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Is Carbonated Water Healthier?

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Is Carbonated (Sparkling) Water Good or Bad for You?

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Compared to still water, sparkling water has a very small amount of carbon dioxide introduced to the water to give it gas bubbles. As such, hydrating with sparkling water is equivalent to plain water and it’s safe. It’s extremely rare for sparkling water to cause gastrointestinal issues.

Sparkling water is a popular alternative to flat H2O, but its carbonation and acidity can leave people questioning whether the beverage has a place in their fitness routines, too. “There is no evidence that carbonated or sparkling water is bad for us,” Stephanie Dang, registered dietitian and co-founder of Vancouver Dietitians, previously told Global News. “But you should. There is one criticism of sparkling water that holds true: It has the potential to damage your teeth. Carbonic acid is a byproduct of the reaction between water and CO₂, meaning any carbonated. Well, some health experts say that it is equivalent to drinking plain water.

There are no extra benefits of drinking only sparkling water. But many people claim that it helps for weight loss, which. A recent study shows sparkling water is just as hydrating as non-carbonated water. The only difference between the two is that carbonated water. Robin Foroutan, a dietician and spokesperson for for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, told USA TODAY in terms of hydration, sparkling water is the same as pure water.

Drinking it throughout. Experts Debate: Is Sparkling Water Hydrating? Why Healthy Eating May Cause Stomach Issues. 4-Week Progressive Bodyweight Workout Guide.

Essential Guide to MyFitnessPal. Chilled Cashew Noodles With Arugula and Apples. 11 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain During Shelter-At-Home.

The Carbonation level of the sparkling water needs to be in a certain range to maintain its bubbly and fizzy state. Nutritionists and expert researchers tend to agree that carbonated sparkling water is as good as regular water when it comes to re-hydrating the body. What the experts are now talking about here is a solution of 16 oz of water, a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of maple syrup (because it has a good composition of sucrose and glucose).

I do not advise you to rely on engineered “sports nutrition” drinks in general. They are usually carbohydrate dense because they are designed to combine hydration.

List of related literature:

And in one of their latest campaign tactics, the bottled water industry is now arguing in debates, Congressional testimony, advertising, and media campaigns that the growth of bottled water sales doesn’t come at the expense of tap water, but rather other commercial beverages.

“Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water” by Peter H. Gleick
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SWDA authorizes the EPA to set national health-based standards for drinking water to protect against both naturally occurring and manmade contaminants that may be found in drinking water.

“Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness for Chemical, Biological and Radiological Terrorism and Other Hazards” by Tener Goodwin Veenema, PhD, MPH, MS, CPNP, FAAN
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The International Bottled Water Association identifies many of the claims made by tap water—bottled water costs 1,000–3,000 times more than tap water, FDA standards for tap water are higher than for bottled water, bottled water is just water from the tap—as myths.

“Media Ethics: Cases and Moral Reasoning” by Clifford G. Christians, Mark Fackler, Kathy Brittain Richardson, Peggy Kreshel
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*The National Resources Defense Council has a comprehensive report on bottled water at

“Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food-includes C D” by Jan Chozen Bays
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In fact, the National Resources Defense Council study reported that tap water is subject to more stringent regulations than is the case for bottled water.18

“Developing Ecological Consciousness: The End of Separation” by Christopher Uhl
from Developing Ecological Consciousness: The End of Separation
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The WHO Guidelines for drinking-water quality provide a basis for the development of national standards that, if properly implemented, will ensure the safety of drinking water.

“Clay's Handbook of Environmental Health” by Stephen Battersby
from Clay’s Handbook of Environmental Health
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For instance, Dartmouth Medical School doctor Heinz Valtin has researched a number of studies that have determined there is no medical benefit or reasoning for drinking eight glasses of eight ounces of water every day.

