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From Keto to Whole30: A Sports Nutritionist Weighs in on Popular Diets. by Lori Russell, MS RD CSSD. July 12, 2018 Let’s check in with some of the basic pros and cons — as they relate to performance fueling — with some popular diets. GLUTEN FREE. The diet: Cutting out all gluten-containing foods, which include standard wheat-based. New diets pop up all the time, and it’s common to get excited and want to jump on board for the promise of improved health, a smaller waistline, clearer skin, better focus, etc.

But what if you train hard and your goals are fitness and performance related? Which eating style could potentially deliver results and [ ]. Developed in 2009 by two certified sports nutritionists, the Whole30 diet encourages followers to only eat “whole” or minimally processed foods for 30 days.

This means no alcohol, sugar, grains, legumes, dairy or additives. After the 30 days, you can slowly introduce eliminated foods back into your diet. From Keto to Whole30: A Sports Nutritionist Weighs in on Popular Diets. A Sports Nutritionist Weighs in on Popular Diets. by Lori Nedescu December 31, 2018.

New diets pop up all the time, and it’s common to get excited and want to jump on board for the promise of improved health, a smaller waistline, clearer skin, better focus, etc. Whole30. Whole30 is a plan created by sports nutritionist, Melissa Hartwig.

It’s a 30 day program of strictly eating “real food.” The premise behind Whole30 is that sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes can have a negative impact on our digestive health, blood sugar balance, skin health, and ability to lose weight. From Keto to Whole30: A Sports Nutritionist Weighs in on Popular Diets See which diet style has the most potential to help your fitness goals. Lori Nedescu December 31, 2018. 1. A ketogenic diet isn’t just another low-carb, high-fat diet.

There’s a lot of misinformation online about the ketogenic diet, Vereecken said. In popular culture, people think of a keto diet as a modified version of the Atkins diet, when in reality it’s more restrictive than even the induction phase of an Atkins plan. Experts weigh in on the pros and cons of all the most popular diets including keto, Paleo, Whole30, raw vegan, Weight Watchers, Atkins, DASH, F-Factor, South Beach, vegetarian, macrobiotic and more. The best diets of 2020 will help you lose weight safely and effectively, including the Mediterranean diet and the Volumetrics diet, while the worst diet on our list, keto, is best to avoid.

Sports dietitian and owner of Eleat Sports Nutrition Angie Asche, MS, RD, says “a common misunderstanding is that keto is high in protein (like Atkins) but it.

List of related literature:

In addition, Dr. Mike Roberts and his lab team at Auburn University looked at twelve weeks of a ketogenic diet in welltrained athletes performing cross-training (Roberson et al., in review).

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
from The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis
by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

A study by Gardner et al. [155], which directly compared the effects of popular diets on weight loss outcomes at 1 year, however, found the low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet (i.e., Atkins diet) produced greater weight loss than diets with higher carbohydrate content (i.e., LEARN, Ornish, and Zone).

“Handbook of Obesity, Two-Volume Set” by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
from Handbook of Obesity, Two-Volume Set
by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
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In the British Journal of Nutrition in May 2013, Nassib Bezerra Bueno and his colleagues showed that people eating less than 50 grams of carbs per day (the diet I was promoting) lost more weight than those eating higher-carb diets.

“Lore of Nutrition: Challenging conventional dietary beliefs” by Tim Noakes
from Lore of Nutrition: Challenging conventional dietary beliefs
by Tim Noakes
Penguin Random House South Africa, 2017

Secondary dietary goals that support cardiovascular health and are consistent with a DASH-like diet include the following: ● Nuts, legumes, and seeds: ≥4 servings per week ● Processed meats: none or ≤2 servings per week ● Saturated fat: <7% of total energy intake

“Preventive Cardiology: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease E-Book” by Roger Blumenthal, JoAnne Foody, Nathan D. Wong
from Preventive Cardiology: A Companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease E-Book
by Roger Blumenthal, JoAnne Foody, Nathan D. Wong
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In the past I have advocated both specific macronutrient ratios and the elimination of specific foods in an effort to help athletes optimize their fueling strategies and lose weight.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
from The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.
by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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C. A high-carbohydrate daily diet is typically recommended for athletes because of its role in maintaining adequate muscle glycogen, but it should not be so high that it greatly displaces protein or essential fats 1.

“Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards” by Jonathan T. Finnoff, DO, Mark A. Harrast, MD
from Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards
by Jonathan T. Finnoff, DO, Mark A. Harrast, MD
Springer Publishing Company, 2011

The cyclical ketogenic diet may be helpful for athletes and those who find it difficult to commit to the keto lifestyle.

“Keto Diet For Dummies” by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
from Keto Diet For Dummies
by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
Wiley, 2019

This diet recommends, in specified weekly amounts for either 1,600 or 2,000 kCal diets and the following changes over the average American diet: increased fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains; limiting red meats while increasing fish and poultry; and limiting sweets.

“The Advanced Practice Nurse Cardiovascular Clinician” by Kelley M. Anderson, PhD, FNP
from The Advanced Practice Nurse Cardiovascular Clinician
by Kelley M. Anderson, PhD, FNP
Springer Publishing Company, 2015

The committee recommends that people who should not lose weight should compensate for the caloric loss resulting from decreased fat intake by consuming greater amounts of foods containing complex carbohydrates (e.g., vegetables, certain fruits, legumes, and whole-grain cereal products).

“Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk” by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Commission on Life Sciences, Committee on Diet and Health
from Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk
by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, et. al.
National Academies Press, 1989

The combination of carbohydrate restriction along with a moderate increase in fat and protein intake results in a calorie deficit that most times leads to weight loss.

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
from Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices
by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
Springer International Publishing, 2020

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  • So much uncontrollable diherra on this diet, it won’t stop even with imodium, eating bread is the only thing stopping it, no wonder people lose weight on this diet, u diherra it all out, might as well be eating laxatives

  • As an “educated” dietitian.. she is required to tell you what’s healthy according to.. some outdated bs health field the same requirements that got us overweight in the first place..

