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The ‘switching over’ from utilizing glucose (carbohydrates) to fat as fuel is the main reason for practicing fasted workouts. For example, many people have dinner at 8 p.m. or a 10 p.m. snack and then do a 6 a.m. workout without eating first. This is not a fasted workout.

Whether fasted or not, doing excessive amounts of cardio has been shown to decrease testosterone levels and increase cortisol levels. Negatively effecting your hormones in this way is bad for both building muscle and burning fat. Excessive cardio also leads. A fasted workout trains you to perform under difficult physiological conditions of low fuel availability, and that comes in handy. You probably wouldn’t enter a race or powerlifting match in a fasted state, but the fasted workouts you did in the months leading up to competition make you more likely to win.

There’s some evidence that fasted cardio workouts (i.e., not eating before you hit the gym) can burn more fat. “Glycogen is the stored carbohydrate that your body uses as its preferred fuel source. Not Doing Warm-up. Remember to do a proper warm-up, before you begin your exercise session – be it free weights workout or some cardio; you should never a skip a proper warm-up. A proper warm-up helps to: (i) increase your body core temperature. (ii) slowly elevate heart rate. Fasted workouts are most beneficial when trying to increase aerobic fitness, but are still not appropriate for all aerobic sessions, Spendlove explained.

Avoid doing fasted cardio for longer than 90 minutes for experienced people, or more than 60 minutes if you’re new to physical activity. One of the 5 biggest intermittent fasting mistakes is counting sleeping hours as part of your fasted hours. Doing this spells disaster for your fasting benefits because you’re depriving the body of food during an inactive period when caloric energy needs drop down dramatically. Working out in general is amazing for your body.

And working out in a fasted state is great for fat loss. In conclusion, you need to work out if you really want to see weight and/or fat loss. If you work out before your body enters a fasted state then you are helping your body get into a fasted. Fasted Cardio Workout: You WILL Lose Gains If You Do This (Simple Mistake) #1 Mistake-Doing fasted cardio in combination with severely restricting calories You’re looking for a way to burn fat.

How to workout properly for beginners? Why do we go to the gym regularly and don’t get the desired results? We often make many mistakes in the gym during our.

List of related literature:

After your dinner or last meal of the day (around 7–10 p.m.), wake up the next morning and train in the fasted state before you eat breakfast (caffeine, however, is allowed).

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
from Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports
by Marc Bubbs
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

Another option is to do your cardio first thingin the morning (fasted) and your lifting later in the day, when the food you’ve eaten all day will help boost your strength and energy.

“Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded” by Michael Matthews
from Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2014

Ideally, it is best to time your biggest meal for before your most active period of the day so your muscles—which remain responsive to glucose even when you’re fat burning—will remove most of the extra glucose and insulin from your blood before they have the chance to disrupt your new fat-burning metabolism.

“Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy” by Dr. Joseph Mercola
from Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy
by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Hay House, 2017

Your body stores glycogen at a faster rate during the first two hours after exercise and at the fastest rate during the first 30 minutes after exercise, so have a carbohydrate drink with you when you finish your long runs or other glycogen-depleting workouts.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
from Advanced Marathoning
by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

The guidelines for continued weight loss were reviewed: keep portions small, no beverages while eating and 30 minutes after eating, a minimum intake of 60 grams protein per day, eat at scheduled times and avoid grazing, and include physical activity most days of the week.

“Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach” by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
from Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach
by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
Wiley, 2014

Always use a single rule of fasting.

“In the Sanctuary of Women: A Companion for Reflection and Prayer” by Jan L. Richardson
from In the Sanctuary of Women: A Companion for Reflection and Prayer
by Jan L. Richardson
Upper Room, 2010

If your metabolism was too slow before your fasted, after your fast it speeds’ up.

“The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body” by Robert Donald Cooley
from The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body
by Robert Donald Cooley
Atria Books, 2009

• Avoid periods of fasting longer than 2 hours to minimise gluconeogenesis and muscle catabolism.

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
from Manual of Dietetic Practice
by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
Wiley, 2013

It is not by accident that many of the early proponents of training in the fasted state are bodybuilders.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
from The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting
by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
Victory Belt Publishing, 2016

If you have slowed training in an effort to prevent overtraining, don’t drop your protein intake.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
from Power Eating-4th Edition
by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
Human Kinetics, 2013

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  • Hi i would like to gain muscle and fat burn at a time. I planed to do cardio,weight training, and abs workout on a same day. I follow the routine week base workout plan. I have the doubt, which one is do first second and third (cardio,weight,abs). Plz suggest me the effective way brother…..

  • Another great video Ryan!! I hope everything is going well at 111! Anyway, you should consider doing a video on fasted cardio. I’ll be doing some tomorrow and I’ve seen excellent improvements from it. I’m sure your subscribers will find value.

  • Just to clear up some confusion.
    1. Yes training after taking a protein shake would take you out of a fasted state, however if you just had whey protein isolate you would still be in a glycogen depleted state. If you work out first thing in the morning then what you eat the night before will also play a role in determining if you’re in this glycogen depleted state. But if you workout later in the day and you fast all day you’ll still be in a glycogen depleted state even after taking an isolate protein shake.
    2. To say that this advice is contradictory is the same as saying that a calorie surplus for bulking and a calorie deficit for cutting is contradictory. Building muscle and burning fat are two different goals and unless you’re brand new to working out you won’t be able to effectively do both at the same time. This video is designed to help those of you that are more concerned with building and maintaining muscle. If you’re more concerned with fat loss then don’t have a protein shake before your workout. If you’re more concerned with gaining muscle then have a protein shake before your workout. This is not contradictory advice these are just two different goals. In either case like I said having a protein isolate before or after your workout wont make a HUGE difference, the studies just point to “fed” training sessions being more beneficial for gaining and maintaining muscle.

  • I´m so glad I discovered your channel! You look like a really nice person and actually know what you´re talking about!
    Also I´m very happy to see that I already don´t do most of the things here. My cheat day is tuesday. I love tuesdays.

  • Perhaps it’s helpful to point out that today’s carbs are not healthy aka over processed GMO and to differentiate between complex carbs and none complex carbs.

  • Thank you for the pointers. It’s always good to check ones form and proper execution for better results and avoid injuries. Really appreciate this.

  • i mostly eat at around 6:30 with my family
    but when i eat a larger lunch at 3 in the afternoon and skip dinner, i feel awesome.
    i should really try to do more of that.

  • Her: don’t be eatin broccoli in the closet
    Me:(In the closet secretly being lgbtq bc my family is Anti/against the LGBT) buuuuttt broccoli is so good thooooo

    ( Yes,I know what she really meant:) )

  • I drink BCAAs before my fasted workouts -(long cardio sessions or weight lifting). I’m surprised BCAAs weren’t even mentioned in this video ��

  • The point of intermediate fasting isn’t to have a Calorie deficit. You can still eat a good healthy amount of calories. You are going to lose weight because you will burn much more fat whilst in your fasting periods.

