Experts Debate The Benefits and drawbacks of Bovine collagen


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Experts Debate: The Pros and Cons of Collagen. In an age of wellness trends, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and the circadian rhythm diet have all been hotly debated by experts. The latest and greatest seems to be collagen.

The main structural protein in the body, collagen is a crucial component that forms connective tissues, cartilage, bone and skin elasticity. U.S. consumers are expected to spend $293 million on collagen products. But as it’s gotten more popular, there have been questions about how well it works and concerns about its safety. Collagen is the protein responsible for skin elasticity. It also plays a role in joint and bone health.

Human bodies create collagen naturally. Over time, however, the production of this protein. The Potential Benefits of Powdered Collagen.

Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey explains how powdered collagen, in theory, may support weight loss, sleep, and skin elasticity. Plus, Dr. Oz weighs in on each potential benefit and Asprey reveals a hack that may make collagen more effective.

Two experts debate the pros and cons of ESG. ESG has become a buzzword on Wall Street as companies face pressure from investors to be. Experts debate pros, cons of mandatory product registry for dietary supplements A veteran attorney in Washington says it’s an idea whose time has come: a mandatory product registry for the dietary supplement industry. Collagen gives skin its elasticity and structure, the loss of which leads to increased signs of aging — like wrinkles. When you cook animal bones, the collagen breaks down to become more digestible.

Experts debate the pros and cons of dandelions. By: Tiffany Esshaki | Birmingham Bloomfield Eagle | Published May 16, 2016. Advertisement. METRO DETROIT — Do you remember the first gift you gave to your mother? If it wasn’t a macaroni necklace, there’s a good chance it was a freshly picked bouquet of bright dandelions.

The 75+ main debate topics at are listed below along with their respective core questions. Topics normally consist of pro/con questions, arguments, quotes from experts, historical backgrounds, readers’ comments, videos, photos, and more. is nonpartisan, nonprofit, and used by more than 25 million people every year, including educators in more than 12,000 schools. The Aquinas Institute for Catholic Thought, an intellectual arm of ministry on the campus of CU Boulder, sponsored the Feb.

3 debate, in which two scholars discussed the pros and cons.

List of related literature:

In order to balance some disadvantages of collagen, and even most natural materials, such as the weaker mechanical properties, and severe shrinkage, many crosslinking treatments have been developed to increase the structural stability of collagen.

“Stem Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering in Dental Sciences” by Ajaykumar Vishwakarma, Paul Sharpe, Songtao Shi, Murugan Ramalingam
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Overall, no study has shown a benefit over collagen.

“Campbell-Walsh Urology: Expert Consult Premium Edition: Enhanced Online Features and Print, 4-Volume Set” by Alan J. Wein, Louis R. Kavoussi, Andrew C. Novick, Alan W. Partin, Craig A. Peters
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The benefits of collagen supplementation has been accompanied by the development a collagen industry.

“Byproducts from Agriculture and Fisheries: Adding Value for Food, Feed, Pharma and Fuels” by Benjamin K. Simpson, Alberta N. Aryee, Fidel Toldrá
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Collagen’s main disadvantages include variable resorption and relative high cost for the material.

“Diagnosis and Treatment of Voice Disorders” by John S. Rubin, Robert T. Sataloff, Gwen S. Korovin
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Each collagen bioscaffold has potential advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

“McGlamry's Comprehensive Textbook of Foot and Ankle Surgery” by The Podiatry Institute, Joe T. Southerland, Jeffrey S. Boberg, Michael S. Downey, Aprajita Nakra, Linnie V. Rabjohn
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Furthermore, the research speculates that long-term use of the supplements may lead to nutritional deficiencies because chitin may prevent the body from absorbing fat-soluble substances such as vitamin D, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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Study of the defects in animals with the so-called collagen diseases and in animals engineered to produce defective collagens (see later) has provided much of the current knowledge of the functions of the collagen molecule.

“Textbook of Small Animal Surgery” by Douglas H. Slatter
from Textbook of Small Animal Surgery
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“Lathyrogenic” has been applied to literally hundreds of compounds that interfere with collagen metabolism, but only a small fraction of these are true angiolathyrogens.