    Saying that oatmeal, and pasta is good for you or some shit -_

    And even worse is that if you got some thyroid condition or a goiter from eating high amounts of goitrigenic foods (night shades, berries, some leafy greens I think)

    She can’t tell you to NOT eat those things even tho they are causing, those problems… because they are (fruits and veggies) and they’re “healthy” -_

    Dietitians and doctors are no longer credible

    They never recommend a ketogenic diet. Because it’s healed so many people and if you’re less sick you won’t need to listen to a dietitian and or see a doctor…

    A Ketogenic style diet is �� a healthy sustainable diet if you use high quality pastured and or grass fed animal fat and protein as the base of your diet. You won’t want to eat copious amounts because you’ll be full after 1-2 meals

    If keto is unhealthy… have have so many People. Even cancer patients healed from it?

    Why are babies in a state of ketosis??

    Why is it so powerful for the that it helps with epilepsy??.

    Why is it that a lot of people even myself. Are and feel sharper and focused?

    I swear. Without carbs this women wouldn’t have a job..

  • I’ve been eating a ketogenic diet for 6 years now. It helps manage a neurological condition and even my neurologist thought it would be easier to take anti seizure meds that made me feel like hell than follow the diet. I don’t understand the viceral reaction against it.

  • Preferred fuel source? Your body can’t burn ketones in the presence of carbohydrates but I’d hardly characterise that as “preferred” at least you got the rations right, most vegan zealots still think it’s high protein lol

  • Love the channel but please stop recommending these harmful ketogenic and low carb diets. Please take a closer look at the studies. Nutritionfacts org gives probably one of the most reliable reviews of the literature, as it is non profit. More and more doctors are beginning to see through the bad science:

  • Hey friend great video. I’m also on keto and I lost 150 pounds in 18 months. It has been an amazing journey and I have documented everything on my channel. I have just subbed to you and I hope you can do the same back ��������

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  • Hey Jeff! Loving the content in your channel. Been using your videos focusing on chest, abs, glutes.

    Back in March this year I began a ketogenic diet with my weight at 243lbs (31yrs old). I lost weight before by working out predominantly when I was in college. However, work and house chores kinda takes over now. Ketogenic diet has actually helped me get over the hump and has greatly improved my health and my figure. As of writing this I am 192lbs (-51lbs). I don’t put my eggs all on the diet. I do go on walks for at least one hour a day on weekends if weather is good. If not, I use my home stationary bike for 30-45 min. This includes after work sometimes.

    As for the diet, I want to say it has been easy to maintain and hold myself to. My family is also very mindful of it and cooks meals for me accordingly when I stop by for dinners/gatherings. Sometimes I even cook them keto alternative meals like chicken crust pizza, which everyone loves. I don’t really abuse pork products like sausage, bacon, etc.

    I do want to know if there are any overall concerns you may have with the specific diet regarding health concerns that I should be aware of.

  • I hear the gradual approach. But I think some people are different. Some people work great with going all in and sticking to it. Some are not. I’m motivated by health backed by science and experience. If the science backs it and my experience (plus others) corroborates it, then I tend to believe it. My favorite saying: education is motivation. The why’s and how’s are as important (or even more) than the what’s. Thanks for all the education.

  • Research shows that a high carb diet is correlated to many diseases (cancer, heart disease). It’s not about being on a diet, it’s about going with your physiology which dictates your health. So eat like we evolved to eat and that’s low carb and high fat, you’ll lose that extra fat and you won’t have to exercise as vigorously or starve yourself of calories.

  • Keto is the only way to eat, it reverses almost every disease, you don’t know what you are talking because you don’t have the weight to lose like the rest of us, keto is not dangerous if you think that then that proves you don’t know what you are talking about, keto forever

  • Nothing says you have to get to10% carbs…I took 6 months to get to a low carb diet. I love the way I eat. New way of life is 85% carnivore. Better energy levels and not tired after lunch…Its a life style I enjoy and able to continue.

  • Amen! I just wrote a blog on how never going on a diet again is the key to long-term weight loss. I spent my teens, 20’s, and even early 30’s battling with this when I finally realized why no “diet” works long-term. A customized healthy lifestyle/mentality is key. Also, for women in particular, tapping into the emotions they are experiencing (of which they may not even be aware) is also key to discovering why they keep yo-yo dieting and/or make poor food choices. Will post it on a website that I am building. Thank you, Jeff, for sifting through the BS.

  • 100 percent believe on what you are saying is about building long term healthy habits! Find what works for you and the lifestyle you want or envision to feel and become healthy and strong. To be informed and make healthy choices. To me is about creating healthy long term habits. To have balance and actually enjoy the food you eat. Wholesome foods that will give you all the nutrients your body needs to fuel it. I also add supplements to my daily routines since I know our foods also lack the nutrients we should be getting in our foods is just a tool I will always use.

  • I really liked this. I appreciate all the videos you make with the technical stuff, but this one that was more mentality-like was extra amazing. More like this please!

  • I hate the word diet too. Like you said, diet implies an ending but there shouldn’t be and that is one of my problems in this life. My other big problem is that I think I am really addicted to food. I know a lot of people dont believe its a thing, but I do. If I eat something bad, I cant stop. Anyway, thats for another day. Thank you for this video and I’m glad I found your channel.

  • Very true I started 4 years ago went straight from eating like a normal 23 year old to im going to eat only 5 times a day like a bodybuilder tracking everything on my fitnesspal yes it worked in the SHORT term while I was in a controlled environment went from being very underweight 5’11 88lbs to 150lbs in 3 years, take myself out of that controlled environment working for a different company where I can’t self cater and I have to eat like a normal person for a year, a year later and im back to 88lbs

  • 5:49 plot twist: maybe there is only one way of eating. You dont feed meat to cows or bananas to cats. You cant expect all animals to have a species-appropriate diet, and humans can eat anything. That’s weird.

  • I use the word “diet” to mean the food that I am eating rather than somehow being on a temporary plan. If I was “on a diet” as is popularly known I would add the word restrictive diet. For me there is no lifelong way of eating because my tastes change. There is no start on Monday

    People need to cut out afaip addictive foods. I am an addict.

