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Instructions. Soak the almonds overnight or up to 2 days. Place the almonds in a bowl and cover with about an inch of water. They will plump as they absorb Drain and rinse the almonds.

Drain the almonds from their soaking water and rinse. How to Make Your Own Almond Milk. Read on to find out the benefits of doing so and how you can make your own! Step 1 Select Your Almonds.

The best almond variety to use are organic, raw almonds. While virtually all varieties of these nuts contain Step 2 Soak Your Almonds. Step 3 Blend Your. Making your own almond milk may sound complicated, but it’s surprisingly simple you just need a few basic ingredients, a nut bag and a blender.

Once you get the basic method, you can get creative and mix it up using other nuts, coconut, oats and seeds. You’ll love having a bottle of this all-natural, almond. If you are dairy free, making your own almond milk is a great way to save money and avoid additives. As a bonus, you can use the leftover almond pulp to make almond flour for use in recipes! If you are nut free as well, coconut milk is another good alternative.

How to Store Homemade Almond Milk. This recipe lasts approximately 4 days in the. Soak your almonds for at least 18 hours, and then strain and rinse well. You can then dehydrate and roast the nuts if you choose, or just turn them into almond milk!

If you don’t have time to soak the nuts overnight, try to soak them for at least a couple hours before making almond milk. Making homemade almond milk starts with soaking almonds overnight in cool water. The water is then drained out and the almonds are added to a blender along with fresh water, salt, and any additional add-ins (such as dates for sweetness or vanilla, cacao powder, or berries for flavor variations). When you make your own almond milk you control exactly what goes into it.

Which in most instances is nothing more than water, almonds, and MAYBE a natural sweetener. Without the carrageenan the milk will separate while sitting in your refrigerator, but a quick shake before pouring fixes that issue. To make almond milk, you simply blend together almonds and water, until the almonds are completely broken down.

The resulting “milk” is creamy, with a mild almond flavor that blends almost seamlessly into any recipe. Pin it for Later As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Almond milk is ridiculously easy to make.

It only requires two ingredients ― almonds and water ― so there are few excuses not to make your own. It’s clear that making it homemade will give you a simpler product; store-bought brands include ingredients such as. Make better milk for a better planet.

Every Almond Cow prevents 500 plastic cartons from landfills and the ocean. Together, we’ve kept over 1,500,000 single-use plastics from polluting the.

List of related literature:

There are a few brands of whole almond milk available in stores (see Resources, here), but I like to make it from scratch.

“Clean Cuisine Cookbook: 130+ Anti-Inflammatory Recipes to Heal Your Gut, Treat Autoimmune Conditions, and Optimize Your Health” by Ivy Larson, Andy Larson
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To make almond milk at home, place H cup of blanched almonds and H cup of pure water in a blender and process on high until the mixture is creamy.

“Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal” by Phyllis A. Balch CNC
from Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal
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You can make almond milk by adding about 12 raw almonds that have soaked in water overnight to one cup of water and then mixing in a blender until smooth.

“Grow a New Body: How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health” by Alberto Villoldo
from Grow a New Body: How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health
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Just type in the words “how to make almond milk” and you’ll find what you need.

“Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism” by Frank Suarez
from Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism
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Making your own almond milk takes only a little time and is preferable to commercial varieties, which are often sweetened.

“Honestly Healthy: Eat with your body in mind, the alkaline way” by Natasha Corrett, Vicki Edgson, Lisa Linder
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Pour this almond milk into a medium saucepan and add:

“Ayurvedic Cooking for Westerners: Familiar Western Food Prepared with Ayurvedic Principles” by Amadea Morningstar
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To make almond milk, blanch almonds (add them to boiled water for about a minute, then rinse with cool water and easily squeeze off skins) before grinding, as skins can be very bitter.

“The Art of Fermentation: An In-Depth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processes from around the World” by Sandor Ellix Katz, Michael Pollan
from The Art of Fermentation: An In-Depth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processes from around the World
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Straining the almond milk with a nut milk bag or cheesecloth makes it silky smooth.

“Crazy Sexy Juice: 100+ Simple Juice, Smoothie & Nut Milk Recipes to Supercharge Your Health” by Kris Carr
from Crazy Sexy Juice: 100+ Simple Juice, Smoothie & Nut Milk Recipes to Supercharge Your Health
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The beauty of this method is that you can make almond milk in just about any blender, and there’s no need to strain the milk through a sieve or nut milk bag.