“The Book of Common Fallacies: Falsehoods, Misconceptions, Flawed Facts, and Half-Truths That Are Ruining Your Life” by Philip Ward, Julia Edwards
from The Book of Common Fallacies: Falsehoods, Misconceptions, Flawed Facts, and Half-Truths That Are Ruining Your Life
by Philip Ward, Julia Edwards
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Though survey results on this question vary, many consumers as many as half report either that bottled water is a “healthier option” or that tap water is “riskier” than bottled water (Napier and Kodner 2008).

“Environment and Society: A Critical Introduction” by Paul Robbins, John Hintz, Sarah A. Moore
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The fluoride content of bottled water is usually much lower than fluorinated tap water, but on occasion it may exceed advisable levels (Lalumandier and Ayers, 2000).

“Functional and Speciality Beverage Technology” by P Paquin
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This is not always true; a recent study carried out by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that bottled water is not necessarily cleaner or safer than most tap water.

“Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions” by Michael L. McKinney, Robert M. Schoch
from Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions
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  • I don’t drink soft drinks or any cola anymore and haven’t for a long time. Moderation is key but avoiding it all together is better because it’s just packed with sugar. I drink carbonated canned drinks instead as long as it has 0 sugar and 0 salt like La Croix. I think that’s a great alternative to soft drinks, but still gives that bubbly satisfaction. Alway check the labels because things like sugar and salt can easily sneaky in what you choose to eat if you’re not aware.

  • This is nonsense.
    Acidic beverages are what we need. Watch Dr. Berg and get the truth about health and not these company mouthpieces.
    Apple cider vinegar, lemon water, mineral water can all seriously improve your entire system and can be had daily.
    Use a straw when you drink exposure to acid can eat enamel

  • i used to hate it the first 29 years of my life until now. I gradually went from sugary sodas -> zero calorie soda -> carbonated water. Drank sugary soda up until 23yrs old, was overweight by a lot.

  • When I drank only 6-7 gulps of sprite I gained a pound -I liked the bubbly part of it then I went to sparkling water and lost weight

  • Carbonated water is dangerous for bones unless you drink very modest amounts!Carbonic acid turns bones into acids!In large amounts anyway!

  • And here I am physically unable to drink carbonated anything cuz it just *hurts too fricking much*. Imagine pouring lava into your mouth.

  • I became obese because of sparkling water, so please everyone, stay away. If you enjoy carbonated beverages, they will cause the digits on your scale to skyrocket like Elon musk’s Tesla vehicle.

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  • I feel this man is business man or getting money from some agency. So bad for ur income ur misguiding people. There is big mafia to sell such products. Be careful!

  • Carbonated water or soda is actually worse than non carbonated.
    If you regularly take carbonated water then your liver surely get affected and fat digestion will be slow.
    Don’t ignore it contains CO2, and CO2 is not good in any way.

  • Ive started drinking a lot of carbonated water to get over soda. Now when i drink Soda it tastes too sugary for me. I used to love Dr. Pepper but now when i drink it tastes sticky and not as refreshing.

  • Sparkling water is extremely good for my health. After paying for the copious amounts that I drink, I have no money left for soda, cake or candy.


  • Weird how bottled carbonated water is hard to find in the US, at least in supermarkets. Either people drink uncarbonated water or sugary sodas I found.

  • I read on the internet that ethanol found in whiskey chelates the phosphoric acid thus flushing it out of your system before it can be absorbed. So if you HAVE to have a cola, mix it with whiskey.:P

  • In Germany if you order water in a restaurant, they bring you sparkling water. For us here it’s rather uncommon to just drink plain water. We even have two options: Medium or classic. It is the intensity of those bubbles.

  • as an Australian, I’m confused and thankful that you called it a fizzy drink. we also call it soft drink. don’t y’all call it Soda?

  • Hunger is just a lust, anyone trying to loose weight and feel like they’re always constantly hungry try meditating to get rid of the thought of hunger and to help build self control

  • Flat water is less volatile and therefore sits in a glass better. It sits better, you sit better. Better posture = better health. And it keeps you level. Better balance. Boom.

