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Preheat the grill to high heat. Meanwhile, thread the chicken pieces onto skewers. Grease the grill. Place the skewers on the grill and cook for about 10 minutes, turning once, or until the chicken is cooked through. Serve the chicken skewers.

Build your skewers: chicken on their own skewers, and the onions & peppers together. Brush the veggie skewers with oil, and season the chicken skewers with salt. Once the grill has reached a medium-high heat, place all the skewers on the grate. The chicken skewers are flavoured with coconut cream, soy sauce, garlic and ginger from the marinade and then grilled over a bbq for a smoky flavour.

I glaze it at the very end with a bit of coconut cream glaze which gives it a bit of sweetness at the end. I like to pair this chicken with a super-easy peanut sauce and ta-da!Grilled Thai Chicken Kabob Skewers Similar satay, this dish is also-known-as kai yang or gai yang, which is Thai for ‘grilled chicken’. You must admit, grilled chicken or any food on a stick is fun to eat.

Grilling really enhances the amazing fresh flavors of these Grilled Thai Chicken Kabob Skewers. Preheat your grill to medium-high and put the chicken pieces on skewers. Place the skewers on the hot grill and grill for 5-7 minutes, flip and then cook for about another 5 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through.

Serve with a generous squeeze of lime juice and fresh cilantro sprinkled over the top. Did you make this recipe?Spray a grill rack with nonstick cooking spray and set the heat to high or use a grill pan. Thread 6 to 8 chicken cubes onto each skewer. When the grill is ready, cook the chicken for 8 to 10 minutes, turning the skewers over halfway through.

Remove the skewers from the grill and allow the chicken to rest for a few minutes before serving. Spray a grill rack with nonstick cooking spray and set the heat to high or use a grill pan. Thread 6 to 8 chicken cubes onto each skewer.

When the grill is ready, cook the chicken for 8 to 10 minutes, turning the skewers over half-way through. Remove the skewers from the grill and allow the chicken to rest for a few minutes before serving. Preparation. Soak the skewers in ice-cold water for 15 minutes to prevent then from burning; set aside. Place the chicken in a medium bowl.

Prepare the marinade: whisk all of the ingredients. Cooked on a grill, either outside or inside, these chicken skewers will become a family favourite! These easy Thai Chicken Skewers are one of our favourite chicken meals.

They’re a little sweet and a little spicy! Served over Thai Coconut Rice with fresh veggies or a salad, these chicken kabobs make a delicious meal. The marinade for this chicken is true to the authentic Thai grilled chicken (Gai Yang).

Traditional Gai Yang is served with a dipping sauce but I find chicken.

List of related literature:

Set aside most of the sauce for dipping and smear the rest on the chicken pieces with a little salt and pepper, thread onto skewers, and grill for two minutes on each side or until cooked through.

“Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express: 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less” by Mark Bittman
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Marinate the chicken: In a glass bowl or dish or a resealable plastic bag, combine the Sriracha and lime juice.

“Lexi's Clean Kitchen: 150 Delicious Paleo-Friendly Recipes to Nourish Your Life” by Alexis Kornblum
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Wrap the skewers in foil and allow them to steam for 2 to 4 minutes prior to serving.

“Classic Lebanese Cuisine: 170 Fresh and Healthy Mediterranean Favorites” by Kamal Al-Faqih
from Classic Lebanese Cuisine: 170 Fresh and Healthy Mediterranean Favorites
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Add reserved chicken, bacon, onions and mushrooms; season with salt and pepper to taste, reduce heat to medium­low, and simmer gently to warm through and blend flavors, about 5 minutes.

“Cook's Illustrated Cookbook: 2,000 Recipes from 20 Years of America?s Most Trusted Food Magazine” by Cook's Illustrated
from Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook: 2,000 Recipes from 20 Years of America?s Most Trusted Food Magazine
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1 /4 ap chopped fresh Remove the chicken from the marinade, drain, and thread cilantro leaves onto the kabob rods.

“The Ultimate Rotisserie Cookbook: 300 Mouthwatering Recipes for Making the Most of Your Rotisserie Oven” by Diane Phillips
from The Ultimate Rotisserie Cookbook: 300 Mouthwatering Recipes for Making the Most of Your Rotisserie Oven
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Grill the chicken skewers for 2 minutes per side or until cooked through.