“Cardiovascular Toxicology” by Bob Sproull, Bob Nelson, Daniel Acosta
from Cardiovascular Toxicology
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Among the important functions of proteoglycans in general are their role in collagen fibril assembly and their cell-mediated effects such as cell adhesion, migration, proliferation and differentiation.

“Oral Anatomy, Histology and Embryology E-Book” by Barry K.B Berkovitz, G. R. Holland, Bernard J. Moxham
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Disadvantages are well documented and predominantly focus on graft site morbidity.

“Current Concepts in ACL Reconstruction” by Freddie H. Fu, Steven Cohen
from Current Concepts in ACL Reconstruction
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  • Hey Dr. I just did first micro-needling with the dr pen and it left the needle holes in my face! My skin texture was perfect before and now horrible with some dark spots also. I know they will lighten in time but what can I do for the holes? PLEASE HELP!

  • I can’t see the difference between the before, 1 year and 6 months photos. I guess you can switch the photos with each other and you can still use the same conclusion to describe each of them.

  • Dr V, many thanks for the invaluable info you are making available to us! What is your opinion on Bone Broth compared to collagen supplements.

  • I found a collagen sourced from both bovine and marine I am excited to see the results. Thank you for your explanation of how things changed when you stopped using it.

  • Great if you want to pay a subscription monthly just to get the report, the public shouldn’t have to pay just to find out this type of information, especially if one product contains toxic levels of lead.

  • If you look at the serving size of Vital Proteins, you actually have to take 2 scoops for 20g of collagen. So you just made a shake with just 10g of collagen. Just FYI

  • I’m in the biz, and your explanation of collagen is the best I’ve seen! You are right, the skin is the least of the benefits of a healthy regime… It’s the whole body that benefits! Great job, you have excellent communication skills! My productd:

  • Grass fed collagen is best! But Vital Proteins from Costco is excellent. I also buy Garden of Life grass fed collagen strawberry lemonade powder and mix with water. I also just started youtheory collagen +biotin pills from Costco as well. The combination is working for me so I have options in how I take it. The pills can be convenient but also at times not and I prefer to add to water OR a add to a smoothie drink. I do see a difference and realized I wasn’t taking enough, now I’m trying to take more since I just learned I needed to take more.

  • I exfoliate my skin every day. I was just wondering how often to introduce chemical exfoliation into my routine. I struggle with adult acne and whilst physical exfoliation has helped I still need a bit more help.. thank you

  • I’m sorry but am I the only one that has an issue with how much of a difference make up changes someone’s face? Not say you but, you know some women just don’t look the same. Or how is that the same person. WTH. I saw a lady on the news that got some sort of plasma shrinking treatment, and it didn’t go well. She got scaring every where almost scary like. and she looked good before… why go through all that? But now she looks aged maybe after only a few years or even right after the procedure.

  • Hi Dr am new can take the powered collagen and is it good for diabetics and hypertension ladies to the collagen and will help with hair loss especially,thank you Roshni,SA

  • I subscribed i ll check more of your videos i hope there is good information there but you get thumbs down for asking for an email so we can download your guide.

  • Keep gaze on camera. DO NOT clap. Very loud on receiving end. Keep a list on a wall so you can remain on subject. Practice. And stop acting like a valley girl. You’re an adult girl not a teen. Info is great. Delivery needs help.

  • Could you view heliocare radiance white tablets, absolute collagen sachets and face theory which are the best for skin of colour.. you are so educated and know your products and it’s so lovely to hear.. love watching you videos don’t ever stop doing them Sarbjit Clair

  • Thanks for your experiments and the videos. Love your hair and I’m struggling with a routine for my curls. Are you able to share your curly hair journey? ��

  • Hello Dr vanita…. I m your new subscriber from India….
    Can u pls tell me any india substitute of this vital protein powder?????

  • Hi doc, good day I am new to your channel, may I ask what is the best collagen supplements for 40 years old woman. Also for my knee problem.
    It is my pleasure if you answer my question.
    GOD bless and keep safe!