  • My friend is fucking crazy…when I say her to workout…she used to say…”naahh…I m not in a mood..” n when I try to sleep or go out to cook smthng…she say..” hey cmmon…I m feeling energetic…I need to sweat right now… let’s go…n kill yourself” n I literally do HIIT n Cardio at weird time…n my family used to be like…” Why the hell r u working at 12 am.. it’s time to sleep..
    I don’t know why this happens to me…but I m happy tho…I regularly do workout but at weird timing…��

  • love ur videos but hate that u speak so fast and also the background music is terrible man:( please talk slower and dont ad background music or upload same 2 videos one with slow speak and no background music and one with what ever u wanna add too and see which one get more views then u will know:)
    I just dont wanna lose the valuable info in ur videos cause of bad reasons:(

  • calling your fans coco puffs? referring to your fans as “their friends” to avoid calling us out (even though we deserve it)? SUBBED

  • Ok my friend just subscribed and she thought you were so funny and had very valid points! Cuz my friend has had her shoes for 6years!

  • I eat 7am breakfast, between 11 to 12nn lunch and skip dinner. First week its a bit challenging, can’t sleep properly at night because I can feel my stomach asking for food. Now its the opposite, no longer craving at night.

  • Wtf everyone has different opinions on this and as a viewer this is hard as we don’t know what to do anymore and end up giving up because what we are doing is ‘wrong’

  • Thank you for video. Very informative. Checked out the link to the studies. If understanding correctly if I stopped eating at @4pm and start my day @12am (I take a nap later in the day) I should stop eating 4hrs before bed? For me I need to stop eating then between 2-3pm. Since I do IF with OMAD I’m going to tweek my schedule and stop eating around 2:30pm. ����

  • This guy is way off the mark… don’t bother watching until the end. Fasted = no calories, not restricted calories. He either doesn’t get it, or refuses to discuss the benefits. Your body gets EVERYTHING it needs from fat, and will not resort to protein until fat is depleted… period. Check out Dr. Jason Fung for true information.

  • You need to define “fasted state” first,
    I think that is the main confusion.
    Many people have claimed that working out in a fasted state can give amazing results with minimum muscle loss.
    Yes too much cardio hurts, and is never a good option.
    But the term “fasted” needs to be elaborated for us because some people think eating nothing for 8-9 hours is a fast,
    which obviously is not

  • Thank you for showing us the correct manner. I was a culprit of several improper moves. Specifically, I have injured my shoulders doing some of the weight exercises in phase one. Please add a video showing what muscle groups we are targeting with the popular moves in the 12 week program. Thanks for all that you do!����

  • I completely disagree. This video makes it sound like our muscles are going to shrivel up in a 1 week fast.

    It’s about pulling the glycogen stores out of the muscles, the liver will convert the release of growth hormones into GHB-1 which will suppliments the the body (muscles) with the protein they need.

    Yes, you are correct that we can’t build new muscles while prolonged fasting, however we can maintain to a high degree the muscle we already have.

    Intermittent fasting produces a 25% lean mass loss to a 75% fat loss ratio. Prolonged fasting (with proper mineral loading prior and water intake during) averages a 10 to 90 ratio.

    Go for a light jog and work up a little to moderate sweat or low intensity little weight training. The key isn’t about building during a fast. It’s all about maintaining during a fast.

  • I definitely agree with your intermittent fasting ideas. As for Carbs, I think if are type 2 diabetic like me it might be worth trying the keto diet. It could be a video idea for you “do type 2 Diabetics need carbs when doing IF?”.. Love your content man..

  • The biggest thing I’ve learned in my own experience is to not workout during my 8 hour eating window. It just takes up so much time that I end up not eating enough. I workout at the very end of my fast. Then start eating

  • Really helpful advice, I also just made 3 Beginner Gym Mistakes You Need to Avoid video and that is from my own experience.
    I wish I knew therm when I started, in the beginning, it would save so much time and money for me.
    Have a blessing day folks.

  • I have been fasting for 2 weeks and I personally did burned my muscle gains, i was doing fasted cardio in the mornings and I noticed my gains from my compund workout evaporated.. im not doing fasted cardio no more

  • Nice data Mike. I have a doubt and I hope you can answer me. I have low fat body percentage and I’ve been told that fasting is unhealthy for my case. Do you think it’s true? Should I breakfast until I gain more fat percentage and then start fasting? Thanks in advance!

  • 1. You don’t have a cheat day on your schedule
    2. You do not keep your basic exercises’ equipment in a visible place
    3. You keep avoiding planks
    4. You hate your workout
    5. Anyone that has 30+ pounds to lose is not a great candidate for lifting heavy weights in the gym.
    6. Always on a diet
    7. Not foam rolling
    8. When it’s time to eat, lean protein is a struggle
    9. All or nothing mindset
    10. Not wearing proper shoes
    11. Taking too many supplements
    12. Stretching at the beggining of workouts instead of stretching at the end
    13. Doing hairstyles that stop you from working out
    14. Trying to flatten your abs and grow your booty at the same time
    15. You are comparing yourself to internet models
    16. You do all the most complicated exercise
    17. Not telling your friends and family what you’re doing. Trying to be fit in secret
    18. Focusing on only how you look and also how you feel
    19. You keep checking your weight. EVERYDAY!
    20. You have NO plan.

    Thank me later!��

  • This is for people that want to keep muscle mass as a boxer I do the cardio and i dont mind burning muscle as long as I drop weight

  • Dude knows a lot and I watched it eagerly but people that have used anabolic steroids, like him, will have different requirements. Like when hes giving the numbers like 0.8 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight.
    If you havent done steroids you dont need the same amounts. Im a former all natural bodybuilder. I was the #1 middleweight in DFW.
    Many of you will want to question whether or not hes done them, I can take one look and know 95% of the time. The other 5% I need to look at more closely.Skeletal size to muscle mass. But he has a lot more muscle mass for his frame than people that havent done roids.
    Regarding fasting, Im currently doing 4 on, 20 hours off. And its really OMAD or one meal a day.
    Ill eat a clean meal with good carb such as sweet potato, go workout 45 min later and then drink a greens drink with crushed flax, protein.
    But I did appreciate what he said about strength training and I intend to incoporate that back into my workouts as Ive been doing moderate weight/high reps to failure lately and wanna change it up.

  • I work as a phys Ed assistant at a school and I do fasted cardio for 20-25 minutes every morning before I have a class and lunch I eat mostly protein and some carbs and fats and after work, I immediately use the weight room. lost 20 lbs in 2 months. (Yes I was heavy so i lost quite abit in a short amount of time) lol my self confidence is better. Not really shy anymore

  • i’m late to bed because i wanna listen to what you have to say all day long! watched videos from different accounts (macbook & phone) �� and all the topics you discussed i’ve already seen videos about it, no one explained it from different point of view! please keep it up, you’re way better than my sport rehab doctor!

  • How does adiposity change if instead of time restricted feeding you’re doing OMAD? Does it still require one to follow a circadian rhythm based feeding window??

  • Poor advice with the carbs… pointless even fasting while eating alot of carbs. You will simply be just burning glycogen stores instead of accessing fat stores everyday. Better advice would have been to carb load or cycle while adding IF. Dont need carbs to be strong that is pure false, for water retention and maybe some forms of training yes but your body can adapt.

  • AWSOME video. I work in the fitness and health industry. I’m currently practising OMAD (One meal a day) I have my window of eating at the end of the day but sometimes I may have done my weight training session for the day and two 45 minutes cardio classes (delivery not partcipating) what are your thoughts on this in terms of muscle preservation and losing body fat?

  • This was a great video! Thanks so much, Heather. I appreciate you taking time to show good form on these common exercises so we can get the most out of exercising with you!

