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Fitness Fueling: Gender-Specific Nutrition Concerns. When it comes to fitness and sports, there are different designs and measurements of shoes, gear, training metrics and even bicycles for men and for women. So it makes sense that there should also be a different set of nutrition requirements for men and women, right?Nutrition: Fueling For Fitness. When paired with plant based fats and carbohydrates, animal proteins eliminate amino acid availability concerns and allow us to focus on flavor, meal variety, and many of the other more enjoyable aspects of eating.

Gender and Nutrition Issue paper – DRAFT – FAO 2012 1 This paper has been prepared by FAO for submission to and discussion within the UN SCN with a view to developing consensual briefs for non-specialists on cross-cutting issues impacting food and nutrition security. Let’s get you on the road to fueling well, meeting your nutrient needs, and enjoying food. If you’re serious about reaching your goals, apply for my 1:1 Coaching Membership and get personalized nutrition coaching & all-access membership to the entire library of courses & resources. For some people, the devices can disguise – and fuel – unhealthy behaviors.

By Alissa Rumsey, Contributor Feb. 1, 2019 By Alissa Rumsey, Contributor Feb. 1, 2019, at 11:12 a.m. These materials challenge kids (ages 9 to 13) to look for and use the Nutrition Facts label on food and beverage packages.

Materials include fun, easy tips and targeted education to help make label reading a key component through which today’s young people are equipped to. Fitness and Sports Nutrition. Nutrition for Athletes; Nutrition at College.

Fueling for College Athletics; vegetarian eating for athletes, fueling during exercise and for recovery, eating frequency, and more. Position Stand: The Female Athlete Triad Selected Issues for Nutrition and the Athlete: A Team Physician Consensus Statement. Nutrition and the Endurance Runner By Andrea N. Giancoli, MPH, RD Today’s Dietitian Vol. 18 No.

3 P. 28. Staying hydrated and fueling up with the right balance of carbs, protein, and fat is key to optimal performance. Nutrition choices can make or break an. nutrition and hydration needs specific to basketball athletes and translate those insights into practical advice.

This publication is written for sports-health professionals working with basketball athletes and outlines the structure of the game and demands on the athlete, as well as nutrition. Nutrition is important for fitness Eating a well-balanced diet can help you get the calories and nutrients you need to fuel your daily activities, including regular exercise.

List of related literature:

Gammage et al. noted a concern that almost all the aerobic exercisers were female, whereas most of the weight trainers were male, which could result in a confounding effect of exercise activity and gender.

“Imagery in Sport” by Tony Morris, Michael Spittle, Anthony P. Watt
from Imagery in Sport
by Tony Morris, Michael Spittle, Anthony P. Watt
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The results suggest that along with the trainingassociated improvement of power, anaerobic and aerobic characteristics, part of the adaptation to training is that a single practice becomes more anabolic and less catabolic/inflammatory as training progresses during the initial phases of the training season (Fig. 5.2).

“Endocrinology of Physical Activity and Sport” by Anthony C. Hackney, Naama W. Constantini
from Endocrinology of Physical Activity and Sport
by Anthony C. Hackney, Naama W. Constantini
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When training status and maximal aerobic capacity expressed relative to fat-free mass are controlled, there does not appear to be any gender difference in anaerobic threshold [5–7].

“Principles of Gender-specific Medicine” by Marianne J. Legato, John P. Bilezikian
from Principles of Gender-specific Medicine
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Fitness has certainly played a key role in the production of the gendered body.

“Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness” by Shari L. Dworkin, Faye Linda Wachs
from Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness
by Shari L. Dworkin, Faye Linda Wachs
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To determine whether there are gender differences in the response of VAT to PhA would require large samples matched or randomized at baseline for age, different levels of overall obesity, and absolute and relative proportions of subcutaneous and deep abdominal fat.

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity” by Ronald Ross Watson
from Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity
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It appears that the aerobic power and muscular strength of women are naturally lower than those of men, due to differences in body size and composition, hormonal status, sociocultural influences, and dietary habits (Shephard 2000).

