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Fat and Its Complicated History. Anyone who’s been around long enough remembers the days when eating fat — any kind — was bad, period. It all started when Ancel Keys published a now famous study out of the University of Minnesota in the 1950s linking fat to heart disease. “Of course Keys’ study had some flaws. Fat first started getting the side eye about 60 years ago, when Americans began gaining weight and getting sick; experts concluded dietary fat must be driving obesity and diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and maybe even cancer.

Suddenly, fat was bad and carbs were the better option to break off our big fat love affair. Hinduism and its complicated history with cows (and people who eat them) July 16, 2017 By Wendy Doniger The Conversation. Just this past June, at a national meeting of various Hindu organizations in India, a popular preacher, Sadhvi Saraswati, suggested that those who consumed beef should be publicly hanged.

Hinduism and its complicated history with cows — and the people who eat them. by The Conversation July 20, 2019. Written by The Conversation July 20, 2019. Up to5%cash back · Fat comes in different forms, categorized by color. White fat, the type that we seek to lose when overweight, stores energy. itself draws heavily on Hillel Schwartz’s remarkable history. Like Its Complicated History, Banana Pudding Has Many Layers Layers of silken custard, sliced bananas, and some manner of vanilla baked good come together to form a dessert greater than the sum of.

It’s complicated. (iStock) against mainstream health advice who have either bought into an alternative all-you-can-eat approach to saturated fat. Directed by Nancy Meyers. With Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, John Krasinski. When attending their son’s college graduation, a couple reignite the spark in their relationship. But the complicated fact is they’re divorced and he’s remarried.

Watch never before seen footage in the Simply Complicated Director’s Cut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9T4DQ3sZ_A Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated is a ful. read more > fat and its complicated history Another cool advantage to switching from high-carb to high-fat, it’s near-impossible to bonk during a race, Bitter claims. “Bonking is a scenario that occurs when your glycogen stores are really low, and you’re so dependent on them that you can’t think straight.

List of related literature:

This book attempts to address this silence by exploring the roots of our contemporary ideas about fatness, the ways these cultural narratives still percolate today, and the voices and actions of those who have rejected dominant ideas about the rights and identities of the fat person.

“Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture” by Amy Erdman Farrell
from Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture
by Amy Erdman Farrell
NYU Press, 2011

First, we need fat histories to look to the past in order to critique the constructs that oppress us now.

“The Fat Studies Reader” by Esther Rothblum, Sondra Solovay, Marilyn Wann
from The Fat Studies Reader
by Esther Rothblum, Sondra Solovay, Marilyn Wann
NYU Press, 2009

Nearly all fat activism in this time was based in major cities, though documentary evidence shows women from more remote regions had contact with the movement.

“Being Fat: Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada” by Jenny Ellison
from Being Fat: Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada
by Jenny Ellison
University of Toronto Press, 2020

The past helps us reinterpret our fat in ways that are transformative’ (p. 21).1 As with the reclamation of queer histories, Levy­Navarro claims that ‘we should come to see how [historical] figures who are defiantly fat speak directly to the present in ways that can sustain us’ (p. 20).

“Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism” by Helen Hester, Caroline Walters
from Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism
by Helen Hester, Caroline Walters
Taylor & Francis, 2016

Fat was critical to our ancestors’ survival in winter or during lean times.

“Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food-includes C D” by Jan Chozen Bays
from Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food-includes C D
by Jan Chozen Bays
Shambhala, 2009

Schooled already to think of fat as an issue to be resolved, not wrapped up in moral failings or wider social dilemmas, the French largely ignored the psychological turn.

“Fat History: Bodies and Beauty in the Modern West” by Peter N. Stearns
from Fat History: Bodies and Beauty in the Modern West
by Peter N. Stearns
NYU Press, 2002

Although the idealization of thinness was largely suspended during the privations of the Great Depression and World War II, by the 1950s America’s preoccupation with fatness began to rise again.

“Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America's Obesity Epidemic” by J. Eric Oliver
from Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America’s Obesity Epidemic
by J. Eric Oliver
Oxford University Press, 2005

The conflicting messages generated— that fat is bad but fat is okay— were confusing and ultimately negative.25 The campaign’s lack of focus on “fat” also led to public debate over whether that was fatshaming itself.

“Lazy, Crazy, and Disgusting: Stigma and the Undoing of Global Health” by Alexandra Brewis, Amber Wutich
from Lazy, Crazy, and Disgusting: Stigma and the Undoing of Global Health
by Alexandra Brewis, Amber Wutich
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019

Yes, many believed that the obese were sinfully self-indulgent, but at the turn of the century most people who were very thin were so because of poverty, regular physical labor, or illness—not because of willpower.

“Modern Food, Moral Food: Self-Control, Science, and the Rise of Modern American Eating in the Early Twentieth Century” by Helen Zoe Veit
from Modern Food, Moral Food: Self-Control, Science, and the Rise of Modern American Eating in the Early Twentieth Century
by Helen Zoe Veit
University of North Carolina Press, 2013

These are Susan Bordo’s Unbearable Weight: Feminism, Western Culture, and the Body and Peter N. Stearns’ Fat History: Bodies and Beauty in the Modern West.

“This Thing of Ours: Investigating the Sopranos” by David Lavery
from This Thing of Ours: Investigating the Sopranos
by David Lavery
Columbia University Press, 2002

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  • I’ve lived in Hawaii almost my whole life and I LOVED this! This was AWESOME. You guys NEED to do more stuff with Hawaiian history and myth! The history is awesome! Except for the European takeover, which should have NEVER happened!

  • I hate what the British, Americans and other white colonisers have done to the Natives. I mean seriously the white people who say they are American aren’t even American, that is an ancient land that once belonged to the Native American tribes.

  • Every one deserves to feel great about their body, whether they’re fat, thin, curvy, not curvy, and anywhere in between. Body positivity is about loving yourself and promoting others to love themselves too. If someone wants to loose or gain weight, good for them. As long as they are happy with their body, it doesn’t matter. Not to mention ITS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS. Love yourself, and make other people know its okay to love themselves no matter what race, figure, age, or weight they are.

  • Kelli, I just started doing your videos and don’t really know you, I always admired your purity and how genuine you are always. Including this video. You should be proud of yourself. You are a brave, caring and kind person. God bless

  • From a German professional chocolate & pastry Chef; thank you Mexico for giving the world chocolate, Vanilla, cajeta, corn, and the best cane sugar that exists. Gracias hermanos Mexicanos.����♥️����.

  • Also in Norway, pancakes are almost like crepes, and served with crumbled bacon, sour cream, strawberry jam, and other condiments.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story. As soon as you said you had OCD, I connected. You were so brave to share this. Thank you!

  • Full respect to you Kelli for being honest about your struggles and sharing your story with everyone. There are definitely many people who will benefit from watching this and seeing how you managed to change your entire life for the better. Well done.

  • You didn’t try them salted, I’m disappointed. You should definitely do so next time, maybe even eat them with salted herrings or anchovies. That would definitively hit the spot.

    Also, hitting those foreign accents as if they owed you money ��

  • You are so strong Kelli for having the strength to show your pains to the world. I struggle just talking to my therapist about my personal stuff. I don’t know why but I feel proud of you for having the courage to share something so personal. I have just sought therapy myself, I’m afraid of what’s to come out of it. But your story has made me more brave to bear it.

  • Wait. Hold up. Injera is an actual thing? That wasn’t made up for that one Simpsons episode where Marge becomes a food blogger? I wanna go to an Ethiopian restaurant now.

  • My definition of body positivity is being your true self no matter if you are overweight, underweight or just the right weight for your body but taking in the steps that it takes for you to be healthy.

  • As a descendent of Alexander Hume Ford, I can assure you that your story is wrong about AHF. He was a champion for the Hawaiian people and his actions of this are well documented. You may want to revise this Ted Talk.

  • There is no “normal” body type and every one should be allowed to love their natural body you shouldn’t have to change it for anyone else and if you want to change your body do it for yourself. You are your own boss you should go out and not care about haters. LOVE YOURSELF ��

  • though i agree with the message in this video, i think it’s worth noting that no amount of skinny people posting pictures is gonna stop the currently existing systemic discrimination and bias against fat people. this video in particular is well made, and i think the message is a good one, and personally i believe in being happy in your body and love it with no conditions, and i believe that when that is achieved, no matter the body goals(whether it be for wellness, appearance, health, needs, etc), body positivity is achieved. a lot of activists get fat positivity/anti-fat-shaming and body positivity mixed up.

  • Cassey, I’ve been a fan of your videos for several years now so I say this as tough love: I think that while you always have good intentions and have come a long way in terms of promoting a body positive mindset, there is definitely an aspect to your videos that are inherently fat-shaming and body negative. Titling videos like the “10 Minute Waist Whittler” or the “Beautiful Butt Plump Workout” seems a bit irresponsible since not only is spot-reducing impossible, but also because framing workouts as a means to an end inherently implies that the viewer’s body is inadequate to begin with. I think you’ve done a lot to shift your channel towards encouraging fitness for non-aesthetic purposes (physical and mental health), however, you must take some responsibility for the impact of your brand. I can tell you that when I was 14 years old with an eating disorder, I was definitely not doing the “Swimsuit Slimdown Series” because I loved my body; I was doing it because I wanted to change everything about it.

  • That was very inspiring!! and exactly what i needed…and i’ve been torturing myself since 4 months..with crash diets n cardio…and here i am trying to have a life

  • If there wouldn’t have existed what chocolates are, i wouldn’t got happier… When i feeling sad, in spite of having eaten bitter chocolate always been made me being happy!!!