  • I eat my only meal of the day (massive meal, I should add) in the evening/at night. Usually finish eating 2-3 hours before bedtime (but sometimes eat right before I hit the sheets). Despite the evidence suggesting otherwise, I’ve never looked & felt better. Best shape of my life, but more than that, most enjoyable & rewarding routine I’ve ever followed.

  • Thank you so much for that. I really needed the guidance to feel that I was doing the moves correctly. Thank you, love your workouts

  • Such an informative and helpful video ��������. I know I was a proper posture and form violator with some of the upper/arm body moves ����. I think while I am trying to follow the video sometimes One focus more in the speed than the proper form, so, thank you. ����

  • This is why i hate these channels, if u are fat, and u only need to lose the fat and dont have the time to build muscle, fasted cardio is the best thing to do, yes u will see muscle loss, but ur not trying to build muscle, ur trying to get rid of the fat

  • I alway loved the idea of moving through all day and eating just during the evening like The Warrior Diet. But as someone who likes to sleep early this wasn’t working for me. I always felt incredibly stuffed and bloated after my meals. Sleep and even lay down was nearly impossible. The sensation would only go away after about 5 hours of my meal where I would feel confortable to sleep. If I forced my self to sleep anyway, the quality of it would be bad with stomach pain and discomfort in the morning.

    Maybe the reason is that I was eating too much, but considering that I only do one meal a day, I have to. Now I always try to eat 16 or 17pm.

    I probably should also be more calm and less anxious while eating. Chew too fast and eating too is also a problem that i need to address. It’s hard.

  • So what happens if you are doing Triathlons……You need to maintain your strength plus do a lot of cardio…..through biking and running and swimming of course…

  • Great video, I’m a physical therapist and fitness instructor and I write a health, fitness, and injury prevention blog ( This is a great review of very common form mistakes increasing risk for injury. Love your channel, keep up the great work!

  • She got me with the family member support stuff

    I always tell my family how im working out and in a diet but my parents would just go to my room late at night, asking if i want some cakes, snacks, or WHATEVER!
    My dad is the worst one, he would always buy lots of deep fried snacks for breakfast! Just this morning when he finally didnt, he bought me something we call “martabak”, its basically a super greasy pancake with tons of toppings, usually chocolate sprinkles or cheese WITH DRIZZLES OF CONDENSED MILK! When i refused to eat it and say that its too oily, he just went “its not oil, its butter” love you dad, but istg please stop.

  • Do you drink electrolytes? Are they necessary while eating carbs in the eating window?and how many meals do you recommend in the eating window?

  • thank you for not saying “eating carbs” is a mistake. really tired of the youtubers who talk about intermittent fasting while pushing just the ketogenic diet. that’s not possible due to cultural differences, in my case. im african, we eat a lot of carbs like rice, fruits and scratchy foods like pounded yams/cassava etc. cheese, bacon, heavy creams and all that other stuff that keto requires is not part of our diet. that would require a whole life change and when ppl say keto doesn’t require a huge change in diet, they’re only looking at it from an american view where eating things like cheese and bacon is common place already

  • When everyone talks about doing “cardio”, what does that technically mean? If I walk for hr and a half at a moderate pace, is that considered cardio? Or is cardio considered running or brisk walking? I’ve been hearing about not doing too much cardio so I just walk a lot instead and thought that was a way of getting around this issue but maybe I’m wrong?

  • Unfortunately this isn’t always a reality for me. I work on the rigs and tonight for example we never finished until 8pm, I was back at camp at 9 and just finished eating at 925. And ill be up again at 5. I take breakfast with me and try not to eat it until noon but for me eating before 6pm is just not possible all the time. I wish it was.

  • most chill and clear story about if, omad,carbs etc…..way to go Rayan…..only one thing, buy a better mic if possible:) greets,love from Holland

  • Me: cleaning my room not paying too much attention
    Her: your friend shouldn’t try to flatten their stomach and thicken your booty
    Me: huh…….?
    imma go watch that video girl����

  • I just wish to salute you for this video.
    I’ve been on OMAD for over a year with no issues, these or others commonly mentioned.
    However I appreciate the points made here and the way you deliver them.
    Especially #5 which is a most critical aspect of people success or failure.
    My way to look at it is the sole reason it was basically effortless to me and I always try to get that point across the best I can whenever I encourage people to take on better habits. It is not easy to communicate this absolutely vital component of discipline and you do a fine job of it here.

  • I would say that the 2 biggest issues are when people obsess about everything they put in their mouths.
    Both Jason Fung and Dr Panda stress the when not the what you eat, if I recall, so I don’t get hung up on the fact that I might have a slice of pizza, or a piece of cake. That said, obviously, it’s probably best to attempt to eat as healthily as poss.

    In addition, I’d say it’s not a good idea to obsess about exact timings every single day and to become totally inflexible about it.
    For example, ideally I’d stick to my eating window, but I don’t think anything horrific is going to happen if I go out for a later dinner with friends, or share breakfast/brunch with my family on the odd day….

    And, I’m also with people who stress that you don’t have to be vegan/carnivore/keto whatever in order to gain some benefits from IF/TRE etc.

  • I just found you and were like:”Meh just wtaching tge tips and then stay with my other workout youtubers”BUT then during this video,you made me laugh so much.I JUST LOOOOOVE YOUR ENGERY.That’s why i started watching your workout and i’m gonna definetly change to your��❤

  • 2:45 “IF is a strategy to eat in a caloric deficit” that’s so true, man. I’ve been fasting for 5 months now, and lost weight but then put on weight for eating too much despite fasting, ha! I am back on keto, fasting longer and doing OMAD.

    Good advice, mate. Thanks!

  • Fasted cardio and weight training together, I totally agree that you need a healty diet with enough nutrients. You forget however the shock your body is in and the benefits of that(HGH). I have done a few times a month these type of exercices and 30minutes in I am full of energy after 23 hours of fasting.

    This is because our ancestors hunted for sometimes a day without any food, so the body adapted and increased testosteron used fat as fuel and hunters could still fight along. So all due respect you don`t get tired while in a fasted state, you actually get more energy. First after 24hours though and 30minutes in your workout.

  • I don’t like eating at work. I get home after 6 and go to sleep at 10. So if I eat it’ll almost always be 2-3 hours before I sleep. My solution: just don’t eat ����

  • 5 am work till 330 in a fasted state
    Then gym at 4
    Then protein shake at 5 breaking fast
    Dinner 530 ish (chicken and vegetables)

    Is this correct

  • Fat adapted with fasting…. Amazing. My lean muscle substantially up and body fat down 15% in 6 months.
    Fat adapted and fasting… Perfect for long term runs (12/15 miles)

  • The censorship is SO bad. We really need internet reform to reel in big tech. Noticed your doctor vid got pulled. Totally support real health info from you! Keep up the good work, Mike! (Probably lay off Saladino though… he’s sketchy af. Sorry but if you’re promoting BS one moment and then switching to carnivore for the $ that’s gross. Keep your eyes open).

  • I actually did this for about 3 months and lost over 30 pounds and got a lot stronger and leaner. One of the best things I’ve done for my body felt so good and healthy

  • Omg I am so happy I found IF youtuber who does not support keto. For sure going to follow you, sick and tired of these keto fanatics in youtube. I am doing 20/4 for two month now and lovin it. Healthy carbs are good for the body.

