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What You Should Absolutely Never Order At Burger King

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Why it made the cut: This breakfast sandwich packs 11 grams of protein into a reasonable 300 calories — less than half the calories of some other Burger King breakfast items like the Fully Loaded Croissanwich or Egg Burrito. RD tip: Keep the toppings simple. Egg and cheese provide protein to keep you full, but meats like sausage, bacon and ham weigh the sandwich down with lots of unnecessary sodium and saturated fat. It’s got a veggie burger, salads, hash browns, pies, shakes, and yes, there are even healthy options at Burger King, too.

Here’s what to eat (and what to avoid) if you’re looking for a. Courtesy of Burger King “If it’s a burger you crave, practice portion control by choosing the single patty hamburger with a side salad and light honey balsamic vinaigrette dressing. You want to. Skip the fries and onion rings. Order the Fresh Apple Fries(25 calories, 0 g fat, 0 mg sodium), a side salad (15 calories, 0 g fat, 0 mg sodium) or a plain Garden Salad(80 calories, 4.5 g fat, 110 mg sodium) to round out your meal.

Burger Kingprovides nutrition info on its website. Burger King Calorie Lookup. What To Order at Burger King on Keto. As you can see from the example above, you can eat Burger King’s burgers on a keto diet.

But you need to make sure that you order bunless burgers without ketchup. Here are some keto BK options that are worth trying out. #1 Cheeseburger (without the bun and ketchup). 7 rows · Eating Healthier at Fast Food Restaurants: Burger King I have created this list of selected. Burger King is known for its burgers, and the fast food chain is a great spot to stop if you want to indulge in a cheeseburger and fries.

However, some of Burger King’s menu items are so bad for you, you might want to avoid them at all costs (even on a cheat day).. One burger in particular packs in the calories, saturated fat, and sodium, which could wreak havoc on your diet and lead to. Get access to exclusive coupons. Discover our menu and order delivery or pick up from a Burger King near you.

That appears to be the inspiration for a new promotion from Burger King aimed at keeping its customers healthy amid the coronavirus pandemic. The fast-food chain has found a way to let them order. For a burger place, Burger King actually has some pretty good protein alternatives, like the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Without mayo, the chicken sandwich is less than 400 calories, and even the crispy chicken sandwich is less than 500 calories without mayo.

Add some apple slices or a side salad to round out the meal.

List of related literature:

“You’re missing the joys of healthy cafeteria fare like fries, cold pizza, and mystery meat.”

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healthier choice of not-so-healthy options—I would get a chicken sandwich instead of a hamburger, but I would still get it from McDonald’s.”

“The Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever” by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
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If lettuce isn’t on your list, ask for a burger without the bun and transfer it to a thin rice cake at your table.

“IBS Cookbook For Dummies” by Carolyn Dean, L. Christine Wheeler
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φ Getyour burger fixin a healthier way.

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Everyone orders chicken tenders and soda, but for healthy bones you order…

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Burger King and Dairy Queen even allow you to add or subtract the bun and/or condiments and immediately see the nutritional impact.

“The New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great” by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, Dr. Jeff S. Volek
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Skip the calorie-laden, sodium-packed General Tso’s chicken from your local Chinese joint, and whip up my slim-style version instead.

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Ordering carefully from the menu (most have “heart healthy” meals or low­cholesterol/fat/calorie meals marked) is easier today than ever before.

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1 order French fries 6.8 grams trans fat Cholesterol and your pregnancy Now that you’ve got the skinny on fats, what about cholesterol?

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At fast-food restaurants, go for grilled chicken and lean roast beef sandwiches or lean plain hamburgers (but remember to hold the fatty sauces), salads with low-fat salad dressing, lowfat milk, and low-fat frozen yogurt.

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  • I actually work at McDonalds and I have my break during the breakfast menu. I have a porridge, toasted bagel with either jam or cream cheese and then a fruit bag (apples and grapes) with a mocha. I go for the stuff that you can buy anywhere, because I’ve seen how the food is cooked…..! And yes, I am job hunting!

  • The whooper Jr patties got switched to just the burger patties now they’re the same so they’re more commonly fresh
    It made no sense to me when I worked there that jr whopper’s had they’re own patties and I admit it was annoying but they did sell more than this video made it sound especially because there are several whooper Jr coupons that were kinda popular and never could I have let other people eat something I myself wouldn’t eat so you already know I was a good employee and did my job right
    It’s not burger kings fault it’s trashy individual employee’s

  • I know it is not the best fast food, but Burger King saved my life when I was stranded in the Atlanta airport all night after flying in from London. I had a Whopper at 2:00 AM that was the best thing I have eaten in a long time and was served by a young lady who was beyond exhausted, but served it with a smile. I will always have a soft spot for them!