“Easy Dairy-Free Ketogenic Recipes: Family Favorites Made Low-Carb and Healthy” by Maria Emmerich
from Easy Dairy-Free Ketogenic Recipes: Family Favorites Made Low-Carb and Healthy
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Combine ¼ cup minced shallot or scallion, 3 tablespoons lemon juice, 2 tablespoons canola oil, 2 tablespoons minced fresh thyme, 2 tablespoons minced fresh parsley, and 2 tablespoons soy sauce in bowl; season with pepper to taste, and transfer to zipper-lock bag.

“The Cook's Illustrated Meat Book: The Game-Changing Guide That Teaches You How to Cook Meat and Poultry with 425 Bulletproof Recipes” by Cook's Illustrated
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• Serve skewers hot or cold, on a salad or with a hot rice side dish, with grilled vegetables or as an appetizer.

“The Looneyspoons Collection” by Janet Podleski, Greta Podleski
from The Looneyspoons Collection
by Janet Podleski, Greta Podleski
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Stir together vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, bay leaves, and pepper in a bowl, then pour marinade into a sealable plastic bag.

“The Gourmet Cookbook: More Than 1000 Recipes” by Ruth Reichl, John Willoughby, Zanne Early Stewart
from The Gourmet Cookbook: More Than 1000 Recipes
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Put the scallions on the grill and cook until nicely grill-marked, 1 to 3 minutes per side, basting with the soy sauce mixture.

“Mastering the Grill: The Owner's Manual for Outdoor Cooking” by Andrew Schloss, David Joachim, Alison Miksch
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  • id like to know where can i buy the diakon radish i go to asian store alot and cannot find it and the asian workers there act like the dont know wat im talking about this is in orlando fla.

  • I used your recipe for my chicken satay. I decided to marinate them yesterday night to cook for our Mother’s Day potluck tomorrow. I did a test taste just now and it’s awesome!!!! I have a total of about 10 lbs of chicken breast, so I didn’t go by your measurements. Instead, I just eyeballed the amt of spices and herbs I needed since I have more than 2lbs of meat (I did used the same ingredients on this video). Luckily, I put in enough amount of spices and herbs to make it taste just right! My mother in law rarely likes new stuff, and for her to say it’s good and asked for more it really shows how good your recipe is. Thanks for showing us how to make this wonderful dish!:) I hope that the others will love my chicken satay as much as my mil, husband do.

  • Really good recipe! I made it with a slight variation of adding the honey and hoisen in the marinade and it came out perfect. Thanks.

  • love your recipe so much! Please make one about rib in soup? I had a soup with rib in a local restaurant and I like to know how to make it

  • Mark Weins went to the place that sells this BBQ and they were huge! I remember you when i saw it and was like, ah! So this is what Pai is talking about!


  • dude if u don’t understand the hole video then tough luck she also show u her ingredient that which u need to add to it. it’s so sample pay more tention to it.

  • Hi Marion just found your Channel amazing ��love the Thai Recipe
    If you want the Recipe for Malaysia Traditional Lamb Satay from strech and the Satay sauce tune to my YouTube channel Aida Traditional try it….you won’t be disappointed

  • im not trying to say that i would make it better than you (a lot of heters on youtube acting like that) but i have heard if you chop your meat into smaller pieces and put them on the skewer, the meat will be less dry and the fibers will be shorter and easier to eat. but overall great recipe! cheers.

  • Made this it’s yummy though I don’t have kifer leaves still the taste is awesome.I’m gonna add more paprika nxttime I like more spicy ����thank u.

  • Miss Rin, this marinate work the same for muu ping? Or does muu ping have a different marinate? If different may you do a video on how to make muu ping? I love to eat them for breakfast when I was studying abroad in Thailand. I would love to see how you make muu ping. Always, thank you for all of your lovely videos:)

  • You don’t need to speak Thai if you were born Thai you should be born to know how to make satay its in our DNA otherwise great video kob Kuhn mug

  • With all this grilling/baking how do you keep your oven clean? Do you clean it or have someone else clean it? I dread cleaning my oven. Caked on liquids from splatters is a lot of work to take off the surface.