  • okay but natasha says wanted to make it about how she felt, but still posted before and after photos of her weight loss. for someone who Is promoting body positivity, before and after photos should not even be involved, because even if it’s not the intention, it makes the ‘before’ seem like a bad thing, and people who look like that no longer feel positive about their body, and feel that they should change and aim to look more like the after. of course, she is well within her rights to change her body in which ever way she likes, and it was great that she didn’t post any specific numbers, but before and after photos are always going to be damaging, no matter the intended message.

  • now we are literally manufacturing consent with our own enslavement and there using corona *which doesnt kill 99.9% of people”they are only “someone who had it who died inxa motorcycle crash” in order to boost the numbers. itsbso deceptive and evil its unbelievable and everyone should rebel like the 60s and DEMAND civil liberties.

  • I’m new to body positivity and for me it’s choosing to love my body and wanting to take care of it.


    Before when I would focus on weight loss and hating the way I looked I could never stay on a healthy plan. My aesthetic was never going to keep me motivated. I always gave up.


    But deciding to treat my body with kindness and love was a total game changer. Looking at food as fuel for my body and a way to love my body instead of punishing it was a game changer. Wanting to making my body stronger and more able instead of punishing it with exercise was a game changer. My non scale victories and goals are the new finish line. I want to have less pain in my knee and feet. I want to be healthy and fit for an upcoming surgery and give myself the best chance for recovery. I want my body to make a baby and feed my child. I want a healthy pregnancy and lower risk for complications like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. I want to celebrate my body for what it can do!


    I’m on my way to a healthier life, and part of that journey does include weight loss. I have to be very careful not to make weight loss the goal. It’s not the goal! Weight loss is only one of the tools I will use to reach my goals. It might seem like a subtle difference, but it’s making a huge difference to me. And I think that’s what counts.

  • I appreciate the work and research that went into this video. I think you’re right that body positivity is a somewhat amorphous term that means different things to different people. And I am sorry that you received so many negative comments and hate from people you thought were your fans. There’s just no cause for that.
    For myself? I came to body positivity (or lets say body acceptance? fat acceptance?) through a long history of self hate, judgement from friends and family about the size and shape of my body and relentless messages from health gurus, commercials, movies, television shows, gyms, workout videos, clothing stores etc etc that told me that if I was not thin, I had no worth. Lots of women and girls, men and boys suffer from this cultural pressure. I was always chubby as a kid and when I hit puberty, my sister put me on the first of a long string of diets. The ole dry toast and frozen grapes and low fat yogurt early 90s diet, where fat was the enemy and carbs were fine.

    Fast forward twenty years and I had lost and gained over a hundred pounds through a series of crash diets, low carb diets, work out routines and binge eating. I was exhausted and hated myself.

    Then I found Intuitive Eating. I think this may be a missing component of your video. Intuitive Eating (IE) focuses in on the (fact) that the human body does not like to lose weight. We have developed over hundreds of thousands of years to find calories and consume them and hold onto them at all costs to avoid starvation in a world where food wasn’t always as easy to get as a trip to the supermarket. Food restrictions, even small “sensible” ones cause our body’s physical and mental systems to go into starvation mode and increase hunger hormones. When the body senses any sort of food restrictions, even minor, “sensible” ones, it will trip off a series of biological defense mechanisms to keep you from “starving”.

    This is why 90+% of diets do not last past a few months or years. We are not built to starve. It doesn’t matter if the restrictions are for our health, or if they’re for weight loss, or if they’re because we’re stranded in the wilderness somewhere. If you cut portions or cut out food types and groups, your body will rebel.

    I, like virtually every woman I know who is on some long series of yo yo diets, learned this the hard way. So I stopped restricting and just ate what I wanted. And yeah, I gained quite a bit of weight. My body was sick and tired of starving and made me eat until it felt sure I wouldn’t starve again. On the up side, my binging, which had plagued me for decades evaporated the minute I stopped restricting. And with the help of body positive bloggers and podcasts and writers, I learned to accept who I am without restrictions.

    Now this is not the same as wanting to become stronger, faster, healthier through non-restrictive methods. Drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and enough rest. Adding enough movement into your day, or weight lifting/jogging/pilates/yoga? All good! So is making sure to eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables. But taking food away? Restrictions have been proven not to work long term for most people.

    HAES Health At Every Size is connected to IE and means that a person can pursue health from a weight neutral perspective. If you’re fat, you can still work out and add nutrient dense foods to your diet and not have to starve.

    And the final component is the psychological one. Very little research has been done into the role self hate and the stress of living life in a fat body in a culture that hates fat people has done to the health of fat people. If stress kills, than what happens to a person who hates themselves virtually every second of every day. Health includes pleasure you feel from eating ice cream or pizza with your friends. It includes spending time with family, hugs from your kids, playing with your pets and being fine and dandy with your body no matter how it looks.

    So when someone says they want to lose weight through dieting, I mostly hear “I want to restrict my food and starve my body”. You don’t have to see it that way, but that’s how lots of body positive/IE/HAES people feel, and might be behind why they say you can’t lose weight purposefully and be body positive. I think if you look into IE and HAES and maybe talk to people like Christy Harrison or Page Smathers, or talk to Evelyn Triblole or Elyse Resch who wrote the IE book, you’ll get a broader perspective. Good luck!

  • I have to admit, it took me a really long time to watch this video. I was very hurt when Cassey started her 90-day journey because at the time, her and I were almost the exact same size. For someone with a history of ED and body dysmorphia (me, not Cassey), it was so distressing and disappointing that I had to unsubscribe. I felt like I couldn’t keep supporting Cassey’s work without feeling like a hypocrite.

    Almost a year later, I’m in a different place. I felt comfortable enough with myself to finally watch this, and I’m glad I did. While I’ve really arrived to be a body positive person since my recovery, it’s very eye-opening (and disheartening) to see how narrow-minded the mainstream body positivity movement has become. I commend plus-size models for coming forward and sharing their struggles, and all of the sneaky tricks the industry uses to make us think that even when you’re plus-size, there is still an “ideal.”

    Body positivity should be about loving and taking care of your body, and encouraging others to do the same, regardless of their size. Everyone is on their own journey. Bodies change sometimes because we want them to, and sometimes it’s out of their control. At the end of the day, the lesson seems to be the same for most every debate about life: talk less, listen more. You can’t hear other people’s truths if you’re too busy calling them an asshole ����‍♀️

  • I really needed this talk… You are just marvellous!! Thanks a ton!! I’ll be back soon… Emotionally, Mentally and physically Happier!! ��

  • Am body positive aboute my self i dont fill bad a bout me i i dont fill bad about biing soper skinny
    And i dont fill bad a bout my self any more

  • I just wish whites would stop with the self shaming. there will come a time where people are not going to take it anymore, being blamed for all the worlds problems

  • I don’t want to be annoying but why did you turn off auto subtitles for this video? It makes it harder for me to access and I really wanted to watch it.:)

  • There’s a story of how surfing came to Ireland. There was a lady who owned a hotel or hostel off the coast of Ireland somewhere. (I don’t know when, me Ma told me this story) She went on holidays to America and saw surfing. She thought the waves there were nothing compared to ones off the coast of Ireland, so she brought home a few surf boards so the American tourists could use them at her hotel to go surfing in Ireland. Her kids found the surf boards and took them and started surfing all day which annoyed her cuz they weren’t doing their chores. Now the water around Ireland is actually kind of dangerous and it’s really cold. It’s not just calm, lazy, beach fun so if you want come here and see some mad lads surfing then come along.

  • Hey, my family is from Ethiopia, and the I always see people online trying to describe injera, and it’s something that’s hard to describe in terms of western food. Most people call it a flat sourdough bread or, like you did, a massive pancake. For me and some other Ethiopians I’ve spoken to about this, injera is not so much a meal, it is moreso the utensil you use to eat it. Like I said, it’s hard to explain, and I still haven’t found a good description of it, but I just felt obligated to say this.

  • why would i have even been unlucky if i was born before the 16th century, people didnt know what chocolate was so they wont really be upset about not having it, even me i wont know theres chocolate so i wouldnt be unlucky.

  • As long as we admit that Diderot and atheism had nothing to do with the violence here, Russia, or China it’s good.

    We all know that the right and religious incited the violence as they have in the USA.

  • All girls need body positivity not just bigger girls! A big reason I was so determined to be I. Shape when I was younger was because I was only attracted to fit/thin guys. I loved food and sweets but I wanted to be fit because I felt it hypocritical of me to want a fit guy but not being fit myself. And you know what? I love working out and the urge to eat sweets and junk lessens as you change habits and become healthier.

    But we still need body positive. What about the girls who have smaller chests? No booty? Big nose? Short? Tall? Shallow people are mean to people for being born a certain way and I’m all for no body shaming of any sort.

  • At 22:57 the black lady said ” I’m talented, I’m beautiful, I’m amazing just the way I am.” 

    One thing she doesn’t have is modesty. This is why people like her annoy me. I would never say such self-aggrandizing nonsense.

    She’s given up and she wants people to think that her fatness is intentional.

  • Just stumble on your channel a few weeks ago.. really enjoyed you channel with its historical content combining it with foods and cooking.. i’m a fan of art history.. i think you are on to something.. should do this full time.. so much to explore.. was watching something on ”NHK” tv.. ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30hxxDfNXS0” you are almost as good as this people.. ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4l6xNW2cJk”... achieving 200K plus sub is truly miraculous in such a short space of time.. congratulation

  • FYI, turning an alaia is done in the similarity to a normal board, it’s just relies on rail control. What you said about the ya day and feet doesn’t really make sense.

