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Directions. Step 1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C). Advertisement. Step 2. Blot chickpeas with a paper towel to dry them. In a bowl, toss chickpeas with olive oil, and season to taste with salt, garlic salt, and.

Crispy Roasted Chickpeas are a yummy high protein and high fiber snack or topping. Munch on them plain or add them to salads, wraps, or soup for extra flavor and crunch! I first shared this recipe on Lil’Luna where I was a contributor. Oven Roasted Chickpeas.

I love chickpeas so much I could eat them straight out of the can. Preheat oven to 350°. Pour chickpeas onto baking sheet in an even layer. When oven is heated, place chickpeas in oven until completely dry, 8 to 10 minutes.

Remove chickpeas. Roasted chickpeas are super easy to make and require three main ingredients: chickpeas, extra virgin olive oil, and salt. And this recipe is simple: Toss the chickpeas. Toss the chickpeas with the oil, cumin, garlic salt and a few grinds of pepper in a medium bowl. Spread evenly on a rimmed baking sheet and roast until golden and crispy in spots, about 20 minutes.

Made this chickpea recipe, exactly as written, and ended up w/ black pebbles and a lingering burnt aroma. Did a little reading up on roasting chickpeas, and I kept the recipe exactly the same, except I “dry roasted” the chickpeas (no oil, no seasoning) at 425. In a medium bowl, add dried chickpeas, olive oil, cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper and salt. Toss well to coat evenly.

Spread chickpeas out on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C). Spread garbanzo beans in a baking dish and pat dry with a paper towel. Bake in the preheated oven, stirring halfway through, about 22 minutes. Toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper in a large bowl.

Return to the baking. Roast the chickpeas for 20 to 30 minutes. Roast, stirring the chickpeas or shaking the pan every 10 minutes. A few chickpeas may pop – that’s normal.

The chickpeas are done when golden and slightly darkened, dry and crispy on the outside, and soft in the. Bake the chickpeas, shaking the pan once or twice, for 30-40 minutes, until they’re dry to the touch and spray-tan-level bronze. A handful may.

List of related literature:

Gently stir in panko, processed chickpeas, remaining 2 tablespoons yogurt, remaining scallions, remaining 2 tablespoons cilantro, and shallot until just combined.

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Gently stir in processed chickpeas, panko, shallot, remaining ½ cup yogurt, remaining scallions, and remaining 3 tablespoons cilantro until just combined.

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Once the chickpeas were softened, we ground them with fresh herbs and warm spices: scallions, parsley, cilantro, garlic, cumin, and cinnamon.

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Set aside 2 tablespoons chickpeas for garnish and process the remaining chickpeas, garlic, salt, cumin, and cayenne pepper in food processor until almost fully ground, about 15 seconds.

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Add two cups of precooked chickpeas (canned are fine), a handful or two of raisins, the juice of a lemon, and a little more water if necessary; cover and bring to a boil.

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Place the chickpeas and 2 tablespoons salt in a medium saucepan and add water to cover by 2 inches.

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Place all of the ingredients (garbanzo beans, kale, parsley or cilantro, rolled oats, onion, lemon juice, garlic, coriander, cumin, and paprika) into a food processor, and process until the mixture is well blended and starts to stick together.

“Straight Up Food: Delicious and Easy Plant-based Cooking without Salt, Oil or Sugar” by Cathy Fisher
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Stir with a spoon to coat the chickpeas in the spices, then allow them to cook for 8–10 minutes until crisp and fragrant.

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Process the chickpeas, roasted red peppers, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and salt in a food processor until the chickpeas are chopped, about 6 times.

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Pulse the chickpeas, garlic, cilantro, cumin, coriander, salt, and pepper in a food processor or blender until the mixture reaches a choppy, paste-like consistency, 5 to 6 times.

“Siriously Delicious: 100 Nutritious (and Not So Nutritious) Simple Recipes for the Real Home Cook” by Daly, Siri
from Siriously Delicious: 100 Nutritious (and Not So Nutritious) Simple Recipes for the Real Home Cook
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  • OMGosh. Those look good. Your too adorable ����. Ok, you talked me into the whole enchilada. I subscribed and I’m going to try these. Thanks

  • I enjoy slow roasting my chickpeas until they’re crunchy about an hour and a half to 2 hours at 150c (300f) fan forced.
    I can forgo using oil by rinsing with hot water, then tumbling to ‘beat them up’ enough that it activates the starch and creates a sticky coating, which you can then toss through your choice of seasoning.