  • Nice work! Loved the video. Subscribed! Please tell me where I can get a grill like the one you use. Also, If you don’t have a deal with someone there to cop wholesale and make them available you are missing a sure bet and neglecting a cool service to your fans! Just saying.

  • Last evening made for the first time and it came more than I expected. Something I did extra was soaking the chicken overnight in a salt and soy sauce brine which removed excess water from the chicken and made it crispy. I never knew coriander roots has such nice aroma��

  • Phải Vành Quyen không? Sao tiếng nói giống quá. Hay quá��chỉ gọn,dễ hiểu,mau và đẹp.không cần hiểu tiếng anh hay việt cũng làm được.mình thích video này hơn tiếng việt vì đôi khi mình thấy nó dài dòng quá, chi tiết quá (chắc tốt cho ai mới học nấu thôi).video tiếng anh thì Vành Quyền có nhiều khán giả toàn cầu hơn��

  • Hi Marion, this recipe looks super easy and delicious! Would you say it works well if you cook the skewers in advance (Day before a party)? Obvs I imagine they are better fresh, but looking for prep ahead recipes so I’m not cooking on the day of the party! thanks!

  • I tried this recipe today… It came out so good….will continue to make this from now on thank you so much for sharing ��������

  • ใช่เลยคะ สะเต๊ะ เป็นอาหารว่างที่ทำไปทานกับเพื่อนต่างชาติ ไม่เคยผิดหวังเลยคะ หมดเกลี้ยงทุกงวด คุณรินทร์สอนแบบเข้าเรื่องเลย ไม่ต้องกด forward เข้าใจง่าย กล้อง มุมภาพ เสียง ดีหมดเลยคะ หาก ลองสูตรคุณรินทร์แล้วจะแจ้งผลนะคะ ขอบคุณที่แบ่งปัน และสละเวลาทำ clip อาหารไทยดีๆอย่างนี้ รบกวนถามนิดคะ คุณรินทร์เป็น chef หรือป่าวคะ และเปิดร้านที่ไหนหรือเปล่า อยากไปทานคะ

  • In fact she forgot her blender… ������ very funny… That ok!!! Use whatever tools that work…i tried this recipe today, turn out pretty good.. But I don’t have Facebook…couldn’t show it…hope you take my words for it…thank you and good day to your family.

  • Would finely ground Korean chili powder work? Cuz I don’t own a grinder… Korean chili is super vibrant but I don’t think they’re very hot. Lol

  • Thank u so much! I have been waiting for u to post this dish since I don’t like any other ck satay recipe that I’ve searched for years. Can’t wait for the peanut and cucumber recipes. Again thank u. What’s the name of your restaurant and where? I just want to go there and eat.

  • A friend taught me their satay recipe and it’s practically the same but with some lime juice stirred through the sauce. I imagine the ajat fills a similar niche. Looks gorgeous.

  • I just made these and they are AMAZING!! They are just packed with a ton of flavor!!!
    Edit: I had the chance to charcoal grill them and it really made a difference, absolutely great!
    Not gonna lie, it wasn’t the easiest to re-glaze on a live fire but the end product was so worth it ��

  • I always wondering about shrimp paste. In my hometown, we always grill our shrimp paste on stove’s fire before using, but you always just use it as it is. Is there any different in taste or flavor between these two? The grill one and just as it is one? Thank you for the great recipe as always!

  • 2:05 “In fact, she forgot her blender” I love the editor of this video. All her videos make me laugh personality, etc but some really make me appreciate YouTube.

  • Hi Marion, while I’ve used your meal kits, there isn’t any curry paste left over. Sometimes, I’d like to add curry paste to marinate something, but the shop ones are very spicy. Do you sell curry paste separately? I haven’t seen any in the stores in NZ. Or, if you could put out a video on how to make your curry pastes, that’d be great. Thanks.

