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Gentechnik in unserem Essen Grund zur Panik?

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Ask Dr. Gundry: Are GMOs bad for you?

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Are GMOs Good or Bad? Genetic Engineering & Our Food

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GMOs and Health Safety Alan McHughen, DPhil | UCLA Women’s Health Conference

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GMOs often make news related to the environment, world hunger, the economy, politics, and yes, even health. Those against them say eating foods made from GMOs is bad for you. Those in favor argue. Unfortunately, many of these valuable and potentially lifesaving projects are unable to come to market because of public misunderstandings about the potential dangers of GMOs.

GMOs can actually reduce pesticide use. Contrary to what some believe, GMO crops can actually allow farmers to use less (and less toxic) pesticides on their fields. The net economic benefit at the farm level in 2012 was $18.8 billion, equal to an average increase in income of $117/hectare.

For the 17 year period (1996-2012), the global farm income gain has been $116.6 billion. 7. GMOs can help us win the fight against climate change. GMOs are food items that have been made using genetic engineering techniques.

They comprise 90% of soy, cotton, and corn grown in the United States and are deemed safe for human consumption. There have been, for a variety of largely unscientific reasons, serious concern surrounding the effects of GMOs on human health. This analysis confirms that not only do GMOs pose no risk to human. One main selling point for crops containing GMOs has been that they reduce the use of pesticides. The use of insecticides (which kill bugs) has declined since.

Genetically Engineered Crops Are Safe and Possibly Good for Climate Change The National Academy of Sciences reaffirmed GMO safety and pointed to the potential for future improvements By Niina. Although about 90 percent of scientists believe G.M.O.s are safe — a view endorsed by the American Medical Association, the National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the. “There is no credible evidence that GMO foods are safe to eat.” David Schubert, Salk Institute of Biological Studies “[The] research [on GMOs] is scant. Because GMOs are novel life forms, biotechnology companies have been able to obtain patents to control the use and distribution of their genetically engineered seeds.

Genetically modified crops therefore pose a serious threat to farmer sovereignty and to the national food security of.

List of related literature:

Most often foods are genetically modified to contain their own pesticides or to be herbicide resistant, although a small percentage of crops are engineered to be nutritionally enhanced or drought resistant.22 Advocates of GM foods maintain that they pose neither health nor environmental risks.

“The Philosophy of Food” by David M. Kaplan
from The Philosophy of Food
by David M. Kaplan
University of California Press, 2012

Nor does evidence suggest that GMOs cause harm to the organisms that consume them.

“ACT For Dummies, with Online Practice Tests” by Lisa Zimmer Hatch, Scott A. Hatch
from ACT For Dummies, with Online Practice Tests
by Lisa Zimmer Hatch, Scott A. Hatch
Wiley, 2015

The benefits of GMO transgenic plants are a longer shelf life and resistance to a variety of factors, such as insects, disease, or herbicides.

“A Regional Geography of the United States and Canada: Toward a Sustainable Future” by Chris Mayda, ProQuest (Firm)
from A Regional Geography of the United States and Canada: Toward a Sustainable Future
by Chris Mayda, ProQuest (Firm)
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2013

Yet opponents of GM crops argue that it is better to be “safe than sorry” when we do not know the potential consequences of the widespread use and consumption of genetically modified organisms.

“Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions” by Michael L. McKinney, Robert M. Schoch
from Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions
by Michael L. McKinney, Robert M. Schoch
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2003

FDA presumes GMOs are “generally recognized as safe” The sham of substantial equivalence.

“History of Soybean Plant Protection from Diseases, Insects, Nematodes and Weeds (15 BCE to 2019):: Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook” by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
from History of Soybean Plant Protection from Diseases, Insects, Nematodes and Weeds (15 BCE to 2019):: Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook
by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
Soyinfo Center, 2019

These are known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and many GMO plants, animals, and foods may be perfectly safe; some definitely make certain foods more nutritious.

“Botany” by James D. Mauseth
from Botany
by James D. Mauseth
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2016

Ingesting GMO foods is deemed safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but a few activist groups have questioned this assessment.

“Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories in American History [2 volumes]” by Christopher R. Fee, Jeffrey B. Webb
from Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories in American History [2 volumes]
by Christopher R. Fee, Jeffrey B. Webb
ABC-CLIO, 2019

The use of GMOs has led to higher production yield by making plants resistant to disease and herbicides and therefore has been argued to be important in attempting to achieve worldwide food security (Zilberman, Holland, & Trilnick, 2018).

“A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response” by George S. Everly, Jr., Jeffrey M. Lating
from A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response
by George S. Everly, Jr., Jeffrey M. Lating
Springer New York, 2019

This was therefore a great opportunity to explore the scientific literature and find out more about the potential dangers of GMOs’.

“Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat” by David Julian McClements
from Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat
by David Julian McClements
Springer International Publishing, 2019

Yet according to our own government scientists the genetic engineering of foods could make safe foods toxic.

“The Fatal Harvest Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture” by Andrew Kimbrell
from The Fatal Harvest Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture
by Andrew Kimbrell
Island Press, 2002

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • He’s the guy I’m glad has a product to sell, because I want to support him!
    Zach, Thank you. Psalms 85:10-13

    12 Yea, the LORD shall give that which is good; and our land shall yield her increase.

  • … Gentechnik haben wir schon immer gegessen das Schweineschnitzel ist gentechnisch dem Mensch ganz nahe und hat die gleichen Gene wie du und ich nur die ABFOLGE ist anders. Und vom behaarten Neandertaler zum modernen gepflegten Mensch hat sich GENTECHNISCH auch vieles getan.

  • Thanks for the balanced treatment of this Hank. My real concerns with GMOs revolve around immoral business practices that encourage unsafe herbicide/pesticide use while sweeping side effects under the rug, as dicamba’s approval after your video has demonstrated.

    Since dicamba’s extremely relevant and I don’t see comments about it:

    In 2016 Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) managed to get its supposedly low-volatility version of the herbicide dicamba approved by the U.S. EPA because they had GMO dicamba-resistant soybeans and cotton to sell.

    In February a court overturned the EPA’s approval because it broke the law, but not before dicamba had damaged years of others’ crop growth and wildlife around those fields all while financially coercing neighboring farmers to switch to Bayer’s seeds or lose their crop yields. In response, the EPA said all use needs to stop on August 1 (2020).

    The problem is that dicamba drifts, and the new version was no exception, so a single neighbor using it forces nearby farmers into a horrible dilemma: switch to dicamba GMOs (spreading the problem even further) or have their crops damaged or don’t bother growing anything. Farmers growing other crops had no GMO option, like the one who sued and won due to his peach orchard’s damage.

    Glyphosate-resistant weeds are spreading, and whatever herbicides-GMO combos might replace it will result in their own resistant weeds, creating a patent-backed cycle that’s convenient for companies with herbicide-GMO pairs like the ones Monsato developed.

  • I love Kurzgesagt’s little allusions to pop-culture: for example at 5:09, the logo of OCP (‘Omnic Consumer Products’), the evil corp from ‘Robocop’ pops up

  • I’ve never seen this channel before now and also THAT VOICE ACTOR BELONGS ON SOMETHING LIKE PLANET EARTH
    or more like
    Planet Erde

  • I don’t know why some people think that GMOs are terrible and bad for the ecosystem and is “not natural!” When GMOs can do all of the good things in this video and will not harm you and could be used to save the environment by making plants that don’t need so much pesticide so that we don’t kill lots of innocent animals (including bees) or that make more produce so that we don’t need to chop down forests to grow the same amount of food as a small farm that uses GMOs

  • Es ist nur wichtig, dass wir die Landwirtschaft nicht vom Rest der Natur abkoppeln, es ist wichtig, dass bestimmte Kulturfolger wie Rebhühner oder Feldlerchen auf den Feldern Insekten zum verspeisen finden, Agrarwirtschaft nimmt eine große Landfläche ein und es ist ja auch einfach toll andere Geschöpfe auf Feldern zu beobachten.

  • Calling all KZGT subscribers and readers note I will increase my daily calling out of invasive hate trolls until this stops. KZGT fans and science respecting educated adults who hate trolls and malicious liars Join me in reporting the anti-science GMO hater troll ‘Almost but Not Entirely Unreasonable’ who is in fact mentally ill. Let’s not allow hater trolls and malicious liar stalkers to take over this venue. Whether they are Russian spammers, Greenpeace activists or organic industry operatives the result is the same. If you sort for newest and scroll down you will see just how bad this infection is. We welcome debate but not liars with ulterior motives that insult the integrity of our hard working farmers and scientists. Flag him for spam or cyber bullying and report his channel because the shitty, practically non-existent moderation scheme in G+ has no specific button for reporting stalkers or malicious trolls. KZGT works on your behalf to post the truth, don’t let trolls get away with trying to discredit the effort. To report these trolls, click on their channels, locate the flag button and report them for cyber bullying or spam or both. Copy this page’s address into the complaint form and click it.


    Why does GMO Food / Corporate run away SCREAMING at the mere mention of Human trials???? Instead, they prefer to pay Shills and KZGT to ‘advertise’ safety…….but they NEVER deliver on the Golden Standard: Peer-reviewed, published scientific Human trials. Even Coca cola has these, but not GMO Corporate. What’s that smell………????

  • The most magical growth and learning period of my childhood was when we lived on a small almost 1/2 acre “farm”. my father taught me how to turn a huge (to me) field of weeds into a vegetable garden that had just about every vegetable you could imagine. Before meals, my Mom would send my Sister and me to our “garden” for whatever she needed for lunch or dinner. we also had about 30 chickens and
    5 rabbits and “Oscar” our pig. Also our Cat.
    very early I learned not only the value of healthy balanced diet, but also the difference between a pet and
    “livestock”. listening to your podcast brought all that back to me. For some time now I have been wanting to move way far away from this apartment to a house in the country so I can plant one last garden before it’s time for me to move on. Especially now that we ARE 4 facing a quite v

  • What specific species of bacteria and fungi in soil did you notice replicate the chemotherapy carbon structures? Do you know what type of soil additives or plants introduce and maintain them?

  • Mag sein das gmo chancen bietet. Was die “überzüchtung” von nahrungsmittelpflanzen wie z.b weizen bewirkt sehen wir ja heute. Unverträglichkeiten werden immer mehr und das schon bei überzüchteten sorten. Da hat ein Gott spielender mensch nicht mal drin rumgefummelt.
    Bevor gentechnik in nahrungsmittel zum einsatz kommt, sollten erstmal die unverträglichkeiten durch normale überzüchtung geklärt werden.
    Selbst in land was pro gentechnik der usa regt sich widerstsnd.
    In falle von nicht nahrungsmittel pflanzen, wie den co2 absaugenden vaum sehe ich durchaus potenzial.

  • Selective breeding is not genetic engineering! Insecticides in foods have food have failed in the same way insecticides in general have failed. Herbicide resistant crops have become problematic. Millions against Monsanto will become “Billions against Bayer”.

  • Please contact President Trump, to bring him into this conversation about RoundUp and whole picture! Ivanca Trump is very interested in health for her family! Trump is a trail blazer. Look at what he has already done. He is our only hope!☺

  • I really enjoy Prager U videos but what I came to notice is that both Democrats and Republicans love to defend big corporations, even though they might not be as beneficial as presented, this is my conclusion

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  • I’m usually on board with these videos, but are big ConAgra and Monsanto-type companies genetically modifying seed to produce crops that won’t reseed causing farmers, especially small, independents, to have to spend exponentially more to stay afloat every year?

