For your information – You Consume 114 Bits of Plastic With Each And Every Meal


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FYI You Eat 114 Pieces of Plastic With Every Meal — Tiger Fitness This shocking information has just been revealed We consume 114 pieces of plastic with every meal. This shocking information has just been revealed We consume 114 pieces of plastic with every meal. UK scientists made the discovery after putting Petri dishes containing sticky dust traps on the table next to dinner plates in three homes at meal times. Up to 14 pieces of plastic were found in. We could be swallowing more than 100 tiny plastic particles with every main meal, a Heriot-Watt study has revealed.

The plastic, which can. You eat thousands of bits of plastic every year. Though abundant in water, air, and common foods, it’s unclear how it might affect our health.

The tiny pieces of plastic scientists call. Every main meal you eat could contain, on average, more than 100 tiny plastic particles—known as microplastics—according to a new study conducted by Scotland-based Heriot-Watt University. The. Given that dinner plates are considerably larger than the Petri dishes being used in the tests, the researchers calculated that as many as 114 plastic fibers would tumble down.

The results of the study, published March 29 in Environmental Pollution, found that humans likely consume about 114 plastic microfibers each meal simply from household dust that settles on their plates. The average person eats at least 50,000 particles of microplastic a year and breathes in a similar quantity, according to the first study to estimate human ingestion of plastic pollution. These people ate an average of 73.9g per day, which is about 27kg a year.

When you multiply that by the 0.42 particles per gram, you reach just over 11,000 pieces of plastic. The good news is that eating a piece of plastic won’t mean you will have the same fate as the poor animals that mistake plastic for food. According to Lusher, the plastic will leave your system after a day since it’s small and your body tries to get rid of anything that can’t be dissolved or used effectively.

But, constantly eating plastic or food that is packaged in plastic can leave long-term side effects that you.

List of related literature:

Humans eat more than 100 plastic fibers with each meal.

“Peak Plastic: The Rise or Fall of Our Synthetic World” by Jack Buffington
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Only plastic eating utensils are to be provided with each meal tray.

“Hospital and Healthcare Security” by Russell L. Colling
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I had already decided I was going to start limiting my plastic consumption.

“Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too” by Beth Terry
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At the other extreme, there are paper plates with plastic Cutlery, which the crew throw away after each meal.

“Guerilla Film Makers Movie Blueprint” by Chris Jones, Jonathan Newman, Cara Williams
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You also can buy great healthy pastas in boxes instead of plastic bags.

“Living Vegan For Dummies” by Alexandra Jamieson
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Warning: Avoid purchasing and consuming foods packaged in plastic.

“Wake up for Ascension to a New Earth or Leave” by Robert E. Pettit
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It’s not only better for your health to eschew plastic; it’s also better for the planet.

“No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain” by Peter Osborne, Olivia Bell Buehl
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And finally, of course, my aversion to plate waste doesn’t keep it from happening, so there is another deterioration in the effectiveness or applicability of the standards to the actual meals consumed.

“Free for All: Fixing School Food in America” by Janet Poppendieck
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The reason for this is the reduction in the cost due to technological innovations and the inherent properties of plastic films, which make them very well suited to food packaging.

“Leafy Medicinal Herbs: Botany, Chemistry, Postharvest Technology and Uses” by Dawn C P Ambrose, Annamalai Manickavasagan, Ravindra Naik
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If it feels like we’re choking on plastic now, what will it feel like then, when we’re consuming nearly four times as much?

“Plastic: A Toxic Love Story” by Susan Freinkel
from Plastic: A Toxic Love Story
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  • (This is sort of irrelevant to this video but i’ll say it anyway.) Plastic Glitter production should be banned. It’s used so much in Jewellery, cosmetics, clothes, cards etc. It doesn’t even really have a purpose it just looks nice!

  • Too many people. the Earth will take care of itself for billions of more years but 1st will cause massive starvation & cleanse itself of this human cancer. were about to pass 10 billion ppl. LOL. duh.

  • So glad I watched this. Even when I’m at my healthiest I could be eating perfectly 24/7 and feel great and be balancing those fats and still having treats but no binges etc and then for a few days every month I just have to have sweets and chocolate or chips I have even got to a point where I’m so low in energy just those few days that after the gym I’ve had to go out and buy ‘bad food’ in my gym gear. It’s so out of character and is always so sudden like a desperation for fat. Always felt crap after but it’s so good to see there is actually science for it and now I won’t feel so guilty. I so very rarely have periods out of choice (sometimes my body will force one), but It just happened yesterday when I forgot to put my hormone patch on for 1 day. You’ve blown my mind.