  • What do you recommend for a wrestler that practices 5 days a week and is trying to build muscle. It sucks because I’m always getting excessive cardio and have no room to build muscle

  • oh my god lundges even my knee cries when it’s time to do it…. so glad to know your chanel this is the first time i saw poper form for lundges and deadlift

  • Hi Mike! Thanks for spreading this info. This eating window really works, especially for optimal sleep like you said. I find that if I eat dinner at 7:45 ish to 8pm I can’t sleep until 2am. Also my digestion is very sluggish at nighttime. For me I feel good and sleep better when I stop eating before 6 pm.

  • Your arms aren’t supposed to flare out while doing pushups (Your elbows should be close to your sides.). The only reason that they do that in the magazines is because it looks better than the actual way that you are supposed to perform them.

  • Well, if I ever had 4 cups of coffee in one day, I wouldn’t use a bus to get home. A bus would use me! As for intermittent fasting, sometimes it’s fine. Sometimes I can’t think straight and concentrate. I’m not really sure what regime is best for me. Skipping breakfast is super-easy though. I work evenings, so I always sleep till noon.

  • We usually eat between 3-5pm….in bed by 9pm. Works for us.

    Since getting my Oora ring, I definitely see the impacts (and feel them) from eating big meals before bed.

  • Great video as always Ryan. But damn you having those cherries on your bench! I’m watching this at night and am now craving cherries �� Ah will power…….

  • Love your continued reference to the fact that if something is working for you that’s fine. I feel we can get caught up in what “the rules” are and don’t take enough time to listen to the signs our bodies send to us.
    …and yes I am much better in many ways when I eat main in the day and light or just bone broth early evening. Thanks for details on the study’s ��

  • Dumping water over your chest my arse…
    You sneaky bastard ate one of those cherries and needed a cut to hide it, didn’t you?
    JK very informative and motivating:)
    Keep going <3

  • Really, you have to work out and eat enough proteins in order to gain muscle? Even if you intermittent fast? Who would have thought this?

  • I follow 16:8(2pm-10pm-feeding).I workout in morning 6am, so when will I take my protein shake..?if I take it in feeding hour then there will be too much gap for the protein shake.will it cause muscle loss?plz help me out..when to take the protein shake??

  • I have recently started intermittent fast but i am doing it little different. Instead of looking at time window of when to eat and when not, I have simply changed my dinner time. Instead of 9pm,I take my dinner at around 6 and then by the morning the fast is of 14 hours(8am breakfast). Its kind of working for me because I have never done fasting in my life. I am finding it easy rather than staying hungry till lunch..

  • if you take your carbs from leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables will power will not be needed for fasting. omad will be effortless. just try it,no need to thank me

  • im 167 pounds I don’t think I can’t eat 167 grams of protein a nice size steak is only 23 grams I have too eat seven steaks just to hit my target I don’t get how people do it at all one nice steak fills me up for a while

  • Perfect! This is needed for any new moves you have in your videos. So many people get injured when they are not guided through moves for proper form. Then they give up because of injury. Thanks Heather!!

  • Do you think that would help type 1? It can be really hard to regulate blood sugar at night for my partner. It’s rare to have a good night’s sleep, without waking up in the middle of the night to manage insulin.

  • No disrespect but You need to watch Jason Fung MD, He maintains that the Calories Inn and just cutting Calories while doing IF is completely False and the IF YouTubers claiming thermodynamics, It does not apply because if You maintain at 2,000 calories and you Cut Calories to 1500 then it would be a simple as deficit of Calories and You will lose Fat but everybody has been doing this for the last 20 Years & became fatter. Your metabolism will just slow down to the 1500 & then if you go to 1000 it will slow down to a 1,000, don’t worry about calories. Simple just IF & try to eat protein and good fat & little carbs and don’t count calories because your resting Metabolic Rate will rise to burn 3,000 calories or 4,000 or back down to 2500 calories daily it will adapt, we have actual Proof of this, documented, sure if You are Intermittent Fating EATING only 1 or 2 time a day in a time restricted window of feeding, You probably will not be eating as many calories as You use to naturally because your stomach will shrink but restricting calories on a standard diet is bad a doesn’t work, but also RESTRICTING CALORIES ON INTERMENT FASTING AND SAYING THAT YOU NEED TO BE IN A CALORIE DEFICIT FOR IF IS WRONG, metabolism will Ramp Up to burn more calories and You will still lose fat & weight, how many calories someone burns will increase just as it would also decrease on the calorie restricted diets that don’t work. THE REASON INTERMITTENT FASTING WORKS IS ALL ABOUT BLOOD SUGAR SPIKES, IF YOU ONLY HAVE 1 OR 2 A DAY instead OF 6 OR 7 Your body will start becoming better at handling Insulin, Peroid.

  • I agree
    I’ve experimented with this lately. Even though you go to bed a little hungry you wake up well rested and your body feels lean and energized plus your not hungry after waking up and realize what hunger is really like vs cravings.

  • I’ve been on IF and OMAD for well over a year and recently started weight lifting again. I’m getting extremely sluggish and have no energy for the workouts so I need to bump up my caloric intake. Thank you for the information. Just what I needed to know… ����

  • Lol bro u am from a third world country we dont have the thing you guys have but I want to loose weight I am decated to it I dont mind loosing muscle I have been at it for 2 week and everyday I feel less hungry but the struggle is still there the only thing I what to do now is include work out

  • I made mistakes 2 and 3 but it was due to my high risk of diabetes t2 that was resolved with the keto diet with 12 months. I lost 18 kg in weight and according to my scale the ratio fat/muscle stayed the same. So I lost a lot of muscle. 3 months ago I started to rebuild muscle and have gained 3-4 kg successfully. At 65 the right protocol seems to be relevant. I increased my calories to gain muscle and did but I added fat too. Raising my overall calories stalled my weight loss despite the exercise. I am now doing a 3 day protocol with a heavy weight lifting/high calorie day, a light weights low calorie day and a light weights fasting day. The fasting increases apparently the stem cell and satellite cell production necessary for muscle growth. It is important to keep the training up to protect the muscle. I do only HIIT sprinting on the second day of my three day cycle and no other cardio at all. So far it seems to work well but I have focused now more on Doug McGuff high intensity resistance and it is better for recovery of the muscles. You need to find your own best practice!

  • Weighing yourself is not an effective way to measure progress because as you workout you build muscle mass, which is actually heavier than fat.

  • the biggest misconception in my opinion with fasting is kids and people who have minimal knowledge on fitness. They see the super aesthetic guys who lie about their steroid use on YouTube who aren’t HUGE, but have a significant amount of muscle with a super low body fat percentage. They speak about how Intermittent fasting got them ripped, when in reality being on gear will retain more muscle for a longer period of time and they burn more body fat regardless. These unrealistic body images of the fitness liars needs to come to an end. These crazy crash diets are just an excuse for giving yourself an eating disorder. this is why I love channels like this one. he is clearly a natural athlete speaking truth

  • I’m OMAD and I fast from lunchtime to lunchtime. I tried 2MAD with a 4 hour eating window but during work I eat my lunch and forget that other meal around 6pm so I’m automatically back to OMAD. I only eat when I’m hungry I could fast during summer 6-7 days in a row without eating but my doc changed my blood thinner (genetic thrombophilia) to one which is hitchhiking dietary protein to get where it is needed, so I have to eat and since I can’t sleep with a full belly I eat my one big meal at lunch. My gut has enough time to digest cause I’m Carnivore before I go to sleep

  • This was so great! The only thing you didnt address was breathing during the exercises. Do you have any videos on breathing techniques especially when you start to fatigue?