“Recovery for Performance in Sport” by Christophe Hausswirth, Iñigo Mujika, Institut national du sport et de l'éducation physique (France)
from Recovery for Performance in Sport
by Christophe Hausswirth, Iñigo Mujika, Institut national du sport et de l’éducation physique (France)
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They found that, in many cases, male fitness is much more sensitive to changes in the allocation to attractive structures than is female fitness.

“Sexual Selection” by Malte Andersson
from Sexual Selection
by Malte Andersson
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Promoting nutrition in men clearly requires consideration of gender/masculinity.

“Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine” by James M. Rippe
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Population estimates of meeting strength training and aerobic guidelines, by gender and cancer survivorship status: findings from the health information national trends survey (HINTS).

“Exercise Oncology: Prescribing Physical Activity Before and After a Cancer Diagnosis” by Kathryn H. Schmitz
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However, a study by Lemmer et al.* suggested that when gender is included in the analysis, only men showed a significant increase in RMR (9%), even though both male and female subjects experienced similar gains in FFW (2 kg).

“Applied Exercise and Sport Physiology, With Labs” by Terry J. Housh, Dona J. Housh, Herbert A. deVries
from Applied Exercise and Sport Physiology, With Labs
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  • So instead of 3 big bowls of Haagen-Dazs per day, I should have smaller amounts every 2 hours based on my activity.  This is going to be great for flavor selection.  Thanks Mike.

  • I’m open minded about diets, I just go with what works. I’ve been on the ketogenic diet for about 7 months and I’m at 9% body fat. I’ve noticed a huge improvement on my health physically and mentally. I don’t think this guy knows a lot about the keto diet the carb ratio is dependent on each person. Under 20 grams is the rule but some people can go up to 50. Also green leafy vegetable have a low glycemic index and won’t spike insulin that’s a weird point to make. People like to stay stuck in the past. I still hear people taking advice from Arnolds dieting methods which obviously have results for some people but their might be other methods that are more efficient. I would like to see a study done on the two diets on average people to see what yields the most results.

  • pro cyclists during tours eat different portions of carbs/fats/proteins depending on what the stage is like.

    so this whole thing is fucking useless, you don’t need to eat the same all the time, pro’s eat depending on what the race requires.

  • Your husband is a dogshit cyclist we get it damn lady we heard you the first ten times shut the fuck up and tell me what I have to eat

  • “Let me tell you somethin!” She did a Firemarshall Bill!  “Suppose your out on your bike and you’re about to bonk” I think the content is great but in terms of public speaking, how many times does she say “ummm” or “uhhh” or lip smack in the microphone, Right? She is not really funny in attempt to characterizing cyclist habits but it was funny when she planted FM Bill in my head. It is obvious by her comments that she is not a cyclist because of her comments the beat down she puts on her husbands routine. Most cyclist are pretty smart individuals, yes we are obsessive but that also makes us successful, and we are competitive, health minded individuals. One critique may be funny but don’t fill your presentation with critiques and “husband comparisons”.

  • “Hold the door for strangers, smile and say hello” thats just creepy and will most likely give you more stress from rude people lol

  • Important to knowlege about nutrition for cyclists-how to calculate energy needs to fuel your cycling goals on and off the bike, your body needs before,during and after yuor ride

  • I kinda chuckled when you said rides over an hour are long rides… My daily rides are longer then that

    with the hydration section, you made it so much more “complex” with the conversions, since water has like the perfect conversion rate to kg. (just chill the water to 4 degrees, you nerd ;))


  • @Firas: je te suggère de te pencher sur les travaux d’André Gernez à propos du jeûne et de la guérison de cancers et maladies dégénératives. C’était le médecin le plus décoré de France. Il a notamment traité le lien entre la croyance en Dieu en bas âge qui pourrait aider à prévenir la maladie d’alzheimer. Très intéressant. J’ai pleins de références de la sorte si jamais cela t’intéresse. Que dieu te bénisse.
    سلام عليكم

  • I think he doesn’t like keto,because he trains athletes, it’s a different story for us average joes, we can do keto and have enough good energy, even Kevin lee ufc fighter does keto and el cucuy I think ��������

  • Love your vidoes so much you are so inspirational and really informative. I love the fact you are so real and raw, Thanks so much x

  • All the “stuff” out there about nutrition, this one is by far the best I have ever seen. She breaks this down, as if it was her thesis project. With actual science, not the newest diet fad.