  • I dare anyone to order a whopper ‘flame broiled on both sides as shown in this commercial. Have it your way.

  • I’ve worked at BK on and off since 2014, most of this is very true, except for the fish. During dinner time, only one fish is kept in the warmer and it is thrown away after the hold time is up (which was like, 40 minutes or something) and once dinner time was over, the fish is put “to order” because of how infrequently it’s ordered at night. The Grilled Chicken was a solid point, though. Burger king’s grilled chicken has always been very mediocre. What I find interesting is that burger king removed the grilled chicken from the menu at the beginning of 2020, saying they were going to tweak the recipe and release it again by summer, which hasn’t happened yet, probably due to the pandemic.

    One thing you didn’t mention was the salads. Burger king used to care more about salads, when I first began working there in 2014, BK carried a Chicken Apple Cranberry salad, a BLT salad, and a Caesar salad, as well as chicken salad wraps. Burger king has none of the above anymore, just a plain crispy chicken salad and the traditional side salads.

  • jesus is coming soon you cant just believe in him to enter into heaven even satan belives in him you need the holy spirit to be saved and be baptized in jesus name..

  • sorry mashed, not many of us dont care about why we shouldnt eat at anything from this video. its cheap and its full of calories that we need for our 9-5 or 12 hour shift that we do every week. yes its unhealthy, but its cheap and affordable over the organic bullcrap that other restaurants offer.

  • New Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries. Crispy crunchy pretzel outside, tender juicy white meat inside. New Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries, or try Original Chicken Fries, only at Burger King

  • So don’t order the things you might enjoy once every so often because….YOU think they’re horrible? Because they have high calories? (shocker, fast food burger has calories) Because they have layers of cheese? (another fast food shocker that more cheese = more calories). How about a new video, ‘sycophantic judgemental fast food related videos you should absolutely never watch’.

  • I don’t eat at Burger King anymore. I have a food allergy (tomatoes) and the last few times I went my order was messed up…. At least 6 different visits my order contained tomatoes, even after I told them my allergy was not to be taken lightly. The last time my order was wrong 4 times at one meal setting and the final sandwich they gave me had tomato residue hidden on the bun (like they realised and scraped it off the sandwich) discovered after one bite… I had a reaction and had to leave.��

  • The Whopper was actually good until the last few decades….what happened? It’s like the ‘beef’ turned into some sort of clay. It’s depressing. Are you saying now that the regular whopper, etc. uses this new meatless burger?

  • One day we may find out what food agency Mashed works for. Nothing but hit pieces on fast food places. And btw, BK’s chicken nuggets are delicious

  • I go burger king after many years and went to try omelette breakfast in a shop i can read every where SAY NO TO THE PLASTIC whoua fantastic but only one problem everything i be serve was in plastic fork knife plate and cup what a joke very bad

  • Eat all you want! It is your choice! The government should shut up and leave the people make their choice! If you are fat or lean, or a cardiac patient, you should use your brain and senses in making your choice! Leave McD’s or Bk, or Wendy’s, etc… make awesome food and not discourage people! And Americans, please use your brains!! If you are very obese or have a weak heart, please take charge of your mouth!

  • Me: I’m going to bed early, I’m drunk and I want to get a full nights sleep for work tomorrow.

    Also me: I know you’re a vegetarian, yet I know you’re drunk let’s stay up another 4 hours to watch Burger King videos.

    Guess I’m calling out tomorrow and having a three day weekend.

  • I was on my way to BK and I got this recommendation! I can now pick the best one!

    Edit: Oh I’ve had whopper many times so that’s a no.

  • The real issue with BK is the Whopper you get in person looks absolutely nothing like it does in the ads… and it’s definitely not “flame broiled” unless you tell them you want it “off the broiler”…when you do the taste is night and day!!!

  • I live 2 minutes from a Burger King and have never had bad nuggets. Always hot and crispy and I personally think they taste far better than a McNugget.


  • The impossible whopper is known as the rebel whopper in Australia (dumb af name) is pretty good! My only problem is that they gave me pretty much a quarter of an onion in it (as one big chunk) and really shit lettuce but the patty tasted good

  • I’m surprised they still in business with mcds killing it on the fast food field but more so with all the other options for burgers now days checkers is even better than them also Wendy’s doesn’t get the credit it deserves

  • I doubt at this point that anyone would think that fast food is anything but high in calories, so I always find these calorie busters pretty pointless. If you are watching your weight, you probably wouldn’t be going to a fast food joint in the first place.

