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From pancakes to steak, here’s how to order a healthy meal at the popular chain. Healthy Ways to Order at IHOP chevron_left PREV: Pork Chops With Roasted Vegeta. If too many substitutions makes you or your server’s head spin out of control, just order á la carte. Pick and choose small portions from a little bit of everything — select a protein like poached eggs or egg whites, turkey bacon or sausage; and add healthier carbs like whole wheat toast or an English muffin, fruit, or a single flapjack.

No matter what menu items you decide to choose, here are some key tips to remember at IHOP: Ask for no butter or whipped cream on top of your pancakes and toast Top your pancake with fresh fruit instead of syrup—or ask for sugar-free syrup, which has 15 calories per ounce Request egg whites. This is unfair, to say the very least because there are healthy options at IHOP if you know how to choose which food items to order. Specifically, order those in IHOP’s Simple and Fit Menu which has more than 30 options all under 650 calories only. In fact, the Simple and Fit Menu has even created combination options for their breakfast food items. The Healthiest Menu Items You Can Order At IHOP Simple & Fit 2-Egg Breakfast.

The healthy version of a breakfast sampler, this dish comes with scrambled egg whites, two 2 x 2 x 2. If you want something similar to the 2-Egg Breakfast but are really dying for some pancakes, the 2 x. “The Classic is clearly the more healthy option between the two,” White says. Order the Classic without cheese, and you’ll consume nearly half the calories and fully half the fat of the Mega. Insider asked chefs what they order at the popular breakfast chain IHOP. One chef said that when possible you should get creative with your egg orders and try having them basted. Other chefs said they recommend IHOP’s flavorful steak tips and protein-heavy omelets.

Visit. I ate my way through McDonald’s entire menu and ranked every item; I tried an egg breakfast from Cracker Barrel, Waffle House, Denny’s, and IHOP and the winner had the most bang for your buck; The 5 things chefs actually order at IHOP. IHOP: The International House of (Just About Anything Else Besides) Pancakes.

They do offer pancakes, but they keep trying to dress them up, dye them, disguise them as clowns or cupcakes, or drown them under layer after layer of overly-sweet toppings.Plain old pancakes are apparently valued so low that IHOP frequently runs all-you-can-eat specials and just gives these pancakes away free. Order This, Not That: IHOP There’s been a surge in the popularity of this pancake hotspot, but is there anything on the menu that won’t wreck your diet? Pinterest.

List of related literature:

For breakfast, they’ll have a doughnut, muffin, or a roll with jelly with a large cup of coffee with sugar.

“The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!” by Michael Aziz
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4 To serve, fill pita halves with patties, lettuce, tomato slices, and cucumber slices.

“The Ultimate Low-Calorie Book: More than 400 Light and Healthy Recipes for Every Day” by Better Homes and Gardens
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• Avoid: Butter, coconutoil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, lard, bacon fat, salad dressings made with egg yolk, fried snackfoods (potato chips, cheese curls, tortilla chips), regular cream sauces.

“Griffith's Instructions for Patients E-Book: Expert Consult” by Stephen W. Moore
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A wrap prepared at our local healthy cafe is large enough for two meals!

“Healing Your Life: Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda” by Dr. Marc Halpern
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Have the pita, toast, or whatever, but make it a small serving.

“Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting” by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
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5 Breakfast roll-up: 3.5 ounces leftover fish or chicken wrapped in a gluten-free rice or Teff tortilla filled with 2 tablespoons guacamole and 3 tablespoons salsa.

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
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Whenever I found myself heading to the kitchen for a treat, I’d see the list and realize how many more calorieand sugar-free options I could enjoy, right then and there.

“The Sugar Smart Diet: Stop Cravings and Lose Weight While Still Enjoying the Sweets You Love” by Anne Alexander, Julia VanTine
from The Sugar Smart Diet: Stop Cravings and Lose Weight While Still Enjoying the Sweets You Love
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Order an egg-white omelet with all the veggies you want, and order it dry, which means none of that oily fake butter stuff they often use.

“The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless” by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
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⅓ cup real maple syrup into 8 ounces plain Greek yogurt; top pancakes or French toast with maple yogurt; sprinkle with purchased candied or regular walnuts or pecans and sliced bananas.

