balanced diet” but there are days where I just can’t function. Thank you so much for this!

  • T3meds only or t3t4meds 60%t4, 40%t3 fatigue is adrenals and cortisol vitamin deficiencies need to be optimal zinc iron b12 vit D do food sensitivity test cut those food out fix leaky gut,pro biotic and pre biotic dont eat anything processed.

  • I’ve been Diagnosed maybe three years ago and until half a year ago I never had problems with food. I could eat everything and still feel (and look) good. And I loved eating everything, I never had any “restrictions”. Half a year ago my Lifestyle changed a lot, I have a stressful job, and I ate everything that I shouldn’t have: Meat, Soy, lots of Iodine, you name it. Now I have very bad acne, cysts all over my face and I feel like crap. I started my Diet around one Month ago, but I’m struggling so much so keep it up:( seeing your Video helped a lot:)

  • I had hypothyroidism pretty much after I was born, but discovered after or before 2 weeks. I only found out I was allergic to gluten a year ago, and soy, yet I love them so much�� I hate to give up junk foods and drinks I love, but I have to cure it and fight it �� We can do it, sisters✊��❤

  • The thyroid has to have the proper amount of iodine to function properly. Most can get off or reduce meds with the proper amount of iodine. RDA for iodine in US is only 150 micrograms. The average Japanese person consumes 5 to 15 MILLIGRAMS of iodine A DAY because of their diet of seafood and sea vegetables. How come most docs refuse to put their patients on iodine and jump straight to meds??? They are doing a disservice in my opinion!

  • I just saw your video on being diagnosed with hashi. I made me cry. I was diagnosed 10/19 at the age of 56. This was after being in the hospital 3 times in 2 weeks in May. When no Dr. Could figure out what was going on I turned to a natralpath. She gave me a list of symptoms and I could clearly identify that my first hashi flare up was 1980. My next flare up 1986. My next 1997. And then in 2009 I started with the worst PMS issues with heart palps that would last till 2016. In this time frame I miscarried 2 babies, was told I have low blood sugar, was told I had panic disorder, fibromyalgia, and my lack of energy was that I was making myself sick by thinking I was sick. Then menopause finally happened. I leveled out some till last year when everything started all over. Heart palps, high blood pressure, passing out feeling, sleep issues, anxiety… I think the hardest thing is I didn’t have to loose my babies had someone taken me serious. I wouldn’t have felt like I was loosing my mind had someone taken me serious. It been a rough journey. But I finally now know what I’m dealing with. I got on a strick AIP diet. And in March started to reitroduce some foods. I’m told it could around 18 months for me to feel more leveled out. I am triggered by sinus issues mostly. I’m doing much better. Recently had a flare up but I’m doing much better and my recovery time is getting quicker. I look to make each day positive and so thankful to know what I’m dealing with. I credit my patient husband of 38 years for being my comfort, my daughter for helping when I was stuck in bed and most of all Jesus who kept me from going insane and staying strong when the medical was trying to put me there. Don’t get me wrong, there are emotional days like when I’m in a flare up and also I’m an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) but I’m getting my life back while I’m learning to pace myself. Hearing you talk makes me hopeful even more and thankful that the time you won’t lose waiting to discover what is going on. You had someone take you serious early on. Thank you for your video.

  • I found out i got underacitve thyroids when i went to see my Gp after i did a blood test and in the results i found out i have had thyroidsbut i did.nt even
    know. Now i know

  • Thanks for sharing your diet!!! I had my thyroids removed in 2014 I never was able to make it back to my target weight. I never heard of Collagen Creamer but will be giving this a try.

  • Our family gave up gluten and dairy about nine months ago. The kids were having reoccurring sickness after a bad bout with a flu virus. The dr said their GI tracts needed to heal after so much irritation. So we made the change and saw some improvement. Now they are completely healed. I noticed that I too started feeling better without gluten and dairy. My digestion seemed a lot smoother. So for now we’re going to stay gf/df. We still eat gf oats, rice pasta, gf flour blends. Have you tried the brand “Simple Mills”? They are paleo compliant and so yummy!! Also do you have Danielle Walker’s cookbooks? She’s an inspiration if you don’t already follow her. ��

  • Thank you so much for putting this out there. I am contacting my dr tomorrow after researching my symptoms and sensitivities. Hashimoto’s really fits my symptoms. I started overhauling my diet last week to reduce aip unfriendly foods and plan on going completely AIP this week. I’m catching up on all of your videos:)

  • This is not an expert move on if you want useful information. These people obviously do not listen to patients nor do they care if they address their debilitating symptoms.