  • Also, I thought that retinoids/ rertinols are not acids and do not exfoliate?! they’re great for turnover, yes, but exfoliants? ��‍♀️

  • I have the accent one but just the bone broth but it tastes bad. Can you give me a good one for RA AND FOR YOUR SKIN HAIR AND NAILS AND BODY

  • Thank you for your video which keeps us informed. My forehead is showing roughness and I have been rubbing extra moisturizer but can’t see any difference yet,and I can also see a little flabbiness starting to show in my cheeks. What brand of liquid collagen would you recommend?

  • In healthy individuals, with no intestinal permeability, peptides are not allowed to enter the body, but only in a form of amino acids. Based on the amino acid profiles of collagen, a 250gr steaks would have a very similar amino acid profile as 9gr Collagen. Why do you and the studies think that it will have more benefit then eating a 250gr steak instead of having 9gr Collagen daily?

  • I have a question,for hair not growing from the follicles will intake of collagen powder, biotin and folic acid make a difference

  • I used to use a gentle super soft spin brush for my face but stopped because youtube aestheticians said it was bad. I switched to chemical exfoliants and it was the worst thing I could’ve done to my sensitive skin. I didn’t get any chemical burns but my skin started to breakout wether it was lactic, glycolic, salicylic acid skin is wayyyyy to sensitive

  • I have been using cleanser with salicylic acid and wondering do i need to stop using cleanser with acid if i start using only acid itself without being mixed with anything?

  • I’m finding Tretinoin isn’t enough for blackheads (been using for 7 mths). I’m happy to drop it one night a week to use The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. How else can I incorporate another BHA 2% that I could use potentially every day?
    Would I have to use it in the AM? Or could I use it before the Tretinoin at night? Thanks!

  • no one ever told me that there was a certified doctor out there checking these. You don’t know how happy that makes me feel because it was a game of Russian roulette I’ve known people who have gotten sick from them everything now I’m on my third day at college and for some reason I ended up looking it up and also to thanks so thank you

  • I noticed the cheaper clarisonic knockoffs have heads that just spin. It cleans, but the clarisonic is so much smoother. Tons of brush head options.

  • I had dark circles and my eyes looked sunken. I looked almost dead.

    I’ve only just Started collagen, and the dark circles are gone. I look alive again.

  • Hi dr Lim love your videos! Can you do a video on Psoriasis please? Id like to see your opinions of the different things like biologics and creams and even maybe if laser does anything?

  • I have a question if ANYONE could answer.I really want to start taking collagen pills/ mixture BUT IM VERY ALLERGIC TO MSM(SULFAR) is there any collagen that doesn’t have MSM I can use. ANYBODY!!!

  • Great vid!! I always use collagen and my friends don’t think it’s important. So I’m sharing your vid 5 times today. You taught me the differed in the collagens. There are so many out there. Thanks again doc ����‍♀️

  • How do you part your hair like that? Mine is curly too but I can’t ever part it right. Its always in my face! Anybody know how she does it? Haaalp!

  • The problem is, you cannot get the answer to which is the best collagen unless you subscribe to the website and pay a monthly fee. I just wanted to know which one was the best, I don’t want a subscription

  • Okay I started taking the vital protein and my hair finally grew back after a traumatizing life experience (I lost about 20%). I had baby hairs like crazy I literally cried I was so happy to get my hair back. It could be that the exact time I started taking the collagen my body decided to stop stressing so hard but I find it unlikely.

  • That’s what I was worried about, stopping. I know companies want repeat business and it’s the “no longer continuing to take it forever” thing lol!

  • I’ve alway used physical scrubs so far like the Skinfood sugar wash off mask or the DHC scrub, but am wanting to switch to chemical. I just don’t know what product to start with, so this was really useful

  • Bovine species include yak, antelope, bison, water buffalo, and cows — but bovine collagen comes primarily from cows. To make it, cow bones or other cattle byproducts are boiled in water. After the collagen is extracted, it’s dried and powdered to form a supplement ( 4 ).

  • Hi doc may I ask is it safe to add collagen in your diet while breasfeeding?
    If yes do you have a specific brand you can recommend for breastfeeding moms?

  • Anceint Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein has 5 types of collagen I, II, III, V & X. At Dr. Axe website he sells it for $38.21 that’s if you order it every month. The container I use is the one with 459 g which comes out to a little over $.12 a gram. BioTrust also has five types of collagen which I haven’t tired yet, I see advertise all over Youtube.