  • I personally am all in for the GMO foods its a great way of reducing the waste you’d normally get from a “normal” plant and the product’d be of much higher quality nutrition and pests free wise like i have an apple tree and not gonna lie even with it getting the proper care it still has a 2/3 chance of having a worm in it/not growing properly

  • Ich finde, in diesem Beitrag wird fast schon trickserisch an Problematik vorbeigeredet, beschönigt umschrieben, als hätte man in der potentiellen Öffentlichkeit kaum Wege, sich Gehör zu verschaffen (ohne bei harten Fakten oder ähnlichem harsch kritisiert zu werden, wüssten “wir” was gut für “euch” ist). Wenn so ein “Informations-video” wegen allfälliger Ungereimtheiten mit zusätzlichen Lobbys ge-clean-t “dokumentiert”, was noch gesagt werden dürfe, dann merke dies ein jeder Zuschauer? Werden hier viele Aspekte bewusst weggelassen (die nicht eindeutig klärbar seien, knifflig sein könnten)? Diese Darstellung hier ist nicht einseitig? Auch von langwierigen aufforsten höre ich hier nichts, auch dies werde Chinesen überlassen? Und was wäre zudem mit Hormonfleisch aus Australien? “Gentechnik ist ein Verbündeter” heisst es hier, doch in Gentechnik-nahrung wird entweder zuviel Ambition hineingesteckt oder zu viel davon versandet in irgendwelchen Büros, der “verbündete” gliche beinahe einem Fass ohne Boden. Quasi weil Gentechnik “noch” als eine art Gebastel in Kinderschuhen daherkommt. Wer vom gütigen Herrn Gates nicht begeistert ist, der darf gerne andere Ziele prägen, auch ich störe mich an passiv “konsumierter” Gleichschaltungen. Doch ich “ecke hier an als Störenfried”, weil ich die schwierigen Arbeiten hervorheben möchte. Auch ein Herr G. wird nur mit Wasser kochen. Ob er selber solche Nahrung auf dem täglich’ Teller hat? Die Dosis macht das Gift, doch Insekten scheinen hier schlecht weg zu kommen. “Gentechnik könnte bald das neue Bio sein” heisst es hier. Früher brauchten wir (so ein Label bio) nicht. Ich halte Gentechnik als einen Rattenschwanz unter vielen, bei dem zu sehr das Geld wieder ‘reingeholt werden soll. Doch nicht als Heu in’s Nebenhaus oder als Schäfchen in’s Trockene, scheint mir.. wer trotzdem an den Zweck der Gen-auswirkungen Glauben knüpfen mag, den bewunderte ich hier

  • Amazing! That’s my only response. Amazing. Thank you for this podcast and for so much eye-opening, scientifically based content. I am just blown away.

  • I’m using some of the sources from this video for a school project, but some of the links don’t work, for example, the bt eggplant and herbicide-resistant crops links.

  • @22 min: compare: 1) glyphosate blocking plants from producing essential nutrients 2) experimental CV vac*ine that uses CRISPR technology to manipulate proteins in human genome to make those humans resistant to coron*viruses. You precisely remove one “vowel” not caring about all the “words” that now stop functioning. It will be biggest crime against humanity. No wonder UN is predicting skyrocketing increase in death rate for future years, for every country in the world.

  • Dr Zach Bush, brother to a war mongering ex-president George Bush.
    He needs to be crucified upside by his balls for killing millions of innocent people

  • More than half of all GMO seeds being used today (by variety, not tonnage) are not for US agribusiness. They are for specific applications in many different parts of the world where climate change is causing additional challenges. Most of them are not patented. Most of them are given away free to struggling farmers by NGOs and govt seed programs:

  • Ha! This is the same gmo shill that said glyphosate was perfectly safe but refused to drink some on TV.
    Most (90%+) GMOs are made just to be able to be sprayed with chemicals like glyphosate which is carcinogenic and kills your gut bacteria.

  • I may agree completely with the purpose of this video… but seriously!? “Bacteria carry DNA from one species to another and that DNA is sometimes incorporated into the genes of the host species.” LISTEN BOOMER, BIOLOGY CLASSES HAVE CHANGED A LOT SINCE THE 60’S. As in, what this guy said is completely made up. He basically said that if his mom got a yeast infection at his inception then the yeast bacteria might change the DNA of his parents’ sperm and egg. Just miraculously change thousands of chemical bonds. Wow. I don’t have a problem with GMO’s. I think they’re good for the economic advancement of humanity. But this is absolutely embarrassing for PragerU to have made a video suggesting genetics works like some kind of voodoo magic. I completely lost respect for this group. Someone needs to tell this guy the birds and the bees was a metaphor.

  • I have loved most of this network’s postings, but alas this one seems very skewed… I believe GMOs can be used in a wonderful way, BUT, when you say a GMO that allows a pesticide to proliferate and inundate the Earth is not harmful…..Then “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”

  • Chronic inflammation is the new American way of life due to overconsumption of a garbage diet thats purchased at Walmart or Target….the world has gone insane!

  • To my knowledge Bangladesh realies heavily on GMO crops not just eggplants to feed their 150M+ people. And they have accepted GMO without much fuss. Pretty great considering their literacy rate.

  • Okay, you’ve done a 180-great stuff. Fully convinced, then if what you say is true, then let the food companies label their fare as genetically modified and let the market decide. But, no, we have free markets only when it suits industries. Down with regulations; let the profits roll in at any cost for short-term gains. With all this so-called great science behind them, they’ll undoubtedly win over the organic devotees by the droves. Ha! Scientists can be bought; in fact, many university studies are carried out using food industry funding. Hmmm, no conflict of interest there. Science is only as good as the integrity that goes into it. I’m at the point where I trust little of anything I hear or read about, so end up doing as much research that I can, then come to some decisions also using my gut feeling. Deregulation is truly the bane of our existence. In too many cases, integrity in all things money driven is simply not there. Industries be it food, pharmaceuticals, politics, etc. operate entirely on profits-the public at large be damned. So I take your reversal with a huge grain of salt.

    Not to say that organic food growers don’t have their problems too; namely, having their crops contaminated by all manner of pesticides and herbicides blown in by heavily used pesticides, herbicides, and gawd knows what other chemicals originating from the lands of non-organic growers.. Moreover, can we trust all organic growers to be trustworthy. Probably not. Basically, we’re on our own. Jaded? You bet.

  • Just how many different food and non food products are sprayed with the roundup or similar to keep it dry, just poison. So safe, why all the protective gear when applying it!

  • By the way I’m a naturopath who qualified after finding that the death of my husband had caused a ventricular (right) arrhythmia. The consultants said it was a potassium sodium imbalance. However they recommended the only remedy was to have an ICD fitted. I read the somewhat alarming stories of people who had done that and challenged the consultants and said I would research. I have radically changed my lifestyle and diet. I eat organic, plant based diet, I supplement with CoQ10 and more. I meditate and took my yoga practise to another level. I dance 2 hours flamenco 4 days a week. No sign of arrhythmia!!

  • Gutes Video! Jedoch rate ich davon ab von Gen Manipulierten Sachen zu essen weil es zu Gesundheit schädlichen Veränderungen kommen könnte! Klarer Gesagt: Unser Immunsystem könnte uns nicht einmal vor einer einfachen Verkühlung schützen! Also Hände Weg!!!

  • LEading to pesticide increase. not reduction.
    Now talk about the terminator gene deliberately introduced to prevent the modified organisms from cross contaminating other plants. Yopu all miss the real debate by makign it about yourself like most americans

  • This interview should have millions of views. Not just because of the information but the manner and the historical context in which it was presented. I am blown away!

  • so,basically all the problems from gmo are preventable and avoidable and even then the good outweighs the bad part anyway,,,, wow people are stupid. edit:i suggest you dont check the replies,theres atleast 1 person saying some dumbass shit

  • I tried telling my sister there’s and she couldn’t understand that humans been genetically modified food since the beginning of time.

  • This is way over simplifying the issue. And I know scientists that have had their research ban from bring published because it pointed a correlation between GMOs and autism. People who are constantly sick often do better without GMOs. We not have the science but the correlation are there to see there are problems. But I do support golden rice.

  • da gab es doch mal den fall, dass en bauer von einem lebensmittelkonzern vor gericht gezerrt wurde, weil auf seinem feld patentierte lebensmittel wuchsen. der konzern hatte sein versuchsfelder nicht ordentlich abgeschottet, woraufhin sich die experimentellen plfanzen durch wind ausgebreitet haben.
    gentechnik in der hand von konzernen, deren primäres ziel die profitmaximierung ist, ist abzulehnen.

  • Sehr gutes Video, wie Immer.
    Habe aber mit einer Biologin gestern über das Thema gesprochen und sie ist besorgt über Horizontalen Gentransfer von Nutzpflanzen in die Natur. Ist ein interessanter einwand.

  • So bloody agrochemicals (which are a fundamental reason dumb corporations have been pushing this production quickening) are mana now, and turning the soil into a sterile glyphosate wasteland is our brave new world now??

  • i never get dead bugs on my windshield now i remember in the 60’s my windshield covered in sticky bugs when i was a kid i loved catching fireflies young people do not know this because it never happened to them we will loose the birds soon

  • It’s not the lack of GMOs what makes people starve. I agree on what you say about economics not being your field… (or maybe it is?).

  • Die Möglichkeiten sind zugegeben groß, die Risiken leider noch größer. Die Genschere arbeitet bis heute nicht sauber. Und Gewinnorientierte Konzerne interessieren für schnelle, dauerhafte und große Gewinne und nicht für nachhaltige Lösungen die für uns Menschen gut sind und die diese Gewinne anschließend wieder schmälern. Solche gefährlichen zu Bd doch wichtigen Elementartechniken gehören unter strikte staatliche Kontrolle

  • Then I wonder why gm crops are banned/restricted in many countries? Are they all uneducated or do they actually know something? One thing’s for sure, organic natural food taste way more delicious than gm. I’ve personally tried both; organic crops and fruits in Afghanistan and Thailand and gm here in US.

  • Apparently, you triggered 6.8K people! Now, they’re just covering their ears singing, “La la la la la,” and thinking, “This can’t be true! This can’t be true! What am I going to complain about, now??”

  • I agree that GMOs lead to more crop yields, and thus more food for the planet. But actually, right now, we don’t need more food produced. We have an over abundance of food. Especially now during the pandemic. Farms, etc, have to throw tons and tons of food away. But this was a problem before the pandemic. We need to stop wasting food! It’s immoral that we throw away tons of food when we have poor, starving people worldwide that could use it!

  • Selbst wenn durch die Gentechnik kein direkter Schaden für uns entsteht, werden durch den Konsum von genmanipulierten Lebensmitteln, deren Vertreiber (oder nur Mutterkonzern Monsanto) gefördert. Das führt wiederum zu einer Monopolisierung und damit auch Preissteigerungen. Nach dem Aussterben der Biobauern, werden auch weniger, oder sogar gar keine, Biolebensmittel verfügbar sein.
    Wer nun glaubt, dass ein solcher Konzern Interesse daran hätte, die Fortpflanzungsfähigkeit seiner Pflanzen, auch außerhalb seiner Farmen für die Mutterpflanzen zu erhalten, ist wirklich naiv.

