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How to cook healthy in your hotel room!

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How To Cook In Your Hotel Room

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Tips on How to Cook in a Hotel Room

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How To EAT CLEAN In A Hotel

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6 Quick & Easy Meals to Make From Your Hotel Room

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8 Tips to Eat Healthy While Staying in a Hotel

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Omelets. Omelets are actually quite easy to make using a mug and a microwave. If your hotel is equipped with a mini-fridge, you can easily store a carton of eggs, some diced meat and/or veggies to make your omelet with every morning! Here are some quick omelet ideas you can do in a microwave with an egg-safe cooker.

Stay on track and save money on room service with these healthy ‘cooking’ ideas. A few supplies brought from home or picked up at a corner store are all you need. These recipes are designed with the hotel room coffee pot in mind — no need for a microwave, which is not always available in hotel rooms. Cooking while on vacation might not be the first thing on your to-do list, but I’m here to convince you that you can put together a satisfying and healthy breakfast without even leaving your room.

And it’s going to be so much better than anything you’d ever pick up in the hotel lobby. As you get better at hotel room cooking, you will start developing strategies that can help you increase the number of meals you commit to this plan. The Breakfast Club – $630 Potential Savings.

Best plan to start with if you are new to hotel room cooking or if you are looking for something that is hotel-friendly and still cost-effective. If you’re staying at a “regular” hotel room, cooking in a hotel room will require you to bring a few supplies with you. This can be tricky if you’re flying back and forth, but with a little bit of planning, you can still eat healthy in a hotel room. The #1 crucial thing to bring for hotel room cooking is a rice cooker.

High-quality, resealable plastic bags are an invaluable tool for cooking in a hotel room. Thin, lower-quality bags may cling to the food inside or in some. If you use an adapter, you can even have it working for you in the car. After a quick trip to the grocery store, you’ll be able the cook a regular meal as you normally would in your hotel room. You can also cook for your coworkers and they can eat healthy too!

Travel Blender. After the first few blissful days of staying in a hotel, I start to get tired of eating out for every meal and begin craving the simple, comforting foods I make for myself at home. So when a reader asked for advice about cooking real meals while staying in a hotel, I read the answers with interest — and then excitement. So many smart tips!Cooking with a hotel room coffeemaker or iron Many budget roadside motels are equipped with little more than a coffeemaker and an iron, so when I say “cook,” I really mean heat or rehydrate with hot water or dry heat from the iron. (If your hotel room has a microwave oven, your dinner choices expand to include most of the frozen food section.).

I combined a few great-tasting meatloaf recipes to create this flavorful 15-minute version, which my husband loves. And because it’s made in the microwave, the entree is perfect for busy nights. For an extra boost, I flavor the.

List of related literature:

COOK HELPER, VEGETABLE (hotel & rest.)

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bring the various ingredients for whatever you’re planning on serving for the meal—perhaps a can of olives, a couple of apples, or half a pound of spinach—and then everyone can pitch in together in the kitchen to chop, peel, grate, and cook the dinner.

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Another thing is to roast dal and rice till it’s totally dry and add salt, spices, and then cook it in the microwave on site or in the hotel.

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• Cooked meats and similar items—Well-cooked meats, Such as chops, meatballs, pieces of Steak, Sausages, slices from roasts, and whole pieces of poultry, keep reasonably well for about a day at room temperature if they are on the dry side.

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I would like to know if your hotel kitchen can provide that, and which dishes you would specifically recommend.

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Here’s our go-to list of hotel room foods:

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Think ahead to what meals you will need to cook, pack, or eat out based on that week’s schedule.

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Salads, desserts, cold antipasti, unfried spring rolls, gazpacho, and tuna salad sandwiches can all make their appearance from the pantry.

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Planning and making your own meals cannot be done even in most small, inexpensive hotels.

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Serve cooked products on clean plates with clean utensils and clean hands.

