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Supermarket Savvy. Produce. Spend the most time in the produce section, the first area you encounter in most grocery stores (and usually the largest). Choose a Breads, Cereals, and Pasta. Choose the least processed foods that are made from whole grains.

For example, regular oatmeal is. Healthy Grocery Shopping: Where to Start. Nutrition. 2018-06-16 That starts with a healthy grocery list to stock up on the best ingredients for each of your healthy meals. This guide is the first step in your weekly healthy eating and will speed up those grocery store trips by giving you a plan! Take Inventory.

Make a Great Grocery List in Minutes 1. Bakery and Bread. Look for the words “whole wheat” or “whole wheat flour” as the first ingredient on the label. 2. Meat and Seafood.

If you buy red meat, choose the leanest cuts ones with very little marbling. Eat ground chicken 3. Pasta and Rice. Agai.

The perimeter of most grocery stores usually includes fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and dairy. Though interior grocery aisles include many healthy options, such as canned and dried bean. Read food nutrition labels, even for so-called “healthier” foods. Ingredients and nutrient content can vary a lot by brand and preparation.

When there’s more than one choice, compare labels. Choose the item with the lowest amounts of sodium, saturated fat, trans fat and added sugars. Beware of sneaky ingredients. Healthy food delivery services can make meal prep easy without skipping quality ingredients.

Find the best healthy food subscriptions delivering nationwide in 2020. The Top 6 Healthy Foods to Put In Your Shopping Cart As far as good-for-you foods go, the mind-boggling mix of advice directed to fiftysomething eaters is. I’m one of those weirdos that LOVES grocery shopping! Anyone else?:) If I had it my way, I would do my groceries at farmer’s markets all year long, but in the great white north of Toronto, Canada, that’s not always possible. Thankfully, we still have man.

Before you head to the store, take inventory of your cabinets and then make your own shopping list to fill in the holes. By investing a little shopping time upfront, you’ll help eliminate the two biggest hurdles to healthy cooking-not having enough time and not having the right ingredients, says Samantha Lynch, R.D., who designed the healthy food supermarket list. Starting a grocery store is a very easy business to start and it is not so capital intensive.

Getting the right products that people want to buy and good stock keeping records are the secrets of running a grocery store. A grocery store can be run offline in the conventional retail store or online on an online e-commerce retail site.

List of related literature:

I recommend that each week you buy ingredients for salad (prewashed greens are a real time saver), four or five other fresh vegetables, and four or five different fresh fruits, depending on what looks most appealing and what’s in season.

“Small Changes, Big Results: A 12-Week Action Plan to a Better Life” by Ellie Krieger, Kelly James-Enger
from Small Changes, Big Results: A 12-Week Action Plan to a Better Life
by Ellie Krieger, Kelly James-Enger
Crown, 2008

Grocery Shopping Be informed about what foods are acceptable, and read labels carefully.

“Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Iranian Edition E-Book” by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
from Krause’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Iranian Edition E-Book
by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
Elsevier Health Sciences UK, 2016

I hope this guide will help give you a basic idea of the foods to stock up on in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables.

“Naturally Sassy: My recipes for an energised, healthy and happy you – deliciously free from meat, dairy and wheat” by Saskia Gregson-Williams
from Naturally Sassy: My recipes for an energised, healthy and happy you – deliciously free from meat, dairy and wheat
by Saskia Gregson-Williams
Ebury Publishing, 2015

It is not a requirement to shop at a “healthy grocery store” such as Whole Foods™ or Wild Oats™, although it would probably help in the beginning.

“You Don't Have To Be a Treehugger To Be a Vegan” by Dan Vishny
from You Don’t Have To Be a Treehugger To Be a Vegan
by Dan Vishny
Dan Vishny, 2005

• Shop on the perimeter of the supermarket, where you will most often find healthy food.

“The Good Mood Kitchen: Simple Recipes and Nutrition Tips for Emotional Balance” by Leslie Korn
from The Good Mood Kitchen: Simple Recipes and Nutrition Tips for Emotional Balance
by Leslie Korn
W. W. Norton, 2017

Do your research, read labels, and choose a grocery store that generally has more natural foods and minimally processed options.

“Natalie Jill's 7-Day Jump Start: Unprocess Your Diet with Super Easy Recipes-Lose Up to 5-7 Pounds the First Week!” by Natalie Jill
from Natalie Jill’s 7-Day Jump Start: Unprocess Your Diet with Super Easy Recipes-Lose Up to 5-7 Pounds the First Week!
by Natalie Jill
Hachette Books, 2016

Grocery shopping is the first step to healthful eating.

“Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE” by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
from Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE
by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011

I’ve provided extensive shopping lists for you which is 75 percent of the work; all you need to do is go to the grocery store or order online once a week and stock your pantry and refrigerator accordingly.