  • Naturally introduced is far different than experaminting with our food on purpose… It is not safe no matter how you try to cover it up…if this channel believes this garbage I’m out of here!!

  • Soooo after 52 years of waiting, when can we go back to eating a variety of banana that tastes like a banana.

    The variety most used in the 1960s was wiped out by a fungus. The fungal resistant variety is that abortion we eat today. It doesn’t taste like a banana at all.

  • Monsanto used to sue farmers and bankrupt them after infecting their crops with GMOs. That’s correct. The LAW punished the victim. Laws are not fair or just. They make injustice and extortion legal for TPTB. Still think you should keep voting and paying to support a coercive system? I stopped 60 years ago.

  • Migranes could also be a reaction to salycitates,amine,& glutamine sensitivities.which are present in healthy natural wholefoods avocados,eggplant,bananas,black pepper,paw paw,mango,strawberries,are very high.& Often the reactions & migranes occur after a few days…if you have reached your threshold,.. it’s accumulative.

  • So basically, it’s just a marketing scheme to mark things “non GMO” just like “no artificial flavors.” Figures.
    It’s a shame that these innovations are frowned upon. They are really amazing to me.

  • GmoROUNDUP ready crops are the worst thing in the farming industry.
    Doesnt break down, Causes cancer, Animals eat the sprayed crops and it passes into manure which is spread over and over.
    Manure and soil is sold or given to people to put in there gardens and the vegetables die or don’t grow. List goes on.

  • Dissemination: What’s meant by ‘Genetic Modification’ of food crops is profoundly different than what’s meant by ‘Genetic Modification’ by nature and by sexual reproduction. And Moore knows it. One wonders, if Patrick Moore had been German in the 1930s and ’40s, he’d have been saying that the T-4 (Tiergartenstrasse 4) program of the Third Reich was safe since, well, all the German scientists said it was, after all. You’d have had to go outside of Germany to find anyone, assuming they’d heard of it, who would have warned of the dangers of the T-4 program. Would that have been “anti-science”? In France In Belgium In today’s entnazifiziert Germany (English) Russia (English subtitles) Hungary (English) Why GMO foodstuffs don’t get labeled By the way, we all owe Dr Patrick Moore a debt of gratitude for his help in exposing the Anthropogenic Global Warming hoax

  • Click bait?? I get it its youtube, but usually this guy sticks to what he says and stays on topic it immediately went to why GMOs are good. I dont have an opinion on it yet. Im just trying to looking at both perspectives.

  • You fail to mention that the method of growing these GMOs advocates glyphosate; for instance corn is planted using single variety, sprayed glyphosate and we then eat the glyphosate grown product. GMO’s might be safe, but glyphosate is not*. One reason Roundup and its manufacturer was sold to Bayer Cropscience is to get rid of the hated Monsanto name. *See this study which will be available after 1 July 2020: “Exposure to glyphosate-based herbicides and risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma: A meta-analysis and supporting evidence “ or an extract before 1 July 2020:

  • I was disappointed not to see the video discuss the harmful consequences that mass pesticide use causes to eco systems and pollinators. I’m not educated enough on the arguments of salvestrol content of plants, but I believe there are arguments that the plants natural defenses against pests and fungus have implicit benefits to health that aren’t being quantified and pesticide gmo’s are absent of these too. Combined with the economic exploitation of the third world, this subject needs closer scrutiny.

  • Ich finde das Problem dabei ist das die Großkonzerne unser Essen so manipulieren das es lecker schmeckt es aber total ungesund sein wird, die kümmern sich schließlich ja nur ums geld

  • Thank you for this honest update. This is how you cultivate trust. One thing only touched on here is the likelihood that a GMO gene could get crossed into wild flora where it harms wildlife like bees and other insects. Bad enough, but over time it could get so disbursed that it destroys whole ecosystems. Also, the drift of glyphosate onto unprotected crops is criminal in my opinion. Already at least one farmer killed his neighbor for destroying his regular crop of soybeans while the neighbor planted the protected kind. This causes not only homicide, but the forcing of all farmers to pay more for the one product only available from one very powerful company.

  • Dr. Bush, I have been following you since I saw you in GMO’s Reveal. I am watching this video in June, 2020. As you talk about the microRNA and DNA, I am thinking about the very real possibility that a new RNA vaccine will be introduced to the world by Fall of this year. And, there’s the very real possibility that these vaccines will be mandated. I am envisioning the results of this vaccination process on the existence of life on this planet. Have you or are you going to talk about this? I don’t know if you will even see this comment given the age of this video but, I know those of us who are aware are very concerned about this coming present day eugenics program. Thank you for your work and for sharing what you know so generously. Writing from Nebraska.

  • What God did was the best that’s why all your planstes are are total fail!!!!
    Monsanto has done nothing good but poison ☠️ and sterilize people around the world!!!

  • It seems this is a hot button topic for many people. Noticed that with the defensive replies my comment generated.

    I’m in the middle of forming a healthier marketplace doing research. We do have a problem it’s either with the seed or our current farming methods. Remarks do not bother me personally you can be outraged all you want or reply in a helpful, insightful way.

    It’s a choice. Over 19k have a view on this per the comment numbers. Great, we should have a discussion because our food supply chain matters including who profits? Not all doctors or scientists are equal some are better than others.

    My remark was on more data. A bigger discussion over agrochemicals in general. A healthy nation is a wealthy one. America isn’t healthy. There are scientific links to issues with food supply chain. So, what changed? What is to blame?
    The seed itself the mutations? What?

    The personal remark of one comment is you must be anti-science! Bold claim not directly knowing someone as you hide behind a screen. Something prompted his comments. It’s a personal feeling he has about his perspective entitled to his opinion why we have the mute button on YouTube. Our supply chain has a problem. We do have issues, long standing with corruption including in the scientific community. That’s reality.

    Now what? Do you back corruption or a better understanding on how we got here in the first place?

    Whatever your response is show it on camera or in data your own reports not a comment section in YouTube. That seems more productive than just venting on here. Just a suggestion or idea. People aren’t known to be fully rational after are WMDs very real. You can eat those too but, will be your last meal. Last meal for many. Given true data scientific studies on IQs including near Salinas, CA our IQ levels are dropping in children especially to the breast milk study the amount of chemicals in each mother. All science. Once you study those and watch someone (several someones) die slowly of cancer then come back here. Make an informed response.

    “Slow Death by Rubber Duck” is a good book. We have a combination of problems including our seed that needs to be examined. Those who control the food control the people. That’s reality. Now what?
    Humanity isn’t thriving we are surviving with more chronic illnesses that’s a fact. Why?

  • And Monsanto suits neighboring farmers who dont use Monsanto seeds but have been found to have Monsanto plants growing on their property because the wind blew the seeds there

  • People Strongly Against GMOs Had Shakier Understanding Of Food Science, Study Finds Jan 26, 2019 “People who most intensely oppose genetically modified food think they know a lot about food science, but they actually know the least, according to a peer-reviewed paper published in January in the journal Nature Human Behaviour.

    GMOs are widely considered safe by scientists, but opponents have said they want more science on the potential harm so that subjective arguments aren’t part of the equation. However, previous surveys have shown that providing more scientific facts about GMOs to people doesn’t change their minds.

    The survey, conducted by four universities, asked 2,000 people in Europe and the United States how much they knew about genetically modified food, what their opinion was and how intense it was.” Read the full coverage at:

  • Myth of a cancer connection with glyphosate Debunking of gullible activists and Youtube flunkies referring to two and ONLY TWO sources that claimed there was a cancer risk, BOTH have been discredited for fraud and bribery, leaving NO SCIENTIFIC SOURCE for that malicious claim. Fraud number one Seralini rat torture: Fraud number two Organic farmers sent a $160,000 cash bribe to the IARC through a corrupt USRTK lawyer to get them to make the low cancer risk statement about glyphosate. It was the cornerstone of all these shyster lawyer Roundup lawsuits but now that Congress has cut off its $2mill annual finding to the IARC they are in deep doodoo. Citations: Ironically, the kind of cancer these liars claimed was caused by glyphosate has dropped in frequency and deaths during the same era we began eating GMO foods:

  • The scariest danger of what some companies are engeneering to protect their patent and keep you buying more is produce that can’t be resown possible leading to ” green deserts”

  • I’m sorry there have been very good studies on this subject by real scientists.. your body does not recognize GMO as food. Eat it short term you will live, eating it all your life it will cause complications. Bingo cancers!!!! Ever wonder why sooo many people get cancer these days?? It’s what you eat!!! You need to look at who owns Monsanto and there supporters.. I will stop all my donations your a sell out…

  • Das alles könnten wir aber die ganz grossen Firmen die mit den schlechten Sachen Geld verdienen vollen doch nicht das kleine Bauern Geld verdienen die wollen das alles Obst im Markt von riesigen Felder voller Pestiziden kommt

  • Many of the “GMO” crops have significantly reduced the pesticide load on the environment. In corn, for example, herbicide was reduced from 2 pounds to 6 ounces per acre and insecticide use for corn ear worm to zero.

  • well the solution is ban the governments change all the political and economical system they both have to be more interactive and proactive by us the people.

  • If your research is funded by big pharma GMOs are always safe, if you are funded by non-pharma GMOs are always very risky. Now who has more money? In 2002 it was reported the top 10 pharmaceutical comany listed in fortune 500 were more profitable than the rest combined, (that changed after 2002 because oil companies wanted more action) now you can see the scale of the influence big pharmas have.

  • While I agree that in general GMOs are beneficial to humanity, and have great potential, I still will not forgive a particular branch of corporate behavior shown by Monsanto. specifically I am referring to selling seed which it knows will produce these GM plants, which will contain the genetic modification in its gametes, then proceeding to sue anyone found to be selling food that has its genetic code who did not pay for the seed from Monsanto. this behavior forces farmers to either buy from Monsanto, or risk being sued, especially if they use the seed from one harvest to plant the next. The odds that your plants seed will have been pollinated by your neighbors crops, which he buys from Monsanto increase as you do this, and through no fault of your own, you end up having to pay Monsanto. This behavior is reprehensible, because it intentionally kills competition. when you can sue and win, essentially just because a farm didn’t buy its crops from you, you no longer have a competitive free market.

  • So from my understanding, it’s not the GMOs that are the problem. But the amount of pesticide they have been modified to stand and absorb.

  • For many thousands of years all civilization lived in respect for nature and for the profound balance that gave us life and food. We selected seeds in synergy with the sun, the earth and the whole biosphere, pests and deseases included. We did this based on the principles of patience, consistency and fertility, working with nature and not against it. Natural selection is different from GMOs simply because it takes in account for the many many variables of a vast, dynamic and extremely complex balance. It has operated and worked perfectly during billion of years in a lab which is littelay large like the whole planet. Thinking we can do better, is sin of pride. To me, OGM is like a plaster on a very bad wound. A patch invented by a humanity devoted to hurry, to exploitation of the erath and consumerism. We should fix those deep wounds in the first place. Only then we’ll be able to practice a real sustainable and healthy agriculture.

