Grain Bowls That Meet Your Macros


Mediterranean HEALTHY grain bowls with Green Tahini Sauce

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Meal Prep 3 Healthy Grain Bowl Recipes

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Macro Friendly Monday Ep.5 | High Protein Vegan / Vegetarian Grain Bowl (36g Protein, 620 Calories)

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Easy & Healthy CHICKEN QUINOA Grain Bowl �� DAY 4 | HONEYSUCKLE

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Video taken from the channel: Eamon & Bec


Protein-Packed Buddha Bowl

Video taken from the channel: Tasty


For example: post-workout when your body can. Grain Bowls That Meet Your Macros | Nutrition | MyFitnessPal. May 2019.

Make a nutritious, well-rounded meal with as few as five ingredients. Egg Nutrition Facts Macro Nutrition Holistic Nutrition Fitness Nutrition Health And Nutrition Proper Nutrition Nutrition Education Nutrition Food Chart Recipes. Grain Bowls That Meet Your Macros | MyFitnessPal — not all grains are GF. nutrition – nutritional yeast recipes – nutrition facts – health and nutrition – nutritional yeast – nutrition quotes – nutrition activities – holistic nutrition – kids nutrition – nutrition activities for kids – health fitness nutrition – health fitness nutrition – nutrition plans – nutrition. Grain Bowls That Meet Your Macros | Nutrition | MyFitnessPal.

May 2019. Make a nutritious, well-rounded meal with as few as five ingredients. Egg Nutrition Facts Macro Nutrition Sport Nutrition Holistic Nutrition Fitness Nutrition Health And Nutrition Nutrition Month Nutrition Program Nutrition Plans. Call them grain bowls. Call them Buddha bowls.

Call them macro bowls. Call them power bowls. I don’t care what you call them, just as long as you are making and eating them!

Grain bowls are exactly what they sound like—a base of healthy whole grains in a bowl with all kinds of delicious, nutritious toppings. There’s no excuse to skip breakfast or have a sad lunch. This easy formula for grain bowls packs in fiber, protein, and flavor.

And you get a full meal for less than 400 calories. Read on to get the basic formula plus ideas for building delicious homemade grain bowls. It also delivers more than 50% of your daily dose of fiber, key for weight loss, energy, and healthy digestion. Bulgur, also called cracked wheat, is a quick cooking whole grain. These bowls would also be excellent make-ahead lunches.

Pack the avocado mixture separately, adding a little water to thin it. While all foods are allowed, it’s easier to meet your macro goals with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, high-quality proteins, nuts, seeds and whole grains.. Most people will easily meet their.

(Yay!) But you do have to make sure your meals contain a healthy balance of carbs, fat and protein and when you’re suddenly hangry at lunchtime, balance is the last thing you’re thinking about. The solution? These 21 meal-prep recipes, which are macro. The grain bowl is a great way to change things up — but still utlize nearly anything taking up space in your fridge. Try one of these recipes to get inspired.

Tandoori Chicken and Cauliflower.

List of related literature:

If you need 2,000 calories a day, the recommended daily amount adds up to 3 ounces of whole grains and 3 ounces of enriched refined grain products.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
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Equivalent servings of whole grains include 1 slice whole wheat bread; 55 g whole­grain cereal; 70 g cooked bulgur, couscous, buckwheat, barley, brown rice, or quinoa; 28 g (before cooking) whole­grain pasta; 70 g cooked beans, lentils, split peas, or soybeans (edamame).

“What to Expect: Before You're Expecting” by Sharon Mazel, Heidi Murkoff
from What to Expect: Before You’re Expecting
by Sharon Mazel, Heidi Murkoff
Simon & Schuster UK, 2010

Whole grains 3–6 servings or 3–6 oz Eat barley, brown rice, millet, oatmeal, popcorn, and whole wheat bread, crackers, and pasta.

“Kinn's The Clinical Medical Assistant E-Book: An Applied Learning Approach” by Deborah B. Proctor, Brigitte Niedzwiecki, Julie Pepper, P. Ann Weaver, Martha (Marti) Garrels, Helen Mills
from Kinn’s The Clinical Medical Assistant E-Book: An Applied Learning Approach
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Cereal grains (e.g., oats, corn, and barley) mainly provide starch; soybean meal, flaxseed meal and sunflower seeds are high in protein and fat; oils such as corn, soybean, wheat germ, flax, rice bran, and canola are high in calories without added carbohydrates or protein.

