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The key is to keep it simple and focus on saving money on the meats, the most expensive part of many meals. If you can cut those costs down, you’re way ahead on the savings. OTHER MEAL PLANNING BEST-PRACTICES.

Set up Theme Nights. Giving your weeknights a little bit of structure might be all that you need for your meal planning. Fill in as many meals as possible that can be made from ingredients you already own, such as oatmeal for breakfast or pasta with marinara sauce. Find some coupons, then make your meal plan, then go shopping.

Plan on saving – don’t just hope for it when you get to the store. 2. Take a quick inventory, so you don’t buy something you already have. Whether it’s a perishable item or pantry staple, maybe just double check to see if you already have what you need. Careful meal planning can help you eat healthfully, enjoy great meals and save money.

Consider these meal planning tips to help you achieve your financial goals as well as put dinner on the table. Meal Planning Tips to Save You Money 1. Eat at home. Restaurants or even fast food joints can cost a pretty penny. Meal Prep Can Save You Money If you’re looking to save money — and time — in the kitchen, meal prep is the way to go. Here are just a few ways you’ll save money by meal prepping: You can avoid going out to dinner at expensive restaurants when you’re feeling too lazy to cook.

One of the easiest ways to save big money on your weekly grocery budget is to roast a chicken. Follow these 3 recipes, and you can make 8 meals with just 1 bird! Not only is chicken reasonably priced.

Everyone can agree that saving money is something we all try to do, and meal planning is a great way to help. While you skip out on spending money at restaurants, meal planning also involves buying items in bulk, which can be a huge money saver. Sticking to what’s on. Time is of the essence for everyone so meal planning can be a saving grace for you!

The ability to have a one month meal plan can result in nutritious dinners on the table and save you from heading to the drive thru when times get busy. If you are interested in my weekly meal planner, find it here! It includes a grocery list as well. Save at the pharmacy. When you use mPerks, you not only get access coupons, but you can earn rewards as you shop (and even use the pharmacy!).

You can earn upwards of $20 off of your next shopping trip depending on how frequently you visit. (Filling just 5 prescriptions at Meijer is equal to saving $10 off your next purchase!). “One of the benefits of meal planning is that it can save you money by only purchasing what you need and by basing your plan on the price of groceries and what’s on sale,” she says. The best way to.

List of related literature:

Meal planning is like budgeting for your food.

“Love Your Life Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want” by Rachel Cruze, Dave Ramsey, Ramsey Press
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Proper storage and careful menu planning will help minimize food waste and fuel costs—factors that are often overlooked when calculating food expenses.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
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Meal planning also includes grocery planning.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
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I make a meal plan for the week, base my grocery list on that meal plan, and then cook a fair amount of all meals on Sunday night.

“The A-Z of the PhD Trajectory: A Practical Guide for a Successful Journey” by Eva O. L. Lantsoght
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My first strategy for meal planning is to have food available.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
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Proper storage and careful menu planning will help minimize food waste and fuel costs—both factors that are often overlooked when calculating food expenses.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
from Counseling the Nursing Mother
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Planned leftovers can be a good way of saving time in meal preparation as long as the foods are properly stored and are used while still of high quality.

“Nutrition and Dietetics' 2007 Ed.2007 Edition” by Mcwilliams, Margaret
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Similarly, planned menus can help to save on quantities and ingredients.

“Catering Management: An Integrated Approach” by M. Sethi
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A meal plan proves to be a time, energy and money saver.

“Nutrition & Dietetics 3E” by Joshi
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A keyfeature ofthe menu plan is to have a corresponding shoppinglist containing all ofthe ingredients needed for the entire week’s meals.You can thenmake astack of photocopies of this shopping list.

“The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Force that Undermines Health & Happiness” by Douglas J. Lisle, Alan Goldhamer
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  • Blackened mahi tacos �� we made some just the other night and oh my gosh! Blacken the fish, serve it with cilantro, either some cabbage or lettuce, that fresco (im not sure if thats spelt right) mexican cheese and make up a lime ranch dressing to drizzle over and serve it on a corn tortilla. I couldnt stop eating them lol

  • “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” My dad said his mom always used to say that! I love the idea and trying to follow it more.

  • You should really check out I switched from to this b/c my Walmart stopped price matching. This is a great recipe collector, planner, etc.

  • Feeding little kids is obviously less expensive than teenage and bigger kids…. they eat way more than that…… hoe much do you spend on toilet paper, personal hygiene…. washing powder etc… that counts in grocery budget… I don’t understand your budgeting….

  • I repurpose club sized animal cracker containers (we have a large family-10 kids, so those are a good deal for us), pour our cereal into those containers and put a 1/2 cup measuring cup into it. The kids know one scoop is a serving. If they are still hungry when they have finished then they may ask for another bowl and they may also have a half a banana. And, I know this isn’t good manners, but they drink the milk from the bowl when they’ve eaten the cereal from it (they only do this when it’s just us at home). This helps cut back on the waste. It kills me to see milk poured down the sink!!!

  • wish my husband would like to eat out once a week. he’s always too busy thinking about every penny spent and gets annoyed if i even order takeaway once a month. let alone once a week to eat out. ��

  • I meal plan because it keeps variety in our dinners, and it motivates me to cook. If I have a plan it’s not so overwhelming. At this point, it’s second nature. It takes a lot of stress off of me.

  • I’ve been watching this channel for a long time and this is one of my all time favorite videos. Candid and brilliant. Love you girls! Leftovers, fridge, freezer then pantry! Yessss!!!!!

  • I just found you. I am in Australia so some of the websites along with Walmart doesn’t apply to me, but most of the advise will change my life. Thank you.

  • I’m an American living in Canada and when we visit my family in the States, I often stock up different items because they are so inexpensive. We may have “free healthcare ” here, but in my province we pay 13% tax. We still spend a few hundred dollars a month on groceries for a family of four. We also do a monthly Costco trip because for us, and the foods we eat, it does save us money. I have kept a price book and done extensive comparison so I know where I get the most bang for our buck. We ditched a good majority of processed and packaged foods for homemade. That alone has saved us a lot. We also eat as little sugar as possible and only use it in the occasional homemade treats. We work our budget well to get the best quality with what we can afford. I’d love it if you did a grocery haul the next time you go shopping. That would be great to see and would give folks a visual if you shared what you plan to use your ingredients for. Love seeing Jill!

  • Good program. Where I live the minimum wage is pretty high, which is nice for the people working those jobs. That means food is sometimes more. I just look for the cheapest price relative to my area. We have a grocery outlet and it has great prices on meat, but they are higher than the prices you mention, but I just don’t worry about it, they are cheapest of all the stores around.

  • i love meal planning. i meal plan and shop on sundays only. the kids know this, they manage their own snacks to last the week if we run out, they know they have to wait for sunday.