  • moment of respect for this guy: Anybody noticed that he doesnt have ADS ever?
    He better get a lot of money from youtube just from viewers xP

  • With 97 kg weight, 33% BF and 180 cm height and eat all ready made food + fast foods I went straight to Keto two months ago. For now I’ve lost 7 kg and went from barely having motivation to work out once a week to do core every day 6 AM and follow stronglifts 5×5 plan. I hope to stick to it and now even more after this video. Thanks!:)

  • For everyone confused about this keto diet:

  • Paleo, Atkins and even moderate keto are all versions of a low-carb lifestyle, which is perfectly sustainable, provided you have no qualms about eating meat, fat, and sweeteners like stevia. The meals can be extremely nutrient-dense, satiating, and satisfying. Much less faddy than other diets. I’ve been following low-carb for 10 years, and I love my meals. I’ve come to see bread, fries, rice, quinoa and starchy vegetanles as ‘fillers’ most suitable for people who are extremely active or looking to gain weight.

  • Wow.. I couldn’t say it better.. His explanation of ‘cult-like’ is 100% spot-on. Never understood why these ‘cult-type’ people, including religion, are so locked into a single way and mind set.

    Diets can even be thought of as an extreme form of eating to some degree. Who wants to be on the extreme edge of anything?

  • I am not one of those people who say that there is one diet that fits all; however, you have keto all wrong. Not sure who taught you the principles of keto. I don’t do dairy or focus on eating fats. I do use some extra virgin olive oil and that is it. No butter….etc. I am always in ketosis eating a whole food plant oriented diet.

    I eat at least 8 10 vegetables/fruit/nuts/seeds per day. Asparagus, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Spinach, Different types of Kale, Bok Choy, Chard, Arugula, Okra, Avocado (fruit), and on and on. Where are you getting this notion of no fiber or low fiber on a keto diet?

    Secondly, I eat quality meats…local grass-fed beef, local-grass-fed liver, pasture-raised eggs, pasture-raised chicken, wild-caught salmon, wild-caught cod, wild-caught sardines

    I focus on whole food, quality protein, and a variety of vegetables….plus things like DARK CHOCOLATE 90++ cacao

    I check my blood glucose and blood ketones daily and am always in deep ketosis. I monitor my GKI index for therapeutic levels. Studies are showing that Sugar/Glucose metabolism is causing major issues for some people. Your advice may be dangerous for some people who appear healthy.

    Just because I eliminate processed foods and sugary starchy things does not make the diet bad. It keeps my insulin in check. I have no highs and lows. Are you suggesting that a person should not eliminate these foods?

    And, I don’t focus on eating fat. It is quite the contrary. Where are you getting that from? You are just not informed about all the ways that a person can do keto or the benefits.

    All of my metabolic markers have improved

    And no I was not overweight or unhealthy prior to the diet. The diet improves things like inflammation.

    It is not for everyone. But your perception of this high-fat approach to keto with eliminating quality Whole Foods is just wrong

    Lastly, I eat well and enjoy my food!!! I don’t feel restricted in any way. This diet has saved lives….literally. Look at Dr. Dale Bredesen’s research…

  • Cold Turkey for drugs& alcohol, Fasting 3 days to start, the guy has a fuel oil 300gal size storage tank. In the “Great Fatso” all it took was a taste of Honey for the tea at weight watchers meeting in Dom Delowies home��

  • It’s all well and good saying carbs can be enjoyed ‘in moderation’. But actually for many people struggling with their weight moderation is super difficult. I actually find it easier to just cut things out. Second of all, switching off that hunger hormone (which keto does) makes eating less frequently so much easier. I used to think about food ALL DAY LONG! Now I eat twice a day and never feel super starving anymore:)

  • hey jeff,got a question got you,i`ve power lifted for years and now are going back to getting shredded,but my question is i don`t and never have been a big carb eater and only take in carbs when i feel it`s necessary or i`m jonesing,do you feel it`s a good approach? have been this way for years but want to shift gears at 48 powerlifting has taken it1s toll on me and not fun anymore and haven`t been shredded for about 10 year and feel i`ll look awesome.

  • Glad I watched this again. Basically it clarifies that Jeff doesn’t favor any particular diet and nutrition plan, and that he’s only interested in helping people find the one that works best for them in the long run. He’s not saying you absolutely must eat certain meat or veggie or whatever, but you need to find the plan that works best for you. He does leave it somewhat vague but it’s possible that it’s because in nutrition, there are very few absolutes. Basically no real general plan, only interested in the plan for the individual

  • True! But if you can stick to a 1700 cal a day ketogenic diet and consistently burn: 700 to 1000 cal every single workout with exception to a single rest day each week. I promise, I garuntee a massive reformation. I lost 40lbs in less than 4 months.

  • Ive tried most diets, and keto was the one for me. My brain and body works so much better. And it’s pretty easy to follow IMO. And it’s easy to do intermittent fasting every day.

  • What if to follow a diet in generality and not in specificity….but then u can say what’s the seperating line…well educate yourself enough nd maybe u’ll have one….

  • Avoid sugar. Eat a wide variety of low glycemic veggies but limit intake to under 50g per day. Consume 1.2g protein per kg body weight per day. get the majority of your calories from healthy grass fed butter and animal fats. completely eliminate seed & cooking oils. drink lots of water. exercised 30 minutes a day. sleep 8 hrs a night. don’t smoke. drink on special occasions. have lots.of sex. always have a cushion the fall back on. Viola.

  • I spoke to my doctor about the Keto diet. He told No! He does not approve of this diet. He has seen harm in patients from this diet. I am pre diabetic and have auto immune diseases. He says that the Keto diet is especially harmful for me to be on.
    There is a doctor on YouTube that preaches the Keto diet can cure Lupus and and many other diseases. He is very dangerous in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.

  • I did Keto for six months. It worked really well. However it was uber expensive. It was VERY easy to stick to. It made me feel hungry less often. I want to get ripped though and I don’t know if that’s possible without carbs. It doesn’t seem it’ll be possible.

  • This is so confusing…so if I enjoy eating pizza and I enjoy eating chicken wings how can I lose weight without cutting them out? And it’s been said over and over again that we need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight but how can we do that if we don’t count calories?? None of this makes any sense:(

  • Keto is not a diet. Its a lifestyle. its just basically just taking out sugar which is bad in the first place. Sugar does not exist previously. Keto is how humans should actually eat, and that is how humans eat in the past.

