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Health Benefits of Coffee: The Healthiest Beverage on Earth? There’s nothing like starting off the day with a piping-hot cup of coffee. For many people, coffee is a staple during the morning routine and a lifeline in fighting the afternoon slump. Coffee is the biggest source of antioxidants in the diet.

It has many health benefits, such as improved brain function and a lower risk of serious diseases. The Health Benefits of Coffee First let’s establish the basic nutrition of coffee: A cup (8oz) of black coffee has 2 calories, 96mg caffeine, and 118mg potassium (about what you’d score in one-third of a small banana or 3oz of yogurt), according to the USDA’s FoodData Central nutrition database. The biggest benefits occur for people who drink about three cups per day.

Researchers reviewed the largest studies done to date on the health effects of coffee and find that the drink does more. The findings echo other research highlighting coffee’s health benefits. According to the American Heart Association, filtered coffee can sharpen your mental focus, boost mood and improve. For many years, coffee lovers the world over have reached for a cup without thinking of the possible health benefits (or risks) associated with their favorite beverage. That all changed in 1991.

The World Health Organization (WHO) categorized coffee together with other ingredients as possible carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). Thus, the. Yes, now my excuses to drink perpetually from morning till night are founded on solid (Wikipedia) evidence.

Ok, so for skeptics out there (and Wikipedia critics), lets glance at a few of the major benefits of coffee. (Resources listed below) 1. Caffeine is a mild stimulant. Extracts from green coffee beans have demonstrated many health benefits in scientific studies. The main components of green coffee responsible for these benefits appear to be caffeine and chlorogenic acid, a type of antioxidant, although some effects are influenced by factors other than these compounds.

While past studies hinted that coffee might have a dark side, newer research suggests that it may actually have health benefits. Why the reversal? It’s hard to look at just one aspect of diet and connect it to a health condition because so many other factors that could play a role. Drink Best Coffee.

2020-08-01. The Health Benefits of Coffee. For breakfast, Institute it has unearthed that slight injury arises from consuming espresso, and screens java research apps all on the Earth.

6 of those studies they track reveal that are somewhat not as inclined to want to have Parkinson’s illness.

List of related literature:

However, coffee consumption is associated with increases in several cardiovascular disease risk factors, including blood pressure and plasma homocysteine.

“Wellness and Physical Therapy” by Fair, Sharon Elayne Fair
from Wellness and Physical Therapy
by Fair, Sharon Elayne Fair
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Coffee as a major source of antioxidants in the American diet may offer its drinkers a protective effect against cancer (NIH, NCI, 2010).

“Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book” by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
from Krause’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book
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Epidemiological studies have shown a link between coffee consumption and increased physical health.

“Positive Psychology and the Body: The Somatopsychic Side to Flourishing” by Kate Hefferon
from Positive Psychology and the Body: The Somatopsychic Side to Flourishing
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Open University Press/McGraw-Hill Education, 2013

This section will review information extracted from the large body of literature on coffee and health, giving evidence to support a direct link between coffee intake and positive health effects.

“Espresso Coffee: The Science of Quality” by Andrea Illy, Rinantonio Viani
from Espresso Coffee: The Science of Quality
by Andrea Illy, Rinantonio Viani
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But other equally impressive studies have shown no such associations, so for now there is no reason to believe that moderate coffee consumption puts people at risk for cardiovascular disease.

“The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health” by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, M.D., Terra Diane Ziporyn, Alvin & Nancy Baird Library Fund, Harvard University. Press
from The New Harvard Guide to Women’s Health
by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, et. al.
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Overall, the evidence suggests that coffee drinking may reduce the risk of liver cancer.

“Encyclopedia of Cancer” by Manfred Schwab
from Encyclopedia of Cancer
by Manfred Schwab
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2011

In healthy men, longterm coffee consumption led to reduced platelet activation and plasma level of C-reactive protein; these effects are beneficial for improved cardiovascular health.

“Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals” by Rotimi E. Aluko
from Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
by Rotimi E. Aluko
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However, in moderate amounts coffee has more health benefits than negative effects and may be protective against liver disease, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease.

“Food, Feasts, and Faith: An Encyclopedia of Food Culture in World Religions [2 volumes]” by Paul Fieldhouse
from Food, Feasts, and Faith: An Encyclopedia of Food Culture in World Religions [2 volumes]
by Paul Fieldhouse
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Similar studies have shown a lower risk of colon cancer, liver cancer, and malignant melanoma among coffee drinkers.

“Nutrition For Dummies” by Carol Ann Rinzler
from Nutrition For Dummies
by Carol Ann Rinzler
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There is little indisputable scientific evidence that moderate coffee consumption increases the risk of developing cancer at any site in the body.

“Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking” by Jacqueline B. Marcus
from Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking
by Jacqueline B. Marcus
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  • Im addicted to black small cup off Jacobs Coffee only 1 tea spoon brown sugar, but its much better without sugar…but they say decafenated coffee its much more healthier

  • Black tea does make you loose weight and be less bloated, I did the one meal a day diet and drank this tea and got skinnier in a week.

  • Iam a turkish migrant born in Germany and my mother is 48 and Iam 26, my mom is addicted to black tea so I got too and since my childhood we’re drinking black tea daily. Me and my mom literally never brushed our teeth for long periods of time, my mother even longer periods of time (months). I started taking care of teeth serious since Iam 18 my mother still hasn’t achieved this ��, but my mother has incredible teeth for her age and mine are good aswell. I think this stuff is really effective for teeth health. ��

  • wow I can’t believe I’m smarter that Dr Oz on this ����

    First off always buy organic coffee, it’s the most pesticide laden bean because of its profitability. Never put cream, put 1 tablespoon Mct oil 1 tablespoon grass fed butter. And you’ll have energy for like 6 hours nigga.

  • In my country people drink black tea before they do anything,and then they keep drink black tea while doing guess what they do when they have nothing to do?
    And also it’s disrespectful, if host do not make enough heavy, fresh,and super hot black tea in Turkey

  • All these facts are so true especially the depression part. Recently started being an avid coffee drinker and my mood is so much better and I’m more happier and always in a good mood. Y’all it’s true!

  • Dr. Oz recommends regular sugar and dairy instead of syntheric ones. I would recommend no sugar and no diary ever. And if you find the tatse of black coffee too strong, try plantbased milk and maybe erythritol as a sugar alternative.

  • Wu yi Dao-ang Pao tea is the best tea, red tea, not black tea. Other than this you should definitely try oolong tea and green tea.

  • There’s more to coffee than chlorogenic acid. This study shows that dark roast is superior than other roasts for a few things

  • So I’m not a fan of soy milk. What I got from the very end is coconut milk should not have a significant impact on the health benefits of coffee either if swapped for soy?

  • I drink 4 to 5 cups of black coffee without sugar per day and believe me it really burns fat like miracle and improves performance

  • I’ve been gaining weight and frustrated. I kept trying to think of what I’ve done differently that I can’t lose weight. I realized I used to drink coffee. I’m going back to it now and hope to see results. I remember when I was a coffee drinker I ate less and would replace snacks with a coffee. Wish me luck cause this over 40 weight gain is no bueno

  • I had massive headache after quitting coffee. They lasted for a week! Coffee is the most powerful legal drug ever. And I tried lots of drugs, including illegal. This is very dangerous shit. Stop drinking it now, you will feel better overall, digestion is improving also. Stop buying fabricated ” scientific ” from these corrupt people. How do you know that coffee reduces risk of death? It’s impossible to get the causality from observation studies. You need to make experiments on human. And those are not ethical and even possible. Stop buying dictatorship money for coffee advertising from Latin America! This is a dangerous thing to consume

  • that info was nice & keen, yes i drink 3 cup a day, yes i drank it without any nasty additives. coffee coffee good. did not know it helped the heart, i knew it was good on the liver. do not buy any cheap folgers or maxwell house, if you want a quality coffee get starbucks or 8 o’clock coffee or some professional blend for best health benefits. coffee has antioxidants and add cinnamon which also has antioxidants.

  • Google “professor Clare Collins coffee” and listen to the Shirtload of science podcast and she talks about caffeine having loads of benefits. It gives much better info than this.

  • brought to you by the TEA industry but what chemicals are they using to grow tea now? y9ou are the knowledgeable people tell us?

  • I started drinking black coffe yesterday, i loved it. It’s tastier than coffee with milk and sugar

    Only black coffee (without sugar) is,��

  • So, if most of the population drinks coffee, then why are so many pple getting diabetes, heart attacks etc?
    I would expect the general population to be healthy.

  • the way coffee is brewed also has an impact on health. french pressed coffee has been proven to raise bad (LDL) cholesterol levels. mainly due to the unfiltered process that lets too many of the oils thru.

  • More Fake Science to get men To drink Soy….it’s just gonna make a bunch of weak ass bitches and that’s exactly what they want…. Drink ur Coffee Black not with Soy Milk.

  • Thanks for sharing. I love coffee, I drink it, but I have to share that as it is a diuretic it is classed as an antinutrient by nutritionists, it depletes the body of minerals, especially magnesium which is essential for many functions in the body, one main one being, for nerve transmission = nerve signalling. Although it does contain some magnesium, if your drinking more than 3 cups a day, you will become mineral deficient. 
    So although I love coffee, I think limiting it to one a day and being cautious of mineral deficiencies is really important, if, in doubt supplement magnesium, most of us are deficient anyways due to soil depletion. Stick to organic if you can, after all, coffee is a plant a berry, hence the antioxidants, and has many health benefits if used properly and not abused. Too much of anything healthy becomes unhealthy. I couldn’t get through my degree without it.