“Artisan Vegan Cheese: From Everyday to Gourmet” by Miyoko Schinner
from Artisan Vegan Cheese: From Everyday to Gourmet
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Using store-bought almond milk works fine, but if you’d like to make your own, all you need to do is soak one part almonds in two parts water overnight.

“The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook: More Than 50 Irresistible Recipes That Will Get You High” by Editors of High Times Magazine, Elise McDonough, Sara Remington
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  • It’s true salt does enhance the sweetness if your almond milk is not milky enough you can always add some cashews which is not a nut but they will also make it taste creamier and milkyer yummy yummy

  • i tried making oat milk a few months ago…. it did not turn out well. i will surely try out your recipe since you’re more reliable!

  • I’m here sitting with my own almond milk hot choclate wondering why it doesn’t taste thaaat good (first time making it). Thank you for showing me that I need to drain the water I soaked them in and add a bit of sweetener:) Next one will be way better:D

  • This is the second video so I literally have to wait for my almond to soak up water no ok then I will have to wait for tomorrow this is a big Boohoo from me I will be having this for breakfast really really nice

  • do you HAVE to strain the almond milk? i don’t have a nut milk bag or cheesecloth. are there any other subtitutes that work? thank you in advance

  • I don’t even care what the content is your videos are just so relaxing that you could be teaching me to rechain a chainsaw and I’d still watch it

  • Ive heard how easy almond milk is to make… but for some reason never actually looked into it! I follow your vids and insta stories religiously and am so pumped YOU decided to make an almond milk how-to. There was no way could avoid now!! Thanks for another short but amazing vid!

  • It’s hard for some of us to justify a $600 vitamix. I make it with an inexpensive ‘bullet’ mixer. It just takes longer. I don’t mean to be combative, just want ppl to know they can live with one less expensive kitchen tool. Also, if you have a small kitchen it’s hard to store a lot of gadgets. Maybe I’ll try in my food processor and will let you know. Thx for your vids.

  • What people dont realize is almonds are pro inflammatory and have a very high level of arginine which can fuel dormant viruses and contribute to autoimmune problems

  • Why do she have a vitamix if she’s gonna strain the pulp, I have a vitamix and i blend it for a few seconds and the pulp is gone, you can not feel the texture from almonds spinach…

  • Thank you for the video. I think it’s important to state that store-bought nut milks are often fortified with important vitamins for vegan adults and children, and this homemade milk would not satisfy those needs (vegans still need to supplement on top of the fortified milk because it is not filled with all essential nutrients). I mean no disrespect, but I think that it’s only responsible to add that while store-bought milks sometimes get a bad reputation for all the reasons you listed, they are essential for those of us who are full-time vegans.

  • God bless you Maya he has really taken care of you and given you an amazing YouTube channel which I love watching! Thankyou the music was so calming

  • You are slowly becoming a healthy vegan. And when you do look up Rachael ama and sweet potoatoe soul.. And look up ty conscious kitchen. They are all on YouTube.. God bless!!!

  • Great video…Question…How would I calculate the calories, etc? just subtract the discarded ingredients from the finished product? New to healthy eating and learning a lot here, Thanks.

  • I’ve been making it for about fifteen years every three or four days. A couple of tips. One, you don’t need to add the dates unless you want it sweet (I like mine plain), two, if you’re not a muscle man like Derek:), then pour it into the nut milk bag in batches, and three, if you do like it sweet and want the dates, you may want to add vanilla too. Great video!

  • Hi! I am really loving these recipes especially the basics since I’m starting from SCRATCH! Would you be willing/able to do a video about things you keep on hand in your pantry at all times, and how you store/use them? Or if you’ve already done this somewhere, can you point me to where that might be? Thank you!

  • I can make my own now.Thank you and save money at least you know that is not processed. Because you made it yourself. Now drink more milk because it’s milk and water vanilla and vanilla flavor and almond.

  • Hi guys! I get asked all of the time if the process to make almond milk is the same as cashew milk (my personal favorite). And there is a slight difference. So today I wanted to show you how to make almond milk at home! If this is your nut milk of choice, now you won’t have to buy it from the store again. Happy Sunday! xo Lisa

  • Not doing your mom any favors. She will end up with osteoporosis unless she takes “supplements” which is probably what most vegans have to do to compensate for not having a natural animal based diet.