  • there is no regular water. NYC recycles your urine and fecal matter in water treatment/sewage plants, and sells it back to you in the form of tap water and bottled water. if you want real water, head over to a natural water spring in maine. and what do you mean by sparkling water? there’s seltzer, club soda, sparkling water, carbonated mineral water, naturally carbonated spring water, that is carbonated in certain wells naturally, which i prefer, as it is naturally enriched with minerals, like Apollinaris water.

  • I don ‘t know why, but if I drink a carbonated beverage about 3 days in a row, I end up with a really bad headache. It could be tyramine-related I guess I’m sensitive to that though you wouldn’t think a beverage would have a lot of amino acids.

  • Obviously an American bias going on. Anyone who has traveled outside the country would know that most foreigners drink carbonated drinks, just not ones with a pound of sugar in them.

  • So the carbonated water itself does not do anything. The fact that it might make you eat more or do something else to gain weight is what the answer really is. If you control yourself it won’t do anything except hydrate you.

  • These White men couldn’t stand when she was able to get the audiences applause. Were quick to shut her down & hit her with amp to shut her up. Bullshit. Reminds me of working with White men in my field.

  • I like this water because it gives me the same throat burn we look for when we drink a soda..thats all we look for. Now i barelly drink soda. I do drink this water alott

  • Thank you for this!! I’d never heard a defense of bubbly water everything I’d read came from the point of sodas and not bubbly water. This is MUCH appreciated!!!

  • They talk like they are better becourse they drink sparkling. They just like it. Its not allways about health. Its bout liking.
    Also like, in Finland all flat water is clean from any tap.

  • If water with C2O is bad for you then i wonder how much weight sodas are gonna Gain you and also i wonder how much the sugar and calories fills you up i work as a personal trainer in sweden i have a perfect eating habit and i haven’t gained any weight from carbonated water i still eat the same it doesn’t fill me up it gives my stomach extra c2o which Will make it less hungry and its good if you don’t drink to much carbonated water since its true it can reduce and decrease the Habit and Will make you go down in weight

  • I used to drink a lot of soda. I have switched to speaking water… I have lost 54lbs from kicking my sugar addiction.
    AHA is the brand I drink. Hydrates like still water.

  • it helps my stomach when i have indegestion and settles it… i drink both sparkling and non…if you add sweetners there’s your problem… they are not telling you how much they gave those poor little things to come to that conclusion…

  • Sparkling water doesn’t increase hunger. It doesn’t make me hungry, another study showed that calories burned are expelled as carbon dioxide though, so maybe drinking carbon dioxide makes you gain weight. I’ve always felt full after drinking carbonated water, and don’t end up eating more in the day. So the study is probably funded by a major soda producer

  • I used to drink cola all day, every day until I had several health problems. I quit by drinking flavored seltzer water instead. I lost alot of weight and some of my illnesses went away within a couple years. I still enjoy a cherry Pepsi on occasion, just not daily. But as you get older, you either develop some self discipline or you die. Occasionally is better than never, right?
    Now I just have to quit my coffee habit…

  • I’m intermittent fasting and I can tell you, at night I’m drinking about 1.5 liters of Perrier and I don’t feel hungry at all. So to me the bubbles are a good way to stay on the right track.

  • nope nope nope people who are O blood type benefit from carbonated water. these doctors are morons with no nutrition experience cause the first thing a nutritionist will ask you is “WHATS YOUR BLOOD TYPE”

  • How can you compare soda to that yeah has same stuff but plain soda water taste like crap like a bubble water with aspirin in it make me puke idk how people can drain it but people love weird stuff like wine taste like juice that went bad but people love it but everyones different

  • Look up a simple, old fashioned drink called a shrub. One teaspoon of this added to any water is very low sugar, has lots of flavor and is super good for you.