  • I have had great success following a Keto diet for the past six months. My cholesterol dropped 50+ and my triglycerides went from 161 to 77. Wow! I had a pinched nerve that bothered me daily for several months and after just two weeks it stopped bothering me. I now have an incredible amount of energy and sleep like a baby which I struggled with for over a decade. (I also lost 30 lbs.) Keto is my cure! I did do W30 for 3 months and find Keto much easier b/c my cravings are completely gone.

  • You REALLY have to be careful with zinc excess…can/does cause cognitive impairment…it’s a metal. Readers Digest Foods that Harm Foods that Heal also cautions.

  • I just found your channel. We take the same meds but different dosages. I wish I’d found you earlier. I just subscribed. I’m always tired and my weight always goes up and down.

  • If you juice, celery juice is very gut healing (advised by my chiro). My asthma and sinus congestion is clearing up after doing celery juice. I do juice it with a green apple and do it first thing in the morning. Just a suggestion��

  • Why don’t they just let her take some zinc supplement instead? Eating similar stuff all the time gives you a lot of stress and you’ll end up developing some stress related disease like hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

  • Thank you so much for this video. It’s probably the only one I’ve found that’s made me feel like I can definitely overcome the way I’ve been feeling. I’m only 20 and have been feeling this way for the past year…. thanks for the motivation ❤️❤️

  • Interesting I didn’t realise this. I’ve had a thyroid dysfunction for about 6 years. I also avoid grains, broccoli, cauliflower and beans, not to much Kale. I also have food intolerances so most of these foods I can’t have anyway. Like you said you just do it, give them up, find alternatives and the benefits are so worth it!

  • I had my gallbladder removed in 2012. I have had a sensitive stomach after. I have tried diet pills and work out regime but it wasn’t taking the weight off. I am 245lbs 5’5. 33 yrs old. I just found out I have hypothyroidism. On levothyroxine since Sept of 2019.

  • I’ve watched like 7 other videos and this is the first one that is actually helpful and clear!!! Thanks for sharing that information,��

  • A lot of people with Hypothyroid aren’t aware they may have autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s. Extra iodine is bad for Hashimoto’s. It’s important to know and to do your own research.

  • I followed this diet for 2.5 months plus adding organic meat for the first time in 20 years. As a result, I had terrible period pain. How was your menstrual cycle? I do find any fruit causes me to get hungry:(

  • So honey is actually a really great sugar for your body and your thyroid. Those are healthy carbohydrates that help convert T4 and T3 in your thyroid which is absolutely essential. There is a huge difference between natural sugars and refined processed fake stuff. Raw honey, raw maple syrup, fruit (especially citrus fruits and berries), and potatoes are excellent and easily digestible carbs for your thyroid that will help your metabolism

  • I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.An they say it affects women over tham 60….Im only 53yrs.I noticed small red pimples on my stomach an legs than dryness in my mouth an nostrils an My hair started thinning an I started feeling out place my moods are up down,depression anxiety an jaws are always feeling tense like their stuck an seemed I could it control my body heat..60 is not accurate im 53. I went to metropolitan clinic an they said it was all in my mind…Now im getting treated. With pills to control my hyoothyroidism. Im supposto be on a 4. But im pn the higer number 90..Dr.said I should been in medication since August but I was going to metropolitan clinics an you know this clinics are for the poor an Doctors in training that do not have emphaty for no one an their number one priority is MONEY.Firtst thing they ask is do you have insurence…No greeding. An they will closed the service window as soon. As you give them your insurance card..What happen to humanity.

  • So is a sluggish thyroid the same as hypothyroidism? Once diagnosed with that, you’re put on medication. And, what IS destroying everybody’s thyroids now a days? Why isn’t more research going into that? I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 23 years ago. I had gestational diabetes with my first kid (and second) which was controlled by diet. Having to avoid sugar, I started drinking a ton of diet drinks, whether it be soda or juices. Lot’s of aspartame for many years. About 4 years ago, I decided to kick aspartame from my diet, low and behold, my TSH improved. I went from using 70 mg to 50 mg. I’m convinced that it was the aspartame in all those diet drinks and foods that messed up my thyroid.