  • I tell you something: in Austria I can live on 3-5 Euro a day despite eating great quality food. The trick is buying things that are seasonal. You’ll get a whole bag of vegetables for just 10 euros. And at least some meat occasionally etc.
    The real challenge is taking your time preparing meal yourself every day

  • Such a cute baby bump! I’m actually 19 wks today myself, so I’m really feeling this meal prep thing. lol Love your meal prep videos!

  • This is great but it’s only dinners so those families still have to buy breakfast, lunch and snack food which will double or triple their cost. But yes, the meal planning aspect does cut down on a lot of waste.

  • Leftovers was a huge topic when I went to culinary school. We were challenged regularly to find unique ways to master the leftover rack. To make an afternoon tea service. I love using leftovers, making them into something new.

  • I used to have a white piece of plastic ( giant Ikea place mat). I used permanent marker to mark out sections to keep me organized and wrote on it with dry erase markers. To do, grocery list, pull/prep list ( correlated to my menu plan through the week to help me pull frozen items to thaw or prep things for dinner ahead like salad dressing, sauce, marinade. Anything thats better the next day). Now i have a peel and stick white board that covers my entire freezer door and have been nervous to commit to permanent marker again. Me thinks that today is the day! I have a big picture frame on my wall with a plain sheet of white paper as the backing. I use chalk pen and write on the glass to display my menu for the week. Its a cute part of my menu decor and the husband loves knowing what he is getting to eat.
    Im loving all your great ideas through all your videos. I made my kids freezer pizzas the other day. I used my usual gf pizza crust but made my crusts on my griddle like pancakes. They are all 1/2 cup portion and my kids think they are so fun! Super cheap, tasty and much healthier. I also made a double batch of waffles with them in 4 different flavors and froze them all ( peanut butter chocolate chip!!!) good bye expensive freezer waffles. Im saving money and time and my kids are eating more and better than before.

  • Just started video, so don’t know what exactly your going to say…
    I don’t meal plan, but I do only buy stuff that can make many differant dishes. I hardly ever buy specific ingredient. If it’s not an item that doesn’t fit into atleast 5 diff meals then I don’t buy it.

  • Four for a dollar for corn! Cheap corn for us from the farm up the road is $6.00 for a dozen. In town or the nearest city they pay $5.99 for four cobs!

  • Hi Abby! Thanks for the great dump and go recipes! I was thinking, that if you lined your Ziplock bag with a crockpot cooking bag, then you can quite literally pull it from the freezer, and place the crockpot liner already full of all the goodness, then you can reuse the ziplock bags!:o) It’s good to see your baby bump growing!

  • Whenever I buy or cook a whole chicken or turkey, I boil the skin and bones after I use it. I generally get a wonderful poultry broth and freeze it in 1 cup increments. It tastes so much better that store bough broth and works great for casseroles, gravy and soups.

  • Just order the monthly plan I will start in June 2020 few day away, will give it a try for the summer. I don’t know how to cook good and I’m so tired of fast food. PLUS I have a two year old. I want so badly for him to have a home cooked meal like I did growing up. I don’t know where I messed up with eating out thing. This is going to be so challenging for me. Wish me luck Abby. I been following you for a while now.

  • Being Single, I make 3 meals a week, I eat leftovers, and one breakfast for dinner meal, Breakfast: Scrambled Egg Sandwich, cup of v-8 juice, oatmeal Raisins rice dream, cold cereal and rice dream, lunch homemade veggie pizza no dairy, egg salad sandwich in a lettuce leaf, fake tuna salad on bread, salad with mom’s homemade dressing,, Snacks: fruit and one cookie, dinner: Spaghetti, Vegetarian sausage onions and peppers, Oatmeal, pecan meatloaf, eggs filled with veggies, homemade eggplant bacon. I don’t eat meat, or daily i’m allergic. another snack is white round tortilla chips with homemade salsa, many times before my fridge is empty it might be 10-12 days, I drink water and caffeine free fruit teas. One a month i make cookies and freeze them, I am spending about $90 a month that’s 1 dollar a meal.

  • I don’t menu plan as far as putting a meal on a certain day. I take a calendar and write what I have on it everyday, I can always look back and see what I have had, so I don’t repeat too much.  I just know what I have in my house to make meals with, I do have a stockpile, but I sometimes look and see what needs to be used and write down a few meals I could make and then just decide on a day I will have the chicken or I will have the pork chops… but I know what I have and what I can make. And I do stock up too  on chicken or ground beef, or pork whatever is on sale at the time.  You can come to my house any given day and I can just whip up something to eat, because I do stock up on items that are on sale. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • great advice learned quickly not to make meatballs, was cutting back planned 3 meatballs per person and the (ex) husband filled his plate leaving no meatballs for the rest of us. Ground beef is the way to go. Would buy the Walmart brand of cereal and crackers, put them in the empty expensive boxes and no one was the wiser. Did a taste test with the kids it was an eye opener for them when they realized the expensive cereal was really the Walmart brand.

  • I’ve got a neighborhood Walmart, but don’t price match. I heard they stopped doing that. So I do savings catcher… Which misses some of the competitors prices (scam!). I know I should have gotten a savings catcher match, but haven’t on some weeks, but it’s better than nothing. Using my savings catcher to get a Roku for the my other tv,��. Hard to believe you don’t have at least 500k subs!!! You are awesome!!! This is soooo helpful!!

  • is really awesome. You can input all of the ingredients you have on hand and it will give you recipes that only use those ingredients

  • Sorry to see you changing channels. Hate having to sign in constantly to you tube so you lost a viewer. I don’t remember my sign in to the Google account since it was created years ago.

  • An E-Course sounds great! I’m in! Keep us informed of when / where / cost, etc. Keep up the great job! We’re listening and watching!

  • I use the Walmart savings catcher. I don’t get a lot of money back, I made almost $50 this year and I use the $ I get back to buy my son a couple of his Christmas gifts.
    I’m not sure if all the walmarts do this now, but the ones where I live quit doing the price match. Walmart is about the only place I shop for groceries since i find it more convenient to get not only my groceries but toiletries, cleaning stuff, and whatever else I need.