  • Dolce does things so that the basics are pretty much in place, which is why it works…Just his explanations of WHY he does them are flawed.

    For example, the cardio zone part. You’re looking for caloric expenditure when it comes to fat loss, not which fuel source you’re tapping into during the cardio method. If at the end of the day, you’re not in a caloric deficit it doesn’t matter if you were using fat as fuel during your fasted cardio in the morning.

  • I have huge respect for you Firas, but this broscience in mma is highly annoying. A lot of this information is either highly outdated, anecdotal or lacking evidence to support it. The most common thing we see with fighters is them following what has worked for one person before and not something that is subject to intensive studies. You sir are a wizard, but nonetheless more education needs to be brought into MMA.

  • two heaping spoonfuls of Nutella is like ROCKET FUEL! I am sooooo in caloric deficit…. yikes…. I ride approx 2.5 hours on a 40 mile run 3 times a week….. and I’m not hungry right away… it’s many hours later..

  • Maybe the YouTubes has spoiled me, but 5 minutes in and you still haven’t delivered any content. That’s an eternity in internet time. This is intended to be constructive criticism… so, solutions = Edit it down and put the speaker info in the description or put bookmarks in a pinned comment.

  • according to the intermittent fasting theory, your body activates it’s rest & digest mechanisms when you stop eating. your body also releases growth hormones and repairs your body while it’s not eating. when you eat, it breaks the fasting cycle and that’s what makes you fat. i dont agree that intermittent fasting is bad.

  • “deliver vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals….” Why does she go on to recommend oil, meat, ben and jerry, wine, cream cheese, eggs, pork… which contain non of these? Saddening.

  • Watched the first 10 mins and was banging my head against the wall. So out of touch on research on carbs and keto and insulin. God save us from such garbage

  • At the end of the day, your macros matter most and whole foods are a means to an end. I don’t think chemical vs natural is a good argument, there are plenty of natural substances like poisons that may be toxic for you while there are lab-produced compounds, such as penicillin that can be beneficial for you.

  • Ofcourse any fluid counts.. eaven cookies have some water… food has quite alot water in it. When u break down the food its like light povder.. rest of the wayght is mostly water. Water on this planet is everywere.. everithing that is organic contains food.

  • I disagree with her saying it’s bad to do rides low on fuel. Plenty of research showing that fasted training has some very real benefits.

  • she calls a long ride 60 minutes, I don’t even bring water bottle for that distance. and I never have any problems. I just eat a healthful diet every day it’s a way of life when your an athlete.

  • If you are taking supplements and drinks that have vitamin b12…please be advised that it can cause acne. I cut it out and got mine under control. A lot of foods you eat will also have vitamin b 12 so you possibly are taking too much. Google it. Info is out there.

  • multiple studies show that the body is often more efficient in weight loss, inflammatory reduction, bowel function, epigenetic influence and maintenance of lean body mass more effectively when it functions on ketones rather than glucose as its primary fuel source

  • wait thats hella water you gonna die drinking that much. or did i read it wrong type o. when she means 30ML to kg of weight is that how much you body needs as it keep at this level or consumption.

  • Potassium and Sodium depletion is important if you hydrate with fresh water it flushes out these electrolytes and dehydrates fast. It’s important to add potassium and sodium if you’re not getting these from diet.

  • Firas,
    Thank you for having Mike as a guest. As a mixed martial artist, and somebody who is always trying to find wisdom, I found this to be highly informative.
    Thank you for continuing to put out great content.