  • i recently had a TSH of 5.5. Do i have Hashimoto? I want to change my diet and exercise more because the levothyroxine i took for 28 days straight caused my heart to beat so fast i had to quit it cold! I am just planning to eat a better diet and exercise to see if it goes down and do a follow up.

  • Video actually starts at 4:15. Beforehand is a painfully stupid tale of how she accidentally mistakes her PRESCRIPTION meds…… ends up mistakingly cutting up and taking allergy meds instead of thyroid meds for weeks….. uh…..ok…..

  • Have you heard the theory that if you’re on thyroid medication you should try to avoid any other iodine consumption because the thyroid medication has iodine in it and we don’t want to get too much?

  • Don’t forget Katie also hard to digest nightshades. Some most being onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, and also peppers.those are also really hard for people that have hypothyroidism and hashimoto’s.

  • So white potatoes are not allowed because they disrupt your body glycemics? What about sweet potatoes? Also there is a new study that says if you cook the potatoe and let it cool down, the glycemic indes decreases, what do you think about that?

  • I agree with you that food is not one size fits all for every person. What I eat has evolved so over the last 5 years. I started out going fully paleo and now after reading about things like eating for my blood type and talking to different medical professionals I now eat a lot more soaked legumes and even some grains like einkorn and I feel great! I’m so happy for you that you are feeling better:)

  • hi… thank u so much for the video. i also have hypo. Is it true that when it comes to taking the medication, you need to try to take it around the same time each day? with this virus pandemic, i tend to take it at different time. sometime at 5am, other times at 6:30am. pls advice.

  • Hi jess, love how enthusiastic and positive you are! I’ve been on Aip for a month now. Could you please let me know how you weaned off the thyroid medication. I haven’t yet started taking the medication and want to know if it is possible because I have regular brain fog episodes along with severe depression. Thank you for the wonderful content!

  • Where is your thyroid located? Up by your tonsils? Wait did the doctor miss something when he did a thyroidectomy on me? And now I hear she didn’t know the difference between her meds? Maybe she should concentrate on the brain fog symptom. Poor thing….

  • Hi Jess. Glad o came across your channel. I was also diagnosed 4 months ago with Hashimoto thyroiditis hypothyroidism. My question to you is are you taking any supplements? If so what kind.

  • I miss these kind of videos from you. Don’t get me wrong, your newer stuff is great!!! I just love and appreciate your work! Hope you’re well, also i am trying to make similar videos like!!!! #THCBspotlight

  • There is no cure that you can feel 70 to 80% better by just diet alone well lifestyle eating changes on my AIP paleo I’m seventy-two 80% better. After you eat like that for a while and you go eat some random thing or if a package says it’s this or that and you get sick you know that the package manufacturer has put ingredients in there you’re not supposed to have.

  • 45 y.o male here Dx recently with Hash, lost 30 pounds in the past year. On thyroxine now. TSH was 14 then 11 now 6. Antibodies present. T3 & T4 normal. I can feel my thyroid being attacked as I type this. Not a good feeling at all. Trying AIP. Thx for your video.

  • Is there any chance to get through this first part of diet and don’t lose weight? Cause I have hypothyroidism and I am really skinny, I once threw all grains and gluten out of my diet and I really regret it, cause I lost in two days like 6lb and I really didn’t liked that.

  • Im from Pakistan. My 12 years old daughter have hypothyroidism. She is taking ” thyroxine sodium” from last one year and doctor advised to take it life time. We don’t want to continue this medicine. Any natural remedy to treat hypothyroidism?. She is also taking “metropolol tartrate” due irregular heart beat as her echo test shows heart prolapsing mitral valve leaflet mild eccentric MR. Can you suggest other natural treatment instead of taking these medicines for life time? Plz help

  • the diet is strict. is there a way to gain weight on this diet? i want to go gain 15 lbs. i’m a guy. I would like a 7 day meal plan that you follow. Thanks.

  • I’ve been super drowsy after meals and have bodily aches all the time. Had a GTT as I thought it was diabetes but my sugars are fine. BUT the test indicated sub-clinical hypothyroidism so now I need to wait and get another test soon. I’m almost hoping that I have it so that I can finally know why I constantly fall asleep in lectures and classes. BTW I’m a 25-year-old male so I certainly don’t fit the bill…

  • thanks for posting this Elise, I am coeliac and mimic the symptoms of hypothyroidisms but my bloods never show anything, is there more my GP should look for?  how did you find going dairy free? I love dairy, but lactose especially yoghurt is not good for me (IBS) so cheese Is a staple for me but not good for IBS.  how do you get your protein? would love to see more of you food ideas, your a good motivation xx thanks for sharing

  • Hi Katie, I went to your yoga on the beach with my bestie last summer & I love your channel. I also have hypothyroidism & struggle with very swollen eyes & face. Is there anything you changed, dropped or added that helped with these symptoms? Besides what you mentioned in the video of course..