    Seasoning wise: I like curry powder with a little salt, or lemon pepper for a spicy zing.

  • Thank you Mama Gina. I’m going to try this tomorrow.��. As a matter of fact I just planted for the first time some garbanzo beans in the garden. I hope to harvest enough when they are ready and I’ll make your snack again. Thank you for showing the world your recipes.��. It’s the next day and I have my chickpeas in the oven right now.��

  • I had looked through Too Many videos to make these… Too Much blah, blah…Then..I Found Yours!! At Last! THANKYOU for the Simplicity! And the diff flav ideas��

  • These look amazing! I love dried chickpeas but they’re usually covered in grease…��. Glad I found multiple recipes with minimal oil ����

  • One of my favorite snacks of life❣️❣️❣️❣️. Your video quality is simply stunning! I would have never thought of cinnamon sugar, I may have to try it.

  • hey honey, I love all ur ideas but this one is a killer but when I put the sugar, it didn’t stick to the chickpeas so any idea why? it not sweet at all

  • Korean barbecue: Korean red chili flakes, some garlic powder, stevia or sugar (light brown sugar works too), and use sesame oil as oil of choice

  • About to take the vegan plunge and came to YT to figure out if these were easy to make. You had me going for a second when you pulled out the hair dryer lol. Thanks for this vid, I’m excited to try these.

  • talking about chickpeas, I have chickpea flour that i randomly bought, but have no idea what to do with it….soo, I was wondering if we could get some recipes on what to do with it?:))

  • I am looking forward to making this receipe!!!! Spices are very good for people who are struggling with Sinusitis as they help clear out all the bad bacteria and crap that has built up in our noses!!!! Lots of Indian have told me that they don’t get colds cause they eat lots of spices!!! This video was well presented and truly filled me with Inspiration it filled my head with lots of spice combos!!! Humanity would feel a lot better if it would only start eating Nutrious and Delicious snack like these chickpeas are!!!! Thanks for sharing this receipe…you Rock!!!!!*

  • Hey Dani, blessings sister! My son and I bought one of those 13 bean soup mixes. We made the soup and it was really good but we also saved a handful of assorted beans and planted in the garden. Most sprouted including the Chickpeas. What a weird looking plant. The Garbanzo plants are loaded so I looked for what to do next and your recipe looks great. Thanks for posting!

  • I watched your video and tried this the same night! I had NO idea I could use chickpeas for more than hummus! Lol. Thank you so much.

  • I buy dried chickpeas for a fraction of the cost of a can. Seriously… much cheaper than those that come in a can. Do I have to change something in the preparation or after hydrating I take them to the oven?

    Great recipe like always.

  • If the chickpeas are dry to begin with, why do you have to soak/cook them before hand? Can’t you just roast them as is like most vegetables?

  • Dani, can you please and if is possible to make falafel? For some reason, I really trust your recipe! Thank you and I will really appreciate! Have a nice holiday!

  • I could listen to her all day long, God bless you Nona ���� your flag and mine ���� Italy and Ireland. Our cultures were so similar. Though today things have changed.

  • Ohhhh Man,……when I think of all the cans of chick peas I gave away,……..Im headed direct to the kitchen to try this out……as always Dani,…Your the Best.

  • This is super yummy! Thanks for sharing….. I’ve watched the granola bars recipe and I liked it very much…. I’m gonna give it a try very soon…..:-)

  • Hi, FYI, white sugar and brown sugar are not vegan. Their color were processed through bone char (from animals). Alternatives of sugar include: muscovado, coco sugar, agave, molasses, etc.

  • Can you prepare on a surface that is not white? you cant read white words with a white background. it is also difficult to see what is going on.

  • I am from India and I grew up eating these…….. We have many other snacks like this……… There is one more called…. “shing bhujia”….. It’s lot better than this… But used Peanuts instead of chickpeas…. If u guys like this…. I suggest try other ones…….

  • Gina Querida!
    Adorei, snack tem gostinho de saudades de boas lembranças.
    Muito bom para ver televisão.
    Um abraço pra voce!!! ������������

  • I love you! Can I meet you after Covid? I have recently found your channel and have been buying these ingredients and am trying to do them. The gnocchi blows my mind. 3 hours to make! What love! I am gonna try the pesto today. There’s no pine nuts here in my small town in Georgia so I’m waiting on Amazon to deliver. Can I used canned chick peas? May God bless you!