“Now Eat This! Diet: Lose Up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks Eating 6 Meals a Day!” by Rocco DiSpirito
from Now Eat This! Diet: Lose Up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks Eating 6 Meals a Day!
by Rocco DiSpirito
Grand Central Publishing, 2011

Do an Internet search to find healthy restaurants and grocery stores before traveling.

“The Brain Warrior's Way Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes to Ignite Your Energy and Focus, Attack Illness and Aging, Transform Pain into Purpose” by Tana Amen BSN, RN, Daniel G. Amen, M.D.
from The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes to Ignite Your Energy and Focus, Attack Illness and Aging, Transform Pain into Purpose
by Tana Amen BSN, RN, Daniel G. Amen, M.D.
Penguin Publishing Group, 2016

The grocery store is a great place to think about healthy, nutritious food.

“The Doctor's Diet: Dr. Travis Stork's STAT Program to Help You Lose Weight & Restore Health” by Travis Stork
from The Doctor’s Diet: Dr. Travis Stork’s STAT Program to Help You Lose Weight & Restore Health
by Travis Stork
Grand Central Publishing, 2015

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • this was so satisfying to watch in our new times. Also as you were picking your almond milk, i’m like nooooo get the activated almod one! and then you did hahaha the best almond milk ever! (unsweetened of course!)

  • I would also say, buy frozen fruits and veggies. They’re often cheaper, retain their nutrients and they won’t get bad.. We all know we never eat all the fresh veggies we buy

  • WAIT. Is she drinking kombucha preggers? Is this allowed? I totally stopped drinking it when I found out I was pregnant and I MISSS ITT!!!

  • this is my first video and as soon as I heard the u can’t really eat healthy with family thing I did subscribe cus I’m suffering with that right now as of right now I’m just eating yogurt with fruits lol well about then spaghetti that u have of black bean and edamame well the only stores I have in my city are sams club, h-e-b and walmart and smaller stores so do u know anywhere I can buy those spaghetti also can u do recipes with them in videos or link me to some because my mom is really picky if she doesn’t like it she wont eat it so I need to find a way to make her eat healthy ����
    Edit: also have u done a video of healthy snack that would be good for us to eat I eat out of boredom and I love fruit but I Tend to overeat the fruit so I would really like to know what snacks I can eat other then fruit

  • Since when does olive oil does not spoil?:|
    Yeah, it’s not flaxseed oil, but still. Even a fresh bottle from a supermarket has a chance of already being partially rancid.

  • Sorry, but I just chose your latest video to ask my question even though it has nothing to do with pizza, apples or hamburgers. There was a TedX video awhile back on the supposition that anyone can become a cartoon artist. I didn’t actually watch the video but as a true YTer, I feel I can articulate it’s message. My cartoon figures are ALWAYS poorly drawn, scribbly, shaky and disproportionate. I feel you would be the best person to tell me if it is possible for me to become a cartoon artist in the normal life span of an American male, which I believe, now, is 72.9 years. Thank you in advance if my question is pulled out of the hat as the one you will answer this week.

  • I loved this video wished you would do a grocery haul video but pick up the items in the supermarket and show us how to read the labels!

  • Is it just me are is 20 minutes not that far my Costco about 20 minutes technically according to Google 18-22 away we go to multiple places for certain stuff and from Costco there all 5 minutes away from eachother Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Walmart. Anyway back to y’all…

    To me that’s worth it there is no way your gonna spend 50-75 dollars on gas for a few more miles so that money will be saved fr.

    Edit: Fixed grammer from abbreviations

  • I just started trying to eat clean and exercising. I’m getting keto and paleo confused I think.:( So, are cheeses and yogurt okay? Does anyone know? I read that hard cheeses like mozarella and cheddar are okay and greek yogurt, I think for keto. I guess I’m leaning towards keto, by trying to cut my carbs down, but I also like paleo bc I love fruit, but I read paleo discourages milk and dairy. I love cheeses though and yogurt. Never been much of a milk drinker, but it also makes my stomach iffy sometimes. I’m just so confused! Ahhh, help!:P Maybe you could do a vlog on paleo vs keto, if you haven’t already.:)

  • Yay you shop at Woolies
    (Proud Woolies worker here)

    But no seriously thank you, I am lactose and gluten intolerant and never no what to eat..

  • Re watching this for healthy food ideas…
    Love watching your grocery store hauls cause AUS prices are way closer to Canadas then the US is.

  • So basically when you really want to give yourself a boost you wilĺ surround yourself with people doing the same thing to keep
    yourself headed in the right direction. Very hard to cheat. You are an inspìratiòn.

  • this reminds me of shopping on holiday!!!! supermarkets in the UK are so different! If I stuck to the perimeter I’d just end up with random stuff lol

  • 2:55 Hey, all these ingredients are absolutely safe. You have way more unpronounceable ingredients in bananas (lots of deoxyribonucleic acid!). The worst one in that list health-wise is salt… Depending on what shit is in the pork

  • I honestly love sezzy so much. I don’t like my body and it’s probably not the best but I am trying to be better and healthier, so sez you help me so much!