  • Great personally, fun, good sense of humor and good basic information but including horrible examples of carbs. High Fructose Syrup, Big Macs, Gatorades, Orange Juice, bagels with jelly????  What about bananas, dates, coconut water and real whole foods instead?

  • This guy makes so much sense its not even funny. His philosopy on nutrition should be taught to children and teenagers throughout school in physical education. This guy is fucking brilliant.

    Question though…for boosting electrolytes. He talked about sodium, potassium and what not. I have and other people I know have been drinking pickle juice from a pickle jar because it contains all these things. Its also used as a hangover helper in places like Poland and Czech Republik. Any insight on this?

  • Her advice is good if u are bent on vegan/carb oriented diet only for your best results (all around health too…..).Yet, there are other choices out there such as a ketogenic diet. Suggest everyone check it (keto) out as an alternative.  Methinks there is some elite Tri guys/gals who use it as part of their nutritional training regimen.  (cycle in & out, etc…..)  Experiment and see what your body/brain tells u works best for u.

  • Only 85 comments!  This lecture was incredible.  Thank you Heather for the information!  Seriously, well done academic theory presented in real world practice and funny too!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  I wish you lived in Thousand Oaks, where the rides are long and the hills are steep.  You helped this rider do 50 grueling miles in up hills and in the wind.  Did I say thank you?  THANK YOU!

  • Heather is a charming person, but It was 16 minutes in before any solid information was given, Get on with it. Use the power point better, bullet points not text heavy.  The pacing is far too slow.  If she were teaching a group of teenagers they would be disrupting all the time,

  • Eat a balanced diet high in fruits and veggies. Include grains, meat, and healthy fats. Most importantly dont eat 30 bananas a day!!!

  • After listening to this woman, I am wondering: is there any female in this country who doesn’t grind their voice at the ends of words and sentences anymore? It’s distracting and annoying.

  • im pissed that it took me so many years to understand that u need to eat natural stuff and processed foods make you sick (sugar flour and sugar)

  • If you’re taking supplements, the color of your urine means nothing…. it will always be full of dissolved and suspended solids.

  • 7 mins in and you’ve inspired me to get back on track, so thank you. Also try adding tumeric and cinnamon to your coffee.. so good and good for inflammation and circulation. And.. I’ve heard you shouldn’t store things in cans-idk if it’s true but if so you might want to keep the apples in a container instead.

  • lol thats a brilliant point. i could be spending a fortune on weight saving components but eating cakes aint helping me haha.
    like i knew that but its presented very well here, bravo.

  • The general rule of thumb I’ve commonly read is that the human body can absorb about 30-60 g of carbohydrate per hour during endurance sports like cycling. I know when I tried going 60 g/hr, I started feeling nausea and a little GI distress. So, I’m curious about the rate stated (around the 45 min mark) in which it’s recommended to take in 90 g/hr on rides greater than 3 hours. Maybe it also depends on the fuel source and what is digestible, or through developing tolerance (which she points out as well) to eat that much. However, this is all great info and refer to this often. This gives a great foundation in order to find out what works for you.

  • Forgetting weight loss. The only diet that has been proven to prevent and reverse heart disease is the vegan diet. If you look at blue zones(places where the life span is far longer than everywhere else) they eat a predominantly plant based diet with no more than 2.5-3 ounces of animal protein a day.

    I am not a vegan and I do not eat a plant based diet. But the evidence is there.

    Keto diets may very well be better for fat loss and they may be better at fighting cancer due to the fact that cancer feeds off of glucose.

    Only a very small percent of the population is cutting weight. But for a purely lifelong healthy diet there’s no debate in my opinion that dolce’s way of eating is more sustainable and at the end of the day that’s what is important.

  • I’m doing right now an investigation for a university at Monterrey, NL, Mexico (ITESM). Its specialized at the difference between the nutritional specifications between a professional race cyclist and a professional mountain cyclist.
    Can someone give me a little information about how’s different each other?