  • One of the best experts you’ve interviewed. Dr. Bush is a triple-board certified MD who is calling out Pharma and addressing the devastating health crisis in this country. Until conventional medicine starts paying attention and dropping their white-coat patriarchy worship, we will continue to suffer devastating disease.

  • corn is pefectly healthy but does not induce diabetes as contains no gluten gum this is why medical ciminals are discouraging corn. Gluten (chewing gum) is gradually deposited in pancreases causing profitable diabetes, obesity, hypertension and dementia and this is why medical criminals are critisizing corn, rice and potatoes as they contain no gluten gum and are promoting acidic foods increasing gluten absorption. Medicine is a criminal trade inducing diseases NOT a science!

  • About weeds, there is an old doctor in Hungary who is well known for his herbal remedies (all organically grown) anyway, he has been learning from and studying the medicine men of the past, who used to travel the country and these medicine men would look at what “weeds” would grow in and around the village and around sick peoples’ houses because they observed that (since people used to do their number 2s in the outhouse) people’s deficiencies and ailments showed up in the soil and in turn the right plants would turn up trying to rebalance the soil. So every plant has its purpose!

  • Regarding the livestock statement about them being fed GMO’s… What hardly anyone realizes is that the modern day beef cattle is NOT a natural species. The animal that it originally descended from is extinct. All current cow species have been carefully modified through selective breeding and other procedures to give us all the milk and beef that we consume. The cattle themselves are totally genetically modified from what nature originally provided. And nature’s animal didn’t survive on it’s own. Even among most goat breeds, almost none of them even resemble the original animal. And in chickens it’s even more so. The original naturally occurring bird from which chickens are descended lay only half a dozen eggs or so a year, and they are very small eggs.. And the bird itself is hardly worth putting on the table it is so small. Several modern chickens lay over 300 eggs a year. And they make very fine table fare. If it were not for man fiddling with what nature has provided, the current population would probably be less than a quarter of what it is, and many of those would be hungry.

  • Zesty Agua is clueless about this subject. Glyphosate(Roundup) is is the safest herbicide farmers have ever used even much safer than many of the highly toxic pesticides Organic growers use. There are many many many many many herbicides I could choose to use on my Roundup ready crops Can you name one of those herbicides that is safer than Glyphosate(Roundup)? Is Roundup the only one you can name? Your brain washing was complete if is. Can you name the gmo technology crops that Glyphosate(Roundup) can be used on. There are many companies even foreign companies producing and selling Glyphosate(Roundup) Monsanto’s patent ran out in 1999. The rate per acre of Glyphosate(Roundup) has been the same for 46 years. What is that rate per acre used? I am going to prove that you are clueless about this subject Zesty.

  • Go to JW.ORG to learn what God’s Word the Bible REALLY teaches. The Bible teaches that in the NEAR FUTURE, the God of the Bible who’s name is “JEHOVAH” Psalms 83:18, WILL heal ALL THE EARTHS environment and do AWAY WITH ALL CORRUPTION & ALL TOXICS, with in the earth environment. Even the human body will be PERFECT AGAIN, just as God JEHOVAH has PROMISED.☺��

  • I eat 75% veggies and fruit,Make my own Kim Chee,eat organic sourkrout, etc DAILY lots of Tsatsiki ( Yoghurt with greens and cucumber and garlic!) “go”daily sometimes three times a day! feel GREAT fingernails are growing stronger again neuropathy going away! 73! rockin the bike,still do cartwheels.

  • YES! Perfect timing on the broken glass! that was confirmation! Organic Movement will shatter the power base that Monsanto/Bayer thinks it has….

  • Sehr enttäuscht bin ich von euch.. Nur über gute ssachen von gmo geredet.. Bestimmt gibts es schlechte Seiten von gmo auf unsere Gesundheit und uber diesen Thema habt ihr einfach gesagt dass gmo nicht schlecht fur Menschen sind.. So einfach ist es aber nicht

  • Fascinating to listen to, Dr. Bush has an incredible humanitarian disposition and scientific mind. Please stay on the same path and continue to educate us so we can improve the quality of life for us and enhance the earth’s sustainability for future generations.

  • unspeakable lack of Integrity Monsanto/Bayer = creating systemic degradation of Integrity in our human anatomy! EnoughMonsanto/Bayer= NO More

  • True hybridization and gene adaptation have been occurring however non of the dangers of GMO s are not being discussed….Monsanto does Massive Good? Like agent orange, pCB,s and Roundup? Some GMO s are safe but others are not. The GMU companies are using more pesticides now not less it is another field technology just like the tremendous trust and chemicals that we really do not understand. How many pesticides have been approved for market use and then later with drawn when we found out there was something wrong with him scores of them and we are beginning to find out there are things wrong with GMU’s as well.

  • -i respect admire and cherish the knowledge of dr bush but at 1:18 he says about his children’s generation that something is “cotton pickin’ obvious”…that was like a blow below the belt….just wondering where that slight of speech came from!

  • Dr. Zach Bush you need to check this out! google polygonal masonry ( an unexplained ancient advanced masonry technique found all over the world

    And compare that to images of the gap junctions you have spoken about.

  • Thank you for sharing this absolutely fascinating interview. It was riveting and I am saving it to listen again. I have learned so much more than what my researches over the past few years have already taught me since suffering colon cancer five years ago, following many decades of ulcerative colitis, I have become passionate about nutrition and the benefits of whole-food plant-based eating, fermented foods, the gut microbiome, and the ethical and environmental problems associated with animal farming. This video has added another layer to my knowledge, and I am grateful for the excellent way that the points were put across, easy for a layman to understand but non-patronising. I had never considered my cancer to be the result of separated, sad and isolated delicate endothelial membrane cells desperately trying to repair themselves but had always thought of it as the great enemy to be defeated, an invader rather than a part of myself. I have not mourned the loss of my colon and this has given me a great deal to think about.

    The more I delve into the sub-microscopic world of our bodies, the more amazed and astonished I become. In the Psalms, King David said to God, “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.” He knew nothing of the wonders revealed by the electron microscope of the minute, interactive and perfectly functioning city inside every cell, and the extraordinary molecular structures that give us our form and functioning. I am in total awe. The tragedy is that we human beings, as wonderfully fashioned as we are, are so capable of destroying the beautiful world we live in, with which we are designed to live in perfect balance, with all the medicines we need to heal our bodies being right there in our environment and in our amazing self-healing bodies. I had no idea of the profound effect of the chemical glyphosate on this perfect balance, or that it could cause such an epidemic of diverse but related diseases. This whole podcast was a total revelation and an education. Absolutely amazing. So much to ponder.

  • schade, dass ihr nicht weiter auf die Terminator Samen eingegangen wird. Die indischen Bauern sind am Ende und begehen Selbstmord..

  • Wow I have been waiting for 50 years for this revolution. It’s wonderful.
    One in three kids with autism is so so sad.
    We are so blind. It makes me think there must be demon, blinding us.
    Maybe we should start going back to church.
    To learn about spiritual war.

  • I have now listened to Dr Zac Bush several time and he is a phenomenon. I’m going to have to listen to this again it’s so packed with information. Thank you.

  • That hour glass shattering was so amazing. Especially since you were talking about 16% organic consumption would destroy the viability of Monsanto. I think they must be on their way out. I am worried about the Covid19 protocols damaging human relationship.

  • Ich muss kotzen!
    Was für ein “hirnverbranntes” Geschwafel.
    Schaut Euch in der Welt um, die Heilsversprecher sind überall unterwegs,
    Geradewegs in den Untergang.
    Grenzenloses Wachstum,
    Dank Gentechnik.

  • I came across this podcast today because it happened to come up on my YouTube feed. Totally worth the time to listen and learn the history and truth about the food industry and glyphosate, etc.
    A little into the talk, I realized that I heard Dr Zach speak recently on one of the Revealed episodes Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science I had seen earlier this month of June. He is very knowledgeable and articulate. Thank you so much for sharing this information on a public platform..keep it coming!

  • Your hope for chaos is upon us. May these new opportunities serve to enlighten, inspire and re-define our relationship to nature to be more aligned with the original intention of this reality field. Thank you for this excellent dissertation and your deep wisdom brother.

  • Roundup ready crops I think they call gmo thanks Patric for leaving out the science and bringing your own fanatic world to the masses.
    He talks about people being brainwashed while being brainwashed and indoctrinated by junk science.

  • 7:17 “arbeiten an Pflanzen die Stickstoff aus der Luft ziehen”
    Also etwas mehr hätte ich von euch schon erwartet. Diese Pflanzen sind Leguminosen und wahrscheinlich aber tausende Jahre alt und werden in der Landwirtschaft insbesondere im Bio annbau genutzt und das nicht erst seit gestern

  • GMO’S
    a PSYCHOPATHS WET DREAM come true!
    MON-SATAN / BAYER are fine examples,


  • It’s hard to know who to believe when you hear so many different sides of one story, Monsanto being one of them. There’s quite a few people of taking them to court for getting crazy cancers using their product roundup. But I don’t know lol what side to believe lol

  • I appreciate that scishow will keep us posted on updated information regarding topics they’ve covered in the past. This makes more of a statement of information rather than “being right”

  • for evil.. hmm Monsanto.. it’s not gmo it’s their market strategy for gmo to spray them w poison.. this kills and causes cancer. pesticides.. and then u have their stupid lawsuits geez

  • Fascinating! This interview was 2+ years ago when the world wasn’t infected by Covid-19, & we’ve become more isolated, so unfortunately hugging friends hasn’t been possible. I watched Dr Zach Bush’s video about Covid19 which confirmed what I instinctively knew about prescription drugs & modern medicine. I’m in my early 70’s & don’t take any prescription drugs, not even over the counter meds like Tylenol. Over the years I’ve improved the way I eat & became vegetarian about 3 years ago eating organic foods. I live in Maui (since 1994) & know of the work you do with the local Hawai’ian farmers. Mahalo for all you do to educate people!

  • Is there a viewer of Zack Bush’s utube videos who would be able to make an unbiased & objective recommendation for his best one or two videos the two subjects. The first would be on current factory farming practices using the chemical round/glyphosate & fertilizers that destroy soil bacteria and lead to polluting water/air & the whole food chain including pig farming that produces un-transportable hazardous waste and GMO & roundup treated corn in animal feed that causes brain damage & autism symptoms in those animals & in many children who eat corn fed chicken, beef, por7 foods like breakfast cereals & snack food. I’d like one or two videos on each subject to help educate myself and others I know who’d appreciate this learning and will also pass it on. My email address is [email protected] & I thank you in advance for your help. June 14, 2020

  • I think that GMO’s are key to the success of our futures. By 2050 we are predicted to increase our food consumption by about 80 percent. Without the use of GMO’s we will have to burn down more forests to create more farm land. For those that are concerned with the health effects of eating GMOS, there have been no studies that indicate that they have an adverse health effect. The main problem with GMOs is that pesticide and herbicide usage increases in particular cases. In order to combat this, we can genetically modify the crops to simply outgrow the weeds and to combat pests. There is already research underway for these modifications.