  • I am the same way. I live in NY and I buy the a local brand called Elmhurst Milk, super natural and tasty �� I wonder if they sell in Australia. I think you might like them, their selection of nut milks is SO good!

  • Do you have any suggestions on buying healthy food while on a budget? We just can’t seem to find any healthy brands/foods that are within in budget.

  • Omg living in Australia is now one of my biggest dream! It’s so easy to find healthy things! Anyways I love your video! You are the only YouTuber I’ve pleasure to follow. Good luck with everything and the baby✨

  • I found you through you telling Kurt you’re preggy and I have been obsessed with you ever since! These kinds of videos inspire me and its because of how genuine you are! Your journey is incredible and you have opened my eyes to a new way of looking at and taking care of my body, thank you Sezzy

  • omg, I can relate to that when I go to the store I go to what I call THE SNACK LAYOUT: it goes like this chips, candy, bread(because they have little debie snacks) then ice cream now the fruit wich I get a lot of more then snacks lol

  • Hey Sarah if you clean your fruit and vegetables use bi carb in water fill the sink up with water shake about half a cup of bi carb in mix it up and soak for fifteen minutes them rinse with clean water

  • what would you suggest when you’re craving salt? like chips! they are my weekends but I want to replace them with something healthier

  • This video makes me want to go crazy at woolies in the fruit and vegetable area but then I remember I’m a uni student �� thanks for all the inspo though! Xx ��

  • This was very cool! Thank you for sharing:) On occasion I do get wild caught alaskan Sockeye salmon from Walmart. It’s very good:)

  • I’ve started healthy eating my minds set on loosing weight is there any seeds I can eat on salads or cereals? Ur fridge looks delish xxx

  • Please please please do another snack video! I liked seeing you other suggestions but would love some more. I have just been diagnosed with PCOS and I have to be on a low carb diet. It would be super amazing if you could do a snack video geared towards PCOS and low glycemic snacks.

  • I am SO excited to have found you! You are my idol right now!! Love your down to earth, cheerful fun vibes, following SOOOO much of what you do, already a couple days into following a lot of your eating, exercise and sleep habits. Getting married this summer and I am so excited to have this new healthy lifestyle outlook to lead up to it, both me and my fiancé are on board over here in Wisconsin USA
    (Ps. I told him to skip the jewlery and order me tropeaka protein powders for Valentine’s Day, I think he is today ;). )���������� so much love beautiful, your my inspiration right now!!

  • Love this video!!!! I’m nosey so it’s so interesting to see what others buy for groceries ��
    You and Leif should do a cooking vid ��

  • Hey Sarah! I would love a grocery shopping/ meal prep video for college & uni students/ low income families!! Thumbs up if you’d like to see this too ��

  • Hey Sezzy! I don’t know if you’ll see this… but I do not like fish… I can eat it on sushi and sometimes crumbed only if I’m really hungry though hahah what would you recommend for a meat source as I’m not the biggest fan of red meat.

  • Can we have a video where you strap a go-pro cam on Abby and see what she does when you leave the house? That would be amazing!:D

  • Also buy goods in bulk in the season they are the cheapest. For example, garlic is very cheap in fall, and can be stored almost year round at home

  • As a grocery store worker, Tip 8: have ONE person in your household do the shopping EVERY TIME. Please don’t bring the whole family to grocery shop and especially with little kids who
    want to touch everything. It also reduces the number of shoppers in the store making physical distancing easier to maintain. Stay safe!

  • I never understood the white eggs… like in France we only have brown eggs… my parents have fresh eggs and they are brown I dont know how yours are withered…

  • Hi what is the name of the protein powder that you put in the yoghurt there is Stevia in it and also what is the brand of the grain free granola brand thanks could you please message me on Facebook the names alishia Anderson

  • Living in rural Ohio limits our options. Walmart, Aldi and Kroger are my options so I’d love to see a Kroger or Aldi haul as well.

  • You have to be in California. My Walmart in Colorado has no kombucha! Yeah and it’s Colorado so it’s basically California Jr. Where’s the kombucha Walmart?

  • USDA says to wash produce in cold clear water using brush. Another says do NOT wash in soapy water. What is your source for washing in soapy water, please? I just want the source. Thanks

  • if you want to shop there more often, but dont want to drive the 45 minutes every week or whatever, the walmart phone app will actually deliver it to you and you can buy online, basically the same as instacart. it might save you money and you dont have to drive that far for food shopping. also, thank you for explaining combucha! i always wondered what it was lol

  • I spent about $80 at our local grocery store buying what she bought at Whole Foods. Whole Foods is wonderful but you don’t have to spend that much to get healthy food in case anyone was worried:)

  • Would love to see your main staple groceries affordable at places like walmart! It’s hard for me to find things that go well with my stomach issues so things like your coffee creamer and simple cheap foods that are easy on your stomach I’d love to see how I can get that!