“Betty Crocker Cookbook, 11th Edition: 1500 Recipes for the Way You Cook Today” by Betty Crocker
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To serve, spread rémoulade sauce on toasted muffins; sandwich with lettuce leaves, burgers, and tomato slices.

“Good Housekeeping Step-by-step Cookbook: More Than 1,000 Recipes, 1,800 Photographs, 500 Techniques” by Susan Westmoreland
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  • I LOVE the chipotle kids meals!! It is like $5 bucks and you can ask for extra sides at no extra cost! You get all the foods I love but can no longer eat due to me finding out I have PCOS so I cannot even have Subway anymore….makes me sad but love watching your videos for like 6 years now. LOVE YOU!!

  • I love this channel. I subscribed awhile ago but I’m just now discovering a lot of your nutrition videos. In full blown cut mode…

  • I think this is one of my favorite videos of yours! I got a little teary eyed when you said Mary and Jace had a one way ticket. Love seeing them in your videos! I’m so excited for the both of them! Hope their time in Texas is filled with opportunity and adventure! Loved seeing Andy help you put all the toys together, I feel like he’s always one of “the real MVPs”. And….. are we still on the “Heidi didn’t finish her food” train? Come on people, let the girl have her food in peace. ��

  • Okay I have watched several mashed videos now…. and it’s either you love everything, or you hate everything! I literally just watch 2 McDonald’s videos 1 you loved it 1 you hated it! You have no integrity at all what the hell?

  • It was so warm yesterday, now so cold again lol. Is the new ihop in Destiny? I haven’t been to ihop in forever since they don’t have any near Drum:(

  • Passing on prayers and good vibes to Mary and jayce. I remember the engagement video so I can only imagine the year she has been having. She seems like a strong person and obviously has a great support system

  • Heidi you’re an amazing big sis! I can’t wait to see more vlogs with your little fam. I’m loving these videos too, Poke is SO GOOD lol. Have a great day and weekend!! ��

  • Correction to your comment about bodybuilding: You NEED carbs (good clean carbs) to help grow muscle….it’s used as fuel for workouts. It’s fat that one needs to limit when adding muscle

  • Ihop is much better than dennys. The pumpkin pancakes are delicious. I track them on my fitness pal and the veggie omelet has more calories and then the pancakes. Still they both taste great

  • How to eat pancakes at Downton Abbey. Pinky finger out style! Also I can picture the pancake eating contest mixed with the blueberry pie eating disaster from the movie Stand By Me.

  • It’s amazing what you did for them.
    God sees those things we do for our loved ones, friends or random peole.
    The world needs these kind of things��

  • Went to an IHOP a year or so ago for the first time….a little girl (3 to 4 yrs. old) surrounded by 5 or 6 adults was licking all of the syrup bottles on the table…eww gross…told the waitress and she promptly removed the bottles. Still have not been back….I think they should offer single use packs (larger than catsup packets) because now I’m afraid of syrups and sauces that other diners can use….u never know what the person that used the bottles before you used them may have done to them….

  • Who funded this…Denny’s. This is great diner food. Ok…the steaks are not good…but there are many things that are quite satisfying and tasty. The crepes are fantastic to order as part of a combo with eggs and sausage/bacon and potatoes. Coffee is good too. I want to try the burgers soon. This video is too biased and suspicious.

  • You don’t go to ihop for the burger they do suck but I wouldn’t expect a beer in ihop that is just plain stupid to even be a reason in the video.

  • You could expand your vocabulary to allow the exclusion of bleeped out words. The bleep adds nothing to the description. Also, stuffing large pieces into your mouth is really not necessary and is quite unappetizing to watch. I might like the item but then find it gross as you stuff your mouth. I don:t see how you can fairly evaluate the flavors when it is crowing your taste receptors.

  • Been watching since 2016… can’t believe are still giving you poop for not filming you swallowing your food!! Haha people are so dumb. Love you and your positivity ����

  • Heidi, I love that you are so generous with your family. It makes me happy to see that you share your success with others! Keep being a beautiful person! ��

    Also, you are hilarious and your videos are so entertaining.��

  • This is my life! I travel for work and I’m trying to lean down, servers HATE me when I order my food! I try to ask for as little oil as possible but now I will ask them to use cooking spray. Thanks!