  • the dust bowl poverty was the first thing I learned when I went away to university in 1967..I was shocked at the poverty. When I found out a few decades later on a trip they were farming in nebraska..with no thought to crop rotation..I almost could not finish my breakfast..I knew what was going to happen grade 8 text books from the 50’s outlined how to do crop rotation..this info was all available..big farms ruined north america’s food through greed. It is shocking that we do not know the glyphosate, (roundup) in very bad for people

  • Calling all KZGT subscribers and readers note I will increase my daily calling out of invasive hate trolls until this stops. KZGT fans and science respecting educated adults who hate trolls and malicious liars Join me in reporting the anti-science GMO hater troll ‘Almost but Not Entirely Unreasonable’ who is in fact mentally ill. Let’s not allow hater trolls and malicious liar stalkers to take over this venue. Whether they are Russian spammers, Greenpeace activists or organic industry operatives the result is the same. If you sort for newest and scroll down you will see just how bad this infection is. We welcome debate but not liars with ulterior motives that insult the integrity of our hard working farmers and scientists. Flag him for spam or cyber bullying and report his channel because the shitty, practically non-existent moderation scheme in G+ has no specific button for reporting stalkers or malicious trolls. KZGT works on your behalf to post the truth, don’t let trolls get away with trying to discredit the effort. To report these trolls, click on their channels, locate the flag button and report them for cyber bullying or spam or both. Copy this page’s address into the complaint form and click it.

  • The WHO, EPA, EFSA and 281 other agencies all affirm that GMOs and glyphosate are totally safe and cause no unintended consequences. Full global consensus! All 284 global health and safety agencies agree. Yes, this is the mother of all GMO safety citations and a stake in the heart of all anti-biotech conspiratards: On the linked page is a hyperlink of proof for each of those 284 agencies. Some may not be in English. Only the Russians and the IARC now discredited by bribery disagree.

  • cutting down the forests to produce palm oil, gmo corn, and gmo soy is leading to desertification. deserts do not support much life. meat animals need to be fed their natural diet, which is grass and grain, not corn, (except for pigs). anything else is causing disease, which leads to even more disease through toxic treatments. you are what you eat! Ban CAFOs, fluoride, GMOs, and glyphosate now!

  • Come check out our channel grow the farm up. Striving to educate health conscious consumers about exactly what their food production looks like, all of our videos are made by independent farmers and seedsman that are on the front lines of these issues. our objective is to open up a line of communication between the American food consumer in the American food producer.

  • Darf ich die Animationen ab 3:29 und 7:02 so verstehen, dass der Tod von Insekten und Fischen kein Problem ist, solange die Pflanzen überleben, um uns zu ernähren? Was ist mit Themen wie Erhaltung von Biodiversität, unterbrochenen Nahrungsketten oder den immanenten Gefahren vom Insektensterben?
    Ich halte dieses Video nicht für ausgewogen, sondern einseitig. Selbstverständlich gibt es bei einer Thematik wie Gentechnologie beidseitig eine Vielzahl von (sowohl mehr als auch weniger seriösen) Publikationen. Die zu diesem Video gelisteten Quellen sind jedoch ausschliesslich der Gentechnologie positiv gegenüberstehende Publikationen. In einer seriösen Auseinandersetzung mit der Materie müssen aber auch seriöse Untersuchungen der Anderen Seite zumindestens angerissen und ihre inhaltliche Kritik adressiert werden, z.B. die in und den dort im Literaturverzeichnis gelisteten Publikationen. Davon aber ist in dem Video nirgendwo auch nur ansatzweise etwas zu finden.
    In dem Reddit Diskussionsblog zum Video werden auch die Wissenschafter genannt, die das Video produziert haben: “Geneticist Dr. Mary Mangan, cofounder of OpenHelix LLC sowie Prof. Sarah Davidson Evangena, Professor of Plant Breedings and Genetics at Cornell.” OpenHelix ist eine Biotechnologiefirma. Beide Produzenten verdienen also ihr Geld unmittelbar mit der Gentechnologie. Wer an einer objektiven und ausgewogenen Darstellung des Sachverhaltes interessiert ist, sollte bitte schön auch Kritiker ins Boot holen. Für ein Organ des öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunks halte ich eine so offensichtlich einseitige Darstellung für nicht akzeptabel. Die direkte Nennung der Produzenten ist natürlich aus Transparenzgründen erstmal gut und begrüssenswert.

  • In a perfect world GMO grain and rice is a good thing…. But, we do not live in a perfect world. Monsanto created and patented a grain… a hybrid corn. This corn is VERY prolific and takes over other Corn crops by normal pollination. That’s good right? A good sturdy corn resistant to blight and other things. But what does Monsanto do? They sue every land owner for patent infringement with in 2 miles of a Monsanto crop if their Monsanto corn DNA is found in the other farmer’s crop, knowing full well that it will be, since that is what they created it to do. And that is how you control the world food market. It’s not about making better corn, it’s about power and wealth. The same with tomatoes, soybean, safflower, and any hybrid Monsanto makes for the intent of robbing farmers of their rights, land, money, and livelihood.

  • There have been cases of GM crop companies suing farmer’s for planting their GM crops without permission from the company. This happened because the GM crops blew from nearby fields of farmers who had permission to use GM crops. This resulted in the farmer’s having to give up their homes and fields to the company, because they can not pay back the outrageous sums of money companies sue the farmers for, resulting in the companies giving that land to their own farmers, who use their GM crops. This creates a monopoly for the companies as they sell their GM food seeds to the farmers, and if they don’t buy them… well they get sued.

  • This is one of the only PragerU videos I can agree with, but only partially. It’s correct in the sense that there is misinformation spread about GMOs because of “natural good artificial bad” mentality. But to anyone educated on the issue already can see this is a strawman. Those who know that GMOs are nothing to be afraid of, and that they are potentially helpful in all senses of the word know that this isn’t the reason why GMO restrictions exist.

    The issue with modern genetic modification is the patenting of genetic code and the reluctance to allow the crops to produce usable seeds. You have a great science that fell into the clutches of companies that solely use it to gain as much capital as possible. This makes it more difficult for countries that need GMO seeds to flourish in their soil, like in many places in Africa.

  • We wouldn’t need GMO foods if certain countries did not OVER EAT. Just look at the countries that consume the most hydronated fat and refined carbs as the problem.

  • The problem isnt that they re-engineered to plant to survive glyphosphate. The problem is that because of the re-engineering they DO use glyphosphate and that is killing our bees, the rest of our needed insects, birds, and ultimately humans.

    Humans are smart but only smart enough to create things, that coupled with ethics and altruism can be good. We are not smart enough however, to refrain from our avarice and the presumption of dominion. That is what will be the death of us all.

  • 1:08:45 Hey Zach (I am embarrassed to call you Dr.) why don’t you start with not eating the animals in the first place? Let them live their own lives and be free rather than stabbing them for a hamburger or steak?

  • I cannot believe that this video made it onto PragerU’s rotatation. Absolutely unconscionable. As a farmer concerned with regenerative agriculture, I can tell you that GMO crops destroy not only the ecosystem in which they are grown, but also the human ecosystem known as your immune system when consumed either directly, or indirectly through eating meat raised on GMO crops, for example. Tampering with nature, no matter how profitable it may seem, has been linked with killing millions of human beings all over the world. To make a case for GMO crops and the chemical companies that create them is to devalue human life in support of corporate interest….the very thing that most conservatives strive to end from a political perspective. Shame on you, PragerU for allowing this nonsense on your channel. The world has awoken, and we citizens will not be persuaded by friendly-style vids that tell us that it’s ok to eat GMO foods. By endorsing this content, you are endorsing the death of millions of people everywhere. Please remove this nonsensical dribble from your channel if you hope to retain your reputation as a news outlet that dispels truth in a time of universal deceit.

  • Sadly, his report sounds just like the one sold about cigarettes. We have had ill effects with certain strains to the destruction of seed.
    Seed an Untold Story is helpful. The virus crossing in GMOs are a problem our health hasn’t improved we are just living longer, sick.

    Update your research, plz. The GMOs are absolutely a problem to our soil quality to pesticides especially testing in Hawaii the biotech patents on life. You can’t patent seed or life. Not yours to own.

    Also, astroturfing on the internet as you research this is very real a term you should know when coming up with solid data. After all this is a YouTube comment section not a post in the scientific journal stating one color is inferior to another or earth is flat. I’m amazed a 70 yr old put stock in a almost 4 min clip being a farmer then spent time with backlash. You are a farmer not a scientists. We have bad farmers, scientists, doctors on. That’s reality some better than others. The ones who believe the toxic hype will die out soon enough. Sadly, they take us with them. Badly made products down to food is just a reality. You can easily give feedback on a better crop to grow and how? Monsantos did get sued over Roundup related cancers.

    He is having that argument as they did over asbestos. Not all nature is good we just need to find a balance and create better soil as well as farming practices. If they paid me to keep my farm via growing certain crops I’d be as defensive as the 70 yr old farmer.

    The following thread you will read below is an example of Narcissistic abuse and gaslighting. Read carefully.

    There is a problem with how we are communicating. He is one example. Now, what possible gain is there to be had by a non farmer looking to plant better options vs. Dave the Farmer?

    That is a debate we can all have especially over our food supply chain. Study his remarks then mine. Neither won.

    And Narcissistic Rage helps to understand respond vs. react

    Plenty of evidence misinformation abounds in science no absolutes I claim none. His remarks are defensive they will remain so and it’s pointless to even respond. Hence, reaction. When we react in comments you start being insulting. Belligerent. It ends up being a pointless exchange. Circle back to realize you have nothing to prove to anyone. That’s reality.

    Our supply chain has a bigger issue at hand with misinformation yes, he is contributing to it for free. We can study and collaborate or perish. We do have options but, that exchange only highlights narcissistic abuse.
    No, kids absolutely don’t use your real names online human trafficking is very real.

    Practice some sense when you are online. Understand there is another human at the other end of the screen, kids.
    Adam Smith Markets and Morality is also helpful in understanding a bigger picture I do love this science channel just understand we will all get it wrong and sometimes right.

    Many like Steve jobs really Wozniacki did a lot of work. George Westinghouse was a much better business example.

    Make informed decisions over who you “follow” understand what you are buying including in a cup of coffee-

    And yes, scientifically GMOs the practices are indeed link to very serious health problems to birth defects we used scientific studies to solve previous problems it will always create new dilemmas he is not incorrect on organic farming using certain chemicals as well. Just understand the power of seeds and food then do your research being mindful of astroturfing online as well.

    Like the wild west online. We have very powerful tools in our hands ����
    I feel just from a perspective some social online etiquette guidance for more productive exchanges may be helpful as we all navigate these waters.

    In West Virginia my family had a farm. Very successful one. With a general store. There are much healthier farming practices out there. We can also form healthier more transparent companies as well understanding where our food comes from. All of our responsibility to know.

    And the MUTE button on YouTube is very handy tool. Be mindful what you post online especially social media it’s not an essential part of life. Only entertainment.

    YouTube can be entertaining and educational just be careful.

    Good story on responding over reacting

    We could all use a reminder on past control.
    To balance out the slightly sexist moral post story.

    Had a dog rip open my arm as he was trying to go after my dog. Had to respond over reacting to get medical as well as calm the rage other the human in the room towards the dog. All our lives were saved. Much better to respond in as many situations as possible and practice. The orginal comment posted is from collective data by other nations who banned GMO usage. Don’t look at US data go outside then circle back.