  • Ok, I’ve seen people shop for a little basket worth of groceries at Whole Foods and pay like $300; it’s so expensive. I just shop at Food 4 Less.

  • You are so beautiful, your skin is so perfect! I need to wear sun screen everyday �� I stopped for the winter but I can still see damage! I’m going to get some today. You’ve inspired me

  • Those mice in the maze are from the future! Or maybe we developed video technology earlier than previously thought. That was my take away.

  • Lovely couple and fun videos! Thank you for the info. Love watching! ❤️
    Just eating and working it must be full time. Do you work also? Independently wealthy?

  • Thank you for going through and telling the benefits of each food. I started my fitness journey about 2 months ago and I’m really starting to get into food. After I had my daughter I lost a bunch of weight (some may day I’m lucky) and now I’m “too skinny” I don’t eat enough and I want to gain healthy weight so this was a lot of info thank you!

  • I live in Australia and our food does cost ten times to that. When I priced one organic cow lettuce (romaine) it was $4.90. Blueberries are almost $4 a punnet smaller than yours that you showed

  • A sense of belonging watching someone from Malaysia.. And the great thing is that the groceries are common items that we can obtain.. Thanks again.

  • The funny thing is: When I go grocery shopping hungry I just buy more of the healthy foods, because what I buy is not determined by what I want to eat in that moment but rather by which foods pass my “I can eat/buy this” checklist. So really going grocery shopping while hungry isn’t a problem for me moneyor healthwise, but I sometimes have a hard time fitting it all into my backpack.
    Objective standards for food rule!

    Plus: it’s “five ingredients or fewer”, not “less”

  • Well here in Pakistan well get to buy every thing fresh from veges and fruits to all dairy products. And the fun fact is that natural food is allot cheaper than the processed ones

  • there are Walmart grocery only stores in Orange County, they are small and only have the food, then the superwalmarts are everything. I used to live in rancho Santa margarita and there is one there. but I have seen more around OC/LA

  • Yes!!!!…It’s about time someone did a healthy Walmart grocery haul that I actually like ��������…….i’m too broke to shop at whole paycheck ��

  • this lady is using this disaster to sell her channel. there are no clorox wipes available anywhere. no hand sanitizer either. you will be lucky to find bleach.

  • I enjoyed seeing what you buy for your hauls, but I do not think my Walmart has those juices which really sucks, I will definitely be keeping my eye out for some!

  • Love all the videos with your man b/c you’re such a cute couple & remind me of how my husband & I interact! Great type of video too. ��

  • Idk if ur going to see this but you remind me of my favorite YouTuber aesthetically and physically. Her name is Sarah or sezzy. Sarah’s day is her YouTube

  • Ummm has any tried the meal plan and actually used it and it worked. I’m 20 and I don’t have a lot of money to just spend so I don’t want to pay $50 for a meal plan that won’t work

  • I drive 40 mins to get to go grocery shopping because where I live, we literally have the smallest Krogers in the world. And there’s only 2 grocery stores in the whole county

  • Great information. Some additional helpful tips specifically to keep seniors and those who are most vulnerable safe are provided in this article:

  • I can’t quite tell whether you are saying “grocery” or “groshery”. Please note that the former is the correct pronunciation. Also please note that I really, really like you, so please, please, please don’t take this personally. AlIow me to say that I am a proud grammar Nazi, and my domain of authority does include proper pronunciation. Thus, I must bring this infraction to your attention. It is my duty (the Japanese call this “ikigai”).

  • I’m laughing at the fact that you dont go to Walmart cause it’s 20 minutes away �� everything is over 30 minutes away for me, like even the closest gas station is 30 minutes away

  • Puoi accumulare pollo e maiale

    Alcune verdure che possono essere conservate a lungo

    Invia gli adulti a fare acquisti, cerca di essere il più forte possibile

    Ho anche comprato dei guanti e delle maschere da usare quando sono andato a fare shopping. A causa della scarsità di maschere, le ho acquistate da Sorprendentemente, ci sono bambini.

  • Dr. Lara, Do we need to get ice cream out of it’s container, into a new one and throw it out the container from the store before we put it into our refrigerator???? Please help!!!! Today is 3-31-2020.

  • Sorry, but did she says treat your fresh produce like you do your hands??? I’m absolutely, 100% sure I’m never going to be washing my fruits and vegeables in hot soapy water for 30 seconds which is what I’m using to clean my hands…yuk!!! Shortly after she contradicted herself and said it should be cold water and soap for 10 seconds which, unless every other medical expert is telling lies, nether ‘kills’ nor removes anything other than surface grit and soil, so I’m not doing that either!