  • the intro. is too long ��….anyway, collagen peptide is better is that the collagen you’re referring to? respect you for the before and after pictures…i subscribed!��

  • Very knowledgeable and thank you! The most protein your body can assimilate is 40 g in two hours anything more than that you just shed out of your system. Also vital proteins is very bad for your joints you need a collagen that is non-GMO or hopefully organic as well as a protein powder that is organic or non-GMO. Plus you have to stay away from dairy.

  • One of the most popular brands is Sports Research Collagen and I don’t see that on your list, is it possible for it to be tested as well? Also are there side effects to taking too much collagen?

  • Thanks for great content! What collagen booster did/do you use, and I cant wait to experiment with the two. At the moment I try a peptide and something has happend to my skin but can be the daily walks since new year too ��

  • The only reason I don’t buy it is because they sell it as ‘bovine’ collagen but use porcine because it’s cheaper. Most these people are just scammers. Make your own.

  • I am confused about the 20 grams of collagen with only one scoop of the supplement you used in your drink. The container clearly states that one serving (20 grams of collagen) is TWO scoops, not one. Therefore, your drink only has 43 grams of collagen as opposed to 53. Just wondering…

  • I believe a small tub of Vital Proteins peptides goes for around 50-60 bucks the bigger tub sells for 29.99 at Costco… your welcome

  • Take White Tea Extraxt it blocks a enzyme which causes collagen and elastin brakedown maybe people can work on a blocker that blocks the enzyme that causes collagen and elastin brakedown!!!

  • I love the video Dr.V, I bought organic collagen frOm costco. Does collagen work for hands to make soft? I’m totally embarrassed because of my hands rough, hard and dry.

  • I’m really happy to see a dermatologist confirm that physical exfoliation is not the devil. I have very sensitive skin and have had negative reactions to chemical exfoliation.

  • I didnt really understand whats the difference between before collagen and 1 year of collagen!! She has perfect skin in all photos!

  • Can you please do a video on alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and its effect on the skin? there’s not much info on it online but I heard its got some benefits for the skin.

  • I’m just a consumer but am looking for a lab to test supplements that I bought. Is mass spectrometry the best way to find out all of the ingredients? Can anyone recommend a testing facility?

  • I just bought a collagen peptide and this is the first video of yours that I’ve seen. I enjoyed your intro and whole video! New subscriber:)

  • I’m happy to have come across you on here! I always want the science and facts behind my supplements. And it’s really nice to see a site dedicated to helping me choose the best product for myself!

  • to exfoliate my skin I love to use a mixture of (fine graded in a blender) fenugreekseeds, magnesium salt, olive oil and honey, very much with only pure products and home made one time use stuff… and I love to use vit.a (retinol) and vit e palmitate afterwards on my skin.. when that is soaked in, I apply or pure sheabutter or jojoba oil… I like to use as less as possible chemicals on my skin… i’m 47 and look like I’m about 35 or so:-) and I like to keep it that way… <3

  • Thank you for this Dr.Lim!!! i follow religiously and have a few yrs now…. i wld like to add please…. Apple cider vinegar is an amazing all natural AHA and 1 of the most excellent hands down EXCELLENT exfoliants i use. Like you said, understand your skin, i use only once or twice a week as it is highly potent but nonetheless acv works wonders you can google too, its also what Scarlett Johansson uses. I don’t have to dilute mine but some need to.. Its all based on your skin type. Thank you for this vid!!! Just wanted to add that for a holistic alt/ natural option (i use tretinoin as well, i do a combined approach to keep my acne at bay), n this reduces appearance of scarring as well. Thank you again!

  • Just bought a whole heap of the ordinary products and got overwhelmed cause it is hard to know when to use what product but this helped

  • There’s only 10g of protein in that one scoop of Vital Proteins… You have to use two scoops in order to get the full 20g… I hope she knows that

  • Do you have a preference for a brand that helps support hair growth as well? I only see that your reviews based on the website are torn between skin and joints but i was looking for the best brand for hair growth. Can you point me in the right direction? This is my first time trying anything along the lines of collagen so I’m still doing a lot of research before purchasing, trying and reviewing. Thank you for all the helpful information and also for having a 5 day free trail for us newbies.