  • I’d imagine a couple flavors mixed up would be yummy, like 2/3 of it being bbq and 1/3 ranch in one bowl would kind of be like dipping bbq wings in ranch dressing. Yum.

  • made these they come out ok a little burnt on 1 side though not as crunchy as i hoped but yummy ifi can get it perfect lol can you tell me how to best store these? i have them in a zip lock baggie

  • Dear Gina! You are worm.hearty innocence true you have faith in God god bless you and your family I give you my blessin good health.

  • hey honey, I love all ur ideas but this one is a killer but when I put the sugar, it didn’t stick to the chickpeas so any idea why? it not sweet at all

  • Ooooh! Thank you!!! Gonna make this for my snacks for next week. Looks like we can play with all kinda flavors too. I’m gonna try smoky barbecue seasoning and see how that tastes. I love that you can go with a sweet flavor or salt flavor.
    Awesome! Great video too, thanks!!

  • Save the liquid in the chickpea cans! You can substitute 3 tablespoons of the liquid for an egg in baked goods (it’s called aquafaba).

  • Followed this recipe exactly with two, slightly different results: 1. A few were a bit burnt. 2. About half of them tended to be somewhat harder than crunchy-not impossible to crunch, but a little tougher. The TASTE is amazing!

  • These were delicious.. best roasted recipe I’ve found so far. I made crushed chilli seeds, smoked paprika with a twist of lemon. 2nd) Himalayan salt and cracked black pepper. 3rd) Parmesan cheese garlic powder and cracked Green peppercorns ��

  • what’s this weird obsession, americans seems to have with pointing out theyr kosher salt?
    even in a jiddish cook book isreali recipies you’ll usually only read “salt”.

  • just made these for the first time this afternoon, and they’re really delicious. I used a steak seasoning blend in my kitchen, and it gave them a good meaty flavor. I think these will be a good substitute for popcorn or even croutons in salad.

  • I used a tablespoon of salt and it nearly killed me… I rinsed the chickpeas before roasting but they were still horribly salty. I should have been more thoughtful and checked for the “teaspoon”… But despite the saltiness, it tasted wonderful. I will definitely make it again with just a quarter teaspoon of salt and I actually have a lot lighter taste than most people. I hope it goes well next time…

  • Hi Friends! Checkout the links below for some free stuff:)

    Join the FREE Healthy Plant Based Lifestyle Group �� http://bit.ly/37lEnkh

  • Question.. in the beginning you say teaspoon of Kosher salt… but when measuring you say Tablespoon.  Looks like you are using a teaspoon measure though. Which one is it please.  Thanks for the help and video!

  • Hope this works lol I did 1 b4 and it had it slow roasting them about 250 for awhile. That carp didn’t get crunchy at all waste of time

  • I absolutely adore you!!! Wish you were my grandma ��. Would love to see some more healthy snack ideas! Can’t wait to try this snack.

  • I thought you were going to add all the salt and I was thinking ‘how can you feel good about eating all that salt?!’ But obviously you didn’t

  • I’m making these today, but soaked my peas in water with lots of minced garlic. Once dried, I added a little olive oil, garlic and salt. It may be 100 degrees here, but I cannot wait to try the snacks you inspired me to make.

  • I made these today but instead of brown sugar and rosemary I used honey and mint and it was extremely delicious:) Thanks for the video!

  • I made the smokey chipotle and the garlic, salt and oil. My favorite is the garlic, salt and oil. They are best eaten fresh out the oven.

    I would love to see a vegan, ramen noodle recipe.

    Thanks for the amazing vegan recipe.

  • This might be a dumb question but, I have a whole bag of chickpeas will it make any difference? You know because they aren’t canned? I didn’t even know you could buy them in a can. Lol

  • I really love your recipes, I found your channel a couple of months ago and I’m completely obsessed. I’ve been trying to make this recipe a couple of times but for some reason the chickpeas don’t come out crunchy at all, do you know what I might be doing wrong? I’ve even left them in the oven for a couple of minutes extra but it’s not working.

  • Ginayou remind me so much of my beloved Nanny I’m so glad I found your channel! Please never stop cooking, singing, and telling your wonderful stories. Thank you for doing this

  • I found your channel while looking for healthy snack recipes that runners can make while trying to eat healthy and keep protein high! I’m working my way through your video backlog now! Great content! I’d love to start sharing your channel in an upcoming video. As a fellow YouTuber I know how much goes into these videos! Keep posting… I just subscribed!