  • YOU ARE VERY CLOSE TO GIVING MEDICAL ADVICE, and that can get you sued. Do you have any medical credentials? At least I hope you have liability insurance in case your wrong, and you consistently leave the facts like, age, body type, whether or no the individual has any type of disability, all your really saying is be like me…which is going to get you sued…

  • Times body weight by 12. Are we measuring body weight in pounds or kg?.. I’m 99.8kg and 29% (accouding to Body trax machine) can anyone help?

  • If people can make 5 mistakes with fasting, might as well call the video, “fuck Intermitent Fasting”. I can only eat in 2 more hours. Well, fuck it. I’ll grab a burger!

  • What if ones overall aim is to actually lose muscle because it’s become too bulky, for example I have very bulky legs and a decent upper body….can I maintain upper body size and reduce bulky legs? If so how

  • I like to do the pre-workout cardio. It reduces the chances for the injuries. Furthermore, it gets me into more pumped state and I train a lot harder. Before I have a proper sweat on, I tend to cut corners. Any time I have tried to skip the proper warm up I haven’t made significant gains.

  • Loved this!
    I was in doubt about the proper form during the deadlifts. So that was helpful
    If you could show how to make rear flyes next time, would be great.

    Thank you Heather!

  • I need your insight on IF but on a plant based diet. I dont assume much is different once broken down but a video may help me with getting better results. Thanks!

  • Are we talking kilo or poungs when calculating protein intake (0,8) and 12 x your weight in calories??? Pounds right?… sorry for not knowing shit about anything regarding food and stuff…

  • So grateful for these pro tips Heather, thank you! If possible could you do a part two to this showing the correct way to perform curtsey lunges and skier swings? I feel sometimes when I do them that I’m over rotating in my knees and I worry it’s because my form is not up to par.

  • I really felt the hair one that’s why I decided to go natural and stop straightening my hair because I was constantly worried about my hair reverting from sweating and then wouldn’t work out.

  • I think I lost all my fat loss gains by too much protein and not enough fats, despite no carbs. Maybe I’m just inflamed. Anyway, I’m still doing keto. Time for a long fast again.

  • So when should I train if I use intermittent fasting? Usually you eat two hours before training to get
    glycogen in you muscles, you eat right after you training to stop catabolism and you eat two hours later to replenish your energy and to start rebuilding of muscles, so what now?

  • okay is this okay 8 brake my fast at 3 with one egg and at 7 i drink a protein shake with 3 large spoons of penut butter and whole milk/almond milk. With a hour of mma training. Im 15 and 250lbs trying to lose wei

  • This is confusing. What I tend to do is fasted cardio in the morning (around 8:30) for about 20 minutes. Then I workout around 2pm. Idk why somebody would say you’ll lose muscle by doing that. If you keep your heart rate in the target zone, you won’t deplete muscle glycogen at all. Oh and I saw a comment about keto diet. Keto is very bad for you as well as intermittent fasting. 2 stupid trends going around. Most of the people you see doing these things are on steroids. We are animals. Cardio is working out the cardio vascular system, making it more efficient. Working out, making our bodies stronger. Carbs, there’s a reason we can utilize and digest them. Eat when you are hungry, and eat clean and whole foods. That’s all you need to worry about. Stop counting calories and macros. Follow your instincts. WE ARE ANIMALS TOO! Jesus, life is too short for all this bs and fitness is so simple. I run fasted in the morning because it has a noticable difference in my mood throughout the day and my health. I feel way better when I did it rather when I don’t. That’s my rant. Stay healthy.

  • What if you are not fasting prior to cardio? Anyways I have lost 170+ pounds and gained muscle. I always eat before I workout. So I guess that’s the Fed Cardio? I also always do cardio before lifting weights. I’m pretty muscular and toned. I guess I’m doing something right.

  • What works for me in terms of will power is actually I “get down” with my eventual meal. I put it on fine china, put a candlestick next to it, arrange it artfully on the plate, smell it, take pictures of it, but don’t eat it. One time I even put it in my mouth and then took it out without eating it. Convince myself that I CAN wait for my eventual reward. Then when I finally eat, it’s like an event. I feel victorious. Works.

  • The difficult/frustrating part of intermittent fasting was reaching my macros mostly protein. I tried 1g of protein per body weight but always came up short. I just used 0.8 g per body weight and it made it way easier. Instead of having to aim for 152 g of protein daily I now consume 121 g of protein. Big difference! I use to worry to much on protein that I would eat large portions of protein and be in a caloric deficit by 50-100 calories which is a small deficit and would take more than a week to lose just 1 pound from that deficit. I’m still learning from my fitness journey.

  • 6:35 that’s what I’m doing rn�� except my two bestfriends and I are trying to workout (almost) everyday together (in our own homes ofc)

  • I plan to have a cheat day on July 3rd which is my birthday but I’m too scared that I’ll get fatter in just one day because I will eat everything I like so I don’t know if I should just skip it or not. Do you still control yourself when you’re eating on a cheat day? Or do you eat everything you want? This friend needs help��

  • I’m unable to make sense of this, if you eat say exactly 2000 Calories in 24hr cycles, why does time of the day matter? Law of thermodynamics has to be broken to make you fat.

  • My buddy wants to go to sleep after I eat. if I eat in the morning my cortisol and adrenaline levels are too high and I get Disturbed sleep. So my compromise is: eat late eat less

  • how do u feel about Combining IntFasting and the Keto Diet,

    what do you think is my target for macros and calories i want to eat during my feeding window

    im 210 lbs 5’8”
    i work out 3-4 times a week

    and want to lose weight/body fat

  • Don’t agree with cheat days, that insinuates you hate what you’re eating. Build that stuff into your diet every day instead. Yup, hate planks.

  • When he says eating all your food in an 8 hour window, does he mean eating all throughout those 8 hours? Because what I do is just eat one very big meal, and for the most part I dont eat until the same-ish time the next day. And im not even doing it out of a diet thing, but its more like a habit-convenience thing that I’ve already been doing long before I even started hitting the gym about 2 months ago. Is this alright?

  • So you said I need to do weights before cardio which is what I have been doing. But I want to try faster cardio. Do I need to do fasted weight training also? How else are you going to do fasted cardio after weight training?

  • Dr. Satchin Panda talks about how your gut will heal up to 10% every night if there’s no food being digested so finishing eating 3-4 hrs before bed is important for gut health. A good hack is to sip sparkling water once your done with dinner if you start feeling the need to eat. Sparkling water will keep the hunger or need to eat at bay.

  • Thank you!
    That’s the problem of not talking in your videos…people who have no idea of proper form in advance will be lost.
    I learned the hard way. Now, before I follow anyone, I watch to make sure they have perfect form. Your form is always perfect.

  • Yes studies have shown that fasting for 18 to 24 hours increases growth hormone up to 2000% in men and 1300% in women that will start building new muscle tissue, tenants, making bones stronger, even slowing down the aging process. But I do think you need to train even in a fasted state to build muscle, even so the growth hormone will preserve your existing muscle mass. But lots Of Cardio will cause you to loose Muscle not just fat so resistance training is a must. Besides the more lean muscle mass you have the more fat you will burn at rest because you will burn more calories to maintain the lean muscle.What I don’t understand is 1 g of protein per pound of body weight every day, I bought 16 oz organic grass fed beef and it said it was 44.6 grams protein that is 1 pound of beef I weigh 225 POUNDS 225 GRAMS OF PROTEIN IS A LOT OF PROTEIN TO CONSUME EVERY DAY IT MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE TO BE IN A CALORIC DEFICIT. I WOULD HAVE TO EAT OVER 5 POUNDS OF BEEF EVERY DAY. HOW MANY PROTEIN SHAKES IS THAT LIKE 10 COME ON MAN?