  • “Assessing the survival of transgenic plant DNA in the human gastrointestinal tract
    “. A human clinical trial!!
    Finally found one!! One!!!
    Excerpt: “….The transgene did not survive passage through the intact gastrointestinal tract of human subjects fed GM soya. Three of seven ileostomists showed evidence of low-frequency gene transfer from GM soya to the microflora of the small bowel b e f o r e their involvement in these experiments. As this low level of epsps in the intestinal microflora did not increase after consumption of t h e meal containing GM soya, we conclude that gene transfer did not occur during the feeding experiment.
    ONE meal!! What a ‘study’!

    SO: How did THREE participants obtain pre-existing GMO soya genes in their gut flora?? HOW DID IT GET THERE?? Magic?

    Or by being consumed (unlabelled) over several years? And what about all the other GMO crops that have NEVER been tested in Humans?

  • Health is the specialty of Biology not of Medicine.. Why dont you interview a biologist if you want to understand Toxemia which is simply the true Cause of Disease…7 Stages of Disease | syncRAWnicity

  • wir dürfen nicht alles neue automatisch als gefahr sehen, nur, weil es neu ist…….wir sollten auch die chancen betrachten, und nicht nur die risiken…:D

  • Most Americans were born into the largest longest propaganda campaign in all history!
    Organic industry tyranny for 33 years and counting: “Although GMOs are regarded as safe as their conventional counterparts by every major food safety authority in the world, the organic industry spends nearly $3 billion a year through over 330 different organizations leading with fear and “information spin” as an industry to sell their products. By creating an unfounded fear that requires tighter regulations on GMO crops, they are hoping to force them out of the food supply, thereby creating a bigger market share to sell more products in their more than $65 billion wheelhouse.

    The unfortunate consequence of these [non-GMO] labels is that the food companies and lobbyists tend to create an unnecessary “us vs. them” divide. When food companies use fear against competitors to sell a product, farmers take it personally.”

    Now why do you suppose organic food is so expensive?? Imagine what 3 billion dollars could do for humanitarian goals end a different disease forever every year…. End all hunger in at least one country…… Funding nasty propaganda? Really??

  • Number of people or animals killed by GMO food worldwide: 0

    Number of people who got sick from GMO foods worldwide: 0

    Number of global catastrophes caused by GMOs: 0


  • What about superbugs tho? Not contesting, just honestly asking.

    As for the anti-gmo movement, human-health effects is the least of its concerns and I have barely seen any mention of that. The big problem is Monsanto/Bayer’s behaivor and the uncertain effects on the larger ecosystem balance.

    I understand where your retraction comes from, but dismissing the actual problems caused by gmos outside of pure health sphere is not the way to go either.

  • I genetically modified my kids to be better athletes by marrying a black woman. They run faster, jump higher, need less sun tan lotion, beautiful skin, heat tolerant..etc…I told my son to marry a chinese girl so his kids can be good in math, solve rubics cubes in seconds, play instruments and be athletic at the same time.

  • If anyone’s looking for a more compelling argument for GMO, go and see Kurzgesagt’s video “Are GMOs Good or Bad? Genetic Engineering & Our Food”. If you’re worried about the authenticity of Kruzgesagt, see their video “Can You Trust Kurzgesagt Videos?”. Topic settled, as far as I am concerned.

  • Monsanto = The Devil!!!!!
    Big evil business, screwing farmers and wiping out heirloom crops
    Thats why the sold and name changed to Bayer ������������������������������������������������

  • Where the problem lays is in the laboratory. Natural breeding is NOT the problem, it’s when man takes it upon himself to tinker with the genes in a lab to produce products that do not occur naturally. For example, the GMO russet potatoes have their genes altered in A LAB to make it where it APPEARS not to bruise. When in fact, the potatoes are indeed bruised but the gene that produces the brown spots are alteredallowing the potato to be basically rotten but not appear as such to the eye…

  • This guy now gets paid by the industry. Google it. I’m doing my research on gmos. If your are doing the same make sure you look into the background on the people giving information.

  • 2:06
    No. Nonono. this is just. False.
    Terminator seeds weren’t just “stopped” ; they wreaked such havoc and started so many lawsuits from farmers unintentionally having their crops contaminated by wind blowing the terminator seeds on their normal seed farms, Monsanto and other mega corporations had to adapt. But this is just total wrong information, or, you’re paid out by someone, to say this bullshit.
    I really enjoy this channel but everyone should always double check the things this channel sums up in one sentence as a part of some channel-wide stance on a topic. Very biased sometimes; hidden behind the pseudo-intellectual mood of the videos, sometimes themselves ABOUT conspiracies or, debunking things that are not yet totally debunked.
    I’m not talking about flat earth or something, I’m just saying, terminator seeds didn’t just “stop being made”. I’m pretty sure they are STILL being used actually

  • I showed my mom who believes that “organic all natural food is the best” turned me showing her this video and the video about is organic food better than normal food into a long lecture about why not to believe everything I read on the internet even though she got the idea of going organic off face book

  • The movie Temple Grandin is an amazing illustration of how she changes the handling of cattle and growing up autistic. Incredible contribution.

  • Go back to Greenpeace! You don’t understand the word “science.” For you to say that it’s time to end the debate tells me that you don’t understand the scientific method. If I had a week to spare I’d list all of the logical falacies in your video. Geeeeez, what happened to prager-u? You guys used to be so even handed and seemingly unbiased.

  • Steve A
    Given the number of Cancer cases from roundup you didn’t do due diligence!!!!!!! You should have left this subject alone you idiot!!!!

  • I love Prager U and virtually always agree with them. Except this video. It harms Prager’s reputation. I agree not all GMOs are bad, such as the golden rice. But Monsanto is an evil company for many other reasons. It freaks me out that he’s so blatantly pro-GMO, as if a paid lawyer. There’s so much more to the story.

  • Von wegen, für uns ist das harmlos! Von wo kommen all die rapide zunehmenden Allergien her? Unser IMMUNSYSTEM ist dazu da, alles zu bekämpfen was es nicht mehr erkennen kann!!!!

  • Mein wichtigster Kritikpunkt an GMO Nutzpflanzn kommt n eurem Video leider gar nicht vor: Die damit einher gehende Konzentration von Macht bei wenigen Konzernen über unser aller Versorgung.

  • 1996 i would of been 6/7 which is about the time i really started to struggle with anxiety(although never diagnosed or treated), It would make me feel nauseous and i’d pass out (it drove my mom nuts i would have these spells), I had issues with my gut/constipation and i remember my mom taking me to a dr and me getting xrays for this-only to be told i was backed up, with no real help given, it was just made out to be like no big deal back then. Grade 2 and onward i had issues learning, like reading comprehension, math etc. I couldn’t pay attention, and i’d often be in tears with frustration. By grade 11 I dropped out of high school (finished later). I remember being incredibly shy, with low self esteem all through out school years. I remember feeling normal before the age of 6/7. I wasn’t shy, and often loved to be the center of attention, i’d sing and put on plays for anyone. Looking back, i remember there being a shift in my behaviour. I was finally diagnosed with Inattentive ADD at age 24(I’m 31 now). I do wonder how i would of been had the food chain not changed to GMO in the 90’s. I’ve often thought that this was around the time we got vaccines in gr 1 and maybe that had an impact. But now i’m wondering if it was the food.. interesting

  • Love the idea of GMOs, just don’t like the implication of corporations having monopolies over what our bodies require to operate healthily

  • This guy is the cofounder of Greenpeace. Guess he forgot his stance

  • In India they Know You can’t eat GMOs, after so many got sick.
    But we have big greedy medical profestion.
    You Have No Say in the matter!
    The “professionals” say eat, You eat.
    Like rats, eat the garbage.if You like it or not.
    This “fellow” don’t look so healthy, butt well fed brother of business.
    The Royals and the rich don’t eat geneticly messed up food, why do we? Sterilization and medical profit.

  • For those that just don not understand, humans have been genetically modifying organisms since the advent of farming. The origins of almost every edible plant look nothing like the foods we eat today and haven’t for centuries. Although we have not until recently used active genetic modification we have used genetic selection for centuries.

  • Absolut! Ich sehe die Gentechnik an sich, nicht als das Problem an, sondern höchstens, was verantwortungslose Menschen damit anstellen 😉

  • WOW, Zach Bush, MD. is a brilliant medical researcher revolutionary whose profound, overwhelming, laser focused insight is astounding. Thank you Rich Roll for having him on and exposing us to the truth, and more importantly the hope he tells us about, IF WE ACT NOW.

  • Moore was ambushed by activists who duped him into paying for his flight to the UK to speak about golden rice, for free. The Youtube videos are dishonestly edited so they don’t show the fake activist interviewer pulling a glass of an unknown liquid out from under the table, not poured in his presence. This is the most vile of lies by click bait assholes abusing Youtube.

  • Hello and happy day: I leave to my followers several famous phrases or sayings of the scientist Nikolas Tesla: 1) The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will progress more in a decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. 2) The individual is ephemeral, races and nations come and go, but man remains. 3) What one man calls God, another calls the laws of physics. All my scientific technical information is sustainable and easily verifiable over the Internet or online. I am a Technologist graduated in 1982 from the Joaquin Avellan Industrial Technical School in Maracay, Aragua State, VENEZUELA.

  • I saddened by this video. It’s full of obvious and blatant lies. I didn’t think Prager U would be so biased. Monsanto is an evil company, food can be a better weapon than guns if harnessed right and Monsanto is definitely on the road to doing so. Very upsetting.

  • Please, are you trying to tell us that Monsanto is worried about children, poverty and hunger in the world, health and other stuff like that. Oh well so GMO and glyphosate does not kill humans, it just kills the soil and other plants and pollutes de enviroment. Oh that’s ok then, nevermind. ����‍♂️��������

  • Ich Liebe Eure / Deine Videos es macht so Spass sie zu schauen. Sie sind soooo Liebevoll gestaltet und soo unfassbar Leicht Nachzuvollziehen und zu verstehen. VIELEN DANK DAFÜR��������������

  • Vaccines are also contributing autism in children.  There is a medical clinic in North Carolina who is treating autism with successful outcome.

  • BS Monsanto Propaganda.
    For sure you never tasted real food. GMO foods taste like sand, totally unnatural.
    The planet doesn’t need “more and more people”.
    Borlaugs experiment in India resulted in an explosion in population. Today they need another Borlaug to save their starvings.

  • Less pesticides? Good to hear..What about herbicides like Roundup? On the rise big time from what I hear…Doesn’t sound like a tasty addition to foods too me!!

  • Disagree. Yes, we are part of nature, but that’s because the same God made nature and man. I don’t see how he can reason altered seeds by man are no difference then the exchanging of DNA that occurs naturally by reproduction. When’s natural, what is unnatural. And actually, studies do show infertility rates in mice tumors after being fed GMOs. I disagree with this 100%. The world would not die of hunger if it weren’t for GMOs. Americans throw away so much food! That is the truth. A lot of the food that’s grown gets thrown away. If people actually bought just enough for them to eat and would eat all that they buy, we wouldn’t need so much extra food grown was genetically modified seeds.