  • God’s…the girl that’s talking in this video is probably anorexic. Jesus. IHOP is a great family restaurant she probably eats kale pancakes what a LOSER!

  • I haven’t been to an IHOP for years, but I remember their Swedish pancakes. I really liked them. They were thin, like crepes, with a sugar, butter and lemon sauce, dusted with powdered sugar. I always added some lingonberry syrup. I don’t know if they still have them or not.

  • Ihop is my favorite place to go to for my birthday.:) I had my birthday there as a kid with my parents. Belgian Dark Chocolate Mousse and Shortcake are my favorites. I do get limited editions pancakes when I can. I’ve never had their crepes before but now, I want to try the raspberry, banana and nutella ones.

  • you driving that batman car, hauling all the toys with the speed racer sound effects and slow motion clips MADE MY DAY! i couldn’t stop laughing, LOL best video ever Heidi. love your personality, thank you for being you!!! <3

  • Shiii I work at ihop & I guess at my location, the pancakes don’t look like that, the burgers bomb as hell and people loved the cheeseburger omelette (requested certain things off ). But they were right, nuns fresh. Steaks taste ight for what it look like but nun impressing ��.

  • Sooo who here thought ihop was a healthy restaurant?? Who gives a shit what ppl eat? Hey guys did you know McDonald’s isn’t healthy?? Their fries are really fattening ����‍♀️ why is it so embarrassing to say rooty tooty?? Y’all should be embarrassed for making this stupid video. After my son showed me this he asked for pancakes for dinner ��

  • Please help support the guillen family in anyway <3 my heart broke non of the social media people i followed didn't even mention her or any of the other missing soldiers at all.:( Please help them w your platform you could do so much. #justiceforvanessa

  • tell us one corporation that has not gone straight to hell since change came to america? that is right ya can’t.America sold out America going under

  • I feel bad about asking for all these modifications to a meal, so I only go out for meals WHEN necessary, like on vacation. ( even then il make sure we go grocery shopping so I can have breakfast ( and sometimes lunch ) in the hotel room. Or on the go. But I’m vegan so it is hard enough to find things to eat I don’t want to ask them to make it low fat etc.

  • Why are y’all sooo extraaaaa having this girl eat her food on camera and swallow for proof that she actually eats it?!?? Are y’all crazy omg lol!

    Heidi thanks for the meal option ideas when we are on the go or ordering in! Preciate ya girl! ����

  • Whhaat!?!? Mary & Jayce in Texas?!?!? Spill the beans! ������They are going to have a blast and they got a huge support system! Wish y’all the best and stay in good health.

  • How am i 2.5 minutes in and feel like the video is almost over only to see there’s 8 minutes left?? What are they shitting on the whole menu??

  • I love your requests to the waitress! Here in Australia it would just be unheard of… theyd just tell me to go else where to eat ):

  • It’s so weird to me to see people vlogging in Syracuse! And it makes me happy! Also I haven’t had ihop in awhile and those eggs looked onnnn point! Gotta try that!

  • Hold up. Now we know damn well ihop does not make their pancakes that big. The plates be way smaller and the pancakes not as thick. Don’t try and flex now ihop smh

  • Good thing this wasn’t fine dining at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant. The chef would stomp his way to you your table and throw a plate at your head! Lol!

  • Hey haterwho paid you to be so ugly about ihop pancake house—as far as beer serving—how stupid are you? Beer is not usually served at a breakfast house—further, the near us is extremely good and clean!

  • The requirement to cook the hamburgers to 158 Fahrenheit doesn’t make a difference in Canada where food laws require they be cooked to 165 Fahrenheit. There are exceptions if the restaurant grinds their own beef and are willing to be inspected more often and more rigorously but it makes a decent medium burger difficult to find in Canada. American cities sometimes have similar restrictions, Houston does but it’s largely overlooked for restaurants such as Beck’s Prime and outside the city limits, burgers are all cooked to order so even Buffalo Wild Wings has decent medium rare burgers in suburbs such as Cypress, unfortunately the Northwest freeway is a pain in the butt for traffic.

    The lack of maple syrup is sacrilege in Canada and the most dissapointing fact about IHOPS in Canada. Now in Brazil, I couldn’t find maple syrup or even pancake syrup anywhere, they serve honey or corn syrup on their pancakes. I also didn’t find any IHOPS in Brazil despite several American franchises being there such as the Outback. Having said that, the native Brazilian restaurants were far better than the American chains, just finding them as a visitor was difficult.