    Just like my mother and grandmother did, I always soak my fresh produce in well salted water for a minute or so brush gently with a good stiff bristle brush before draining then covering with clean cold water for another few minutes, which will refresh and crisp up salad leaves, cucumber, radish, apples, pears and grapes, etc. and makes peeling older slightly ‘bendy’ carrots and other veg easier (A big Win-Win if, like me, you hate peeling veg!!!). Stay safe everyone!

  • Hey Chels! I want to try out the tropeaka powders but idk which one to start out with. I’m trying to clear up my skin because it’s gone wild lately and I was thinking about trying the alkaline greens powder! Do you think that’s a good one to start out with??

  • I think Murphy’s Law “Trumps’ a PHD and Corona is here to stay.
    Shutting down is easy. Reopening is the hard part.
    How to reopen New York city airports to the still infected world without importing the virus over and over forever

  • I love your video and healthy info, but i hate when youtubers are fliming at public or grocery store includes other ppl.I never would want to be in any other personal video. Have u ever Asked those ppl who is in your video?that is okay?

  • Check out these simplest-to-make single-use masks for your trips to the grocery shops or pharmacies:

  • In relation to 4:33, have you read this thread of tweets by this Food Biologist

  • Great haul, thanks for the ideas! I do think Whole Foods is crazy expensive in my opinion.. I find the same things at ALDI and Fresh Thyme! ☺️

  • This is the first video I saw of yours, and I love it. You’re so adorable & fun to watch, I liked & subscribed! I was looking at grocery hauls because it always inspires me to make a healthy grocery list & try new things. I definitely got some good ideas from this video as well as some laughs! Unrelated, but I’m about 17 minutes in & I’m very curious about who Beth is.

  • you should really watch bobby parish. he talks about the stuff they put in your foods and what foods are better for you to eat. but I love your videos.

  • VAIN MUCH! sunscreen is actually terrible & most ingredients in sunscreens can be worse which will cause cancer anyway..we NEED VIT D on a daily basis….Driving in a car & being outside is not going to cause any significant damage…I can see not tanning or laying on the beach with no protection on but literally driving come on!!! lathering up the sunscreen is craziness…the sun can be good in moderation & increases our immune system & is actually healthy as one of natures pure vitamins!!!!! FYI

  • I love Grocery hauls! Mine are mostly Whole Foods.
    I like to see what other people buy as we all get different foods and prepare different to others but regular to us meals.

  • Girl I know they don’t sell it in stores near you but you have to try Nuttin Ordinary! It’s a dairy free cashew cheese spread that’s so amazing, all real ingredients and the taste is awesome. They’re going to be selling them online again in the beginning of Jan if you want to try it

  • SOOO MUCH FUN! This haul made my mouth water. In your next haul, I’d love to see you try some of the items you got for the first time! Always fun to see peoples’ reviews in real time!!!

  • I’d love if you did more of the vegan cooking videos and more videos of you cooking! It’s so hard to be motivated to cook healthy foods I’d love to keep learning! ♥️

  • I love these kinds of videos!! I have a similar diet so I screenshotted so many products that I’m excited to try. Thanks for sharing!!

  • put your apples in the fridge it is literally life changing! i dont know if people do this, but i went my whole life without doing this and wish i would have known sooner

  • I just DMed you the other day about this, not sure if you saw it, but when I saw that you were doing one I got so excited! I haven’t had much opportunity to go to either of those stores but I’ll be living near them soon and I’ll have a good idea of what to try. I’d looove to see you do more grocery hauls/food prepping in vids! ������

  • 10/10 recommend sunshine series reusable produce bags. They are a local California brand that are made sustainably out of hemp! Check them out!

  • I love this kind of haul! It’s nice to know what others get a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s because sometimes I forget to branch out and try new items/brands.

  • Dig this grocery haul and love the health content! Thanks for being open about price. I live in Alaska and it’s super interesting to compare!! It’s probably about the same as LA Whole Foods but at the regular grocery store!

  • I love Grocerys hauls so so much!!!! It reminds me of the time when I lived in California, grocery stores in Germany in comparison are quite boring! In the US there are so many options especially things like dairy and meat alternatives….

  • That was the most beautiful fridge I’ve ever seen… I can’t wait to move out of home so I can have all my own groceries! It can be hard to eat the way I want to at home right now cause the rest of my family doesn’t care about eating healthy.

  • I love seeing food related videos! It’d be cool to see a video of you cooking every meal for one week or something like that. If you want of course

  • I am so jealous. America, well most of America, has no where near that wide variety and the price here for the things you got would be well over $60. sigh

  • Everything I buy to eat is in one small section. The produce section. It takes me 5 minutes to go grocery shopping. Literally! I spend more time in the cashier’s line.