  • My family complains about boredom when I rotate the same 10 meals. I’ve tried that because it’s simple and easy oh, but then I find they don’t need what I fix sadly. I’ve had to get creative and come up with a whole lot more meal ideas but I just keep a list. Some meals I only do once a month and some twice a month. I’ve discovered we can have hamburgers with sides and one or two other meals once a week which is a lifesaver. However I do make them eat the leftovers and often will make a double batch so that saves time in the kitchen. I agree with your advice about meal planning though and making weekly menus, it’s never worked for me as many times as I’ve tried it. Thanks for sharing

  • What is your easy, meal planning tips? Be sure to check out our other meal planning tips at

  • I have tried and tried to meal plan, but never follow through. I stockpile, and shop from my pantry and freezer. We will eat left overs, and it all depends on how hungry we are as to what we have. We brown our Hamburg as soon as we get home from the store, weigh and freeze it. Chicken we cut up, cook, weigh,and freeze some of it. We will keep breasts, thighs etc. frozen for when we need it. Eat what is in your fridge so you don’t waste anything.❤️

  • Hey!! I usually watch you guys live. I haven’t been able to because I had the triplets. ������ (June 19th). We’re still in the hospital. They were born at 31.4wks. 4.3 4.28 and 3.15 were their weights. Just wanted to comment and let you guys know ��

  • You are so right.  If you have your set meals that you can make quickly and everyone likes,  by the time you switch up your side dishes or vegetable,  you are really not eating the same meal that often.

  • How do you proportion your food though? Like how much do the kids eat or your husband eat per meal. My husband eats two full plates just for dinner and then eats again before bed. His metabolism is so high that he says he feels like he is starving two hours after eating. He eats 4 chicken breast a day not counting myself or my kids. I spend so much on meat. Also, we are stationed overseas so the only store with America dollars is our commissary. Which doesn’t really have sales (only coupons)

  • Dang I wish you would edit your live videos and cut out all the “hi people” stuff. Love your tips and vids but I avoid watching because of this stuff.

  • Not eating pork is from biblical times when they didn’t have refrigeration AND especially did not know to cook pork to a temperature which kills the organism which causes trichnosis, an organism which lives in almost all pigs. We now know to cook pork thru until the internal temperature reaches the point that the trichnosis organism is killed.

  • Ive been watching ya’ll for a while now and i really love ya’lls videos!! i purchased DOAD cookbook over a month ago and LOVE it!!

  • The way Jill was talking about putting portions on everyone’s plate instead of putting the whole platter of meat out is how we do it at the firehouse where I volunteer when we have our “family dinners”. We always buy chicken thighs and bake them. We have a spice drawer that we use our spice and we have veggies.

  • $3 with yummy food is easy.

    Step 1: Skip breakfast because you’re not a bitch, or maybe eat an egg.
    Step 2: Get your generic frozen pizza, usually $3 or less.
    Step 3: Eat half the frozen pizza at lunch.
    Step 4: Eat the other half at dinner.

    gg ez. Next.

  • 5:23 What I used to do when I was growing up (teenage years) was ask my mom if I could have Sundays to cook for her and the family and she was always happy to hand the kitchen over to me. I would make the breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as set the table for the family and clean up afterwards. I thought to myself that my mom does all of this every day of the week, why not give her Sunday off or give her a break from it. She liked having the day off of cooking and cleaning up, and it gave me good practice with meal planning, food preparation, table setting, and clean up. Then then next week it was back to normal again with sports games, etc. I am not sure how old your children are but maybe when they are older they might want to do the same for you on Sunday. It is good practice for them and I am sure will be much appreciated by you? It is just a thought and/or idea.:-) Christine. Oh, you just answered my question from above. I should have kept watching the video. Your children are in kindergarten and preschool. Yes, they won’t be doing “Sunday” dinners for you any time soon, but it is a thought for when they get older to see if they will want to do this. I know it made me happy doing this for my mom because I saw how much she did for all of us during the week and I just wanted to show my gratitude and appreciation to her by giving her Sunday off from cooking, etc.

  • Tawra, do you list your acne soap as “acne soap”? If so would you reach out to me and explain the “legalities” (FDA aspect) of doing this, please?

  • I feel like checking the price on chicken thighs now tomorrow when I go shopping, just because of this video. I’m just curious. I’m vegetarian so don’t eat them myself but I feel inspired to double check. What is it about the thighs of the poor chicken that would make them the cheapest part to eat?

  • Loved this video! Tons of great tips and ideas! Thank you so much. I got a question for you…… What if I wanted to buy every single book and e-books that ya’ll have written, is there a bundle price if you buy all of them?

  • All of your food prep help has been so encouraging! I actually have food planned for the week for myself and my husband… makes me feel like a super wife. I LOVE my instant pot and I want to give my mom one if I win! #instantpotforlife

  • Potato soup? Don’t you eat potato s and eggs( fried in a skillet?) I did this GROWING UP im YOUR AGE! That was dinner or breakfast.

  • I know this video is old, but all your videos are my favorite!! I’ve learned so much! As a mom, any help is priceless. Thank you!!

  • I meal plan/prep on my days off so I have dinners ready for the days I work and don’t have to worry about cooking on work days. I sale shop and plan meals from my pantry and my form of “meal planning” saves me from being too tired and grabbing take out.

  • Ugg I wish we could do only once a week shopping unfortunately my son and daughter’s crazy allergies have us on a specific milk that we literaly can’t buy a week supply at a time because the store doesn’t stock it. (We live in AK and they get twice weekly shipments) but Thursday is our shopping day after years of training we figured out that the meat department puts all the meat on clearance on Thursday and meats such a big part of the budget.

  • This is great and so exciting and I’m definitely looking into it! As always, thanks so much for taking the time and sharing all your wonderful videos.

  • Your dryer setting must be,on wrinkle shield with the buzzer on. It keeps tumbling and periodically stops and buzzes to remind you to take it out.☺

  • Buy a big bag of mixed frozen vegetables than take 2 cups of frozen veggies like cauliflower broccoli �� microwave high 1 to 2 minutes than dry with paper towel chopped them find. Than put them in a big bowl add egg, bread crumbs Flaxseed oatmeal whatever breading or pumpkin cheese Parmesan cheddar whatever seasoning you want. Make it into small balls I add coconut amino acid because I cannot have soy you could add meat or tuna.Than put in refrigerator 30 minutes than I use silicone bake sheet ( saves money on parchmount) spray nonstick put on 425 20 minutes really great extremely cheap,than Ziplock bag freezer. Microwave it guess what instant piazza, or throw in scramble eggs or omelette or put sauce pasta or taco filling cheap but filling cost pennies!

  • At first when he mentioned soaking beans in water making more food I raised an eyebrow but then he started talking about scallions growing by putting them in water.. what nutrients do you think water alone is adding to your food? �� Wouldn’t it be more efficient to just drink the water?

  • I really liked the meal planning booklet I got included with my Dining on a Dime cookbook.
    We made Spanish rice and yellow rice this week it didn’t get eaten up..instead of tossing it I’m cooking some Chicken and mixing with the rice and rolling a bunch of chicken and rice burritos to freeze.

  • I read a book about eating on two dollars a day and it was depressing. My budget is about 4oo a month, plus foodbank stuff. This blew me away on how good you ate. I’m so going to try this. I normally save sauce packets, but the rest I’ll do in the future. I also like how they aren’t huge meals that end up going to waste..