  • I have Addison’s Disease full on. Paleo diet has worked best for my multiple autoimmune diseases, including MCTD. Paleo helps rebuilding connective tissues.

  • Thanks to the keto, i ended up with NAFLD and high ldl cholesterol. So now, with the advice of the doctor, i am on low fat high carb diet and it works. After only two months my cholesterol levels are down and for the liver i need to wait for few months more. Lesson learned hard way ��‍♀️

  • No diet OR exercise plan is going to work on anyone, long term, UNLESS THEY COMMIT FULLY TO IT THEMSELVES! The ONLY people to succeed in the long term, have made a fully committed decision to change. It helps also if they have some support. Keto diets are great btw, but have to be done properly, including all necessary nutrients and fibre. Too many carbs cause high insulin levels, which lead to all sorts of health issues.

  • Thanks Jeff! Always avoided the ‘diet’ fads going around, and it’s great to get validation from the likes of you. Watching your videos has inspired many changes in my workout routines.. thanks and cheers from Bangalore, India.

  • The diet in the video below is the best diet for health, looks and the planet: The United nations warns civilization will collapse due to C02 emissions. Farmed animals:
    chicken, fish, cows, milk etc are causing 70% of C02. GO VEGAN and non processed foods see how:

  • 3:22 rofl but respect that man s willpower is something you shall give respect he fight against his very basic nature. But bro 40% bodyfat is even possible?

  • Keto should be cyclical. It simulates part of the process your body goes through during fasting. It’s not sustainable for a lifestyle diet.

    I definitely like that Jeff recommends working your way down bit by bit. The process is always the right focus, as the process leads to the results and you don’t try for shortcuts.

    I think Keto is great, like some other diets, as a temporary lifestyle shift to shift how your body feels and operates on a day-to-day basis, then using it as a catalyst for a more sustainable eating style. Eating healthy for the rest of your life gets much easier if you’re comparing it to something strict.

    He’s so spot on, though, about doing things that you can stick to. Eliminate failure points and make healthy decisions little by little until your whole lifestyle is healthier. That’s the only way you can keep your results from any temporary diet plans.

  • Actually, the way you describe keto is pretty much how I started lol. “Holy shit I’m eating almost nothing but bread and going up stairs is a hassle. I have to change this immediately.” I get where you’re going with it, though. Should be changes that will last a lifetime instead of a short period.

  • Intermittent fasting has been the easiest thing for me to stick to, and I don’t cut calories in the process. And it’s very healthy way of eating for many reasons����

  • I found that when I was on the keto diet, I felt my best physically and mentally. My concentration/focus was so much better, my energy levels were great, and my A1C was in a normal non-diabetic range. I actually think I’m going to go back to it, but make it a lifestyle and not a temporary diet. I do think people should be careful with it though. I think my success with it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a type 2 diabetic.

  • For general goals, small steps in the right direction and maintain the small changes. Some individual things are possible to quit cold-turkey, every so often, quit something bad forever, and adopt something good forever.

  • 7:29 “jump right into it, it’s not going to work”…not true…I did exactly that February 18, 2018..started out at 192lbs, and within 120 days I made it down to 148. He’s right though, it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle. With a few exceptions (birthdays, holidays, special occasions), I have maintained the keto lifestyle and have maintained my weight right at 155. The quitting carbs “cold turkey” wasn’t hard for me because I saw instant results and I was determined keep going. It does require a deep commitment to changing your outlook on what you “think” you need to eat…I have a unique advantage of being able to have my blood tested regularly, every six months or so and all my results in the bloodwork are excellent, including any nutrition deficiencies that you may think of…yeah it’s good. I understand that everyone is different and people have different body makeups but I think in general anyone can benefit from a true keto lifestyle. But unlike other lifestyles, you are either in ketosis or your not. There’s no fine line…it’s a pretty bold one actually…changing your body to burn fat instead of carbs for energy requires a huge commitment and research prior to “jumping right in” but it can be done…I’m living proof. Sorry about the rant but I’m tired of people knocking certain “lifestyles” without actually every committing to one for the long term and claiming they don’t/won’t/can’t work. My knock isn’t pointed at Jeff here, but all those naysayers unwilling to truly commit to a long term healthy change because they refuse to part ways with a food/drink addiction that’s inhibiting their weight loss. Everyone…and I mean everyone I have interacted with that’s truly been on ketosis has reported weight loss beyond their expectations. So if you have any doubts…do some research, find out exactly what the keto diet is all about, then “jump right in” if you choose.

  • Keto doesn’t even “change” the way you fuel your body. It stops fueling it to force it to eat itself. I woke up with debilitating inner thigh cramps that hurt so bad I vomited… And vomiting after 18 hours of fasting is pretty awful. It’s the only way I’ve ever been able to get smaller with my endocrine disorder. I finally gave up and decided that, if God decided I have to be big, I will at least be big with muscles.

  • clickbait title check
    clickbait thumbnail check
    stretch some old school american made bullshit for 10 minutes so you could put some ads check
    you know, i’ve been ot this shitty platform for too long to care. you wont get anything out of this guy because he has to protect his trade while making money
    around where I live there’s a saying “you cant learn a trade, you have to steal it” by which way it doesnt matter. train your perception, make curiosity your superpower. nutrition and its rhythm is 80% of the truth, the rest is done with the weights.

  • Another problem people underestimate is that by going through these different diets over a longer period of time you can effectively RUIN your metabolism. A friend of mine is 30 and has the metabolism of a 50 year old which means she burns extreeemely few calories and does NOT lose weight, even though she eats only a toast and a salad per day.

  • Keto and IF for me. I have tried every diet out there. Including clubs and rigorous calorie counting. They all worked for six months and then the weight came back. I told my doctor that I had given up and would just have to be happy about dying early. He suggested I try Keto and IF. He said it may not work for you but you never know. Well, it did work and two years later I am still comfortable with it. [ I was not comfortable at the start due to constipation but that was temporary.] I am now a bit of an evangelist, which hasn’t really helped anyone but for me it was the answer to my health issues, and is too good not to share. Sorry if I offend anyone.