  • Hi I wanted to ask if you could some advice and tips on how you manged to lose the weight that built up. Your video is great but only shows how to maintain. I’ve been suffering 2 years now with my hypothyroidism and it’s made me put on so much weight. About 6 weeks ago I decided to stop taking my medication because the dose they were giving me wasn’t working and when they made the mg strength higher I began experiencing sharp chest pain and stabbing pain in my about 3 weeks ago I’ve decided to change my diet and eat healthier.which I’ve done research on which foods are good for my thyroid.such as Brazil nutd.pumpkin seeds.eggs lots of fruits veggies.protein. etc also drink tumeric tea every other day.. I do allow myself an occasional treat now and again so I stick to it and don’t overindulge.but could you give any advice on anything else that may help get this weight off? Thank you

  • I’ve been a subscriber for some time now and I’m so thankful for these videos! I just got diagnosed with Hashimotos as well so this is helpful! Would you be willing to share a little bit of your diagnosis, medications or symptoms?

  • Levothyroxine and synthroid CAUSED FIBROMYALGIA SUPER PAINFUL TRY NPTHYROID AND ARMOUR INSTEAD you get rid of fibromyalgia. Those you took don’t work.

  • FAKE INFORMATION! IS IODINE and Trace minerals YOU NEED TO GET YOUR THYROID IN GREAT STATE. Get rid of PROCESSED CARBS. FOOD INDUSTRY POISONING US. DR OZ knows the truth and doesnt give it full. Zinc is ONLY ONE of many Minerals needed. But YES: IODINE AND TRACE MINERALS for 3 months.

  • Hey great info so you like a lot of chicken lol! I love Indian food especially the spices and flavors, but I cut my eating hours to two meals a day (lunch + dinner) and do intermittent fasting. It works for me.

  • Thank you for the video. Have been battling this for what feels like forever. I found I cannot eat any cabbage or sprouts. Dairy I am quite okay with. However, it’s hard to find a gp who would be willing to look further than the fastest way for them to make money out of you. They don’t actually cater for individuals. ha ha I find that funny. I have a nut allergy. And I find it frustrating, my list of allergy related foods are increasing. Is this the gut issue again presenting itself?
    This video is also super helpful and I am sharing with family and friends. This concept seems foreign to those around me. I may very well have read over a hundred books related to this topic of hypothyroidism. And it seems I’ve been living under a rock.
    Have you found any superfoods that can assist in t4 and t3 production, on a cellular level?
    So far, I am a pescetarian (no meat but I do consume eggs fried in olive oil as a great protein and stabilizes my bloodsugar levels when combined with a sliced apple)… I am allergic to fish, nuts, bananas and sulphur (surprisingly too common in foods like cheese, nuts, wine and some legumes even)?
    Also found the orange colourant in sweets to aggravate my inflammation and pineapple & mango combination to alleviate it slightly when combined with ginger.
    I use stevia drops (has no after taste) instead of sugar. Very helpful for my sweet tooth. It can be used in recipes too when calculated correctly.

  • I’m in a flare up with my thyroid and I’ve gained 20 lbs in 2 months!! It’s depressing.. this video is so informative and I love how you include to be healthy mentally & emotionally.. which is where I think I’ve gotten into my situation where I’m at now..

  • Hey! Can you recommend good breakfast recipes for people taking thyroxine?
    Something that doesn’t reduce the efficacy of the pill

  • I’ve had a lot of questions about what my diet looks like, so I hope this is helpful! �� Let me know if y’all have any other questions or video requests!

  • I went gluten-free for 12 months. My TPO antibodies didn’t really go down. Then, I removed dairy. My antibodies started going down quickly. It went down faster by taken vitamin D. I later tested to see if dairy was driving my TPO antibodies up and I consumed dairy and OMG, my antibodies shot up. I removed dairy once again and I will never have dairy again. I am currently taken 10,000 I.U.s of vitamin D. Once the antibodies are within the lab range, the autoimmune attack will be stopped.