  • Roasting seems not only to kill the benefits but also sounds like it introduces some real negatives. What about my new favorite method: COLD BREW and cold brew NITRO DRAFT?

  • Hi! I’m sure you get questions all the time and I’m sure there is never time to get round to all of them, but I thought it was worth a try! I’m plant based but still massively confused as to why the information that we get is so contradictory! For example, we support a charity to help sufferers of Epidermolysis Bullosa, and said charity maintains NHS (UK) recommendations of the importance of nutrition for these sufferers. Here you can see the recommendation is for children to consume milk with every meal and snack (aiming for at least 500ml of full fat milk a day)! I assume so that these people can drink their calories and “nutrition” more often than chew them as this is often painful. Do you think this is sound advice and if not then why is this not looked into more severely before recommending to sick children? And how can I find out what studies, if any, they are basing their recommendations on? I am not about to stop supporting a charity that helps on so many other levels, but this must be more harmful than helpful surely! x Love your work Doc!

  • So if you’re going to say people who make erroneous health claims aren’t worth your time and attention you shouldn’t present linkages as causes. Food studies are difficult because there are so many possible variables. Heart health is a good example. Coffee may increase heart health as it is linked. Key words being may and linked. This is a mistake lay people tend to make when they read scientific studies and don’t understand what the terminology actually means.

    To establish cause you need to strictly control factors; which I’m food studies is basically impossible due to how long term it takes to establish reliable results. What they do is take a sample size of people who are drinking coffee x amounts of time a day or instigate them to drink coffee then monitor their health over time. This doesn’t account for their overall health, genetic disposition, family health history, the rest of their diet, their levels of exercise…which are also huge factors. Then they extrapolate the findings of the sample to a larger audience and say there may be a link. A link doesn’t mean it is causal which is of tantamount importantance. Virtually no food study will state that something is the de-facto cause, and presenting a linkage as if it is the cause is the same as people talking about adrenal fatigue…

  • Hey Doc, thanks for that. Will buy light / medium roast from now on. Request please: an update with a cream vs skim milk would be cool.

  • 3x I take coffee everyday..
    Breakfast with bread
    Lunch rice with coffee
    And dinner burger with coffee
    I drink coffe my stressrelievers
    I like coffe

  • talk to us about healthy diet not western diet. You have taught us wonderful healthy nutrition in previous many articles. with so many healthy foods available l will not touch coffee at all. I find this article worthless. coffee has no role in healthy nutrition

  • We should take a few other things into consideration here to come to a better conclusion: Dirst of all; What happens when you have a full stomach and drink coffee? 2nd; What are the effect off coffee+cows milk after say 8 hours (when it passes the colon)?

  • Hey dude… about a vid or an email in regards to healthiness of processed soy?? is it good for you or not……not sure you have broached this subject matter … thanx!

  • I cannot drink coffee due to blood pressure problems. I left drinking Turkish style coffee and am now only drinking green tea and some decaff coffee(PLEASE NOTE -> decaf can give you more acidity and stomach problems). Please avoid coffee if you have cardiac hypertension.

  • Two facts. Coffee is tastier but had a lot of Caffeine. Decaf is less tasty with a lot less Caffeine. Find the reason in there, no further details required.

  • I have generalized anxiety and coffee amplifies it 10x.

    Also, as long as you don’t have a dependence, you do NOT need the 100mg of caffeine in a cup of coffee to enjoy its effects. It only takes like 20mg, tops.

  • 0:12 How much is a cup? I couldn’t find a definition when I skimmed the paper. Usually 1c is 8oz (US). My drip pot, however has tick marks that suggest a 4 oz cup (120mL). Elsewhere, I’ve read 5 or 6 oz. That puts the 3 cup relative risk nadir at somewhere between 360-720mL a pretty big range.

  • The only “health reasons” I’ve heard of for choosing to drink decaff is for those like me who have a heart problem, or those whose sleep it adversely affects. I’ve never come across anyone who’s like “oh I only drink healthy drinks, so I’ll have decaff” ��. As a decaff drinker, why would you choose this over the real thing if you didn’t have to ��? And no, Earth Lab, this video does not answer that question *sigh*.

  • Take care doctor didnt look like you compared milk to soy using the same test in tge last paper. Dont get me wrong, im glad of the positive result though.

  • I drank 3 coffees a day and had mood swings (when the coffee rush left), headaches when I didn’t drink it, anxiety cause it increased my heart rate, was fat even though I didn’t eat much. I’ve cut out coffee and now my mood is stable, my heart rate is levelled, and I have no headaches. This video was done from the perspective of a coffee drinker. You need to look at the negatives as well which this video doesn’t.