  • Loved this recipe changed my life. I used to drink store bought regular milk from cows and I know it’s bad for you so having this really helps because I love the taste and creamyness of milk Thanks!

  • I heard it’s good for people who are lactose intolerant
    Anytime I use cow milk my stomach groans and it embarrass me and my friends told me to use this, wanted to know that will this help me?

  • Hi Lisa, quick question. Can you make a double batch (2 cup almonds and 8 cups water) in the Vitamix at the same time? Or would you suggest to do two seperate batches?

  • Ehi Derek!
    Love your videos!

    I see that you are now using a Blendtec, older videos you had a Vitamix…what’s your thought about the two machines (I’m undecided on which one to buy)




  • Looks good. I do want to make my own but wouldn’t the home made one be lacking in vitamin D? I know the store bought one adds that in.

  • Please help! My first few batches were great in consistency. But now, almost all of my batches are so foamy I can’t even fill up half of my milk jar. My theories were: soapy nut milk bags, soapy vitamix container, or maybe blending too much? But I’ve made sure to fix all of those just in case…it hasn’t helped. Is this normal?

  • I love your blogs. I will never be vegan but I love vegetables and I just made the almond milk using coconut water with vanilla flavoring added and a little raw honey. Delicious! Thanks for the easy recipe!

  • Few points
    1almond milk to be kept in refrigerator or at room temp.. what is shelf life

    2initially i made the milk and it went well. Past few times it sort of goes bad -greenish water separates from solids. What could i b doing wrong pl?

  • Thanks for the tutorial Derek, I can’t wait to try make my own batch when I get home. 6 days and counting after 6 months away from my real world

  • I love almond milk it is so popular now and can be found everywhere. I also like rice milk and oat milk. Popular dairy free milks available now are pea milk, peanut milk and flax milk. They all can be used just like regular milk and are more healthy generally. In much of the world milk is plant-based, and only in the west has dairy milk been regularly used.

  • Few points
    1almond milk to be kept in refrigerator or at room temp.. what is shelf life

    2initially i made the milk and it went well. Past few times it sort of goes bad -greenish water separates from solids. What could i b doing wrong pl?

  • Wow I didnt know it was that easy to make. Gotta try it sometime.Though I find almond milk not so good for use in cooking though fine to drink but in cooking things come out too runny

  • thank you for your great information you and your mother are very beautiful woman ilike the song and your joyfulmoments prtetty flowers

  • Always shocked to know how little almonds are in…. almond milk, but this recipe seems so much easier for me to make my own! Thanks!:)

  • Almonds are so expensive, ill just continue my typical oatmeal,milk,peanutbutter,banana breakfast and wholegain rice.brocoli,chicken lunch and diner.

  • Why does my almond milk become rancid within two days? I’ve stopped making it because it just turns bad so quickly despite me letting it cool before putting it in the fridge.

  • 587 gallons of water were used in the making of this video.
    1.5 gallons are shown used in the process
    585.5 gallons were used to grow 140 grams of almonds.

  • Im a cow milk drinker and im honestly so excited to try this. Im not a big fan of cow milk at this point so i hope this one becomes my new thang!

  • Its amazing how now cow milk is now bad for you! We should have known this! Im just glad most or all know the truth about cows milk and looked into plant based milk. Better benefits!

  • Hi Derek, great video that makes me want to do my own too!!! But… what about your vitamix blender?!? Have you switch to blendtec?!?

  • Good vid. Thank you �� I totally agree with you about the commercial but milks. They’re definitely nearly all water and additives… nothing even like the natural home made nut milks. Especially the almond milk! There’s nothing more yummy than all almond home made milk ��

    Just a another hint for everyone: I’ve been making nut milks for awhile now.. a lot of experimentation to make it more economical!. All almond or all cashew milk tastes beautiful but is very expensive to keep up making unfortunately.��
    What I have found to be the best (for me anyway ) is to use 1/4 cup brown rice (as your base..even though it’s a thin milk )
    1/4 cup Almonds or Cashews
    1/4 cup Walnuts
    1/4 cup Sunflower seeds or Pumpkin seeds
    All soaked overnight then strained and rinsed
    Make as usual
    Put in a 600 ml drink plastic bottle so you can shake it easily before you use it because the rice milk ‘silt ‘settles on the bottom
    Yummy �� and economical ��
    Then blend with water as usual

  • Derek, I made some cashew milk and it is amazing. You should try it. You don’t have to soak the cashews and you also don’t need a I’m a nutbag strain it. It’s nice tasty and creamy.