  • It is outrageous to say that those long words are “intentionally crafted to be misunderstood.” The “long words” are either the common name or IUPAC name of different chemicals found in those foods. Those words don’t mean much to the average person, but they can give an exact structure or a good idea of a chemical structure to a chemist.

  • 11:07 I am chocked. He let his pregnant wife get the milk:O I am sorry but a pregnant woman should not do sudden move even if your were fit before. The husband should do these kind of things for her! I don’t know if it is culture difference but in my country this would never happen.

  • Very hard to make a list as I work a lot from 6am to 10pm most days and only get a gap in the middle of the day so I end up snaking on crap

  • My best tip for the sick/ chronically Ill/ Chronic pain sufferers is to shop online and get delivery. It’s a really good way to know exactly what your buying and how much your total will be at the checkout. Also you can just go to your kitchen if you’re not sure if you need something. This is especially good if shopping causes you exhaustion and pain. It means you don’t have to carry heavy items, which makes it easier to buy in bulk, and it’s much easier to stay focused on your goal. The people that deliver even put it on my kitchen bench so all I have to do is put it away. I can get delivery for $4-$12 (Australian $$$) and honestly I couldn’t keep up with shopping.without it.

  • Sezzy boo bear, I was looking back at some of your older videos from like 7 months ago and your voice is so much higher now! That’s so fun ha!

  • If you avoid the isles you wont be able to get your baking or dry food goods, like cooking oil, bread, and lets not forget your cleaning supplies. Also I do a lot of my food shopping at Asian grocery stores so maybe that’s the reason.

  • yes agree. those groceries would cost WAYYYYY more than $30 here in the US… Totally agree it’s much easier to take a list and have planned meals..

  • this is so fucking wrong… so fucking wrong… when you are left with just a couple of euros, you just don’t have a choice, you buy the cheapest shit possible, enough so you wont die of hunger and that’s it.

  • I am absolutely obsessed with smoothies because they’re one of the only things I can eat. I have a partially paralyzed stomach so it doesn’t drain properly and it makes me really sick.

  • I was about to share this until the line about how the “long complex words” were intentionally crafted. No they weren’t. It’s the chemical names of the ingredients. Everything is chemicals, even people. I agree with the less processed is better, less ingredients in the food, etc. But there are a ton of chemicals make up a “BANANA”. The difference between that and the Hot Pocket is that the banana occurs naturally and therefor not required to list all ingredients plainly on the packaging. Lastly….they’re not “long complex words”…..they’re technical definitions with prefixes and suffixes indicating how many carbon or oxygen atoms it has. If someone can’t understand what they’re reading, it doesn’t make it gibberish.

  • Sunday, March 01,2020 Hi Katie and watched this vlog to get an understanding of your hectic life. Wouldn’t fuss over not feeling urself today; you look ole naturalle which is good. Sunscreen application was good. Ur boyfriend, Ryan is a good guy from what I see of him in the vlog and he sounds and looks like he cares for you a lot. The Walmart visit was entertaining for me as you picked out healthy items. Have a great week to you both.

  • My favourite was the ingredient rule as I’ve been looking for a way to limit processed stuff but I still like my treats. Until now, my general rule was “as close to its natural state as possible”. But it will be a relief to replace it with this rule. Thank you:)

  • Please give us a haul of your cupboard!! I loved you apartment haul and would love to know more of the products you use and the superfoods you like and why!

  • Those long words is actually designed to specify the form and function of the molecules. It sounds as if you want an description for every ingredient, which is even more text on the back.

  • To be fair, i don’t go to many different grocery/food stores, but the 2 big ones near me do not have that layout at all. specifically the one i go to the most has a good amount of sugary stuff right next to the produce outside the aisles with the meat in the back.

  • Another thing that supermarkets and other shops are doing is putting some kind of scent in the air, so when you just pass by the bakery, the smell of fresh bread can make you buy some, even if you are not hungry. Same goes for pizza, perfume, or delicious fruits.

    Something that keeps me from buying junk is to check the expiration date. If something doesn’t go bad for years and years, that is a clear sign that it has more preservatives than it does nutrition.

  • call me a hipster but i shop at a small organic stores where there is very little shopping space
    it is tasty, healthy and efficient, but a little more expensive than usual…

  • Just made your tofu avocado toast this morning and it was soooo good. I can’t thank you more enough for making the videos you do. Im learning so much from your health videos. Can’t wait for toddler eats in a day videos lmao ��

  • I agree with all of those for the general audience. If I forget my list though I often have to go to the store hungry or if I have just eaten pretty much buy nothing. It sounds weird but its really not.

  • If you buy the same healthy foods every week, you’ll also cut your time at the place you shop to a mere 20mins or less, because you just go in, pick up and leave. You also don’t need to think about what to eat. I should make a Instagram account as you’ll be able to see that week after week, I enjoy the same healthy foods. And never crave the junk people seem to find to irresistible.

