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Even the websites selling bulk follistatin insist it only be used for research and not used in humans. However, this doesn’t stop bodybuilders from experimenting with this product; amateur logs online typically dose FS344 at one injection of 100 micrograms (mcg) per day for anywhere from 10 to 30 days. Though there are relatively few clinical studies on the use of follistatin for muscle growth, many users have shared their experiences with follistatin supplementation on bodybuilding forums.

The typical daily dosage among these users is 100 to 300 micrograms, injected directly into the specific muscles the user would like to boost. Typically speaking, an individual is going to need to integrate follistatin at a dose of 1 mcg per kg of bodyweight in order to ensure that they stand the best chance of fully realising its potential. The theory is, that anything less than this dose will lead to the body not having enough of. Follistatin supposedly reduces myostatin and you’re supposed to gain muscle. Well, I personally took a shit load of the stuff and nothing ever happened to my physique.

So what I decided to do was put together a list of supplements that DO exist but most likely you’ve never used them and you’ll never see them on the retail shelf. The magic comes from follistatin which is known to affect the levels of myostatin in the body and research indicates that it increases the body’s follistatin level. In short, epicat reduces the effectiveness of myostatin and less effective myostatin means more muscle. Epicatechin Dosage for Bodybuilding.

“Dosage10-10 Simple dosing and no need to take so many pills throughout the day. 30-45 min pre workout is all you need. Started at 2 pills pre workout and went 4 pills the last 3.

Epicatechin Dosage. Dosage has varied between studies and is in many case complicated by the presence of other substances, such as other flavanoids that could enhance the effect, or fats and sugars that could sabotage it. No standardized recommendation appears to exist; the optimal dose may depend on what the supplement is intended to treat.

## MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT: So if you’re appearing to experience bodybuilding results that are exceptional, you might want to contemplate this research compound, which may be taken at doses between 5 and 8 milligrams daily at an eight-week cycle. First of all, if you hsven’t heard of follistatin-Follistatin is a protein that acts as an antagonist to Myostatin. In other words, follistatin=shitload of muscle mass. Time to inject follistatin and get hyooge, right?

Wrong. To even ****in work, you have to get human recombinant follistatin. Typically this supplement comes in powdered or liquid form and is diluted into a mixture. Follistatin can be stored in the refrigerator and used within seven days of mixing.

For those who prefer to go the injection route, the typical dose is about 100 micrograms (mcg) per day for 10 to 30 days.

List of related literature:

These include hormonal therapies such as GH and androgen therapy, myostatin inhibitors [67], selective 11beta-HSD1 inhibitors [68], growth hormone peptide-2 (GHRP-2), clenbuterol, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), and creatine.

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As an example, a meta-analysis of 49 studies, with 1,863 participants, by Robert Morton and collaborators confirmed that protein supplementation during prolonged (at least six-week) resistance exercise improved muscle hypertrophy and maximal strength (1RM).

“Exercise Biochemistry” by Vassilis Mougios
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Branched-chain amino acids, namely, leucine, isoleucine, and valine, have been suggested as a useful supplementation in the treatment of cachexia185 because they may exert anabolic effects by promoting protein synthesis and by inhibiting proteolysis.

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For example, while bulking one might opt to add in 200-400 mg of a testosterone ester (cypionate, enanthate, or propionate) per week.

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A more extensive review will be provided for supplements viewed as effective and safe.

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However, there is much less supporting evidence for nonherbal supplements and ergogenic aids, including enzymes, prohormones, hormones, and amino acids.

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These can range from traditional vitamins and minerals, to nutritional supplements (e.g., protein, creatine), to hormones and hormone-like substances (anabolic—androgenic steroids, dehydro-epi-androsterone).

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A few chapters ago, you learned about six worthwhile types of supplements you can include in your regimen:

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You can download a free report, The Roadmap to Choosing Supplements, that I wrote to help you make informed

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PATIENTS’ FAQs What will this supplement do for me?

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  • Yo how should I run this if I only have 100mg. I just finished an anavar cycle and am testosterone. I just want to use it and get rid of it.

  • They should just start paying us retards blood work and studying the effects on humans. It’s not like we wouldn’t take them anyway. Lol

  • You got your facts a bit twisted there. The more you lift the more muscle you gain and the more myostatin is found in your muscle tissue (this is how your body tries to regulate too much unnecessary muscle growth to conserve energy which I bet also effects propels gains in cold climates), that’s why as a natty the rate of gaining size starts to plateau more and more as you get bigger. If this wasn’t the case people would be blowing up at a linear or even exponential rate until they exploded

  • This YK11 stuff may work on animals but it DOES NOT work on humans. Currently ACE-083 is still being developed as a myostatin inhibitor ( folistatin) If was folistatin were available it would be around $60,000 /mg and UGL would have no hope in hell trying to replicate it. So guys, take it from a very experienced Chemist, this stuff is out of the question, and dont be fooled by this SARS stuff either ( that too is patented and UGLs cannot duplicate any SARS due to its complexity and raw materials, VS price)


  • Hey Sam, a little bit of feedback. We’ve seen this period of Lee and I don’t think it reflects well on you and as well as on Lee since he came out looking vivid and very much alive and grounded. The topics are fine but this just creates such a disturbing portrayal. I’m sorry but I sincerely hope you are going to stop uploading these videos which are definitely aren’t recent.

    Therefore thumbs down, sorry.

  • Great information, thanks. YK-11 is certainly interesting. It does cause temporary joint sensitivity when on cycle, and a couple weeks after. Take glucosamine and tumeric

  • How is BioVia working to reduce the cost? I believe most of us want access to the therapy but only the very wealthy can afford the hefty price.

  • Great video, I’m new to the channel. I really enjoy the depth of your videos. Very thorough and well put together. Thank you for the quality info

  • Why can’t they make an agent which has this effect on follistatin without any anabolic or androgenic effect so we don’t have to have any suppression, just a major boost in anabolism

  • It’s liver toxic and interferes with cortisol. That’s all I need to know. Oh yeah, there hasn’t been any human trials. Hasn’t even been testing on animals. I’d be crazy to put that in my body.

  • Hey bro great video!.. I have a question maybe someone can answer.., for someone on long term TRT(test c) prescription from doctor for extremely low test levels almost non existent but who has some prostate symptoms from the androgenic effects, acne and peeing a lot from prostate I’m guessing… I usually take 10mgs of nolv daily to eod, even though only on a low 100mgs a week test dose i still like to be safe but I may have needed and have letro/a-dex/stane which block estrogen instead of like nolva just stops it from binding to certain tissues.. BUT HERES MY QUESTION lol… can someone take a break from there TRT and just switch over to say RAD or LGD or both together or maybe rad and osta or lgd and osta and keep my testosterone levels elevated and in normal range without crashing them if I were to stop my TRT and do sarms for 8 weeks to give my body a break from androgenic side effects?? And also if I can do that should I take nolva and hcg the whole time as well? Or maybe letro and hcg or letro nolv and hcg, which would kick my testes back in while also keeping estrogen low.. anyone who can help I greatly appreciate