  • Hey, did you get another blender, or do you have two? I remember seeing you have a totally different blender in another video back in March. Or did it break? My blender broke down after just four months of use, so I decided to order the one you recommend.

    The video you had another blender was titled “How To Make Healthy Salad Dressings”.

  • Few points
    1almond milk to be kept in refrigerator or at room temp.. what is shelf life

    2initially i made the milk and it went well. Past few times it sort of goes bad -greenish water separates from solids. What could i b doing wrong pl?

  • Hilarious comments all! I pop the skins off first btw. The skin is toxic I was taught by an Ayurvedic doctor. My five luved every glass/gallon.

  • finally a homemade a non-dairy milk! I love it❤️ Lately, I’ve been having breakouts because of dairy. Godbless to you Maya! lovelots xo

  • I made it for the first time today. So great. Altho I did add a little extra water but it’s okay. It’ll be amazing from the next time. I’m going to be adding it to my banana shakes every morning instead of cow milk. Why didn’t I look this up before!?

  • I realized she said she messed up on not saying the ingredients for the first milk but she actually did right after the cheesecloth

  • You are my favourite YouTuber to watch. You are so relaxing and make me feel so positive and happy and to appreciate the little things ❤️

  • Love it! I’m so excited to try it over the weekend. I’ve been meaning to try it forever because making it is cheaper and I can make what I need versus needing to buy the too large size at the store and not using it all. Love how super simple the instructions are too! Huge fan of your channel over all. I’m so not a big YouTube watcher but for your channel I subscribe. Thanks for the great content and keep it up! ��

  • We are ALL LACTOSE INTOLERANT, when it causes to you to go often to the toilet room. I always opt for milk free lactose or soy milk, rice milk, almond milk. Better alternative. Yups! Great video beautiful!

  • Hey Maya �� just a little question! I don’t have a blender that works so I’m trying to figure out how to make oat milk �� can you maybe link a non blender recipe below because I can’t seem to find one.thanks!

  • Nothing taste better than real cow’s milk, however, if you want to live a vegan life you’ll just have to like another type of milk.

  • I’ve made oat milk before but didn’t have a milk bag so it settled a lot even after using a mesh strainer. But we ordered milk bags a few days ago and are looking forward to them coming in.

  • This is fine and good, but it is NOT cost-effective, unless you grow your own almonds. I can go to Costco and spend $7.50 for a half gallon of almond milk or spend $12.00 on almonds to make the same amount on my own. Home made oat milk is far more cost-effective.

  • I used to hate almond milk but I started making it myself and it taste so much better plus your video gave me some nice tips thanks ��

  • hey maya❤️
    u should use less water at frst for blending,bkj of more water almonds nd cashews will not blend smoothly
    lots of love frm india����

  • 2:10
    Whenever anyone want somthing simply consider using
    It is a solution for all people()

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  • That was mighty creative of you to form that date into the shape of a heart. Enjoy your week, Maya, and I hope that you are having a blessed 2020.

  • Hey Drake���� I just made your recipe of almond milk, and it was good but it feels for me a little low fat and like watery.. how can I make it with A little more fat?? Would it help if I add a little more almond?? Thanks ����

  • Great vid Derek! Is it really necessary to soak the almonds overnight? Was planning tonight on making a wild rice lemon garlic soup that requires some almond milk…let me know bud asap 😉

  • the claimed orgainc almond milk from Aldi no sugar added is 1.79 a half gallon, that what i buy for my family. im a new sub and love your videos, its helped me a lot.

  • the almond milk from the market has only around 6-7 almonds per bottle which means its color is clear water. The reason those market milks are white is because companies add a special kind of white coloring.