  • En chile bebemos té negro como costumbre todo el día. No te hace nada especial. Y tenemos la más alta tasa de obesidad en adultos entre los países de la OCDE xd

  • 1:28 People, avoid dark roast coffee. Starbucks and all dark roast coffees. The coffee is burn, all the nutrients, antioxidants, choleric acid, polyphenols, caffeic acid, and anything good for you has burned. But medium roast, or blond coffee.

  • OKAY THIS IS INTERESTING. I wonder if the dairy blocking also applies to the benefits in red wine, when people pair cheese with red wine…. if it blocks it for chocolate and coffee, my hypothesis is that it also blocks the benefits of red wine

  • All I can say about coffee is reflected in the song Java Jive: I love coffee, I love tea

    I love the java jive and it loves me
    Coffee and tea and the jiving and me

    A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup!

  • There is conflicting advice available on whether to choose dairy or soya milk. Here is a link to an example of a recommendation not to use soya milk It seems to be agreed all round that having green tea or black tea without any milk is the better choice. This is tricky for me as drinking tea and coffee with milk is so “natural ” to me.

  • Edgar Cayce told us over 80 years ago not to add milk to coffee. The dairy industry ridiculed him. People ignored the warning and by the looks of comments here, they still do.

  • Hi doctor, please tell me why do I get unease pain on my stomach if I drink tea two hours before sleep? I think it’s kinda like gastric pain, makes me really weak. The type that I drink is regular type tea with sugar. I don’t feel any pain when I drink it with milk. Please explain. I’m seriously curious.

  • I started drinking coffee when I was 13 or 14 years old. Use to put a lot of cream or milk, never sugar, in it; but shifted to black only. Also it was a cheap drink when my friends and I were in our teens ( Back in the 70s). Only 15 cents a cup.

  • Great video! For ppl missing the milk: try a squeeze of lemon/lime in coffee. I really liked it-its not the same but it is a captivating flavor.

  • I agree. instant Spike of energy is experienced after talking coffee. U can even carry heavy loads and they’ll just feel lyk feather weights

  • The way my mom drinks coffee is just strong black coffee. Can’t see the bottom of the mug. Plus, it helps my mom sleep better….it doesn’t give her more energy. It does help her with headaches or migraines. The depression thing for my mom and me is not with the coffee, it’s with my grandmother.

  • Organic Medium-light roasted black coffee is my preference. Good quality and well roasted beans don’t require adding any milk or sugar, and once you experience it you can’t go back to the burnt beans that Starbucks serves.

  • Does the CGA in coffee out weigh the LDL cholesterol raised by drinking the coffee? I hope he speaks on that since the other video he made sort of goes against this one? Thanks.

  • I disagree that people switch to decaf because they think it’s healthier. It’s more often because they want to limit their caffeine intake to stop it impacting their sleep. I drink caff before 4pm and decaf afterwards.

  • In the last weeks I’ve been adding oat milk to my black tea (Assam, Ceylon). My impression is that unlike soy milk oat milk doesn’t bind to polyphenols (once I put it to the test buds). The only drawback I’ve found is that oat milk is a tad too sweet and watery.

  • Whichever plant milk is used, it has one definitely good effect: no animal got raped, abused, exploited, and had its newborn baby taken away.
    There are many reasons to switch to a plant based way of eating. Be it your own health, be it the care for our planet, or be it compassion and love for our fellow creatures. Every reason is a good reason! ❤️�������� Peace �� And thank you, Dr. Greger. You are doing wonderful work!

  • So the root of the original question is ‘is CAFFEINE bad for you?’ (as well as any other differences between caf and decaf coffee), and you never answered that original question.

  • WHAT ABOUT ADDING ALMOND MILK TO BLACK COFFEE? Does Almond Milk block the benefits of black coffee, too?? Does it do the same thing to black tea?

  • I’m just wondering, are there better/worse way of having coffee.
    I don’t own a coffee machine, so I usually buy instant coffee I can mix with water. Does this offer the same health benefits?

    Also, does it matter whether it’s robusta or arabica coffee?

  • So what’s considered a cup? 8oz, 5oz, 7.5oz. Every part of the world defines a cup volume different. Also, so many different suggestion on caffeine per oz(drip)

  • #Coffee is acidic by nature. Milk does help to make the coffee more mild.
    We can do the same with Cacao, which is base against acidic. Cacao + almond powder is very tasty!

  • coffee is gud on a cold sunday morning,on the sandy shores of mindoro, on an island in the pacific so in my OPINION.
    coffee is better than tea

  • An irrelevant comment here, but I can’t resist: I couldn’t get a comprehensive biography of Dr. Guarneri via Google. Her voice seems to say she grew up in Queens. Does anyone know?