  • Im so happy you make this recipe!!! I saw it on mark wiens channel and i was like man i wish to know the ingredients and how to make it. And here you are like a hero to the rescue hahaha love all your videos. Hi from Puerto Rico

  • We have something very similar here in Trinidad and Tobago but it’s made with a yellow curry and coconut milk. I’ll definitely try a red curry next time. ����

  • I’ve been working my way through your recipes Mark and this one just blew me away! This is, hands-down, THE BEST chicken I’ve ever had!! And with that sauce… OMG. I only made one chicken and was so sad that I didn’t make 2, because I could have eaten it all week if I had leftovers. The only thing I changed was I threw some pecan wood chunks on the fire before I grilled it and it gave it an amazing smoky flavor to add to the wonderful seasoning. I know this recipe is a few years old… but I’m loving it!!

  • Oh Marion I just had to subscribe to your channel!! I absolutely love the ease of your recipes, the flavors are incredible and your soothing voice makes it so enjoyable! Thank you so much for the generosity sharing your recipes with us!

  • Gai, ( chicken ), Yang, ( roasted ), Yang Gai is lao words it’s mean roasted chicken. Ping Gai is also lao words it’s mean grilled chicken. Lol.

  • Hmm so this is different to the crispy kind? Think I had this saucy (Thai) style but it was all ready combined and not the best quality

  • Hi RinS,
    This looks wonderful!
    Could you be kind enough to tell me what you add after you drizzle the vegetable oil in the marinade?
    I noticed you add a something white and thick, and a drizzle of some  light yellow liquid.

  • Great recipe! Looks wonderful. Suggestion: your video would be a lot shorter for everyone if you chose to do it in either English or Thai. However, I realize that would mean you would need to video all the prep and cooking twice, OR use the same video, and overdub the audio to just English or Thai. At any rate, I enjoyed the video and instruction, and definitely plan to make this!

  • I have only been able to find the small chilis (dried), though I have seen large red chilis. Where can I buy the large mild dried ones? Or how do I dry the large fresh ones if I can find them?

  • Hello Marion.i love watching ur cooking videos. But only one problem.i feel that glass is too big for it possible for you to go for a smaller one.sorry I had to put it as public I didn’t know how to send personally. Thanks

  • OMG Marion, all your recipes are so good & informative, love watching you cook and you are so calming, thanks so muck, can’t wait to try this one out ��������

  • Hello. Do you think i mix the red hot chili and some paprika since i dont have the mild one. Also can i put them all in the blender

  • For some reason, this is very popular in the Netherlands. I ate this every time the weather was nice and someone in the neighbourhood decided to fire up the grill xD

  • wat dee kap!

    one question! how long do you recommend cooking the chicken? for each side. cause for me i think grilling chicken is very tricky


  • Not sure what I did wrong, but my satay sauce just had no yummy flavour. It just tasted like runny peanut butter, and none of the satay deliciousness you get in Thai restaurants. My first fail from a Marion recipe ��

  • Hi

    I can’t find any of the coriander seeds and cumin seeds, can you tell me how many grams or oz are in each tsp you used so I have an equivalent amount. I did try to google it but the sauce I made had a very strong smell and taste of cumin and coriander. Thank you

  • Original!!!! God I miss Thailand.. 2.5 years there is such a blessing, now in Alabama with my husband n we will make that thai food for all of our party ��

  • Thank you so much for sharing these recipes!!!! I spent some time in Thailand and miss the food so much! Thai food is my happy place ��.

  • Mark, I really enjoy all aspects of your videos but, seriously, a man who can master Gai Yang! All respect. I’ve been trying (sporadically) to recreate my favorite Khon Kaen dish. I think you’ve kit this one out of the park!!!!

  • Nice recipe. Sounds easy to make. I will try this soon. But the funny part is I turned on CC and the subtitles are the most funniest. Had to stop the video to laugh. Thanks for the recipe.

  • The Indonesians and the Malaysians have those dishes aswell.

    We are familiar with the Indonesian Sate skewers here in the Netherlands, didn’t know the Thai had something similar, but I’m not suprised though.

    It looks good Marion,…will definitely try this one ��Tnx.

  • Hello. I am looking so forward to making this. I did a mental check and YES! I have all of these ingredients “for once ” no trip to the market! I love your channel.