“Feed Your Horse Like a Horse: Optimize Your Horse's Nutrition for a Lifetime of Vibrant Health” by Ph D Juliet M Getty
from Feed Your Horse Like a Horse: Optimize Your Horse’s Nutrition for a Lifetime of Vibrant Health
by Ph D Juliet M Getty
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In general, one serving or ounce of grain is equivalent to one slice of bread, 1 cup of ready-toeat cereal, or 1⁄2 cup of cooked rice, cooked pasta, or cooked cereal.

“Wellness and Physical Therapy” by Fair, Sharon Elayne Fair
from Wellness and Physical Therapy
by Fair, Sharon Elayne Fair
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These can include brown rice, a mixed-grain combo, or oatmeal.

“Macrobiotics For Dummies” by Verne Varona
from Macrobiotics For Dummies
by Verne Varona
Wiley, 2009

The goal is to eat three or more ounce-equivalents of whole grain products each day.

“Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE” by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
from Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE
by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
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What you want here is grains that are both low GI and gluten-free, so that they will:

“The Kefir Solution: Natural Healing for IBS, Depression and Anxiety” by Shann Jones
from The Kefir Solution: Natural Healing for IBS, Depression and Anxiety
by Shann Jones
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And so on with the remaining macros.

“The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence” by Leanne Vogel
from The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence
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Cottonseed meal can be substituted for some of the grain.

“Sheep & Goat Medicine E-Book” by David G. Pugh, N. (Nickie) Baird
from Sheep & Goat Medicine E-Book
by David G. Pugh, N. (Nickie) Baird
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  • So u are way to neat!! I Subscribed earlier and I was watching ur vídeos I was surprised that in some of ur videos u have some spanish info ( way cool ) and I think I’ve seen u in one of Gracies videos right??

  • I JUST MADE THIS and NO I am NOT vegan or vegetarian. First, let me start by saying that this was incredibly easy to make. For someone who isn’t a cook by any means, anyone on and level can make this. I love that it’s so simple. SIDE NOTE: This makes a LOT of food so be prepared for storing most of it unless you plan on making it for a group or party. There was so much left over, I used FOUR CONTAINERS (meal prep containers) and plan on eating the rest of this for lunch/dinner until it’s gone. The last thing I’ll say is this. For someone who’s never eaten tofu before, I’m officially hooked on it. It was so much better than I thought it would be. However, I didn’t use just any kind of hot sauce for the marinade. I used Cajun hot sauce by Zatarains. I was expecting to hate it or not eat it at all. I cannot express how pleasantly surprised I was when I ate it. I highly recommend it. Do not knock this till you try it.

  • Yasss. I’ve been living off of different versions of this. My fav has been quinoa, tofu, sweet potato and broccoli with bbq sauce ����

  • Definitely Tasty, will try it
    We have tried burrito bowl, please do let us know your feedbacks!

  • Love the ideas. I’m gonna try it with quinoa instead of rice. I might try salmon first. I’m also gonna add a drizzle of some hot sauce and possibly an egg. Is there a reason for blanching the Brussels sprouts before roasting? Do you have a calorie breakdown by any chance? This looks great thanks!

  • I started watching you guys a few weeks ago and totally love your vibe. I don’t typically leave comments on YouTube but had to tell you. You guys are fun and hilarious and energetic. ����

  • Since I discovered your channel, I have liked what I have seen. Now I’m enjoying going back to the beginning of your channel.In this video, I totally love your “peanut sauce” toasting the tofu, and pickling the red onion. All things I have done, and should do more of! *who would have thought you’d still be going strong in 2020? Excellent Work!!!

  • I love your videos!! This dish looks so easy to make. I have a lot of quinoa laying around and I didn’t know what to do with it but now I know what I’ll be making.

    P. S. I love all your cute, pastel colored cookware.

  • I want a Jesus Bowl Next. Fish,Bread,Some VERGINE Olive Oil and Red WINE Vinaigrette topped with WHIPPED butter:-):-):-). This is why we cant have nice things lol.