  • To tell the truth, this is just the way Humans work. They find results for something and it becomes religion for them. Learn to be like Water my friends ��

  • God it’s painful listening to dietitians criticize LCHF. I reversed my prediabetes and I’m healthy on all five of the metabolic markers now (HTN, TG, HDL, waist circumference, and A1c). Most nutrition science is garbage, influenced by SDA “medical evangelists”-is it any wonder dietitians are so ignorant on the whole? Some, to their credit are getting it right, but they are in the minority. These days we all have to be our own dietitians and doctors, else we get advice that ruins our health.

  • I weigh about 564 pounds now but, I am planning to gaining more weight of 700 pounds by mid August or September 2019 for my new years resolution plan.

  • Tried keto diet last summer 2019 and by September I was admitted to Mayo Hospital here in Phoenix, AZ for acute idiopathic pancreatitis. I do not drink alcohol and my GI specialist could not find reason, so concluded it was from the keto diet.

  • I have multiple sclerosis and keto has been recommended to me a lot. I already eat healthy fats because I know the benefits of them. I’ve been trying to get into keto but it is tough.

  • The keto diet is disgusting. I tried it, I thought I would die of a heart attack. I’m also lactose intolerant so it was a nightmare.

  • When I’ve done the keto diet the cognitive benefits are undeniable. BUT. The constipation, and leg cramps weren’t worth it. And I tried everything to alleviate it. Approach with caution.

  • Keto diet is good for some, but it can also be super dangerous for others esp those with certain health issues so to those in the comments stop shoving it onto other people. So many people keep shoving it at me, when it is severely dangerous for someone with my health issues and chronic illnesses to go into a state of ketoacidosis.

  • She talks bollox about loss of muscle mass on keto due to no insulin spike because of not eating sugar and refined carbs. Excess insulin and sugar in the blood and the fatty liver caused means the body can’t absorb and metabolize proteins.

  • There are not essential carbohydrates, and there are no dangers associated with a human being being in long term ketosis. Abbey I notice you do not provide any sources to the utter garbage coming out of your mouth. People like you that claim to be educated in this subject but fail list citations to back up what you say is for one and one reason only and that is to deceive. The fact that you are still talking about high cholesterol as being a bad thing shows you know nothing about that topic. This all started with Acel Keys and he was proven to have been deceptive with his data of the research he did. His actual data that was found after his death should zero link between countries that ate high fat diets and heart disease. Clowns like you get your certificate, but unlike a professional you do not continue updating and learning. So you know no more than you did leaving college. You should be ashamed of yourself!

  • Lol, girl this is really just a bunch of half truths and false information. And I know you know that. If you want to discourage restrictive eating, you can do that with out misleading your audience. You just cherry picked a bunch of half truths to misrepresent the diet:/

  • I used to be a serial bread/pastries fiend. I couldn’t say no to sweets. I was always feeling fat and sluggish. I am now nearing 6 months on the keto diet, or the Low Carb, No Sugar diet, as I prefer to call it, since a lot of people have negative conceptions of keto. I’ve never felt better. I eat a lot more veggies than I used to. And NO MORE SUGAR!!! This is the biggest benefit of keto for me: eliminating sugar replacing it with sweeteners like stevia and erithrytol and reaping the tremendous health benefits of that change.
    I take the right supplements, so I don’t suffer weakness, dizziness, or whatnot. I follow Thomas DeLauer here on YouTube and knowing the science behind keto really helps keep me on track. As a bonus for you all, one of the best sweet snacks I’ve ever had in my life is a no bake keto “fat bomb” recipe. The diet can be full of satisfaction and good eats. And now that I am much more intentional about my food, I get more satisfaction out of it. ����

  • You may get your ideal type of body because of Keto diet but studies show that those who underwent with that diet tend to develop cardiovascular diseases on their later days. It’s like smoking cigarettes, you may not feel the effect but it will develop.

  • Don’t bother to watch this, thet just say “Keto is too hard” without even looking at a single benefit. Another reason I stopped watching TV and Cable broadcasts over seeing Real world Human stories of RESULTS on Youtube.

  • I lost 86 pounds and will be on this diet life long because the other option was to be on high blood pressure medicine and metphormine. The keto diet is currently keeping all those diseases away. Love that there was an alternative to medicine. Been on the diet for 3 yrs and get labs done every 6 months and they’re always great!

  • Sugar and carbs are addictive and it’s easiest to stick to (also, our bodies have zero requirements for them), eat them every day, few times a day so, is that the right diet because most people will stick to it? �� NO, wrong way of thinking! The best diet is the one that gives your body all it needs and does not give it stuff that damages it faster. You could be on any low-carb diet and occasionally eat carb crap for pleasure, better than regularly eating it. Yes, it’s hard to fight addiction, but it is an addiction to sugar which damages your body faster.

  • I absolutely love you! I’m 52 and I have been doing keto for over 5 years…my search for a diet that would heavily reduce inflammation and joint pain was the core reason I choose this lifestyle…no more joint pain, incredible mind focus, lost over 30 pounds, regulates hormones…I would never consider going back to eating bread and starches, and all the different kinds of sugar forms…because the consequence of eating like that is pain…
    I do miss pasta from scratch and some freshly baked bread…I suppose that’s why I enjoy you vids so much…what my diet used to be…I will always miss

  • I did keto up until pregnancy. First trimester I couldn’t keep up with it due to morning sickness. Once in my second went right back to it. I felt absolutely awful on it. Come third trimester I became so sick and exhausted I was hospitalized for dehydration and malnutrition. The baby was not getting hardly any nutrients and took all of mine. My doctor scolded me for it. I started eating a more varied diet and felt 100%better right away.

  • ALL of my college professors with PhD’s in nutrition say that keto is horrible and unbalanced because your body NEEDS carbohydrates.

  • The Keto Diet is the flip side of high carb low fat… both are fad diets that aren’t necessary for health and weight loss unless you have certain medical issues.

  • Abbey Sharp, PhD in Bimboism from the University of Iwannabeinshowbiz, and blonde to boot. What a pharkin cliche!….Dumb me down, Baby!..

  • I have found keto to be the easiest to stick to, and I’ve tried them all. My starting weight was 462. I’ve lost 75 pounds and my husband has reversed his type 2 diabetes.