  • 3. I personally don’t know Johnny but as a student of Human Physiology I can tell you the man shows all the signs of being in a stress state= drastic hair loss, Edema throughout the body to name a few. Fluctuations in weight like Hendricks has had in his career are highly stressful and inflammatory to the body. Anthony Pettis is another example. After cutting to featherweight he showed clear signs of stress. His face ballooned (edema) an inflammatory stress response likely to cutting all that weight.

  • Watch out and do the math yourself.  conversion kg-oz=16 oz is off by 2.2 times.  There is 2.2 lbs per kg so there are 35.2 oz per kg.  This is in the slide near the start of this presentation where you are calculating how much oz water you use. Now in the chart above called Fueling in the saddle 2nd 3rd column /hr increases precisely w the amt of time increase.  I am thinking the columns should not be per hour but absolute g and kcal. I haven’t checked the whole presentation but these jumped out at me now while I am listening to this while doing my real job stock trading.  Derek ex aerospace Engineer

  • YOUR BODY DOESNT EVER USE CARBS AS FUEL, it turns them ito glucose, and uses that. Unless you eat glucose, which is being made for food more often today.

  • 6. Fruit, honey, sugar, dates should not make you fat. If you are getting fat it may be other things in your diet. It may also be an impaired liver or impaired digestion. If your liver is impaired your unable to oxidize sugar efficiently thus converting it to fat.

  • 5. Sugar (Carbs) and calcium rich foods at night are protective to the body from stress and help with sleep. They fill glycogen stores to help you sleep longer. If your waking up in the middle of the night eat some ice cream, or milk, or fruits with gelatin before bed and it should help with middle of the night insomnia.

  • One thing that was understated was sodium intake and expenditure. It was noted once as a deficiency. Have you experimented with upping sodium intake in relation to energy expenditure? I only ask because I happen to be reading the book “The Salt Fix”. I am in the early stages of experimenting with the Ketogenic diet myself (started February). It’s been noted in the books I’ve read many times about the need for upping salt intake and it’s relation to insulin resistance. Would be very interested in your opinion.

  • Understand that dolce works with top level athletes that have outstanding genetics. They are not genetically fat people. So of course his people don’t need KETO or fasting

  • I never bought into any of those stupid diet fads. They teach that in high school half the class must be asleep during nutrition lessons.

  • I did go into hospital emergency once 16 years ago. I drank 12.5 litres water & a little Gatorade powder & skipped Powerade because I had upset stomach 6 days earlier from the fruity sugars. I sweated 15 litres, mostly 10 am to 3 pm, because they claimed I was dehydrated as well as overheated but I think I ran right out of electrolytes. My heart stopped intermittent (skipping) and they injected into my abdomen. It was half way back from Niagara Falls that my heart started dropping. It was 97 Fahrenheit, the humidex was 104 Fahrenheit. I felt chipper until 2 pm.

  • That blew my mind, makes so much sense about eating apples to donuts. How you can stuff donuts all day but eat one apple or two and you’re good. Weird how that works..

  • I may have missed something here but surely the calculations of sweat rate are wrong 1kg is not 16 ozs it is actually 35.25 ozs and that is a little more than fl ozs unless you only have to replace half of what you lose that is?

  • Unlike some below, I found her voice perfect for delivering the messages. I searched youtube for more nutrition talks by Heather, but only found one.

  • I love how people misunderstand. Yes, a keto diet in the short term will help you lose weight, etc. So will starving yourself or cutting off an arm.

    But ask yourselfIs it a diet that can be continued consistently and keep you healthy the rest of your life?

    Personally, i like to see other people test things out on themselves first before i do it on myself.

    Keto is an old diet. But it was used not for the same reasons. Keto was used for drug resistant epilepsy in children. It was not used as a sustainable, healthy long term diet.

  • He is wrong about intermittent fasting only being successful due to calorie restriction. The main reason people have success is due to the body not producing insulin while you’re fasting, giving it more time to burn fat.

  • Eat some fresh cadaver, a little fresh dêad animal.

    Protein is a myth.
    Your body CREATES protein.