  • As someone who makes their own carbonated water with tap water and lite salt, it’s weird to hear you talk about carbonated water and acids as if that’s normal to plain carbonated water. Carbonated water implies water and co2, that’s it. There’s no acids, pH should be neutral.

  • Sparkling Water is like the only water I drink…However one of the medicines I take does lower my sense of hunger so it kind of balances I guess.

  • Can you make a video on lipedema? I’m a male with lipedema ( rare ), I got it from from my Mom’s side. I went years not knowing what was causing it or what I can take to fix it. Most doctors had no idea what the problem was till I was FINALLY referred to a specialist that specializes in lipedema & lymphedema ( different but similar ). In short, I was told to cut red meat, dairy ( low fat diet ) & now my legs rarely swell, fastings also helps. Maybe you can help others with your information & channel. Thank you.

  • Don’t listen to this bullshit. Carbonated water is water with carbon dioxide in it……how the fuck is that supposed to make you fat?

  • Why did he had to say its gross its actually good tasting alcohol beers that’s gross but sparkling water tastes good may God bless us let’s spread positivity ����������������

  • The phosphorous contained in any carbonated drink raises the phosphorous levels in your body, which in turn, automatically begins a process of returning it to normal levels (in your body) but in order to do that it needs calcium, so unless you take calcium supplements every time you have a carbonated drink, your body extracts the calcium from itself: your bones. Specifically your cheek and pelvic bones. So i’m gonna stick to non-carbonated water cause it definitely is safer.

  • The title of this video should be “what phosphoric acid does to your body” because you seem to talk more about that than anything else.

  • S Pellegrino with Lime and Stevia. But I am worried about this acidic thing. Why we want to take anything acidic. Neutral water is better

  • So all dark cola’s are d’the ones to watçh out for, not the light fizzî drinks. “0′ tey bûd. More beer peas. More orlinge and lemonaid peas. Fhanks howl do I getéd rid of ma fûr ball problem, I’d only get it when I drink coffeé pàl.

  • Hey if you get anxious or hungry or whatever, snack on something healthy and drink some water with lemon �� trust me you will never gain weight ❤️

  • good way to make a video against the cola industry without putting it in the tittle, way to go!
    We call “soda” to carbonated water in Argentina.

  • I am allergic in carbonated water. And of course I mean the sulfites that they added in sparkling water, sodas and many other foods!
    Read this anaphylactic reaction: and here is the case report:


  • I have a question about water softener systems that remove the calcium and magnesium from tap water and replace it by natrium. Is it healthy to drink that soft water or should you stick to original hard water?

  • Do “zero” colas have phosphoric acid? I mean they don’t have any sugar to “balance out” but they could add it for other reasons maybe

  • Don’t drink Carbonated H2OW ” Natural flavors” The original source of natural flavors must be plant or animal material. However, natural flavors are highly processed and contain many chemical additives.!! I drink ONLY drink Spindrift Carbonated H2o!!

  • Adoro la Coca Cola y aunque vea esto no cambio de idea de dejar de tomarla. Mi consuelo es el comentario del chico del comentario de Alemania.

  • 1:13 “phosphorous” (like “phosphoric”) is an adjective derived from the noun “phosphorus”, which is the actual name of the element. Such adjectives are used in chemistry to refer to cations of the corresponding element.

  • I love the occasional sparkling water with Ribena. A perfect blackcurrant drink made at home at a fraction of the cost.
    Sparking water cost 30p for 2 litres. Ribena or Vimto concentrate is about £1.50. Better than Cola!

  • Besides acidity level, does carbonate water reduce oxygen level in our blood stream or body that may be harmful or not beneficial?

  • Redbull gives you wings!!……… as a Maclaren fan, how the hell did perhaps the worst case of misadvertising ever become their legal slogan!? Takes the pi$$… and tastes like chewed bubblegum… yuk!… Just wish the’d put the coke back in cola.