  • Damn it. I should have rewatched the video before making mine. I did not dry them, so all the great spices had a hard time sticking to them. Next time!

  • I’m going to try these today! I’ve got one can of chickpeas left over from making the peanut butter cups 😉 So digging this channel… right now I’m hooked on the red velvet cheesecake and the triple chocolate cookies (great modification for the cookies substitute 1 cup of the oat flour for 20 g of coconut flour & 12 g of PB2, then add 32 g of natural peanut butter to the wet ingredients & use a mix of peanut butter and white chips… OMG SO GOOD).

  • Does anyone no a good way to store them!? I find there super crunchy when cooked but then after being stored for a few hours they go soft again

  • I add the oil in the bowl and all those dry ingredients to the oil and mix it well then add the chic peas to the oil mix and coat well much easier that way.

  • Love how her kitchen is immaculately clean all the time! Also thank you family for sharing your granny with all of us! She is a blessing to the world!

  • Tried this today, had to alternate with the spices, i used ground ginger, turmeric, garlic powder. I absolutely loved it. Thank you!!:DD

  • good god….your overly excited….phony attitude….drove me away…nearly instantly.
    Yet…You’re high subscription #’s Remind me of how shallow minded….my fellow American citizens are…

  • You made it! This looks really delicious! I was waiting so patiently for this video eversince that comment i asked you to do roasted chickpeas 3 different ways, which was a month ago. You made my day! ��

  • I know its stupid question but I had to ask because I did it a few times and they weren’t crunchy. Are they supossed to be crunchy inside too? ��

  • I just made some crispy chickpeas last night. Too bad I didn’t see this video before! They were still delicious, I used salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and rosemary. The next time I make them I will definitely have to try one of these! The chili lime one looks amazing… I may also squeeze a little fresh lime juice on to the chickpeas for more flavor and so the chili and salt stick better!

  • hey honey, I love all ur ideas but this one is a killer but when I put the sugar, it didn’t stick to the chickpeas so any idea why? it not sweet at all

  • Being an indian i like the way you say “garam masala”:D
    just an advise, u can make ‘chicken jalfrazi ‘ same way. #tasty   #healthy   

  • Thanks for sharing! I’m going to try this soon and will update with how it turns out! God bless you too & thank you for continuing to make these they seriously brighten my day!

  • dear Sara Lynn, I’m so happy I found your channel! Thanks so much for your wonderful ideas, your sweetness and charisma. I will deff try the rosemary + brown sugar version -I have a beautiful rosemary pot in my garden:) Love your vids! <3 xxx

  • Thank you. I tried earlier soy beans for about 30 minutes but just put salt only. They came out ok. But nothing like salt with chilli powder & cumin/cinnamon etc.

  • I used to make these all the time in college. My favorite was sesame oil (only a little bit), soy sauce, garlic powder, and a little ginger.

  • Aw snap! Awesome recipe! I am a teen who comes from an indian household and trying to eat healthy and snack healthy. On my recipe-to-make list! <3

  • Yummy, I must try it as soon as possible! I think I have some chickpeas in my pantry, perfect for my mid-week movienight. I also wanted to say, welcome to visit my channel, you might find something you like (I hope)!:-)

  • I’ve made these with a couple different ones. My favorite is olive oil, chili powder, cayenne, and smoked paprika! Oh yeah, still need a healthy coleslaw! ��

  • For all us Aussies… 400deg F is 204 deg C
    And 15 oz cans is 425 grams here. The closest here maybe 440 grams
    Ps she says 1 teaspoon of salt then later she says 1 tablespoon of salt. I looked up the written recipe and it is 1 teaspoon
    Ps I made this today. Way too spicy for my taste buds so I’m sure if I cut the curry powder down to one teas instead of 2 I should be fine.

  • these look delicious. i’ve tried a few other recipes like this but they alsways turn out a bit chewy or mushy in the center. never crispy. Is yours crispy all the way through? i use canned chickpeas

  • Ms. Domestic Geek,  I patiently watched some of your recipes and I must say I liked them v  e  r  y much.  In the new and next episodes please do not forget to mention what temperature to use and for how long.  But I really like your recipes I made these chick peas and they turned out wonderful.  Thanks for easy and easy to follow recipes and dinner ideas.