  • Hello Dr. Vanita, I really love all of your videos!! I am so excited to watch your videos and I am so happy that I am getting a lot out of these. Thank you so much for everything you do!!! You’re so pretty and absolutely a knowledgeable doctor.

  • Devastated. My brand new Clarisonic will be worthless in a few months! I used it for years, just replaced it. What to do? Where to go? Help!

  • Which product has the heavy metal because I am looking at one of the product that my sister use and she swear it gold and it the Great Lake the green bottle!

  • Don’t give them your Email as you can never unsubscribe. I’m receiving Emails from them every day. If you’re a legit doctor, why the scammy business practices?

  • I first discovered this drink a few years ago when I was vacationing in Thailand, it was so cheap. Fast forward a few years and companies are putting insane prices on it. My experience from it was shocking, I had been drinking them while on vacation not thinking that it did anything I just liked the taste, however when I checked my photos there was significant difference. My hair was bouncy and my face was so full of volume in the right places. The problem I’m having is that the best version that I’ve used is the cheap version sold in 7-11 stores in Asia. I’ve tried neo cell an a few others and nothing works as good as basic version sold in Thailand and Vietnam,I’ve been trying to see if there was a way to order them online but no luck. They only keep pushing the over priced version which don’t work as amazingly as the liquid one does. The small bottles in Thailand are so potent and effective.

  • I thought you were supposed to take 20 g A-day of collagen? According to the suggested use on the label.
    You said only between 1-9 grams a day? I’m confused?

  • I’m using both now. I started with physical ( st Ives apricot scrub ) then moved to bha and ahas exclusively but now am back to both with the Clarisonic, indeed scrub and continued acid use… I’m loving my skin right now

  • Marine peptide is better for skin, it has smaller particles which can easily absorb our body, while bovine and other collagen is good also esp for joints and strength. In shorr marine collagen for beauty. Although, Collagen is Collagen☺

  • Hi dr Davin. I want to ask u about bumps i feel under my skin. Their not visible but i can feel them when i run my fingers on my face. Could u maybe give some tips on how to get rid of those

  • Did you know there is a collagen that also inhibits the enzymes that break down collagen and HA? Unfortunately it is not this brand.

  • I love every post, I always wonder WHY I didn’t know about this profesion as a younger. I’m a beautician I think it’s the right word �� I learned all what do you talk but you are a DOCTOR with experience ��

  • i don’t get why my collagen product states it is “tasteless” and all i can taste is what smells like boiled chicken skin…lol… gross….i want to try the marine based collagen but heard there is not as much research on its efficacy….

  • I just ordered the Lactic acid from the ordinary. Is it necessary to wear sunscreen indoors when I use lactid acid? (I do wear it when I’m outdoors I just hate wearing it when I’m home)

  • I use lactic acid 2 nights a week, Paula’s choice BHA 2 nights, retinol 2 nights a week an then Sunday is a break. I’ve only Been doing this for a week so far and i haven’t had any issues. Could I eventually risk over exfoliation though?

  • I just went to the website only to find that it is a subscription website. So I guess that I will never know what the results are…but am satisfied with my current product because it is working so well.

  • Thank you so much for another very informative video. Please may I ask if you could do a vegan version of your smoothie? Thank you

  • Dr. Can i use the same dermaroller on my face and on my scalp!, im getting bold im a woman and had spend a lot of mony on treatments and Nothing had worked, it is ver hard to go out!, the dermaroller is my only and last chance. thats the only thing i haven’t done, very sad there’s nothing to help me. Thank you so much doctor, im from Mexico i just ordered one in amazone with titanium needles., i have no more money to go to dermatologist, they always give me worthless treatments and very expensive and practically i expended all my money almos went bankruptcy.and congratulations i think you the best channel ever thank so much!,,

  • Hi doc. I’m not sure if you talked about this before but can you talk about the difference between breakouts and skin purging? Ie how it looks different, how long a purge would take, and if you’d recommend purging.

  • I have a tutorial on my channel for exfoliating your face. Please check it out! Believe me, it’s easy to do and I haven’t had a breakout in days since I started doing this!!!