  • It is hard to tell your own truth, but it is exhilarating, well done Kelly. For sure your love for sports and dance got you back where you wanted to be. I can definitely say many of us love your videos and this definitely helps.

  • straight size people? are you kidding me? So queerness and fat go hand in hand? nuh-uh that is some fucked up logic right there. that is so incredibly limiting. i am so sick to death of these so called revolutionary people shutting out whichever subsections of people they want to. if your revolution includes divisiveness its not a revolution.

  • I enjoyed this video until it said “This is a complex problem that persists despite efforts from major chocolate companies to partner with African nations to reduce child and indentured labor practices.” Transnational corporations created that awful system and pressure on local resources (while outsourcing manufacturing and value-added activities to richer countries!), not the locals themselves. Way to flip the narrative… Also, how come all the Europeans in the video have distinct faces (eyes, nose, mouth) but not the African workers? I don’t know if that was an unconscious decision but it’s really dehumanizing.

  • “it was really cool to see how many women and girls related to the pressure I felt to have the perfect body”
    As a man I can relate to the pressure.

  • Surprised you didn’t mention that there was a firework display in the now place de la concorde to mark the marriage of Louis and Marie. The fireworks ended up killing 132 people.

  • Kelly thank you for sharing your story I teach health and wellness spirit soul and body and that is so important for people to understand even us who may teach is share our journey and how we got started I am not a registered fitness trainer I am one who is an athlete who play sports for long period of time and have taken what I have learned in sports and from the coaches I had and my health journey and have used that to help others thank you for your testimony and I am so glad that you came up in out of that place and you are in a better place now.

    I use fitness blender weekly in my workouts I love it I’m glad I found it and I already share it with others

  • Wow that history is so recent (f’n colonizers again wtf)

    But I was shocked and disgusted to see natives in Hawaii recently living in poverty; with so much $ coming in and obviously tons of rich white people owning most of the fancy houses, it’s so messed up…

  • I don’t care for the phrase body positivity. All I think is stuff you I do what I want as long as I’m happy.
    Telling people who’s actually is truly unhealthy fat or skinny don’t worry it’s all ok is stupid in my opinion. I actually think it’s no it’s very not ok.
    It’s not ok do something about your health. No you’re unhealthy you’re overweight and no you’re unhealthy you’re way too skinny.
    Sometimes we need criticism. Babying everybody isn’t good for them at all.

  • Apply Chomsky’s own methods to his body of political preaching, and you will begin to realize how groundless is his rhetoric.
    When he steps outside of linguistics, Chomsky represents the corruption, hatred, and propaganda the academic world have been cultivating for generations. He is simply comedy relief.

  • I love this mini documentary! I’ve had so many qualms with how warped, negative, and physically and mentally unhealthy the body positivity movement has become because of single-mindedness online. I love thinking of body positivity as a journey, filled with self love and encouragement. This is fantastic Cassey, thank you:)

  • Labor tax. That’s us now. For 120 hours of work, they take out about 40 hours worth of labor from me. And then they want more during tax season. When is the United States going to have a revolution?

  • YouTube really attacked me ���� I struggle with a lot that people around me in my life do not know of. I’m an athlete relatively healthy, muscular and built. But I always struggled with loving my body. Told I’m overweight when really it wasn’t the unhealthy overweight but no one ever told me that. So I took matters into my own hands starting fasting and eating small meals and doing crazy workouts that any normal human being would probably not make it out alive. All just to satisfy myself and make myself happy with the number on the scale. I always forget that yes u are an athlete there is muscle inside u it’s not fat but I can’t seem to get the fact that I weigh a certain amount out my head. I can’t even enjoy myself with friends I will starve myself and tell my mom I’m not hungry when I get back for dinner. It’s rough idk where to get help idk how to fix it but I need help. I just want to keep my current weight maybe a little lower and still b happy and eat what I want. Nobody has to read this it just felt nice to speak abt it. Hav a blessed day

  • I am fat and I have always hated my body. Even with the body positive movement, I don’t want to stay in my body. I want to loose weight because I will otherwise always feel like I live in a shell of a horrible time in my life. I don’t like people who say that people who are skinny have no body issues. Everyone has body image issues because the “ideal bodies” that we always see is the result of a computer.

  • I totally get where you’re coming from, TRUE body positivity should be about making your body how you want it to be, not what others think or say it should be, and pursuing the best version of yourself

  • Imagine looking at someone’s body and deciding you get to judge it and another person’s life choices, and calling that body positivity.

  • Thinner ladies should absolutely be allowed to be body positive. Especially now when being bigger is in fashion. Thicker in the right places. Us girls who are naturally skinny are starting to feel less beautiful and less longed for. We need body positivity, too. Everyone does, plain and simple. You should be supported to look however you wanna look!

  • A good documentary made unlistenable and unwatchable by aggressive cacophony of psychedelic sounds, flash images and animated forms. Many facts, data and information of the narrator can’t be caught due to the background “artistic” (?) effects. Pity.

  • Kelli.. you are the one who inspired me few years back.. I never stopped working out ever since I watched this video!! You are truly inspiring ��

  • To me: body positivity is that EVERY BODY deserves to be confident and respected no matter the size. I find it ridiculous that some body positive people SHAME people who are thin, which in my eyes is anti body positive, because ALL bodies deserve to be loved and respected!!!! Thank you for this vid ����

  • Hi you have shared great videos! But this one is the best, your journey is inspiring. Thanks a lot for sharing your story, your achievement is a commendable feat.

  • Thank you so much Kelli. I’m 21 and I’ve been working out with you since I was 18. I felt really bad about my body and my life. I was so unconfident and I hated myself. But you saved me. You’ve changed my life. I can not tell you how much I appreciate you for your amazing workout videos.

  • Body positivity needs to be expanded. There is so much trauma around outer appearance. Body positivity needs to be for everyone who’s been called too skinny, too muscular, too tall, too short, been told that their nose is too big, their eyes are too small, their neck is too long, been stared at for a birth mark they can’t help, a disability that’s not their fault, a skin condition they were born with, stretch marks they earned during a pregnancy. It should be for anyone who’s looked themselves in the mirror and hated what they’ve seen looking back at them.

  • People need to live more in their own bodies. Think more about what your body needs. I think we look to influencers, or any information that confirms or perpetuates our current state. Rather than reacting to other people’s bodies….which change, let’s focus on ourselves.

  • I have a VERY similar story. Thank you for sharing. I have finally acknowledged my disorder. I was ashamed as well. Thank you for sharing. It is so comforting to know Im not alone. God bless you.

  • My mom used to make pancakes from scratch, but she would use baking soda. I don’t know maybe she used too much but I could always taste it! When it was fresh it wasn’t so bad, but the leftovers…�� I always ate them anyway, but I couldn’t stand them. I’ll have to try the cream/egg fluffing method!

  • Leave it to Ted to turn it into some weird racial political thing that doesn’t make sense and didn’t exist. We bought Hawaii. Because Hawaii wanted to be bought

  • Hey Kelly..u know a lot of people.might have reached out to u after this video saying that they relate..and I would like to say I do too..
    I don’t exactly remember my first memory of being called fat..but I think somewhere around the age of 13 I remember being made fun of by a senior in school..and I don’t know why it really hurt..since then my confidence level dropped like anything..I got so introvert that I stopped talking to people or getting out just coz I was afraid what would they think..my choice of clothes was decided by the fact that how loose they are..and I never ever got to respect my body..im a chronic asthamatic and coz of the medicines I took since childhood my weight kept on increasing inspite how much I exercised..
    Till now the weight had not affected my physical health though..
    But since last year after giving birth to my first child things got worse with my body..all sorts of pain in all sorts of places started.it was then when I was consoled and counselled by my husband and family and I started a professional health program..and since then I have discovered the science of eating right..and now when I follow ur strength training videos (while keeping my diet clean)it gives me a never before experienced GOOD feeling.. and an inspiration that soon I’ll be able to achieve smthing that in a way I was devoid of my entire childhood..and more importantly I will have a HEALTHY body..
    Thank u so much for sharing ur story with people like me..
    And thank u so much for posting such effective workouts..

  • Many Anglican and Episcopal churches continue the tradition of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Last year, I helped make an obscene stack of pancakes in a monastery kitchen for our Shrove Tuesday dinner, it was so much fun! One of these years I’ll get around to coordinating a pancake race in the churchyard

  • How do you see someone putting wood on water and standing on it and call it sinfull? If I went around searching for shipwrecked merchants floating on splintered masts, and flogging them on site, they’d have me put away.

  • While surfing was thought to have first started in Hawaii and the Polynesian islands, there was recently substance evidence that indigenous people in peru were surfing long before Anyone else.

  • ever so quaint and fancy. I think we all need a pancake for absolution sometimes. Also, I heated my pan reasonably hot and wiped it with a cloth and now my house is burned down and I have 3rd degree burns. also, also, way to stick it to 1935 vogue magazine… bunch of jerks.

  • Do Americans put lard yeast in their pancakes?..
    I’m an Aussie and have been making them in the video my mum made them this way, my grand mother, etc.