  • Normally I listen to our opinions with a great deal of interest. No, I am not KETO, nor will we go KETO in our house as, as we love our pasta and other carbs too much. Yes KETO gets rid of simple carbohydrates. Many of the foods on it are low glycemic index like berries and asparagus. Like vegan, it is a very restrictive diet that is hard to do correctly. I, personally, know two people who have been prescribed this diet by their doctors. Can we really completely poo-poo it with the clinical research of it helping with neurologic disorders?
    I really think your rant has oversimplified a diet that has a lot of potential benefit for those who take the time and energy to do it correctly.

  • Most people don’t diet for a whole year, that’s why the keto diet allowing to lose weight quicker is more significant. You can have a multivitamin. Eat more leafy green veg if constipated. So protein doesn’t repair muscles without CHO? Amino acids produce and insulin response. A few studies shows its reduces muscle loss. Studies also show triglycerides go down.

  • I do a lot of HIDA scans (gallbladder function studies) and since the Keto craze I’ve noticed a CRAZYYY influx of patients coming in saying ‘yeaaaa, I did keto for a few months and now I have this nagging pain in my side’… I’m now a true believer that Keto over stimulates the gallbladder leading to dysfunction down the road.

  • Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear many individuals lost crazy amounts of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just google search it).

  • Do you know about the glycogen storage disease type 0? Keto may lead to the same dangers that this genetic disorder may have. And too much fat can cause lipotoxicity. So not so great for probably many…

  • I have to say I’ve felt really great on Keto. I have IBS and bloat really easily (including edema in my feet) restricting carbs has made a huge difference in how I feel day to day, with no IBS “episodes” (I think because it cuts out FODMAPs) and no “keto flu”. I haven’t lost much weight, but that wasn’t my goal anyway I just wanted to feel better ��

  • Thomas de Lauer has better videos for muscle gain on keto and Dr. Berg has better videos for how to get plenty of nutrition and to sort out digestive issues with Keto. This video is not bad by any means, but there are better sources that work with this diet much more in depth than it seems Abbey does.

  • Keto was such a good thing for me and me health when I was on it, but I will agree with you with it being restraining. After six months, even when I had seen all these greats results, I wanted to move on very desperately. For some people it may seem sustainable, but not for some of us.

  • Vegan keto, as close to raw food/what nature intended for humans diet, you can do. But made enjoyable through lots of variety, and as fun as it is nourishing ��

  • We can’t stop the aging process, but we can slow it down, and in some cases reset it to a younger metabolic state. I really like your message about nutrition and diet as a lifestyle!

  • I’m on a diet even more restrictive than keto: no lactose products, no grains, no legumes, and for carbs I get sweet potato and yams, that’s it. Oh! And no nuts either or egg… I’ve been about 70 to 80% good with this and it works for me. I feel great, have tons of energy and I’m finally loosing weight safely. Love it. Tons of veggies, fats and lean proteins and coconut oil, coconut milk. Again: loving it!

  • I’m new to your channel and I’ve seen about 8 videos where you review some youtuber’s diets. I wonder if 1) you could comment on the protein pacing diet, which I first heard about in NPR (A radio I really respect) and 2) which type of diet you would recommend for vegetarian women who have just crossed the 40’s line and begin to put on weight.:) Thanks in advance.

  • What about raw vegan? I would have appreciated some info on your thoughts, that was one “good question” i think the interviewer missed

  • Healthy keto with 18/6 Intermittent fasting is the perfect lifestyle for me. No snacking and no eating after my final meal at least 4 hours before sleep.
    Walk 10K steps almost every day when you can always walk after eating when possible.
    Workout with resistance weights 4 times a week while 14 to 16 hours fasted.
    Eat lots of fermented vegetables like kimchee or sauerkraut, lots of bone broth with coconut oil & collagen for gut health.
    No grains, little dairy, no vegetable (actually grain) oils, no fructose just berries & avacado, little other fruits.
    Carb up with yams or sweet potatoes when you feel weak. Eventually you’ll find your rythm to keep muscle glucose without a lot of stored glucose in your liver.
    Once or twice a month do extended fasts of at least 24 to 36 hours in duration.
    Watch your electrolytes and trace minerals like a hawk, omega 3 fatty acids, apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast and your vitamins.
    MCT oil really helps me.
    I was 320 lbs and dying, today 195 lbs and feeling great.
    You really don’t need a whole lot of carbohydrates but leafy greens and low glycemic vegetables slightly cooked are essential.
    Good luck, take it easy.
    You start by cleaning the junk out of your kitchen and watching Dr. Berg, Thomas Delauer, Dr. Fung is a must and Dr. Berry Utubes.
    If I can do it anyone can but the 1st month is rough getting your blood sugar levels stabilized.

  • THANK you for this. I keep seeing many Keto success stories but…just because one loses a bunch of weight, does not mean one is in a healthy state. AND they’re bound to gain double back. Also, the loss of muscle mass is the part that scares me, for your heart is a muscle.

  • What would be your best approach to weight loss long term? I am so confused by the internet. I wanted to try going vegan but I cannot keep up with making sure I have every nutrient I need. I wanted to do keto but I love my carbs and fruits:( I want to do it right.

  • Can you do a video about Whole30? I’m on my third round and I’ve had some pretty amazing results, but I’d really like to know more about it.

  • I would never be able to do KETO on a vegan diet. I’d live off of nuts, seeds and avocados only… Sounds scary. I’d miss legunes, vegtables and fruits way too much! Also… Why are people so afraid of carbs? Apples, celery, broccoli, bananas, tomatoes, etc are also carbs. Carbs do not have to exist in the form of mac n chhese and white bread, there are plenty of carbs out there that are actually necessary to our bodies and are very healthy as well. Why are people always on them “low fat low protein high carb \ low carb low fat hugh protein \ low protein low carb high fat” diets anyway? KETO, 80\10\10… Like, why are people so scared of eating from ALL food groups in a balanced way and equally enjoying all of them? This is literally the healthiest way to be, one should enjoy all food groups and all noutritiouns, not dangerously lower one food group while dangerously widening the other…. You people do not need to be extreme, just be balanced and you’ll be fine. Also, great video but I could barely hear you for some reason… Not even with my earbudds. You say smart words so I wish I coukd hear you more, haha!