  • Just made this right now. One canned Walmart brand chick peas. 35 mins oven first. Moved around the peas half way through. Made my marinade. Then coated it then back in the oven at 410 for 20 minutes. It wouldn’t get crunchy until I did this the last step. Hope this helps!

  • I love you! �� I’ve made your Mother’s Day special recipe “Chicken Roast with Potatoes” several times already because it is absolutely delicious. Thank you! God love you and Mother Mary protect you. ��
    P.S. I will definitely try Roasted Chickpeas.

  • I am sorry I have never commented in the past. I have immensely enjoyed watching the videos and listening to your singing. Best wishes for continued success and enjoyment of your excellent culinary skills.

  • For how long can they be preserved? Can we add any seasoning if yes when before roasting or after? You are truly an inspiration. Miss my Grandmas when I see you. Lots of love Ginama

  • The sharing of memories and styles from obviously nuturing goldish days already adds anticipatory seasoning no need for “harrissa”..or “sumac”!! Delicious in my mind and heart and i know…the same shall be true for my nose, tongue, and stomach…
    A tummy will be loved, my whole body blessed…
    Gracia! Yabonga!

  • does not make any sense you dry them from the water and wet them with olive oil, water evaporate much faster than the oil. using curry will burn the stomach and causes hyper acidity, all spices do not get cooked but rather will get dryer and burned and give dark color and become unhealthy for digestive system.

  • I’m new subscriber to your channel in i will love this Receipe for Chick peas i have so many can of thems in my cabinet in i never had thems i got thems threw the church but any who i run up on another channel in i say I’ll do mines like your because i have all the ingredients accept that Soy sauce but not the kind u have but i will get it when i go to the store I’ll probably need it for more Receipes anyway so I’ll buy that kind Thanks again for this easy receipe and i do have a Air Fryer but I’ll just use the Oven L.o.lGod bless u with many other’s receipes 5-18-2020 Now i can have use thems up by snacks Will u Show ma receipe one that’s little Sweet

  • I just tried the chilly lime ones. I tweaked the recipe a little and added some dried mint in it. They turned out amazing. Thanks for all the lovely recipes!

  • I wanted to make these because I seen them on pinterest so I come on YouTube looking for a video…..little did I know, my favorite you tuber has one (you of course) thank you so much!

  • You are a sweet mom… I watched your videos all the time when I get time, and I like all your videos and the most that I like about you is that your accent. Your accent gives more flavor to your recipes. Every time I watch your video, I give you a big LIKE.

  • Aunty Gina, doesn’t matter how big or call your dish is, I still love watching you. Whoever decided for you to be a utuber is genius. Thank you. Love this lady immensely. God bless from Sydney Australia. ♥ ♥ ♥

  • HELLO everyone,chickpeas has been cooked therefore ready to eat,secondly it is being baked in the oven for another length of time under high temperature.
    My concern is over the food properties like protein content and all other minerals or vitamins which is in the peas,dont they get destroyed as a result of over cooking then we end up eating something bad which was suppose to be good?

  • Wow. You got some great stuff man! Keep it going. I’m doing my last week of a bodybuilding prep. And been watching your videos. Probably torturing myself. But getting some great ideas for after hahaha.

  • I am in the process of making this recipe. Some of the chickpeas are popping like pop corn in my oven. Did I do something wrong to have this happen?

  • Miss Gina, I love watching your videos, but we need you to make a cookbook!! Your receipts AND stories. Would be a best seller!!❤️

  • Nice seeing these recipes I’m from Trinidad and Tobago so we called chick peas channa. Another nice snack idea is yellow split peas done the same way. @domesticgeek

  • Hey danni i can tell u plan out the videos before hand sorda like acting but love the blooper at the end of all of em haven’t gotten around to making kale chips for a while at least about 6months
    What spices dose a pro like u recamend? To a rookie thanks for your help dr Watson aka dk

  • Thank you Grandma Gina! My grandmother on my mother’s side was born in Voltuara Appula and came to the USA in 1919. I was 11 when she went to heaven and I listen to you and think of my Grandma! My Mom taught me how to bake and cook, we make many traditional things like you do. God bless you and keep you safe always. Thank you so much for your cooking show:)

  • My suggestion roast it in salt and pan instead oven try out use salt in pan add the peas put in start stir in heat it will get nice toasted pop up this is better option way grandma you owe me one favour ������������

  • you and your recipes are totally awesome… i love your charisma…
    my first wife was italian, (molto pazzo from Bari).. I dont miss her, but i do miss her cooking and her mothers cooking… lol