  • My wife has never tried IHOP. We’re trying it next week. Gonna post the video review. She loves pancakes so it’ll be interesting what she thinks of the international’s house of pancakes. LOL

  • I been to I hop many time I love it, the food great.keep in mind every restaurant is run different and mashed doesn’t know what the he’ll
    There talk about. Remember these are franchisees. I have two in my town and there are great ��

  • Just a stack of IHOP’s famous Buttermilk Pancakes with the whipped butter, a generous portion of their maple syrup, some sausages on the side, and I’m in Breakfast Heaven!

  • The moment when you and Mary see each other for the first time in awhile, literally made me cry and it’s not even the full reaction yet ahaha!! Can’t wait for the next video ❤️❤️

  • I Went To Ihop With My Family One Time

    I Had The Country Omlet With Avocado And Sour Cream With Hash Browns And Orange Juice

    It Was DELISH!

  • What the narrator said about having to ask for ketchup for the burgers is technically not true, most of Ihop’s burgers come with “Ihop sauce” with is a mixture of ketchup, mustard and mayo. Should do your homework before making the video.

  • Went to an IHOP Sunday morning with my wife.. we shared a country omelette with the 3 buttermilk pancakes topped with the butter pecan syrup.. spectacular.. the server even cut everything in half and brought it out on two separate plates for us. Kiss my chocolate starfish Mashed you bunch of bitter leftist losers.

  • Rooty Tooty Fresh And Fruity is proudly my go to order whenever I’m at IHOP, which unfortunately isn’t as often as I would like. Absolutely love it.

  • the egg whites thing is just stupid eat your whole eggs people they are good for you just dont eat to many fat is not an enemy. I would do an omelete with 1 or 2 eggs and then the rest egg whites orr if it was more of a treat meal id do all full eggs

  • I just had the Colorado Omlet and immediately got a headache so I looked up the salt intake and found it had over 3,000mg of sodium. That’s more than an entire recommended daily intake!! Now I’m trying to detox with gallons of water.

  • I enjoy eating at IHOP, but their country fried steak is trash. My mom ordered it once after I warned her not to get it because it’s salty AF and it’s microwaved. She ended up returning it for an omelette instead.

  • I started working here…they dont wear gloves when handeling ur food and they heat ur coffee cup up with hot water then dump the water out the mug and pour coffee in before serving it….

  • I’m not sure why so many comments are complaints. There is some room for improvement but otherwise I think this is a really fun series. Youtube comment sections have become less for constructive criticism and more for complaining about every little thing.

  • Ah… excited to see more of Mary and Chase!! He so cute and she’s so funny!! Of all the food show cased, poke is my fav to get eating out!

  • Now that you point it out, it is kinda weird we didn’t see you eating most of the food in your last vid haha! Not suggesting anything, it is just good to at least show one bite, we love a mukbang �� Also, are these the live leggings?? It’s your own clothing line girl plug it hahaha

  • Why is she pouring syrup on everything? Most of these already have syrup or fruit or Nutella or raspberry or peaches or strawberries, and she’s STILL pouring syrup over them? I was surprised she didn’t drizzle pancake syrup all over the Chicken Florentine Crepes…

  • I just saw a commercial from Ihop on cereal pancakes. Normally I say this for McDonald’s but now I’m gonna say it for Ihop. We need to start burning down these locations. Lol.

  • What are you talking about??????tilapia is amazing,and also your wrong about the fat in tilapia,there’s so little fat in general that it won’t matter unless your eating some absolutely RIDICULOUS amount of it,sorry for the mini rant,just makes me mad that they think tilapia is less healthy than bacon

  • Amazing, binged watched your videos today and I must say this has been the worst video yet. Nothing good to say at all. You could’ve called for it’s shut down.

  • Who cares about her opinions on these foods once in a while I go to IHOP and I enjoy it. I find the “breakfast sampler” is my favorite. You just can’t go wrong. Food favor is probably one of the most subjective things on this planet. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and no one‘s opinions are without challengers.