  • Doing things naturally before anything else just seems the most rational choice to make out of the fact that humans are also gifted by nature yet we still dont know how.

  • Hi Abbey, have some corrections for you. First I want to say overall good job. Did a good job in trying to be fair and subjective. There are several issues with your argument. Mistake # 1: Loss of muscle mass. This is simply untrue. You had some good points then you just lose it. Keto will NOT promote muscle loss. This is a lie. If you want to be a professional bodybuilder, then Keto might not be for you, but you will not lose muscle on Keto. Look up Keto Savage a natural winning bodybuilder on keto. Keto may or may not work as a muscle building plat form. Mistake #2 First: Minerals and Vitamins: No issues here. If you eat enough cow and seafood you will have plenty of minerals and vitamins. Do your research and you will see that you will get all your needs with these two food groups. Mistake #3 Constipation and fiber. Fiber is constipation, there are studies but more importantly try yourself. Trash the fiber and you will feel better and only go once a day. Fiber IS TRASH. Once I got read of it in my diet I felt better lost the gas the bloat, and the constipation. HARD MISTAKE #4: High Cholesterol is critical need. PLEASE do not do statin’s or lower this. A higher cholersterol is important to long life and good sex. Do the research!!

  • Everyone gets so defensive on these videos, whether they are are against keto or not. Personally I love the keto diet and it works extremely well for me, but people need to remember is that everyone is different. Just because keto works well for me, my family and many others, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be perfect for everyone else too. The world critizes vegans for being rude to people who don’t eat that way, but now everyone who does keto is doing that too. Don’t get me wrong, I love how people are spreading awareness about the keto diet because it helps millions of people, but it’s getting to the point where people are actually just being rude. Everyone can have their own opinion and that’s ok. Thank you ��

  • I’ve been on keto for years and didnt even know it. I eat primarily steak and eggs for every meal and drink gin and tonic instead of soda.

  • Keto is weird If you think about how animal products have no vitamin c. And the lack of vitamin c in the long run can cause escorbuto

  • What very specific diet is perfect for peak overall health in the whole human body ranging from the cardiovascular system to neurological health?

  • Curious if you’ve read the book “why we get fat” and what your thoughts on that would be. I’m not super familiar with keto but it sounds pretty similar to what the guidelines are at the end of this book. He suggests for weight loss something like 20g max carbs a day and matenience is like 40g a day. I thought the science in the book was really interesting tho

  • Hey, I was wondering whether you would be able to cite the studies that show that a low-fat diet is equally good for weight loss as a high-fat (keto style diet)? It’s just that I have never come across a study that demonstrated that a low-fat diet was effective for long-term weight loss. Thank you.

  • the background music is very difficult for me who is hearing impaired.  Also it is a bit goofey music which takes  away from your message.

  • I actually found that I had tons more energy ok keto. I lost a good amount of weight but gained it all back. I also found it gave me some eating disorder symptoms, like fear and anxiety at the prospects of carbs

  • I did strict keto for weight loss for 4 months this year and my hair started falling out in clumps and I was absolutely exhausted all the time. Could not adjust to it at all even after months on the diet, works for some and not for others including me. I readjusted to eating more whole foods, within a calorie limit and I feel so much better. And I supplemented and ate lots of greens and tha still didn’t help. However I will say that any stomach issues I had cleared up completely and I was never hungry in between meals. And I’ve seen many people have great success with keto and just as many not. So no matter what program you’re on if it’s working for your individual needs then keep going if it’s not switch it up there’s no harm in that either.

  • 91 lbs lost on Keto, in 9 months. Eat above ground vegetables, add protein, then fill the rest of your daily calories with healthy fats, avocados, nuts, seeds, grass fed butter, beef tallow etc. It’s too easy, eat healthy delicious food; lose weight.

  • Most of these so called “Facts”have been largely debunked! Ketosis is muscle sparing, so you will not loose mucscle at all. Nutrient deficencies is a complete myth as long as you are educated on how to live in ketosis correctly, and more people improve their cholesterol values rather then make them worse. There are outliers to everything but for average person, none of these apply.

  • I think you should start referencing the studies you base yourself on for these videos instead of just saying that “science suggests”. what you studied in school might not be as reliable nowadays and constant real search must be made.

  • The ketogenic diet made me loose 20pounds,

    but I gained it all straight after. It cause my binge eating disorder that I am still recovering from

  • Abbey ily but this music was really loud and distracting.. I can barely hear your message. I wish you would re-upload w/o the music.

  • I am a big advocate for a keto diet. I think it can be sustainable and healthy however just like any diet, you have to avoid junk food oil and fats.

    I have seen a lot of Registered Dieticians attack the diet with accusations based off of bad studies or no studies at all. This is the first dietician that I feel accurately evaluated the diet, it’s pros and cons. While there may be some argument with her answer, the argument is based on the validity of the science, biology and studies and not her personal beliefs.

    If you want video advise from a dietician, this is the right channel.

  • I did keto for about 3 months and lost a lot of weight! But it became so stressful to eat with my family and friends! I can totally see how it triggers eating disorders. At the sane time the benefits at least for me where great, blood sugars and fats lowered and just overall a more conscious approach to food and eating and what different foods feel like in my body! I was really not craving anything physically but mentally I craved carbs! Just my experience!

  • Catchy music. Did anyone else hear a quiet mumbling in the background? Some lady was mumbling something, but the music was so loud that i could not focus on what she was saying.

  • Here’s my thing with the Keto diet, it isn’t natural to eat that much fat/protein. We were born to ingest our mothers milk which is approximately 15% protein 45% fat and 40% carbohydrates. So yes I certainly believe in high fat diets but we still need carbohydrates. If not we wouldn’t have the biomechanism in place to break them down and process them.

  • I have a coworker who “ketos” one week and isn’t “keto-ing” the next. When she is “keto-ing”, she only eats pizza toppings, BBQ chicken wings, and the icing of cake (not the sponge cake itself). She has a hamburger body.

  • Jeff is an ectomorph. he will never get as fat. he needs to eat alot and can process carbs very well. im an endomorph. i need to watch my carb intake.