  • @ 3:03 Total bullshtein! Monsanto demands or forces farmers to use their GMO seeds. And they are controlling the world. Remember Percy Schmeiser? Read this:

  • Wow! I agree with most everything on PU, but this is crazy! (Still, I’m glad for PU’s embracing of free speech!) He conveniently ignored the “Round-Up Ready” crops that Monsanto has engineered, so that they can be sprayed with the stuff and still survive. And FDA approval for foods is a joke, since $$$ will get ANYTHING approved.

  • That we have 20,000 genes and we make 200,00 proteins is direct evidence that his statement that we have dumb and simple genome. There is a serious work of genius there that so few genes produce so much.

  • Immer wieder interessant aus welchen verschiedenen Perspektiven man ein Thema betrachten kann. Wie so oft kommt es nicht an auf das WAS sondern auf das WIE. Danke für eure tollen Videos!

  • Meine Güte, das ist ja Propaganda pur.
    Gen-Technik ist dich nicht zum Heil für die Menschheit entwickelt worden? Zur Steigerung des Profits!
    Wisst ihr eigentlich, dass gentechnisch veränderte Pflanzen patentiert werden und ein Landwirt keine eigene Saat aus der ausgewachsene Pflanze separieren und verwenden darf?
    Dass ein (von der gentechnisch veränderten Pflanze selbst produziertes) Pestizid für Insekten tödlich, aber für den Menschen “ungefährlich” ist, bedeutet doch nicht, dass der Mensch das bedenkenlos konsumieren darf. Dass dann Allergien oder Autoimmunerkrankungen auslöst werden, oder sogar das Krebsrisiko erhöht wird, ist ebenfalls nicht auszuschließen.
    Wisst ihr eigentlich, wer solche tausende von Studien finanziert? Das sind nahezu immer die Konzerne, die daran verdienen wollen!

  • This is the most anti-science video I’ve seen in a number of years. What they aren’t telling you, what they don’t want to acknowledge, is that the human species, especially our digestive systems, have evolved slowly and methodically over a period of tens of thousands of years. AND, our food supply has evolved right along with it. To now start playing with the genetics of our foods implies that humanity is seperate from the nature thst we live in. We have no idea how our bodies will metabolize these new genetic creations born in a petri dish, OVERNIGHT, without the human organism having a chance to evolve and adapt. AS IT HAS DONE FOR COUNLESS MILLENIA!!!

  • Aus naturwissenschaftlicher Sicht hast du Recht. Als Christ bin ich der Meinung bei Gentechnik ist eine Grenze. Technisch ist heute viel möglich, aber wir sollten uns moralische Grenzen setzen. Züchtung ist ok, Gentechnik nicht. Meine Meinung

  • Not usual prager info. Very cherry picked facts. Safety of GMOs can’t be determined for generations. Some GMOs may be helpful. Greed is what drives GMOs currently, that is a dubious deal. Seed patent owners are suing farmers for growing their own seed. Non GMO seed. They want to control and claim ownership of all seed and force growers to buy seed instead of grow their own. Nothing evil to see there right?

  • The problem isn’t whether or not GMO’s are bad for one’s health, the problem is the FACT that GMO’s are,and as far as anyone can predict, and will continue to be, patented. This mean corporations end up owning the right to produce seeds and by extension, own the food supply of 7.5 billion human beings. Get rid of the corporate ownership, get rid of the patents, GMO’s are not a problem.

  • Dr Shiva explains that GMO’s aren’t tested, Gmo soy is in just about everything, contain Round Up, and are proven to cause fatty liver disease. My own observations have led me do believe that fatty liver = Diabetese 2…. which is in 10% of the worlds population. Diabetese 2 is big business…. vitamin C from fresh fruit and veggies ( not GMO ) is the cure. Here’s a link ( also check out his climate pod cast, it’s brilliant) Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai on the Dangers of GMOs

  • 37:30: ‘We are light beings…we primarily communicate through light energy’. He is firmly in woo territory. Gap junctions don’t transmit photons like a fiber optic cable as he implies, they transmit ions and solutes. Chill Zach.

  • this is so much oversimplified that it shows only one side of arguments and ignores the other. For Example: Why does he not mention that farmers using certain GMO`s have to buy every year their crop from the company because Monsanto knocked out reproduction?

  • so because we all eat so much and need so much crops we should allow big corps to mess with our food? You do realise we can cut so much off our food we need if we just fed it to humans instead of lifestock do you? So actually it is because we like the taste and pleasure meat gives us,we are forcing those who don’t eat meat to eat crops wich are messed with by big corp? disgusting

  • I am not afraid of Genetic engineering. I am alive due to GMO Insulin. I am less comfortable with Glyphosate in my food, and I do not particularly trust invested large companies to tell me if there is a problem with products that they are banking on. Cognitive bias, but with history to back it up.

  • I understand the need to meet the increase in humanity. But the modified foods also change our DNA. It is a form not recognized in the DNA sequence and it creates an aberrant cell. I believe this is why the allergies, IBS, etc issues are so unresponsive to anything. Again, i understand the need to feed and that is just the way it is. I am glad people are getting food any way it can be made for them. I can’t hide from the truths that come attached as a price tag, either. It is what it is.

  • I do not know how in your right or wrong mind you can tell people that genetically modified foods have not had any ill effects on humans! I am a case in this study!
    I have used non dairy Creamer for 30 plus years and it has corn syrup solids in it and one of my favorite foods is always been corn on the cob. There’s a reason why they call it a cream corn coma
    When they changed over to genetically modified corn for corn syrup solids and for corn on the cob I began getting sick and sicker until I ended up with type 2 diabetes! I am so sick I cannot begin to tell you and the medications are doing no good so I’m going holistic with cinnamon and other nutrients like magnesium to naturally lower my blood sugar is specially since the one cinnamon not The common one… Is basically what they put in Metformin which is a diabetic drug…
    I don’t know why the United States refrigerates eggs but it’s probly because they radiate them 1st period I spent a summer in England and 2009 and they still do not refrigerate their eggs and they don’t do anything nasty to them either best eggs ever had
    In South Africa they did not use genetically modified foods and after 2 weeks of being heavily sick I spend another month and a 1/2 down there absolutely healthy feeling fantastic then I came home and was sick again
    I went to Israel twice in the last 3 years and I was sick when I 1st got there and after a week I was better and felt fabulous! Got back home and I was sick again
    They are killing us wake up open your eyes and stop telling people it say it is not especially for those of us with rare blood types

  • PragerU, there is no seed that holds the promise of endless, abundant crop yields. Secondly, GMO seeds carry with them an expense to farmers that exceeds conventional seeds due to the specific crop fertilizer and pesticides that farmers must purchase in addition to the seed. Farmers are free to use what they feel with conventional seeds. Secondly, GMO seeds mean intellectual property, and farmers are not allowed to keep seed from the crops of the prior year to create crops in the current year. Doing that is illegal under a GMO seed food system because saving seed is considered stealing under intellectual property laws, but saving seed ought to be an inalienable right of farmers because saving seeds also reduces their costs of production. Also, if they have the right to save seeds and share them, we all retain that right.

  • Oh yeah we can trust him he’s the co-founder of Greenpeace. I think I’m going to unsubscribe from prageru because of this video. GMO is not good.

  • Der Nachteil der Gentechnik wird nichteinmal verschwiegen: Es können damit Insekten, und zwar alle, damit beseitigt werden, was nicht nur bei denen zu einem gigantischen Artenverlust führt, sondern natürlich auch bei Vögeln. Das Bienensterben wird enorm gefördert und dadurch eine große Vielfalt an Pflanzen, die durch Insekten bestäubt werden, ausrotten. Die Landwirtschaft wird immer mehr in die Abhängigkeit von Saatguterzeugenden Firmen getrieben, das von diesen teuer verkauft wird.

  • This information will help those of us that do not want to be a walking experiment, I believe tax payers money can be used in a more intelligent manner.

  • Parallel zum englischen Release gab es eine Diskussion auf Reddit zum Thema Gentechnik. Zwei Wissenschaftlerinnen haben viele Fragen beantwortet, die auch hier in den Kommentaren gestellt wurden:

  • Ein großes Problem von GMO ist vor allem, dass unser Körper mit diesen artfremden Lebensmitteln nichts anfangen kann mehr noch, sie dienen Pathogenen also Viren und Bakterien in unserem Körper als Nahrung und machen uns somit krank!

    Auf meinem Blog ( schreibe ich über viele Gesundheitsthemen. Auch über die weiteren Probleme von genmanipulierten Produkten habe ich bereits einen Artikel geschrieben.

  • The drug industry Bair came from German chemists business in buildings in Germany that were used to kill Jews in WW2. This is a scary birth place for big Pharma. Evil!

  • People who say that gm are unnatural shouldn’t use unnatural things like electricity or internet those things are practically unnatural too

  • Would like it better if they had an outline with key points
    like what supplements are good and which ones are not.
    This seems like a excessively long infomercial the way it is now

  • Moin,
    Ich liebe euer Format, auch wenn immer das Risiko besteht, beim Herunterbrechen eines komplexen Themas, zu einseitig zu berichten!
    Aus meiner Sicht ist das hier passiert! Dieser Beitrag ist viel viel zu unkritisch und damit schon in der Sparte „Propaganda pro GMO“ zu verzeichnen! Das finde ich SCHEISSE

  • When I heard that there were no more Corn that is not gmo I tried to avoid it, but then I hear a bunch of stuff is geting GMOd. Well when you make it resistant to disease, you also take away the bacterial activity needed to digest it. So it goes, barely modified, in the toilet. I want to feed my cells not the toilet! Oh humm.

  • I’m speechless. What an inredibly informative podcast. Everyone, and I mean everyone, should be exposed to this info and act upon it

  • Good Paid Advert!

    This is a disgrace to prage u! Golden rice was a scam! Its out of the market! Calling anti GMO’s Anti-Science is very ironical and trying to protect Mosanto!

  • Wait a minute….I THOUGHT I RECOGIZED HIM. He’s the guy who told a journalist fracking groundwater was safe to drink and refused to drink a glass of it when the journalist called his bluff. He called the reporter an asshole because he caught his lie.

    I looked this guy up. He’s full of shit.

    Wait a minute….I THOUGHT I RECOGIZED HIM. He’s the guy who told a journalist fracking groundwater was safe to drink and refused to drink a glass of it when the journalist called his bluff. He called the reporter an asshole because he caught his lie.

  • Dieses Video sollten am besten ALLE Menschen sehen. Genmanipulierte Nahrungsmittel haben gefühlt ein viel zu schlechtes Image: Aus einem mir nicht nachvollziehbaren Grund scheinen viele Leute zu glauben, dass sie selber zu weiß-der-Himmel-was mutieren, wenn sie genmanipuliertes Essen zu sich nehmen.

  • When gates is so heavily invested in GMOs, information Control, population Reduction/genoside;
    You can’t find Truth.
    Not in a vidio here anyway. Algorythm/mind control.

  • So far I have loved and strongly agreed without reservation, every video of Prager U. This is the only one I disagree with. I choose, Non GMO foods. I avoid soy. I don’t want man boobs. Hahahah!! �� I’ll stick with natural, as much as I can. If I listen to people who say this now. And, say, I do follow their advice. Only later in the future to have those same people say one day. Oops, “we didn’t anticipate it…but actually there is something wrong we are finding out now”.. yea, these people are not going to pay for my medical bills. It’s sort of like, the first generation of an apple product. I never get the first gen of anything. Why? I’ve learned they always have problems. Thanks, but no thanks. ����

  • Das Tolle ist ja das Verhältnis von Likes und Dislikes bei Dinge Erklärt Kurzgesagt. Was mich so bissel deprimiert ist die Anzahl. Also kann man daran sehen wieviele Menschen, die in Deutschland leben sich für Themen dieser Art interessieren. Vergleicht das mal mit den Followern und AbonnEnten (XD) von Bibis Beauty Palace oder den Prank Bros. Wie Morty immer so schön sagt: “Oh Mann!”