  • im really happy that plain carbonated water (like la croix and stuff) doesnt ruin your teeth because i have pretty bad teeth so ive been really scared it might make it worse but i guess it doesnt harm any more than normal water does.

  • Reason why coke is so acidic, is that it contains phosphoric acid H3PO4. Nice taste, loaded full of sugar, good for cleaning brass & copper and concrete driveways hahhahah. Serious.

  • G&T is my favorite drink (besides water) and I miss it badly! I love the perfect flavor of the ingredients. G&T is my ONLY temptation to break keto -so far, so good, but it’s only been 14 days.

  • San Pellegrino makes me feel happy I think it must do something fundamental to my body as well. maybe activate a latent Italian gene and turn me into a footballing genius?

  • Well root beer is the only good brown soda anyways. Side not sparkling water is absolutely horrid right up there with black coffee, mustard and mayo

  • Does carbonated water affect men with BPH? We had a hot week where i drank a lot of sugar free natural drinks. Seems like it increases frequency and urgency.

  • Read that the plan carbonated waters without sweeteners actually makes you full, but the sparkling waters with added sweeteners creates hunger.

  • i already knew everything in this video… I was hoping to learn about the extent to which there are negative effects of carbonated water.

  • Im drinking a bottle now of pellegrino.. and not because i like it, because it was the only drinks i had left in my fridge lmao gotta do groceries later

  • My biggest pet peeve here is when people call it club soda. “Oh look at me I’m drinking CLUB SODA I’m so HIP and COOL.” Alright. One soda water coming right up.

  • I just drink sparkling water cuz normal water boring af. Unless you put butter in it I put a little bit of butter in my non fizzy water and BOOM 100% better if you’re drinking non fizzy non buttered water wtf are you doing?

  • I’ve heard increased concerns recently about carbonated water (now 2 years after you released this video), has there been any new evidence to show we should cut back? I’ve heard that it is “shortening our life span” by all means. Sounds ridiculous, but I’d love an educated opinion.

  • I’m pretty sure I’m the future this will be refuted and it will be found to be bad for us. just drink plain water most of the time and carbonated water when you went a little treat

  • Nice video as always! How about if you are type 1 diabetic, is it dangerous to drink carbohydrater water? Can drinking that increase the risk of DKA in TD1. Thank you in advance

  • Is Carbonated (Sparkling) Water Good or Bad for You? It is no different from 5G and the Flat Earth. In fact, it will cause your penis to shrink!

  • that one tuft of hair hanging down brings me to the realization that mr. green is actually a person and not just some precoded hologram that exclusively says interesting and funny things.

  • I had a geometry teacher in the 10th grade who was virulently against all carbonated beverages and would spout all sorts of nonsense about them. His favorite was that carbonated beverages caused us to absorb excessive carbon which had to be neutralized by calcium from our bones. Needless to say, he was a quack. He had plenty of bad personality traits (staunch conservative who would shame the lgbt community frequently, but never directed enough towards a single person to get him fired) but to me, as he was a teacher, his false claims about the world frustrated me most.

  • Good information to know, as I’ve been drinking plain unflavored carbonated water for years and nothing else. It’s like getting a treat every time I get thirsty. Sometimes I’ll add 100% pure lemon juice to it.

  • I’ll be honest here…some of the “facts” that they post in certain shots I have no idea if they’re true or not and it’s concerning

  • I have an Cabonator and carbonate my own water sweeten it with stevia, and put some of my own juiced ginger in it tastes good, never drink bought carbonated sweet drinks.

  • Carbonated water has a few benefits I have experienced: 1) It makes consumption of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice a lot more palatable. 2) Drinking it rapidly when it is very cold does not cause the same “brain freeze” that regular water does. 3) It “tastes” good! 4) The bottles it comes in are stronger than those for regular water, (particularly when the carbonated water is VERY fizzy, like “Buxton” in the UK), so the bottles are easy to reuse several times over.