  • I’m so tired of hearing this B S about this rediculous hypothyroidism because I’m very skeptical so called disease some reason hypo hyper hypo hyper

  • When I was newly diagnosed, this information was nearly nonexistent. For those with new diagnoses, taking care of yourself now is SO important!

  • Thank you for sharing. Do more videos related to hypothyroidism. I just stumble across your channel and love Following. I follow you also in Fb.

  • Quit moving so much. You move like you are doing sign language for those that can’t talk. It’s like you a news reporter who talk with their hands. Thanks.

  • Just stumbled on this video and I’m 99% sure we went to school together �� glad to see you’re doing well and have a beautiful family, Jess!

  • Im crying watching this because I know I have to change my diet to fight my auto immune disease hashimotos! It’s going to be so hard and I’m not sure if I can do it. I’m a very picky eater with a low appetite and I lost 26 pds. Currently trying to get back that weight. How can I possibly do this now that I can’t eat my favorite foods that make gaining possible

  • Thank you for doing this. I put on 20+ pounds over last few years and I just can’t get rid it. Just started to be on medication….

  • I’ve never felt “well” and in fact I can’t tell if what I’m feeling is “good” or “bad” as I was born with Hashimoto’s, so your description of “if it makes you feel good, then eat it” is quite underwhelming. I didn’t get any answers and I would advise everyone to listen to a dietitian (that specialises in diets for people with Hashimotos) and their own endocrinologist that knows the history of their disease

  • You don’t just diagnose on TSH here in UK. Here in uk also positive TPO test and T4 forms a picture alongside symptoms. Ideally T3 too but good luck getting NHS to look at that one.

  • Hey, I haven’t got diagnosed with thyroid but I do have a high tsh level 4.5. I really want to know what stuff should I eat to lower it around 3. Your videos are really inspiring btw!��♥️

  • I cut out things with gluten,but eat gluten free organic bread that just consists of organic seeds. Would that be okay to eat or would it cause problems?

  • I was diagnosed one yr ago, ichanged my diet as well and i felst so much better EXCEPT a week before my period. I get one entire long week of flair up. I dont know how to avoid it. I feel so sick i feel like im going to die. I wish i knew what i was doing wrong. ��

  • This is the story of my life. Hashimotos diagnosed July 2017. Went gluten and dairy free. Didn’t feel better. Did whole 30.didbt feel any better. Paleo. Didn’t feel any better. Now I’m 4 weeks into AIP and I know it’s not everything, but I feel a lot better and I’ve lost 3.4kg!! I haven’t been able to lose any weight for nearly 2 years! I have a lot more energy thankfully and I can get through a whole day without crashing. I’m hoping I don’t have to be on AIP forever as it’s so hard and restrictive and I live in Singapore which is food central. So that can be tricky. But each week gets a bit easier. Thanks for the video!

  • Great video. So true about dairy and grains not being what they used to be. A recent study came out that points to glyphosate as the culprit in the rise of gluten intolerance.

  • I went up to sizes into a few weeks running and walking 5km a day 14000-1700 calories. I’ve migraines and insomnia and I feel like a total failureI’m in quarantine did training indoor. I feel disgusted in myself ang my bones cannot take extra weight

  • Thank you for this! It’s so stressful reading what to eat and not eat. I’m taking notes watching your video and really appreciate your insight.

  • I love how all these stupid videos are not for anyone except those who have money to blow out their ass. How about a realistic video for a change.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this video with us. In Ayurvedic system of medicine, the treatment of hypothyroidism is possible with the help of herbs and herbal remedies. Planet Ayurveda offers Hypothyroid Care Pack which is very effective for the treatment of hypothyroidism.

  • Hey you girl, these videos are so helpful.
    I am 24 now and I have Hashimoto for many years since I was a child. I would like to ask you some things about cereal. I’m reading everyday about gluten and that we have to limit it from our diet but at the same time about selenium and how important is for our health. So, about the cereal and other grain that contain gluten and selenium, what are we supposed to do so that we limit gluten and have all the other trace minerals such as selenium?
    We have to remove cereal from our breakfast, or not?
    Thanks sweetie:)

  • Hi, I’ve been trying to get pregnant for years, had a miscarriage last August at 6 weeks, I had hypothyroidism 3 years ago, I was on levothyroxine for 8, years but didn’t need it, have been diagnosed with it again and am completely devastated as I can’t afford a special diet and this is stopping me conceive. I feel totally lost like my life has been taken away from me. I also have ibs and had my gall bladder removed in 2012, so I need a diet to help with them and help me conceive.what prenatal a did you take because I was on pregnacare before conception but can’t take them any more any help or advice would be great.