  • I live in Canada and I just need to say.. we do pay for medical/dental by paying benefits.. and even so I still have to pay hundreds each year towards dental and the eye doctor. Sure the hospital and doctor visits don’t cost money but really it does come off our taxes so.. it’s not as free as people think.

  • Brad, when you pair any 2 of beans/rice/corn the partial proteins in the foods pair to create a complete protein. So red beans and rice need no meat to feed your family nutritious proteins. A quarter lb of sausage gives great seasoning for minimal cost and will feed your family plus guests. Make plenty cornbread for a side and have honey or molasses hand to turn the second piece into dessert.

  • Interesting about the water. I have an H2O check off thing on my to do list thing. I only ever cross off 3 things of water. How is 8 cups even possible.

  • We eat grilled cheese and tomato soup too, it’s so good. Hardest thing for me is to make the menus and stick to it, ugh! I love how you guys work together.

  • There’s one question I have. I’ve seen several videos very similar to this and it never ceases to make me ask did none of you ever cook before? Asking because no one has any spices. Did you not have any spices at home at all? I have a cabinet of spices from years of cooking. I can’t imagine.

  • Great tips I don’t let my sons serve themselves cereal I serve them cereal but for breakfast I get pancakes I notice It last longer. good point portion control is key.

  • Well, you don’t use the whole bag,…you don’t use all the buttermilk,…you don’t use the entire can… So what do you do with the leftover ingredients? Repeat the same meal in 2 days, before it goes bad? Didn’t hear that.

  • Have been watching your Mom’s “story”. It is riveting! What an amazing woman. Not surprisingly, her children (and their spouses) are exactly what I would expect. She can be very proud, and vice versa. Thank you for your inspiring videos.

  • Have you CANNED your fish? Being in WI take advantage of your lakes you’d be surprised at how much you can catch in just one season. The only issue is you have to clean them

  • Lettuce here is 1.79 and potatoes are 4.99 for 10lbs and most of the potatoes are rotten in the middle if they are on sale they r usually rotten like 60%of them

  • This sounds very unrealistic for people who have a family member who is allergic to dairy and can have nothing with dairy in it or who is allergic to eggs or even if there is a special needs child in the house who has a lot of food sensory issues and if you do not have what she wants then she will just not eat anything for days.

  • 11:29 I have done the same thing since my teens. I just got a binder and started putting favorite recipes in it. It’s just my own “homemade” recipe books instead of buying those smaller prettier recipe books that only have so many pages to them and not always the sections I want to use. I do the same thing with a binder.:-)

  • I like to meal plan after I shop so I dont waste food. It helps remind me what’s in the fridge. I like to cook also so I make a lot of different meals.

  • Informative but one critique, the music you used during prep is loud and annoying. Sounds like a child crying. Anywho, good stuff.

  • I discovered your channel a few days ago, watched a couple videos about price matching, and subscribed. Then I spent an enormous amount of time price match planning, only to find out at the check out that Wal-Mart doesn’t even price match anymore! I wasted a lot of time…maybe take down misleading videos?

  • After watching this video, I grabbed the weekly ads from my two closest grocery stores and comparison shopped while my LO napped. For instance, store A had russet potatoes at $3.49/5lb bag but store B had a 10lb bag for $3.99! Store A had bogo chicken while store B had a great price on pork butt roast ($1.29/lb). Saved over $40!! And came under our weekly food budget.

  • I meal plan on the whiteboard I bought for my college dorm room 25+ years ago! You know, the one you hung on the outside of your door so your friends could leave you messages? Today’s students with their fancy-schmancy smart phones will never know the thrill, LOL.

  • Would you consider doing a what you bought (or how you saved on certain items) for this subscription and cost for people who do or might subscribe?

    I know that she makes a list but I may not have thought to look for the great value frozen peppers and little things such as that. I heard 100 and something dollars and then I realized/remembered this is for at least 10 meals! �� how about the fresh or other meals? what is the ingredient types or meal types or these?

  • Ladies
    First let me say I love your videos and will be purchasing your book. Tell me please how do you gorgeous ladies keep your weight down?

  • You wonderful ladies were talking about juice and amts. When I was a kid you got 3 or 4 ozs of juice in the morning. We were served juice in juice glasses. My friends order orange juice when out for breakfast the glass that was delivered to the table was a large soda glass. I started laughing I go my goodness that’s enough juice for a family of 6. While I was laughing no one else was. Of course I’m 500 and they were all 5.

  • I usually drink close to a gallon of water. The medicine I take causes me to have a very dry mouth. Should I just drink other things and not water?

  • How do you make date night work so often with the cost of childcare??!! We maybe get to have one date night a month, if that… help!!

  • Growing up in an Asian household, instead of having a steak each, one steak cut up in a stir Fry with veggies fed a family of Five!

  • oh my gosh my son was in the room when you said write it on your husbands forehead and he just gave me this look and I busted up laughing it was great.

  • Some people never learned so to them it is rocket science. Many children grew up with their parents going to fast food restraunts. Sorry I know I’m miss spelling everything, but yes I do agree do a meal plan. Have them follow you day to day, your being a spiritual adviser if you think about it. God Bless

  • Does it come out automatically each month and can you unsubscribe anytime? This looks so easy and the meals you showed looks good.

  • I drink a gallon of water a day…it help to lower my BP and cholesterol. So I don’t think I could cut out the water….and water helps feel me up when I’m eating less.

  • You don’t have to soak most beans, just sort and rinse and cook. Black beans, pinto, cranberry. Soaking them makes for a longer cook time. The only exception to this is garbanzo beans/chickpeas. If you don’t give them a nice long soak, they never get done, so overnight or 8 hours. I cook beans a lot, & my sister in law is from a country where beans are a staple, we have both found the same thing.

  • So how do you budget for the cost of feeding your animals, garden seed, etc? And processing of the animals? We eat alot of elk but we pay to have it processed

  • I don’t meal plan, I do it on a daily basis, depending on what I have in my pantry, refrigerator/freezer. I hate to plan meals for a week. I read other peoples meals, and then I make my own when I feel like it.

  • When I first moved out on my own I ate a lot of Hard Times Creamed Tuna: Flour, butter, milk, tuna. Pour over bread. Cheap and good.

  • I had my nephews over yesterday and for lunch we had grilled cheese. My 12-year-old nephew wanted tomato soup with it, but we didn’t have any canned soup in my pantry. He did see some tomato sauce and some tomatoes my mom had canned and given to me and asked if we could make it. He also asked if there was a recipe for it in your cookbook (sitting on my table). We found a recipe, pureed the tomatoes, and made a delicious tomato soup! Dining on a Dime win!!