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  • we should just all walk naked. its better that way born that way anyways just use oils, maybe lotions and creams. even some shampoos and soap and detergent are bady for the body.

  • Nasa should make a project to send burning trash up to space. Although its probaly a really bad idea… never mind.

    Oh oh!! What if they collect the plastic, recycle it, cut it and fill up ptholes in the street!?
    Idk if thats a bad idea but u let me know.

  • Just buy %100 cotton clothes. They are not as ex0ensive as you think. And don’t buy sportswear every year. Mine is 6 years old at this point.

  • Hi natacha, i was wondering if you could make a video about falling back into binge eating. For three months i have had it under control and i love my body now. The only problem is that i have been binge eating a lot lately and idk why, i dont deprive myself of the food i like but my body feels so uncomfortable after eating a bag of chips for example so i try to stay away

  • I really regret missing this, but I was at work during the stream. I’ve got a reminder set for 5:30 on the 23rd, but I’ll most likely still be at work.. I really want to ask you were you are from, and/or where you live because I have an online friend whom I’ve known for years now. Although he’s a bit younger than yourself, you guys have very similar accents. That’s why I’m curious. Thank you for doing what you do!

  • There is an app called “Beat the Microbead” by “Plastic Soup Foundation”
    You can scan a barcode, and it will tell you whether or not it has micro plastic.


    Apple iOS:
    I don’t know.
    I don’t have an iPhone and can’t find it via a browser on

  • this vid made me feel so much better about eating a bit “off track” the past few weeks. as long as i have the best intention in mind and i feel happy food shouldn’t feel like the enemy! you guys always make me laugh too i look forward to it every time you post:’)

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    Me: What? Where did you know?!?

  • You want to clean up the ocean from the plastic, but while you take the plastic out, there are still people and companies that throw plastic into the oceans every day. How are you going to stop this?

  • Could we develope a machine that can clean the beaches? Human hands arent fast enough to clean up. Then people can be IN the ocean cleaning the reefs and cleaning the beaches. I look forward to joining a beach clean up in the future. Unfortunately i dont live close to any

  • We humans are spoiled with such a beautiful wealthy world, but then destroy it with our own inventions. I swear humans are as evil as the devil himself

  • I wish people could actually look around and see what’s going in this world. Instead of trying to be a instagram dancer trying to twerk and “slay their edges”’or say the word “pEriod”. This world is just sad ����‍♀️…

  • Your ways with whey mentione remids me that I’ve seen what seems like a wonderful way of making seed mustard using why. I just haven’t every had they whey to try it yet. Here it is if you’d like to give it a go some time:

  • why dont we just melt it down and make it shaped like swiss cheese and drop it off where the oceans have little habitat,Plastic in the ocean can be a huge benefit if done right,the problem is these small peices of junk the fish and wildlife life eat BUT it was remelted and shaped into swiss cheese this would give so many fish homes and actually help the fish especially in desert oceans with little cover.can make lobster shelters we can make fake coral reef for small fish to hide in and this will give fish more places to thrive,we could use this as a positive and it would really be a simple sollution,you could ment it and layer sand and rocks while its soft and have rock formations with the plastic being like a glue.

  • In Korea, I lived in a building where everything had to be recycled and you had to “buy” a special garbage bag from the store. The only thing I put in the garbage bag was used tissue / paper towel, cig butts, dirt / dust. It would take me months to fill up 1 bag.

  • I absolutely love you guys, your videos just bring me so much joy. But as an Italian I need to say that Bruschetta is actually pronounced Brusketta.

  • You can get together with your neighbors and form a group of militia then we can over throw the government after we win the war against the police and make a new decentralized power structure that’s actually democratically benevolent and insures basic needs for all people and the animals we effect.

  • While this shoud be a priority for the World, the issues we focus on are mostly random and relatively unimportant. Many people are born, live, and die, leaving only their waste products. Hooray for the forward thinking and conscientious people like these.

  • To all that reacts to this video, I understand the feeling and I am pro. However, it is more than just ‘plastic’ bottles or plastic bags. To all here that read this, will YOU stop driving you car? will YOU stop using a bus? Will you stop using a train? It is easy to blame on a substance, than to blame ourselves. This is the hypocrite about it. All the big voice screams we have to stop using plastics, however, they all are driving a Mercedes benz ect ect ect…. We as human cannot do without plastics. To all these activists who wants to ban plastics, Please give me an alternative that is low cost and same or better properties than plastic. If you can’t, I prefer that we educate ourselves how to be better at using plastic.

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