    His opinion on pre/during/post workout nutrition can only come from someone who never tried to benefit from eating līve flesh.

    Eating līve, clean, sterile, organic, food verse eating dêad animals, makes so much more sense to increase ones life performance.

    Let’s eat the menstrual period of the local chickens.

    Good proof is how his athletes look later in life, will tell this tale.

  • PLEASE DONT STOP DOING THESE VIDEOS I love this shit and have learned more from 3 videos than I have years of diet/nutrition videos on YouTube PLEASE.KEEP.THEM.COMING, respect

  • If I remember correctly, on Joe’s podcast GSP said he suffered from some ulcerative colitis and intermittent fasting helped alleviate that.

  • She forgets crucial things:
    if you eat your rice/bananas on the ride it adds allot of water.
    you loose weight because the C02 of your breath goes out (glycogen is burnt)
    you get hydrated when the water bound to the glycogen is released (although it is not sufficient).

  • I think intermittent fasting would be good for me. Either way, I have problems with food so I really need to get this under control! I often over eat every day. I need to stick with a certain type of food for a while and lose my gut while I’m learning and getting more variety. Eggs, vegetables, a little bit of lean meat, small amount of fruit, etc. I like oatmeal with fruit/seeds/nuts in there with mct oil.

  • Awesome! thank you so much for this vid. Started hs wrestling two weeks ago and this is great advice, and shows how little amateur trainers know about optimal exercise specs.

  • I have to agree with another viewer that this is one of the best interviews I’ve listened to on training and nutrition. Ultimately you have to find what works for you but great information none the less.

  • Cycling is a mechanical problem for humans, mechanics is too difficult for humans to understand, so people talk about diet. Right mechanics eat what you like.

  • Rarely addressed are the biggest two problems with dieting ‘tracking intake (accurately)’, and ‘staying on plan’. Eating is a drive. It is hard to control a drive. Eating, breathing, sleeping, elimination. You can try to control those but it’s not like other ‘habits’. So the thing people should look at is not “what” to eat, but how to stay on plan. The mechanics of dieting. The mechanics of tracking your intake.

  • What is the definition of dehydration?

    “In races, athletes who lose the most fluid are often the winners.”

    Lotta nebulous, poorly defined “information” being tossed around in this presentation.

  • He talked well about veganism, eating meat isn’t healthy and horrible for the environment. But you should rather youse a plant based protein than a grass fed whey protein. Dairy isn’t healthy either for you

  • 2. Avoid or Limit chicken, pork, salmon, nuts, seeds, fish oil. They’re high in PUFAs (Polyunsaturated Fats). If you do consume these foods use a high quality natural Vitamin E supplement.

  • Out of curiosity, what is MD’s educational background? I remember him from the ultimate fighter show. Did he get a degree or degrees in nutrition before that? After? Or did he simply dedicate himself to doing as much research as possible on his own?

  • High fat,low carb. no fruit, no root veges, no sugars. Takes about 3 weeks to get past the sugar cravings but well worth it. Heather teaches what she has been taught and what she is paid for.

  • to driven to the carb load school of thought. but there are alternatives. Reminds of me of the diabetic /overweight condition treatments,conducive to dependency to medications.

  • I am confused.. they are speaking about consuming whole foods but they give the athletes Jasmine white rice? And they don’t have complex carbs? Can anyone clear this up for me?

  • A lovely and intelligent lady but this new habit of ending sentences with a high pitched accent on the last word drives me crazy. I just can’t stand it, stop it, makes you sound like a total twit, men and women both. Just stop it please!

  • You can’t gain weight by eating apples because they are catabolic, it takes the body more energy to digest than it gains. This is very well known.