  • Wow! You obviously haven’t a clue, so much wrong with this commentary. I’ve been strict keto for 4yrs and I think you and Jillian Micheals should join forces and spread misinformation toghether. Maybe get a kickback from big pharma and the sugar/grain lobbyists. ����

  • One last argument. You said that you lose weight quick because of water. True, but I lost 50 pounds in 1 year and my wife 60. Yes, my wife is a rock star!! It is a hard lifestyie to sustain, very true and you will drop water quick, but you will also lose a lot of fat quick!! A little hope for people like me, i fell of that darn Keto train and gained some weight, but blood pressure was normal, no heart burn, and overall felt damn great on Keto, so back on it. Yes we fall off but you will get back on it because it is the best thing out there (except for carnivore)

  • I know a healthcare professional who did Keto. Needless to say he’s on and off very often. Restricted meals are not beneficial or sustainable. Our body requires nutrients from all sources to thrive.

  • This is my second year being “Paleo” and eating mostly seasonal. I live in TN and we have so many farms and meat farms that I buy 80% of my food from local farms. Since I only started buying grass finished beef my whole health has completely turned around. I started my herb garden too and it’s so nice having fresh food.:-) I go to Sprouts to get major stuff like almonds, rice, etc…..

  • Keto is by far the best I have done to date lost 60lbs+ and all my pains and bad levels are in normal range I feel the best I’ve felt in years. And my wife was type 2 diabetic and she has dropped her a1c levels to normal so just our input everyone has to choose what works best for them this worked for us.

  • The hardest part of any diet is sticking to it. What seems to be working for me is to go on a juice fast for a dozen days or so. This is kind of a cold turkey method that doesn’t allow for any deviation. Your stomach shrinks you lose interest in alcohol coffee sweets and junk food after about 10 days, or so it was for me. Then when you start eating again your portions are smaller and you’re more conscious of what you’re putting inside you.

  • God the thumb scared me. I’ve been keto for half a year and honestly I’ve never felt better. I keep it balanced and stay careful with clean and healthy nutrition. Stack with 18/6 IF and I’m 130 pounds.

    I’ve also cut out a lot of previous health complications, lethargy, and have energy to do the type of activity best for me.

    Keto isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely perfect for me. If going keto, just be smart balancing nutrition.

  • Lady, stop spreading nonsense when you don’t even understand the diet. Breast-fed infants are in constant ketosis which is optimal for development, so why would it harm the child being in a womb? Makes no sense. Sodium is absolutely necessary for proper flexing of the muscles, especially on the low carb diet. Have you heard of sodium potassium pump? Never ever did I have any constipation on the keto, another nonsense. Carnivores eat no fiber at all and they have zero constipation, FIBER is overrated and UNNECESSARY. To be in a ketoacidosis you would have to have blood glucose above 300 and ketones around 10, that is just impossible because when. your sugar goes up it will kick you out of ketosis. Only a person who has known type I diabetes can get ketoacidosis, healthy women won’t ever. Stop spreading uneducated information, ketoacidosis is not just lots of ketones and acidic blood. Your plan-based agenda is super annoying too, eating lots of high quality fatty meat is exactly what a breast-feeding mother needs. Animals-based foods are the most nutritious and bioavailable. There’s absolutely no evidence that people on keto loose muscle mass, it’s quite the opposite, what a nonsense. Not all Keto people are doing it for weight-loss. And lastly Abby, that growth (flesh-colored “moles”) on so many parts of your face need to be removed, your diet is too high in sugar which promotes abnormal tissue growth.

  • The Paleo diet, caveman diet is a name and a guideline it’s not supposed to be historically accurate.It’s a great diet sad how dummies have to ruin it. She didn’t mention we have enlarged lungs,something we developed to chase down animal prey!.We can jog along until the prey run out of steam a mile away as seen still in some African tribes. We also have found many, many animal bones in caves inhabited by humans. Ever see a cave drawing of broccoli?

  • Sounds like the healthiest way to live is to get rid of these 3 things:

    1. Sugar
    2. Refined carbohydrates
    3. Heavily processed foods

  • I thrive on a processed-foods diet. I eat nothing but Slim Jims, twinkies, hershey bars, and cheap beer. And my doctors says I’m the healthiest person in the world. I’m going to write a book as soon as I grow out my hair into pony tails, as a bun is overly-manly.

  • I agree with you Jeff good points. You have to find out what will work for you, that is sustainable over the long-term. You also need alot of discipline. I tell people getting fit is a lifestyle not a momentary thing where after the gym you can eat how you want. Nutrition, and rest is the key to results. Thank you Jeff for all your tips.

  • You don’t need to drop your carbs to less than 10 g on the keto diet to stay in ketosis! Keto can be comfortable at 20 40 g of all you can eat green or non starchy veggies.

  • The diet in the video below is the best diet for health, looks and the planet: The United nations warns civilization will collapse due to C02 emissions. Farmed animals:
    chicken, fish, cows, milk etc are causing 70% of C02. GO VEGAN and non processed foods see how:

  • The diet in the video below is the best diet for health, looks and the planet: The United nations warns civilization will collapse due to C02 emissions. Farmed animals:
    chicken, fish, cows, milk etc are causing 70% of C02. GO VEGAN and non processed foods see how:

  • The diet in the video below is the best diet for health, looks and the planet: The United nations warns civilization will collapse due to C02 emissions. Farmed animals:
    chicken, fish, cows, milk etc are causing 70% of C02. GO VEGAN and non processed foods see how:

  • I’m currently eating in a way that cut out all carbs and sugars and soy to improve a number of health problems. I’m extremely regular, my skin is clearing up, I’m never bloated, I feel my health issues improving. I indulge very rarely, only for mental release, not because my body needs it. At first you feel withdrawals from the sugar but after a week it majorly improves. Peoples mistake when doing keto is under eating fats, but people’s mistake with most diets is the reason why they go into it. In my experience, quick weight loss isn’t enough of a reason to stick to something that may seem difficult.

  • At the end of the day you have to do what works for you… as simple as that. I’ve been vegan for about 6 months now and I’ve started a YouTube channel documenting my journey and sharing vegan recipes that I’m discovering and trying out. Thanks for sharing.����