  • I started watching your classes on Bluprint and I love your bowls! I first made your pea pesto bowl when I had a vegetarian to entertain for dinner and everyone loved it! Now I make quinoa bowls for lunch at work all the time and it’s easy and fast and healthy! Thanks for getting me to eat healthier! <3

  • Does anyone ever wish they liked something, like for example I reeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy strongly hate avacoda, but I wish I liked it.����

  • Thank you for the Buddha Bowl, can´t wait to try it tomorrow. The Fasting season has started:) and I have to cut out the oils too but it looks good:D

  • I made this and it was gross. I’m a vegetarian, the tofu was bland and rubbery. The quinoa was completely tasteless and the only good think were the chickpeas and veggies.

  • LOL OMG! I know I’ve seen that pepper grinder before, but when Eamon just super casually busted out the party grinder I laughed so hard. lol Looks awesome possums! Thank you for the recipe!

  • Bro! You gotta stop using sea salt and switch to Himalayan pink salt, a recent study found that over 90% of grocery store sea salts contain some percentage of plastic due to the sever pollution in the ocean. Anyways love your videos!

  • So I just came across this video and made this for my family for the first time ever and everything was so delicious!! Thank you so much for this!! ☺️

  • “Grain bowls” have come to be called “Buddha bowls” because they are a meal all in one bowl which is how the Buddha and monks ate and eat, not really because of the ingredients except that they’re fairly simple and healthy. Also, there are some Buddhist sects which are devout vegetarians. It’s probably also due to some recipes for this being grain-free, thus taking the word “grain” away. Now, anyone who is feeling offended for any reason can hopefully let go of it. The name might be ridiculous, but whoever started it, I’m sure, meant no offense.

  • I already enjoy your Van Life vlogs; now I am loving Eamon’s cooking shows. Eamon, not only do you know your way around the kitchen, you have a sense of humour! (Sometimes you seem quite serious)

  • I started a healthy kick too! I’m trying out clean eating/ meal prepping along with going to the gym. Hopefully I’ll start feeling better about myself

  • Love you alls channel. I have to go back vegan and eating plant based. Continue shining a positive light on this lifestyle. Great content

  • I’m surprised people are angrier at the the name of the bowl and not the fact that they used “vegetable oil” as the first ingredient. Vegetable oil is terrible for your insides ����

  • I love all your videos, but especially this series!! Unfortunately i just got back to school, and since I’m on the meal plan now i can’t cook but once a week. I’m excited to try all of this though!

  • I smacked the thumbs up…and I’m not even remotely vegan! Very entertaining,  you might be prying my brain open. The Vegan conspiracy, pull them in with cool vans, pretty girls, and personality, Then Wham!

  • Thanks for the dinner inspiration tonight. I didn’t have all the same ingredients, but it got me to look in my fridge and cupboard and see what I could create. I used spinach, quinoa, zucchini & squash, avo, melody tomatoes, mushrooms, green onions, your special dressing recipe. I put your ingredients on my list for my next shopping list and can’t wait to make this up for lunches next week.

  • In The Book of Revelation the Apostle John wrote about the “whore” that sits on many waters, raining sulpher, while far off nations watch aghast! Every reason for veganism supports it is the will of the Father of all! In Genesis, God gave us “seed”. Yellowstone has begun it’s eruption!!

  • I’ll definitely have to give this a try! Looks so delicious with all those vibrant colours and the myriad of flavours, keep these amazing Freestyle Fridays coming E&B! <3

  • What did you folks do for your screen door set up? Where did you get the screen material? How did you attach it to the van?
    Love a good protein salad bowl:)

  • I know your channel doesn’t get a lot of attention, why? I couldn’t tell you I think this is an excellent channel that’s definitely going to help me and my wife learn some healthy recipes to improve not only the taste of our food but the quality of the foods we’re putting in our body, thanks for all the guides, keep being awesome ❤️

  • Looks yummy and I love your Freestyle Fridays, I think I commented this on your Instagram the other day but I had this song in my head all day the other day because I had re watched a couple the night before lmao

  • I’ve made 2of3 of these recipes…. I’m still looking for sumac. Pleeeeeaaase more videos like this. So delicious!!!! Thank you so much for your channel ������

  • Team low carb. I wonder if these would be as good with riced cauliflower? Either way, I think the salmon sounds tasty, but I’d like all three. I might leave out the brussel sprouts and do asparagus instead. ��

  • Hey man. Just read your post on reddit and the recipe seemed to simple and delicious that I had to watch the video. Great video, by the way. You really put together a great format and quality content, especially for what seems to be such an underrated channel. Keep up the great work!