  • Dr. Berg doesn’t discuss the different types of carbonation. One comes in liquid form, and is typically put in line with syrup dispensers for soda, like Coca Cola, also carbonating beer. The other form, like you find in S. Pellegrino, is pure carbon dioxide, imagine taking a chip of dry ice, which goes directly from a solid to a gas, thus dry, and putting it in a bottle you want to carbonate. Carbonic acid is much more stable. Mineral water carbonated with carbon dioxide is much less srable. (But, I have long been dubious of the health fulness of carbonic acid, and I just prefer the carbon dioxide carbonization).i would direct this to Dr. Berg, but he never replies, I am not sure he reads comments, so I addressed him in 3rd person.

  • Who the heck drinks carbonated WATER? That sounds dreadful ��! Carbonated pop, yes of course, but just plain old water with carbonation??

  • The real question is which sparkling water tastes the best? Perrier? San Pellegrino? La Croix? We all know they’re not all the same.

  • What is the healthiest tonic water with quinine? I see some of them containing sucralose or sodium saccharin, which aren’t good for gut health.

  • Seltzer has NOTHING added it is ONLY water and CO2 Only Club Soda and the like have additives do your homework before you preach this guy is full of CRAP! Seltzer is the healthiest thing you can drink next to plain water!

  • I drank carbonated water every day for one year (500 mL/day). Then my gut started acting strange: constipation, anxiety, sensitivity to caffeine. I removed carbonated water from my diet, and then over the course of 2-3 weeks my gut has returned to normal. I’m wondering if the carbonic acid or natural flavors can interfere with your gut bacteria over time? Decided to just stick with water from now on.

  • The truth that Big Soda didn’t want you to hear until they completed their acquisition of every sparkling water manufacturer and the patent to the process.

  • I just clicked on this video to see if me chugging gallons of La Croix was gonna give me cancer or make me fat. It won’t and that’s all that matters. ��

  • Daily my dad drink 750ml × 5 kenley soda he have been addicted to soda since he’s type 1 diabetic person is this right any risk is there.

  • It doesn’t do anything. I love seltzer water. It’s been my go to water for years. No salt, no calories, no sugar or artificial coloring.

  • I used to drink 2 litre of sodas (coke sprite fanta) everyday! But when i understood that this could not continue i started drinking carbonated water! It helped me a lot! I enjoy it and afterwards i dont feel bad like with sodas! ������

  • I’m addicted to Topo Chico!
    I think it’s taste the best because it comes in a glass bottle and I drank 12 oz at a time rather than 20 or 16….
    Always wondered how the carbonation affected bones and stuff like that…. I drink it and I never drink soda at to me it’s as good as soda or better

  • Seltzer is filtered tap water that is carbonated. Tap water has lots of minerals that vary by location and source, so I disagree. Seltzer has minerals. Club soda has added salt (sodium chloride) for taste as an alcoholic drink mixer that it was originally made for.

  • It’s great substitute if you like sodas I lost weight by drinking sparkling water and it’s all mental too I just like the bubbly affect

  • How about a study over 10 years. These results are like FDA results for Acute not at all Chronic results. I say bullshit on your plastic fantastic studies.

  • ‘.. crystallize in the bladder and cause kidney stones.’?!
    Please read up on the wonderful journey of these amazing stones…. THAT FORM IN THE KIDNEYS!

  • Always wondered why sparkling water helps my stomach… turns out there’s no good reason��….. just don’t drink it on top of a sugary diet ��
    What’s ur favorite sparkling water?..
    Recently tried VOSS its awesome and comes in a natty glass bottle��

  • According to Robt Young PHD in microbiology, in his book the PH Miracle, which is the best holistic read Ive read in 40 yrs, carbonated water is SOOOOO acidic that it doesnt even rate on his charts for the acid \ alkaline ratings for foods n drinks! Thats how BAD carbonated anything is for you! I avoid it like the plague…