  • Most of the plus-size Instagram models I saw are just morbidly obese and are selling body positivity to the same audience without actually motivating them to change their bad habits. There is a difference between beauty and health. You can be pretty but not healthy and the other way around. We should draw the line between being fat and being morbidly obese. And the funny thing is, many of these models are promoting #healthy at every weight movement yet none of them says anorexia is healthy or normal (and if they did that would be insane). It is ok to be fat, chubby etc. But being delusional and saying it’s ok to weight 300lbs and at the same time promote healthy life while still making bad decisions is just hypocritical (like Tess Holliday). And many of plus-size models and fat positivity communities that should be accepting are just full of hate towards white skinny women for being the way they are. I’m sorry, but many girls that are actually skinny (and healthy) worked their ass off to look like that. Just dismissing them and discluding them from body positivity movement and saying they have nothing to say and have no struggles is just utterly rude and closed-minded. We should include everyone, despite of their race, gender and weight/look of their body without shaming them for making progress because that is the point, actually working towards the goal and not crying over your phone while skinny shaming girls because your bad and unhealthy choices made you morbidly obese. Obesity shouldn’t be justified just like any other illness, because at the end of the day it’s killing people. Say strong, work, change, grow. Don’t stay comfortable.

  • There really is no “daily news”.
    Just a daily assigned delusion.
    And we must learn to limit our views.
    To avoid creating confusion.
    I may not agree with what you say.
    But I’ll fight for your right to express it.
    For such fights make new headlines each day.
    And the press knows just how to repress it.

  • I watched this video a couple of years ago, but today I watched it again with my 12-year old daughter and she listened every second of your video! she was very touched by your story ��

  • In this day and age, people identify (or wish to identify) way too much with celebrities. I tend to do this myself sometimes. So when they take some influencer as their representative, and that person changes in some way, then suddenly you feel like they’ve betrayed you. This happens to ANY online community. For Muslims, when Dina Tokio decided to go out without a hijab, people went APESHIT. Even tho nearly every Muslim woman has had a complicated relationship with headscarves all their lives.

  • Let’s not forget that the Aztec and Maya practiced human sacrifice, violently conquered other tribes and enslaved people different from themselves. You should remember that every time you eat chocolate.

  • Just like feminism has putting men down to bring women up, body positivity has putting skinny women down to bring fat women up.

    You don’t always need to dis an entire group to support another group.

  • I can’t find the comment now,there being so many here but someone said,”He’s one of them. You never hear him criticize Israel.” By “one of them” I assume the commenter refers to NC’s Jewishness. He is jewish. But I’ve heard him criticize the aggression and military build up of Israel frequently,as well as America’s automatic support of it. I daresay this may be due to holocaust guilt. America’s,not Chomsky’s. Objecting to the actions of a Jew does not make one anti semitic,by the way. Let the fur now fly.

  • everything has sugar added to it these days…. is this the reason so many people have diabetes? it may not seem to relate to this topic however, I doubt that being ill physically will add to peoples capacity to think, as the guest points out.

  • Deep Subject the Problem is You left out the Age of Discovery Documents. And how 95 million indigenous people were Massacred or Holocausted their blood to obsequiously Found America.

  • on US war business…selling guns and ammos…maybe it is on yearly budget agenda….who knows what country is the next target….i think this should be a shameful actions

  • Avran Noam Chomsky validated a lot of ideas, concepts, and principles I hold dear since high school and more. Center of it all is the self-vested interests in the criminal partnership between the state and big business that could only flourish under the protection of a violent state. I tip my hats off to you Noam! Thank you!

  • I think with your 90 fitness journey, you ran into the same problem I always have when I try to get in shape. Many people think thin=being in shape. I am naturally thin but I am NOT in shape and every time I try to get in shape, I get attacked about not loving myself, I need to be more positive about my body, I don’t need to lose weight, etc. If a 100 year old lady can beat a 20-somehting going upstairs, I think I am not in shap.

  • You should be proud of your journey to becoming healthy, whether you’re gaining or losing weight, but you really shouldn’t get offended because the doctor said that your weight is unhealthy.
    What you should get offended by, is people treating you differently because of your weight.

  • I watched this documentary a long time ago but am disappointed that the chosen tribe is never mentioned in it. Probably because Noam belongs to the same tribe…

  • I can only imagine what the missionaries were thinking when they saw people on the water like that. “Heathens!” that’s what. I read “Hawai’i” I couldn’t stand some of what I read.

  • Hi there! I work at an ad agency and we LOVE this video and would love to be able to use a part of it in a commercial we’re working on. Would love to discuss further if you’re interested. Could you shoot us an email at [email protected] hhcc.com? Thanks!

  • I’m so sad because I grew up only knowing my history post christianity. But in the last year I’ve been so fascinated with the pacific history and the similarities we share across the Pacific Ocean because our ancestors sailed back and fourth as they pleased. However each pacific island lost a lot of their culture and knowledge due to missionaries.

  • Your total honesty and showing us how painful your process had been was so moving. And now, your presence during your exercise videos is comforting and friendly. I like seeing you make “mistakes” like maybe using too heavy weights, etc. Almost all other exercise videos show nothing but “perfection” that I don’t even want to watch them, let alone practice the exercises. Watching you, though, makes everything accessible and doable. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kelli. I know it was hard for you. All the best.

  • who wants to hear abt the time a brandy melville worker made me cry in the literal store but i couldnt leave cuz i had to wait for my friend cuz she was in a changing room so i basically cried in.
    front of all the judgmental brandy workers and can never go back to that store because of it?

  • If we carry extra weight into our older age we are leaving ourselves open for all kinds of deadly diseases. Nobody ever talks about this. Old age is real and with obesity it doesn’t go well. If you want to be on all kinds of meds, have surgeries, cancers, diabetes, heart disease. By all means stay over weight.

  • On the subject of models, I wanted to point out my appreciation for companies like Knix.ca. They sell swimwear and lingerie for women of all sizes and their models have stretch marks and cellulite and stomach rolls and nothing is airbrushed away and it really makes me happy. After having two kids my body is covered in purple stretch marks and lines and too see other women who look like me being used as models was very refreshing

  • Kelli you are such a beautiful spirit. You shared your pain and this is truly inspirational. God bless you and keep doing the videos. Love from Verona, Italy.

  • LOOOOOVING the Devil Wears Prada(fav chickflik) reference, Dahrliiing!(Miranda Priestly would be proud of you(and might even smile…but she would NEVER eat these faaaabulous pancakes…Kudos on another great video, sir)

  • Amazing how the people who loved Chomsky a year ago are the same people who can’t understand why anyone would question the coronavirus narrative….

  • Kelli is awesome. Not only did she overcome this, but shes an awesome coach as well. Also seems like an awesome person. Good for you Kelli!

  • This video was really hard for me but really important for me to see. I admit that I was one of those people who was critical/worried when Cassey did her weight loss journey, but I think that has more to do with my history of an eating disorder than her not being “body positive enough.” I have always loved Cassey because she focuses so much on self-love and empowerment, but because I am someone who’s really triggered by numbers and things like “slim down” or “flat abs,” I had to step away from the channel during all the weight-loss talk especially because I am someone who’s struggling to accept being in a bigger body than I am used to now that I’m on a medication that makes me gain weight. But as someone struggling to deal with her body changing, I think it’s important to point out that change goes in both directions. Hating someone for losing weight implies that it’s not okay for your body to change, period. If you want to feel positive about gaining weight, you have to respect other people’s choices to lose weight too. The trouble comes in where the societal messaging that “thin is good, fat is bad” does. As someone who grew up with diet culture messaging I feel good if I lose weight, even if I don’t try to, and bad when I gain weight, period this isn’t an intentional association and it’s something I have to work to correct. If I’m striving for a smaller body, I feel like I’m telling myself my larger body isn’t okay. One thing I’ve noticed throughout it all, though, is I focus on the same parts of my body at every weight. I’m critical of it no matter what I weigh because you can control weight, but not how it’s distributed. That’s why I like the term “body neutrality” over “body positivity.” It lets you accept that you don’t have to feel super positive about your body all the time or avoid weight loss at all costs or do things by the “body positivity rulebook.” It’s less about being head-over-heels in love with yourself 24/7 at any size and more about being okay with your body and accepting that at any point on your journey, you are where you are.

  • No one,

    Literally no one,

    Tax collector How many windows u have in ur house.
    Lady 3 windows.
    Tax collector You have to pay tax for that..

  • Kelli, you are brave. The number of times you attempted and couldn’t complete this video and then eventually did proves beyond any doubt your bravery.

  • Noam is a very smart man. I always love hearing his opinion on the world. He has been warning people for years. Great Documentary.

  • I like this video, but, omg, this editing drives me crazy. So many different shots used so uncontrollably, like in a kaleidoscope new close-up and shot every 2-3 seconds.

  • You guys downplayed the point of how Hawai’i gained statehood. American settlers came to Hawai’i, overthrew the rightful gouvernement and inplemented a puppet gouvernement with the sole goal of getting annexed by the US. So they way how Hawai’i became part of the US is even illegal following US law, if I can trust my memory. #FreeHawai‘i

  • Chomsky is an arrogant, judgemental, careless, ass who never takes responsibility for his actions but rather shifts the blame on everyone who disagrees. That doesn’t mean I disagree with all his opinions, but he’s damn difficult to stomach.

  • Body positivity for me, is about accepting your body and loving it
    Loving it and making it better (while you can), if you’re unhealthy, then making it healthy is body positivity because you love it
    If you have some disabilities that you can’t changer, them embracing them and accepting them and living with them without shaming yourself and hating yourself for it, is body positivity

  • Thank you very much, Kelli. You are a strong woman. And we all are strong. I just need to lose my weight, I am 54 and I exercise with you every morning Pilates and Joga from April, this year. And,… my back pain dissappeared, I am HAPPY!

  • I’m sorry, this might be culturally insensitive, but I find injera to be disgusting. It has no actual flavor, a horrible spongy texture, and is a terrible substitute for a spoon.