  • Carb loading is ok. But if you eat whole food, plant based strictly, I have found that I’m well hydrated, full of energy always. I don’t get sore, recover quickly when exerted. I can train everyday. Not bloated as suggested. Don’t need rubbish sports drinks. I’m 54years old. I’m not a health professional, no degrees. I’ve guinea pigged myself over many years to find the truth.
    No processed crap! LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE AND MEDICINE BE THY FOOD.(Words to live by)

  • Dolce isn’t qualified enough to speak on Keto. Caloric deficit is not required for Keto. Same calories, macro ratios change. Dom D’Agostino would wreck Dolce on Keto science.

  • lmao, the irony of this woman’s horrible nutrition advice  being considered “expert” level…. 

    she is right in her basic assertion though-main source of people’s calories should come from Carbs… but then she gives examples of thee worst types of carbs and things that actually contain more fat (chocolate almonds) than carbs… 

  • I agree about hitting micros first. But there is something to the FACT that 65 % of energy being used to digest… also the gut needs some rest and there are benefits to autophagy. I believe in a 8 to 12 hour window, resting the gut some which improves obsorption and also putting emphasis on anti infamatories is best. Especially if you over 29 years old.

  • Great ideas! My skin has gone berserk, I’m going to try eating more healthy fats�� I’m from the 80’s mindset where everything was fat free �� so bad

  • Took me about a week to adjust but idk I do 1500 calorie meals twice a day, in 6 hours. My body adjusted and I’m surprised I can eat so much in one meal. I’ll 2-3 meals each time I sit down to eat.

  • 4. Best Carbs? Easy to digest Fruits are the best carbs. Veggies like cruciferous vegetables (excluding fruit veggies like tomatoes) should be well cooked. Well cooked starches like white potatoes and white rice should be secondary to fruit depending on your digestion. I personally suggest avoiding starches like quinoa, oats, breads, beans because they’re a lot harder to digest but experiment on your own.

  • All the keto people hating and calling this ‘bro science’. How can you not eat carbs when they grow naturally and our muscles use glucose…?

  • 60 20 20 is ridiculous. Its been known for a while now 40 30 30 % cal is much better for you. If you are getting hungry any time in the day ever, your diet is off, and unbalanced. This false info needs to stop flooding the us it is why america is so obiese.

  • if you want to be cycling later in life do not do Dairy or meat and don’t take my word go look T Colin Campbell, Dr esselstyn etc it is widely acknowledged today that heart attacks Strokes blocked arteries that caused by a Western diet the Western diet is meat and dairy.

  • Useful info. Eating just plants and it’s totally changed everything for the better, esp recovery. The thought of putting animal fats and proteins in my body now is inconceivable.

  • 21:35 “By 16 ounces, which is approximately how much fluid is in one kg” Wrong, 16 oz = 500 ml = 500 g, so the amount of fluid in one kg is 32 ounces. Other than that, great info, I learned a couple of useful things!

  • Basically eat anything that comes out the ground as fresh as possible and a small amount of grass feed meats. Seems like sound advice

  • I’m kind of amazed she didnt tell people the first thing people need to do if they are serious is get blood work done to figure out exactly how your body uses each type of nutrition and what it lacks burns etc.

  • …And the color of your “urine” she has wrong. Your urine can be clear and an hour after taking a “kelp tablet” you’ll see your urine has turned yellow or a little darker. Check it out. Don’t take my word for it. Be responsible for your self. You didn’t become dehydrated in your air conditioned office or kitchen after taking a kelp tablet and just sit there doing nothing.

  • High fructose corn syrup is now thought to be the cause of the Metabolic syndrome.  Fructose is metabolized by the same liver bio-chemical pathways as EtOH.  

  • Here is a ranking of the best diets of 2018. This is not from some bros or bloggers. These are nutrition experts.

    Guess where keto is at? It ranked LAST along with the dukan diet. BTWsilicon valley nerds love the keot diet. I dont see the correlation between high performance athletes and constantly seated computer tappers.

  • 1. Avoid Whey it’s high in tryptophan and essentially a milk waste product the Sup industry fooled you into buying. I agree you should eat before, after, and sometimes even during exercise but instead consume things like high quality milk you can digest, homemade chocolate milk, oj, easy to digest fruits, electrolytes.