  • Looks awesome. I have to try them out. Can I point out tho…they are prawns not shrimp (shrimp are whale food tiny 2cm). The “shrimp” thing stuck from a tourism ad back in 1990 in Aust (thanks Paul Hogan). Yes they are in the same family tho but in Aust and UK you get funny looks asking for shrimp at a grocery store.

  • made with some tiny roast potatoes instead of quinoa (because we had them on hand ready to go). Was a big hit!!! Flavors are really good!

  • Question: is the FitMenCook app targeted towards body builders? I just bought the app but according to the information based on my information, it says I need to eat a little over 2000 calories to lose weight. Is that right? That’s seems quite a lot in order to lose weight. I’m already overweight. I’m scared that if I eat according to this plan that I’ll actually GAIN weight because of all the calories. Thanks to whoever wants to answer.

  • Hi Just curious.. by chance, do you have a recipe for canned red salmon? I once made salmon loaf, my son & husband liked it, but I didn’t.. so I would like to try maybe another recipe for salmon loaf or perhaps make them into salmon patties.. open to whatever you come up with. Thank you!

  • Vegan food with Ingredients such as garlic, onions, scallions, shallots, parsley & coriander, leeks……

    Cannot be called as “Buddha Bowls” please check “the forbidden pungent vegetables”

    Just sharing ��

  • Zung Love Love Your Recipes Your inspiring me to Eat Well this year Im A Big Fan Love your Channel Baby Erisy Is So Cute Shes Growing To fast!!!!!!!

  • All their “healthy” recipes just seem like they tossed a bunch of random ingredients in together hoping it would taste nice. This combo doesn’t look appealing at all.

  • I might have missed it, but is there a reason you skewer the chicken before broiling? It makes a super cute presentation, but I don’t have skewers on hand so I’m curious. This looks so so yummy btw!

  • Interesting fact: broccoli is not a “God given” plant/food! It was actually genetically engineered by humans using cabbage flowers! Same with cauliflower. Imposter plants! Lol
    But seriously, It’s TRUE you can look it up.

  • Hi. What is the dimension of your marble slab? Is that the actual item you have on the link? I am trying this salad. Not only that it looks so good, It is indeed very healthy.

  • Happy New Year Dzung! I am happily following along with all your healthy recipes!:) I was wondering if maybe you could add European measurements alongside American ones in your recipes? You don’t necessarily have to mention them in the video, but if at all possible, could you add them to the subscription box? I’ve been making so many of your recipes this past year, I just love them all! But I fear I’ll never actually know how much a cup is by heart, haha. No worries if you don’t want to do the conversion, just thought I’d ask. Thanks for all the hard work you put in!

  • I LOVE your videos!! Could you do a pasta meal some time within these next 26 days?? I get sick of making the same red sauce or Alfredo pasta meal and I need some ideas.

  • All the olive oil is killing me:P no hate X! Hopefully you can do a video sometimes on bowls without using oil? Get pure healthy bowls

  • This kind of meal could sincerely make me a vegetarian. But I like meat and potatoes type meals far too much. I’m sure if I left carbs I’d be much healthier! Great video and great ideas for a meal. Thanks!

  • I just love this buddha bowl reicpe. It is really a great recipe. Thanks for sharing this amazing buddha bowl recipe with all of us. Even i have a delicious macro bowl recipe as well. Check out the recipe here:

  • Hi, Dzung! I have a of millet sitting in my pantry but not too sure what to make with it. Do you think you could make a recipe using millet?:) thank you! PS love your top!

  • OHHH my! I just found this channel and loving it! As a holistic Nutritionist, I’m IMPRESSED!!!! loving the freestyles as well hahha made me drop it like it’s hot for a minute.

  • the last bowl was my fav! I going o try it! thx for showing how to make quinoa. I always jack it up lol. I’m to try to make it your way. ✌��

  • Adore your channel! I have been really into your Asian noodle bowls/curry recipes and am excited to incorporate them in healthy and plant-based ways like using Trader Joe’s pre-cut broccoli or cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles etc. Would love to see more recipes like that using Asian flavors!

  • OMG!! Thak you sooooo much! <3:) I love quinoa and i was searching for variety!!! I'm definitly going to make it!! Looks delicious and so easy to make!!! <3

  • Patiently waiting for every upload! Hope you make some healthy snacks like bars or bliss balls sometime during the series. Great video as always!