  • I’m Muslim and Ramadan is approaching where I’ll fast for 18 hrs daily for a month (3 am 9 pm), I plan to workout at 5 pm for two hours after finishing work… would there be enough energy sources in my body to do that workout? taking into consideration that my last meal taken would be at least 14 hrs before.

  • ooohhh, fuck you with this bullshit information. muscle catabolism bullshit, seems like your body cannibalized your brain ffs. 6 days a week i train fasted for over 5 years now. yes, im doing intermittent fasting 20-4. i’m 81kg and my prs are 225 deadlift, 185 squat and 162 bench… all done fasted. yes, those are kgs. im not in a state of constant bullshit.

  • I’m on my third day with no breakfast and no dinner. I go to the gym in the morning, cardio for 20-30 minutes then weights for about an hour to an hour and half with lots of water. Shower then lunch. I’m at 182 lbs and will weigh in on my 8th day to see if it worked. And I’m 55 years old and been lifting fo more than ten years. After my workout I still have energy. And I workout 5-6 days a week.

  • I eat 5 egg whites before my workout with 1 hour gap and do 15 mins of intense cardio(without rest) is it good? I want to lose fat

  • Thank you for the pointers. It’s always good to check ones form and proper execution for better results and avoid injuries. Really appreciate this.

  • WUNDEBAR! This is THE most complete and educational fitness program I´ve ever seen! I´m so excited to start the program! Thank you so much for bringing so much value!

  • everyone is different.

    i eat 6am to noon, with extended fasts on the weekends.

    i can’t tolerate fruit or grains. even cruciferous are limited to once per week, if that.

    occasional supplements.

    all this with a resistance training program and a bicycle ride a couple of times per week = humming.

  • This info is bs, I work out every morning fasted and I’ve lost almost 20 kgs and gained quite a lot of muscle in only 2 months, it may not be good doing muscle training fasted but cardio works great

  • I like to have my biggest meal in the middle of the day, because I’m too weak-willed to wait too long, and if I eat too early, and start fasting, I get heartburn when I try to sleep.

  • I was doing jumping Jack’s in my room in secret and then my mum ended up seeing me and I stopped.�� She came back in later and gave me a leg and arm massage do my joints are more flexible.����

  • I’m a 16 almost 17 year old man, 141lb and have a sharded body but ramadan is coming soon and I’m gonna fast for a month. My question is can I workout while fasting

  • Thanks Heather! This is soooo needed!
    I just have to say that since I’ve been doing your strength workouts, I can see definition in place I never have! I’m almost 40 and feeling like I’m 20. I plan to follow u for as long as you are around❤
    You’re doing a great job

  • Hello, I have a dilemma. I don’t workout until 7 pm M-F, and it’s usually a mixture of cardio and weight training. I’ve been eating a hour after workouts (when I get home n settle in). My goal is to burn fat, while losing some weight and build my muscle. Should I change my fast which I’m doing OMAD right now where I eat from 9-10 pm. What do u sugguest?! Tips and advice would be greatly appreciated thanks, Eric…

  • For 6 months I maintained around 1 gram per lb. But at 300 that was way to much. So I now have reduced down to what I would need if I’m 50 lbs down so I can incorporate more veggies

  • After watching some Satchin Panda videos in the last month, I’ve shifted my 6-8 hour eating window from 2-8 pm to 9 am to 4 pm. The circadian rhythm apparently favors digesting glucose in he morning. I’ve started adding legumes to my low carb diet, so I now eat them in the morning. I used to take berberine supplements, but stopped most of my supplements when my ALT (liver enzyme) marker started rising. Now it’s dropped back down. Hard to pin it on any one supplement, but I have recently read that berberine was linked with higher A:T. But a cursory google search reveals no consistent pattern. Maybe it’s just me.

  • Love it, what you said about a complete ketogenic diet and that it’s not great diet devoid of micronutrients.
    I prefer intermediate fasting and one diet a day once a week than ketogenic diet.

  • Hello, I am fasting from 00:00 16:00. Can I build muscle if I workout around 21:00? Because I have seen that if you are IF you should workout while fasted if you want to build muscle for some reason. Thanks.

  • IF and keto.ive been doing hiit workout in a fasted state for 7 weeks now best part about this is the reward after working out is i get to eat thats what keeps me motivated �� and ive lost 22lb pounds so far in only 7 weeks. LETS GO!

  • Good video, I’ll check out more of your work. You should’ve just changed your shirt and acted like nothing happened just to see if anyone noticed ��

  • The weird thing to me is that all my friends are always holding off a diet or working out but it makes me feel exited and healthy for drinking a glass of lemon water and looking forward to my exersise..

  • With this channel I came to this conclusion: don’t do anything! Just drink water (not from plastic, of course) and eat just sun nutrients (but not too much, of course).

  • The mindset I used to have for fasting and even avoiding cheatmeals used to be “Things taste better when longing for it” and just that simple thought got me to stay away from the meals for longer. For others that might just be a silly thought but you have to find that mindset that works for you and when you’ve gotten used to it you don’t need to convince yourself. It’s just there and you are in full control.

  • 5:15 BUT since not having anything pre workout would benefit growth hormone and insulin sensitivity it would be better in the long run to train completely fasted

  • Does the “weights before cardio” rule still apply if you don’t do one after the other? For example, is it fine to do fasted HIIT cardio first thing in the morning then do weight training later in the afternoon/evening?

  • Pre-workout before exercise study:

    1. Done in 2001
    2. Used 6 participants
    3. Ran only 2 trials

    Do you have any more comprehensive studies that find the same anabolic response when ingesting pre-workout? These results don’t mean anything, could just be the result of variance. You need a much larger sample size & more trials to make a conclusion.

    Evolution speaking, our ancestors hunted on empty stomach most likely, so I feel there would be more advantages to following that.

  • Hi Team,
    Please suggest me the best pre-workout meal. Currently, I am following the practice of consuming lemon water with honey before hitting the gym but that’s not helping me at the gym. I am getting tired and exhausted pretty soon. However, I am having a whey protein shake post workout, telling you just in case you wanna know.

    Waiting for your response. Thank you!!

  • Hi, all respect to u. However, I dont think u were lucky to clearly explain ur point in this video. I totally disagree with point number two in ur video. Fasting will never ever catabolize ur muscle protein except if u do prolonged water fasting more than 5 continious days. The reasons are. Fasting increases growth hormone and testosterone after 48 hours, starts autophagy after 72 hours. Which means that u will trigger more muscle growth when working out in a fasted state. I guess u meant if u r not in a fasted state its better to have ur shake before rather than after ur workout. Again u ll never lose muscle if u work out in a fasted state, nor u will feel exhausted except if u r very new to fasting.
    I d appreciate a reply.

  • You are totally right. I have always stopped eating at least 6 hours before I go to bed (that would be TDM of about 9 hours). I have always done that even before I knew about intermittent fasting. I do not sleep well when I have anything in my stomach.