  • theelites monoplosized our water system and air and electricty under the guise of government and keep them bankrolled and we give them our taxes too so what they dont pay to keep us in an illusion we, pay ourselves to stay dumbed down

  • body positivity is creating the body you feel good in, and i can’t imagine that some1 really feels positive in his 100+ kg body, guess they are just too lazy to workout (excluding people who are ill)
    now after i lost 23kg i’m sure more positive than with 100+ kg.
    Accepting yourself as you are is okay, if you want to live a mediocre life but if you want to live an extraordinary life then you need to stive for perfection, ok we all know you will never reach it but setting the goals higher is always better than setting them lower or not setting them at all
    but ok, every1 lives the lifes they deserve so just be like what feels good for you.

  • Praise God for your testimony Kelli! Jesus loves you for stepping up and getting out of your comfort zone to encourage others!!! You are such a blessing!!!

  • Amazing story, thanks for sharing,btw you guys have helped so many during lockdown with your website its amazing, proper helped them,you deserve a medal or honours hope u get them:) x

  • I understood it to be about so much more than body size. Inclusion for all types of bodies. Older ones. Disabled ones. Ones with unusual markings eg port wine stain etc

  • 43:19 Ahh Tom Wolfe “Merchants of Doubt” would have sorted you on this topic right away, albeit many years after this interview ��

  • Light which is Christ as he is the light and the life of the world, is attained and mediated by the Lord of Hosts who does host us and which is reflected by all being as the luminaries of the universe reflect the light of the sun which is powered by Christ whom the Father created the universe through as Christ created the universe according to the will of the Father. Faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father all others lead stray away from the path which is Christ, in the house of the evil one. As there is nothing ever for sure, FAITH is the word we use for pretty much everything hence forth faith in Jesus Christ who is the only way, Christ, Savior, Redeemer from the eternal falling away which is endless.

  • what type of “diet” do you follow, meaning what do you predominately eat? and don’t eat/eliminate? Would love to know if your mostly raw, or vegan, veg, paleo, keto, or a individual diet you usually follow/basic guidelines each day…would love to have you share this! Thanks so much Kelly for being vulnerable here and being a light and coach for women during these times. Love your workout videos. Bless

  • I know this might be a bit late, but in the video they mentioned surfing being practiced in ancient West Africa and I want to learn more about that, but can’t seem to find any information on the subject. Does anyone have any info on surfing in ancient/pre-colonial Africa on any part of the continent, or where I can learn more about it? Thanks in advance.

  • This was an amazing video. I’ve been subscribed to you since around 2011 when I was only like 14 years old. I stopped watching for a few years, and recently found your channel again after all of this crazy “controversy” went down. I know exactly what you’re talking about with the whole body positivity movement being so complex and hard to understand. I’m also a relatively thin person who sometimes wants to lose a few pounds, wondering if I’m even technically allowed to be body positive by the many definitions of it. The past 10 years has also been a confusing time to grow up, as the “instagram” beauty standard has changed so much. I have proportionally bigger hips/butt compared to the rest of my body and when I was younger I was constantly insecure about it. At some point in the last few years there’s been this crazy shift where people will tell me I have a fat butt and mean it as a compliment instead of an insult and IT’S SO BIZARRE. It would be amazing for you to make a video analyzing not only body positivity but the crazy shift in ‘body trends’ in the last decade that’s gone along with it.

    To me, body positivity has meant accepting that my body is always changing and always will be. Not allowing myself to define my mood by how much i weigh, and accepting that fitness is a lifetime journey that will never be a straight line. If I set a short term weight loss goal, realizing that I may gain it back and it’s not the end of the world because I have my whole life to repeat and evolve the process. I make a conscious effort to not talk about my own fitness or weight around others unless they specifically ask, because it’s such a fragile topic for so many. Also supporting that other people are on their own individual journeys I know nothing about, and to not really ever comment on someone else’s body even if I think it’s something positive. (Ex. People telling me I have a fat butt as a compliment, when it makes me extremely uncomfortable. Best to not comment.) I know that everyone has different definitions, but this is roughly what makes sense to me.

    Really, our bodies should be the least interesting thing about us. The problem is, as women we’ve been raised with the media ingraining into us that our bodies are the ONLY thing that matters. All we can do is try our best to do whatever makes us feel good. Thank you for making this video.

  • Its a very beautiful story Kelli. As a matter of culture and poverty eating disorders are not considered as a psychological problem in my country, so individuals don’t know that they have to get psychological help for it.

  • This is pretty much how my mum always made pancakes. Big fat American style pancakes weren’t really a thing where I’m from. She would stuff them with caramalised bananas so yummy.

  • The horror of children slavery in chocolate production in Africa… Thank you for spreading the word. Certainly not all about chocolate is sweet….A thoroughly educational video indeed…Thank you for not hiding the TRUTH.

  • Kelli, love you so much! I have subscribed and working with you, and by sharing this video to us, you open your heart I and that is so sincere.

  • Thank you so so much Kelly. I have been food once a day since 2 months in order to lose weight but this video of yours made me realise I have been torturing my body, I am now gonna focus on fitness and go according to my body! Thank you Kelly

  • I’m not a small person and I always felt like I was too big.. now I’ve lost a little weight and I looked smaller in the mirror and I miss being big but I don’t know what to do

  • I know, people are just waiting to blame missionaries and Christians after watching this video. the practice was sinful.not surfing.they were doing surfing to please pagan gods and they didn’t mean surfing as a sports was sinful.try to understand the things properly, before bashing out missionaries and Christians.plus this channel has anti Christian views,so they just made it sounds like Christians are the culprits for all the problems.

  • I don’t like this food shaming culture. Just eat what you like.
    We have a proverb in my country it encourages kids to eat it literally translate to (Eat you only eat Health)
    In Syria Damascus we have a traditional sweet pancake called (Tamary be Ka’ek) Tamary comes from word Tamer mean Dates the put a thick liquid made from Dates on the pancake then Tahini and some fine Sugar and wrap it some have upgraded by adding a banana it tastes nice.

  • I’m thinking with all the negativity in the body positivity movement I really want no part of it. I wish the definition was really what I’ve heard, “Acceptance at EVERY size.” That means my size 6 should be just as acceptable as a size
    24. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. If I say I accept myself, it’s not okay because…I’m a size 6? I’m not anorexic. Why is my body not acceptable?

  • Thank you so much for sharing! I know that was a hard thing to do, and you are very brave for doing so. Hopefully your words have helped others, so thanks again for sharing your story <3

  • The Lemon Ricotta pancakes �� from The Inn on Coventry (East Cleveland) are the sort of thing that inspired H.P. Lovecraft… they are served individually or in stacks, you WILL order them in addition to your already complete meal order, it’s FAR too much food but you have no power against them. The waitstaff DOES NOT CARE about your problems, the line is 9 miles long and if you’re having a hard time there are a half a million other people in line right then dying to take your place and the staff knows the food is perfect so whatever’s wrong is a you problem and not a them problem. Dining experience normally includes watching countless patrons eat themselves into crawling oblivion as you mock their lack of self control before following them on their path… Cleveland is obese for a reason

  • Kelli, I am very sorry for your experience with ED as I know how awful it is. And very glad you’ve recovered. HOWEVER, IMHO, the photos of you send the wrong message to ED sufferers. You’re “Before” body was perfectly lovely and you’re “after” body is a body that few women can really hope to achieve. YOu are really promoting weight loss, at the end of the day, and fairly extreme weight loss at that. I like some of your approaches to overcoming ED but none of them are truly aligned with the standard protocol for treating ED currently. I’m glad they worked for you but please, be careful about what your are purveying to other girls and women.

  • 100% Mexican Chocolate ������������������������������������������������ From Mexico to the world ���� Corn ���� Popcorn ���� Chewing gum ���� etc

  • Damn! I feel guilty for enjoying chocolate. In my youth I was eating chocolate made from the sweat of other children! UPSETTING IMMENSITY! UNBELIEVABLE! ����

  • Hi!

    Very delicious recipe!) Thanks!
    I am your subscriber! I would be glad if you subscribe to my channel 😉 I wish you success in all your endeavors with all my heart!)

  • “Cannibal” was code for indigenous. What they’re saying was that the crepes could civilize native black africans. This was right around the time of the colonization of west africa

  • Because other than that a human a grown up can look very scary to a child and you can not talk to them because how would they understand and they are so mean anyways.

  • Thank you! I’m 19 and been dealing with so much over the last few years with my weight. And to hear you speaking about this in such an amazing way!!!

  • Your story helped me alot after watching your story i started eating healthy and do your workouts and i lost 24kgs in a year, thanks alot ��

  • When I make pancakes I like to add spices like this. Not mace BC I usually don’t have it but cinnamon allspice and nutmeg. For French toast too

  • Thank you for this lovely, mouth-watering post. My favorite pancakes, which I have to make for myself because nobody else will, are nice thick sturdy pancakes, not sweet at all, dripping with butter, and with a little maple syrup on the side, and plenty of crisp bacon. Sometimes I add a little cornmeal to my pancake batter, which is even better batter, especially when fried in butter.

  • Loved how he embraced the female surf since the beginning until the end xx (even though is in the history, much people choose to deny)

  • I’m positive with what I want to do in my body. I want to change not because I hate myself. It’s because I believe, I will be more healthy. And others must accept that. We have our own decision in life. Let’s just love and support each other! ❤

  • I think what would have made this better is if historical photographs were used, instead of artistic and inaccurate images of polynesian culture. There are ample examples of the examples and boards that were presented and they did not have tiki images or tribal on them.

  • Kelli, I’ve been doing your workouts for years and just came across this video. I relate all too well…to the self-violence, obsession, and ultimate healing. Thank you for bravely sharing your story. You’re an amazing, inspiring, intelligent person and I appreciate you so much.