  • Hey girl, I loved your video. I’ve struggled with hypothyroidism for the past 2 years. It all started when I had to travel for 4 hours daily. I felt really tired. So I was taken to the hospital, and I came to know the real problem.There were so many things I was prohibited to eat and very less options were available.I couldn’t find a good diet plan.Your videos have been helpings me recently.I just have a small suggestion.Spinach isn’t really that good for you.Keep on doing what you do.:)

  • Can you eat dried fruits on your new diet?? Only asking because I tried Whole30 (only for 10 days… don’t ask) but since then I have tried to follow most of the Whole30 foods and I find that if I have dried fruit and nuts even just a small portion I don’t even want processed sugar

  • I’m all those minus constipated & gaining weight. I’m actually losing weight without trying. I’m usually around 135 and now I’m 117.

  • Thank you for the info. I am really struggling right now. My Hashi is out of control and dragging me down quickly. No one ever talked to me about trigger foods. ��

  • hello, I would like to know If apple cider vinegar capsule & culturelle tablets are good alternatives for the actual ones? I just found out I have hypothyroidism today.& I am planning to go on a healthy diet/routine

  • I’m at my early 20’s and haven’t got tested for hypothyroidism but based on our lessons in premed. I feel like I should get tested bc I’m showing signs for hypothyroidism

    I’m exercising, dieting sleeping right and drinking water,, but I still gain weight I feel bloated and depressed. But I can do this

  • 80% of people with borderline Hashimotos need to ditch gluten and dairy.

    Hashimotos and Type 1 diabetes are variations of Caeliac disease.

    Once you go gluten free for 1 year, do a full thyroid panel. Thyroid should be in the optimal levels and antibodies should be on the low

    Ofcourse, if your still feeling symptoms like you reduced hashis but not completely, you can start doubling down on your restrictive diet

  • I think u may have informed me of what my problem is. I have hypoactive thyroid and eat a healthy organic diet. I did Keto till this weekend and ended it because I didn’t feel better. Cheese! No fruit! I have bloating and facial bloating esp. I am going g to try this. Thank you. I’ve been struggling for 10 yrs now, feeling awful. I’m 64 but everyone thinks I’m 49! Look good on outside but feel exhausted all the time

  • I did keto for a year I literally ate a lot of what u mentioned and also have hypothyroidism.. no wonder I lost 89lbs in a year. It’s all good & healthy

  • I have hashimoto and hate always up and down weight.even if I take medicine still I get some symptoms.i get all those symptoms you talk about it. I take 135 levrothicine. I am new to your exciting someone like me has it and you understand what I go thru everyday.

  • Zinc options are ridiculous….Zinc from vegetarian sources are poorly absorbed. Seafood and Meat are by far the best options. Plus adequate protein is required for TSH and there are lots of vitamins required for T4 to T3 conversion. Iodine is vital too so seafood sources are by far the best

  • You’re so beautiful inside and out. Thank you for sharing this! <3 Very well-explained. And the video quality is incredible, especially the lighting!

  • I’m just really trying to cut thing out as I have chronic fatigue syndrome and gut issues and I am a bit convinced I have a rolling stomach hernia thing. I don’t eat grains apart from white rice and only eat chickpea flour and hummus nothing else from legumes now and I only eat goat dairy but no milk at all just yogurt and soft goat cheese. I’m really upset about not being able to keep these in my diet including dark chocolate and nuts etc.

  • Vegans really need to up their cheese game �� it’s the one thing I can’t quit and all the vegan cheeses I’ve tried are disgusting.
    I quit regular milk (along with red meat) about 2 years ago for environmental reasons and almost immediately felt better, not as bloated. If you cook with milk like me, to make dishes creamier, mashed potatoes softer etc, I recommend unsweetened oat milk, make sure all the sugars have been removed, it should say 0g sugars at the back. I found it has one of the most neutral tastes. Another great one if you like a creamier milk is cashew milk. Harder to find for me but sooo tasty.

  • Agreed, probiotics are great, bloating disappears. I am glad you eat sour kraut, I am Polish and all fermented stuff is common in our kitchen, I love lowsalt guerkins! Apparently too much fibre doesn’t help loose weight at all.