  • How to manage it when someone trains late 9 PM. Should a post workout meal be avoided? I hate eating too early to my training 3h is a must for me.

  • My brother tells me all the things I’m doing wrong, or what I should be doing if I tell him I’m trying to do something for myself.

  • I found when I am done eating between 4-6pm I digest proper. Elimination is not an issue. Post 6pm bloat and issues with elimination.

  • I do cardio faster then right after take a pre workout and sip aminos while I do weight training….. I’m trying to burn fat but build muscle…. am I doing this wrong?

  • I always try to have my last meal before 6pm, most of the time however I do one meal a day which is somewhere around 2:30 to 3:30 PM. I do have to say I get very good sleep when I am fasting for at least 8 hours before I go to bed.

  • Dr Berry is my number one guru. You are number two. But…. dr Berry stresses The proper human diet, you don’t really need supplements…ok maybe some minerals, electrolytes. That’s it�� ok I’m done. Thanks Mike very informative, you get into the science more than Dr Berry.!

  • I am Muslim we fast 19 hours a day one month I was thinking maybe that’s bad for body but I just realised that fasting in so good for health
    Thanks for your information

  • Much like the hunter gatherers before ourselves, I’ve found peak performance eating only when you’ve successfully completed your day fully. Moment I eat there is no productivity but rest.

  • This guy totally contradicts himself.

    In one video, he says doing fasted cardio is great for losing fat, but in this video, he says its not good for you. Tf

  • Real good video but I think drinking coffee is not an actual fast. I’m pretty sure water is all you can ingest to get the full being it’s of the fast.
    In saying that I’m lucky to last 16 hours on a good day so if coffe works then good luck ��

  • What it’s best for someone who’s beginning in water fasting: doing like 3/4 days fasting and then start to eat some vegies and start to get back to normal in a easy and light way until the next fasting (And how frequent I have to fast if the fasting is 3/4 days long?) or doing it 16h fasting and 8h window daily? I’m trying to build muscle and lose body fat at the same time, is fasting good for me? Thanks in advance:D

  • Watching you show how a squat is done wrong, each one hurts my knees to do them that way so I assumed my form was wrong. So I just kept searching online for the proper form.
    This video would have come in handy about 10 yrs ago. Lol. ��
    Great info. ��

  • I planned to do intermittent fasting and HIIT and some resistance training along the way. So here is the scenario. I wake up at 4am in morning and does HIIT and resistance exercises and have protein shake then starts fasting from 6 am to 8 pm for a period of 14 hours. Then have a healthy meal and go to bed at 10 pm to wake up next day at 4am. Is this a healthy routine to follow? Pls someone help me. Thanks

  • My least favorite thing is when videos claim they are for beginners but don’t go through the proper forms and breeze right through.

  • I sleep soundly when I stop eating at least 3hrs before bedtime. I even helped my coworker on eliminating his acid reflux, by having himself doing the same. He knows that it works because whenever he didn’t, his symptom returned that very night.

  • This so awsome! I wish I had this info 4 ears ago when I got to specialist with bunch of problems in posture, uneven muscle definition and other issues. Most of them due to excercising without proper form!!!! This is very important.

  • Great video! I began a 16-8 regime a few months ago and am loving it! I feel like I have a better relationship with food and am not depriving myself of good tasting meals (I’m just not binging them). I don’t weigh myself either but feel more positive about my body since beginning. Overcoming binge eating is the number one thing IF has given me though. Also, the LIFE app is great for tracking as a beginner.

  • 1consume sufficient protein
    2lift weights (weight loss should only be done by fat loss)
    3daily caloric intake not to be reduced
    4consume sufficient carbs (noy super low)
    5avoid excessive cardio.

  • Go to bed hungry. In the morning not hungry until about 10. Those two hours from 10 to noon get the body in clean up mode. It’s a good plan.

  • Dude you really are amazing and love it when you simplify everything.!!
    Plz do videos for overweight and fat people,,!!!
    And also about the dirty habit of masturbation and pornography use effect on body

  • 0.8grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. I think that it’s best for everyone if you stick to one system of measurements. That’s approximately 1.8grams per kg.

  • Big meal(which breaks fast and is often the only one) at noon but I’m retired so I have the time to prep it then go get 20m of sun

  • Hey, Grav i really enjoy your Channel keep up the good work!
    But i got a question. Your are talking the whole Vid. abouted “fasted” exercises. After who many hours between the last Meal and the exercise can u call it a “fasted” workout. Is it 12, 16 hrs or more about 24 hrs +?
    I like to do my Cardio about 12-14hrs after the last Meal lately.

  • Thank you for the pointers. It’s always good to check ones form and proper execution for better results and avoid injuries. Really appreciate this.

  • If you fast the right way, it is easy and manageable to build muscle while losing fat. Watch your diet ( High lean protein ) and wait til your body is in alert mode to hit the cardio. You can even take out the Carbs and Sugar of your diet to maximise the results but for a short period of time.

  • I got to agree. Ive been watching soooooo many videos that just go around in circles. This is good….no its not… nuts raw and unroasted……but no, eat them roasted for boron….dont eat carbs…..NO, NO, NO. Lol. The list goes on. Then they say AVOID STRESS, COZ IT RAISES CORTOSOL. But all this confusion just makes you stressed, let alone the actual eating. Just the reading and listening does.
    Anyway….i do feel alot has to do with just listening to your body…..obviously i dont mean if u eat sugar all day and say, hey, im shaking, i need more…..i just mean if you are doing your best but feel down. As an example, i only drink water and some people say you SHOULD drink a certain amount everyday…..but i just cant……sometimes i just naturally feel more thirsty and others i feel like i would be shoving down my throat. As with carbs, its in alot of stuff and so its best not to get too super crazy about it. Sure you can cut back and try. But if u dont feel right……do you keep sticking with it and hope for the best or will u make yourself ill? Its all like trial and error i suppose and just like everyone is different…..1 may cope, but another may lack something thats needed in that food perhaps. Im no dr and dont know the truth, but im sure alot of what other drs may say are actually just through what they read, search study and believe. Everyone believes in different things, but u just got to follow what works for u. If u lose too much or gain too much, then its all there to find out.

    Thanks for the video and i wish you all the best. I subscribed too. ����

  • I eat one meal a day between 2500-3000 calories. I eat from 6pm to 8pm everyday. I get to the gym at 6am and run a 5k in 25 minutes or less followed by 10-15 minutes of weight training. On my lunch break around 11:30 I go back and run another 2 miles followed by 10 minutes of weights and 5 minutes of HIIT jumping rope for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of mountain climbers with 10 seconds of rest 5 times. I find I’m getting better results from doing my cardio first followed by weight training.

  • I normally eat my last meal before 3pm. Makes it nice if I am doing a 20-24 hour fast. Most other days I eat my first meal about 10am and then again between 2 3 pm.

  • What do you think about doing a fasted cardio hiit session in the morning then doing your weight training session later in the day, like mid afternoon??

  • I LOVE it Heather. You are AMAZING and very inspiring Thank you very much for always sharing with us your videos. They are AMAZING.����

  • This rings true to me. If I eat late after a long fast, i can’t sleep until 2-3am from all the food energy. Was actually already in the process of moving my clock back; great timing.