    Then I had a Dining on a Dime fail. For dinner, I made baked chicken and I DIDN’T follow Jill and Tawra’s advice. I made TWO pieces of chicken per person and I had SO MUCH left over. I’m going out of town this weekend, so I’m going to be eating chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next couple of days. I think I’ve learned my lesson…

  • I miss Josh. He was definitely my favorite of the duo. Josh has always had a wonderfully skewed perspective on food (which I adore).

  • Thank you for the great information to stay on budget. It was interesting you said potatoes with chicken paprikash. I grew up with dumplings in mine. Thank you again ����!

  • You both are looking so good since you moved. There was so much stress before. I’m glad you didn’t stay and fight the corrupt officials in the old place. This is such a healthy life.

  • There are some really great ideas in here that I will be using next month! Thank you so much for taking the time to share and put prices to them. I just found your channel and love your little homestead. I’m excited to watch more!

  • Watching you two is so entertaining!!!! When I am over weight I tell everyone I am temporarily swollen. LOL Love you guys. XOXO

  • Based on the shape of you two that $300 doesn’t go too far in the quality calorie department.
    Not making fun as I’m in the same boat, but surviving on a small budget does not equal good health.

  • Thanks for sharing Jorden! All the way from Swaziland, Southern Africaaaa!
    I was nodding my head about your advise until you said (in slow motion) “kids eat in the car” (record scratching):)) It’s enough them coming back from school with sand and mud on their clothes and hair due to their school messy play time activities:(( I have two preschooler boys). I see extra cost on car washing there. As for shopping only once a week, “use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!”, taking a stock inventory, meal planning/ recipe folder and date nights A BIG THUMBS UP! We do our grocery shopping on Saturdays due to work commitments. We also usually eat out on that day as well due to all that running up and down those grocery isles. xx

  • i wish you had put a different background music or none at all. I do want to listen to the video till end, but the music is driving me crazy, so i’m going to stop

  • I have kidney issues and I am on the Dash diet and it is so much like what you are promoting,, nuts and eggs 3 times a week, the only difference is no white bread or rice,, I have brown rice and wheat bread but it is so much like what you are suggesting:) I have lost 35 lbs so far and when you eat the right portions and nutrients you are so right, you get full and you stay full. I eat very slow now and I pay attention to that voice that says “I am getting full” it has been hard to transition because I do have a food addiction but it does get better if people would just realize they can do it!

  • Such a cool concept! Giving it a try fir the free month. I do have a picky 3 year old and am trying to eat lower carb, so we will see! I hate the emotional energy that it takes to meal plan though!

  • AnyList is great as well because you can add recipes or import them. Then all the ingredients come up, you can Gluck the ones you need and it goes to your grocery list.

  • Years ago, I wrote down about 30-35 meal ideas on a list. That same list I (loosely) follow. It’s getting yellowed and is a little bit worn, but it does the trick. Don’t over think it. Really.

  • For medical issues I had to stop eating for 7 days, and my doctor told me only to drink when I’m thirsty. Do not drink a lot during my water fast. It made me realize I don’t need to eat every meal, or eat so much food! It was the best thing that ever happened to me. We eat too much! Thanks so much ladies, I appreciate you, and recommend your cook book!

  • hi guys..i lost my you tube password and couldnt post or like your videos but i have been watching..and my daughter fixed it…krista you look great…

  • I love this! You do keep me on track. I spend £ 50-60 a week on food shopping and that is for 4 of us. Used your tips and they work x

  • Where did Jill get her information about the serving sizes and calories compared to 20 years ago? I would love to be able to compare foods myself and go back to the ‘old way’. Sometimes the ‘older ways’ are better than the new.

  • I listen to my body, NOT what the government guidelines tell us. I fill 3/4 of my plate with healthy veggies. The other 1/4 is made up of protein and a small amount of carbs. I am at my healthiest when I do this. I have more energy, my skin glows and my blood work ALWAYS comes back GREAT, when I eat this way. That is just what works for me. I am in NO way telling anyone to do what I do! It’s just what works for me. Blessings to all. ����

  • Meal plan to me is to help me come up with ideas of what’s already in our pantry. This way I’m not trying to figure it out when I’m tired.

  • Ya that dryer is really annoying… you could have paused to turn it off lol
    Im guessing these prices are after you buy in bulk and separate and portion what you use? Ingredients for one pasta meal for my husband and I can be like $30 for all….

  • I only purchase things as they go on sale and rarely plan menus. I cook by what’s in my large pantry and garden. I would like to eat the same meals weekly. I use Sunday afternoons for eating leftovers and cleaning the fridge.
    I hit the meat managers specials for the first time this week and was proud of myself. I loved the video you did on that Tawra��

  • Sounds like danish dumplings. I like them more than Amish. I use my great grandmother’s recipe when I make dumpling soup. Mmm… ��

  • Not sure i agree with that gallon of water a day(not how it came about). I drink drinks all day long and i stay hydrated. Also with BP meds washing out a lot of fluids i still need more fluids even with pottasium pill.. I drink bottled spring water(water here isnt great) but i also drink tea and pepsi(did good in cutting back on that by getting canned pepsi cause 2 liter used to pour huge cups) orange or apple juice too. Like cranberry juice also just lots of fluids and a lot of milk(2%). Never in my life have i had an issue with drinking too much, never ever had a laxative because i was always hydrated. Never had any kidney, liver, or colon issues. Pretty sure i drink more than a gallon of fluids a day and no…lol I’m the only one in my family that is NOT diabetic. I agree Tawra..i dont tell people what to drink but no dr. ever told me i needed to drink as much as i do drink. Only problem i have is spleen related but thats cause of them believing i have PV nothing to do with what i drink. But this has made me think of portion control. Dont have financial issues with getting food but does make me rethink food portions like pancakes. But i also eat mostly just 1 or 2 meals a day…and i think in part because i keep fluids in me round the clock. Constanly drinking tho in summertime watermelon and esp. Blueberries(my fav.) add liquids also.

  • I always have s freezer and pantry inventory. Once a week we will have a general idea of what we’re doing for dinners including leftover nights but its never set in stone. If we have a craving for something specific then we’ll switch it up. The only thing that is in stone is spaghetti Sunday but that’s only because of my Italian family traditions.

  • This was by and large the most eye opening episode. I went to My and figured out the portion size for each member of my family some needed more calories and some less than what I was serving. We’re on our way!

  • omg its been so long since I’ve watched you guys your videos hadn’t come in my notifications. The prices here in Canada are expensive. I feed my family of 4 for $800/ MONTH including household items

  • Tawra, you could make a video on that chart of what calories you’re eating.  Not as a “you should all do this” but to show us that idea.  I like your gnome sheet.  I could use that.