  • Agreed on almost everything except “most of which are long complicated words that are intentionally crafted to be misunderstood” umm no, the words used are the actual ingredients and/or chemicals oficial names used to be identified by health organization and people with a certain amount of food chemistry knowledge. On the contrary “long complicated words” would actually scare a consumer do the fact that they will think more about “chemicals” rather than “food” making them be afraid of “what am I eating”.

    As an example, its common to read “sodium benzoate” inmediatlly followed up by “(as a preservative)” because without clarifying what sodium benzoate is people would asociate chemical = unhealthy.

  • You have so much on your side that helps you stay thin. For starters, you are Asian! I have rarely ever seen an obese Asian person haha! Now I even wonder why do you exercise, you have good genes on your side! lol Your young so you have a fast metabolism, looks like you haven’t had children and you don’t have health problems. You are very lucky!:)

  • So glad you did this! Walmart has many healthy foods. I buy my oils there…avocado, flaxseed, and coconut aminos. They now also sell monk fruit sweetener. I just can’t do Bison. ��

  • Awesome! ��
    Got great news…
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    It’s super easy.
    Just scan any grocery receipt, and get rewarded.

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    Happy Rewards to you my friend!

  • Literally no one ask. But if you ask me my staples are sweet potato, cucumber, firm tofu, spinach, sweet potato leaf, and eggs. ThankYou ��

  • If you left your dogs outside and you say it’s cold how do you think they feel �� I was told by a vet if you feel the need to put on a sweater/jumper then you should put one on your dog I really hope you do next time as there fur isn’t enough especially on them extra cold days

  • I would not recommend buying products with palm oil in them because it is actually very harmful to the planet. Forrests and jungles on earth or cut down to plant palm oil trees, thus removing homes of animals. This is externally bad for the environment

  • Fricken loved this!!�� I love the way you filmed this! I really want to make a similar video in the future:) Can’t wait for more cooking videos!

  • Love seeing your food hauls but i will say, with a platform (no matter how big) you should try to start incorporating better eco friendly shopping choices! Such as the cucumber wrapped in plastic vs one that isn’t. The eggs in a plastic carton and the precut fruit in plastic cartons is sooo wasteful.

  • the only difference between different colored eggs is the color of the chicken that produced the egg, white chickens make white eggs, brown chickens make brown eggs!

  • Do they sell the melon like that? there is too much plastic in that purchase, in Spain we are reducing the consumption of plastic.

  • Hey Katie
    I LOVE ❤ this video. It was AWESOME ��
    I like Shopping at Walmart for most things. Meats Shoprite because it’s fresher.
    If anyone live near Berlin NJ.
    That Walmart was so clean and organize and also stock up on everything. I will go back there again. My husband LOVE ❤ that store.

  • Your experience about getting lost at Wal-Mart is what happened to my brother. So I typically never take my little boy. I try to always go alone.

  • YouTube has changed so much and I find it hard to genuinely like it anymore. However you are one of the few I still love to watch. You’re so authentic and I LOVE that. Something I don’t see much anymore. Keep up the content!!

  • Organic food is actually really bad. Organic plants/veggies are non-GMO so farmers have to use way more pesticides on them than conventional foods because they are less resistant to threats. People often get organic veggies because they think pesticides weren’t used on them, but that’s a myth. Also, organic plants leave a larger carbon footprint than conventional foods. And organic meat farming is terrible for the animals because they can’t have antibiotics (so they stay organic) which causes them a painful and diseased life. People think anything that says “organic” means it’s better, but that isn’t always the case.:/

    I just wanted to say that, but I loved the video and your personality!:)

  • So glad I found you on YouTube because I live in Canada to so it’s nice to see stuff that I can go and get to!!! And I am deffenlty a sweet person!!!

  • One Question If you can answer me… do you need to do all exercises you are showing on your videos?…being an Asian most of you are god gifted with beautiful sultry and very feminine body you are hope and a dream to all those… ahem…like those who buy vogue magazines buy those clothes thinking they would look like beautiful highly paid fashion model I bet even if they did extra 3 set, are still not going to look anywhere near like you 😉

  • I totally agree about coconut water that comes in a a container, it taste horrible to me. Nothing like when you drink it right out of the fruit. Another great video Joanna!

  • Here in the US the groceries would cost a lot more!! Sadly the cheap foods are low priced. However I enjoyed your video! A few things I like to get every week are snack size seaweed, frozen fruit for smoothies and bell peppers!

  • No filming in the store? Lmao. Its a grocery store!!! Never heard that before!!! Love how you guys did it anyway and did not care!

  • Was just at my Wal Mart…they didn’t have a third of the food you bought…ten things in the veggie/fruit area…But I made it work anyway…only 2 choices for the Kombucha….