  • Lots of videos on YouTube recommend vital proteinspetide collagen which can be added to hit and cold drinks, eg, coffee and smoothies. It’s unflavored, I’ve just received some and used for a couple of days and will update after a few weeks or before if any noticeable changes. Lots of people rave it helps with skin, arthritis and hair growth

    I can vouch for this brand that when added to a fruit smoothie I really couldn’t taste it at all and I’ve tried so many different brads

  • So…I used cerave resurfacing retinol on a little milia I had on my eyelid, just a tiny bit….and hey I thought why not use it on the other, just to even it out….and now my eyelids look crazy wrinkled….yeah I messed up big time…do you have any advice for me, I mean besides never to that again…
    I need some healing remedies

  • I’ve tried EVERYTHING. The dermatologist I saw for two yrs milked me. I only utilized his products to no avail. Only when I stopped going to his office is when he wanted to try other creams. Those didn’t work either. In the end, I blocked his office’s number because they saw my desperation for ice skin and robbed me. Today, I wear hats 24/7. There’s no David Lim in America so I’m done with trying to have decent skin.

  • This is a lie big time. My wife tried topical collagen creams and none worked. After she tried collagen peptides, putting powder in water, coffee, tea and juices she has literally taking 8 yrs off her face. Topical collagen creams DO NOT WORK.

  • Big fan of u….love your videos and u r handsome too….love your work….u give feasible solutions and incredible knowledge!!! About skin care…

  • Dr Lim, can u plz review K-beauty SPF 50 & explain how they work. I have melasma & purchased the le roche SPF u recommend but I don’t like the white cast & they don’t hydrate nearly enough.

  • Just recently ( about a yr) using retinol ( obagi ) and glycolic serum ( drunk elephant ) in my routines. My skin definitely feels softer and looks brighter, they are doing a great job.

  • Dr. Lim, can you please do a referral list for the Sydney area since you’re too booked up to see anyone. I really trust your opinion and do t want to waste money on broken promises and wrong treatment. I e asked this question to you loads of times and never got an answer. Please please help me and people like me that can’t see you. Thank you. I think?

  • I looove gelatin. It repairs my leaky gut and improves poor digestion. Zint is my favorite brand. I’ll probably take it easy with those expensive collagen powder. Why spending so much $$$ is the result is the same?

  • Hi Doc, i love listening to your professional advice. I am thinking of doing subcision for my acne scars, but i live in Syd. Can you recommend a good dermatologist in Syd. I wish i could be your patient but it would be too much hassle. Thanks.

  • I see the best collagen if you try it out is Neo-cell. and I love their Thayer Marine collagen,they’re hyaluronic acid liquid taste awesome, ��������‍♀️����������⏲️⏲️it’s like slowing up the hands of time when it comes to the skin I find it that when you detoxify the blood such as taking aged garlic, yellow dock,wild oregano herbal supplements it really helps with the skin as well and keeping it very clear and detoxifies the blood kidneys and liver. butthen again I’ve been using them for years so I love the way the overall skin looks with no makeup on is awesome.����‍♀️������‍♀️������������✨��

  • This is the first video I’ve watched of yours Whitney and as a pharmacist, your critical evaluation of the research articles made me so impressed!! You are awesome. Keep up the good work. I’ve subscribed and will put you in my bucket of reliable health sources. ����

  • I’m finding your presentation and the background a bit off putting. It looks a bit like payments desk at the front of a garage repair place. But even there they don’t have a microphone and headphones.
    I would love to see you Without the mic and the headphones and something prettier in the background.

  • Thank you for the excellent video. I always learn a lot from you. What type of anti aging ingredients would you recommend for people with couperose, rosacea or sensitive skin? I am hesitant about azealaic acid because of some studies stating that it can cause hairgrowth. Niacinamide makes me break out, I have tried it several times to see whether its just purging or not. It unfortunately seemed to just cause me to breakout. Do you have any advice?

  • I have tried the collagen shots, how ever soem didn’t contain as much collagen and contained some unnecessary excipients. So I looked for the purest collagen I could find which I have now been on for 12 months and have had great results from

  • What about tretinoin? I thought you were supposed to peel and get a little irritated from it. Should you stop it for a couple days if its making you peel a lot and go more slowly?