  • I loved this and hope to try it in the future. Very cost effective! I usually buy the unsweetened kind because I like to use it for savory dishes as well. Soo I guess I would omit the dates and cinnamon. Tfs

  • I did this and made a chocolate version as well, both tasted amazing, so rich and creamy….BUT 24hrs later they were both spoiled, sour as hell. What happened? Anyone else experience this? I stored overnight in the frig

  • Looks amazing! Going to try this definitely! Dairy has really not agreed with me since having a baby. I always use raw almond milk in my coffee. Xxx

  • Content creators know what it’s like to bake, bake and bake. In consequence, we do not like to waste ingredients �� so I had no doubts you’re gonna mention how many other super healthy recipes can be made with the almond pulp. Thank you for the video, great job! ��

  • My family & I got these portable juicer blenders from (they’re on sale for 39.99!!” and we’ve been just bringing a variety of nuts & a strainer with us on camping / hiking / road trips so we can make oat milk & nut milks on the go!! We just recharge the blenders in the car with a USB & it has saved us so much money

  • We love almond milk! Thank you for sharing such helpful information! <3 If you're wondering whether almonds are really good for you, check out this article:

  • We love almond milk! Thank you for sharing such helpful information! <3 If you're wondering whether almonds are really good for you, check out this article:

  • Hey! Vegan wanna here, I am slowly converting and trying hard. I was wondering what is your position on the ”Silk” fortified soy beverage. It it dairy, gluten, carrageenan and gmo free and has a great amount of Vitamin B12 in it also. It seems that when it comes to men consuming soy, it is always a hot topic. Would love your take on it! Love your channel!

  • 6:26 with the left overs i suggest to melt hot dark chocolate from cacao bars… yummy so delicious and high in Iron, magnesium and copper… so good ur body will thank you!
    3:38 im still LMAO over you soaking your almond nuts over nite… ur moms an u r a real riot!

  • Even the store bought organic stuff is low quality and WAAAY overpriced. This milk should be cheaper than cow.milk…and gas and milk should ALWAYS cost the same per gallon…

  • I’m only here because of James Hoffman and his bad experience regarding his order being messed up, bad move, massive fail. Why the hell are you so popular, you’re so annoying and an idiot. Kids follow you, why?! You just swear a lot and do stupid stuff.

  • It scares me how you hit the coconut with that shap knife, I know you are skilled at cutting food but I can not help feeling anxious ��

  • Trying the oatmeal milk tomorrow because I only have oats on hand! �� Thank you!!

    Update: I did it & it is very oaty lol A little too watery but that’s on my part. But not so bad. I didn’t add anything since I didn’t have cinnamon on hand, however if I did, I am sure it would taste better!��

  • emma ilysm im gunna comment on all these videos as i binge watch, u used alot of cheese cloth homie and your carmex all over ur mouth was distracting but gr8 milk vid

  • I’ve been making my own almond milk for about a month now and it tastes completely different than the store bought stuff. SO MUCH BETTER! I will never buy milk again ����

  • I’m new to your channel and I’ve been trying to find a good grocery store brand almond milk. Every one I’ve purchased seems to hv some kinda of gum additive and the milk appears to be grayish in color and thick. Can you recommend a brand that’s as close to natural as your homemade version?

  • I hope you’re also sourcing you raw almonds from a good source since all commercial almonds are treated with the fumigant propylene oxide to prevent contamination by salmonella bacteria. Propylene oxide is use in making polyurethane plastics. I personally stay away from almonds. And don’t get me started about roasting them.

  • These fanatical vegans going trough all this effort and diffrent processes to eat and try emulate real food with shit. Yes SHIT. Delusional people that dont know anything about nutrition, biologi and human health.

    Simnetts voice sounds like a 9 year old boy using a Snapchat filter.

  • The cooking foodie is the best channel I ever seen. I started my new YouTube channel after inspired by this channel, Thanks for your lovely support & subscription.

  • I remember many years ago making almond milk by blanching and removing the almond skins, straining in a clean pair of nylons (remember those?). This is quite a bit easier…thanks for sharing. My VitaMix comes tomorrow-I’m a bit excited!

  • Great recipe! I’ve made it twice now! I added a few more dates the second time but I think it’s just fine the way it was. Thanks man!