  • They should literally put some McDonald’s or Burger King stuff in mres because of how calorie dense they are, and how long they last.

  • every fast food restaurant has burgers and chicken and fish patties precooked in a heating tray, the only time youre guaranteed a fresh cooked patty is if you go during lunch rush

  • This video is ridiculous they named 90% of the menu, it’s fast food. This feels like a straight up attack lmao not going to lie I’m going to get one of these burgers after watching this, looked good. Mashed are haters

  • the impossible whopper would definitely never make this list, it tasted so fake and had a burnt taste to it as well. i usually stay away from vegan food experiments since we never know what they put in their concoction to try to make plants taste like meat.

  • Am i the only one that has noticed that the Whopper has IMPROVED? I remember it having a pathetic thin patty, i almost never ordered it because it was mostly salad fixings with a sliver of burger meat. Recently i got one though and was shocked, all of a sudden the burger patty was really thick and tastier, and ive been ordering them regularly now. I still prefer Mcdonalds but will eat BK now too. Hope they dont go out of business

  • Not enough data. Depends on context! For example, what are you eating tonight? High fat, low protein? Then grilled chicken sandwich could be a good choice. What are your body composition goals? If you’re cutting fat, black coffee to extend the fast could be a good choice:)

  • Burger King is trying so hard to stay in business. They were really giving McDonald’s a run back in the 90’s. A Whopper was truly a huge sandwich in the 90’s.

  • It’s harder then it looks I work at BK and you didn’t need to go from side to side like we have to and you didn’t even drop the bin that takes away 5 seconds


  • They don’t have the impossible whopper in north Las Vegas, I fact the employees never heard of it, the manager called the corporate office to inquire within, they assured him that it will be coming soon, I just had to ask the question, in st, Louis they’ve had since 2018, just saying ��

  • I will only eat at burger king when they no longer serve slaughtered animals on the grill. Sorry, but i do not trust cross contamination, so my meals are prepared at home where i am in charge

  • Won’t be eating there!!! No fake food for me!!! Which I try to avoid especially in grocery stores and occasional burgers out as a treat!!! Guess I’ll have to stick to In & Out!!!

  • This video is so biased, poorly researched, and so completely coated in bovine scat that it makes any credibility for your other videos null, void, or just extremely questionable. and if you were trying to stop people from eating at burger king…
    and sooo not epically at that…

  • Okay, to all those who think WatchMojo is “running out of ideas”, they’re not.
    I was the one who suggested this video. (yes, I am the RareFan64 mentioned in the description.

    And not only that, it’s the users who make the video ideas not WatchMojo themselves. The users heavily influence which spots each entry will take, and which ones fall short.

    It’s like when Genwunners say that Game Freak is “running out of ideas” for Pokémon designs and concepts, usually in response to Pokémon like Vanilluxe or Garbodor. Anti-Genwunners like me (and my favorite PokéTuber, Dookieshed) respond by pointing out crappy Gen 1 designs like Voltorb and Lickitung. So I think that running out of ideas is not the problem here. Dumb ideas, on the other hand, have always been an issue.

    That’s how I feel about WatchMojo.

    And that’s why I hate people who hate WatchMojo, because they hate WatchMojo for all the wrong reasons.

    PS: I say they need to rethink their opinion on Annoying Orange. They need to admit that series has its fans, regardless of why they like it. And if this comment gets duplicated, then it’s probably an issue plaguing me when I post my comments.

  • Haven’t been to a BK in years. Doing okay I guess. I liked the taste… but the buns holding the goods always seemed to fall apart. Then… it became finger food.


    McDonald’s Crispy Buttermilk Sandwich has a great bun! Almost worth the whole sandwich.

    Gotta have a good bun. Me? Old bun and no teeth. Smile!

  • Burger King’s Whoppers used to be great! �� Now, I won’t even eat them! They cook them, and then put them in a tray and the grease coagulates! �� They are freaking disgusting! ������

  • At 1:10, on the right there, grilled chicken, extra pattie (ideally), easy or no mayo. Maybe some mustard. I’ve played this game before!

  • Love to know where you get your fakes fish yeah I only eat fish at home I cook but bk is good hmm sounds like a California liberal shit here

  • Delivery scooters in Los Angeles?
    That’s hysterical!
    Those scooters will be robbed,
    or stolen right after the leave.
    Free meal, free scooter.

  • I love how all these promotions and ideas only happen in major cities. Kinda makes me feel left out. Like there’s no grub hub or online ordering within 130 miles of where I live. Thanks BK. Lol.