  • Can’t believe how smooth and bright my skin is (52yrs) after doing daily and sometimes twice daily full fat yoghurt + raw honey facemasks. Lactic acid in the yoghurt plus the amino acids. Try it, especially if you’re sensitive/rosacea prone like me. it works!

  • Love your hair. Just ordered it last week because like you, I’m curious. Since I have laugh lines, I’m always trying to improve my skin, health and beauty.

  • I’m using the ordinary 0.5 percent retinol and also Neutrogena bha cleanser and a physical scrub cream my question is do I need all of them?

  • I started on adapalene too fast and overdid it so I guess I gave myself dermatitis �� now I’m just trying to calm my skin down so I can get back to it in a slower routine

  • Hey there nice videos!
    I just brought the Cod fish collagen and I am very skeptical about using it. Cause of the inadequate research on Collagen. Few Question to you…
    1. You said, after stop taking collagen your nails were starting to get brittle. Where your nails brittle earlier before starting collagen? Or things got worst after stoping it?
    2. You also mentioned you’re prone to breakout..was this issue there before taking the collagen?
    3. How did Collagen impacted your hair? I am suffering from Male Pattern Baldness aka MPB and I hear that collagen CAN be beneficials and this is the whole reason I am trying it out.
    4. After stoped taking the collagen, did your skin and overall got worst than before or it remained the same as before (before you started taking Collagen)?
    5. Did it have any negative impact on you? Any changes on you? Like bloating, headache, itchiness…..etc?
    Thank you!!

  • She said the collagen peptide is good to put it on your face it is better than taking it internal unless you have plenty of protein in your body, so instead of putting it on her face she drank it an added all that other stuff.
    I thought she was going to make a collagen peptide solution with maybe some kind of cream to put on the skin.

  • Why is it that dermatologists are very split when it comes to the Clarisonic or any physical exfoliating?! Some say don’t use ever, others say use it gently. ����‍♀️

  • Collagen capsules are expensive if you order in amazon mostly faje..just do brone broth and drink know for sure you are drinking the right and healthy ingridients..

  • I started taking a collagen supplement today to see how it will help my osteoarthritis. If, combined with my prescribed pain medication it helps to decrease my pain levels, I will be able to start exercising again and concentrating on lowering my body weight. Gotta be good, right? I don’t give a monkeys about skin or hair improvements, I just want it to help my joints.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. Your video s have helped me so much. So happy I found you�� Also, what topical collagen do you recommend?

  • Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge. Your videos have helped me to improve my skin, choose right products and avoid mistakes. Please keep them coming! Would you be able to recommend a good dermatologist for acne scars in New Jersey/New York area?

  • There is little or no evidence that taking these supplements helps with wrinkles or general health for the average person. Hydrolyzed collagen is simply protein. Those who get a reasonable diet with enough protein have little if anything to gain from these supplements.

  • Hello. Do you take it with meal? (Directions days) does it also work if we take it empty stomach? Like, when we wakeup or when we go to bed.

  • Thanks lady! �� needed to hear this. And thank you for continuing your research! Oh AND for the download. �� Wow. Rad. Thank you ����✨

  • Your body can’t take that much protein all at once it has to be divided up overtimeI’m not positive but I think you can only utilize Corrine take every couple of hours

  • New Subscriber!!
    Love this informative video!!

    Could you please be so kind to share the exact name brand of the collagen powder and the protein powder you used in the video???

    Thanks In Advance!!

  • Thank you for the info i have a question do to depo shots i low on BMD i need to know what type and what brand whats the best option for me do to my low BMD collagen to take please help me &thank you

  • Hi,enjoy your videos! Very helpful since I am half Indian, half Chinese..I just turned 49 and need something for energy.What can u suggest?