  • They have found surfboards in the solomon islands that predate Hawaiian culture, and the kids still ride carved out surfboards. Mangaia, and kiribati both had surfing before that. Samoa, and Tonga as well, and is still a big part of the culture and stories. Hawaii has surfing because they had it where they ran away from

  • France had no money because they didn’t use Honey! I know Honey weren’t the sponsors for this video, but it still is funny. Right? Right? ����������

  • I just tried this, this appealed to my 13 hour day induced laziness. I switched cream for whole milk (for my own conscience). I didn’t have any mace, so used saffron and cardamom. Paired it with cloudberry preserves and OMG, so good. Thank you.

  • I have never had weight problems but it is very interesting how people are unable or sometimes able to lose weight. It is a similar struggle like alcoholism.

  • Wow I had no idea about the fat pads in plus size models! I work with my clients to come to a place where they can love who they are, challenge themselves get strong and also enjoy movement and a consequence can be weight loss. I think that it can be problematic when ‘weight’ loss is the only goal and it’s based on the idea that we’re not good enough without this loss. If we punish ourselves into it, it’s problematic, but if weight loss comes from place of love, honour and balance in our lifestyle and how we live, then so be it!

  • Thank you so much for sharing Kelli, this must have been so hard to share but it is very encouraging and inspiring to me xo.
    I love your workouts, I always feel encouraged and empowered in your videos to exercise well and to listen to my body. Thank you again!

  • I like using Allspice,Chinese 5 spice, pumpkin spice or Mulling Spice with vanilla and clove or wildflower honey for my pancakes……add some dried mix fruit and its a pan fruitcake ��

  • Max Miller is my new hero. A delightful and informative video. My intense love of pancakes seems pale compared to Max. And my Mardi Gras will never be the same again.

  • Thank you for your vulnerability and for sharing your story. So grateful for you! Fitness Blender has been so empowering for me and I look up to you and Daniel as role models in fitness!

  • I love pancakes but I can’t eat them without feeling sick either. It’s something in commercial pancake mix so I just make them with boxed cake mix instead. I like to use the Funfetti kind. These sound a little healthier though so I’m excited to try this recipe and see how it goes.

  • Anyone else watching manufacturing consent? Brought to you via YouTube, with consent from Google? I wonder if any of the footage has been left out? But what do i know?

  • I really liked the video. I think a big part of body positivity is about, why you are the shape you are or why you want to change it. It all should be about feeling good in your skin, not about looking a certain way for anybody else

  • Hi Kelli, I just want to say thank you. your fitness videos are very straight to the point, no clickbait, and very good. Your channel is my favorite fitness channel. You deserve more subscribers. And thanks for sharing your wonderful story. Keep up the good work.

  • I think meditation, breathing, being good to yourself and realizing to treat your body well with good fresh foods and exercise. It’s all a beautiful journey and realize we are all amazing. I love Fitness Blender. Especially with this virus. It’s so great to have!

  • As a clinically diagnosed OCD person I am so grateful to hear you talk about the effect it has on food relationships and dieting relationships. I have been told so many times to count calories and macros. Every time I do it’s a mental spiral trap. Eating healthy, trying to watch my portions and then moving on with my life during non meal times seems to be the only answer for a healthy body and mind. Thank you so much for your story. It really is a journey. We all have ups and downs and times in life when we have to focus on other things besides how we look in a bikini. Thank you again!

  • I think I dont really know much about body positivity, but it feels really rooted in being allowed to take control of the way YOU want to live your life and what anyone else has to say is irrelevant. Its my body, my choice of how I chose to nourish it, love it, use it etc. and if that includes active weight loss then so be it.

    personally, I have tried active weight loss and it has never worked for me and has often put me in dark places mentally. I was abused by my dad for my weight, bullies growing up and worse… myself. My goal going forward is trying to support my body through the struggle its facing as someone with a chronic illness and support myself mentally. I want to be able to teach my future children to love themselves and I cant do that until I love myself first <3

  • A fine documentary, of course-one of the best. But I still smile at the early 90s bass during the opening credit music. Very Seinfeld.:) But share this with every person you know: it’s that critically important.

  • Its really old. Id like to see how chomsky feels the changing media landscape has affected peoples ability to access infornation and dissidents’ ability to be heard.

  • Being body positive doesn’t mean you must be plus size. It’s the kindo the same stereotype as “having anorexia means that you must be really thin”

  • Boy the bushes were good at BS and lies. I’ll never forget his evil voice and look when he said,…”and we WILL have a NEW WORLD ORDER.”

  • a thing thats called in my language “Spargel” what means on english or American or… you know what i mean…. aniways. its called in this language “Asparagus” what i thinks is more latin but… its actually the latin word. so its the Same. idk. languages are complex… I just wanna tell you that i love to eat it but i hate it when it comes out of my body because its smells so hard i hate it.

  • I laughed hard when the moderator said to Chomsky “Ask the Czech” when Chomsky talked about (or at least tried to talk about) the red scare. Well I’m Czech so if I’d have any right to have an opinion I would say that I agree fully with Chomsky.

  • Flaming Hot Cheetos, to answer the question at the start of the video. If I eat more than a handful a day, my stomach will be in pain all day. I can’t resist them.

  • Living for the wholesome, love seeing your videos so so much. Really tempted to make a compilation of all your sassy moments cause it’s gold

  • White folk really ruined everything. They destroyed my people’s land as well as the Hawaiians and many others.. it makes me sad to my core.

  • I wonder if Chomsky has any thoughts on Netflix’s marketing dominance, it’s role in thought control in our society and the fact it’s owned by a Bernays.

  • its interesting much yet little surfing changed, surfers don’t pray to a god but they still hope for big waves, people still decorate there board (stickers etc).

  • pancakes and ice cream, no sugar in batter
    (plain pancakes i put vanilla sugar in the batter and just spread blueberry jam on them, thin)

  • Noam Chomsky is a legend. I wish I’d k own about this guy sooner in my life. Unfortunately for me I didn’t wake up until about 2001…9/11 was that point for me. OK so I could say I had ideas about the world �� being run by a few wealthy families or corporations but it wasn’t til Sept 2001 that I truly woke up. Everybody has their 9/11 I suppose..

  • The video is relatively good except that the make a graven image of the Holy or in other words full Word of God the Holy Bible, KJV most accurate. There were always wars and genocides, slavery between all colors and even their own colors even between religions even if only temporarily has happend between pretty much every false religion especially the pagans or satanists even the true reveiled religion and doctrine of Jesus Christs followers being subjected and affected by the world of things as the physical soul being binded to physical body at conception, set free in this time sphere in its destined season. Christs Doctrine is the basis of reality not just another belief system, as God does not change. We already have the light which is Christ since birth which is divine influence from the Lord of Hosts Eternal that we may choose what is right according to him (aka con-science, the occultic construct). As well as an infinite eternal learning curve in which light can only be attained through Jesus Christ as he created the world and he is the life and the light of the world. If thine eye be single and not dual or in other words evil, then thy whole body shall be filled with Light! Here is good scripture that was a very important passage grafted from the Book of Isaiah to the Book of Mormon where he quotes Isaiah about hypocrisy. The eye he’s referring too is the mind eye or third eye, the pineal gland.

    3 Nephi 13: 21-24

    21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

    22 The light of the body is the eye; if, therefore, thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

    23 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If, therefore, the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!

    24 No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon (personification of riches).

  • I know this is an older video now but I saw this before and my phone died and just came across again. And wanted to say i tried shopping online for VS recently and there was only a few things that came in xl and like two things that came in 40 DD. They do collabs with other companies and every time I look to buy something and my size is not there. It’s very annoying. They go up to 38 DD i just need a slightly bigger band. So upsetting and I always forget until I go to shop.

  • I believe in the essential decency of capitalism and law designed and upheld and of good design reflective of the light of Christ under the Lord of Hosts Eternal Father Of Jesus Christ. The Lord is what good is and that which is good is reflective of the light of Christ. So design thereof which reflects the light of Christ by civil servants is of good design under God.There is a deep state of affairs to make what’s on the outside that everyone sees appear real. But there is only the war between the Lord of Hosts and the evil one. Everything else in between is just confused noise. The slaves of the evil one are bound by secret covenant oaths that are placed in the hearts and minds of men by the evil one himself, binding them all to Satan and his servants, even Cain the first murderer whos title is master mahan, the keeper of the secret because of his covens with Satan, cursed to walk the earth forever murdering for Satan to get gain, which is the secret. What we see on the outside is just a cover over the internal gears which is going on, which is a spiritual war between God and Satan.

  • in Britain now a days… most people now refer to shrove tuesday as just Pancake Day:D
    My preferd topping is sugar and fresh squeezed lemon juice.

  • As a polynesian person I watched this with trepidation, expecting my history to be trivialised and whitewashed as it all too often happens. I was pleasantly surprised. The content is accurate to the history handed down to me. Thanks

  • What is this. You keep showing clips and then you cut to the next scene without allowing the man to finish his thought about the topic being discussed. Anybody who sat through 3 hours of this deserves a medal.

  • A powerful intellectual. The amount of views reflects the American sentiment towards knowledge and truth. They aren’t looking. They would rather seek out freaks and IQ lowering content.

  • Marxist satanic influencer. His memory will be wiped from the human canon in the coming decades. He’s sick traitor of humanity and I hope he’s forgotten and rots in hell.