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  • Enjoy the tastes of crusty, yeast infected underwear & socks full of athlete’s foot from AIRLINE STEWARDS who are known to use these coffee pots as washing machines. You fatties deserves this for misusing all of these appliances.

  • I found this video soooo helpful. I stay in hotels for work, sometimes up to a whole month! and the ironing of the sandwiches…genius. and I love cereal. Thank you!

  • My son and I are traveling out of the country for the first time. Because of the quarantine, we have to stay in a hotel room when we arrive at our destination for two weeks. Your video was very helpful, and thoughtful. Thank you. M.

  • it would be nice if you put a towel underneath to protect the ironing board from spill. Anybody using the board for ironing in the future will thank you!

  • I have been watching you videos a lot then I noticed your logo. I just feel like I want to create a video motion for it. Video editor from Vancouver Canada

  • Just so everyone knows. Both sides of the foil are equally non stick. Dont put food on shiny side when it heats up the non stick layer sticks to your food and causes cancer and dementia. Parchment paper is alot bettet. If you have to wrap it with foil use the dull side.

  • you might save money now but the bill will come later in time with health. none of what you prepaired is at all healthy
    specially when you have it all day

  • in Japan you can buy at 7/11 stores if you want eat healthy, cheap meals…sandwiches is only a little more than 1 dollor…you can have a lot of choices too!

  • Convenient store food is actually really good and affordable in Japan. An Egg sandwich is like 1.80. Rice bowls are like $4-6? But hey, fun video:)

  • I’ve done Disney on the cheap before. It can be done. With a lot of planning like your doing.  I like to use my Crockpot. I take mine everywhere with me.  Just another idea for you. Enjoy your trip.  I hope you feel better.

  • During TMLP weekends, Andrew and I would ask room service to bring us bowls, plates & cutlery. We’d heat up water in the coffee maker for cup of noodle soups (make sure there isn’t any coffee pods in there first! haha) and for oatmeal. Some places even allowed us to request a second fridge if it was too small or a roommate also needed space to keep items cold. I love this video! Never thought of using an iron!

  • This is great when staying in the hotel and you don’t want to go outside to buy a meal. Luckily to found your channel since I am into traveling and saving money during on the go “travel” ish.

  • I’m trying NOT to use my oven and stove. I have a toaster oven to replace my oven and microwave. To replace stovetop I use my rice cooker and instant pot. I’m going to buy a cheap kettle to boil water for coffee etc. Also an electric skillet for bacon. Don’t use my Toaster oven for bacon. Too messy.

  • dish soap and sponge……..well done. thky dan t palm springs ca USA I use new black yard trash bags in room trash containers for ice to keep drinks cold and cover with a towel. thanks sister, very smart…..

  • I really want to try this for our regular hotel trips. By the evening spending a day out we are usually too tired and force ourselves and 3 children out to find a restaurant! After a day or 2 this becomes way too expensive! Ive always been too scared to cook in a room in fear of the smoke alarm going off! How does all this steam and cooking not trigger the smoke detectors at hotels??

  • Look for a smaller hotpot, microwave safe Tupperware and a camping missile spice container. Holds many spices, smaller design than taking all spice containers. I use a back pack picnic set. Has all the utensils and stuff, helps hold and keep organized the portable kitchen. Lol I use powdered potatoes, for mashed potatoes and a jar of gravy. For water get travel berkey filter bottles. Excellent idea on the George foreman! I am going to pick one up! I’ve been thinking of getting a Tupperware vintage picnic set for longer trips. But great video! Thanks!

  • I must say this is the most wanted video I was waiting for. can u pls update more video like if we r travelling to Europe, and we want halal food over there what we should pack for us, as I have 3 kids and kids always want to eat alot so if we r planning to Europe for 12 days what we should pack? thanks alot and keep on uploading video

  • I loved this video! My husband and I had to move out of our apartment because of a pipe burst! I would have never thought to use a George foreman while we are stuck living in a hotel:)

  • You forgot a home made first aid kit. In places or cities like that you want to spend NO money there. its good to bring as much as you can you never know.