  • I worked at ihop and man my cooks sucked, they only put chocolate on the top of the dark choc mousse on the top pancake, if u get the full stack only the top has chocolate, everything else is dry

  • I Went To Ihop With My Family One Time

    I Had The Country Omlet With Avocado And Sour Cream With Hash Browns And Orange Juice


  • Wearing the gloves is just spreading the germs around, it is not helpful. Better off taking hand sanitizer with you/washing your hands. This is coming from a healthcare worker. Glad you wear your mask and protect yourself. Stay safe!!

  • Before I always got a burger before the ihob thing and when I do a cross section it looks bloody good the pictures on the vid look depressing and the fries are to die for and plus wash it down with water and plus I’m 12

  • Why do almost all millennials think they have such amazing personalities and desperately need to show the world how amazing they are. I’d like to start seeing some vulnerability in young people, that would be a nice change.

  • Received my buff bunny energy shorts and wow I am amazed at the quality I sweat so much during cardio and you could NOT see it! ����☀️ wth! How!? In love ordering more! Omg what a beautiful welcome home room! ����

  • I understand eating healthy while out but as a chef I would have burned your tix when it came into the kitchen with all those modifications. Lol. Thank god I work fine dinning and not ihop ��

  • @KaraLeigh83 Good tip on the butter spray, I didn’t think about asking that when I go to iHop. I usually order 4 egg whites with some turkey bacon, bowl of oatmeal and Harvest Grain pancakes, used to get the whole wheat pancakes but they stopped making them. Who does that!? Lol. Anyway, thanks for the tip Kara! Love your videos:) 

  • Why do you keep quoting from the Center for Science in the Public Interest in all your videos?! Those morons have lobbied successfully for dietary changes that have been detrimental to the country’s health, most notably in getting traditional fats used in restaurants and movie theaters replaced with unhealthy manufactured trans fats.

  • I work at ihop. The burgers are actually really good and you can get it cooked however you want if you ask…. also ketchup is always at the table.

  • Dam!!… 10:54 minutes of someone complaining about a restaurant. How about just don’t go there. Go to Denny’s ���� quit complaining

  • Aww how cute now I can’t wait to watch the next video you’s are so cute & your such a sweet sister to go through all that beautiful effort to make them feel welcome.. my favorite part is the ridding the kids bike, I remember the time you dressed up in that big dinosaur looking outfit in your old apartment that was hilarious �� ok that had nothing to do with this video but I just have to say you make me laugh & that’s all I love to watch ��������‍♀️ ����

  • Good to know im not the only one who does specialized orders when eating out!  I typically have to repeat what i want done because so many items have cheese or some dairy products on them and Im lactose intolerant

  • I own a calorimeter and know how to use it. Even though IHOP’s appetizer sampler is listed at around 1500 calories, that number is absolutely incorrect even for greasy fried foods. One of those app samplers adds up to ZERO calories. Now I’m sure if you ordered 1,289 of them and ate it all to yourself you’d rack up some calories, but one or two of those “fried, monochromatic” bad boys won’t amount to anything calorie-wise.

  • Actually those eggs still could’ve been egg whites, just that yellow egg liquid stuff from the carton (that you can also buy from the store).

  • It would be neat if she ended up dating, marrying Maxx, or Christian’s brother. They both seem like they do right by Mary and her son.

  • Pumpkin pancakes yummy. I have a question. Pancake or Waffles which one would you prefer?  @KaraLeigh83  and home made not that frozen crap in a box

  • video on the pancakes at IHOP didn’t change my thought because when I go to IHOP to order pancakes it’s only syrup and lots of butter and that’s it none of the French benefits IHOP used to have I still consider using the pecan butter syrup because I like it very well but now that you telling me they not clean that I just change my appetite so I never would have ordered a steak dinners they never did look that hot however the omelets were pretty good cuz I like a ham cheese the other menus on the creation of the menus added take to address at the old fashioned scrambled eggs and bacon is okay with me if the bake a hickory smoked fresh other than that and I’ll leave it at that����☕

  • Not gonna lie i got a little emotional when you said they had a one way ticket to Texas �� you have such a sweet sister relationship and it’s so sweet what you did for their arrival ��

  • Every item on their menu has over 1,000 mg of salt. Their basic Original Pancake has approximately 2700 mg of salt for one pancake.

  • You nees to do the beans in the computer prank but walk off before he opens it then say he put the beans in the computer and get all angry xD