  • Hiya I wanted to mention that numerous collagen products have vitamin b in them which can trigger cystic acne in high doses. I have this difficulty with vitamin b, that as a vegetarian is a pain cause it’s one of the few supplements I should be taking. Which brings me to a story I have, of one of the most common powder collagen supplements I had switched too severely broke me out in cystic acne. I looked on the label and there was no mention of other ingredients. I looked on amazon reviews and 1 other person has mentioned this issue. Someone had commented that one of the sizes of the powder had vitamin b but the others did not. interestingly I had the size that should not have vitamin b or other supplements. However after another bad week of cystic acne with scarring I decided to stop the supplement all together and my skin was back to normal in a couple of weeks. I switched back to a cheaper bovine collagen supplement from rite aid that I used to take and have had no issues. it makes me wonder if the powders could be contaminated with other supplements…

    I also want to mention that verisol collagen has become much harder to find, even though it’s clinically evidenced, the main brand I used to find everywhere is gone. I purchased a physicians choice brand on a Amazon and I was concerned about their sticker that mentioned you can get a free bottle. When I looked up there credibility it looked like they had people signing up to charge their credit cards for products they didn’t purchase. I’m now on a hunt to find a credible reliable form of verisol in pill form.

  • Let me tell you… I have that blue one and drink it every MORNING (with almond milk) my skin cleared up in a little over a week! If anything it’s good for clear skin! My acne was bad for MONTHS! I found it on sale at Walmart

  • Thanks for the info looked into the free 4 day and you still have to have a credit card or bank card and they put a hold on $47.00

  • I love your watching your videos, they are always interesting and the information is really good. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  • Gelatin is a lot cheaper to buy then collagen. Can I just take gelatin by itself and get the same benefits As taking collagen peptides?

  • huh. all the other docs on youtube say collagen has to be digested especially with Vitamin C and that topically collagen has NO effect.

  • Anything for dark skin tones to fade old post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or melasma, currently using differin adapalene 0.1% for the past 9 months with no lighting results!!! No irritation from it

  • won’t all that fructose cause skin glycation? I wanted to know because I know sugar, like table sugar causes skin glycation, breakdown of collagen. So if fructose does the same, won’t that negate the effect even tho the smoothie has collagen and the antioxidants from the berries. I’ve asked so many people but no reply. Thanks!!

  • That’s great info.
    I have a few questions though what is ur opinion about collagen loading program?
    And Should we take collagen on empty stomach or it doesn’t matter? And if I take multivitamin can I drink it together or it sh be spaced..
    The collagen I’m starting to use come in sachet each one contain 10.4 gram of collagen
    Im planning to take 3 sachet a day I hope it’s OK ��

  • if you are a doctor you should know that the type of collagen that is in the skin is different from the collagen in the bone or joints.
    So supplements for the skin are different from those for the other organs
    And your protein mixture is not healthy
    You are just promoting ingredients.
    It is not healthy for elderly poeple who really need collagen

  • Why on Earth are you taking collagen? You are, what, 23 years old? You have no damage to hold off, no damage to repair. You are still growing

  • great video, Whitney! As usual! Quick question, do you use any plant-based protein powders? I heard from the Clean Label Project that a lot of vegan powders are contaminated with chemicals and heavy metals.

  • Hi, are there any negative effects should I take too much collagen? You see I’ve been takinh these collagen capsules and was planning on also taking this coffee which had many ingredients (including collagen). I’m kind of scared of the possibility that there are negative effects.

  • As a beautiful melanated woman myself I find that collagen capsules help 100% in just keeping the hydration in our skin. Thank God my skin is not pale weird wrinkles up fast that would be a disaster ������������������‍♀️����☠️���������� I also find that when you take fish collagen along with vitamin A, vitamin e it really helps not only with the joints but helping the skin as well as the hair overall and keeping the electricity just wonderful.of course it always helps to keep up with a dermatologist and I go faithfully every two weeks����‍♀️����‍♀️��️��⏲️����������

  • Thanks so much for spear heading this treatment for us people of colour, l am in my late 50s African and diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer a year ago gone through chemotherapy and it has affected my skin, face especially dark pigmentation fore head, chick, under eye, what products from your range and the ordinary can l buy

  • Mam I’m from India my age is 19…plzz suggest me that collagen booster drink is good for me or not??? Plzz mam send ur answer ��������

  • Dr. I bought the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides powder and stopped using it after 4 days, it gave me awful headaches that would last all day. I did use as indicated. Do I have to lower the amount?