  • Do not put anything in those coffee pots! I work in hotels and I promise you they are not regularly cleaned if they are cleaned it is probably not with food safe chemicals (yes it should be, but no it’s not). Also, there are videos on YouTube showing how to clean things like pantyhose in coffee pots. Also, please don’t make housekeepers jobs any harder by creating unnecessary messes. There are so many things you can eat in a hotel room using items meant for food… like, the microwave? If the hotel room doesn’t have one, more often than not, their breakfast room will.

  • Perc’d coffee? smells the BEST!, but about the worst way to make coffee. I wouldn’t grill in a room. Too closed in, the steam/oil/smell will linger too long.

  • Awesome tips! Very useful for military families as we often get stuck in a hotel for a few months every three years during pcs moves. I also bring my crockpot! (Mrs. K)

  • First, I’d like to say that this both scared and excited partly because in the comments there are mentions of…well unmentionables and secondly These are all foods I’d totally yum down in minutes, but not maybe in different ways��great video as always.

  • When I saw you were sharing this video over twitter the other day I was so excited to watch it! You are so resourceful and I love that you’re saving money by forgoing the kitchen but still cooking “home cooked” meals. Have fun in Disney!!!

  • Yeah, years ago my mother taught me the way to travel is to stay in cheap accommodations but go out to the nicer restaurants. If you are going to go with cheap accommodations AND cooking for yourself, then you might as well just camp…

  • #keepitup this isn’t really something I’ve ever thought of, cooking on the road. Thanks for the video.. going to go out and get some broccolini tomorrow

  • So I a newer subscriber and came on to you because of your daughter. I always cook in our hotel room! We have a baby so eating it one meal out a day and splitting what we do have between the two of us helps us to go on vacations even cheaper. We pack our own travel microwave that we got at Walmart:)

  • One of the best things I ever bought my husband for Father’s Day was an electric cooler. It heats or cools. It has saved us so much money keeping drinks and snacks in the hotel room.

  • This is great! Especially for people like me who need to budget to avoid overspending from eating out during trips ��. Love the use of the Hotels amenities super useful creative!

  • I just realized Natalie Tran did basically the exact same video for the lonely planet chanel in 2011!!!
    And she’s a comedian and gives it an obvious comedic twist…

  • Let’s face it you are in no position to go on vacation. You and yours are broke! Forget the trip, pay off your bills, go to school and get better jobs. It is no vacation if you are doing all that cooking in your room! Oh, yeah don’t ruin the room for the next family with your cheap cooking!!!

  • This video was both informative and entertaining, your channel is so underrated. So happy I found this video and subscribed #keepitup #findthepepper ������

  • That looks delicious. It’s truly amazing the things we can do to hook up meals in a hotel, which saves money and probably a lot more healthy.

  • Just came across your videos yesterday! N I enjoy ur meal preping videos it’s been really helping me wit ideas than u ms.sonya! Also a lil tip if u put a damp paper towel under ur cutting board its keeps it from sliding when cutting��

  • Thank you so much my hubby and i have to travel for ma to have an operation. And we will be staying in a motel for 2 night and it has a microwave,a toaster and a jug. so we will be taking cooked food to microwave. thank you for sharing

    Yes love these! It helps to make those quick dinners when ya don’t feel like cooking! That broccoli looks amazing! Your such an inspiration!
    I saw you were in Austen not to long ago we could have meal prepped together lol I’m about 30 miles below the airport!
    Be blessed��

  • I need to get back to meal prepping because when I meal prep I stay on it but I just feel like I’m eating leftovers and that’s what messes me up. I have to get into the habit of not looking at it that way. Your food looks righteous, especially the chicken, that’s my favorite. Thanks for sharing fam and have a wonderful day. MK Saints! Blessed!

  • I seriously need to meal prep because I notice when I don’t meal prep I get off track. If it can be done on the road then I can surely find the time to do it.