  • I am a plus size individual, and I don’t think body positivity has to be just for fat people, if you have a body you should be able to be positive about it. I do think that people who look “outside the norm” have a tougher time finding acceptance from the public, but body positivity isn’t about the public, it’s about you accepting your own body. I hate to be that person but when I was a part of this kind of thinking most of it was me being jealous of people who have healthier or thinner bodies than mine, not saying that’s everyone in this movement at all but I know it must be a percent because I can’t be the only one who felt that way. I believe you can absolutely love your body and want it to be healthier and fed with better foods. If you love your goldfish you don’t over feed it or it will die, same with your body in my opinion.

  • But the real question is: after you ate those pancakes did you end up later on the couch with someone checking every two hours if you’re still breathing?

  • I feel like this applies to other things in life too. Turning down the volume, setting your mindset. Adapting healthy habits and being patient and positive all around. Especially with the self inflicting damage. Thanks����I feel like I always give all this advice to people and seem so certain but then I have difficulty following it and applying it to myself. So thanks.

  • “Body positivity” is some of the most toxic nonsense that can be spewed!
    Being fat and proud is not healthy Being fat and aware that is not sustainable IS healthy fitness for longivity and selfimprovement, however small a change that might be, is would a much better message to send out to women.
    You can choose how you look but not how others look at you being overweight and unhealthy is not going to be desirable, the media and companies has just found another way to capitalize on the insecurities of women by moving the goalposts.

  • Breads and Circuses. Keep the regular person busy working, so they don’t have time to cause trouble. Many people now unemployed, they have the time cause “good trouble” for the ruling class. Thought provoking documentary.

  • We need to have a #bringbackbrownsurfers campaign. He says surfing was originally found in the Polynesian islands, West Africa, and Peru. What happened to the surfing cultures in those places? Why is the professional surf world so saturated with white surfers? Is it just that brown surfers aren’t getting the same exposure or did they stop at some point??

  • Fabulous video! As for Shrove Tuesday, even though our family wasn’t remotely religious (and didn’t observe Lent) we always had pancakes on Shrove Tuesday in the 1960s and they were pretty boring. Flour, eggs, and milk, then with a squeeze of lemon juice and sprinkled with some sugar. I could never see the point until I went to Canada in 2014 and had buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries light and fluffy and fabulous, which I understand is how pancakes are done in the US, too. Normally, I’m not a fan of US sweet food too much sugar for my taste but when it comes to pancakes, American pancakes beat British pancakes a million times over. I make buttermilk pancakes now and the recipe is almost as easy as the “traditional” one!

  • I love this so much ☺️�� I believe being body positive is loving yourself the way that you are and it is OK to change as long as you are happy & healthy. �� Thank you for this redefined purpose of Body Positivity. Loved hearing “The Mother” speak her mind and share her story.

  • I think most adults who have experienced being overweight and are on a weight loss journey generally know that without surgery it is not going to be possible to physically conform to the thin bodies that are well represented in media. Not that they can’t lose that much weight, but they will have extra skin and stretch marks that people who have been thin their whole lives are less likely to have. obviously it is possible to not be body positive when losing weight and I think if you lose weight because you think it will make you worth more as a person, that is problematic and body negative (not that ppl should be shamed for that. Everyone has their own confidence issues to deal with and deserve some understanding) but if you are doing something because you think the process and lifestyle changes will be good for you mentally and physically, and you accept that your body will never determine your worth, then it is body positive. This was a whole ramble but I hope I said something intelligent here

  • considering the cost of spices, would the common folk have had spices in their pancakes, and would they likely have been as sweet as those eaten by the posh folk? sugar was pretty pricey too.

  • It’s ironic that Noam Chomsky of all people fails to grasp how the mass media has fooled the people into believing the official lies about 9/11 and JFK. Apparently, Chomsky recognizes the mass media as an elite propaganda tool but he doesn’t recognize that it also perpetuate elite lies. Propaganda usually involves some element of truth but the Big Lie is also part of mass media function. The official story about the JFK assassination and about 9/11 are blatant lies not merely propaganda and Chomsky still refuses to recognize these Big Lies. No conspiracy here, folks. Again, very ironic.

  • I feel like there’s not enough emphasis on feeling healthy within body positivity! This is a feel good movement right? So should there not be importance put on feeling great and loving yourself? No matter what size. Is that not a sentiment we can all get behind?

  • We love all the support we’ve been getting for our history lessons! Thank you! If you’re interested in learning how you can get involved in our nonprofit mission, check out our Patreon page: http://bit.ly/2o53pzR

  • And how about that other saying that goes like: there are some who don’t mind losing an eye, to see their enemy go blind. Some argue that the problem is that the lap dog turned on its master ; sort of like the maid ( the help) who ended up marrying the man of the house..and the jury is still out on who of the two is the worse yet.
    I guess Chomsky thinks the ways of Castro and Ortega are much better. Heck, maybe he figures that why the need for the lies by the press when the people could hear the lies of the state, directly from their government,without the middle man ; no wonder the first thing socialists will do after grabbing absolute power is to ban the press…absolutely. Indeed “what tangled webs we weave when first…” And like always, in the end it is the good people who suffer paying for the past sins of a few. Shema my people, Shema!

  • I looove this channel! Will you a video about tiger nut sweets? It’s supposed to be the oldest recipe in the world, found in an Egyptian tomb. I’ve made it before and it’s actually SO delicious.

  • I so needed to hear this today. I have a friend who started getting into the body positivity movement and went into the extreme now, to where she shames my husband for having a six pack, and shames/discourages me from working out; but for me, I work out to be healthy and feel good with myself. Feeling good in your own skin greatly benefits your mental health, and no one should be shamed for working to be a better person and take care of health, both physically and mentally.

  • Can’t say I’ve ever used butter or lard in my pancakes but I find that a bit of cold-pressed hemp oil works really well. I like to make my pancakes as thinly as I can, that way, the batter goes further and you get more pancakes (what can go wrong, except for the inevitable carb coma?). To serve, I usually go for lemon or orange juice (freshly squeezed) and a bit of sugar, honey or agave syrup, depending on what I’ve got in at the time. I love pancakes! Thicker ones with hash (a form of thick stew) are really good too as a main course.

  • What a wonderful video. I hate that a lot of women think that being body positive is only for fat people and tear down those who are smaller, it’s not fair, we’re all humans at the end of the day why should we hate each other? I’m a fat woman, I don’t plan to stay that way I do want to get healthier and make better decisions, but that does not in anyway mean I dislike thin/skinny/smaller than me women just for them being smaller. I think that’s such a toxic mindset, and discouraging people from making a change that would benefit them whether it be mentally or physically or both is just so not what this is all about. To me it’s just about accepting people how they are and supporting them regardless, and if they want to make a change, like losing weight or just gaining a healthier life style then you show support and encouragement for that too. I don’t agree with shaming anyone no matter their size or body shape or type, but I also don’t agree with tearing someone down who wants to make a healthy and safe change.

  • This fits in very well with the current covid policies. It would appear the Uninformed have become today’s Experts and are very happy to call Police to dob on ”Non Compliant” sorts.

  • My father carried Jewish Holocaust survivors out of concentration camps to food trucks because they couldn’t walk. My ancestors are French and to hear a French man talk that crap is embarrassing.

  • Ironically nearly the ENTIRE surfing world is Whitethus supporting the Blonde stereotype where once it began from swarthier cultures. Nowadays non whites who love to surf are shunned as outsiders in a blonde world from the snobbish beach communities of Newport Beach CA to the Gold Coast of Australia. Ever been to a surf industry event and notice that it is EXCEEDINGLY White? Look at the WSL, how integrated are they? Surfing has morphed into an exclusionary White sport despite its beginnings. It’s so Blonde that people can’t even imagine that it was originally invented by dark haired people’s of the Pacific. Up and coming pros who don’t look Blonde enough don’t have very celebrated careers in surfing. Funny how Whites bought up all CA coastal properties, jacked the real estate up to be worth millions, then their offspring rule the beaches for a “locals only” policy. The native Hawaiians unwittingly welcomed Colonialism and now the Blondes defend THEIR beaches and industry from outside ‘invaders.’ Dark haired Brazilians are dominating the WSL top ten spots these days, winning world titles but they arent highly regarded by the Orange County blonde ‘elites’ There is a strong level of exclusive White brotherhood in the surfing world as it stands today. First they took the Hawaiian Islands, then coastal property, then created their own brands along with the Public Relations or FACE of the sport, thus creating an elitist exclusive industry to come full circle. ‘Giving Back’ is a term used in the industry alot but where is the give? Seems like all take.

  • As long as you are using healthy means to get in shape and lose weight and not sinking into eating disorder habits, I say go for it. Do what you feel you need to to help you love your body. Just please be safe with it and don’t let anybody define how you see yourself. If you want to work on your body so that you feel more comfortable and healthy in it, go for it.

  • (for the first three minutes of the video because i didn’t finish watching the whole thing yet but i just wanted to say this right quick ^^;) but its YOUR body thought, if working out in healthy fun ways make you feel happier in your own body than people should respect that because your the only one who should decide what you do with your body. they shouldn’t feel like you should or shouldn’t go on a diet just because what your doing to make yourself happy makes them jealous. its your body! you stay the way you want or diet if you want to and the same for everyone else! you wanna shave your legs? do it! you wanna keep your leg hair? do it! you want a beard? well some girls have to ability to grow a beard ( or buy one offline ) but do it! heck even if you wanna be a mermaid or a alien or favorite cartoon character or wanna look like beyonce ( but dont steal her identity) or wanna be feminine or masculine just do it! doesn’t matter if your a boy,girl, gender less,gay,bi,lesbian,trans straight, white,black,Asian,Indian, 60, 20, missing a arm,into to dressing very sexual, into all black clothing, into wearing rainbows,into looking creepy just because or have depression. its your image and if looking that way makes you happy just go for it!:D

    sorry this is so long but thanks for taking the time to read this, i hoped this helped you out ^^

  • Fun fact: Bob’s Red Mill is 100% employee-owned, so buying their products means you’re contributing less to the exploitation of the working class. If that’s important to you.