  • Thanks for the great videos as always! It’s so hard, but eating early is so important. My husband and I have struggled with weight forever and we are finally on a better schedule and it’s showing. We track our sleep and my heart rate and HRV are so bad when we eat late, even if it’s 7:30pm! The earlier the better. Working from home because of Covid has allowed me to start dinner early and get it done which has been sooo nice! Sadly all those years of late eating definitely has taken a toll on our bodies and minds.

  • I have a very intrusive family so if I tell them I am working out they are gonna try and do it with me, I love them but I want to do this alone…also I never weight myself I only take pictures every week works for me

  • I didn’t see the link for the “hemp-dried…”??? you take right before bed. Is that different than the Berberine supplement? Thanks! I’m a newbie. Thanks for your great content!

  • Fuck off with all this bro science shit, as long as you eat protein and good fats you will be fine. you don’t need 1 gram per pound and you don’t need lots of carbs.

  • Dear Heather! You’re amazing and really good teacher. I’m doing your routines for a month every day. I like soo much your channel because it has different routines for different level. Many many thanks for sharing with us. ��������

  • Defo going to consider this! I have a family so, while doing OMAD, (but 2MAD on the weekends) I try to eat my meal between 5pm 7pm. That way I can eat around the same time they are eating. But after listening to this, I may just have to adjust this and if I’m not getting my desired results. Thank you.

  • I feel like measurements are the true progress. Because you could be losing fat, but gaining muscle, so you wont see anything different or hardly a difference on the scale. Also record yourself every time you work out to see the progress in your forms and whatnot. Thats what ive learned to keep me from weighing myself every day. I hope this helps

  • Thank you for bringing the science to us:-)!
    I wish the 2nd study would be repeated with different nutrient macros. As a proponent and user of low carb / keto / carnivore, I find the findings of the 2nd study limited in their applicability, albeit the general advice of not eating late is sensible. When I eat 80-100g of carbs at 10 pm like done in the study for some reason (let’s say cheat day), I can’t even fall asleep properly and sweat like crazy during the night. I don’t seem to have the same problem when I eat 80-100g of fat that late (let’s say coconut milk).
    Mike, if I may ask, how many hours before bed time does your wife finish her OMAD? Maybe other watchers have also input on this, I am trying to structure my day better so that digestion doesn’t interfere with sleep (too much).

  • Thank you for the pointers. It’s always good to check ones form and proper execution for better results and avoid injuries. Really appreciate this.

  • 6:30 you cant drink caffeine if doing IF, watch dr. Rhona patrick on JRE she explains why, caffeine activates enzymes that interfere with the fast

  • Someone add to this / help:

    I fast from 3pm to 7am.

    My workout falls between 10pm-12pm (avg. start to finish)

    Technically, am I in a glycogen depleted state when my macros/micros are all accounted for? Is the last bit of my protein (roughly 30gs) benenficial to have before my weight training? Does it make a big difference? (My whey protein atm is not isolatecarbs/fats/some sugars are included but i could easily obtain stricter whey-isolate protein) I do my best to stop eating BEFORE 3pm to enlongate the fasted state. HIIT cardio roughly 3x a week depending on my energy levels.

    Is 6-7hours too long or not long enough of a “fasted state” to be in before working out?

    Should I switch the hours around to have my meals centered around the time of my training!

  • Currently recovering from anorexia, and your videos are amazing. I’m glad I’ve been able to find healthier weight loss methods. Thank you so much for your help. <3

  • Hello Ryan, great advice!! What about not exercising? shouldn’t that be added in the list of mistakes? Keep up the creation of this content! and good luck with those 5 pending hours!

  • Intermittent fasting is not for losing weight…..why do people link it so strongly to fat loss…..
    Intermittent fasting is done to achieve the awesome benefits of fasting and activating our bodies own repair mechanism to trigger itself…..
    Giving rest to put digestive system and pancreas is a must….
    Fasting reduces insulin resistance and prevents type 2 diabetes…..
    Fasting prevents and diminishes tumor growth by making our healthy cells to eat up the dysfunctional cells in our body and gives more room for newer and stronger cells to survive in our body…..
    and thousands more benefits are there

  • Ok, throw out the protein shake and start drinking MILK. When you wake up, drink milk and off you go. Protein shake can be good but more often than not you’ll piss out most of the protein in the protein shake anyway. 30g protein shake, at least 15g will go down the drain.

  • 6 to 12 hours after waking is the best for me. Going to sleep empty stomach takes getting used to but once it becomes a habit it’s easy.

  • Intermittent fasting benefits:

    Weight and body fat loss.
    Increased fat burning.
    Lowered blood insulin and sugar levels.
    Possibly reversal of type 2 diabetes.
    Possibly improved mental clarity and concentration.
    Possibly increased energy.
    Possibly increased growth hormone, at least in the short term

  • Hey Mike, maybe this is something for you:
    Applied this years ago and got great results. Didn’t know anything about fasting back then but realized it was essentially IF (dinner cancelling) plus the supplements.

  • Honestly, I started working out some weeks ago and I look forward to it every time. I am so happy that I could even start. So yeah.

  • 2:22 LOL
    We’re not approaching the longest days of the year.
    The days have been decreasing for some time now.
    So we’re approaching the SHORTEST days of the year. ��

  • I felt it recently. If I eat late I can even sleep better and wake up unnecessarily as you said. I am also seeing some fats around my stomach which was not the case before

  • Intermittent fasting has so many benefits it’s unbelievable. It helps with productivity, focus, energy, self esteem, confidence, well-being, fat loss, metabolism, cognition, mood, etc

  • the evidence is piling up: frontload calories in the morning and stop eating a few hours before bed. (there’s no need to call this intermittent fasting or fasting. it’s eating during daylight hours and stopping before sunset. the most basic eating for a diurnal animal.)

  • It’s a survival mechanism.. when you starve the body it gears up and gets ready to hunt it’s just we’re hunting gains now instead of Animals for Food.. Treat your workouts like the Hunt you either make gains or Die and as a Man you’ll rather die than go home empty handed.. “EARN YOUR MEALS” is the mentality I have with fasted training


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  • If personally been experimenting with the window, and I have also found it beneficial to have the eating window earlier in the day. If done both for long periods of time 6 months + and it’s better in the morning.

  • I train Fasted! It’s better for fat loss. Your body uses its own fat as an energy source instead of Glycogen or Glucose. Plus it helps put you in a bigger calorie deficit, thus allowing you to eat a little bit more. Train Fasted is great for fat loss and overall weight loss. I don’t think it’s as effective for adding size.

  • Thank you! Yet even experienced and highly qualified fitness experts give different techniques sometimes for the same exercise. E.g., on the Fitness Blender channel (pretty trust-worthy one, they’ve been doing this for about a decade) they say when doing sit-ups, or crunches (I thought sit-ups is when you lift your whole back off the ground, but in this video, it looked like they are the same as crunches), you need to rather lift inwards, like folding your body to your hips (while keeping your chin off your chest of course), rather than upwards. Hm…whom to trust?

  • Muscle loss with fasted vs fuelled cardio is negligible. I run 10K every morning fasted and weight train fuelled/feed in the afternoon. Although I have no data to compare, I’m making gains. Fasted cardio is great for fat-loss. Tip, take carb-free electrolytes before you do cardio in a fasted state. Actually, take them all day.

  • I don’t think a lot of people truly understand how freaking strong this dude is…

    Most people couldn’t do ANY of the things this guy is doing in his videos regarding strength. And not only is he showing you the proper way, but also the improper way lol

    Props and respect!