  • That was a cool hotel cooking hack. One thing I started bringing w/ me while traveling: (1) zip lock bags for leftover airplane snacks (cheese, butter, chocolates) and restaurant takeaway (2) multi-function tactical spork.

  • They all look good. Like to know, how to avoid food born illness, or try to avoid illness at all while traveling. Many expert suggest to bring medicine, but sometimes illness caused by food. Another hot food is comforting and safe. Do you recommend it? While travel how much should be allowed, set aside, etc for food cost. Of that, how much will be for ‘room made’ food. While travel, I usually go to Chinese, and have left over take out, and put them in the room refrigerator, and break out my slow cooker and glass bowl to warm up if room have no microwave. I usually do 3 days 2 nights stay.

  • Loved this video!!! I am already a subscriber of you and Maureen. My husband and I travel quite a bit. I am a major foodie and am always cooking. We are not fans of restaurants. Overpriced and you never know what the kitchen looks like. �� Anyway…….I recently discovered that you and I have 2 things in common. First, I have those same salt & pepper shakers. I love vintage!! Also, Maureen and my oldest daughter were born on the same day (8/12/92)! Guess that means we were in labor together. LOL! I started a channel last December to connect with other women my age (46) ��. Our age group has a lot to offer the younger generation don’t you think? Take care!!!

  • What about some healthy foods that need NO cooking, fruit, nut’s, not bacon and eggs, can’t you see what your diet is doing to you? We all can, change your diet if you want to survive till 50!

  • Don’t take your coffee pot. They have coffee pots and coffee with all the condiments in your room. One less thing to take. Good luck with cooking in your room. People on a certain Disney site are rather grumpy about it. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am totally with you and am very anxious to see how gracious your neighbors will be. Fingers crossed as I would love to do this!! You guys have fun. Can not wait to see it all! Drive safely and prayers that your cold will be completely gone before you head out.

  • This is neat and all but, I barely use or touch anything in hotel rooms lol. I don’t even touch the beds. I just wrap myself in a long, hooded robe from home and sleep on top of the blankets ������

  • How are any of these called “home-cooked” food lol. They’re all instant and basic stuff you can pretty much get anywhere.
    Anyways, I already use the coffee maker to make ramen when I’m traveling, but I pour the hot water into a cup with ramen, instead of putting it in the kettle. Others are just unnecessary. Just buy/bring/assemble a sandwich, bring cookies and crackers, or eat fruits.

  • Skip the plastic for reusable cutlery that is good on the environment there are plenty of great bamboo options and put in a cotton tote that can be used as a reusable grocery bag when you go grocery shopping for those few items to help reduce plastic

  • There weren’t enought smart comments blasting this nonsense video on purpose so I’ve decided to add one more. Don’t do this silly and disgusting thing. Ever.

  • You guys, please just buy bread/ crackers, some cheese and a couple of veggies (lettuce, tomatoes) so you can assemble it all without the need for crazy processes ����

  • Just don’t do this. If you really can’t leave your hotel room to find some cheap food, then bring some instant ramen and boil some water. Or bring some protein bars with you. If you can go out and shop for these ingredients then you’re perfectly capable of finding a cheap meal as well.

  • I keep a sterilite tote (3-4″ deep) under the back seat of my truck with Corelle ware, 2 coffee mugs and a plastic pencil box of flatware/ paring knife/ can opener that is a constant in our hotel stays. We also have a scrapbook rolling totet with our Hamilton Beach (k-cup knock-off), coffee/teas and dry foods such as quick oatmeal, dried fruits, canned foods that go with us when we stay at a hotel. $Tree is my grocery shopping stop on our way. Creative Blessings!

  • Please stop with the iron thing. I’ve ruined clothes on business trips because of greasy irons. Some of us actually use those things for their intended purposes ��

  • I wouldn’t touch a coffeemaker in a hotel room because there are too many stories of people dying from using them after another guest has made meth in it.

  • Nasty. You know drunks use those as urinals so they don’t have to get up. Leaving the mess for the maid to rinse out. Travel with your own hot pot…