  • Looks delicious, but really need to reserve some marinate so the basting is not using raw chicken juice. Can’t be sure if the last basting is properly cooked through.

  • Oh my God Pailin, they look so good…I loved your Fish Sauce Wings…this one reminds me of Chicken Satay… and I just love your commentary…keep rocking…
    Do you have anything with King Oyster Mushrooms?

  • HELLO LOVELY VIEWERS! Important Note:

    If you have questions about this recipe, you can post it here for the community to answer. But if you want to ask me, please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or my website (all links are in the description above). If you leave questions in the comments I may not see them due to the large volume of comments I receive across the hundreds of videos on this channel.

    Also, before sending on any questions be sure to read the written recipe on the website as I often add extra tips and notes not covered in the video.

    Thank you for watching!

  • I have watched so many videos of yours and find you one of the best chefs.
    What ever you cook looks yummy and awesome.
    The best part of your cooking is simple technique and easy to cook.
    Keep up the good work ��

  • Hello my name is maliwan berger and i live in sweden,i would like to say that your food looks nice and your program is an easy way to understand making thai food

                                                Thanks you

  • Hi, Marion, my family has Malaysian roots and we’ve only had Malaysian satay. What would you say is the difference between the thai and malaysian version?

  • dont know how i ended up here but its been about an hour now watcing your videos! headed to the store now to cook for my wife tonight! Mahalo

  • I’ve tried quite a few satay recipes but none as fantastic as yours Marion. So simple and super tasty. Made it for my family and friends and they just loved it. Thanks for your recipes and secrets. Next on my list to make is the bao

  • I don’t have red curry paste in my area, can i use curry powder (mix with a bit water to become a paste) and add in normal red chili (with blend into paste texture)?

  • Just made this tonight with your Marion’s kitchen satay sauce & it’s divine. And that pickle was the bomb! This will definitely be on my weekly rotation

  • Tried this last night and it was honestly UNREAL! First Thai dish I have ever made that genuinely tasted like it could have come from a restaurant! Think I’ll try it next time with some coconut rice too �� Thanks Marion ��

  • Superb recipe it worked out too good. I cooked it mostly for myself as I’d also prepared some left overs for the kids (Korean fried chicken) but they devoured the sate as well. Looks like I have a new family favourite!

  • I really want to make this but I don’t want to make the curry paste but instead use already made curry paste. How much should I use for this recipe?

  • My girlfriend loves the peanut sauce and always orders extra to take home when we go out. Now I can make it for her whenever she wants!

  • So happy to see you doing well! After being a massive fan of you since Master Chef, I was delighted to see your products in supermarkets. You deserve all the success, such a humble, gentle and kind person. All the best!

  • You’re a genius! These chicken skewers are simply amazing. What a burst of delicious flavors. I served with rice vermicelli and fresh carrots and cucumbers along with your Vietnamese Dipping Sauce with crushed peanuts and diced green onions. Yum �� and a big Thank-you from Canada.

  • But satay isn’t thai right? Like it isn’t traditional since It’s only been (popular) in Thailand for a few decades. It’s just a thai style satay, like you have western style satay etc

  • thank for sharing this video….thang haikella bai sulla kim them pai lalah kam muh sarra bai kai…it looks so tasty…lhong wha naha loku kup dan pang yan nihaad katam supluy naham pai..i hope to try it it looks so tasty….quan thai pham nikah lam nuha teruh panglay kum dah luhh kim ohu rab hay..

  • Hi! Chị ơi e làm thành công món gà xiên nướng theo công thức của chị, ai ăn cũng khen ngon���� chị cho e hỏi nếu mình làm thịt xiên nướng theo công thức này được ko chị, e cảm ơn chị nhiều ạ. Chúc chị 1 ngày tốt lành.��

  • hi my name is leethong wangnampornsong iam thai and hmong  i live in USA so thank you for your show so thank thank thank you…… thai food..

  • Hey Lao, did you notice that right under the video there is the list of ingredients. Click on show more or show less to open up the ingredients or to minimize it.

  • sad that I barely saw this now… should’ve seen this sooner!! but not a good idea to watch food videos when it’s almost midnight. im starving now.