  • this is a cool video for where you live, pricing is so different all over the cheapest I can get corn is 5 for $2 but I completely get the point planning ahead helps so much with overall budget

  • We have a grocery store near us that has a sale once a month where a case of packaged chicken thighs or legs is $10. That’s 22 pounds of thighs for $10 or 19 pounds of legs for $10. The chicken is already packaged with four thighs per pack or six legs per pack, so their ready for the freezer!

  • Wow this was great! Do y’all have a deep freezer or how do you store extra freezer meals? Also loving that belly in the shots haha

  • I want to plan tv dinners. I figure get some freezer plates it something and that way I can make sets of 2…or sets of 3 fit for houseguests. When I try to make dinner…we end up eating the same thing for a week…. Like chili, small pot, in tired of it after a day. Diabetic in family meals must have meat, vegetables and a starch. suggestions on how to do it…if not in bulk or bit by bit?

  • The front page back page part is not always true. For a store near me, the middle is where the sales on fruit, pantry items and cheese are. The front and back are mostly meat and seasonal items.

  • I menu plan, but do it with what I have in the house. I change my menu if I have leftovers that I don’t want to freeze. Menu plan helps me feel “organized”. We do go off the plan at times but I have a rough idea. It also helps me remember what is in the freezes to use up. Great video ladies!

  • Love the comments for all the extra meal ideas. I will say I shop cheaply, but every price you quoted is almost double in my area.

  • I can’t figure out why all the “dislikes”… Gee! You would think people are anti-saving, anti-hard-working. I love this channel, and especially the kind, helpful way that y’all are trying to mentor (or at least) share what you know. Keep being you! ��

  • how refreshing:) I need all the help I can get. Love your blog and channel. Just out of curiosity does your Mom have her own channel? If not she should!!! Love when she talks about the “old” days with portion control and not having coffee etc….. we never eat out cause I have food allergies but we still have a huge food bill. Just for 2 ppl:(

  • I sort of kind of meal plan. This video was very helpful. I save about $10-12 on my grocery bills every week. I shop for 2, I usually spend $75 each week. But using what I have and planning… I have to look for things to buy and stock up on. I’m spending around $65 and some weeks I don’t really need anything. ��‍♀️Thanks so much! (I ❤️Walmart for grocery shopping & I do free pick up after work.)

  • My kids and I love dry cereal so when we run out of milk we can go days:) we just snack on the cereal in a baggie. My oldest likes hers in a bowl without milk even when we have milk.:) just an idea for those who run out.:) If you dont have 3 dollars the dollar store has white boards for a buck!

  • I loved watching this… can’t do a lot of the foods, but the idea of planning ahead has become imperative for my health. Not only am I diabetic but I have stage 4 kidney disease. Knowing what I’m going to eat helps.

  • Great video again. Don’t know how you can feed, launder and personal hygiene your family without couponing. I only have 2 and can’t survive without coupons. Plus I get brand names cheaper than generic. Don’t have anything against generic, however some I’ve tried are really BAD, thereby wasted money. Plus since I live 1 hour from town, I only shop once a month and stock up. I pay ZERO for oral care, hair care, dishwasher tablets and very minimal like under $1 for OTC medications and first aid. Laundry & dish soap is also $1 or less. Just got heavy duty Dixie paper plates cheaper that the cheap generic ones. Don’t know if I could EVER pay full (not even just sale) price again for anything. But I feel that those who don’t coupon make it easier for me. If everyone couponed I’m sure the value of coupons would be lowered, and the deals wouldn’t be as good.

  • I plan our meals for everyday… we have 4 adults and 3 children ( my husband and I, our daughter and her family_) I appreciate the concept… I keep it as low as possible but in California the prices you were naming are not to be found… but I keep it around 600… we dropped it from 1000…

  • A lot of people today are working to find out the best method to drop weight. Then again, being able to discover a diet plan that will work for you is tough to find. A very important thing you want to understand is that a diet is effective for one person might not operate for another. And that means you must know what your getting into before you begin one of these diets. This can give you enough information to find out whether this really is something which is appropriate to your requirements. Read more here

  • Regarding making popcorn as an inexpensive snackI use a hot air popper (under $20.00 at Walmart but it has lasted for 20 plus years and bushels of popcorn!) My children loved making popcorn for our Friday TV and snuggle time. The popper is a little noisy and rowdy with little escapees flying out!!!! My kids thought it was hilarious! ��Sweet memory

  • You can vacuum seal your pastas and other dry items in your pantry and use as needed and just re seal them they will last much longer.

  • I’ve been looking all over the place for something like this. Everybody probably going to hate me for saying this, but she should charge at least $10/month for this. That’s a lot of work that goes into developing a product like that!:) I will definitely be purchasing

  • great show! You are so correct and if americans would try this they wouldn’t need whatever popular diet of the month to lose weight. Restaurants serve way too much food. Its so wastefull.

  • When you grow up and face reality….. necessity is the mother of invention… Me & a relative spent $23 at Burger King 2 full double meat meal deals large fries and drinks. I was thinking.. damn… I can eat for week on that if I was home and not traveling…. with leftovers….

  • Invest in a meat grinder. When meat goes on sale like pork loin, beef…put it through the meat grinder and make into ground meat. You can improvise then, for meals that need hamburger, for ground whatever you were ever able to find on sale.

  • I ordered your book on 3/31/18 and am eager to receive it to start your savings ideas. Only 2 of us and need to eat at home vs going out. I have an Instant Pot so am working towards cooking more veggies and healthy foods at home.

  • For the people asking about the cost for feeding the livestock… a LOT of people who own farms grow their own hay, oats, corn, potatoes, etc., and sell some of their crops which in turn pays for more seeds. I don’t know if this family does or not but that would be way too complicated to include for the family’s food budget. The huge upside of growing your own food is that you know EXACTLY where it comes from and what it might or might not have in it. Buying organic at the store is ridiculously overpriced so yes, you’re saving money by growing your own. Good for this family and thank you for sharing.

  • I have been following you for years. I now only eat clean food as the Bible says. I want to go to heaven and will not risk anything. Love I sure wish you would help or make meals for this.

  • Future medical bills and medications or surgery won’t save money in the long run. Whole Foods plant based may cost more, but it’s like putting money in a savings account when it comes to longterm health. I’m planning to actually live until I die.

  • Sounds real great, but what I miss are fruits. I live in the Netherlands and fruits are really expensive especially in winter. Meat, chicken and pork are normal priced.
    In our family we eat a lot of vegetarian food, like chickpeas and white beans. When the sause and the spices are good, it is a very nutricious meal.

  • Did anyone else try this with a processing error? The money is there and I really don’t want to keep trying it with the processing error showing up.