  • i want to eat like this but im only 16 ive had this disease since 5th grade and im tired fo doing intense sports without loosing weight. Its hard to have this diet when you live with a family:(

  • I am so happy I found you!!! I just got diagnosed for hashimotos after a year of feeling so bad and doctors telling me I was okay. I went to my chiropractor just like you did and he found it. I am lucky to be on the road to finally healing!!! Thank you for these videos!!!!

  • This man is talking rubbish.

    For 5% of people with hypothyroidism medication doesn’t work.

    I am one of the 5%. Thyroxine does not work.

    I went to a meeting of the British Thyroid foundation. There were around 30 of us all suffering from ineffective treatment.

    Lets have some effective research.

  • Hi Jess, can you help me step by step. I have the hashimoto disease too. I really need to lose the weight as soon as possible. I am very very unhappy because I cant lose the weight. The hashimoto disease is really killing me. I dont have the energy to lose the weight. I wish you could help me out please. You can text me if you want to. Thankyou

  • Boo! I’m a type 1 diabetic who was diagnosed as hypothyroid at 13 years old. I took Synthroid for many years up into my forties and then only treating with T4 didn’t work anymore as it doesn’t for many others. For example my last test showed a TSH of 6 T4 was normal and free T3 was 2.1. This means I am not able to turn the T4 into the T3 as readily as the doctor was talking about. How else to get enough T3 besides taking a natural desiccated thyroid or adding cytomel AKA T3 to the regimen? It saddens me that Mayo Clinic didn’t dive into this critically important information.

  • Thanks for posting this! Having Hashis is such a struggle and almost no one knows about it. I avoid gluten, and also raw cruciferous veggies and peanut butter as I’ve heard those are goitrogens.

  • This was a disappointing explanation. At age 26 I had terrible chronic fatigue, and skin peeling off my hands & feet. Levothyroxin improves my blood tests, but didn’t help those symptoms. Eventually, I saw a naturopath, and worked with iodine and other natural remedies. Now I’m 37, and I feel better, my blood tests show I’m better, and I haven’t been on a prescription in 9 years.

  • I need help doctor oz with my journey through this I really need help because my mood swings and everything is really bad I’m at 22 year old male and i ended up having a panic attack and thought about killing myself and within 5 mins of having the panic attack I was ready to mill myself the last split second I hurried up and called 911 on myself and told the cops to hurry up pls because something in my body was telling me to hurt myself and heard myself in my head say don’t do it and call someone so I did I ended up going to the hospital and they checked an ultrasound and said I have hyperthyroidism and then the blood work got back to me and they said that I have Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism I’m hurting really really bad and I have no insurance I have nothing lost my jobs I was in the hospital for a week on the behavioral unit side and they told me I have Graves’ disease and I have so much paper work and results that are just crazy the experts at the university said wow like it’s bad and I want to know if I have thyroid cancer so November 16th 2019 was diagnosed with Graves’ disease I’m trying the best I can do get help and get answer but I have no insurance and no money and went back to the university and they said my blood level in patients with Graves’ disease they can do the surgery but I need help getting insurance that’s all I’m waiting on so far I applied for Medicaid and still waiting to hear back from them don’t know if I’ll get accepted but it’s the only thing I can do right now i have so many symptoms and their getting worse and worse and since my blood level has gone down wouldn’t I be better but yet I’m getting worse and worse here are the symptoms I have smokers cough and I’m still smoking yes I know stupid but what I’m going through I can’t go with a cig, sore throat, trouble breathing, chest pain heart hurts, high blood pressure, high heart rate, neck pain, trouble swallowing, really bad migraines than I’ve ever had, I went In for a stomach flu a little bit ago and they found swollen glands in my stomach so I have severe abdominal pain, head ache, throat keeps getting bigger and bigger, I can’t sleep, major depression, anxiety, panic attacks, HDHD, but HDHD was born with, my eyes hurt so bad I feel like ripping my eyes out, really bad pain in the eye and sore eyes when to touch to, really bad burning in the eyes, sometimes closing my eyes for a bit helps it but all these things I have every second of every day none stop, fatigue, history of pneumonia at least 4 to 5 times within one year, when I find a job I wish I can do the best I can and I quit from jobs or walk out even though I don’t want to it feels like my body is just shutting down on me and I can’t help it I’m trying to do what I can to support me and my girlfriend right now she’s the one paying for bills we’re behind on so many rent and electric and phone bills and all that and she only makes 500 every two weeks rent is 400 and Electric is 200 phone bills are 200 and gas for the car I wish to fix everything and I just wanna succeed and I just want to find a job and be the man I know I can be I’ve done good before but recently I’m going to say with in the last year is when I felt like there was something really wrong with me but yeah I was just diagnosed with Graves’ disease just November 16 so and they said I have early stage of Graves’ disease but yeah I’ve experienced all those symptoms for over a year now I’ve also had diarrhea and just all those symptoms I just described every day of every second when I find a job I just want to feel better working and my body just feels like it’s shutting down and I want to make money and pay bills and be there for my girlfriend but right now this is the hardest time I’ve ever been in my lifeI’ve never been so stressed out depressed feeling worthless ever before in my life right now I just need all the help I can get it I’m trying my best to apply for insurance but obviously insurance cost money to so I applied for the Medicaid like I said but you have to be married or you have to have a kid in order to have Medicaid if Medicaid gets back to me and they say I’m not accepted I’m not gonna try to do anything anymore I’ll just find a job and push through what I’m going through and if Medicaid don’t get back to me I’m not gonna try to get insurance because Medicaid is the last resort for me right now that’s all the universities waiting on me to do is to get excepted for some type of insurance I’ve tried financial assistance at the University they never called me back I’ve tried calling them but when I called no one answered the phone so if Medicaid says I’m not accepted I’m done trying To get better because all I need is insurance to help me right now they’re ready to do the surgery but I need some type of insurance right now so if you were anyone else comments on here of what good at other insurances to go to or what to apply for for free then comment on her what I should do I would like Dr. Oz to help me through this Journey of getting better