  • lemon grass chicken satay
    0:23 lemongrass, garlic, green onion white part, lime leave,
    brown sugar, salt, black peper, fish sauce, honey, oyster sauce, paprika, tumeric, cornstarch

  • I live right next door to Star of Siam and am enjoying some of their chicken satay right now. I would say this is a cosmically lucky arrangement.

  • Why do people create pointless plastic waste? There was no need to use cling film, you could of just put a plate on top common sense!

  • Wow Mark Wiens, I didn’t know you do cook! I love to see you eating all sorts of yummy dishes in many countries. I will try your recipe as I love this Gai Yang! Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you for this recipe, I made it for a BBQ that I had and I love it so much, better than the restaurants that I ordered from, thanks again!!!

  • I liked the show very enjoyable very focused and u had my attention the entire time I guess ur too pretty and sweet lol… and the food looks amazing also… I definitely know what ur talking about when u said peanut oil… because I coat my beef skewers with peanut butters

  • Hey Mark, this is amazing thank you so much for sharing this. I watch your videos all the time. I’ve been searching for authentic roast chicken recipes from around the world. I found the Gai Yan recipe on the internet and didn’t even realize it was you that posted it. So great, love it!!!! Keep on inspiring us please!:)

  • Sounds OK. Already have all ingredients, except the Asian Hoisin sauce and Lemon Grass we can’t get in the bush, but I know where I can locate some. Actually, thes3 skewers would be nice if the chicken was threaded on, alternating with suitable Asian vegetables for grilling/roasting. And, unless you’re a purist like me, who wants pure, authentic, unadulterated etnic cuisines, uou could use western style grilled vegetables eg onions, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, bits of potato, pumpkin, zuchhini etc. To make a more complete, nutritionally balanced meal and maybe serve them on a Middle Eastern pilat or couscous or rice etc or even Lebanese flat breads, lightly warmed. Not sure how the Vietnames serve them…

  • Making this one on Saturday for our family bbq!�� I saw your meal kits in our local New World supermarket here in Auckland NZ and just died with excitement��We had to get all three naturally! Cannot wait until your sauces & marinades arrived in New Zealand too! X

  • I am making this tomorrow and feel this could use lemongrass and kaffir lime, can you tell me if it is okay?
    Also can I use oyster sauce instead of fish/shrimp paste?

  • Wow �� this time you’ve got us. What an amazing marinade/glaze for chicken. I never knew this existed. I’m so glad you are opening the doors of the Thai magnificent culinary wonders to us. What a way to cook chicken �� terrific! Thank you ��

  • Mmm looks sooo good, I’m going to give this a go along with sai ua sausage this week from your recipe. My husband is from Thailand so we are missing a lot of dishes and so glad to see some favorites on here, he is from the Isaac area but has lived in Bangkok so he’s had many southern and northern dishes to tell me about. Can’t wait to cook these. Thank you…. hoping I can find some kaffir lime leaves at wholefoods though, the limes themselves are not easy to find or near impossible in Michigan so could I use regular lime zest?

  • Wow this looks amazing, hope I can find some cilantro root. Looking forward to my thailand trip this winter too, going to try making it when at my husbands parents house. We don’t have a charcoal grill, will gas be ok? Thanks for sharing some amazing recipes

  • Annoying music.
    I’ve noticed a lot of YouTubers choose very annoying music.
    Cooking videos don’t need annoying distracting music. Folks have different choices of music. What might sound good to you may be annoying to others.
    You are now muted

  • Marion please tell me what’s there in a Thai curry powder?
    #Interesting fact, in India we call pickles achaar, sounds quite similar to your ajar.

  • Just made this and we ate so much (because it was so good) that now we need a nap. Glad that we doubled the recipe!!! The cucumber relish is the perfect foil for the richness of the peanut sauce.

  • Chicken still not cook…due lock of charcoal…your chicken is thick…that’s why u have to cook in more…coz your grilled pan is to deep…then your charcoal is only like that

  • Mark, My wife and I have just finished eating (demolishing) the chicken that we cooked to this recipe. All we can say is WOW!!
    We have both previously had the pleasure of eating street food chicken in several different countries, but have never known the process of how to prepare for the cooking. Now we know:) THANKYOU