  • Ok Jordan this is probably one of the first videos I watched and decided I needed to follow you. Thanks for all the great tips & tricks, & hacks!!! Meal planning for LIFE!!

  • For those of us that don’t have the land or livestock, grocery stores have days they mark meat down. Ours is Wednesday’s, so don’t be afraid to ask. Also, for casseroles, lunch meat can be cheaper ( depending on sales etc) and just as good in a casserole.

  • Hey! During your show you held up a sheet that kind of helped you break down meals with your calories in order to help you watch your calorie count. Just wondered would you mind posting that sheet on your channel where i could kind of go by it to help watch my calorie count. Thank you so much!

  • A tip for those of us who have to buy meat at the store, I stock up when meat is on sale. Ex. is whole chicken for 69 cents a pound. I get 2 dinners, a lunch and make my own stock from the bones. I save the ends of vegetables in the freezer for the stock too.

  • Don’t know if you have Winco where you’re at but it seems to be the “go to” place for deals here in Texas and 99% of the time prices are beyond better than even Wal-Mart and it’s set up like a Whole Foods with bins of all sorts of goodies, coffee, grains, nuts, etc. etc. We also use the 99 cent store too to stock up on items such as prepacked snacks or fruits and veggies.

  • Obesity is an increasing problem and the US is really bad but the UK is quickly catching up. It is mainly down to convenience foods (all that hidden and sometimes not hidden sugar), portion control and also more sedentary life style. Also a big problem with children is snacking and fizzy drinks. Crisps (you call them chips in the US) are one of the most common snacks and far too much is eaten daily by children here. Generally here though still compared to the US portions are not as big meal times. Snacking though can mount up to a lot of calories a day

    I havent visited the US but my sister has and that was many years back. She was rather shocked at the large portions that Americans eat. She stayed for a short while with a family and even with not being able to eat all that was put on her plate she put on a lot of weight. Not just in the home but at restaurants she was shocked at portion sizes. However from what I have learned since it does seem to vary from state to state. So yes increase your activity and reduce those portions and even if you still eat those rubbish convenience foods with all that sugar you will still make a big difference.

    So whether you eat extremely healthily or not so healthy reduce your portions less calories going in and also very importantly increase your activity, more calories burned. Reduce the snacking and get those children out from behind those video games or the tv (the lazy babysitter) and go outside more.

  • I’m only new to meal planning actually so far I have 3 days planned out of the 7, and it’s already a huge help, Monday is always soup day, to cleanse our system and start the week fresh, Tuesday is kids swimming lessons, so this mama doesn’t have time to fiddle in the kitchen so tuesdays now are pizza �� days. Wednesday is fish day usually it’s a salmon rice and broccoli ��. Now all left to plan is Thursday and Friday, as usually in the weekend I like to take my time and make some nice recipes for my kids, and experiment with new flavours.

  • I actually appreciate the length of this video and the fact that you two talked through the planning process in real time. God bless

  • I take packets from Taco Bell, every time I go there. But I did find Taco Bell sauce bottled at Krogers a month or two ago. But hey, if you can get it for free??

  • I earn roughly 500$ monthly and I spend 3$/daily and it does really work like a lot, I work in total 15 days/month and I monthly save around 210$/per month which will really help me to get a car in the future.

  • Potatoes/Rice/ Beans especially can are all unhealthy. Many of the cheap Hotdogs are loaded with nitrates (Unhealthy and full of sugar as well )……. Bread for pizza!?? and Hunts spaghetti sauce is loaded with sugar..again unhealthy.

  • yupi sofrito! I wish you have some planning budget with less carbohydrates like Keto. I eliminated rice and save a lot weekly. Thanks for a new video

  • Ground beef in our area is never cheaper than three to four dollars a pound at any market or Walmart. Would hate to just totally give it up!��

  • Okay I just have to comment! I’m mostly vegetarian and to be totally honest I find many people who raise their own animals to be very meat focused… as in it’s not a meal without meat. I’m okay with that not everybody needs to agree with me, but WOW how refreshing to hear someone say “you don’t need a lot of meat.” You don’t! I have become even more in love with you guys just from that comment

  • The end of that soap pc you cut(to clean it up) put that is a soap foamer with water (about a 1/3of the pc) shake it up when the soap melts you have hand soap.

  • Girl I could never make ham and cheese soup as a meal lol I wish I could find meal plans of full meals like a meat and 2 sides ����‍♀️ def lots of work. That’s an Amazing subscription for those who like slow cooker meals ����

  • Thanks so much for sharing. This is a God send. I meal prep from time to time, but this is a total game changer. I’m married, homeschool 2 kids (one with a disability), and take care of my mom (she is immobile). Blessings to you!

  • While I can appreciate the planning and effort that goes into meal planning,shopping and sticking to a list in absolutely no way are these healthy. So many meals that are just pasta, or “over noodles” with heavy sauce, fatty meats etc.

  • 7/11 has a 3 dollar large pizza deal from their app that gets delivered last time I checked. They max out at 3 pizzas for 3 dollars each. they have this deal every now and then

  • I love love love your videos Twara
    Why because it’s working in my life I am a Muslim so we do eat halal chicken
    I sold my kids old car seat and I got extra money with that
    I bought 50 lb. Chicken $1.50 ca
    I am living in Canada
    So per Lb it cast me by American
    But normally 1lb halal chicken
    Costing us about $3 to $3.50
    Thank you and God bless you.

  • Watched this before and every time I do I get jealous. Bananas in Aus are so freaking expensive! You pay the equivalent of about $1/kg (ish)…ours are minimum $2.50 per kg or often $3-4/kg. I love bananas but on this challenge in Aus you won’t be getting fruit or meat that’s for sure!

  • What tax return lmao. I Like your ideas may try them. I have your book. I waste a lot of food my husband eats like a bird and I a pig, so it’s hard to cook. He eats no leftovers I have to eat it all and I cannot, so food gets wasted. Like I made baked Ziti he ate one serving, and I had to eat the rest. We tried freezing it just doesn’t work. I’m not being negative just need to figure something out. Work nightshift no day life.

  • I tend to assign similar meals to each day of the week. On Saturdays I buy seafood, so that’s what we have; on Sundays I have more time, so I usually make roast chicken or beef; Monday: frittata/omelette, Tuesday: tacos, etc. I will switch up the side dishes based on what I got at the farmers market that week or what needs to be used up in the fridge. My family doesn’t get bored, I think they actually like that predictability. Obviously special occasions will come up and I’ll switch things up as I feel like it. What seems terrible to me is being tied to complicated recipes with extensive ingredient lists for the sake of meal planning, and having to shop for all that stuff. Buy foods you enjoy eating, throw it together with some spices, make it taste good. It’s dinner, not the olympics.