  • I have Asperger S. for 67 years, likely. I’m detoxing and removing myself from prescription drugs and giving up meat. I have been on an antibiotic every day for 5 years. Yes years. I was depressed and anxious for a long. I’m finally off 10 of my 14 prescriptions. It might be too late but better late than never. God bless you.

  • but is organic really organic
    or should I avoid ALL organic corn,wheat, soy? Ive found alternative to be much better…But can we really trust the USDA label?

  • Personally i think a comprise is the best solution.

    Instead of rolling out these super crops to huge farms instead tailor them for small scale farming via hydro or aquaponics, even if their better for simple flowerpot gardening that would greatly help with out situation.

  • Ich sag hier nur “Evolution”, diese bringt resistentere oder robustere Schädlinge hervor, joa dank Gentechnik. He wie was sagt der da, fragt sich der eine oder andere. määär Nach denken und Langzeitstudien! machen obwohl eigentlich ist Geschichte und Evolution doch eine gute Langzeitstudie. Da wird doch gezeigt das Lebewesen sterben und nur die Stärksten überleben, bzw die sich nunja anpassen. So nun sind da Schädlinge, da wirken nicht mal mehr normalen Pestizide. Aber die neuen Schädlinge Fressen jetzt die ach so Tollen Gen veränderten Pflanzen. Ja garnix gekonnt, außer dass man jetzt weniger zu essen hat oder noch giftigere Pestizide nehmen muss. Die neune Pestizide, sind nicht mehr so gut für die Menschen… Da gefällt mir die Gen Veränderung am Menschen schon eher. Weiter gedacht, ist das die Konsequenz damit wir uns so verändern, um durch Pestizide nicht vergiftet zu werden. Und Am besten essen wir die Schädlinge gleich mit auf.:D njom njom njom dank Gen Technik.

  • I totally agree with what he is saying, not because i know anything about biology but because i see the same patterns in education, the constantly lying media, banking, the politic, the language, all these wars and foreign occupations, marriages, parent-child relationships, the worship of false idols, racism, feminism, corporatism..

    Does anyone else see the pattern? What is the root? That brings us to our biggest problem. Censorship of free speech is controlling our thoughts and making us self censor away from connecting these dots. Connecting dots makes you a conspiracy theorist. Even the alien-flat earth crowd is closer to the truth than a pundit on the tube.

    Read old books. Plato, Aristotle and Kant and blackstones commentary will teach you everything you need to know. Everything else is just filler ie Nietzsche and Machiavelli and others. Kant just refines the Greeks and explains stuff they couldn’t figure out.

  • i havent watched the vid yet and i dont know anything about GMO stuff, but wouldnt genetically modifying it be better? more immune to diseases and bugs etc, tastes better, if they genetically edited it to be bad itd be illegal or atleast not sold,and no sane person would do that.

  • Well if GMO foods are so amazing, why did Monsanto just get blasted in court? These products cause cancer…period.
    And if GMOs are so great, why not let the market bare it out without threatening, sueing, lying to and using all kinds of shady/sneaky and illegal tactics, destroying thousands and thousands of small farms? The farmers are the ones telling the truth. The farmers are all the validation you should need against monsanto. Monsanto wants to control the worlds food supply. Thereby controlling the world. GMO = NWO!!!

  • Können wir auch unser Imunsitem verändern damit es von selbst auch sehr schwerwiegende Krankheiten wie HIV von selbst ohne die hilfe von Medikamenten damit fertig wird ohne das wir ins Krankenhaus müssen.

  • Yes it’s so true I cured my osteoarthritis in my 30s, facing I thought I would end up in a nursing home it was so bad. It only took 3 weeks, no sugars! I had read the book the yeast connection. No flour, no sugar, no fruit, no dairy. I continued that diet like an alcohol who could not have one piece of cake or I would fall off the wagon, for 12 years, until I had a mental health crises and fell off the wagon. This time it affected my brain. I could not calculate simple math, read, or drive. I was completely disabled, unable to work, and had to take ADHD meds to function. The psychiatrist said it was anxiety but same meds for ADHD. I would have to switch fields to be able to work. Looking back the antidepressants would make cause a spike in my weight, 20 lbs in 3 weeks.After getting mental health treatment I realized the connection with depression and food. I went back on my diet never as strict as before, because this time I had a history of trauma to deal with. Today If i fall off the wagon, I will fast for 15 hours to clear my symptoms, but I am completely med free. I have 5 acres and use minimal chemicals. Mosquito dunk and spray for health reasons, but no fertizlers, mole repellant, no round up, etc. I have bloomings all over my property, my neighbor has none. Do not worry about your lawn worry about cancer!

  • Wie so häufig ist nicht das Mittel das Problem, sondern die Art udn Weise wie wir damit umgehen. Selbst die Erfinder des Smartphones und sozialen Medien dachten wohl nicht im Traum daaran, wie exessiv der Mensch sich dieser Entwicklung hingibt. Ein Masterplan muss her, aber im Kapitalismus wird Gentechnik wohl nur als Kostenersparnis Anwendung finden.

  • Then why is cancer rampant in the us look at the increase since the sixties what is causing the increase I personally had 8 1st cousins in last 9 years none living I personally don’t know anyone that’s had cancer an survived what’s up

  • I invite my conspiracy head friend to have dinner, i told him everything i grow in my garden without tell its GMO i buy from store.

    No complaint with taste and everything, after a year than i told him those food are GMO not from my garden. That’s the great way to end friendship.

  • Impfungen, Klimawandel, Genmanipulation: Themen, die in unserer Gesellschaft heiß umstritten bleiben. Wenn auch Sie eine begründete Meinung dazu haben, nutzen Sie bitte die Möglichkeit, Ihre Stimme geltend zu machen und nehmen Sie sich ein paar Minuten Zeit, um den Fragebogen zu meiner Masterarbeit anonymisiert auszufüllen:

  • The WHO, EPA, EFSA and 281 other agencies all affirm that GMOs and glyphosate are totally safe and cause no unintended consequences. Full global consensus! All 284 global health and safety agencies agree. Yes, this is the mother of all GMO safety citations and a stake in the heart of all anti-biotech conspiratards: On the linked page is a hyperlink of proof for each of those 284 agencies. Some may not be in English. Only Venezuela and the IARC now discredited by bribery disagree. Russia just ended its GMO ban for 30 new GMO crops it is developing!

  • Westerners are too fucking morally repressed. As an alternative, women in China and India are evenly divided on support genetic modifications of humans to make them ethical and cloning human beings (at the same year I was persecuted for just wanting a positive entertainment source for it while they’re all watching retarded ultra-biophobic movies)!

  • @kurz gesagt: Ich kann nicht verstehen, wie ein Youtube-Kanal, der von den Öffentlichen Rechtlichen finanziert wird so viele wichtige Argumente, die gegen Gentechnik sprechen rauslassen kann bzw. auch noch falsche Dinge erzählt… Ich könnte es jetzt lang und breit erklären, aber guckt euch am Besten das am Ende verlinkte Greenpeace Video an… Und übrigens bezüglich Welthunger… Es gibt genug Nahrungsmittel auf dieser Welt, nur werden diese nicht gerecht verteilt…

  • Scientific research has proven that GMO are dangerous and GMO harm both human health and environment. People who lack scientific understanding and illiterate eat and argue in favor of GMO.

  • You can live without pesticides but you cant live without seeds. If GMO seed is unable to reproduce that basicly means that human depend from new supplies from specific, hungry companies. This for me seems as very slippery slope

  • Ja wir könnten die Welt formen wie sie uns gefällt.:-( Wir könnten Studien so legen dass wir alles glauben. Wir könnten behaupten es sei unbedenklich und stellen nach vielen Jahren fest, dass wir großen Mist gebaut haben. NEIN DANKE PFUSCHER

  • Are GMO’s bad? Short answer, what some people are doing with them now is bad, but used right they could save the environment, and solve world hunger.

  • Durch diese ganzen modifizierten Pflanzen die die Insekten töten, haben wir weniger Insekten dadurch weniger Vögel etc. Wird damit nicht das Gleichgewicht der Natur zerstört?

    Mach mal ein Video dazu, wie sich durch Menschliche Eingriffe die Natur verändert und wie sie bald aussehen könnte.
    Deine Videos sind übrigens die allerbesten!!!!

  • In Wahrheit ist das Schlimme Insekten zu töten, obwohl sie von elementarer Bedeutung in unserem Ökosystem sind. Ein Insekten Massensterben ist bereits eingetreten. Unmittelbare Folgen wie, unbestäubte Pflanzen sind nicht außer Acht zu lassen und sollten in diesem Video dringed erwähnt werden!

  • With all due respect, but I don’t agree. I had nutrient deficiencies for 7 straight months, in which I suffered from confusion, fatigue and loss of desire or motivation.. until I’ve started going partially organic… I get at least organic meats, eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers.. the rest don’t really matter.. So for all who may have the same symptoms I had, try going partially organic like me and I hope it helps…

  • ich liebe eure videos und die animationen darin weil beides humorvoll und gleichzeitig informativ ist! Allein an der videobeschreibung merkt man, dass ihr euch echt mühe gebt! Und alles wunderbar auf deutsch übersetzt (animationen und gesprochenes) macht weiter so!

  • Gentechnik ist auf lange Sicht gesehen ein muss für für die Welt schade das das viele noch nicht kapiert haben sie sollten alle solche Videos gucken um aufgeklärt zu werden

  • Alles auf unserem Teller ist genmanipuliert. Auch konventionelle Züchtung manipuliert Gene, nur ist es kein gentechnisches Verfahren.

  • Transgenics seems like a good thing in principle. In context of human society as of now it’s a horrible idea.. Can you imagine the specicist outcries “Tardigrade-humans arrr takin ouurr jooobs!!”

  • Sane science Good.
    Mad science Bad.
    GMOs which cause no harm or damage to health or the ecosystem are the inevitable way to sustain the ever growing world population.
    GMOs which have no nutritional value and harmful or lethal when consumed, and have been proven to be a devastating detriment to the ecosystem, with the soul purpose of maximizing profits and minimizing production costs of unscrupulous corporate investors must be banned and avoided by all means.
    Deregulation of food safety is not the hallmark of an intelligent Nation. Particularly in the twenty first century with all of the known and unknown micro organisms, germs, viruses, and parasites which can and do mutate into more lethal forms if left unchecked / unregulated.
    GMOs are yet to be properly regulated.

  • Für mich nicht nachvollziehbar, warum in diesem Video Gentechnik so propagiert wird. Gentechnik ist doch nichts anderes als eine Symptombehandlung. Warum nicht die die Stellschraube bei den Ursachen, die zum Klimawandel beitragen, anpacken? Bloß nicht den Lebensstil überdenken! So ist´s doch so herrlich bequem!