  • So the only reason to communicate with a chimp would be to use the chimp as a baby sitter, Of sorts so that a child that is deaf or raised only to speak that way because of an autism would communicate with the chimp especially if the child was being kept from everyone and anyone for S R A

  • … I now feel like my pancake recipe is somehow very very similar to this. just less sugar and fat content.
    One “serving”: 1 dl flour, 2 dl milk, 1 egg, add seasonings to taste. Use a light cooking oil to grease the pan.
    easy to scale up depending on for how many people you are making it for.

  • 1992 fascinating to see this from the perspective that it was right before the worldwide web. Puts into perspective to some extent how much that really changes things, and the chance to reflect whether or not a very different world of information and media still ends up with the same result. I think the perspective that he gave that the role of sports and entertainment to “distract” the masses from important issues by occupying their time to stop them taking the initiative to learn about issues. The analogy of the tired dad coming home and in those days reading the paper or turning on the TV, nowadays probably watching netflix or football, still the same kind of story with updated tech.

    Media is more aggregated now than before. Yet, the idea that the New York Times dictates how informed the most influential 10% of the population is probably no longer the case.

    I think there is a different take on the idea that newsrooms and corporations set out with an agenda to manipulate viewpoints, which is to say that the nature of the machine itself corporations, governments, etc., inherently steer groups of people towards certain behaviors without conscious leadership or guidance to those views.

    Still, love hearing the steady clear way he expresses his thoughts.

  • Colonizers are absolutely toxic, always trying to convert the countries vault Ute and beliefs demeaning it by calling it taboo, then trying to literally with wash its society’s that are are already do well without there interventions. What justifies invading someone’s home, when you already have your own giant chunk of land to call home

  • would you try to make dulce de leche? In Argentina we make the pancakes just like that, just thinner and with vanilla essence instead of nutmeg, and fill them with dulce de leche, I’d love ot see you trying to make it, and maybe trying it with pancakes

  • no disrespect to anything / anyone but I’m having a hard time believing that this is a “multi-billion dollars industry”. Can someone clue me in on where all these multi billions are being spent on / invested in, in this industry? I mean, I rarely see / hear about “surf” anywhere (and most of the time is in a commercial anyway, that has nothing to do with surfing)

  • This channel has always been my favourite go to for workouts. I usually actually just mute them and copy the movements with my music playing. Clicked on this on my recommended as the title caught my attention; I, seemingly along with most others, assumed you were always a healthy and fit individual. Your words have resonated with me so much and to see you discuss these topics, is kind of like realising a superhero is actually also a human too. Thank you so much for being brave and sharing your story, I wish you all the best <3

  • I don’t know if this is an actual term that I am using incorrectly, but I’d like to think about myself as health positive. I will support any and all body types and not judge anyone whilst urging everyone to be healthy. I don’t care what size anyone is as long as they are being mindful of their body’s possibilities and limits. I used to think I was body positive but according to some people, I’m too small to be so. I just personally think it’s a shame that I can be positive about all bodies but not body positive just because of my dress size.

  • American people need to start guilotining the mega rich the top 1% that have more wealth than the rest of 99% combined. Nothing has changed since those times, the mega rich are the nobility still. Fucking put them on the guilotine guys like Bezos, Zuckerberg, Wallmart family etc….they are hoarding YOUR wealth.

  • Thank you for sharing your story… your truth matters you’re making such a positive difference in my life and sure you’re contributing so much good to many others!

  • “Are you doing anything?”
    “Yes, why?”
    “There’s a tax for that”
    “But Im not doing anything right NOW”
    “Welp, there’s a tax for that”
    “OoOOoooH NOooOo”

  • Great share and I appreciate how in your videos we get an explanation, I too love a stack of pancakes. It was really nice to learn of their history keep up the good work ��

  • Cassey, you are one of my biggest idol. You are kind, you are always so happy, you make wonderful videos and i think you make the world a bit better. I follow you since 2012, since my first attempt to make fitness at home and i started loving fitness! Thats something i never ever imagined before that and i am so thankfull! I hope you keep up your enthusiasm and positivity about you and dont let ever bring you done by those haters!:)

  • @Sports….well Chomsky’s comments are spot on here. God knows how Sports, NBA, NFL, have kept Black folks distracted from things that MATTER!

  • Anyone notice how he put a prostitution house in the street of Paris scene? In the top right you see a black sign that says “la femme de nuit” which means “the women of the night” or could mean “the ladies of the night” which was a euphemism for prostitutes, and prostitution houses were big during this time because of all the economic crisis, and OverSimplifies managed to sneak it in by putting it in French!

  • You are very brave for being so open about your eating disorder, thank you for sharing your story, what an ordeal to suffer through for so long. Such an inspiration, I hope you are still doing well. I’m sure you will have helped many many young people with this.

  • Product based world of convenience and comfort and make sure u condition the cogs to never question your beliefs instilled into them through what they wrap up as a freedom perk called education �� so one day you can escape and then look down on what you came from and was the class system is what all this philosophy will never defeat that is the real beast goes from working class to elite from 1st to 3rd world that is all the same class system at work. Cogs the herd will never question at what cost do I live this life? By the cost I don’t mean the cost to the individual the mass give 80% of there life for the system.

  • The origin is incorrect, the mesoamericans didn’t discover chocolate. It was actually discovered in Ecuador by the mayo chinchipe culture 5,000 years ago. But then this culture traded the beans to other ancient civilizations and tribes in peru, Brazil, and then it spread to mesoamerica where the Olmec found it in the jungle. The Mayo chinchipe also turned the beans into drinks and used them in important rituals and ceremonies to worship there gods.

  • Uncle Sam: How many hours did you work this week?
    Me: um about 50
    Uncle Sam: oooh there is a tax for the 40 and an even more tax for the extra 10.

  • ah, good old pancake breakfast, going with my dad to the churches side hall, hosted by the Boy Scouts. would have probably gone this year too if not for the Covid.

  • my kinda body positivity is “if i couldnt do tricep dip today, i will get stronger to do it tmrw, and not judge myself for I “cudn’t do it today”

  • I honestly thought your body was perfect and I would have reacted the same way some people did, but you is you, you seem so confident, I can see it in your eyes and can hear it in your voice, but now I can see how you feel and how much it affects you and other people learn.

  • Through my travels, Permaculture is the only thing that makes any sense. Through this film, it seems Noam was hinting at something along the lines of Permaculture but couldn’t name it or didn’t want to as not enough people know about it and wanted a more generally known subject to get past the tipping point of what 12% of the population generally knows. I do agree with majority of what he says, the rest needs research as I wasn’t aware of it.
    The statement that kept reappearing as so many do not understand the freedom of speech statement, is, freedom of speech does not mean “positive speech only”. Hate speech is wholy another subject. However, people are free to speak, even if I do not agree or accept the subject matter, I do have to accept they agree to it and allow their speech as they have a right to their freedom of speech. Otherwise, it is like saying “No Blacks, Whites Only”, and even making that comparison is too assumptive as now one makes the correlation that I am making the generalization that one colour is positive and the other colour is negative, which I am not, it is that tipping point, all free speech is allowed but does not have to be accepted or agreed to, whether positive or negative speech. However, one does not have the right to get angry at another for not obeying, complying or submitting to their way of life because of not allowing freedom of speech or agreeing or accepting their opinion. If you do not give someone the freedom to speak, how will you know if you agree with them. And if I didn’t have the freedom of speech to say all of this uninterrupted, I would have been misinterpreted. That is informed consent.
    “May I finish a sentence.” -Noam Chomsky.

  • My kids love these videos. Afterwards, we all tried hot water with cocoa and then added honey to taste the difference. Such a fun mini history lesson ��

  • Wasnt aware of the prevalent child labour in Cocoa industry! Large MNCs must definitely do more.. “Not everything about chocolate is sweet”

    This line shook me

  • Kelli, thanks a lot for taking the step to share so much about yourself with us. You have provided some very simple yet very important information. It is very motivating as well. Wish you the best always!!

  • Some idiot conspiritard must have posted a video regarding Chomsky within the last 8 months or so. (I think it was the Corbett report)

    I’ve seen a flood of crazy comments coming in here since then. I bet everyone who has followed Chomsky and listened to the man, at first wants others to see what a genius he was, to watch his videos and comment (because the comment section used to be so refreshing) but this is ridiculous to read all the new comments. Oh well.

  • children:only think of chocolate as a sweet treat
    Méso-américaines: thinks that chocolate is a currency, drink and all the other things
    Me: well, I love chocolate!��

  • Chocolate
    All things that the world can’t live without and we owe thanks to the Mesoamericans ����

  • A thousand MILLION thanks and a bucket load of gratitude and high fives to you Kelli for having the courage to tell your story. I am on the journey of recovery from my ED…. and am trying so hard to trust in and listen to my body, rather than to persecute and punish it….. it is a bumpy road…. and hearing from someone who has navigated it too is inspirational and makes it all seem that bit more possible. Thank you HUGE kudos to you! Gemma:)

  • 1:52 mom:should i feed my sick son

    the sick boy:mom pls feed me or i will die save me i am ur only kid

    mom:nah it is yummy die

    now the son is died

    son: where am i

    god:ur in heven

    son:ha mom i am in heven