  • I really don’t understand what is meant by tight budget.i mean v earn for what. I have seen people going for mac lipstick and eat like a beggar. come on be a bit spendthrift when buying vegetables and groceries. nobody goes bankrupt by eating

  • I love your shopping it gives me ideas although here in North America it’s expensive!!!!! Still continue to show yourself shopping!!!!

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  • I’m in shock I’ve never herb of purple spinach… I really know a lot on food and nutrition ��
    Those were some super long scallions too

  • Hiee Joanna, I did manage to communicate with NASM for the oneline Personal Training course advertised by yourself in your YouTube. I was encouraged to do the pay course. After I made it clear that I wanted to do the advertised FREE training I was discouraged by saying it does not go to the depth of the training! After couple of emails n me being firm on what I wanted I stopped receiving any reply. But have been receiving the information on pay course! It’s surprising what cheap ways people/institution look to make money. If anyone is interested to see the emails I received from NASM I can forward them. I would request not to waste other people’s time just because you are looking to make couple of bucks. You advertise for Free course to reach people and try and sell your course! What a pity…..

  • I wish it were easier to get fresh fruits and vegetables where I live, but unfortunately I live in a very beef related state and all the fruits and veggies we have here are shipped in from Washington or California:( I’m vegetarian too) so our grocery shopping usually tends to be about 200$ for three people every week and a half

  • so glad to have stumbled upon your channel! I’ve always watched channels from overseas and it’s difficult to buy groceries accordin g to their shopping list!!! And I totally agree with you, loving and missing my home Malaysia! pls continue to do whatever you are doing now!

  • Hi Joanna, thank you for all of your good explanations. I’ve been applying all the tips and eating very healthy since I’ve been watching your channel. I also go to the gym 4 times a week and I lost 5kg in two months. ��

  • I eat food from my refrigerator. The food just appears, because Mom and Dad buy food. They tend to buy a lot of raw ingredients and buy inexpensively. I just have to look in and fix something based on whatever I see. Every day is different.

  • I really like the seasonal idea! In the UK we tend to just bulk buy things all year round but getting a different thing each time in small amounts sounds so much better

  • I have a question: How do you manage to know what to eat every week? I still can’t figure it out for myself. I do month shopping, but groceries can’t stay a month in the fridge? Please Help:)

  • Can you please tell me which mall you go to to get your pistachio and dried apricots? Looks like Ampang Point but I’m not too sure

  • You’re 1st tip is also my #1. If I shop hungry or thirsty I always spend more! But then I always have lots of snacks and drinks which is also a win lol:) Great video!

  • Thank you Joanna! I watched a lot of your videos today and I think I learned so much! You have a lot of positive power. I’ll keep eating healthy, keep exercising and keep fighting with my acnes.

  • Funny how the “essential” products are the least essential. Stick mostly to veggies and grains and keep super healthy at the cheapest

  • WHAT? all the for 30+ dollars? where do you shop? Also, I highly reccomend having avocado on toast. SO yummy. I had it for dinner.

  • 5$ for a pack a latace!? Wow this is super expensive! In Germany you get the same amount for under 1€! In summer for just 10 cents!

  • I consider myself very lucky. My family is far from rich but there is a produce stand about two kilometers away and for us, we can get about 4 or 5 large bags of fruits and vegetables for maybe 25 USD.

  • Wow the tesco you went is the one i always shop at! Their fruits and veggies are very cheap, always on sales. Now their watermelon are crazily on sales, 99sen for per kg, i bought it yesterday and it taste super juicy and sweet (;

  • I am so jealous of the fruit and veggies section you guys have. I live in a small Southern, American town, which anyone from America knows what that means. Thank you for the video. I love watching all your, very helpful, videos.:)

  • I really enjoy you advising food Videos, this also.
    You know you dont need to put your vegetables and fruits into plastic bags? Plastic every where even now in grounds, waters and air. And so in our food. We should avoid it whereever we can.

  • Great video for the unaware, a tip I would add is stopping by the bakery next to the produce as a healthier choice over something you’ll find in the Isles for those with a sweet tooth. 😉

  • Hi Chelsea. I just wanted to reach out and clarify things with you on a couple of the items you bought at the grocery store. First of all about the organic label. Organic doesn’t mean it’s healthier, it means it was grown or raised with no synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or other artificial antigens. There are HUGE misconceptions around this label and I would recommend researching more to what organic actually means instead of portraying it as just “healthier.” I am a student at ISU studying agricultural communications and also grew up on a farm. I would love to be a resource to you if you have any questions. Also, brown and white eggs are nutritionally the same, the color is just because of genetics. Thanks all, love your channel. Thanks!:)

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    lol… your camera man need to go more training workshop…
    upgrade his/her firming skills. hahaha

  • That’s so me, I have 3 older brothers and all they eat is junk and I really wanna eat healthy and loose some weight but when mum does buy me some healthy food they eat everything like, I can never eat healthy in this house that’s why I can’t wait for them to leave or I move out hahaha

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