  • I would like to ask something. When you soak nuts in the water and then you pour the water away, can i use the same water for blending it? Because i can’t understand why use more water. Thanks

  • I know you probably said it a billion times, but may I ask you what type of blender are you using? Maybe an Amazon link would do the trick, hope to find it here in Italy! Thanks Derek, keep doing your awesome stuff! Great motivation:)

  • I have used almonds from 5 stores (from high-end natural food stores to the local grocery) and each time the result had a medicine taste. Not sure how to solve this wicked problem.

  • I was really interested in your content, but you two act like you’re on something. There are plenty of other videos out there so I’m out of here.

  • “You didn’t have to milk any almond’s nipples”… OMG I died. I use to always hate cow’s milk, to me it smelled like cow tits and everyone would laugh at me for saying that, but fucking gross. Milk always made me gag. As a kid, my dad would force me to drink it and I’d always want to vomit. Honestly, I would have preferred if he had forced me to eat liver instead.

  • Have you tried making any other milks? I started off making almond milk too but have since moved on to soy and oat as they are more cost effective and better for the environment as far as water consumption. Plus I find I actually prefer the taste!

  • I think that we are really really all listening to you and really with you that’s how you make me feel with the laughter and all that who needs anybody around you are totally true and focus to your audience keep up the good work and you’re beautiful too and I love your eyes

  • Hi Lisa, I recently discovered your channel and am so glad I did. I can’t wait to try some of your tips and tricks on recipes and meal prep. I was wondering if you ever drink “golden milk” (turmeric milk). I have been reading about it and seems like it’s incredibly beneficial to overall health. If you do, would you mind sharing your recipe/version of it?

  • I tried this 2 times and was delicious…but after 4 days it spoiled �� that says a lot about eating without preservatives. I had to throw away like 400 ml, it was so sad, not even good to the 5th day.

  • I wish vegan ingredients weren’t SO expensive in my country… Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Extra Virgin Coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dates, Quinoa, Shiitake, Nori, Spirulina, Gluten Free Flour (we all know it’s healthier for the microbiome) and other ingredients are way more expensive than processed, crap products:-( I’m trying to become vegetarian or maybe vegan but this fact is so discouraging… Even vegan ice cream is more expensive than dairy ice cream…

  • Didn’t the nutritious stuff and vitamins goes to the darined water.
    Instead of use a new water wouldn’t it better to wash the almond before it soaked, then use the soaked water to blend it all together.

  • I’m actually impressed… I used to work as a chef’s assistant at a really nice restaurant & have been cooking for my entire family every holiday for years, and… I still big failed at making nut milk. literal kitchen disaster.

  • For many days does this stays fresh?
    I’ve never had almond milk before n its pretty costly here so im thinking of making it on my own. But the store bought has the expiry date and all details. So…. pls help me

  • Nuts should be soaked for a minimum 12 hrs, 24 best. With salt. Nuts have an inhibitor that prevents us from absorbing the nutrients, & soaking gets rid of it. Can put in dehydrator to get crunch back (for outside of recipes needed for soft.)

  • The alcohol comment was really funny, she should have said” let’s not say we did!!!!!”, Which I think she did say if I listen closer, LOL

  • Awesome recipe, thank you! I am wondering though, how do you make up for what’s lost nutritionally when considering swapping homemade for the fortified nut milks offered in stores? Also, any budget friendly tips on acquiring enough almonds to do this regularly, because bulk nuts are very expensive in my local stores. Thanks!

  • I love how she said the cashew milk tasted better than the almond milk. But she put more syrup and vanilla in the cashew milk than almond milk

  • Have you tried pecan milk? Lightly toast the pecans first in the oven on 285 for 10 minutes and then blend those suckers up with a little bit of water and dark brown sugar to taste and strain it out through a nut milk bag and by golly, You’ve got yourself a fine tasting pecan milk!

  • One thing I do which ends up pretty tasty drink or anything else you do with your almond milk (in cereal, recipes, smoothies…)
    Is, I replace ¼ to ⅓ of your water you put, with cold brew coffee (that also made at home) yummy��. Give it a try.
    Now you gonna have to make a video about how to make cold brew coffee �� I find cold brew way less bitter than regular coffee and taste more like what you smell in the coffee store and apparently way less acid too

  • This looks so fun! You’ve convinced me. Ima make some nut milk now.

    PS: Emmaaaa I love how confident you are in this video! ❤️ Great job with the recipes!