  • Hey! Just an idea here, could you make a video about how to make smooth peanut butter? Maybe like different versions, and different nuts too?:3
    I would love that because we dont have that delicious smooth american peanut butter in Norway:(

  • Alrighty I cooked this and…
    865 calories (note that I didn’t track any of the oils or the marinade bc that’s always a bit inaccurate) composed of 47.5gr protein, 28.8gr fat and 93.9gr carbs. Definitely not for ppl on 1200 calorie diets.
    Took me almost an hr to make bc the sweet potato definitely wasn’t done in 25min

  • I love how you can make such an intricate and delicious looking bowl in your own home. I’m grateful for your channel because I would have never bought garbanzo beans or tofu (well not too often anyway). Especially working in speciality cafes I started getting introduced to cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. It’s crazy how new people and new places can broaden your horizons and tastebuds. Speaking of: I’m going to make a healthy soup tonight because you inspired me

  • Just wanted to say, you’re giving me so much motivation.

    This past 2 years I lost my dad, partner, and dog. I got into such a rut with my health, ending up at 22 and a half stone (yes UK scale) so far this year I’ve managed to stop smoking, stop drinking, eat healthier and get down to 19 and a half so far and can nearly run 1km without stopping ( my a lot but for me it is)

    Thanks a bunch man, keep it coming

  • you make me want to eat healthier…..if only I had the time! these look awesome! I’ve never had quinoa before lol. I want to try it!

  • thanks,
    I give you recipe for Tahini: add 2 tablespoon Tahini, one yogurt, one clove garlic, Juice of half a lemon, pinch of salt and mix it, then you can use it to many foods.

  • tahini really doesn’t need anything but salt&pepper, lemon juice, garlic/garlic powder and water. it’s basically oil, why add more oil?

  • Most people nowadays know what a Buddha bowl is, but for those of you that haven’t heard of it before, it’s a bowl of whatever you like! Well, let me break that down for you.

    Typically you start off with a grain, add some vegetables, some form of protein, and a dressing of your choice. I typically add some seeds, fermented or pickled vegetables, and some sprouts if I have them in the fridge.
    Essentially, it’s a colorful bowl of goodness using whatever you have in the kitchen. It’s a great way to use up produce and to have a healthy meal.


  • For how many people are these recipes? Just for one or for more? I don’t wanna follow the recipe and and up with 4 portions or something, so i thought i’d just ask ����

  • Hey Kevin. Great channel. My weakness is creamy/cheesy/decadent soups. New England Clam Chowder, Loaded Potato Soup, French Onion with melted Gruyere topping….any ideas on healthy tweaks to these classics?

  • @3 minutes: Yea you could cool water and thus use energy to make ice cubes, put it all in a bowl to cool,
    or you could just use the cold water that comes out of your tap and place the food under the tap to cool it. lel
    Sorry for being triggered Kevin I love you and your videos you’re a great guy and I bet I do stuff like this everyday as well I just happened to notice now..

  • It will be great, if next to the title you add the amount of calories, so when I look at my list, I don’t have to open each video every time to see if it is the one I need. Thank you!

  • My husband is a nurse & he works his but off with extremely long hours. He says the grain bowl is his favorite. He has energy all night. So to say the least he requests them every week. Love fit men cook!

  • Honeysuckle
    Your recipient are amazing but with food allergies with black beans feta. Etc. what find of feta like cheese could be used.

  • 1. I have always loved your videos.
    2. I’m in the Dallas area as well, so I’m local. Where did you get that shirt? I need some more cool shirts haha

  • I cooked this last night….. excellent! We didn’t care for the sauce but thats just personal preference! Great recipe!!!!! Will def fix again!!!! Staple meal now for us. ��

  • I just made the bowl and wondered if it wouldn’t be too dry and flavourless without any dressing but it turned out so gooooooooood ��

  • DAY 4! Have you been keeping up? Have you been on track with your goals? Thumbs up for grain bowls! ���� Catch all the recipes here:

  • omg i tried these recipes tonight and it was DELICIOUS! i will get pictures next time, We were so hungry we ate everything before we realized we needed to take the pics first….oops. It was very easy to make everything vegetarian. our favorite was the roasted vegetable bowl. Thank you for such amazing recipe ideas!