  • Go find some old-time juice glasses, the kind jelly used to come in. They’re just the right size. Also older collectible glasses were smaller than the 16=32 ounce classes we have now.

  • Buying at 99 store big mackerel at 99 remember you will save buy medical bandaids I try to see if average stores have cheaper than here it’s shoprite so if grocery is cheaper I buy it there. Portion control eating less of protein that’s the expensive part.

  • How about a meal plan for a single woman. All my kids are out of the home, it has been very hard to cook small. I end up eating a pot of food for a week and the few that get left behind in the freezer… will they are still there ��

  • I meal planish. I do look through all my pantries and I shop the sales so I can make a whole lot of stuff by just doing that. I only buy the basics and restock those things.

  • Love this video! Just a little tip, there is an app that syncs to your computer and phone that holds and downloads recipes from the internet. It’s called Paprika Recipe Manager and it is totally worth the money.

  • Do you and Heidi use coupons? I never use coupons. But I’m thinking about starting. I also need to get my local ads every week. I just spent $150 and I was so upset because I didn’t really get anything.

  • I love your content but you might consider your scolding tone all of the time…it makes your videos harder to watch. As…if you need the tips and find them helpful you must be an idiot to begin with? Thanks for your channel though.

  • I’m from Edinburgh, Scotland and want to thank you for all the great advice (I’m currently working the envelope trick and what a difference). Your videos are so informative and true to like love love love them x thanks

  • GREAT video. My hubby and myself decide what’s for dinner of the morning and use fresh stuff up first. We’re retired so no need for meal prep days on weekends or crock pot freezer meals. We are living on a dime converts!!!!!! ������❤��

  • I do a combo. I plan two breakfast options, two lunch options, one snack option, and daily different dinners for the week. I’m a type A personality, and I need that organization in my life, haha! When I plan, I shop the fridge, freezer, and pantry so I don’t waste. The day before grocery shopping is always leftover day so we don’t waste! THEN I look at the sales to fill in the gaps. Sometimes the dinners get switched around. I always budget a certain amount for freezer meat/pantry so I can take advantage of any good deals. I am limited right now on storage, so I don’t keep too much, but have to take advantage of the good deals when they happen!

  • My dad makes SOS out of any meat, hamburger, chicken, sausage the chopped beef is way down on the list, most of the family likes sausage I prefer hamburger.

  • Pantry based meal plan. Isn’t that what women have traditionally done? Grocery stores are a recent invention. Our great grandparents had a general store that didn’t have much food. Great video ladies.

  • We don’t meal plan either just what ever we want that day but I am buying for a family of 6 sometimes more when we have extra people here. I’d love to learn to bargain shop

  • Oh Sweet Abby, You & your Baby’s are absolutely adorable & so beautiful ����! I love seeing how much you love them & how much they love you ����!!! I saw that you live in Texas ��. My nephew Jake married Holley a beautiful, sweet girl from Texas & they live in Sherman, TX. I just found you on YouTube yesterday so I’ve been watching your videos ����. I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely adore you & love everything you are doing to help all of us ����! Especially on how to prepare double meals all at one time, how to save money on groceries & still eat healthy, awesome meals ����! Thank you so much for sharing ��!!! God Bless you sweet Girl & your precious family ��✝��!!!

  • I think you two are amazing people…very kind and thoughtful�� I live up in Northern California in a beach community and unfortunately the food prices are OUTRAGEOUS! I’m now a single mom of 2 so in order to afford to feed my kids I’ve started making my own bread, tortillas and I’m also purchasing rice and dried beans in bulk. Our city will not allow a Walmart to be built!�� so thankfully I can order many non perishable items on do believe that meal planning will help my family…hopefully! I also plan to pick up your 2 cookbooks.
    Thanks for making these wonderful videos…God Bless You & your family✝️��

  • I love Bragg’s!!!♡♡♡ and pico. In everything:). I’m jumping the gun because the video is NOT over ha. My husband likes to buy in bulk and it always messes with my head because it’s more money down up front, and honestly it doesn’t seem budget friendly. I agree meal planning is key, and this is inspiring me to get back to it with a strict commitment. A staple in our house is soft tacos, its amazing, literally anything can be thrown in a tortilla shell!eft over bbq, left over veggie stir fry.
    First time finding you guys on YouTube ♡ great topic. We also, love spaghetti squash for pasta dishes ; casseroles etc.

  • Josh you are and have always been an inspiration to me, wherever you are now I hope you’re living your best life and meeting your life goals, maybe someday I’ll see you again, one love man keep doing you

  • Jill, Michael and Tawra, the best video i have watched in a long time. Portion control is the best advice for health and finances. Thank you

  • I shop at aldi, for a family of 7 sometimes 8 as the 20 year old just won’t leave lol.
    But it’s hard because we tried the healthy route fruits veggies etc. It wasted, it was pointless. We both work full time and dont have time or energy to plan, so it’s about $600 -$700 a month. But we add a lot of foods that are quick. But I love the cheap meals we do eat. Tuna, canned veggies, mayonnaise, sour cream added to tostadas. It’s super cheap easy and good. My husband is from Mexico so we eat a lot of flavorful meals but cheap. We go through 2-4 gallons of milk a week. So we do shop weekly but every 2 weeks we spend about $300-$350. We bake desserts a lot too, I actually think I have a chef (12) in the home, that’s a plus. We use a lot of rice, beans, hot dogs, eggs.

  • I use to do that portioning out the cereal and milk the night before for my niece when she use to live with me when she was about 5 years old (Shes now 21… smh where does the time go lol). I would give her one cup of cereal in ziplock or a cup or container and pre-pour her one cup of milk and put it in the fridge on a shelf low enough for her to reach. Then I would take her in the kitchen and show her where it was and have her practice how she was going to get it out without making a mess and what she should do afterward. It was very simple and it gave me a little more time to rest in the mornings…lol Im not a morning person at all, Im a night owl so I would do all my prep while I was up at night.

  • I only make popcorn on the stove in my cast iron pot. It is so much better. My husband fusses because I don’t by microwave popcorn any more.

  • Thanks for the info! I can’t agree more, our portions in America are out of control, and everyone’s looking for a food group to eliminate. I’ve been more aware of my portions since listening to your videos.:) I agree Costco and warehouses people are overspending!

  • I don’t Meal Plan as such, just keep tabs on what’s in my fridge and freezer compartment (which I clear out and rotate maybe once a month, so the stuff I should use Soon is up front and staring at me). I live alone and cook for myself but people tend to drop in around dinner time and if they don’t like what I’ve cooked i send them into town for Fast Food……but back to Meal Planning. If I know I have to use something Soon i’ll check my pantry cupboards and figure out a dish, and then make it. But that’s how I roll (not eyeroll, LOL)…I like this video.