  • thank you, this was great intro to what i just got diagnosed with today, took my first levothyroxine this afternoon, ill see if i start feelin better �� ��

  • If the main function of the thyroid is to take in iodine and the only reason the thyroid is not functioning properly is because of the lack of iodine. Why would you prescribe anything but iodine to fix the problem? The baby is also born with the genetic predisposition because the mother passed along her iodine deficiency to her child who will develop problems immediately that will be treated with what? Pharma. Any treatments other than iodine do not cure anything it restores levels synthetically that will lead to other problems due to the constant consumption of the drugs (liver, kidney) Make sure you get your T3 levels checked along with TSH and T4 without the T3 they will not know. If he is one of the worlds leading experts on this subject he seems to be pretty indoctrinated by the system as well.

  • I just found out I had it and they gave these pills but each time I eat something unhealthy I get pain which I am scared because this never used to be problem with me before

  • I also feel like it is extremely important to find the right Doctor. Some GP’s think they know what to do and you do not need to see a specialist. In my case, I had to reach out to a good endocrinologist myself, so I always encourage my clients to do research and see a specialist, even though your family Doctor might feel like it’s not necessary…

  • I was on meds for my thyroid. My doc discovered how well I was doing and feeling so he made the brilliant decision to take me off my meds. I am having tons of issues and he has no idea why ��

  • Do you take hypothyroid medication? Is it true that cruzeforous greens inhibt medication uptake? I am a Vegan with hypothyroids and I love green veggies, but I noticed if I eat too much of them (and I want to emphasise there is no real “too much” in terms of weight gain with leafy greens), my body gets sluggish.

  • i have been told to wait 4 hours after taking thyroid medicine before taking any vitamins or supplements because it can mess with the absorption of your thyroid medications!!

  • You are very informative… you had me engaged with your knowledge until your mouth starting spewing unbecoming words from a pretty young lady…. just saying don’t follow everyone else with the F bomb… good luck ��

  • ⭐⭐Thank you for this video. I’m slow in the mornings until after I eat, take my vitamins, & green tea. (And I need lots of sleep to fell energized.) I probably need to kick the white sugar or greatly decrease. Will do your workouts next! Have great

  • So what does it mean to have this?
    I’m 18 got blood tested because my dr said the thyroid causes mood swings and I have diagnosed anxiety and depression
    Kinda scared but we are gonna do more blood work

  • I have hypo with the food allergies, intolerances. I was super food sick for long time, but I’m VGF. I came off food in 2010 except seafood eggs. I went totally vegan 2 years ago. I do take synthoid, plant omegas, vgf probiotic other vgf supplements.

  • Unfortunately the treatment is not effective and somple. It takes a long time to find a medication that msy work and to balance it if it works at all.

  • This is absurd…he says, leading cause of hypothyroidism is hashimotos…then he says, when diagnosing hypothyroidism use tsh to diagnose it. Dude, are you serious…this is the leading thyroid expert lol.