  • I am an avid cyclist. I have found that “IODINE” is the most important mineral, more than sodium, potassium or calories in heavy duty riding. Lots of water becomes less water you will find after you get used to taking a kelp tablet everyday and maybe two tablets on heavy riding days. Everything she is talking about goes into the “rethink mode” when you start taking “iodine (kelp)” tablets or eating seaweed as a part of your everyday diet. All your intake needs will substantially be reduced upon getting 650mg of kelp per day which will give you about 500mcg (mcg not mg) per day. The required minimum amount of “iodine” required for women by the FDA is 150mcg/day. It’s recommended not to take more than 1000mcg/day so taking 2 tabs of kelp will get you to the max which your body saves up if you aren’t working out hard. Iodine has taken all or most all the pain out of my years of biking hard and long rides. I no longer get leg pains such as charlie horses and huge knots, etc. I’ve tested iodine in several manners with less water, less salt, less potassium and then more or each, less calories and then more, more this and less that such as sugar and donuts, ect., and I’m telling you the iodine intake took most of the changes these things would otherwise make away. Try it out. For $14.00 US you can get a bottle of kelp tabs of the 650mgs/tab which gives you 540mcgs of iodine which is just fine for most everyone. Try it out. Can’t hurt but, will in fact help.

  • hi soph!! ive been suffering from skin rashes on my face everytime i consume gluten. it took me awhile to figure out what the heck gluten was and when i found out oats contained gluten i was devo.:( just as i was getting into rolled oats and oat milk…i had to completely cut it out and went hard GF. it did wonders to my skin!! P.S i went through so many different brands of almond milk that didnt make my coffee curdle. my favourite would have to me “the milk lab” and “alpro almond milk barista” which you can get from coles!

  • Doesn’t seem like you value your audience or respond to comments but I appreciate your videos as they are helpful for my training and staying motivated so thank you! You are stunning and inspiring. What are your overall goals and favorite workouts? I’ll ask again on the next one if you don’t respond so no worries hope you are doing well. Always happy to provide positive and kind criticism:)

  • So many keto heads in the comments lol if you are looking for Healthy Nutrition then please check Dr Joel Fuhrman. Firas considers him the best nutritionist.

  • Too much substansiated evidence in favour of the positive effects of intermittent fasting. I’ve been doing a 16/8 routine for 3 months, working out 5 days a week (hard) and feel the best I ever have!

  • This is all biochem talk here: It’s a bit misleading to say a Keto diet is a calorie restrictive diet, Mike. Sure you are restricting a type of calorie, so you are technically correct. Ketogenic is carb restricted, but carbs offer fewer calories anyways, so if anything your calories go up. You’re just starving your body of glucose, and forcing it to metabolize fatty acids. Once you establish ketosis you will have tons more energy, more sharp/focused/alert. U generate way more atp from fatty acid metabolism than from glucose (160+ vs 32). Your brain can’t metabolize fatty acids, so ketones are formed and that’s what fuels your brain. If u wanna know more about the biological perspective, read this

  • If you don’t do competition and don’t ride longer than 90 minutes, try to ride while fasting (16/8 intermittent fasting for example) you’ll feel much better. Even people like Froome do it for part of their training.

  • I get the simple truth organic unsweetened almond milk it froths really well. I can relate with u so much I love ur videos thank u! Omg I think I cant have oats as well I love oats but I noticed that when I eat oatmeal in the morning I get bad stomach pains afterwards. I’m sad i love oats so much I’m still figuring out what it is cause my digestion issues and skin issues but I think it’s the oats. Thank u again for ur videos have a great day! ��

  • The water calculation was cut in half.  1L of water weighs about 1kg, the amount she gave was closer to 1lb of water, or about 16oz.  For example, if you weight 75kg pre-ride and come back weighing 74kg, you have lost 1kg which can be replenished with 1L of water, or 33.8fl oz.

  • Love how real you are ❤️ watching you has made me stop binge eating and focus on eating consistently and nutritiously so thankful for you xx